How I Made N1M+ : Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria without a Website

affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website

Did I start Affiliate Marketing without a website and made N1 million? No. I had and still have active websites I maintain and use.

But you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner because at the end of the day you would have decided if you want to start without a website and how to easily start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website or blog.

Why I’m documenting this post? Well, I told my community members that I would make an income report for the month of August to weigh the progress.

Although I shared with them how I lost some income, the thing is, I am doing this because I had already promised and not for a showoff.

For the people that will get pissed off with the things to unfold, I apologize in advance, but to those who will appreciate the process and hard work, I say thank you.

So, how much did I make last month August 2021? It’s roughly a few thousand. But 6 digits in Naira. Let’s go on.

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But what’s Affiliate Marketing without a website?

Affiliate marketing without a website means promoting digital or physical products, programs, and services without the use of a self-hosted website or having to spend money on setting up a website.


Moving out of Parents house with Affiliate marketing income – November 2020

After using 90% of my affiliate earnings to pay for house rent and setting up everything, I was left with a few thousand, not up to N50,000. Well, I needed to move out of my parents’ house and that was what I did.

While I was still at my friend’s house, I got an email notification. I actually ignored it for some time but later on, when I checked, I saw something that changed everything, the atmosphere and hope of living in my new apartments like a king.

The email I got was that of an affiliate commission of $583. Can you believe this? One affiliate earning at $583. 

how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners in nigeria

Even before things got priced up (inflated), with the $583 I was more than settled to start a new life without worrying about what to eat/daily living.  

Because I wasn’t afraid to step out in faith, it worked out all for my good. Isn’t God faithful?

Earning $583 as a one-time commission shows you the power of affiliate marketing – I share a lot of income proofs here – our community.


Affiliate Marketing income as of January 2021

On the first day of the year, while others were celebrating the new day of the year with a sumptuous meal, I was trying out to make some side income. But the bad news?

I got scammed off a sum of about N41,000 or so by a Nigerian on an online forum. Chai.

A few days more, another guy scammed me and I was like, I’m starting the year with less than N15,000 – the $500 affiliate commission wasn’t due for payment yet. 

Life continues… Nigerians. Hmmm. 


Continuing with Affiliate Marketing February 2021

Having been reaped off my hard-earned money, God replenished it through affiliate marketing earning in February 2021 through one of my niche sites. From the earning, my house rent which is due for November 2021 was settled in the second month. More in this later. 


How I made N1M in Affiliate Marketing from Nigeria

In August 2021, it’s worthy to say that my total earnings is more than N1,000,000 from January to August.

I made N1M by valuing people above profits from affiliate marketing powered by blogging.  


How to Get Started As an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria and Make Six Figures

If you want to make 6 figures online then start valuing people above profits. I will explain. 

To begin with, I create top-notch niche websites to provide value by recommending solution programs, products, and services to those in need in need of them.

How I do it is to search for people’s problems and provide the right answers, hence, get paid. Here is what I mean.

Let’s say someone traveled from Akwa-Ibom to Ibadan and was in search of the nearest hotel, what I do is to recommend the best hotel available for the guest. And when the guest successfully checks in, I get paid.

How I offer more value is by first testing and using the hotel I recommend – products and services because when you know a service, product, and programs you recommend in-and-out you will be able to explain it in detail to your audiences. Here is a life case.

Recently, while doing research, I bumped into a SaaS tool which I was excited about.

The tool promises to pay $19.7 per customer I bring in. To begin with, I had a zoom session with one of the marketing agents where she took time to explain more about the tool to help me easily recommend to those in need of them.

The result was that they created a new account for me to use the platform and see how it works for easy recommendations. Even more, they provided more than enough resources for me to work with till 2021 is over. See the account below.

How to be a affiliate marketer for beginners

Now that’s how I value my audiences above profits. I put myself in the shoes of those I recommend whatsoever for beforehand. From whence I get paid. That is to say. 

The company provides the needed service, the audience pays for exactly what they wanted, and I get rewarded for being the faithful servant. That’s how I’ve earned the N1M as I will break them down for you. 


My Income Report in Affiliate Marketing with Blogging

See the breakdown and the sources of the income I get here.

