Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire: 2 Ways to N100K

Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire
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I joined Expertnaire because I heard it is the Clickbank of Nigeria but the bottleneck is, I am yet to make a single sale. I am tired and fed up.

In a twinkle of an eye, another affiliate comes to his rescue with some motivating lines “if you don’t give up you will succeed”.

Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire: 2 Ways to N100K

Wait. Does that sound familiar? 

The thing is, affiliate marketing like success is not a straight-line thing. At least, not impossible.

But for sure, it is not what you hear outside. As in, that you can just jump in and make a nickel. If you want to make money in affiliate marketing then be ready to add/promote value. Why?

People don’t want to be sold to, they want to buy a solution.

For instance, if someone has brown teeth and Expertnaire has a product for it, the person wants to buy the solution.

If you can do that successfully then know that all the chronicles we will be talking about promoting Expertnaire digitals products are embedded in it.

While we will focus on affiliate marketing with Expertnaire, I will go on to tell you some of the key strategies I used to make my first sale on Expertnaire, the best strategies that have worked for me to cross N400K on the platform.

Look, I know it will seem stupid to reveal my secret to you. Well, what can I do when you want to give a 120% value?

To be frank, I am not afraid because if you join Expertnaire today and promote it to other millions of Nigerians and make money, I am happy for you.

But even more, no one is competing with anyone because there is room and angle for everyone to swim in plenty. So, I will do all I can to make sure you make money with Expertnaire affiliate marketing.

To get started, let’s pinpoint the basics of affiliate marketing before I go all in.  


Affiliate Marketing Definition

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7 2 Ways to Promote Expertnaire Products and make money like Toyin Omotoso

Affiliate marketing is the art of getting paid a certain percentage of income when you successfully sell a product or service to those in need – your audiences/buyers.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To get started with affiliate marketing, you need to sign up with an affiliate network/marketplace from whence you will be assigned a unique link called an affiliate link.

This link records all your progress and sales in real-time. So, if you’re getting a 50% commission of $80 which is $40 for selling a product using your affiliate link, with your affiliate link, this will be recorded for you, a true definition, and how affiliate marketing works.


About Expertnaire?

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-Expertnaire

As was explained in this Expertnaire Review, Expertnaire is a marketplace or an affiliate marketing website like Clickbank, Jumia, Amazon, and the rest where affiliates (you and me) sign up and promote digital products and get paid. In one word, it is a place to make money online.


Who Is An Expertnaire Affiliate?

Anyone that signs up on (N10,000 registration), and ready to promote the digitals product is an Expertnaire affiliate or digital marketer.   

The big question. Do you need to sign up as an Expertnaire affiliate now? No.

Just read on to see the best route to sign up and make money by promoting Expertnaire digital products as an affiliate.


What are the top sites like Expertnaire?

Below are the top lookalike sites like the Expertnaire affiliate site.

  • Clickbank
  • Jvzoo
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • TapAffiliate
  • Amazon Associate
  • Warriorplus
  • Partnerize

Here is a complete list of sites similar to the Expertnaire marketplace.


Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, what’s it about?

Very quick, Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing is promoting digital products on the Expertnaire marketplace to prospects that are waiting for a solution to their problems.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the marketing strategies.


2 Ways to Promote Expertnaire Products and make money like Toyin Omotoso

Promote Expertnaire Products and make money

First off, in case you don’t know who Toyin Omotoso is, he is the CEO of Expertnaire. With his training program, you can skyrocket your success in making your first N100,000 if you’re yet to reach that mark. More on the latter later.

To learn more about Toyin, see our Case Study #1 – how he built the Expertnaire Empire.

Now here are the core strategies and ideas on how to promote and master affiliate marketing with Expertnaire.


1. Create a Blog

Types of Blogs and Examples in NigeriaTypes of Blogs and Examples in Nigeria

When it comes to affiliate marketing using a blog, it is my thing.

For over 4 years I have been doing it, and it is through it that I could go on to make N200K in a month (not on Expertnaire), go on to make N300K+ on Expertnaire. 

(Hey, I promised to be sincere and tell you what I am doing. Please, do not see all these as boasting. It’s all the grace of God.

Want to see my income report for the first time? Here is what I earned in August 2020 – the first income report case study.

The amazing thing? None of this income came in via ads – no AdSense or sponsored post commissions. Just affiliate marketing with blogging.  

The amazing thing with blogging is that it can take you places if you love writing. Recently, an Australian Magazine asked me to apply as a writer.

Do you see that? I never envisioned that but one core decision to start a blog opened many ways. It’s just like trying to make your workers come early to work.

All you need to do is make one core decision that will affect other areas. To learn the antic of this, you can read the book “Power of habits by Duhigg”.

But hey, if blogging is not your thing, then let me show you how to use it and make money on Expertnaire.


Why Do You Need A Blog/Website in Affiliate Marketing?

Creating a blog plays two important roles in affiliate marketing.

#1. For content marketing

To publish content around the affiliate products you want to promote and make money.

#2. Landing Page

You can use the site as a landing page if you don’t feel like writing blog posts, so, you see, you need it.

Other reasons.

#3. You can make money with AdSense if you take it seriously.

