Brutal Guide to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria, US, UK (Or Any Affiliate Program Niche Site) in 2020

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria
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Have you ever heard of Amazon Affiliate Program? If no, what about how to start an Amazon affiliate niche site in Nigeria? Still no? Okay, have you ever asked the question:

“how can I start an affiliate niche site and make money in Nigeria”? If your answer is still no, I guess you’ve heard, how to make money with the Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria. Let’s say yes this time, right? Good.

Since your answer to the above is no, I will gladly be your ultimate guilder to make sure you start an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria or any country you are reading from.

And let me warn you if you are watching any Netflix or Chelsea vs Man. Utd clips, please switch over because you can NEVER succeed watching it and reading this scary King Solomon’s guide to making money with Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria.

Of course, you want to make money because I am yet to see anyone that says, I hate money nor satisfied with it.

From personal analytics, I have found that each time I get an alert, my body structure changes. Scientists call it Oxytocin. You wanna doubt me? See this.

According to,

A 2010 study out of Princeton University by economist Angus Deaton and psychologist Daniel Kahneman, who has won a Nobel Prize for Economics, analyzed the responses of 450,000 Americans polled by Gallup and Healthways in 2008 and 2009. Participants were asked how they had felt the previous day and whether they were living the best possible life for them. They were also asked about their income. It was found that there’s a correlation between happiness and wealth.

Another research according to showed that,

It is better to make millions than to inherit or marry into them. “Those who earned their wealth reported significantly greater happiness than those who primarily inherited or married into it. Of course, there are likely other differences between people who earned versus inherited their wealth that may contribute to these different levels of happiness,” they wrote.

You now: What has that go to do with building an amazon affiliate niche website in Nigeria?

Me: Ahahaha…

As of the time of writing this guide (10/25/2019 by 1:55pm), I just received about $31 from one affiliate product sale, so, you can be confident that

#1. Making money yourself makes you super happy

#2. I love providing 120% value and,

#3. This is a place to make wealth the right way.

Again, as of the time of writing, I have a niche project wherefore the last of effort invested was May 2019 since beginning in late 2018, but I was graced up to withdraw $110 from the earnings 2 weeks ago.

Not much is not the point here, the point is, if you put in the time now and get started you might have a session with the Queen. Haha. #Success is a sweet spot.

Why you don’t deserve to make money…

Ask you this…If we don’t make money in this life, then what do we gain? Or do you love it that you couldn’t help your neighbor’s son that asked of money from you some days ago or the charity and good you’ve only been imagining to do? Awww.

On a serious note, you can use this guide to build as many Amazon affiliate sites for yourself here in Nigeria and beyond. And yes, you can follow this guide even if you’ve never built a site before.

#If you are not a Nigerian reading this guide, know that you can use it still and build your first Amazon affiliate program niche website.

Enough of the sweet sweetening words. Let’s build our first Amazon money-making site. 

Disclaimer: We provide 120% Super Value to our readers, so I’ll admit that #1. This is no fast money-making method. #2. This guide contains our links (yes, affiliate links) to get the recommended products if you appreciate the (Time | Energy | Resources) invested to bring super value to you for FREE. Thanks. #WealthyPlace

Kamasutra: this guide works PERFECTLY in any country regardless of targeting it to Nigerians. Why? A Cat Fish in Nigeria is the same elsewhere just that elsewhere the Cat Fish might look like a sweet 16 because of daily Pizza and Shawarma + Starbucks Coffee.

One more thing. It was painful to compile everything. Hope the English isn’t too… Englishing. (Continuous updates though).

Understanding What an Affiliate Site Is

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4 Building An Amazon Affiliate Program Niche Website In Nigeria – Ultimate Guide

An affiliate site is one that earns commissions by pointing visitors to affiliate offers and products on websites you signed up for like Amazon, Jumia, and Expertnaire among others.

An Affiliate: as the one pointing these visitors to product websites for commissions you are called an affiliate.

Understanding What a Niche Site Is

A niche site is one that’s dedicated to a specific audience – say, handbag lovers, for example. Micro niche sites are even more specific as they only focus on a single.

For example, instead of targeting handbag lovers, you can target handbags for ladies under 25 years or even go deeper and target those looking for slaying handbags recommendation.

They’re not authoritative or massive, but they can bring good money, and they’re easier to maintain. And of course, the more specific you are, the faster your site’s going to rank on Google Search Engine.

Ranking on Google; what the heck is that?

If your affiliate promotion review or site ranks on Google, it means you will be getting free Traffic without having to pay for Ads on platforms like Facebook, Bing Taboola, and etc.

Here is how getting free traffic from Google looks like.  

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria
Image: wealthyplace

Building An Authority Affiliate Niche Site

Perhaps you have heard many things about an Authority website, but here is a 2 cent explanation.

An authority site is one that’s highly-regarded and respected by a certain industry’s experts. We’re talking about sites that you will like to quote at the end of your research paper. Do you see the 2 websites I quoted above? Those are damm good authority websites.

Well, you’re not becoming Forbes, that’s for sure, but by building an authority site from start to finish, you’ll be able to get some sweet backlinks for free as other smaller websites site yours as their source and reference.

As of the time of writing, my niche website homepage alone got over 50 shares. Believe me, I don’t know where they came from, I mean, I am grateful but I don’t know who shared it. I know. I Know. Because I write like a beast for humans – super value.

How Authority Niche Sites Make Money?

Many authority sites use different monetization methods, including affiliate commissions, email marketing, ads, etc. For me, I just hate ads but I will have to rethink, so, my only promotion strategy is affiliate marketing.

#Don’t get me wrong on ads. They are good. But until you get 1,000-1,500+ visits a day then you are trying to play a tough Candy Crush game with your Emotions vs Google AdSense account.

Which is Better, a Niche Affiliate Website vs a Google AdSense Website?

Building an AdSense Niche Website in Nigeria is a bit harder (if you ask me) unless you are careful about your niche selection (or you have mammoth visits per day).

Or let’s say,

If it is in the Finance niche then it makes sense because the CPC cost (cost per click) is higher/encouraging than a lifestyle niche. Hope you get the point.

Again, it boils down to four things: your BUDGET, your TEST, your KNOWLEDGE, and your PATIENCE.

I detest Ads, so, I might only apply for ad when I weigh the traffic. But it might not be on this website, it is too fine for ads, right? I told you, so, thanks for always supporting us (our recommendations). Lol & Yea.

The Advantage Of An Authority Niche Website

  • Authority sites are more expensive to build and grow.
  • Authority sites require more content and SEO-related knowledge.
  • Authority sites take more time to thrive.
  • Authority requires adequate manpower.


In the long run, authority sites bring more money like Mad Max – Mad Max Image

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria
Image: Pinterest

Observation: if you are not a Nigerian reading this, please skip to “Building An Amazon Affiliate Program Niche Website”. Only read if you can’t verify your Amazon account from your home country.

Getting Started with Building an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Would you read this guide if you were not looking at how to make money with Amazon affiliate Program from Nigeria? Hell no, right? Good.

Now when I first created my Amazon affiliate account, I made use of my Nigerian Phone number for verification which went through smoothly.

In fact, there was nothing like Tax Verification Form and all the hiccups you might be experiencing today.

With that said, before I roll the drum on how to make money creating an Amazon niche site via the Amazon Affiliate Program, permit me to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions by Nigerians concerning the affiliate program

How Do I Register for Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria? AKA Amazon Associate Program

Whether you are in Nigeria or anywhere else, the same procedure follows if you are creating your Amazon Associate Program account. To set up the associate account, go to > Click on “Join Now for Free”

How Amazon Affiliate Program Works

#1. Join the program; which is easy and free to join. #2. Choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers/audience #3. Get up to 10% in advertising fees.

In fact, you can earn extra advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised. 

So, if you were promoting let’s say, women’s handbag that is worth $250. If anyone buys the handbag using your affiliate link, you will receive a 10% cut. And in this case, the calculation is as thus:

$250 x 10\100 = $25 (your commission).

Want to get $250 box? Repeat the process 10 more times.

Click here to see image –

Step 1. Enter your name & password to create your account

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria
Image –

Step 2. Add your website details and other details.

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Step 3. Fill your profile

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Step 4. Verify your Identify

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Step 5. Welcome Notice – you can choose your payment option or later.

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

How To Verify Your Phone Number on Amazon Associate Account In Nigeria

There are 3 ways to do this. #1. Using App #2 Using a Web Browser #3. Using another app.

Method 1

Tools: Epic Browser and TextPlusApp

 Amazon affiliate Program in Nigeria
Image – Google Playstore

Step1. Download the Web Browser called Epic Browser – for PC. Link to download

Step 2. Install it and launch it.

Step 3. Select the USA at the top right-hand corner.

To confirm if it’s a US domain, go to It should show a US state.

Step 4. Type Google Playstore inside search box. Here is the link – 

Step 5. Search for TextPlus App or Click here to download the app.

Step 5. Go ahead and download and install it.

