[New] 72ig Course Review by Toyin Omotoso, Price [₦142k Discount Info]

72IG Implementation Training Program

72ig Implementation Program Review

12 things to know about Toyin Omotoso’s Affiliate Marketing course






Welcome to the ultimate 72ig Implementation Program Course Review.

This course by Toyin Omotoso aims to teach you how to build and grow a profitable affiliate marketing business in Nigeria using various marketing options such as WhatsApp marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and organic marketing from the Bird App -Twitter.

I paid for the 72ig Course, used it for marketing, and I’ve spent several hours going through the training and collecting insights which you will learn about it today.

If you’re eager to learn…

Then definitely keep reading.

72ig Course – Key Points

🛈 About

💰 Price

😍 Pros

😩 Cons

🏴 Verdict

Toyin Omotoso’s complete newbies lesson to legally make as much as ₦750k/mo selling digital products.

₦65,000 only (price goes up to ₦100,000 soon).

Expert training, detailed, straight to the point, sets realistic expectations, community coaching.

Relatively expensive, no money-back guarantee.

A solid course, for those serious about starting a 6/7 Fig affiliate marketing business.

Overall Rating



Overall Rating



🛈 About

💰 Price

😍 Pros

😩 Cons

🏴 Verdict

Toyin Omotoso’s newbies lesson to legally make up to ₦750k/mo selling digital products.

₦65,000 only (price goes up to ₦100,000 soon).

Expert training, detailed, straight to the point, sets realistic expectations, community coaching.

Relatively expensive, no money-back guarantee.

A solid course, for those serious about starting a 6/7 Fig affiliate marketing business.

Overall Rating




Is 72ig course the Best Affiliate Marketing Course in Nigeria?

While there are many ways to do affiliate marketing, using native ads, paid traffic, free organic traffic, and so on, defining the best affiliate marketing course will be up to someone who has used the course and had results.

I mean, aside from researching and reviewing this course myself, there are also other students getting results while some give up on the way.

In retrospect, the 72ig implementation program course is one of the best courses in Nigeria as far as affiliate marketing is concerned and using paid traffic to see fast results.


What Is 72ig?

Otherwise called 72ig WhatsApp or Implementation Program, the 72ig is an affiliate marketing business and make money online lesson by Toyin Omotoso of Expertnaire that teaches students how to use various marketing method to sell digital products and services on the internet and make money using their smartphones.

The lesson on the 72ig course applies outside of Expertnaire. That is, if you have a Restaurant, Poultry farm, Jewries Shop, Computer/Cyber Café or whatever offline business it is, you can use the insights taught in the 72ig program, apply to your business and see positive results.

Quick questions

  • Is 72ig an investment? No.
  • It is a Quick Rich Program? No.
  • What then is it? It is a full marketing/make money online training program.


How does 72ig implementation program help you make money?

The 72ig implementation program aims to help you build and grow a successful affiliate marketing business by simply selling digital products you do not have to produce.

The major method of marketing is using paid traffic from Facebook and Instagram if you want to see fast results, although you are taught how to use organic and free traffic from the 72ig WhatsApp income generator marketing option.

By the way, Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products or services, and collect a commission for each successful referral when the person you referred pays for the product or service.

Now, you need to understand that it is never affiliate marketing until the person you referred pays for products or services.

For instance, if you organize a WhatsApp class on “how to trade cryptocurrency using Binance”, and 130 persons join in. If after the class no one signs up to the crypto platform you recommended, deposit and fund their trading account, THEN it is not affiliating marketing. That is just marketing.

With affiliate marketing, the referred has to take ACTION for the commission to be mapped or apportioned to you.

The same way, the 72ig does not just teach you to get people, but how to strategically make them buy the digital products you promote using both free/organic and paid traffic – but affiliate marketing using paid traffic is the BEST monetization method they teach – and you want to use if you want to see results FAST!

In terms of how 72ig Expertnaire program differs from other affiliate marketing courses, I’d say it’s mainly in 2 ways…

  • Toyin Omotoso teaches both the advanced method of marketing with Facebook/Instagram Ads – using your laptop/computer, and WhatsApp Marketing using only your Smartphone Phone
  • You are advised to finish the exercises given to you as you progress.
  • There are a lot of case studies from Toyin.


72ig Course Content

The 72ig program is divided into 2 parts:

(1) Part A is the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator which contains 3 modules.