And talking about seriousness, this blog was used as a landing page before you see it fine like this. 😉

#4. Partnership with Companies

It’s not a magic pill. Companies will want to advertise on your blog if you do it well. And of course, you won’t tell them that your aim started by wanting to promote Expertnaire products.

#5. And many more you will discover yourself.

In case of blogging is not your thing, here is how to still sluggishly blog and make money affiliating with Expertnaire.


How to Promote Expertnaire Products with a Blog/Website

Step 1. Select just 1 product
You don’t need to promote 5 products to make money on Expertnaire. For me, going with 1 made the journey easier.

So, select just a digital product you want to promote on Expertnaire and move on.

For our case study, I will use a product about Cars – called

“The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint”.

Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire: 2 Ways to N100K

This program pays affiliate N7,500 per sale. Just sell it to 14 persons and your first N100,000 on Expertnaire is sure.

The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint

Step 2. Read the sales page

Look, I know you want to make money fast, and your body is hot. But the thing is, affiliate marketing is all about adding value.

And it starts with knowing the product you want someone else to open his/her wallet and pay for.

So, take some time and read about the product – the sales page. Why is this important? To make life easier for your content marketing.

From the sales page, you can see that there are many keywords you can use in the form of a blog post to promote the program. 


Step 3. Select Keywords

It’s time to select top keywords from the sales page or use a free tool like Ubersuggest and get keywords.

I am using SEMrush for the analysis. Here is a video guide.

Note. The Keywords here will form our blog post topics. We need just 7-15 topics and we are done.

Here is the main keyword on the sales page. “Import Cars to Nigeria” – we will use the same and create 10-15 blog posts around the digital product “The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint”.

Let’s head over to

Sign up > go to Dashboard > go to Keyword Analytics > Go to Keyword Magic Tool > enter Import Cars to Nigeria.

The following are the keywords extracted.

keyword for affiliate marketing with expertnaire

Keyword #1 – age limit for cars imported to Nigeria

Keyword #2 – how to import cars from USA to Nigeria     

Keyword #3 – import cars to Nigeria

Keyword #4 – cost of importing a car from Dubai to Nigeria    

Keyword #5 – cost of importing cars from USA to Nigeria 

Keyword #6 – cost of importing cars from Canada to Nigeria   

Keyword #7 – how to import car from Dubai to Nigeria

Keyword #8 – how to import cars from Cotonou to Nigeria      

Keyword #9 – import cars from Germany to Nigeria

Keyword #10 – import cars from USA to Nigeria      


This is enough for us but if you want extra get SEMrush Premium here

Keyword #11 – importing used cars to Nigeria

Keyword #12 – Import Tokunbo Cars from the US to Nigeria

Keyword #13 – Import Cars from US to Nigeria

Keyword #14 – Countries to import cars to Nigeria

Keyword #15 – Car importation from USA.


Step 4. Write content around the keywords (Form Notes)

Let’s go back to school. I want to believe you formed notes back in school? That is the exact thing you want to do here.

Just spend a few days and write 1,000-2,000+ words per article about tokunbo cars/keywords above.

At the end of an introduction, recommend that your audience check out the guide that takes the stress off them for a successful tokunbo car ordering.

Again, at the end of the article, close it with something like this.

I know this can be overwhelming, I mean, figuring out how to go to Cotonou, order cars from the reliable dealer, skip or deal with the customs officers, and finally bringing them back to Nigeria.

If you want all the stresses cleared then I recommend you check out this sure blueprint on how you can buy Tokunbo cars online (your affiliate link on Expertnaire) from the comfort of your home. while saving hundreds of thousands of Naira.

With this guide, you’re saving hundreds of thousands of Naira other car dealers in Nigeria do not know.

Click here to see the guide (your affiliate link).

Now you see why they will bypass your competitors and buy from you. (Yours is cheaper because you bought them low as compared to your competitors).

You publish your article and start marketing it – sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and every place you can reach.


Bonus point: if you’ve done your homework with the sales page or the product you can give a bonus when your prospect buys the blueprint. What can you give? Here is an example.

Tell your prospect that they will get “the top 5 fairly used car dealers that are trustworthy, the ones top car dealers here in Lagos have been using to order cars without Customs wahala”.

It’s now left for you to research on the top car dealers or choose a related advanced bonus that will trigger them to take action ASAP.

And don’t fail to leave a link for them to contact you. You can use my contact page as an example.


The advantage of this method: this is a long term business. Meaning, if you invest the time now and write some content on your blog it has the ability to keep on bringing in income for you.

The con: writing is boring. And most especially, if you’re not a fan of blogging then it is bad news.

Be it as it may, there is a solution, and why we have places like Fiverr, Freelancer and etc. 

I go to Fiverr when I can’t do boring stuffs. For you, if sitting down to write a least 15 articles is a big deal, then you can go with the freelance place I use.

Check out article writers on


How to get started, you need,

  • A domain name for your blog (you will get it for free).
  • A hosting service to make your blog active and working (you get it cheap at HostGator).
  • A CMS-software to build your blog – WordPress (you get it for free).

All in all, what you’re paying for is just a hosting service account while you’re given a free domain name like (, and WordPress CMS is free as you can download it after paying for hosting.

Click here to start your blog with HostGator at $2.75/mo


Done for you-system: if you want your blog to be set up and optimized for SEO with affiliate marketing, then take advantage of our FREE blog set up service.