How to use TextPlus APP and Verify your Amazon Associate Account

Step 1. Installation & Verification

Upon downloading the App, install it and enter your email address. If asked to verify, go ahead and verify it via the link sent to your email address.

Step 2. Getting your US Phone Number

After you might have verified your email address, you will be assigned a US-based phone number. That is it. Use it to verify your Amazon Associate Account in Nigeria.

Method 2

#2. Using an App – this was inspired by Let’s see.

Tools to use? #a. Text Plus app #b. Zenmate VPN

For Zenmate Tool

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria
Image – Google Playstore

Step 1. Download Zenmate VPN from Playstore | Here is the link

Step 2. Register for the Free Trial.

Step 3. Set the country to the United States

For Android Settings

Step 1. Go to Android Settings

Step 2. Go to Applications

Step 3. Go to Google Play Store

Step 4. Select “Clear Cache”

Note: not “Clear Data”

Step 5. Choose “Force Close”.

For Playstore

Step 1. Open up Google Playstore

Step. Accept the “Terms of Service” pop up.

Now, you can freely access Google Play from the US.

Effect of the above?

You now have access to US Google Playstore

Step 4. Search for TextPlus App or Click here to download the app.

Step 5. Go ahead and Download and install it. From there, you will get your US Phone number wherefore you can use and receive Amazon calls for account verification

Method 3

There is an app called Textme on Google Playstore. It will fit into what we’re going to do now. With this tool, you can Text and Call from a Free Phone Number & Enjoy Multiple Numbers in one Account.

Brutal Guide to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria, US, UK (Or Any Affiliate Program Niche Site) in 2020
Image – Google Playstore

Step 1. Still use Epic Browser and access the US based Google Playstore.

Step 2. From the Store, search for Textme | Here is the link

Step 3. Download, install, get to make and receive calls from US.

Verifying your Amazon Associate Account in Nigeria

Step 1. Installation & Verification

Upon downloading the App, install it and enter your email address. If asked to verify, go ahead and verify it via the link sent to your email address.

Step 2. Getting your US Phone Number

After you might have verified your email address, you will be assigned a US-based phone number. That is it. Use it to verify your Amazon Associate Account in Nigeria.

How Do I Successfully Fill My Amazon Tax ID Form?

You might not be asked to fill your tax ID, if yes, you can easily do that by following the video below. Click here to watch.

How Do I Get Paid by Amazon in Nigeria?

The only payment options open to Nigerians are cheque and direct deposit to US account. You can easily get your funds through

How Do I Open/Receive An Online Amazon Account/Payment In Nigeria?

As far as you have a Nigerian bank that is internationally recognized, all you need to receive your commissions here in Nigeria is your Payoneer account.

Upon receiving your Payment via Payoneer, you can go to a website like and exchange it for Naira, or simply do this.

Request for Payoneer Credit Card (check your account dashboard) > go to your Bank ATM stand > withdraw your commissions in Naira.

Don’t have a Payoneer account? No problem,

Go to and create a Free Payoneer account.

How Do I Drive Traffic To My USA Visitors?

Add your new site to Google Webmaster Tools account. By doing this, you will be able to geo-target the site to the United States or the targeted country.

This is a way of telling Google that the site is targeted at American users or your targeted country. Subsequently, Google will favor the site in searches done from your targeted country.

How To Track My Niche Site Visitors?

For easy and effective tracking of the site’s traffic and other important metrics, you will need to link the new site to your Google Analytics account. The good news is that Google Analytics is Free, so, you’re not paying nothing.
Here is the link when you are ready – 

Building An Amazon Affiliate Program Niche Website In Nigeria – Ultimate Guide

Before we hub unto this King Solomon’s Guide on affiliate Niche site creation, I would solicit you take a cup of coffee or water and stop all you are doing. Take your note, mobile phone and get to a secluded place. Why? This is no mediocre ultimate guide of 5,000 or 7,000 words.

The Purpose of this Blog Post

At 16,300+ words, it is not to scare us or how complex starting a niche site with Amazon is. I am writing a King Solomon‘s guide (full of wisdom and strategies) wherefore if you don’t start your online business today, it’s solely your decision not to. For an overview, you can scroll down to see the steps you need to take and get started.

Let’s launch in.

Step 1. Selection of Niche

Selecting the Niche to build your amazon Site on can be confusing for many people, most especially beginners.

By the way, a niche is an area of product promotion you want to focus on. Examples: Women’s clothing | Cars | Dogs clothes | Men’s Shoes and so on.

Selecting your Niche/Area Of Focus.

You might hear an expert or guru tell you to go with your passion. Get this from me. To hell with passion and making money in an affiliate niche site.

Here is a short line: Shit money does not smell. I mean, feceaes or feces or poop money.

What niche was that again? Poopoo niche. Okay…

Would you like to carry poopoo? No, let’s be serious. Would you like to carry poop around, right? But people are making money out of it? Do you think it’s a passion for carrying poopoo that made them go there? Ahaaa.

Here is it. Do you think there are poopoo products to promote and make money on Amazon here in Nigeria or your country? Of course, yes. See below.

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Can you guess how much is it priced at?

Total price: $49.94

What does that mean?

You can create an amazon affiliate niche site here in Nigeria recommending and reviewing Poopoo products and make money with or without having the passion for carrying poopoo. At least I am yet to see a person that likes the smell of poops. Lol.

So, passion + Affiliate niche site = Zero Sense

How then do you select your affiliate products for your niche Amazon Niche Website? 

Selecting Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site In Nigeria – Method #1.

Head over to and take a look at what’s available. Open some of the categories.

As a general rule of thumb, your niche of choice should be one in which the products have a) a price tag that ranges from $50 to $150+ and b) has a ton of reviews.

See full image of Niches to choose from

Because you are in Nigeria,

Make sure to use an American zip code, such as 10001 (NY). That way, you’ll be able to check all the available products as well as their current prices.

You can also use a Web Browser called Epic (see above for link)

Preferably, look for products that people need rather than gadgets and other stuff that people “may” purchase.

Catch you…

I know that products priced at $1000+ seem more tempting and lucrative, but those are harder to convert and sell compared to lower-priced shit. But it does not matter, only one condition.

If the demand is high with low competition to rank on Google Search Engine, please, jump in like a frog and start your Amazon niche website there.

(You will read more about this on the topic: The Deadly Guide to Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: Internet Marketing in Nigeria with Jealous Proofs)

Selecting an Amazon Affiliate Niche Website In Nigeria – Method #2.

Simply browse the web as usual until you stumble upon a niche that you can exploit and take authority. What you want to avoid is falling for the shiny object syndrome and jumping from one niche to the next before even fully-understanding the first.

Also, don’t even think about it, I mean, trying to create a niche site to beat the big guys already ranking on Page 1 of Google Search Engine. I am talking about big niches like Laptops, Smartphones, and Headphones etc.).

Those are over-saturated and you won’t be wrong to call them Google Landlords. They were here before you so they deserve that money raking spots. And as a matter of fact, it will take you Millions of Naira or Dollars (thousands) to beat them and take over.

Their backlinks and Domain Authority are as strong and tall as the Great Wall of China. (Forget it for now if you don’t understand it – watch out for:

The Deadly Guide to Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: Internet Marketing in Nigeria with Jealous Proofs).

Subscribe here NOW for free so as not to miss a drop of it. People are begging to join as hell, ask me again. Here is the link.

I won’t talk much now on Niche Selections. See Keyword selection below. Let’s go on.

What To Do After Picking Your Affiliate Niche

After you pick a niche, take your time to discover the nooks and crannies of it. Get down to brass tacks and understand every aspect of your niche, from its lexicon to its experts.

You might ask. But why it is important? Well, if you want to build something that will last and rake in money in a long run, you want to take it as important as any other step, and most importantly, it will help in planning to write your content yourself.

Step 2. Domain Name Selection

What is a domain name? Look up and you will see a link, this – “isuawealthyplace”. This is called a domain. Meaning, that your site will be known as.

A Domain URL – this is a link that points people to your website. This is it.

If someone clicks on isuawealthyplace, nothing will happen. But if they click on, it will redirect them to isuawealthyplace. Hope you get the idea?’

Choosing a Brandbale Name

Believe me, going for a Brandable Name is not compulsory but it speaks well. An example is a Religious Domain. Naming it instead of will sound odd, and it does not count in.

Because I’m a fan of brandable domains.

For me, the Domain Name Selection is as crucial as any other phase. I truly believe in brand awareness, and you want a good-looking name when using branded anchors as you build links and authority.

Here, you need to be creative.

Do you want to build a site about kitchen utensils? How about Ketchenholic? Kitchenpedia? (Those are just examples, and they’re probably taken)

Out of ideas? Check some of these sites: Namelix | Namemesh

Since you will be targeting US and foreign audiences, I recommend you don’t choose a domain with .ng or Stay with (.com, .net, and .org)

Don’t forget to read: How to build a Big ASS Brand in 1440 minutes. (Coming up)

Subscribe here NOW for free so as not to miss a drop of it. People are begging to join as hell, ask me again. Here is the link.