This is the training program that walks you through how you can go from zero to N750k a month selling affiliate products on Expertnaire with your mobile phone.

72ig implementation program pdf free download

This part has 3 modules with Case Studies.

  • Module 1 has 3 videos
  • Module 2 has 5 main videos plus 3 tutorial videos and pdfs
  • Module 3 has 2 videos (The Twitter Money Blueprint is recommended)

As a newbie, this is where I suggest you start from.

The knowledge from the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator will help you to start making money even without spending any additional money.

So, this is the first training you want to go through.

Go through the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator at first and just listen to it without jotting anything.

Then listen to it a second time but this time, I need you to listen more intently and jot down the main key points from the course.

Once you are done…

I want you to start implementing with the ready-made resources provided for you.

what is 72ig

You might not understand everything completely at first. Don’t fret. That is normal.

But just take it step by step.

If you get confused at any point, go back to the video that covers that area and watch it again.

[Good thing, with my consultations, you can ask questions when you get hooked].


The 72IG Coaching Classes

This 72IG coaching class holds periodically on Wednesdays by 7pm and an email is sent to you before then to invite you… See a sample below [note email is sent to 72ig students only – not ordinary Expertnaire members]

72ig registration

Apart from the main 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator, another resource that will be of help to you are replays of some past 72IG coaching classes and my consultations when you need further assistance.

So far with the Wednesday Class, when you sign up, you will see the following case studies – all video format:

  • Strategies to 10X Your Affiliate Sales
  • What Top Affiliates Do Differently to Make Sales
  • How to Avoid Losing Your Affiliate Commissions
  • How You Can 10X Your Sales Even if You Are a Beginner Affiliate
  • How You Can Drive Insane Amount of Traffic to Meet Your Sales Goals, and more.

Look through the various replay videos and watch anyone of them that you think will be of help to you.

This is the main training that has helped many affiliates to go from zero to ₦200k a month.

Let’s talk about the part 2.


Part B is the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0

This training 2 teaches you how the big boys sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC traffic and takes your digital marketing skills to a new level.

Here is it.

Once you have become knowledgeable about the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator using WhatsApp and you want to move to the next level, you can open the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0.

This training shows you how to promote digital products using paid traffic and email marketing tool like GetResponse to sell products online.

As a recommendation, I adjourn you to combine both 72ig 1 & 2 if you want to see FAST results. That is, use Facebook Ads + WhatsApp Marketing and make money fast. This is what I used when I ran Twitter Ads /Facebook ads some times ago.

72ig program training

These were my Twitter Leads using WhatsApp marketing.

72IG Implementation Program 2.0 training
72IG Implementation Program 2.0

Make I show you wetin WhatsApp + Twitter/Facebook funnels look like:

Sample #1. Twitter Ads >> Landing Page >> Custom WhatsApp Message >> WhatsApp DM >>WhatsApp Status >> Marketing > Sales.

Sample #2. #Twitter Ads >> Landing Page >> Custom WhatsApp Message >> WhatsApp Group >> WhatsApp Status >> Marketing > Sales.

Sample #3. Facebook Ads >> Landing Page >> Custom WhatsApp Message >> WhatsApp DM >> WhatsApp Status >> Marketing > Sales.

Sample #4. Facebook Ads >> Custom WhatsApp Message >> WhatsApp Broadcast >> WhatsApp Status >> Marketing > Sales.

Sample #5. Facebook Ads >> Custom WhatsApp Message >> WhatsApp Group >> WhatsApp Status >> Marketing > Sales.

My GO-TO methods are 1, 2 & 3.

No worry, you go get more intel on the most suitable marketing Funnell for a beginner if u go work with me.

As we were saying with the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0.

The part 2 lesson has 12 Modules with Case Studies + Resources

72ig course price
72ig free download

Going on, you get access Links to Your Extra Bonuses such as:

  • Full Twitter Money Blueprint Pack
  • 3 Done for You WhatsApp Campaigns
  • Your 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission

Let me explain the last part.

That is –1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission

#a. 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account – when you get the 72ig program, you do not pay ₦10,000 again to join Expertnaire as a member. That is, your membership is automatic as an affiliate account will be created for you.

#b. 50% Commissionwhen you get the 72ig program and join Expertnaire, if in-turn you promote the 72ig as an affiliate, you will get 50% commissions. But as an ordinary Expertnaire affiliate who joins with ₦10,000, you will get only 30% if you promote the 72ig program.