With our free blog set up service, you will get your Blog set up, secure, optimized for SEO, install only a few necessary plugins to get you started. But wait. Am I a Father Christmas to do this for free? Nope.

Disclosure: I get paid by HostGator if you sign up for hosting which enables the FREE setup.

Most importantly, I recommend HostGator because I have used it and it’s great for a new website.

Additionally, you are getting over 13 free resources to use and scale your growth. And ultimately, I will give you 3 featured Snippet + advanced blogging structures I have used to make 80% of the articles on my various blogs jump to #1 spots on the SERP.

This analysis took me time to experiment so, it’s totally worth it if you want to make money with affiliate marketing using your blog.

All in all, if you want to get all these, click here and sign up on HostGator at just $2.72 a month plus a free domain name.


When you’re done, contact me and get your site set up ASAP while you start going through Expertnaire to select a product to promote. 

Overall Benefits: it is a long term income source as you are able to make money anytime someone lands on your site and make the purchase(s) using your Expertnaire affiliate link.

What did I just do?

I am showing you a paid course of up to N35,000. It’s just the beginner’s phase so as not to get some of us scratching the head– but it’s enough to get your first sale as an Expertnaire digital marketer.

The thing is, when you make money, Expertnaire makes money as well and we (me and you) all get paid. Tadanggggggg. 😎

Listen Up Now: Truth is, there is a Series of True Life Success Stories | Case Studies on Building Authority Business & Beating 9-5 Jobs lessons coming up. Click the notification “Pop up above the page for publication alerts”. And click here to Get All Stories.

For ONLINE JOBS OPPORTUNITIES and weekend lessons, join our Telegram community and Subscribe to this YouTube channel for lessons on Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and beating 9-5 jobs.


2. Use Paid Adverts – PPCs

Promote Expertnaire Products and make money with PPCIf PPC (Pay per click) adverts & campaigns (method 2), that is, using Facebook ad, Bing, Instagram, and the likes to promote products then go in fully, and don’t consider blogging until you see results with it.  

While there are many PPCs to use, I recommend using Facebook ads for affiliate marketing with Expertnaire. And if you must do this right, you need a program that shows you once and for all – to getting it right.  

The recommending program to go with is the 72IG Implementation program. This is the same program (as seen in my income report) N80,000 was made in 14 days.

For instance, you need to build a selling email list and send your prospects promotional emails. You want to know how important it is to build an email list?


Email marketing is extremely powerful and it is one of the most lucrative things you can use for your affiliate marketing business.

I mean, if you’ve heard affiliates make N500K-N2M+ on Expertnaire, don’t guess it, you know why?

98% of the time the sales came in through building an email list enhanced from running a profitable ad campaign on Facebook.

On a normal day, a profitable email list + converting digital products should make you your first sale in the first 7 days.

If not 7days, in the next 14-21 days, you should be able to make your first sale. That is how affiliate marketing works with Facebook ad + an email list in entirety.

While you will be taught how to make money using this method, truth is, even before you get started, there are other extra blueprints embedded in the 72ig training program for you to use and make your first N50K without running a single ad yet.

I do believe this first N50K blueprint is to test proof of how profitable this business can be.

So, you see, if you’re paying for the 72IG income program once, you are not just getting a good ROI for your money, but a super packed training program that is worth every penny you invest in it.

See, I don’t mean to hype the 72IG program to convince you to join, no. You know why? Some Nigerians scramble to use VPNs to join Clickbank and yet when they finally do, they are found wanting on how to make sales.


🙄 Observation: if you’ve already seen the 72ig program video from somewhere else before now, KINDLY clear your browser data FIRST before using our affiliate link to watch and register so your registration can be confirmed properly (to avoid wrong mappings). Thank you very much & see below.

On Mozilla Firefox browser: go to “Settings” > go to “Privacy & Security” > go to “Cookies and Site Data” > click on “Clear Data” > click on clear “Cached Web Content”.

On Chrome browser: go to “Settings” > go to “Privacy & Security” > click on “Clear browsing Data” > clear “browsing History”.


Here are all the strategies and reasons  to join via the 72 income generator program.


1. Become Non-Terrible at Affiliate Marketing and Selling

As widely believed that selling is complex, I can’t doubt to avoid violence from you. Lol. 😈 

Well, this consideration has made Toyin present the 72ig affiliate marketing program in such a sexy-still manner so that you can practically choose and promote the digital products of your choice, and not solely based on the topics you know alone.

The 72ig program saves you time, money, and effort to invest in something else. How?

The REGRETS of other members (which I have heard a few) was joining the affiliate website via the N10,000 a year fee with the hope of figuring out everything on their own. I know how they felt after all.

I mean, it’s frustrating to invest another 2 months into learning how to promote digital products on Expertnaire.

Also, some of them go as far as looking for experts who could help them run ads and set other things up when they would have saved that time and energy once and for all via the 72ig income program training.


2. It’s a Kickass Training designed for you.

People have always asked me if I am Toyin, the 72ig vendor, why? Because of the quality and depth of the guides which I do give out.  

The thing is, you won’t see another program as detailed as the 72ig training as far as affiliate marketing with Expertnaire is concerned in Nigeria.

And while I haven’t personally used the ideas in the training program to sell PHYSICAL products, one of the ladies (students) used the same in her offline business and made over N2,000,000. Why was this possible?