#2a. Registering your Domain Name

Here’s the thing: you may spend a few hours trying to land a good domain just to find out that somebody else has already thought of it. That’s totally normal, and you don’t need to feel that you’re any less creative than anyone else.

Once you pick a domain name, head over to NameSilo (cheaper) or NameCheap to register it (those are my registrars of choice. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to do it, go with GoDaddy. Just search “GoDaddy $0.99 domain” on big G).

Other good registrars that you can check:



But Wait…

I like choosing my domain name source where I build my website – my hosting company, and you can get it for FREE.

I think you should also (if you want) to avoid messing with DNS configurations or Name Servers tweaks.

#2b. Bonus Point with Domain Selection – an Expired Domain

The trend about selecting a niche domain name is buying an expired domain.

Well, well. This is another controversial topic, mostly for beginners, so you have to go with what your guts have to say about that.

Some gurus say expired domains still yield great results, while others prefer starting fresh to avoid any risk.

As a matter of fact, my sites are standing on my freshly domains, so, I never saw a deal in picking an expired domain. Come to think of it, it is SUPER COSTLY.

Take, for instance, let’s say my niche is KitchenUtensils. I hubbed on to Namecheap and searched, and the result was “it is taken” – maybe an expired domain that is up for sale. Let’s see the price.

Brutal Guide to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria, US, UK (Or Any Affiliate Program Niche Site) in 2020

I did the same thing at and the domain name was taken. I saw the most related “KITCHENMOXIE.COM”.

Brutal Guide to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria, US, UK (Or Any Affiliate Program Niche Site) in 2020

The bidding price was $2150 USD. Wait a minute. That is about NGN 630,000+.

Instead of wasting such an amount on a domain, why not pay $8 for it or for FREE?

Let me repeat myself.

You may end up spending a few hours trying to land a good domain just to find out that somebody else has already thought of it. That’s totally normal, and you don’t need to feel that you’re any less creative than anyone else. #You’re great in case no one told you that.

#Save yourself the headache and choose something related. Take, for instance, this site is isuawealthyplace. My first initial is ISUA- Instead of contacting or paying for the wealthyplace I quickly settled with mine. Sounds nice? It was just to relate. See the good news then.

#Get a FREE Domain Name – all expenses paid…Aha!

How To Get A FREE DOMAIN NAME For Your Amazon Naija Niche Site – Let’s Host your Niche Site.

Step 3. Set Up the Hosting

Hosting your site means, you are buying a foundation it will be built. If you want to watch Netflix, for instance, subscribing to the monthly fee is called hosting fee. You are paying for the service to keep your viewership or niche website alive. With that said, let’s get a Free Domain Name. 

A question that many will ask is, “Which hosting should I choose?”

Well, let me give you my opinion.

If you have no money to invest, go with free hosting.


#1. highly recommend not doing so, as free hosting providers aren’t known for speed nor security.

#2. The site is not in your control.

#3. You can’t forcefully re-engineer ranking your niche site on Search Engine the same day or weeks cause you are not in control.

#4. You can’t geo-target your visitors – maybe from USA, UK, Australia and so on.

#5. You can’t deceive people to trust your niche site.

 #6. You don’t look like a serious housefly – to win, you need to act like a mosquito that has humongous ulterior motives.

#7. It’s a NO with a URL such as or

Using a Free domain to host your Amazon niche site, your visitors will be like…

Brutal Guide to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria, US, UK (Or Any Affiliate Program Niche Site) in 2020
Image –

You can’t invest in your business, then why should I spend money on your site recommendations? Hope you get the point.

On a brighter side,

Maybe it’s time to sell that “valuable thing” you’ve been keeping under the bed and get yourself a few months at a reputable hosting company.

If you are looking for an affordable and scalable shared hosting for your niche website, in this category, I recommend

Why Choose HostGator

Usually, I recommend hosts wherefore if you have an issue, and ask me, I can support you.

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria
Image: WealthyPlace

Apart from the fact that HostGator is the host I have used on one of my sites (I had a bit of visit in May, 2019, but it was okay) – not a single day of speaking Spanish or Greek with my hosting package.

Also, I had enough resources to manage my visits.

More than that, HostGator allows you to host and run “unlimited” number of websites, so you don’t have to purchase a new hosting plan.

And if you are promoting adult affiliate products, Hostgator will freely allow.

The downside I have experienced is that if you need support, you might wait for 1-2 minutes while being told that a customer agent will attend to you.

But from 3 mins, they MUST respond (at least that is my experience).

I am only writing the con I experienced (not always) so as not to think I am color-coating any program I recommend.

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

As for you, you can manage tens of thousands of visitors on a less than $2.75/month plan if you host your Amazon niche site on HostGator.

Truth is, no one knows when Google will befriend you to send you flocks of visits when you take over your niche with storm.

(If you use a non-trusted Hosting company, be sure to expect a big screen of death or White Screen – SITE DOWN! – speaking from EXPERIENCE).

For Nigerians, $2.75 per month is approximately NGN750, so, if you pay N750 per month to make $$$ you can’t be wrong. That is not all.

Free Domain Name

You get a 1-year Free domain name with HostGator if you sign up today. Meaning?

You don’t need to search elsewhere for a domain name. All you need to do is click on this link, (where it will take you to enter your preferred domain name as shown below.

Let’s say your niche site is Men’s suit, you can go with something like

Clicking the link above > Click on buy Now! Button to redirect you here (as shown below).

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

I told you, that domain name is vacant and if you are like me that is a BRAND NAME.


Feel good about it?

#1 Go ahead and fill your personal info

 #2. Choose the plan you want, I recommend you choose the $2.75/month plan so you have 60.50% off,

 #3. Tick the items below.  

Note: After filling in your data, you want to untick some of the Add-ons you might not need for now. Such as

#1. Backup Your Hard Work. (Powered By CodeGuard)

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

#2. Protect Your Site From Hackers. (Powered By SiteLock)

You don’t need this for now unless you are bent on it.

#3. Domain Privacy Protection

Those are the 3 options to untick so you don’t add up extra cost for your payment.

Instant Benefits with HostGator

 💡 24/7/365 Phone, LiveChat, Email Support

 💡 Instant Account Activation

 💡 A Discount of $160.37

 💡 Free Domain Name for 1 year.

 💡 Money Back Guarantee!

At the bottom, go ahead and tick Agree to terms and conditions and click – Check Out. Congratulations.

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Start your Niche Site on HostGator

There are more benefits but this is no review of HostGator. You get a FREE $100 to run ads if you want.

When you need support. Should you need support, contact them ASAP. Again, feel free to ask me anything about your host with them.

Hey, I am your second support for Hostgator (for all yee beginners that are not techie yet).


If you are not struggling with money to get the BEST shared hosting, this is for it.

In this category (those that like to buy Gucci products), I recommend

 If it’s Kinsta, you can’t match many hosts you know in this category.

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Have you ever been to A Restaurant and THE RESTAURANT?

The Difference

A Restaurant – Just any roadside food place.

THE RESTAURANT? – You get billed right from the time the gate is opened for you due to the quality service and attention you receive.

Talk about Sardine fish vs Cat Fish.

Kinsta is the Cat Fish.

Hey, I am not saying that because I will receive a cut if you sign up. Truth is, you can’t compare Siteground | Bluehost | The EIGS | WpEngine, you name them to Kinsta hosting company, never!

Why Choose Kinsta

You feel good for a 99% hosting service. For the last 3 years, I have had nightmares with hosting companies, so, I can share my 2 cents when it comes to working with great hosting companies. #Kinsta is #1.

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

#1. With $30/month, you can manage 20,000 visits running to your affiliate site.

 No crashing. Even if Google blows your niche site with massive traffic wherefore your visits exceed 20,000, Kinsta will never pull your site down, instead, they will manage the overturn visits while they email you (notify you) for a need to upgrade your plan to 40,000 visits.

Let me repeat that point in case you were not paying attention.

“Even if Google blows your niche site with heavy traffic like 500,000 wherefore your visits exceed 20,000 or any hosting plan you paid for, Kinsta will never pull your site down!

Pulling your site down?

This is one of the things through which I lost my business in 2018.

My niche site I had been working on suddenly ranked on Page 1, and the traffic was out of this world. The hosting company I used then pulled down my site.

Pulling down my site now when I had worked my ass off to rank on Google Page 1? I was ranked first 3. Another review article ranked 6, and others. You can imagine the visits.

But with Kinsta, they are professional, in fact, that is how another company moved 500+ sites they managed to Kinsta for peace of mind.

Wait. You know how it feels, right? I mean, the car – Range Rover Vogue vs a car. Lol.

Kinsta is THE CAR, not a car.

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

So, Kinsta will not fall your hands by pulling down you site because your traffic suddenly peaked. 

#2. Free CDN (a speed tool that helps you site loads like a mad dog)

I recommend Kinsta to those that want to sleep at night without receiving an email that they have used up their website resources, something anywhere, anyhow, somehow, however, wherewith, furthermore, it’s like, or we sense that it has happened.

I highly recommend Kinsta for women, fathers, and mothers who know nothing about coding or tweaking.