  • Crypto niche – N600,000+
  • Travels niche – N110,000+
  • Internet Marketing niche – N302,000+
  • SaaS niche – N300,000+


The 4 Methods I used to six-figures online

  • Content Writing and Marketing – 86%
  • Infographics – 2%
  • Video marketing  and optimization – 7%
  • One-on-one session – 5%


How I Used My Blogging Income 

It’s alright to say that I lost the bulk of earnings in late June and July 2021. I didn’t work since month May until early August 2021 because I lost my dad. It’s been a rough time, but I trust God for the tempest. 

I lost or used up to N500,000+ while trying to settle issues related to his death. 

N200,000 was already secluded for my rent since February.

The remaining has been for upkeep, paying for niche site fees, tools, and more.


For month August income 2021 spends

In August 2021, a round-up figure in earning was N250,000. I know it’s little to some of us, but it’s a great privilege for me to get profits from what I love doing.

Here was the spending breakdown.

  • Gave to charity – I don’t know. But it felt so good to give a little I had to charity even though it was with benefits. 
  • Gave to family – gave to my mom and sweet sis. They’re all I’ve got for now in terms of core blood relations. Not married yet. Gave to other extended families. 
  • Bought a sport bike – walking around my estate isn’t too palatable so I said, why not, I need a sport bike for short distances and early morning road rides(s). 
  • Changed my wardrobe (a few thousand)– No. I don’t subscribe to being rich and looking poor. The moment you know that we have 1 live and looking moderate and good is an investment then the better you attract good things.  
  • Website renewals and subscriptions – I had to pay for hosting those sites plus mobile data. 

As seed-time and harvest continues, the good news is that since I still provide value to people, I will continue getting rewarded as far as I know the right buttons to press. Just like this one that came in 2 days ago….

basics you need to make money with Affiliate marketing in Nigeria


How to Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner without a Website in Nigeria

affiliate marketing for beginners in Nigeria

I don’t recommend this method for the long-term but as a beginner, you can do it as proof that affiliate marketing works, from there you can scale the process or come and learn how I do it.


Requirements to start Affiliate Marketing as a beginner

  • Get affiliate Products to promote.
  • Build a Landing page. 
  • Drive people to the product – traffic to the recommended products.
  • Market the product and get commissions.
  • Scale and make more money.

Let’s see the steps in detail.


Step 1. Get an Affiliate Product

There are a lot of affiliate programs I listed for beginners, but the truth is, you need just one product for now. 

If you’re from Nigeria, I recommend you go with a TRAVELS/RELOCATION product. You will make sales fast. Why? People are interested in Japa-ing from Nigeria.


Step 2. Build a Landing Page for the product

A landing page is a page people (traffic) will land to learn more about the product you’re promoting. 

Here is a simple landing page I made with Google form. As you would guess, you can use the same without spending money. See a professional-looking Landing Page below.

get Started As an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

With the landing page, you ask for visitors’ email addresses while they click a link to join your community. 


Step 3. Bring in people and start promoting the offer page.  

Here, you can use the traffic source you feel comfortable with. What I did was to use a forum + about N4,500 on Facebook ads using a new FB page I created. 

I successfully brought in about 80+ persons to my exclusive community.

Talking of community, you can use either Facebook, Discord, WhatsApp, Twitter space, or even Telegram, based on what you feel comfortable with.


Step 4. Market the product. 

It was after bringing in the 80+ people to my community that I started promoting the product.

If you’re a beginner, then take some time and study the niche you’re promoting by getting info and statistics from news sites, videos, articles, and more. 

Additionally, use the resources the vendor-product owner provides in form of product copy or swipe files.  

With all these in place, you will make at least 1 or a few sales. 

I recommend you have up to 80-100 people, from which you can expect 1-2 or more sales.


Step 5. Scale the marketing process. 

Now, if you never spent any money to bring in people to your community on Facebook, WhatsApp, or whichever platform you had used, from the profits you’ve made, use the same and invest in ads to make more money. 

Investment in ads is for more traffic which increases your chances of making more sales – more money.