Because #1. there are many areas you can apply the ideas and get the same results, #2. everything needed to make this possible is available on your account dashboard.  


3. You get the 72ig Business Model

I still remember I never had the complete money to pay for the course in 2019. The option available to me was to borrow which I did.

And no, I am not saying you should borrow if you do not have to. But the thing is, yes, I borrowed because #.1. I believed that one day I would be highly successful in internet marketing or making money online as a hustler, and #2. Because I saw the depth of the value offered, the business model in the 72ig program.

Here is the silver line.

Many people see the 72ig course as an avenue where they get premium resources, automatic membership on Expertnaire, join an exclusive community, which are all valid.

But the thing is, this training is a full flesh business model which means using it alone is a full-time income source. The same has created many millionaires in Expertnaire.

As a beginner, this is the same business model you will be getting on a platter of gold.


4. 72ig affiliate marketing strategy with Dynamic Angles of selling

Normally, I wasn’t a student of copywriting. I mean, using different angles to promote a product.

Luckily for me, there are series of free copywriting angles available in the 72ig course I was able to copy and edit and use – which saved my time tremendously in terms of spending 12 hours of thinking of “What” and “How” to tell my prospects I met online to buy the products that they need (I recommend).

You remember that phrase that it is easier to take a horse to the stream but not the same to make her drink, right?

Yeah, this is where copywriting templates come in. Because with Copywriting copies, the horse has no choice but to drink the water as this is the exact strategy that shows her many ways and benefits of why she needs to drink the water. See the image below.

72ig affiliate marketing course	Review
IMG: Lucciagray


Let’s be frank, you might think that you are bad at marketing products online – recommending products to those in need of them, not because you haven’t tried your best from previous experiences, but what if you were given 7+ angles to sell one product? Let’s take a product like rat poison for instance.

Now, while one seller uses a marketing line like “buy this rat poison because it is the best in the market as it’s from china”. Luckily, the seller might run away with 6 sales at N500 at the end of the day, which is N500 X 6 = N3,000.

Also, compare it to another rat poison seller who was given 4 copywriting angles to sell the same product. His marketing angles to sell the product were, this rat poison:

  1. Kills all sorts of rats (rodents included).
  2. Kills fast.
  3. Doesn’t smell.
  4. Dries the rat with the carcass.

With these marketing options, the prospects have seen 4 angles of benefits of buying this rat poison from the 2nd seller. Let’ see them.

#1. It kills all kinds of rats – which saves the buyer money from buying a different rat poison for rodents and bigger rats.

#2. Kills fast – the buyer gets a quick result.

#3. It doesn’t smell after death – the buyer is confident that after the rat dies it won’t just smell but will prevent maggots from entering his or house.

This can even encourage the buyer to pour the poison in his/her living room without the fear of an offensive odor and maggot’s army.

#4. It dries the rat – the buyer doesn’t think of picking up a stinking and rotten rat carcass since it will be dried up automatically.

At the end of the day, this particular seller with different angles of marketing benefits was able to sell 50 packets of the same rat poison at N500 each even without telling people that it was made in China (no much benefit for the buyers), which amounted to (N500 X 50) = N25,000.

Now, I am sure if the second seller goes to the tops markets like Alaba or Onitsha Market and at the end of the day, sells the rat poison worth N50,000, the first seller will ask for soap. AKA. Cup soap for me. Lol.

This is the same 72ig affiliate marketing strategy you get if you enroll in the 72ig today. That is, dynamic angles to sell to stubborn prospects.   


5. It’s a bargain for you

As far back as 2011, I always wanted to be a successful online entrepreneur, but the problem was where to get all the lessons without the tutor holding some secrets out.

Because I saw what the 72ig course offered in the free webinar, I trusted the process and wasn’t hesitant to pay for the worth of it because anything worth it will never be cheap – see below.

The above paragraph explains the reason a lot of flagship phones like Samsung 20 and iPhone 12 are costly, yet they still get ordered in millions after launch.

The truth is, people are simply paying for the benefits they get, and of course, the hype of using the best android mobile brand or an iPhone.

Coming back to the 72ig affiliate marketing course, for over 10,000 members who joined Expertnaire via the 72ig program, a lot have confessed that the price tag attached to this course is worth it, and some affirming that the value is more than the price. 

But let’s not go there so the vendor (Toyin) might not see this page and want to increase it to N50,000+ before you join because that’s the fair worth of the online marketing program.


6. Hassle-Free Updates

Wouldn’t you love to be updated on the current trends, case studies, and other successful strides the vendor has discovered?

If yes, then that is what you get when you join Expertnaire via the 72ig class. That is, you will clearly get regular updates going forward on results as available on your 72ig affiliate marketing dashboard.

Also, when students record successes using their unique methods these kinds of content are usually given out for free to the 72ig members.

For instance, when Sola discovered how to sell digital products without spending a dime on Facebook adverting, the guide which was sold to non-72ig members was available for FREE and it’s still available for you when you join in.


7. First 5-10 sales 72ig implementation program PDF/Bluprint

Even before I discovered the name, I used the same marketing system to make my first ever second sale on Expertnaire in 2019.

It was after enrolling in the 72ig program that I discovered it was used by another 72ig student who had massive successes than I did, and so, while it was sold for non-72ig students (ordinary members who joined via the 10k membership route), it was included all for free to 72ig members.