#3. Daily Backups

You get your work backed up daily. I lost 1 year plus of hard work (writing article and promoting it) even when I paid that hosting company to back up my site (it was my fault though for trusting their wacky company).

So, with Kinsta, your work is pretty much preserved.

#4. $60 Instant Discount

If you sign up with Kinsta today, you get a $60 discount you can use and outsource for the first 4-5 articles on or for your niche blog. 

Of course, that is when you select the yearly plan. #Super Valuable.

If you believe in Premium or Quality Service, that is Kinsta for you.

What Else could you do with your $60 saved at Kinsta?

If you don’t want to hire anyone to write your articles, you can use the $60 and create awareness for your blog. You can simply pay for Facebook ads for initial visits to your site.

 Ready for your $60 Discount?

 Click below to start your niche site with Kinsta. (I am offering you a premium service FOR FREE cause you are using a premium service – Kinsta of Live!)

My Hosting Support

I did offer to give a helping hand if you have any issues with HostGator, right? Well, with Kinsta, you don’t need me – I promise you. You get Super-Turbo services.

The service you get at Kinsta is air-conditioned immediately you step into

Build a Profitable niche site with Kinsta – $60 Off (Yearly Plan).

Hosting Your Site With a Nigerian Company

I lost my business using a Nigerian host 2 years ago. Since then, I have gone out to test 4 more popular ones. The point is, if you think you don’t love your business, go ahead. I shall write on how it all happened.

But…is that what I heard you say?

But what? You can’t pay for Kinsta or HostGator? Well.

The only Nigerian Host I have had fair-weather with is Domain King – currently using.

Domain King was the last in the order of the top shots I wanted to test out. In fact, I designed a client project website on it. Because it was fast and never failed, I had to host one more site to truly see if it wasn’t a prang.

Yesterday I opened up a support chat with another top shot but wacky Nigerian host and did also with Domain King intermittently, Domain King responded almost immediately, of course, you can guess the former.

They responded, later on, taking forever to understand my question before telling me what to do.  

Why Use Domainking?

#1. The Difference They Make

To cut the long story short, you can use Domain King – if you are on a low budget, but the disclaimer is that you are solely responsible for your site.

They are good, at least, the site I am hosting there has no issues.

It will be an insult to rate or compare DomainKing as Kinsta of Nigeria. I hope Kinsta does not get angry if they see this post, Lol. But, that is what it seems to me (except in one angle. Read on).

While the dispute is that it is a Nigerian company, it’s worthy to note that it is managed by Indians – that is the difference I have witnessed).

And of course, the support responses is great or say excellence. If my rating is not too odd, it’s 96% rated by my experiences – not once or thrice.

96% rating during working hours

0% rating during non-working hours.

Meaning, you pray your site gets no traffic surge during non-working hours such that it might be overwhelmed for a breakdown.

If yes, then that is a bad news for you because the few days I have checked on them during non-working hours – midnights I mean, the online support is always offline.

Note: (not sure if they will shut your site down, mine hasn’t had any issues).

Email Support Rating: I have not tried their email support response time during non-working hours, so, I can’t blindly give a rating for that I have not tasted.

Kindly note that I have used the 4 popular, but Wacky Nigerian hosts you might know, so, I know what I am talking about.

And if you were to compare them, DomainKing is #1. – Based on my usage, which my other niche site is running there – no issues…

(I take pride in transparency: you don’t need to use my recommendation if you think it’s for selfish reasons – you can cast your bread upon the waters and get the results as well)

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

#2. Faster Website with WORDPRESS HOSTING PLAN

Of course, you would need your niche site to load ASAPly (my English for faster).

I already knew the fact that WordPress Hosting is faster and minimalist than Web Hosting, but I still had to confirm from them which they resounded a YES that it is.  

What does that mean?

If you are going with DomainKing (as a Nigerian host), go for the WordPress Hosting Plan.

 The least plan there at N533/month can accommodate 8,000 page views to your site.

Note that 8,000 views is counted based on 30 days. If it turns out that you anticipate 15,000+ views a month – based on your effort to promote your niche site, then you might go for the second plan at N1667/month which accommodates 30,000 visits. 

WordPress Hosting Plan is – Senior Geek

#3 Free Domain Name

You get a 1-year Free DOMAIN NAME with DomainKing if you sign up for a yearly plan by choosing today.

Note: instead of, it is

Because of the FREE Domain name you don’t need to search elsewhere for a domain name. All you need to do is click on this dedicated link, (where it will take you to enter your preferred domain name as shown below.

Let’s say your niche site is still on Men’s suit, you can go with something like

Clicking the link above > Click on Order Now! Button to redirect you here (as shown below).

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Click on Continue > Choose your Yearly Plan (To start with, I recommend from 1 year and above – so you get a FREE domain name).

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Go ahead and Click on Add to Cart > Click on Continue to Final Package > Enter your details > Scroll down #1. Select your payment method & #2.

Tick on Agree Terms and Conditions. Finally, click on “Complete Order” you are done.

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Ready to host on Domain King? See below.

Start your Niche Site on DomainKingTotal Guide| Use this link to get a Domainking FREE domain.


Step 4. Niche Keyword Research

Have you ever heard of Keywords and SEO? The 2 work/walk hand-in-hand. On a good day, you can say that SEO is all about keywords. Yes, content is king, link building is essential, story, story? Story!

When you start researching for your Keywords, don’t let any motivational speaker fool you that you can rank for a keyword like “Best Phone”.

If I am not mistaken, you can’t even rank for “Best Phone in your country” – “Best Phone in Nigeria”.

Unless you are willing to buy the already Page 1 Ranked LANDLORDS out and take over.

What to do? Please, you need to start small and make your way to the top. You only make it to the top if you start small, you can’t jump else a child born today should be in the nursery school the next 2 weeks. Uhhh.

What is a Keyword? I shall teach you extensively on The Deadly Guide to Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: Internet Marketing in Nigeria with Jealous Proofs).

Listen Up Now: Truth Is, There Are a Series of True Life | Practical | Building An Authority Business Online & Beating 9-5 Jobs Lessons Coming Up. Subscribe Here To Get Em All.

Trying to Beat the Top Ranking Websites with saturated Keywords is like trying to beat a team with Lionel Messi in it, who are you?

Let’s say you are a Chelsea Fan, and your prayer had always been, Dear Lord, let Lionel Messi come to Chelsea FC.

The Bad News: the bidding price will start from $200 million.

The Good News: Chelsea will win the EPL league 4 times in a row unless Manchester City and Liverpool do not show their big asses.

Now you see that getting Lionel Messi to Chelsea will make them money because the league is theirs to win – 4 times in a row is not a child’s play.

Now, over to you.

The SEO guy, trying to win Chelsea FC – when Lionel Messi is in that team (who born you?).

Because you know that you can’t win Chelsea FC with Lionel Messi, what do you do? Go ahead and humiliate the small boys like Arsenal FC with 4-0 (the Gunners for life – 😎 ).

That relates to your Keywords. If you can’t beat the unbeaten, look for the beatable and smash their head.

Observation: this is where the work is. It’s tough to do this but I realize that not all of us are technical so I had better invest the time and energy to do it to show us. It’s 1:52am doing this. Wadddda, let’s’ go on with some pictorial views.
What is a Keyword?

It is a phrase you try to rank for on Google Search Engine.

Let’s say, you finally decided to start your Nigerian Amazon niche site in the Laptop area.

Keyword – “Best Laptops”

Trying to rank for the Keyword “Best Laptop” does not make sense because you won’t be able to. Not now you are new.  

Also, it is called a Short Tail Keyword – it’s just 2 Keywords.

Shorter Keywords are competitive as hell, most especially a keyword like Best Laptops. In fact, when you rank for Best Laptops, you want to fight with Landlords like and the rest.

What do you do then if you can’t rank using the short keyword?

Go for the longer ones.

Why longer ones?

 It is called a micro keyword or sub niche keyword. Instead of considering beating another niche website for a broad keyword like Best Laptops, you are going for a micro or long tail keywords.

Let’s say you try something like “Best Laptop for Nigerian Students”

Do you see that this is a micro or long tail keywords? “Best Laptop for Nigerian Students” (5 keywords long)

Question: will this keyword be searched on Google or potential buyers?

Answer: yes, but it might be lower with a little search volume. 

Search volume: means, the volume of the search. If the search volume shows 10, it means 10 persons are searching for the keyword per month. But don’t let the 10 SV fool you because a 10 search volume keyword can drive you traffic like a mad dog.

Analysis of Keywords – Short Tail vs Long Tail

Keyword – “Best Laptops” | Chelsea FC with Lionel Messi – hard to beat.

Long Tail Keyword: “Best Laptop for Nigerian Students” | Arsenal FC – easy to beat.

We are using KEYWORD SEARCH TOOLS to make our Analysis.

I use for my research. But I will combine others to see the valid results. I’ll be using Ubersuggest also to see through.