Disclaimer – I often hear affiliates telling prospective new members that they won’t get FULL Commissions on Expertnaire except they join Expertnaire via the 72ig program. Really? This is bullshit and LIES.

You get FULL commissions for every other product as available on Expertnaire marketplace.

The 30% and 50% commissions consideration are only for the 72ig program. I hope you get it now. You can ask me for more explanation here.

That is the overview of the 72ig program. Frankly, the program is even worth more than ₦65,000 – if you are to consider the quality and resources embedded.


Who is 72ig Implementation Program for?

The 72ig is advertised as a course for everybody, both beginners and experts alike…

As a context, it explains how Complete newbies are using this NEW smartphone income technique to legally make as much as ₦750k a month.

Regardless of your starting point in affiliate marketing or making money 💵 online, you will learn a lot from 72ig WhatsApp income generator.

But due to the moderately high price tag, case studies, resources and community supports, I’d argue that it’s best suited for people who are serious about taking affiliate marketing as a business.

It’s nice to see that Toyin emphasize that it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, and you need to spend up to 5 hours a week building your affiliate marketing business success.

If you want to JOKE around, affiliate Marketing is not for you.

I already promised to tell you nothing but the truth, so, listen.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – MOSTLY AS A NEWBIE?

It can take several weeks or months to earn a good income from an affiliate marketing as a total beginner. So, you should only sign up for a course like 72ig with the understanding that you’ll need to put in the work up front before reaping any big rewards if you are aiming for ₦400k to ₦600k+ a month.

That said, the good thing is that with WhatsApp Marketing, your time to making this works in shorten.


Personally, I made my first sale after 38 DAYS after my registration, even though back then in 2019, there was no 72ig WhatsApp Income Generator.

72ig whatsapp income generator

Read on to see how I made my first sale after 38 days upon signing up on Expertnaire.

By the way, the WhatsApp Marketing Lesson really makes things simplified.

If you are yet to sign up, you can work with me or do it alone. The decision depends on you.  


Working with me to have Success with Affiliate Marketing [Take my ₦142,5k Bonus]

I don’t just do affiliate marketing full time; I teach and live on affiliate marketing. I’ve been privileged to teach and guide thousands of online hustlers to make money online.

Currently, I lead communities of over 4,000 persons, a personal Expertnaire rooms of over 900 persons [WhatsApp/Telegram]. You can check out our Expertnaire Room Below.

72ig course free download
72ig meaning

Below are a few reviews of others I’ve been privileged to work with over time.

expertnaire group
72ig course pricing
expertnaire 72ig(1)

Seen enough of the 72ig program and want to sign up, taking your ₦142,5k in FREE Bonuses + working with me? If yes, click here to sign up with me.

However, if you want to sign up and do it along with the support of the course alone, read on and I will show you how to sign up.


Does Toyin Omotoso have a good reputation?


Toyin’s internet marketing success story is quite compelling. He started early and how far he’s gone with internet marketing.

Here’s a video where Toyin tells the story of his internet marketing success…

I’ve followed up Toyin for some time and he certainly is the real deal. On Facebook, he has over 40k followers, 22k+ on Instagram, and 182.6K on Twitter.

Probably the only criticism that could be aimed at him is that he rarely gives out his personal contact [only relatively to his close circles/top affiliates].


Is 72ig Legit? Are Toyin Omotoso’s Students Getting Results?

Often times, when someone asks, is 72ig legit, they literally mean, how much have you personally made on Expertnaire and how many students have seen results.

To start with, when you pay for the 72ig course, you will get it, which means it legit. Also, when you implement the lesson thereof and start selling digital courses using the marketing tactics recommended, you will start making money.

Expertnaire, so far, has over 80,000 members, so, it is not a matter of if it is legit again. It is rather “having seen how other students have gotten results, how then can I get the results too.

>> Here is when I first joined Expertnaire in 2019.


>> Before others, here is when I made my first sale [after 38 days].

is 72ig legit

>> Second Sale after the first one in 38 days was made on 27th August.

In total, I made 3 sale orders in August after joining in July.

72ig affiliate marketing

Read on to see my affiliate Dashboard >> [for a preview of total product orders made so far].

Even so, here are more of Toyin Omotoso’s students who have had successes – making money using this NEW smartphone income technique to make it stick.


How Much Is 72ig Course?

