Affiliate Marketing Blog Income: How I Made First $100 in Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate Marketing Blog Income: How I Made First $100 in Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate Marketing Blog Income? What does that even mean?

You will learn everything about the whole process and how I went on to outrank, took the first spot, and earned my first $100 in affiliate earnings.

This is case study #3. For case study #1, check out how the Expertnaire Empire was built from scratch and the struggles.

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Hi, everyone. Welcome. It’s Case Study #3 with Isuawealthyplace.

Today, I will be sharing with you how I got my first $100 in Affiliate earning.

By $100, I mean, just 1 sale made me $100, and not an accumulation in the form of $30 + $40 + $30.

To see my very first $100 in affiliate earning, (it was 4 years ago I guess), check out this short article for a breakdown and the mistakes you need to avoid.


Note: this was achieved in another blog and not IsuaWealthyPlace. Here we document the journey.


What Does Affiliate Marketing Mean?

Vendor in Affiliate Marketing-clickbank alternatives in nigeria

Affiliate marketing means getting paid (a certain percentage) for bringing in paying customers to a company or a program.

The art of bringing in paying customers which is a form of marketing and getting paid for it is termed affiliate marketing. Here is an illustration for clarity.

If you sign up as an affiliate on Clickbank or other top sites like Clickbank, promote a product that pays you a commission, that art is known as affiliate marketing.  

Before we go on, let’s answer one of the logical questions about earning income with affiliate marketing. And that is, is Affiliate Marketing Simple?


Is Affiliate Marketing Simple, a jump in and make Money Business?

Let’s not color coat anything here. I’m an affiliate marketer who has seen a bit of success and I’m not here to tell you that it’s easy unless you are willing to get sold.

Whether you’re using PPC like Facebook, Instagram ads for affiliate marketing, or using SEO via your blog posts, you have to put in the work if you must reap the results.

Truth is, no matter what you see online – from high earning digital marketers, many will avoid telling you the hiccups and struggles they went through to get there. Want to know why they are biased at times?

They do not want to scare you away because they will earn a commission for the program they promote on their site.

Let’s be frank for once. Even though I make money via recommending programs (affiliate marketing), that does not still make it a simple business.

Because of these hurdles for beginners, I keep my chatbox open to anyone that may have challenges as far as he/she bought a product, service, or program via my affiliate link.

The thing is, if it were so simple then everyone will be making money online. 

Think I’m joking? Nope, according to “The Blogging Business”, up to 81% of Bloggers never make any money from their Blogs.

Also, Vera talked about why people don’t make money in Affiliate Marketing.


The Struggles of Earning income with Affiliate Marketing

There was a time I was really struggling. See, I’m not here to motivate you with my 1 million earnings in affiliate commissions.

The fact is, if you’re struggling to make money online or with affiliate marketing, then I was where you are today.

And for the fact that my main income source is affiliate marketing, I believe I can help you earn your first $100 online.

While you can always send in your questions and get helped, to get on with it, kindly check out this guide on how to start affiliate marketing.

All in all, the only struggle with affiliate marketing is first ignorance and second, implementation.

With the right information from a coach, mentor, experienced digital marketer or an online training course and implementation, then your struggles can be cut short pretty fast.  


How I Took the First Spot and Earned My First $100 in Affiliate Marketing Blog Income

affiliate marketing blog income blog post

One of the blessedness I have from the Lord is the ability to grab discoveries pretty fast.

Just like Faith is a universal currency, if you target affiliate marketing the right way (optimizing your content) in your own space (going for smaller niches), then you will surely get the results.

Of course it might not be the same results but something to prove that if this business is taken seriously can be a good source of income online.

Here is what I mean.

Mr. A may make $10,000 using a strategy with the boost of 100,000 visits to his website or affiliate marketing page.

If Mr. B copies the same strategy with a traffic of 1,000, he will get the results but not in the level of the first.


Coming back to my affiliate marketing strategy – it was solely based on SEO.

SEO means, Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s not make it a big deal. It simply means, optimizing or following blogging rules as given by a search engine like Google to rank organically.

By organic, it means, people or traffic will come to your blog naturally without having to pay for PPC ads like Facebook or Bing ads.

And talking about Bing ads, if you start your blog today, you will get free $100 to promote any affiliate product or service of your choice.


So, my $100 in affiliate marketing was via SEO – ranking my affiliate review article (blog post) on Google.

For instance, if you google, “GetResponse Review”, the first article that appears is an affiliate review article. And if you look closely, you will see a link to sign up to GetResponse.