KwFinder Tool

 Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Keyword – “Best Laptops”

With KwFinder:  Search Volume – 27,000+

Keyword Difficulty: 46 (shows it’s still possible)

CPC – Cost Per Click – $3.71 (the starting bidding price of dollars advertisers are paying, hoping to overtake the top showing websites). 1 search = $3.71. Multiply $3.71 with how many searches you can pay for. 10,000 searches = $3.71 x 1,000.

Domain Authority of top 4 ranking websites – 86-92+

Page Authority of top 4 ranking websites – 50+

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria
Top 4 Ranking WebsitesBacklinks Strengths 100,000+ 4,000+ 44,000+ 4,000+

Sincere Judgment: you might be pumped up by a motivational speaker that you can beat all those top 4 websites from Google Page 1. I mean, even though KwFinder research tools says it’s possible, it can mean that it’s possible with thousands of dollars to spend to outrank them.

Verdict: Don’t waste your time with this keyword, just move on.

Ubersuggest Tool

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Ubersuggest Tool: Search Volume – 74,000

Keyword Difficulty: 71 (don’t mess around here)

CPC – Cost Per Click – $3.96 (the starting bidding price of dollars advertisers are paying, hoping to overtake the top showing websites). 1 search = $3.96. Multiply $3.96 with how many searches you can pay for. 10,000 searches = $3.96 x 10,000.

Domain Authority of top 4 ranking websites – 86-92+

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Page Authority of top 4 ranking websites –??

Ubersuggest is not too accurate for this research: let’s see if the websites enlisted are as listed by Google

Sincere Judgment: you can’t beat the reaches.

Verdict: Don’t waste your time with this keyword, just move on.

Google Research Tool

Since I want to confirm the results between Ubersuggest and KwFinder, let me confirm the search result to what we have on Google Search Engine.

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Top 6 Ranking Websites Shown on Google Search Engine

* – 1 – Shown on KwFinder

* – 2 – Shown on KwFinder

* – 3

* – 4

* – 5 – Shown on KwFinder

* – 6 – Shown on KwFinder

KwFinder: 4/6 – Winner
Ubersuggest: 0/6
Winner: KwFinder

UberSuggest Vs KwFinder Keyword Research Results

UberSuggest showed 0 answers when you compare with the right search rating/standings on Google Search Engine. KwFinder, on the other hand, showed 4/6.

Paying to Rank over those Websites – advertisement

CPC – $3.5 (average)

Paying company –

Result – While the top sites are getting thousands of visits every day for FREE, a startup like pays Google Search Engine on average $3.5 per 1 search to be placed over those top ranking websites.

Question is, do you have such money to spend to outrank them or are you motivated to outrank them? If yes, ask if they consulted an SEO Guru but they said no. Uhh.  

What is the solution to ranking then?

Answer: Go for longer tail Keywords.

I hope you are following? Let me conduct another analysis so that you get it fully.

Using another Keyword – “Best Laptop in Nigeria”

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

With KwFinder:  Search Volume – 10

Keyword Difficulty: 17 (shows it’s still EASY)

CPC – Cost Per Click – NA (the starting bidding price is not shown, meaning no one is paying for that keyword. You might ask why? The demand is not there. Why would you pay for 10 searches for a month to your website?

Domain Authority of top 4 ranking websites – 40+ except 1 with 15

Page Authority of top 4 ranking websites – 30+ except 1 with 16

Top 4 Ranking WebsitesBacklinks Strengths NA 35,000+ 75 1

Sincere Judgment: if you were pumped up by a motivational speaker that you can beat all those top 4 websites from Google Page 1. Good news is that you can but WORK is still needed.

Your “Best Laptop in Nigeria” article has to be good and better than what the top 4 websites offer.

Note: you might not want to think of outranking Jumia though. 35,000 backlinks is not a joke. Just warning you though, Lol.

Verdict: Go on as you can rank on Page 1 with a good content + SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized article.

On Ubersuggest Tool

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Ubersuggest Tool: Search Volume – 10

Keyword Difficulty: 5 EASY

CPC – Cost Per Click – $0.00 (no one is paying for the keyword).

Top 4 Ranking Websites by Ubersuggest





Domain Authority of top 4 ranking websites – 1, 69, 75, 17

Page Authority of top 4 ranking websites – NA

Ubersuggest again is not too accurate for your research: it shows less or none-ranking active websites as the top pages.

Sincere Judgment: you can go for it.

Verdict: Try it out.

Google Research Tool

Since I want to confirm the results between Ubersuggest and KwFinder, let me confirm the search result to what we have on Google Search Engine.

Keyword: Best Laptops In Nigeria

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Top 5 Ranking Websites

Top 5 Ranking Websites

 💡 – 1

 💡 – 2 – Shown on KwFinder

 💡 – 3 – Shown on KwFinder

 💡 – 4 – Shown on KwFinder | Shown on Ubersuggest

 💡 – 5 – Shown on KwFinder

KwFinder: 4/5
Ubersuggest: 1/5
Winner: KwFinder

UberSuggest Vs KwFinder Keyword Research Results

UberSuggest showed just 1 accurate answer when you compare with the right search rating on Google. On the other end, KWFinder showed 4 out of 5.

Research Tool Review

KwFinder shows more accurate data.

Ready to start your Niche Keyword Research? Of course, I recommend you use But if you’re not on budgets, go with

Bad News is that you might be targeting the wrong keyword with the wrong volume. Wasted Energy.

Ubersuggest might work for some keywords but I would say, it’s an unadventurous keyword research tool.

Good News

You can get a Super 10 day FREE Trial on KwFinder Keyword Tool.

Start a FREE Trial with KwFinder

WAIT: remember that we are creating an Amazon Niche Website in Nigeria and so, we are not TARGETING Nigerian visits. Ours was just for an example so you understand it easily.

What to do is replacing Nigeria for US or UK or any country you want to target. Australia? Same thing.  

An example,

Instead of “Best Laptop in Nigeria”

Yours: “Best Laptop in USA” | “Best Laptop in UK” | “Best Laptop in Australia”

Keyword Tip Beats – for Foreign Country Targeting.

Other Long Tail Keywords for Best Laptop

* Best laptops for college students

* Best laptops 2019 under 500

* Best laptops 2019 under 1,000

* Best laptops for students in UK

* Best laptops for students in USA

* Best Laptop in USA

Keyword Tip Beats – for Nigerian Targets 

* Best Laptops in Nigeria and Their Prices

* Best Hp Laptops in Nigeria

* Best Cheap Laptops in Nigeria

* Best Affordable Laptops in Nigeria

* Best Gaming Laptops in Nigeria

* Best Mini Laptops in Nigeria

* Best Budget Laptops in Nigeria

 ➡ You can find more related keywords using tools like | Keyword Shitter | LSI

Ready to start your Niche Keyword Research?

Of course, I recommend you use But if you’re not on budgets, go with

Bad News is that you might be targeting the wrong keyword with the wrong volume. Wasted Energy. Ubersuggest might work for some keywords but I would say, it’s an unadventurous keyword research tool.

But Hey,

Note that Ubersuggest is a good tool, however, for our Keyword Research you can see the result yourself; poor.

I am noting this point so as not to think I am biased with KwFinder. I started using KwFinder even before Neil Patel acquired Ubersuggest, so, if the result is not coming, I can’t white-wash it, sounds fair? Good.

SUPER HACK: if you are on a budget you can invest in your business for the results.


You can buy KWFinder minimum plan for a month and use it to do all your Keyword Researches with accuracy.

Good News

You can get a Super 10 day FREE Trial on KwFinder.

How I Conducted My Keyword Research Before Starting This Website Fully?

I spent weeks to conduct my Keyword Research using KwFinder. That is, I had already designed the blog. It was lying bay while I was playing with Keyword researches.

Here is the thing about taking the time to select the keywords to write your article on, you do proper research on the topic so you can rank better. Below is a pick view of my Keywords List.

As of the time of writing, I drafted about 13 topics with Keyword research done on 11 or so.

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

The point is,

Don’t rush about writing and posting on your new Nigerian Amazon Niche Site. Why? It is better to do a better project than a mediocratic project (see my English structure? Aha – I went to Harvard, so you know). 

How To Grab Your Keywords As A Beginner

If you have already selected your niche:

 💡 Gather a list of your top 5 competitors – appearing on Google.

 💡 Grab a 10-day trial on

 💡 Slap ’em links one by one.

💡 Check for their keywords.

 💡 Filter by selecting the Country you are targeting and KD (0 to 20) and search for KWs that include “Best” “Top” “Cheap”

💡 Export everything to an excel file.

 💡 Rinse and repeat for every competitor

 💡 Collect all the keywords in a single excel file

 💡 Roll up your sleeve and check each keyword one by one.

Ready to niche out your Site Keywords?

Grab a FREE Trial with

As a Rule of the Thumb

Steer clear and far away from any keyword that meets the following:

* All the pages are heavily optimized

* A Long standing authority sites

* Contains the Short Keywords with tight SEO Difficulty.

If you forgo the above rule and want to beat them I tell you, 20 days dry fasting with 230 motivational Video or Audiotapes won’t help you. Even the motivational authors are struggling to rank, so, they can’t mess with the above quality websites.