The 72ig course price is currently sold for ₦65,000, which is a one-time fee for the online course. This one-time payment gives access to a 1-year FREE Expertnaire account, Closed-Member marketing lessons, 50% 72ig commissions, Weekdays Lessons, Case Studies, and Marketing Templates.

72ig Course Discount?

There is no official discount from the Course Vendor yet. Therefore, the program remains ₦65,000 – all that is required to start your online business.

Imagine getting started today + proper consultations, and making the upfront sales – as seen below.

72ig implementation program

Want to hear something realistic? Here is it –

When you are ready see this as a business, the LEAST thing you will complain of is the price of 72ig at 65,000.

One person paid 65,000 to start an online business, implemented the processes and made over 50,000,000, another did and made N2,000,00, and so on. But another person will cry over 65,000 or 10,000 he/she used in Joining Expertnaire 😒😒.

See, like every other online business, if you think you won’t be serious with it, it is better you look for another MMM-kind of Ponzi and invest your ₦65,000/₦10,000.

As you’ve seen above. I literally made the 72ig course sign-up fee in 1 week.

You get the same results when you treat this as a business and not sitting on the fence to complain. If you will be honest, after sign up, you will discover that the 65,000 for the training program is very cheap.

If you think I am lying, [take the 72ig course summary and try paying an expert to learn everything individually]. I’ve said enough, so, let’s go on.

I promised to show you, my dashboard.


Here is my Affiliate Management Dashboard – where you’ll add your banking details to receive payments and etcright click the image and view an enlarged version.

72ig course

Imagine yourself finally starting a profitable online business with less than ₦100,000 and making ₦700,000+ with the same business going on. This is what it means to start a flexible [side or full-time] online business with your smartphone. Now, hear me out.

Heart-to-Heart Message

– Often times, Nigerians [you] want to hear sugar-coated reviews by over-zealous affiliates who promise you of a ₦20,000 discount to sign up with 72ig. Would I do that? No, why?

Because giving you a ₦20,000 discount means, I am MORE BENT on you signing up so I get affiliate commissions – than wanting to assist you to success afterwards.

Here is it. No one will give you his/her time when you already got ₦20k or any discount to sign up with the 72ig program.

Helping you here means – being here for you does not make you lazy nor doing your part. It rather means I am here to make possibilities in your marketing journey with the 72ig training.

Therefore, as a result, I’m handing over to you the ₦142,500 worth of Dig Marketing Bonuses – that has helped me made first sale in 38 days, and 7-Figures on Expertnaire in 1 year + upfront consultations [More on this as we go on].

Seen enough of the 72ig program and want to sign up, taking your ₦142,5k in FREE Bonuses + working with me? If yes, click here to sign up with me.

However, if you want to sign up and do it along with the support of the course alone, read on and I will show you how to sign up.


72ig Refund Policy

Kindly note that the product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS. In case you are wondering why there is no refund policy, here is it.

Some time ago, there was a 30-day Refund Policy but trust Nigerians, with the hype of a new online money farm, jumped in and asked for refund afterwards when they discovered it was not a Ponzi scheme. That was when the refund policy was closed.

According to Toyin Omotoso, if you want to sign up for the 72ig program because you already want to fail and collect your money back, then we will rather prefer that you do not get it.

That said, do you want to join me, other students and make this a success, or you want to complain after 2 weeks? If the latter, then do not bother getting the course. Use the money and go to the movies/sit out.


Pros - benefits of the 72ig course

  • Toyin Omotoso walks his talk.
  • Success stories and Case Studies are legit.
  • Periodical Weekday Lessons.
  • The training is practical and step-by-step.
  • Regularly updated, with free updates for existing students.
  • No overhyped promises.
  • Private link exchange group.
  • Can get started with a smartphone
  • 50% commissions for Affiliates who joined via the program
  • 1-Year Free Expertnaire membership account.
  • Easy to Navigate and get the program lessons.


Cons - Red Flags of the 72ig course

  • Kinda Expensive compared to most other blogging courses.
  • No 1-on-1 coaching calls (this is rare – except weekday live class via Zoom).
  • No money-back guarantee.
  • Facebook community is not active.


Other things you should know about 72ig course

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Should you join 72ig Program?

It’s apparent that both Toyin Omotoso and his course are legit. Toyin clearly walks his talk and I’ve seen encouraging early feedback and success stories from his students.

