When I reminisce how I’ve used organic SERP gigging to do over $100,000 in transactions on the internet, I feel nothing but gracefulness.

I Make 100% Income Online. How do I do it?

I do that – by valuing people above profits.

[This is the same paradigm to building a “Digital Media Company” 🎨 – in progress].


My name is Isuamfon Offiong.

I am a Full-Time Digital Business Blogger | Dad | Husband | Consultant | Startup Fanatic.

On a mission to building the biggest “Digital Media Company” in Africa – it’s a journey, not a destination 🚀.

Cheek by jowl, I am a B2B, SaaS & Digital Currency Freelance Writer 📃, Niche Blogger, YouTuber, and SEO Consultant for small businesses.



– with just a 27 targeted traffic and 12 turning into leads.

isuamfon offiong case study 2

The Results?

 I helped generate over $11,000 in sales overtime. With most, active clients till today.

isuamfon offiong case study 4

 – with another targeted traffic, 26 ended in the leads to sales funnel. Overall, I helped generate over $12,000 in sales. 

isuamfon offiong case study

I replicated the same for a digital freelance finance company. With a new web blog and 8 blog posts…

blogging business in nigeria with high profit naira

…in less than 180 days, I helped them achieve a transaction turnover of over $90,000. Check out the recent ones below. 

isuamfon offiong case study 3

Over to you now…

Want more leads for your small business or website?

Hire me, Lemme consolidate and tackle it from the root. Request for a video call ➽

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Blogging Projects Hands-on

Want a readymade blog from scratch that earns $500 per month or $1,000 per month?

We can build for you and hand over in the next 360 days.

How it works.

You choose the domain name, we recommend the web hosting service, and you choose a niche based on agreement.

From there, we take over and start building from scratch … it’s that simple.

On a flipping site like Flippa, a ready-made blog that earns $500 or $1,000 a month will be sold at an astronomical price, but the good deal? We do it less.

Commission us to work on a $500 per month earning blog.

Project Cost – $12,500 only.

Commission us to work on a $1,000 per month earning blog

Project Cost – $25,000 only.

Note – only 2 lucky clients projects can be worked on per year.

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I would say he’s that wonderful in his craft.

Mr. Offiong is an incredible SEO article writer. He single-handedly took our small business website launched last year to a gross transaction of over $60,000 in less than 7 months. With zero budget on social media advertisements, all our clients came from organic searches. I would say he’s that wonderful in his craft. And lest I forget, he over-delivers when you assign him a gig, at least in my case. Thanks, buddy.

— Lead | fnfSwap

I made close to $600 in less than a month.

You can check the site. There’s a lot of free stuff there. He taught about a crypto online business before the CBN ban took effect, I made close to $600 in less than a month. So yes. I can vouch for him. And yes. He taught it for free. That was last year March

— Lead | Soft Tech