The first 5-10 sales strategy is a 72ig implementation program pdf you will get for free. What it does is to get you happy and started by selling your first 5-10 products without spending money on any advertisements or whatsoever.

72igs affiliate marketing account

Purchase link after the marketing lines.

72ig affiliate marketing

But ONLY free for the 72ig students. See below.

72ig affiliate marketing dashboard

Now you are free to continue to use this marketing method because it’s the best way to build a relationship with prospects interested in buying an Expertnaire product you recommend.

In fact, this marketing system converts more prospects to buyers than many others.


Disclosure: I still use this method today. More so, other successful members have used it to make millions in sales.

The first affiliate that won a car in 2020 used it and made over N4, 000,000 – as was confirmed by him in a webinar.

Testimonies – 72ig millionaires

The runner-up used it and made over N2, 000,000+, and yet another, N1,300, 000 more or less– depending on his marketing strides.

72ig affiliate marketing dashboard

So, if you enroll in the 72ig program today, you will get this implementation program pdf, all for free as available on your 72ig affiliate marketing dashboard.


8. 72ig affiliate marketing forum and Community supports

Have you ever been in an engaging WhatsApp group where people get helped, mostly beginners? If yes then you will relate to this easily.

When you join Expertnaire via the 72ig today, you will get premium community supports from other students, forum guides, and of course Toyin – the course vendor and founder of Expertnaire.

More so, you can DM other successful students who will add value to you.

Before a helpful post.

72ig affiliate marketing forum and Community

After the helpful post.

72ig implementation program pdf

And more.

Additionally, you have a dedicated email account personnel that will respond to your queries plus WhatsApp chat.

All of these exclusive supports save you the time and energy of Googling simple questions your co-72ig members have already overcome and had successes.

Kindly note – the 72ig forum support is ONLY available to 72IG members.


9.  Money-back guarantee

Normally, all products on Expertnaire come a with Money-back guarantee. With the 72ig affiliate marketing course in Nigeria, you get the same.

Meaning, if at the end of the day you go through this program and use different angles to promote products on Expertnaire, get premium supports, use all the business models + the 5-10 sales without ads strategies, and you don’t still make a sale to recover your enrollment fees, then and then you will be refunded easily; a win-win situation for you as far as you followed the steps and terms of making it work for you.


Side note: joining Expertnaire 72ig via this page (using our affiliate link) gives you automatic access to all the supports and technical questions you want to ask, only if you have one.

So before you file for a divorce with Expertnaire via the 72ig affiliate marketing course, be rest assured that our contact link is open to you. I mean.

Reach out so I can see where you got it twisted because there is no way out of 200 million Nigerians you can’t sell even 5 Expertnaire products to them which if you sell a N15,000 commission product you will make N75,000.

Because it has worked for thousands of Expertnaire 72ig students, then you won’t be an exception, this I know – with joined efforts.


10.  Personal Support, Premade and FREE Templates – Demo for beginners

I hate to admit it but the truth is, no matter how a thing can be simple, there will always be these unique beginners who will want all amount of help on some technical things – that is why my contact page is open for you (when you join via this page).   

Therefore, as an affiliate on Expertnaire, after using the 72ig affiliate marketing strategy of 5-10 sales without spending a dime on advertisements, you might need to scale the process – make more sales in case you want to buy a house near Linda Ikeji in Banana Island.

If yes, then this might mean creating a website, building a landing page, thank you page, linking them to promote products on Facebook, YouTube, and other ads sites.

This phrase “promote products on Facebook, YouTube, and other ads sites” means sending traffic or a lot of people to your website page to buy the product(s) you promote on Expertnaire.

With the above you might be thinking, this is it. I am done. It’s complicated. Lol. Nope.

Also, one thing I don’t want to do at his critical time is to give extra 20 FREE eBooks on something that will waste your time and drain you energy. But why?

Because you deserve to get into action and make money, that was the essence in the first place, right?


Now, what if I help you create a unique Expertnaire system, starting from creating your website you will use or show you how to do it, give you free converting landing page templates, and thank you pages to use all for free – if you find them challenging? Sounds right?

Yeah, you will get all of these for free when you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program using our link on this page, and ultimately an OPEN chat support from me in case of incase-sity


11.  Testimonies – 72ig millionaires are being made

Remember I once said that the 72ig program is a business model on its own, right?

Yeah, this same model has given birth to tens if not hundreds of millionaires in the Expertnaire affiliate platforms.

It should be in hundreds because I already know more than 7 72ig millionaires.

Here are a few testimonies of making money on Expertnaire with 72ig. 


From Kenny

While the celebrations are going on, I must pay homage too!

Just yesterday, I crossed a milestone… 1 million in commissions with my Infinix Smartphone & Zero Paid Ads.

From Osagie – for the weekend.

incom proof on Expertnaire a

72ig affiliate marketing strategy

receive payment

(You will see more in the bonuses for your marketing).


How to be an Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire via 72ig

Joining Expertnaire via the 72ig program gives you 50% confidence and a head start to success. And how do I know this?

First are the benefits you get as a 72ig student.

#2. The success stories and testimonies which I can practically tell it for myself as well.

#3. Because ordinary affiliates who joined Expertnaire with N10, 000 membership fee do not have the opportunities as listed on this page.

