72IG Implementation Training Program Review: Find out the Why?

72IG Implementation Training Program
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Probably you’ve heard of the new version of the 72 Hour Income Generator Program called “The New 72IG Implementation Training Program”, and you may be wondering what’s the catch or the difference with the 72ig income program.

In just a minute from now, you will know everything you need to know about it, and if you had already paid for the 72 Hr Income Generator Program you’ll get the update as well.

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What’s in the 72ig Implementation Program?

I paid for this course and I am more than happy to reveal what to expect if you purchase it.

With the insider review, you would have decided if this is the right program for you or not. Here is an unboxing I did.

The New 72IG Implementation Training Program Review

The 72IG Implementation Program is a new version of the popular 72 Hour Income Generator Program training by Toyin Omotoso, the CEO of Expertnaire.

While we made a total guide to Expertnaire Review here, and the 72 Hour Income Generator Program here, today we want to go a little bit deeper to all you need to know about the 72IG Implementation Program.


Everything About the “New 72IG Implementation Program”

The New 72IG Implementation Training Program

The new version of the income program by Toyin Omotoso, called the 72IG Implementation Program was launched on May 15th, 2020.

The New 72IG Implementation Training Program is an updated version that encompasses both the old training from the 72ig program and the accrued benefits that followed it.

The 72IG Implementation Program is a training class that starts on June 1, 2020.  

The catch is, if you want to get trained on how to really make money online as a digital marketer, then you can order for the program now and get ready to get a deep training on how to make money online via selling digital products as an affiliate, in and out of Expertnaire.

The most interesting part is, if you order for the training class now then you’ll be able to have immediate access to the old version (72 Hour Income Generator Program) while you join others (with me in the fold) to get an unbiased concept to earning money online the right way as a digital marketer. Sounds, cool? Alright.


72IG Implementation Program vs 72 Hour Income Generator Program Review

72 Hour Income Generator Program money

As already stated, the 72IG Implementation class is an upgraded version of the former.

But the most interesting thing about it is if you had paid for the former class and implemented it with results, just imagine what the new 72IG Implementation Program will unravel for us all; because I’m also waiting for it on June 1, 2020.

So, if you had already ordered the 72 Hour Income Generator Program training, you’ll get automatic access to the new version. 😆 


What is the Cost of the 72IG Implementation Program?

The cost of 72IG Implementation Program is N35,000 Only. Just N5,000 on top of the former.

As an affiliate of this program, you will get half of this sum if you enroll today and promote the program; an advantage to you as well.


Top 20+ Reasons you need to Register for the New 72IG Implementation Training Program Today!

72IG Implementation Training Program Review


1.    Get New Experts’ Training

Needless to say, if you had enrolled in the version 1 class and implemented what you learned as was recommended by Toyin, then you would have received your affiliate payment today, Friday, 15/5/2020.

Why is this? Because I received mine. [Payment usually in the morning(s)] 😀 

72 Hour Income Generator Program payment proof
72 Hour Income Generator Program payment proof

The thing is, Toyin may not be the perfect digital market out there but the results? Very fair. As of last year, Toyin earned over N30Million as a digital marketer, selling his program and other digital products on the Expertnaire Affiliate Platform.


2.    1-Year affiliate account on Expertnaire

If you join Expertnaire as an ordinary member, the cost is N10,000 per year. Meaning, you’ll pay this amount each year. But what if you can get 1 extra membership year? Sounds nice? Yeah.

You will get an extra 1-year affiliate account on Expertnaire which if you paid as an ordinary member, you would have been billed N20,000. Not fair.

So, with enrollment in the new class “72IG Implementation Training” which starts June 1, you get an automatic ticket as a pro affiliate without having to worry about fee membership renewal the next year.


3.    Email Marketing Templates

You will get a working email swipes to load in an email autoresponder (like GetReponse) and make sales.  


4.    Access to the FB 72IG Support Group

You’ll be added to an exclusive private group on Facebook wherefore if you have any issues with your implementation strategies you can always get them resolved.


5.    50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program

When you enroll in the new 72IG Implementation Training, as an automatic affiliate you will get 50% commission (N17,500) per sale if you promote this product as an affiliate. But as an ordinary member? 30%.

So, if you will like to earn 50% on this program instead of 30%, you have to be a student of this program or the 72IG Implementation Training or if you had already enrolled in 72hr hour income hour you’ll get 50% (N17,500) per sale.


6.    Webpage Builder & Pre-designed Templates

With this training program, you will get a series of working and profitable pre-designed templates for you to jump in and start promoting any products you want on Expertnaire.

The above are just some of the benefits you get if you register for the new 72ig implementation training program today. You can see more Benefits here.

Apart from the 7 reasons listed, this training has over 15+ resources as seen in the video above.


In conclusion

One thing is clear about making money online as a digital marketer. You have to get the right insights you need to scale through because learning is on your own?

Well, you might have some unanswered questions, but when you join other thousands of students to learn, ask questions where you don’t get a point, implement, or come back to ask for more clarification if you have any questions about your strategies, the process is not just exciting but profitable as you would have avoided wasting money doing it or trying to figure it out on your own. 

While the 72IG Implementation Program is not a free pass to easy money, the good news is that you’ll get the mentorship on what is working for the vendor, others, tools, Support Group, and the current trends in digital marketing.


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If you have any doubts or questions kindly leave them in the comment section and I’ll swiftly respond to them. Thank you.

Note: All your bonuses are intact. Just see the video for insights on what to do. #Good luck.

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