Here Is How I Became An Influencer Creating A Niche Website & How You Too Can with Alarming PROOFS

become an influencer with niche website
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For whatever reason, I don’t know, I saw myself buying a cheap web hosting plan with a local hosting company, built a WordPress site and abandoned it for some months.

Okay, I think I launched the niche blog for the purpose of promoting a new product that came up late in 2016. Why I abandoned the niche website was that the “said product” wasn’t what it was tagged to be, so, I abandoned the project.

Fast forward to early 2017 – April, I summed up courage and started writing on the blog – as a passion project.
Yeah, when you do anything out of passion & a beginner, you hardly think of how to make money, make it friendly, and some customizations. (The images I used were crazy – not optimized).

Before now, I knew the 80/20 rule which states that you write on a percentage of 20% and promote the article at 80%. That helped me a lot which the result was y mid 2017 I had my first comment on the blog.

Wait a minute. My first comment?
While a lot of writers celebrate making $10,000 a month, mine was the comments I had. The traffic came on and by June 2017, a well of comments started flocking in which was like a breakthrough for me.

I loved the fact that my writing was affecting lives positively. I never guessed that I saw it from the comments.

And don’t be tricked by some comments, because for me, at times, I had to see-through if these were bots or real human comments (self-doubt). Hmm.

Below is how I measured my success – Comments…

An Influencer Creating A Niche Website

My niches then were Cryptocurrency | Productivity & Self-help | Business Growth.


The Power Of Positive Comments On A New Niche Website

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In one of my productivity articles, “How to Reveal Your Sheets & Get Helped”, I got one of the daring blog post comments of my life which I had to screenshot for references.

It was this comment that gave me hope of coming back when I lost the blog.
The comment was from an American who exerted how the self-help article helped her.

Well, the article was from my personal experiences in life which turned out she had faced such as well. Below is the comment from the lady.

An Influencer Creating A Niche Website

There is a point I was driving at with this, and that is feeling unworthy or not having no tangible idea to put out to the world.

You’re Not Worthy To Air Out Your Opinion With Your Niche Blog!

Perhaps you think or feel unworthy of having nothing the world can benefit from.

Well, if there was anyone that felt unworthy, I was the number 1 because I was battling self-confidence and low esteem due to speech impediment.

A factor that saw me graduate with honors in the university, no, I mean, I graduated without asking any single question for my 5 years in the walls of the university.

But there I was, being thanked for expressing my failures and challenges which in-turn helped tons of people.

Over to you…Still, feel you don’t have anything to contribute to the world? If yes, then ask you, why…

Why You Failed With Your Niche Website

Perhaps you tried blogging and failed. Well, the truth is, I have failed enough such that failure is part of the process.

From my first blog, I discovered that it was important you pitch your tent under a small niche – area. Since my main blog was focused on 3 niches, I had great success in one. The success rate was like 80 | 18 | 2.

This stat gave me a clue of the niche I needed to pitch my tent. How?

When I lost the blog due to a bad hosting company, I decided to start a new one from scratch. Of course, this was in the niche that gave me 80% hope.

Sure enough, I wasn’t wrong about as that was the niche that gave me good success – or what you might call a breakthrough.  

Here is one secret about being a pro – click the start button & consistency.

Here is what I mean.

Do you think we had experts in any field except the “now experts” decided to start and learn along the journey? (Even from Experiences, – it’s because they started in that field).

 If you doubt me, just check around, the top experts in digital marketing – Neil Patel | Pat Flynn | Brian Linko | Sumo | Hubspot and more. 

And how did I become an influencer?

Answer: By learning more than my readers. Or you can say my audience.

Here is what I mean. If you start a blog today on any topic and learn/read vigorously more than your audience, you will become a pro in less than 5 years. 

For me, I spent more than 6 hours a day learning so my positive results were pretty fast and awesome.