To see the big picture, I have met a few of them who come to seek mentorship, and even asking what it will take to be successful.

The bizarre-yet-worthy question is, why pay extra fees when all you needed in the first place is all-inclusive in the 72ig package, once and for all?

Once again, a few benefits.

#1. You get an automatic membership for 1 year – the same ordinary members have.

#2. You get the value and strategies to make sales.

#3. You get the 5-10 sales without a dime on ads.

#4. Access to vendor and forum support.

#5. Dynamic angles to make sales, and more.  

#6. You get your FREE templates from me + contact link for any manner of support.

So, whether you are a beginner or savvy digital marketer, the depth of value you get from the 72ig program is worth every cent over 10,000 affiliates have paid for, and so, you will get the same, and more with new stride/success stories updated.


Here is How to get started with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing as a 72ig student.

Click the right LINK to join Expertnaire via 72ig.



The best Email Service to use with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

If you are running ads to promote products on Expertnaire, then you will need an email service to use. The best and recommended to use is GetResponse. 

GetReponse has more flexibility as you can even use their landing page to send your visits from Facebook and capture their emails (list building).

To get started with GetResponse, click here and get 30 days free trial to make money.


These first 30 days should be enough for you to use and make more than $19 which is their monthly charges after the period.

Now you see why you need to get everything right? Because, let’s face it if you make money promoting affiliate products you won’t scratch your head to pay them $19 a month to use the email service.

Get a free trial on GetResponse


Just to give you a head start, if you are a beginner then I made a free guide on how to use GetReponse email service. Click here to see it.

Quick Response: please try to avoid everything that will prevent GetReponse from working with Expertnaire.

And just to note, avoid Aweber or MailChimp email service if you want to successfully promote digital products on the Expertnaire website. 

Going on, let’s all help Expertnaire and save the platform from spamming. Get a clearer picture below. 


How to promote a product on Expertnaire using Facebook ad (PPC) – To Beat Spamming  

You will be shown how to do this in detail, I just want to demonstrate how to run an ad to prevent spamming – that is, if your emails to your prospects often go to the spam box – might be flagged – the same reason not to use Aweber email service but GetReponse.

The key point is creating a double op-tin to build your list.

That is if someone opts to enter his/her email, let the same accept to get emails from you.

The thing is if they are really interested in the product they will go to their email box and click the link to get it.

Hacking the process, I recommend you show the sales video or sales page to them after acknowledging to receive your emails.

(That is one way to prevent your emails slipping into the SPAM sections than an automated process (single opt-in) of sending them emails.  

In case it’s your first time to affiliate marketing, let’s demonstrate it for you to see.

If you’re already an Expertnaire member, then login or see how to use Expertnaire.

However, if it’s your first time, then click below to register (only register with the link below if you’re sure YOU DON’T WANT TO join Expertnaire via the 72ig program).

Register on Expertnaire – (N10K a year. You get 30% commissions to promote the 72ig program or get 50% when you join via the same 72ig income program).

Step 1. Register on Expertnaire or sign in

Step 2. Choose a product and copy the link.

Step 3. Build a landing page to grab your user’s email addresses.

Step 4. Send them to your landing page, grab their email addresses, and redirect them to your thank you page – asking them to get the video or whatever you tagged the sales page (secret guide, lesson, masterclass, whatever you tagged it) after they verify that they want to receive your emails. See the sample below.

promote a product on Expertnaire using Facebook ad

Inside their email inbox

promote your Links with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing 2

(This is one sure way of making sales fast because it’s not just about building an email list of 2,000 prospects yet, no single buyer/sale).

The cue is, if they really want it they will verify the acceptance link sent to their emails. (Just like chasing the right woman to marry, if you want her you will read all the romance novels in the world in preparation).


Note or it’s disastrous

#1. Before you spend or waste money on ads, I recommend you start with $5 and see if it goes well. And if positive, you can scale it further with $10-25+ a day.

#2. You don’t want to show your Facebook ad from Facebook to the Instagram audience. If you do, then you are gladly gifting Facebook your ad spent because the Insta audience won’t convert.


How not to promote your Links with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

Here are the relevant don’ts on how not to promote affiliate products online.

1.  Avoid Spamming Social Media with your Expertnaire Affiliate Links 

I know you might not know this before now, but the truth is, frequently leaving or sharing your affiliate links on Expertnaire on social media platforms will only get the affiliate platform tagged as “spammy”.

If tagged as a spam site, the social site won’t just block Expertnaire but your prospects might need to solve a reCAPTCHA test before accessing it.

Later on, I will share some short URL sites to use and shorten your Expertnaire affiliate links.


2.  Avoid promoting Expertnaire links on Traffic Exchange Sites

The next way to help Expertnaire from spam is to try not to promote your links on any traffic exchange site like and the likes. The Truth about these sites is that everyone there is a cheat. How do I mean?

Everyone wants the other to click on his or her ad, the same as you. So, it’s totally worthless than spamming Expertnaire which means the affiliate network might be flagged as a bad marketplace.


3.  Avoid promoting Expertnaire links on Nairaland

A few weeks ago, I saw something funny. A member on Nairaland was banned by a moderator. Guess what? His ban will expire in 2030. 😆

So, if you don’t want to get banned on Nairaland, avoid using your naked affiliate links there.