Now, if you’re to scale this, you will need to build your own landing page using a website, get cheap hosting here, and use an email marketing tool to send automated emails, start with G-Response for free, and make more money. 


Over to you

Actually, that’s what I did with Expertnaire to make my first commission of N8,500 in 2019. An exact strategy to Affiliate marketing for beginners in Nigeria and beyond.  Here is the screenshot for verification.

My Income Report in Affiliate Marketing with Blogging

If you would like to check out a breakdown of all I have explained above and make even more money without spending a dime on ads and scaling going further, check out this free webinar on online business

I’ve also reviewed the program in case you want to check it out. 


Learn Affiliate Marketing + Blogging as a Beginner

Affiliate Marketing + Blogging as a Beginner

One of the frequent questions I see from people when an online lesson is recommended is, if you’re making money then why sell an online course? 

I know it’s hard to believe it but the truth is, we use what we have to pay for what we want. That’s the system of the world’s trading antics.

To answer the question, here is why people sell online courses. Because doing the main work is harder at the beginning than selling courses. 

Personally, I like to do what I preach. For instance, I sell this PayPal Blueprint where you can exchange your money at more than N500/$ (at the current rate) because I’ve done it myself – I even included my picture in the whole process.

Talking about the process…vs…Selling a course about it.

Now the process it took me to withdraw the funds from PayPal at the best exchange was not a straight line. How do I mean?

I had to go to the bank, link my PayPal account, verify it and finally withdraw the money using the right bank card. 

Compare the above process to selling the blueprint that shows you how to do it, which is easier? I guess the latter.

Below is an opportunity to join othes and build your passive income blogging business.


How I built a 7-Figure Blogging Business from Scratch – Copy my strategy

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The basics you need to make money with Affiliate marketing

If you can understand the following then you are good. How to optimize for your :

  • Targeting Audience – Figuring out who your target audience is.
  • Brainstorming Content – coming up with ideas that will hit home with your audience.
  • Creating Content – writing the content pieces out.
  • Implementing Content – putting the content up on the site and on-page optimizing it.
  • Promoting Content – beyond SEO and simple social media, to get traction so the industry and audience are aware it exists.


The frustration of online business when you don’t get the truths from gurus

I would be the last person to present anything the way it is not. I value you above profits that’s why I’m yet to scratch blogging income + the wisdom on what to do. Maybe that’s why it is not cheap.

Blogging is not what people say it is.It’s easy. No! No way.

It’s not easy. I treat blogging as a business that’s why I am in many niches. (SaaS, Travels Crypto and etc.).

Drop the cliques that you need passion to make money in blogging. Yes, it’s true to some extent, that’s why the passion needs to be treated as a business, else you’re just another frustrated Jonny waiting to say that blogging is dead. 

Blogging is far from being dead when you – treat your blogging as a business. Or, how do you weigh the fact that I live off earnings from blogging with affiliate marketing?? See this result from Impact Radius.

how to get started as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria

And yes, there are other ways you can make money from blogging, two of such are sponsored posting and Google AdSense.

Talking about Google AdSense, it’s another earning opportunity. Even though this blog you’re reading is approved for AdSense, the truth is, I hate ads on my website. You can see one of the pages I applied Google AdSense here.


Coming back to affiliate marketing, this is my ONLY business which cements the reason I give it all. Come to think of it.

Where would I HAVE BEEN in this your country’s economy without the blessedness of blogging as a business and the wisdom for implementation from God?

To show that passion alone can’t sustain success in blogging just as motivation cannot, I have a vision for more blog sites. Maybe a personal finance blog.

I don’t need passion to sit down and write 100 personal finance articles and ranking them. It’s hard work – treating it as a business. 

Again, I have a list of over 1,000 SaaS tools I want to put together which my blogging student will get more than 120 to use – all for free. 

Do you think I need passion to host a website, couple them up, and start marketing? No. It’s all business for me. 


The lies you hear about blogging

I had a discussion with my friend 2 days ago or so and he wanted to curse Youtubers who said blogging is nothing that you can churn out 5 quality and evergreen articles a day.

Do you know the funny thing he said?? If only he can write 1 article per 3 days.