What it means is, if 10,000 persons that searched for GetResponse Review land on your review page, and out of the 10,000, 200 decide to sign up, the reviewer – the affiliate marketer will earn 200 X commissions per sale.

If for instance, the commissions was $40, his earnings will be $40 X 200 = $8,000.

So, that was the overview formula I used to make my first $100. Here is the core strategy. 


The Power of Snippet in SEO

What are snippets? In a short form, Snippets are search engine placements that make you rank first based on giving the exact answer to a query on Google.

Hey – I know this might be a bit advanced for you. I have put in more than enough time and years to learn all these, so, I will help you with a guide to achieving the same results.

If you go on to earn your first $50, then don’t fail to return with a testimonial.

Also, this article contains affiliate links, kindly use them when necessary to support my work. Thank you, or see our Earning Disposition.

How I jumped to number 1 spot from number 6.

Let’s head over to Google and enter “Mailchimp vs Substack pricing”.

As you can see, there is no article that specifically answers this exact search query “Mailchimp vs Substack pricing”.

affiliate marketing blog sample

What does it mean for you?

First, it means that there is a search for that keyword. Secondly, it means that if you come up with an article and answer them then you will jump from any position you are on page 1 to the number #1 spot.

(Can’t you jump from page 2? Yes, you can – based on “probability” – I’m still testing this one. I will update you if page 2 jump to the number #1 spot is possible.

That is exactly how to get snippet for the number #1 spot on Google – SEO.

Sample 1 – using pricing

The Keyword sample is “Product pricing”. It can be Netflix pricing, Men’s trousers price on Amazon or Jumia). 

Here is how to structure the keyword for snippet “Product pricing”

Product pricing: Quick Overview

“Product A” offers a free discount of 50% plan for up to 2,000 subscribers. The “Beginners plan” starts at $4.99/month for 500 livestreams. The “Pro plan” adds advanced options to save your livestreams, starting at $10.99/month, and the “Master plan”: gives you all-areas access from $19/month.

And if you had included an image – name the image as the subtitle- that is “Product pricing” – Netflix pricing.

See one for GetResponse

affiliate marketing blog ranking

Guys, this is one sure way to rank on Google and make money if you’re reviewing a product or service. 


See the guide: How to get Google Snippet (reading outside of the blog).


The ball in your court now to test out. But before you do. Get Case Studies and updates…

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Affiliate Marketing Blog Income: The $100 Earned in Affiliate Earning for Selling 1 Product

Below is the commission I received.

affiliate marketing blog example sample

How can you get the same result?

One way to get this is by going for high ticket affiliate programs.

If you’re from Nigeria, then you can see some high paying affiliate programs and this one specifically.

Alternatively, you can get $100 in commission at once if you’re lucky to get a buyer that pays for a yearly plan or package.

For instance, if someone uses your link and sign up for Netflix’s yearly package, then you will make more than $100 for just that one sale.


See also: TOP 140+ Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners without a website


How to get started with Affiliate Marketing and Make Money

Here are your 2 options to get started. But note, even with an affiliate blog site you can use AdSense and make extra income as well.


Option 1 – start affiliate marketing using SEO with your blog

start affiliate marketing using SEO with your blogI major with using content – SEO to market affiliate products and services. If this is what you want then you can join me.

What you need: To get started, you need a blog where you will review articles. Here is how to create a blog and write your first post or use this short guide and create a website fast.

The Advantage: you can make money anytime and any day as far as your blog is ranked and alive on Search Engines. Most importantly in the first 3 positions.

The Con: you might face competition if you target a competitive niche or product. But it does not have to be so. Why?

There are thousands of affiliate products solving problems. If you target the ones ignored most then the competition is low. And how do I know this?

For example, if go to Jumia, Clickbank or Amazon, you will see thousands of products solving problems. The magic here is that you can promote any of these products and get paid.  

But the big question is, why is everyone not promoting it? It’s simply because they want to fat pay niches/products like Laptop, Mobile phones, TVs and related.

Just imagine promoting a product that pays $10, and your article gets ranked on Google because the competition is low, and as a result you get 5 sales a month.

If you optimize the article properly using snippet queries as discussed then you can see more results over time, maybe 15-20 sales a month which is not too bad.  

Done for you-system: if you want your blog to be set up and optimized for SEO with affiliate marketing, then take advantage of our FREE blog set up service.

With our free blog set up service, you will get your Blog set up, secure, optimized for SEO, install only a few necessary plugins to get you started. How can you go about this?

I get paid by HostGator if you sign up which enables the FREE setup. Most importantly, I recommend HostGator because I have used it and it’s great for a new website.