Overall, most people who sign up for 72ig Course seem to end up happy with their purchase – that starts with me. [smile]

However, this course is moderately quite pricey compared to other affiliate marketing courses on Expertnaire

I would mainly recommend it for people who are serious about taking Affiliate Marketing as a business, especially if the success stories of other students appeal to you. 

72ig Course – Key Points

🛈 About

💰 Price

😍 Pros

😩 Cons

🏴 Verdict

Toyin Omotoso’s complete newbies lesson to legally make as much as ₦750k/mo selling digital products.

₦65,000 only (price goes up to ₦100,000 soon).

Expert training, detailed, straight to the point, sets realistic expectations, community coaching.

Relatively expensive, no money-back guarantee.

A solid course, for those serious about starting a 6/7 Fig affiliate marketing business.

Overall Rating



Overall Rating



🛈 About

💰 Price

😍 Pros

😩 Cons

🏴 Verdict

Toyin Omotoso’s newbies lesson to legally make up to ₦750k/mo selling digital products.

₦65,000 only (price goes up to ₦100,000 soon).

Expert training, detailed, straight to the point, sets realistic expectations, community coaching.

Relatively expensive, no money-back guarantee.

A solid course, for those serious about starting a 6/7 Fig affiliate marketing business.

Overall Rating




72ig Implementation Program Alternatives

Here are some other top affiliate marketing courses you can sign up which will also teach you how to sell and promote digital products on the internet. The ones I recommend are below.

#1. Affiliate marketing accelerator program (AMAP) by Caleb Ekene Nwanneka | Check it out

#2. The 30 Days Fast Income Challenge (FIC) by Chigozie Mmebo | Check it out

#3. Affiliate Income Pilot Blueprint (AIP Blueprint) by Chiamaka Joy Agbim | Check it out


Most preferred alternative to 72ig affiliate marketing course is the AMAP by Caleb.

Kindly note that any other affiliate marketing course you get on Expertnaire, you will still pay ₦10,000 separately to join Expertnaire marketplace as an affiliate, BUT if you sign up with 72ig, MEMBERSHIP is free for 1 year.


Students Reviews on 72ig Course

Apart from mine, here is a few.

#1. 20-year-old Final year Undergraduate have done 1M naira in Sales and 500k in Commission. I am no Influencer! I barely have 10 Followers on Twitter. Just for those that think Affiliate marketing as some Referral Platform – The Guardian

#2. I started implementing all I learnt from the 721g WhatsApp Implementation course on the 8th of November 2021. In a space of 23 Days | made #844,000 as a complete newbie. A Nigeria Corper that earns 33k at the end of the month, Expertnaire just changed everything – Mary Joan

#3. Medical Doctor, Graphics Designer, Printer & Data Analyst just crossed another 7figures on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing.

It goes to show you that no matter how busy you are, if you carve out so time daily then you’ll achieve results. Thank you @toyinomotoso @expertnaire – Kelly Ola.

There ware way more testimonies on the 72ig program. But before going on, let’s see how to sign up and login.


72ig Sign Up and Registration Steps

As already stated, sign up for the 72ig training is currently at ₦65,000 – before the price goes further up. Follow the steps below to sign up.

Step 1. Go to the Expertnaire Affiliate Website

Click this link to the Expertnaire Website.

join Expertnaire via 72ig(1)

Scroll down and click on the video button at the center and listen to the intro.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 2

Step 2. Scroll down and click on the “Register button”.

72ig new priceClick the 👉BUTTON 👈 above to register. Click and proceed.

Step 3. Confirm the Reference Number

Check the Ref – reference number that it’s the same as this [ ref = 6391425889 ]

If they are the same, then it is valid – go ahead with the payment.

See the image below – the blue tick – that the ref number matches this one – ref = 6391425889

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program B

P.S – If the ref number does not match, click here so I guide you properly.

Step 4. Make payment/checkout.

  1. Enter Your Details (Correctly):
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  1. Choose Payment Method: I recommend PAYSTACK (Naira) – for instant payment confirmation.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 4

Step 5. Get Payment Confirmation verification and Receipt

As far as you followed the steps above correctly, your payment will be confirmed as shown below.

expertnaire registration 2

Here is the payment receipt you will receive as well.

expertnaire registration 3

Step 6. Get Access to the 72ig Training program

From the above steps, you will get the product Order confirmation, and from there you get “the purchase access link” as shown below.

expertnaire registration FEE

From the instruction, you will have access to both the 72ig Implementation program and the 72ig WhatsApp program.