The truth is, blogging is an art. I know you can be lucky as I was in 2017 but failed to replicate the same success after I lost the first blog. 

More than enough, what you will get from me, I can promise you that no one will reveal to you. (No bragging pls). You know why? Power is gained when secrets are shared.

Don’t you think you will recommend me to others if you have results, or how do you think a particular sex therapist is popular?

 It’s because the therapist is so good that after the husband-man did what the therapist recommended the wife now respects the husband in the other room. What am I trying to say? That results are not cheap but typical if you are ready to follow through.

And yes, blogging is not for everyone. While it’s true, see my back bone below.


My blogging backbone. 

I base my blogging on SEO. And yes, I have spent zero Naira or dollars on ads. Meaning, no dime was spent on Facebook ads or anything of such. All possible with organic SEO Templates.

I know you might be thinking of how to begin with SEO. 

Don’t even make the mistake of spending 4 months to understand SEO on your own because it’s dynamic. How do I mean?

In January, you can make $5000, and then the next month you go down to $3,000, and the upper month $3,400. That’s why I told us how I lost some earnings in July.

 But the good news is that, when you know what to do to stay relevant, you will jack back to life. That’s the secret and truth about SEO and blogging – no one might want to tell you.

So, even if you enroll in my course, this is constant. It’s a general thing.  


In summary, here’s what SEO means.

It means furnishing your content with what the Search Engine wants to be favored over others. See an illustration below.

Let’s say in a kingdom, a Prince wanted to take a wife among the females.

And so he ordered his Guild (a highly placed servant in the palace who is answerable to the Prince) to announce and therefore choose the best 25 females (Princess to be) in the kingdom.

Now, each of the girls as we know will try to put on the best make-up (Search engine Optimization) to attract the Prince’s Guild (Google) so she (blogs) can be selected and favored above others. 

And anyone amongst the 25 that successfully puts the best make-up (optimization) to look attractive will be selected by the Guild (Google) to see the Prince. 

Prince – Audiences.

Guild – Search Engine

Females – blogs optimizing their content to be seen by Search Engines.

Blogging Money Princess – whosoever is chosen by the Guild and accepted by the Prince becomes the Prince’s bride.

Here is a pictorial view of an optimized blog content in one of my niche sites.  

Affiliate Marketing - Blogging business in nigeria


Why Enroll in my Affiliate Marketing Business Blogging Course and Consultation?

  • It’s cheap – learning such value with less money. 
  • You don’t waste time understanding the Search Engines – get how it works and run with it. 
  • You don’t waste time on what gurus online profess. 
  • You see results in less time with timely efforts.
  • You’re paying for my experience of the year 2017 till now. 
  • Upfront payments and commissions – get your commissions without worrying about getting banned or your account being closed.

If it’s too good to be true then it’s a lie and false. And yes, I can attest to this.

“My blogging course and consultations only work with HARD-WORK + SMART-WORK”

And no, you can’t dissociate hard work.

For instance, I laid on my bed to type this article (4,300+ words) you’re reading now, proofread up to 4 times, optimized it, and put it out for you. If that’s not putting in the work then it is what it is.  

Ready to join others?

➡️ click here to check out the AMBBProgram + how I made ₦400K in one day.


Wrapping up.

Forget the fact that crime is presented in Nigeria as a legal business by people looking for shortcuts. I don’t get why people enjoy adding pains and sorrows to others while making money off it.

Coming back home, the summary of what I do is to offer value to people by recommending solutions to them. Professionally, it is called affiliate digital marketing using blog content.

The good news is that recommending solutions to those with problems won’t stop till the world is over. That is the same reason you will buy a new Toothpaste when the one you’re currently using finishes.

Another example. A person that just lost his or her job might need a good online business to make money on the side, now if I can recommend a good program like this one, I will get a small commission if he or she joins up to make his or her life better.

The world is in a cycle and so will it continue…

All in all, if you are ready to offer value to people, then welcome to my definition of affiliate marketing. And you’re utmost welcome to learn from/with me.

When confused, read the steps as outlined to understand how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website and as a beginner.


Yours brotherly,

Isuamfon Offiong (Blogger Fantastic) | Contact me for a one-and-one session.

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