And if you must, then use your site (do not let Expertnaire to be shown in the URL, like “” – you will still get banned or get it deleted. 👿 

The best way to sharing your link there is using your landing page (your site or a 3rd party site like Google doc, or better still, in the last part we will see some cool URL shorteners to use.

I know that the above are just a few ways to help keep the site clean. If you have more guides/tips then feel free to share them in the comment section.


The 5 top link & URL Shorteners to use for affiliate marketing with Expertnaire Website


URL Shorteners to use for affiliate marketing with Expertnaire Website

What are URL/link shorteners? They are sites or tools that help you hide, shorten, and customize your long affiliate links.

A long affiliate link on Clickbank is called hoplink. But for Expertnaire, it’s an expertnaire link. Let’s now see the top URL shorteners to use for affiliate marketing.


1.  Rebrandly

Rebrandly might not be widely known but it is one of the best link management platforms to brand, track, and share your short URLs.

Like TinyURL, you can make use of a custom domain name.

Click here to check it out


2.  TinyURL

One of the reasons why TinyURL is popular is because you can create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires.

Click here to check it out


3. is yet another simple site to personalize any link, share, and track clicks.

Click here to check it out


4. is a simple site to compress and shorten your URL link.

Click here to check it out


5.  Customize your link from Cpanel

If you are using your blog/website for landing page then you can use Cpanel and create a redirection. With it, you can create and apply styles the way you want to your URLs.  

Click here to check it out.


Talking about using Cpanel redirection. If you are joining the 72IG training program, you will get a short guide on how to customize your link from Cpanel. It’s included among the free resources you will get.

(Note: I purposely excluded It seems this does not work fine on Expertnaire).


In conclusion to the best ways to internet marketing with Expertnaire platform

I trust that you will succeed if you focus. And while there are many ways to make money online for free or premium, as an Expertnaire affiliate, you want to focus on:

#1. One product to see or till you see profits.

#2. One traffic source to see or till you see profits.

Just as using email marketing with Facebook ads to promote digital Expertnaire products is powerful, so it using a blog for marketing.  

The only difference if you’re using a blog is that you will sit your butt down and write optimized content, however, it is a long term investment which means you can make money using other routes like AdSense money or when advertisers come to advertise on your blog.

To get started with affiliate marketing using your blog, the good news is that you can get a free domain name today when you host your site with HostGator at $2.75/mo.

When done, you can set things up on your own, and if you can’t or you’re feeling lazy about it, go ahead and contact me after paying for hosting on – for a free service.  

On the other way round, if you want to make money in real-time (the word to use is fast), then you want to go with a Facebook ad using email marketing – list building.

Proofs that the Lessons here work (Using your Blog vs the 72ig program)

I did say that when you get trained via the 72ig program you are getting the information for life. I mean, the insights will be with you, meaning, you can apply the lessons of 72ig on any other marketplace like Clickbank, Jvzoo and make money.

Do you think I am still hyping this? Nope. I will prove it to you. The two methods I have shared here is what you will see below.

Note that I made this guide for Expertnaire affiliates who complain of not making a dime since they joined, so, I hope this makes sense to you, and also, if you landed here as a non-member, then you are at luck to go straight to what works – choose a path and pursue till you make your first N100K.

Case Study #1 – A student of the 72ig using the system to make N2.6M – selling online.


It’s a story of a woman and a 72IG student who simply implemented the 72ig program and got the exciting results you’re about to read. Let’s see as I quote Toyin.

This woman was one of those who purchased the 72IG program around May after asking tons of questions.

Normally, I tried to discourage her from buying because from experience, people who ask too many questions eventually end up as a torn in my flesh.

But no matter how hard I tried to discourage her, she eventually went to purchase the program.

And I stopped hearing from her.

That is until last week when she sent me a Facebook message that she wanted to talk to me on phone about a good news.

Normally, I don’t like to make or receive calls.

But I like good news.

So, I gave her a phone number and she called me.

Here is her “good news” story:

So, this woman (Mrs. Temitope) has never sold anything online before purchased the 72IG program.

According to her, she quickly realized that this is a full training program and a part of her wanted to drop it and run as many “normal” people do.

But instead, she decided to take it as a challenge.

She went through the entire course in 3 weeks.

And launched her first campaign.

But then, Facebook banned her account.

She took that as challenge No. 2 and opened another Facebook account.

It was around this time that she decided to use what she learned in 72IG to sell foodstuff online.

She had no shop.

No big capital.

All she had was about N48,0000, the 72IG knowledge, and a friend who sells foodstuff.


She created a simple sample content…

And an opt-in page to get leads.

Then she used FB and Instagram ads to target people in her environment (Ikeja).

E.g. You can target people who live in Ikeja on FB

So, far she has an email/phone no list of approximately 2300 leads.

She sent them a combination of emails and SMS for a food promo package her friend was doing in her shop and they sold out almost all the foodstuff in the woman’s shop.

We are talking about foodstuff worth N2.6m

I must confess that I haven’t heard this angle before.

Selling foodstuff online via the 72IG method? Interesting.

This is another proof that the 72IG program gives you the ability to sell various products online once you have a good enough understanding of it.

The story is courtesy of Toyin’s email blast.