Promote Expertnaire Products with whatsapp

Congratulations. Get started.

Next, connect with me so I send you exclusive resources, add you to mentoring closed group, and templates to scale this business. 

Between, check your email inbox for the welcome message.


72ig Course Login

Upon signing up, you will get a welcome email. In the email you will get a login link.

Step 1. Go to 72ig Lesson Platform

Step 2. Enter your password and access the program.

Step 3. Get started with the Course.



Free 72ig Expertnaire Account Login

Remember that you get a FREE Expertnaire account when you sign up via 72ig program.

Still on your 72ig login dashboard, check out #3 and you will see your login details.

72ig expertnaire

Step #1. Click on the blue link.

Step #2. Enter the password and login.

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform-

Step #3. Access the Expertnaire dashboard.


72ig Challenge

Will you like to win cash prizes, cars, trips as an affiliate of this program? If yes, then see these.

Currently, winners of the 72ig context can win an All-Expense Paid Trip to Kigali, Rwanda, Win Cash Prizes, Win a 3-Bedroom Duplex in Lekki-Ajah.

According to Toyin, the “Winners Take It All Challenge” is aimed to motivate and push any hardworking affiliate to reach out for more than they think they can.

Overtime, we have had many other challenges where many hardworking affiliates won more cars and various all-expense paid trips all over the world.

Right now, we are inspired to do more to encourage people who want to challenge themselves to do more.

This challenge will be updated from time to time.

So… you should be checking this page often.

Your good news?

As a 72ig student, you are qualified for the challenge plus your 50% commission per sale of this training program.


72ig WhatsApp income generator Review - Final Thoughts

I’ve covered a lot in my 72ig Expertnaire course review, and I’ll be adding more to the review as they update the course…

In conclusion, Toyin’s Affiliate Marketing course is a great program with many benefits. 

However, it does require an investment of time and resources to maximize the potential value you will get out of this course and build your own digital business to makes money online like crazy

The big questions are – do you want to:

  • Create an online business that can eventually give you freedom from the rat race? 
  • Make Money using a unique system – with your smartphone enough to get started.
  • Get proven techniques and processes from an internet marketer that’s truly succeeding? 
  • Create a recession-proof business in a sector that’s experiencing unprecedented growth?
  • Join other students/members and get paid every Friday?
  • Join the 72ig affiliate contests and win prices?

If the answer is yes, then the 72ig implementation training program is for you. 

If you have the budget, are 100% sure you want to take affiliate marketing as a business, and you’re willing to devote a significant amount of time to complete the program then this is one of the best make money online programs. 

You are not the 1st, 100th, 1,000th, or 10,000th person to join, tens of thousands of students have joined with thousands of positive results as well.


To join on your own, check out the sign-up steps above, or click here to sign up for the 72ig Training.

Seen enough of the 72ig program and want to sign up, taking your ₦142,5k in FREE Bonuses + working with me? If yes, click here to sign up with me.

However, if you want to sign up and do it along with the support of the course alone, read on and I will show you how to sign up.

72ig Course Free Download and My ₦142,500 Bonus

From joining Expertnaire and making my first sales after 38 days, to making large sales orders – to 7 figures and using various marketing funnels, all I can offer is extend what has helped me – apart from the course – so you too can get results fast.

I offer a number of valuable bonuses for anyone who signs up to 72ig course via my link.

I’ve carefully designed these bonuses to supplement your Affiliate Marketing Online Business that you’ll be creating with Toyin.  

You’ll get Free Downloads, Templates and Facebook and Twitter Campaign formats I used and even direct access to me for support/Consultation while you’re going through Toyin Omotoso’s 72ig Course

In order to qualify for my bonuses, all you have to do is sign up – by chatting me here, and I will send you your bonuses automatically, or if you haven’t received them yet, you can email me via my contact page here.

Total value of my bonuses: ₦142,500

FAQ on 72ig

The course currently sales for ₦65,000 only.

No, there is no official room for 72ig Students. However, you can join Expertnaire Telegram room.

No, it is a video course, but there are series of PDF detailing the case studies and various template.

Of course, no. You get the program when you pay for it. More so, you have success like others in internet marketing when you implement the program, so, no, it is never a scam nor a fast rich scheme program.

72ig means seven-two income generator.


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