Keyword Complications

See this, forget about some complicated things you might not understand for now on Keyword Research. How? Let me tell you, metrics don’t mean shit if every single page on the SERPs is optimized for that keyword.

Let me blow your mind, I started ranking my post on Google First page since early 2017 when I never even used a Keyword tool because the competition (in my niche) wasn’t a big deal. Of course, I had always written a kickass article.

It was late 2017 that I started using KwFinder tool. Below is one of my ranking articles.

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Want to rank using the right Keyword Research?

After Keyword Research What Next?

After your Keyword Research, roll up your sleeve again and beat all your competitions by writing a Ground Breaking Review Article for your niche site. Make your Amazon Niche site the best in Nigeria.

No, make it the best because when an Oyinbo reads nonsense you wrote you will surely not make any sales. (Just kidding, no perfection, but do the best).

Use the best tools to do that. You have Grammarly | Hemingway App and more as we go on.

Here is the topic overview – 200 Tools For Small Business Growth, Bloggers & Writers?

I have a library of tools I use and share with my partners on WhatsApp. The group is for BadAss one-and-one lessons. Want to join in? The Link Only will it be given to those starting their side project so I know who to guide.

Or, you are still curious?

Subscribe here NOW for free so as not to miss a drop of it. People are begging to join as hell, ask me again. Here is the link.

Worried about Keyword Research? Don’t worry. Here is the deal.

As far as you are supporting us – using our recommendations (yes our affiliate links), hit me up when you are worried about your Keyword Research. Or chat up in the group. Taddaaaaaa.

This section took me roughly 2 hours 50 minutes to finish up. It’s currently 4:33am from the 1:0+am I highlighted above.

The Top Niche Website Ideas for 2019/2020

Perhaps you are still wondering or worried about the niche website ideas to make sales in 2019/2020, well, you can do that on your own. How?

 Just browse the World Wide Web ( and as usual until you find some good keywords that you can target. Remember, if someone could rank for a keyword, you can too (take that with a pinch of salt, of course).

Other Ways to grab Niche Keywords

 💡 Use SEM Rush to Rush your competitors – SemRush Here

 💡 Hijack keywords from your competitors

 💡 Personal brainstorm

 💡 Amazon and Ebay

 💡 Wikipedia

 💡 Niche Forums

 💡 Google auto-complete

 💡 Google trends

 💡 Keyword Shitter


 💡 Other Niche Sites

Step 5: Logo Design

Why should you create a Logo design for your Amazon Niche Site? Well, the reason is not far-fetched, the logo design is important for brand awareness reasons, just like the domain name selection.

How to get your Logo?

If you have some cash to spare, go ahead and hire a pro to create a stunning Logo for your dedicated Nigerian Amazon Niche Site.

You can easily hire some dudes at

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

What if you say, God, Knows I have no dime? Jump onto and select Logo. Craft one out and you’re in.

Also, use this free tool to create a simple fine and simple minimalist logo.

Step 6: Website Design and Set-Up

Here comes another stretched point. Your blog design means a lot. (I will tell you in a moment, let me finish this part first – how in the world Mark Zuckerberg wore a suit instead of the hoody).

Can you afford to hire a website designer? Yes? Then go ahead and hire one ASAP.

What if you don’t have money, well, there is a way out.

The best go-to theme of choice, matured, simple, beautiful is Astra. Astra is easy to use, fast, and intuitive, and it offers a plethora of options that you can tweak to your preference.

This is optional – the Free Version

 The free version of Astra WordPress theme can work just fine for you. You can get it at 

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria
Image –

Stand Out and Get More Sales:  The free version of Astra can work just fine. But you can’t afford to miss the pro version if you want to make sales supported by PRESENCE.

Do you know how a premium site looks like? Super dope. See for an example.

(For instance, do you think that if pitchers come to advertise on this Blog – WealthyPlace (I think I mean, Sponsored post- if ever possible – no wacky recommendations/adverts here), do you think they will price it as any other Blog? Hell No!

First Impression

First of all, the first impression matters to the core. If you meet a crush the first time and you push her away with your mouth odor, even if you don’t have a mouth odor, maybe you forgot to brush your TONGUE that morning, she will think that your mouth is odorized. Not a good first impression.

Here is what First Impression does.

According to

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” says James Uleman, PhD, a psychology professor at New York University and researcher on impression management. “In spite of the congeniality of many professional gatherings, judgments are being made and impressions formed all the time.”

What does it mean for you?

The first impression when a visitor land son your nice website and sees the outlook + good content, you just grab them by em balls and make crazy sales.

Website Development and Uploading Content

Using WordPress for projects like this is the best. The basic theme to use can be ASTRA and the plugin for website building is Elementor.

The important pages that need to be added to the website are: Homepage, About Us, Privacy Policy and don’t forget to add cookies disclaimer.

Also, for Amazon Associates program it is important that you add an Affiliate Disclaimer to make sure Amazon approves your site and Amazon account.


Note: we can set up your site all for free. Learn more.

Important Tweaks in Setting up your Niche Site

You will need to log in to your WordPress Blog/Site Dashboard.

Oh, you didn’t sign up yet for your Free Domain and Hosting? Go ahead and do it.

What to do?

#1. Editing of Permalinks

What are Permalinks?

They are custom structures on how you want your links: URL to look like.

Now WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives.

What’s the essence of it?

Custom URL structures can improve the aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility of your links. A number of tags are available, and here are some examples to get you started. I will give you examples so you understand it quite alright.

* A. Plain –

* Day and name – https:// /2019/10/27/sample-post/

* Month and name – https://

A Plain –

If you select this permalink structure, your site article links will be in a numeric format. For instance, if you were writing on top 5 shoes for Women under 35, your article link will look like

P=123; this shows the number of posts. If it is your first post, it will be

If B, Day and Name

/2019/10/27; this shows the name & date the article was published. If it is your first post was on 27th October, it https:// /2019/10/27/sample-post/

Same things hold for C – Just month and Date,

In all of these, what is the effect Permalinks – Advantage vs Disadvantage?

Disadvantage – it is a bad SEO structure. Another competing site that uses the right Permalink might outrank you.

Advantage – Your articles will be SEO optimized. I mean, Google will like your article.

The BEST Permalink to use for your Niche Site

Select “Post Name” this gives the appropriate naming structure to your article link.

How to Select the Right Permalinks

Go to your Dashboard > Go to Settings > Permalinks > Select “Post Name”

I don’t know if you still get it. Let me give you one more example. This link –

This shows my Blog section. So, Google knows that this is my Blog page. Same goes for my About Page –

Let’s head over to Goggle and let me show you something.

I have optimized a few pages on this Blog (I told us, I built it and left it there, so, no much work was done). Full optimization will be done after this article.

However, 2 pages are still shown on the Google Search engine. Let’s see.

Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria

Now, after I optimize the site, with or without dot com suffix, Google will preview my pages in the format above for people to know my exact pages and so on. I hope you get it. So, it is important you use “Post Name” as your permalink structure.

Next Question: Do you think you can be found or ranked on Google Search Engine the same day after publishing your new article? Yes or No? See below.

General Belief: the popular teachings by some experts is that it takes 1-3 months before you can rank on Google after you post an article.

Counter Results:

#1. I ranked my new Niche Review article the same day after 11 hours (not even to talk of the site’s homepage). Do you think it is possible? Gurus will tell you it is not. Aha…

#2. This is the second article on this NEW Blog – Wealthy Place – the very first one was published in August 2019 after I hosted the site. Will you believe me if I told you that the review article is currently ranked No. 8 on Google Search Engine, that is without much optimsation? No? Lol. Yes? Good!

What really Happened? After publishing the article, I went on to optimise it my own way. The next day it was on Page 3 on Google. To cut the long story short, it’s now on the first page.

Maybe it sounds as a parable, let’s forget about it for now. I will show you if you request for it (for motivation). Nonetheless, let me still show you the former; #1ranking the same day after 11 hours .

Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria

The review article ranked 11 hours after being published on Google Search Engine.

Just about 4 days later, it moved up. (Don’t think it is impossible until you spend the time I do | Energy | and Resources to get Badasses INSIGHTS).


Well, I am not a guru but I spend most of my time trying to be Thomas Edison, I learn long hours and try to implement what I learn, some work and some fall off from their assess. #I don’t give up #Legitimate Insights works.

Although, this is no SEO Blog, not withstanding, I won’t HIDE all the banks of Key secrets I’ve got. Why would I keep them away, anyway?

By the way, I made some money from that post. That is the power of a niche site. You have a targeted keyword, write on it, optimize it to be ranked, and boom, you are there.

It’s not easy as saying “boom you rank”. It works though with proper guidance or persistence. 😉 

Motivation for those starting their Niche Website, ASAP

I found how to re-engineer optimization on Bing Search Engine.


I optimized my new niche site, started last month – September 2019. I optimized it on Bing Search Engine last week, as at the time of writing, it has ranked on Bing Search Engine.