Case Study #2 – Myself crossing N210,000 in 22 days (August 2020) on Impact Radius. 

As we already know, apart from Clickbank, Impact Radius is an Expertnaire alternative.

So, just as I’ve laid down the concept of picking a product and writing content around it, here is the income proof for the month of August 2020.

How Much Bloggers Earn in Nigeria 2

As an internet marketer that depends SOLELY on affiliate marketing and not ads money (like AdSense, Mediavine, or Ezoic) – it means, if I must get paid then I have to get people to buy what I promote.

And just as I insist on taking one route till success, even though I made my first 72ig sale via Facebook ads (a typical proceeding of what you’re taught in the 72ig program), I major in promoting affiliate products using Content Marketing – blog (playing with SEO to rank my niche blogs).


In case you want to use the option of blogging, then I had already created a FREE non-indexed masterclass for you to learn everything I do in detail.

Ultimately, note that this is just to show you that what I am sharing is a course worth N35,000 if turned into a video.

The real essence is for you to make money, else the purpose of joining the Expertnaire affiliate network will have been defeated.


The impact of Expertnaire

I can’t ignore the ripple effect of it.

Expertnaire has changed my life financially. And I am not being paid to say that.

Talking about being paid to say that, just this month alone, 4 sources contacted me to promote their products.

3 from and 1 directly, so, just as I wouldn’t promote the 72ig program to my audience unless I enrolled in it myself, I wouldn’t be paid to promote anything without FULL disclosure (always remember that people buy from you if they love you – adding value to them first, so, I can’t just throw away that trust for a nickel).

The thing is, God has used Toyin to change my years of struggles online. No thanks to the barricades against Nigerians that want to make money online. 

As for Impact Radius, I began just January of 2020, but Expertnaire brought the hope since seeing the site on Prosper Noah’s blog in 2019.


My Review & Income Proofs of Expertnaire

Again, I am not paid to write this review but the thing is, as a digital marketer that DEPENDS on making money via Affiliate Marketing and not ADSENSE, Expertnaire via Toyin has been a blessing.

  • Through Expertnaire, I could get blessings from my Mom – gifting her.
  • Fruitful joy – even when the money is not there in your account until Friday – you get paid Fridays on Expertnaire.
  • Until now I never knew I could spend N40,000, just in reaching out.
  • I could afford premium gadgets for my online business.
  • I could give good offerings to the Lord.
  • I could hear God clearer to support a project in his Vineyard (Imagine God telling you to sacrifice the last N30K in your bank account, but you choose to ignore it, saying, that voice can’t be from God – you rebuke it. You’re like, every contrary voice, I bind you!
  • Just this Saturday, I am visiting my aunt with gifts (she just put to birth).
  • When done there, I am moving straight to my village to gift my grandma (yards of wrapper).

I can go on, but the truth is, it might be through Expertnaire your doors to internet marketing will be opened.

God is so faithful…

Talking about one door leading to another, as I said before through blogging, this month, an Australian Magazine site with 800k/month visits contacted me to become one of their writers – writing here from Nigeria (was told to apply).  



How did that come to be? Via content marketing. That is how doors open.

And for sure, I know that most of us might have aimed at practicing Engineering out of the University, but you are here loving Internet Marketing than your professional course of Study.

Myself, I studied Civil Engineering, but blogging and I are like 5&6. #Inseparable, until there is a higher calling.

For you, you can apply the lessons of the 72ig program for your food business like the woman (student of the 72ig program) above, clothe or use it and make a bang on Clickbank, Amazon, Jvzoo, TapAffiliate, Partnerize, and sites like it.

But if I may recommend, Nigeria is over 100M people, you want by all means to leverage on this population and make money as an affiliate.  

Finally, I am so convinced that if you apply what you’ll be taught then you will make money.


A Worthy-Notable disclaimer,

Making profitable money online won’t be an overnight success because I never made it overnight (but I have been scammed overnight – trying to get rich quick & fast), but with the support, you get from me (if using your blog for marketing) or the supports from Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email from the 72ig training program, I think you should make your first N100,000 in real-time.

The last admonition is, after deciding on the route to take. Pick just one product on Expertnaire and pour all your focus and energy into it till you make your first N100K.

And as you saw above, I applied the same lesson on another international marketing network – Impact Radius, and thankfully, the result is enormous as we’ve seen.

Before I close, I will ask, which route do you wanna take? You can take some time and decide as we see the core differences between using your blog vs email marketing (via 72ig) to promote Expertnaire products.


The difference between using your blog vs email marketing for affiliate marketing with Expertnaire

Marketing Platform 1Marketing Platform 2
Your BlogEmail Marketing
Traffic sourceTraffic source 2
Google – Free (takes a bit of time + Competition + SEO knowledge)Facebook – paid ads (can be pretty sooner than later if done well)
Time for Profitability 1Time for Profitability 2
Takes a bit of time, actually, after Google Sandboxing – 1-3 months+7-21 days for the first sale after implementing the training program
Get free scaling resources 1Get free scaling resources 2
Get free affiliate site optimization setup + Quora Traffic Blueprint15 Advanced Resources for 72IG pros
Start a Blog at $2.75/mo (free domain) Start making Money with 72ig program

As sir Toyin,

God help us.


In my voice,

Success and have a blessed day

#Isuamfon Offiong


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