Additionally, you are getting over 25 free resources to use and scale your growth. And ultimately, I will give you 3 more Snippet structures you can use and make your article jump to #1 spots ASAP.

This analysis took me time to experiment so, it’ totally worth it if you want to make money with affiliate marketing using blog posts.


So, if you want to get all these, click here and sign up on HostGator at just $2.72 a month plus a free domain name.

Overall Benefits: it is a long term income source as you are able to make money anytime someone lands on your site and make purchase(s).


Guide: How to Start a Blog in Nigeria that Makes 100K A MONTH


Option 2 – start affiliate marketing with PPC – Facebook, Instagram, Bing ad, and more.

start affiliate marketing with PPC – Facebook, Instagram, Bing adThe other option apart from SEO is using PPC to promote affiliate products and make money.

What you need: If you want to go with Facebook ads, then you need to open a Facebook business ad account Link to Facebook Ad. This is simple and free.

The good thing with FB ad is, even if you don’t use the main Facebook business ad account, as a beginner or for a test, you can start by creating a Facebook page and boosting your post.

If you want to do it on your own, here is how it goes.

Step 1. Join an affiliate company (Jumia, Amazon, Expertnaire) – I recommend if you’re a Nigerian.

Step 2. Choose a product and copy the link.

Step 3. Build a landing page to grab your user’s email addresses.

Don’t pay for an email service yet. I will give you a suitable email service you can use for free as you’re starting. Request it when ready to start.

Step 4. Send them to your landing page, grab their email addresses, and redirect them once more to your affiliate link. (Make a sale or no sales).

affiliate marketing blog landing page

Step 5. If no sales, send them emails recommending the products you’re promoting.

Step 6. Make your first sale, Repeat it till $100 is achieved.


The Advantage of Affiliate marketing with PPC: promoting affiliate marketing using PPC ads – Facebook, Instagram, Google and etc. is a short cut to make money fast.

If you do it right or get trained on how to do it then you can make money fast based on how much you can spend on Ads. 

Before you spend or waste money on ads, I recommend you start with $5-7 and see if it goes well. And if positive, you can scale it further with $10-25 a day.

The Con of affiliate marketing with PPC: Not long term. While it is a zero competition strategy as compared to the first, your income stops where your ad spent stops.


Ad spent – the amount of money spent on advertising for a product or activity.

If you invest $100 in ads, your ad will stop when the $100 finishes. But the good news is that the emails you grabbed are yours forever. Meaning, you can always email them new affiliate programs and make a sale.


Done for you-affiliate marketing system with PPC: choosing a selling product, running of ads, optimizing your ads for profits, grabbing your audience’s emails, using the right sales page, and optimizing your overall ads running is for sure overwhelming.

The shortcut to the process is getting trained once and for all. Which means you can use the idea and promote any type of affiliate products you want to.

How I built a 7-Figure BLOGGING Business from Scratch – Copy my strategy

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What is my Best Route for your first $100 online in Affiliate Marketing?

Best Route for your first $100 online in Affiliate Marketing

The best option is the first which is long term although it can be competitive if you choose a competitive niche/product to promote.

To get started with it, you need a blog as the only major investment.

Click here to get up to 60% discount when you sign up on HostGator at $2.75 only plus a FREE set up.


Alternatively, if you want to make money fast with no competitions, then use PPC + Email marketing. 

Join an affiliate network: Clickbank, Jvzoo, Commission, Expertnaire and etc. If you’re a Nigerian, I recommend which works for me. 

If you want to use Facebook, then create a page > post content > boost it > grab your audience email addresses > make a sale or remind them via email marketing > make a sale.


Lastly, if you like the second option but do not know how to figure it out. The good news is, you’re not alone.

To cut the months of getting it all wrong, I recommend you join the income program by Toyin if you’re from Nigeria and get it right once and for all.

(Note: I had to buy this program myself and see what you will be getting before I recommended for as many that have bought it via my link).


So, all in all, I try to recommend the products and services I have used.

I recommend HostGator because I have used it. And I also recommend Expertnaire because I’m using it (review), and also, I purchased the 72ig program to see what my audiences will get before recommending.

It’s 4:53am since 2am. I believe this makes sense to you. The thing is, I woke to make this work for you.


Even more, I am not ready to leave you hanging. So, if you have any questions ask below.


Option 1: If you want your affiliate marketing blog set up for free + other 3 snippets structures then sign up on HostGator here.

Option 2: If you want to generate passive income then check out the AMBProgram today.


All to your success. #Isuamfon Offiong


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