For those that do not know what Bing is, it is the 2nd Preferred Search Engine after Something like and (I think that is a good comparison)

Truth is, most of the wealth creation routes you will read here are things I have a vast knowledge on, and some I have done, and some I am yet to do.

 I can amply create 10 niche websites and duplicate what I will be teaching here. But I don’t have to keep it to me. If you are reading this, the only thing you need is to take action and before you know it, you will win.

You know what?

You might read it somewhere that you will get the results for your niche websites after 6 months or more. Well, I can’t dispute that fact. However, the new niche Blogs were launched in August and September 2019. That is not the big deal.

The big deal is that both are ranked on Google and Bing Search Engine – only one is not yet optimised for Bing Search Engine.

No, I am not testing for years before I sell you the idea that it was possible. It is even though I got started a few days back #For motivation.

Note: I have not optimised the 2 Blogs yet for (LEGITIMATE – SE-friendly) Backlinks. 😛 When I do, the articles will gracefully be jumping up like frogs to number 1 on Search Engines. :mrgreen: 

You want to see what I have done so you duplicate it before December? You can start your niche site and join me for a FREE 1 month Extra Lessons worth $2,999, for Free. I will have the ultimate time to teach you what I have done.

I Was talking on the Power of a Niche site?

The niche website I just launched last month, from it, I have started getting calls and emails for consultations (even this Sunday morning of writing this Blog post). That is barely 50 days after paying for Hosting. By the way, it is the same site I told us I got 50+ socials shares without knowing how.

Okay, let me update us.

The shares have gone up to 78. I can tell you that since 2 days ago I have not touched the site. I have been writing this article you are reading.

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

I have a schedule on how to manage it. It already has 18 articles (I think, it’s only 1 or 2 articles that is less than 1,500, words, not sure yet. All are valuable SEO Optimized articles to help and solve the need I am targeting.

For you: If you want to start getting consultations and more sales ASAP, think of helping your audience first. And of course, all the articles are linked to my Affiliate Programs I am recommending.

Complex SEO

I use KwFinder for my SEO primary analysis, however, if you want to blast your competitors, then you can combine SEMrush/tool and rush over your competitors out of your way. 

(On my other niche site I talked about, I published only 2 articles, re-engineered the optimization of 1 on Search Engine.  The result was that it quickly jumped over the head of my competitors that targeted the same keyword 1 or 2 months before I optimized it).

Over to you,

Do you want to rush over the head of your Competitors?

Find your initial keywords first on KwFinder/tool, then Rush them over using SEMrush/Tool.

The New Niche Website Ranked on (September 2019)

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

Again, remember that I already re-engineered optimizing the site on Google Search Engine, so, it already ranked there. Less than 2 months old niche site I mean.

Precisely: I paid for Hosting – 12 – Sep – 2019. Below is a screenshot of the invoice my Bank sent to me. 

Amazon affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

 The Set up was the next day. 13th September 2019

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

First Article: September 23, 2019

From 13th to 23rd September: Design | Keyword Research | Articles Writing | Proof Reading

Why Am I Showing All These?

To prove a point? No, I mean, yes, but not like that.

 I am showing you that if you follow the steps here, you can make your niche site be whatever you want it to be or achieve. If you are working an 8-5 job, you can dedicate 3 hours a day to do this, so, it’s not for experts. I’m not a guru.

Want To Learn How To Rank Your New Niche Site Same Day On Google And Bing?

I don’t & won’t teach that here cause it is not an SEO Blog, I only apply what I have learned for years.

Of course, you can learn from the SEO experts (that is if they have discovered how to rank a niche site article same-day on Search Engine).

How to Forcefully Stop Bots, Unwanted and Spammy Comments on your Niche Blog

We can use Akismet Plugin to do this (to prevent spammy comments), but truth is, spammers know how to maneuver and leave a spammy links to your site. So, how do you do this?

*(the #1. Con of Akismet is that, at times, when they discover that you are making money using their free plan, they will cut you off – not unique to everyone though – but it’s a bad experience).

I have never seen nor shared this online, never, but you will see it. If you are new to blogging, it won’t be a big deal, but if you’ve been there, I am pretty sure only a few persons know it. Let’s ride in.

Go to Settings on your dashboard (left-hand side) > Go to Discussion

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Add this to the comment blacklist field.

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

After adding the above, scroll down and click on Save Changes– that is how to blacklist spams from using your resources.

#3. Add Logo to your Site

Because we are using a minimalist logo on our Astra themed site, head on to and see how to add logo to your Niche Site.

(It is best you check it out if you are a beginner because that is literally the same method you will use to install themes should you decide to start another site).

See full image 1

See Full Image 2

See Full Image 3

Still looking forward to direction? This is it. Go to your site dashboard > click on Settings > go to Appearance > Theme > customizer under Customize > Header > Site Identity

#4. Add Menus Top Your Niche Website

There are basically 2 types of Menus. The Primary and Secondary. The Primary Menus are usually where you list your top pages like Blog | Contact | Privacy Policy and so on.

And the secondary, where you can list pages such as Donate | Support us and etc.

As a beginner, and personally, I usually create two menus:

* Main menu (header menu), which contains your main categories, which are Reviews and Articles

* Footer menu, which links to three pages: About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy

How to Edit the Footer Menu

 As a participant on Amazon, you have to set up a disclaimer that you are receiving commissions when visitors buy from your site. Here is a typical example,

“Your Domain Name is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

#5. Create Your Social Media Profiles and Add Their Links To The Footer

I believe you have a social media account already. You can create a new one for your brand. I recommend Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest (depending on your niche – if it’s mostly focused on Women or DIYs)

When done, go ahead and add their links to the footer. For Facebook – 

#6. Must-Have Plugins For Your Site

Plugins are tools that help you achieve results on your WordPress site if you cannot code. #If you hate programming.

Some of the must-have are:

* GDPR Cookie Consent: – Freemium

* Yoast SEO Premium or RankMath – Freemium

* Elementor | SiteOrigin (or your visual editor of choice) – Freemium

* WP Rocket – Not free (for Speed)

* WPS Hide Login

* WordFence – Freemium

* Shortpixel (to optimize images)

* Schema Pro – Not Free

* Easy table of content

* Google Authenticator – Free (Extra Security Measures) or (Don’t forget to set 2FA using your WordFence)​

Freemium; this means it has both Free and Paid Plans.

Security Hacks

#1.  Don’t use the same email address for signing in to your site account with the one publicly displayed as support.

#2. Don’t share your login info with anybody unless your designer | Webmaster.

And if you are hiring someone to design your site, make sure to first of all DisableWPS Hide Login | Wordfence | 2FA. Activate them back when the webmaster is done.

I know this can be overwhelming for you as a beginner. I was in your shoes in case you are scared. Okay, here is the deal. See below.

Using WPS Hide Login​

Step 7 – Creating your Amazon Affiliate Contents

If you will make sales, it depends maximally on this step, so, take it seriously.

It is time to write. Fold your sleeve and let’s get started. 

Smash open your word, Google Docs, or whatever text editor you use, and let’s start writing!

I know you can feel lazy to type. If yes, do you want to hire a freelancer? Go ahead. However, here is my hack, use Google Doc – voicing option to read out your words and it will be typed as text.

It’s something like, detect while I write for you. This tool – 

Another hack, slap open a tool called and do the same thing.

Dictandu enables you to write up to 10,000 words in an hour through dictation. It helps you to be faster, healthier and more creative as a blogger.

Again, keep your error minimal by using Grammarly –  and Hemingway – editors for copywriting improvements

There are more tools to share but these are the basic ones. You will get more in an upcoming article tagged “200 Tools for small business persons, bloggers, and Writers” (it might be less than 200 or more but not lesser than 100 hacking tools.

Get them here…

Get em’ TOOLS NOW for free so not to miss a drop of it. People are begging to join as hell, ask me again. Here is the link.

Top Pages To Have On Your Niche Site

#1. Homepage/About Us

Too broke to hire a writer to take care of the content for the Homepage/About Us pages? No problemo! Just roll up your sleeves and brace yourself to take care of the elbow grease with your own hands!

Here’s how to go about writing content for those boring pages:

* Head over to one of the many site flipping marketplaces, such as Flippa.

* Search for sites in other niches (easier to rewrite)

* Find websites that have an “About Us” page as well as some content on the homepage

* Copy both to a word document

* Change the main terms according to your niche

* Change some sentences here and there (i.e., We love everything about hamburgers, and we like spending our time eating and reviewing them (Is that a thing? Cuz if it is, I’m ready to sign).

#2. Privacy Policy Page

Sit your ass down and write a Privacy Policy. Don’t forget to add a “nofollow” tag to every link. Also, set the privacy policy page as no-index.

You might be wary of this stuff, so, let me help you automate the process.

Use this generator/tool to generate FREE Privacy page templates.

#3. Amazon Buying Guides


Verily, Your Amazon buying guides are what’s going to MAKE OR BREAK YOUR EARNINGS.

To write an Amazon buying guide that quadruple sales, you need to follow a distinguished guide in the following format.

