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A New System to Build a Successful Online Business that makes ORDINARY PEOPLE N230K+ PER MONTH

72ig make money online

I am going to discuss a business model that has been working effectively since Amazon introduced it and keeps getting better as Technology keeps advancing.

“I am talking about an online Business in Nigeria you can build even if you are locked in a Hut For 7 Days, And All you Have Is a laptop, internet and ATM card…”

Another thing about this business model is that it is perfect for people who do not want the stress of creating products or actually running a business so to say.

That is because all they have to do is recommending profitable digital products.

The business model I am talking about is…AFFILIATE MARKETING:

Maybe you have heard about it before.

Maybe not.


Affiliate marketing is a business model where you sign up as an affiliate with a company and you then promote any of their products.

When you make a sale on any product, you get paid a commission.

It is as simple as that.

You don’t own any products.

You don’t deal with customer support.

You don’t manage employees.

Or do any of those things that takes a business to run.


The first time I heard about affiliate marketing was in 2006 and I heard about it from a guy who was always showing his cheques from Clickbank.

I quickly rushed over to sign up on Clickbank and started promoting the products there…using my “ignoramus” techniques

And for 2 years, my Clickbank account kept showing ZEROS.

That was until 2008 when somehow, someone bought from the affiliate blog I setup and I made my first $37 commission.

You needed to see the way I jumped up with excitement at the Cybercafe that day.

I was so happy.


The Yahoo boys beside me were just looking at me.

Back in the day, there were a few affiliate programs online.

But today, there are many of them that you can make a lot of money from.

Affiliate marketing is a HUGE industry that is valued at $50B

It is the reason why so many 18 – 21 year olds are able to buy cars like Ferrari and travel around the world.

Because they don’t have to create any product, import any product etc. – All they do is market.

For instance, this is the same business model this Ekiti guy used and made N126k during covid-19 without Ads.

Here is the gist.


During my seminar earlier this year, I met a young man who came from Ekiti state.

Truth is, I really didn’t think he was assimilating anything because this dude was gallivanting with a pretty lady up and down throughout the training

Anyway, last week, he made a post on our FB group on how he was able to generate N126,000 from the Expertnaire platform during this COvid-19 crisis.


And he did it without running a single advert

I am actually happy about this because one of the bonuses you will get when you join the this online business so you too can get this FREE report and see how you can start making money as an affiliate without running ads.

This exact strategy is what this dude applied to make his first N126,000 on with this online biz.

Sure enough, he is not the only one. Here is some more.

pAYMENT & EARNINGS ON expertnaire review

Here is another.

Earning Proof of the 72IG Implementation Program

And one more before we go on.

pAYMENT & EARNINGS ON expertnaire review

Here is an overview of how this can work for you too.

Let’s say you promote a product that pays a commission of N15,000 per sale.

If you get 5 sales a week, that is 5 X N15k – N75k a week!

The big question is, how do you get started and make this work for you?

That is where I am going to reveal the EXACT Business model in the FREE Live webinar below.

The same online business ordinary Nigerians use to make N230K+ per month.  

Finally, if you are interested in earning massive commissions for selling digital products online, I have good news for you.

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