H1 – Title | Intro | A Comparison Table | Content Table | H2 – Our Picks

| H3 – Product | H3 – Product | H3 – Product | H3 – Product | H3 – Product

| H2 – Buying Guide | H2 – FAQ Title | H4 – Verdict | P – Resources (site your sources for E-A-T).

That is exactly how your Amazon Review Article should look like…that is if you want to make sales.

#4. Simple English

Keep your paragraphs and sentences short and simple.

#5. Write First Review Post

Now you have signed up for hosting plan and built your Amazon review site, login to your dashboard > go to Post > Go to New > Start writing ASAP.

Step 8 – SEO Optimized Review Article

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This is the art of writing an article in a format that friendly to what Google & Bing Search Engines recommend and also friendly 2 to humans.

If you get your SEO right then you will easily rank on Search Engine – first page or other pages till you push up. And no need to worry about Bing SEO if you’ve not heard it before. If you can optimize for Google, Bing follows suite.

As already said, we don’t teach SEO here, so, here are some guides to follow.

Part 1: Technical SEO

For Technical SEO, MOZ Blog got you covered. You can also check out

Part 2: On-Page SEO

Here’s a short Checklist for on-site optimization:

 * Create your page’s SEO title, make sure it’s at least 8 characters and 4 words. This is my preferred format: Title (Keyword) – Brand Name

   * Make sure your keyword density is between 0.5 and 1.5%. There’s no exact keyword density that will take your page to the top, so monitor what your top-performing competitors are doing.

   *    Add your keyword in the first 100 words of your articles.

  *     Make sure your Meta description is at least 51 characters long and contains your main keyword.

    *   Create one H1 Heading at the top. Make sure it contains your keyword.

    *   Create at least two H2-H6 Headers on your page.

     * Use your keyword in the H2-H6 headers (DON’T OVERDO IT!).

     * Use LSIs and Synonyms

    * Add images, and use your keyword in the alt text (DON’T OVERDO IT!).

   *   Link to external sources, preferably authority ones.

     * Link contextually to other pages on your site. I recommend linking to 6-10 pages depending on how many posts you have.

     * Add some references at the very end for E-A-T purposes.

Part 3: Off-Page SEO

Let’s make it clear and easy, shall we?

* Create your social profiles. Add your site’s link to each of them.

* Create credible backlinks for free via Guest Postings.

* Whenever you add a new article, start with some drip fed social signals (that’s how you’d get links naturally anyway, right?)

* Create a special page on your site to which other blogs can link, like a calculator, guide, or anything related to your niche. Otherwise, there’s no way someone would agree to link to your buying guides.

* Let your site age for a couple of weeks, then start building Web 2.0s.

Web 2.0s Examples: | | | and etc.

The last point is important.

You can host your niche site, allow it to age while you are doing Keyword Researches and compiling your money-making articles.

At least, that is what I did. I hosted this site over 3 months ago, allowed it to enjoy its nakedness before commencing fully.

Automate your Posts

Automating your posts means that after you hit the publish button they will be shared automatically on Social Media without having to do it yourself.

There are many good tools for these. I will mention the popular ones until I write a full article on “200 Business Growth Tools”.

You can use #1. Hootsuite #2. Buffer #3. Tweetdeck # IFTTT: how you can do it:

Pop-Ups and Fancies

If you wait or procrastinate that UNTIL you get everything right BEFORE you start then you might not. For instance, there is no need to add an email pop-up at the beginning. What you want to do is focusing on SEO and selling for now.

The Pre End… 😎 

Top Hosting Sites/Services for Amazon Niche Websites

Kinsta (most preferred) | HostGator (Affordability + Multiple Domains) | DomainKing (Nigerians only).

Also: Top 5 Ranked Cheap Best Web Hosting For Small Business & Blog Owners.

How to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria, USA, UK Final Notes

This article was tagged how to Create an Amazon Review niche site in Nigeria, but truth is, this works in the US, UK and anywhere you might be reading this now.

The guide was purposely elaborate so you can always come back to take each step one at a time.

A Recap Of All The Points | TL;DR

* Niche selection: something that brings money.

* Domain selection: something brandable.

* Keyword research: you can steal from competitors, using SEMrush

* Website design: this one’s on you.

* Content creation: conversion, baby, conversion!

* On-Page SEO: the checklist is short anyway.

* Off-Page SEO: Not as hard as you think.

* Starting a Business Online requires #1: Action.

* Starting a Business Online requires #2: Requires time and dedication

* Starting a Business Online requires #1: requires guides. Wealthy Place is here to help.

First Things First

 Everything else, including the logo, website design, and about us, privacy policy, etc. can wait.

I know that it seems frustrating if you are a perfectionist. But start with what matters most.

Go in this order:

 💡 Niche selection

 💡 Domain selection

 💡 Keyword research

 💡 Website SETUP (Not DESIGN)

 💡 Content Creation (Buying Guides and Support Articles)

 💡 Technical, On-Page, and Off-Page SEO

General Frequently Asked Questions about Creating an Amazon Niche Website?

How Can I Turn a Niche Site into an Authority Site?

For sure, the difference between niche sites and authority sites is that 1) authority sites are huge, and they’re both resource- and time- consuming and 2) they use different monetization methods, such as affiliate programs, ad networks, products, etc.

An example is this site. Do you think this post qualifies it to be an Authority? Why not. 

As for your niche site, simply put, you don’t need to worry about that when you’re just starting out. Just build a worthy site and you will figure out later where you wanna stand.

Should I Stick with Amazon and Amazon Only?

Regarding the affiliate network, you shouldn’t just stick with Amazon, as there’re higher-paying affiliate programs out there.

For non-Nigerians,

To start with, go with Clickbank | ShareAsale | Commission Junction | Shopify | JV Zoo etc.

To find more simply search “niche+affiliate program”, and you’ll find plenty.

For Nigerians,

Jumia | Konga | Expertnaire | Warrior Plus | JvZoo | Commission Junction

Watch the short clip below for more list.

Which Indexing Service Do I Use?

You can use

Which Rank Tracker Do I Use?

Go with

Do You Have a Final Checklist for Amazon Site Creation?

Sure. Here’s the final checklist for your new Amazon niche site:

  1. Install your theme.
  2. Create a child theme.
  3. Delete the default themes as well as default post (Hello World) and page (Sample Page).
  4. Adjust the theme colors according to your niche.
  5. Change Permalinks
  6. Add the comment blacklist
  7. Adjust the pingback settings
  8. Install the necessary plugins, which are:
    • WPS Hide Login
    • Yoast SEO Premium (+ Configure, Remove ‘”category”, disable tag and author)
    • WordFence (Configure+2FA)
    • WPRocket (configure)
    • Easy table of content
    • Table press + responsive add-on
    • GDPR
    • Schema Pro
    • Shortpixel
  9. Theme –
  10. Add the footer widgets (If you’re using Elementor | SiteOrigin, you can edit the footer from the custom layout section)
  11. Add your Amazon Affiliate Disclosure
  12. Create Social Profiles
  13. Add the categories (Reviews + Articles)
  14. Adjust your menus
    • Main: Reviews + Articles
    • Footer: About Us + Contact Us + Privacy Policy (Just placeholders)
  15. Add author description.
  16. Write your articles.
    • Edit your blog post Images with Canva
    • Link to other posts on your site
    • Make sure to get green colors on Yoast or RankMath
  17. Let the site age while doing some light link building

Once you see some movements:

  1. Add logo (create or purchase/ avoid auto creators like the plague)
  2. Create a custom Homepage as well as Contact Us, About Us, and PP (don’t forget to NoIndex the Privacy Policy Page).
  3. Create/purchase infographics (credibility +++)
  4. Automate social media posting

As the concept works and you start ranking for your keywords, you can start spending big on link building.

Get Amazon Buying Guides Steps

Sure, your Amazon buying guides are what’s going to MAKE OR BREAK YOUR EARNINGS.

To write an Amazon buying guide that quadruple sales, follow a distinguished guide in the following format:

H1 – Title | Intro | A Comparison Table | Content Table | H2 – Our Picks

| H3 – Product | H3 – Product | H3 – Product | H3 – Product | H3 – Product

| H2 – Buying Guide | H2 – FAQ Title | H4 – Verdict | P – Resources (site your sources for E-A-T).

Should You Take Action And Start A Money Making Niche Site? Listen To This Great Song.

Should You Take Action? #Decision

I wouldn’t have achieved whatever you’ve have seen analyzed here. Too much analysis leads to paralysis. Do you fear that you will fail? Is failure not a win as well? What will you teach others then? #Decide.

You are great if you have made it here…

Make every campaign better than the last with GetResponse! Track sign-ups, click-throughs, sales, and more! Visit Get Response.

Listen Up Now: Truth Is, There Are a Series of True Life Success Stories | Case Studies | Building An Authority Business Online & Beating 9-5 Jobs Lessons Coming Up. Subscribe Here To Get Em All.

Over to you?

Where are you stuck, challenged and motivated about creating your Nigerian, USA, or UK Amazon Niche Website?

References: Images – Wealthy Place | | | Contr: Nerva | | Image Embed –

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