In case you are still wondering how to become an influencer, the answer is just start and stay with it. START WITH ONE AREA- NICHE.

Want to start a niche blog on food? Go deep (long tail and low competitive topic) and concentrate on a particular foot type/section. Perhaps, burger.

When you do this, everybody will know you as the burger blog guy.

Never try to compete with the big guys on a general niche because your “growth” case might be different – overhead cost and trying to trick Google.

Why does this work that is, building a low competitive niche blog?

Because I built a niche blog in May 2019 with 2 articles, ranked one of it the same day on page 3 – Google, the next 4 days it was on page 2, and you can guess what happened later on.

An Influencer Creating A Niche Website

An Influencer Creating A Niche Website

And yeah, I made money from that effort.

Just in August 2019, I created another niche blog, wrote just 1 article on it. The article was on page 5 or 6 upon checking after publishing.

Just in October 2019, it was ranked no. 8 on Google front page for the long tail keyword.  

An Influencer Creating A Niche Website

The keyword is a bit competitive yet it has managed to jump to #8 on the first page with no backlinks optimization yet.

As a rule of the thumb, never try to compete with the big guys that were here before you unless you are willing to spend the dollars, trick Google with vague PBNs and all sorts of dirty tricks.

By the way, the site had almost zero backlinks (domains referring to my website). Maybe only my social media profiles.

So the ranking came in natural because I wasn’t trying to outrank New York Times or Wirecutter blog – authority websites.

How to be an influencer? START | Know More than your Audience | Stay with it – consistency  

Build your niche Blog – Island (low competitive niche) and become the Landlord – by knowing more than the new tenants – new competitors. 


Earnings From My Hard Work
While I never thought of Blogging as a business model, which I was wrong from the word – GO.

I figured out that while I was delivering good contents I would have also put more effort into earnings.

Well, I later made money from affiliate marketing and AdSense.

Check out “How I Made My First $100 Blogging: The First $100 Is Always Tough”

When I Started Getting Pitches And Collaborations

Have you ever heard the phrase “the world does not care about your struggles but the results?” I can tell you that this is 100% true.

No one cares about if you are billed $50 a month to stay online and all whatnots. What they care for is what they will get from the collaborations/relationship with you.

So, as the results began rolling in, I got my first pitch from a guy who asked that he should share his content on my blog. Of course, it wouldn’t have been free. You can call it – sponsored post. 

This pitch came in just after one year of blogging. That tells you that your success can be unprecedented if you put in the work.

How I Negotiated For Higher Affiliate Payments

Based on my results or growth proof from my work, a company approached me to promote their product.

By this time, I became optimistic that I can negotiate offers. How Do I mean?

I showed them the results I was offering another company through my hard work. See below.

create a niche blog

create a niche blog

create a niche blog

My words to them were, “If I will replicate the success with your product then you will have to increase my affiliate commission.

Yes, they offered a 30% recurring income for affiliates. But because I had my terms, they agreed to move the percentage higher. I got a 50% recurring income for every customer I referred to their product – till today.

Now, perhaps you still feel unworthy to start an online business, ask you, what if I never started the blog in the first place. Would I have believed that I had the power to negotiate commissions on my terms?

An Influencer Creating A Niche Website

That is the power of being an influencer – an authority with results.

Another Billion Dollar Company Contacted Me

Why would a billion-dollar contact me, just a guy with a niche blog that worked hard?

Reasoning the Answer: because all billion dollars companies started as a thousand dollar company. They started somewhere.

As a matter of fact, it’s me and you that have made them a billion-dollar company -so, don’t be alarmed when you hear a billion-dollar company.

To break it down, I was contacted by the company’s representative.

Why Was I Contacted? To appreciate and recognize me for getting them more customers.

start a niche website

This was recent, please – Oct 30th 2019.

Just a few days ago, another company – venture contacted me to share a promotional offer with my audience. Here is what they said…

An Influencer Creating A Niche Website

Listen Up Now: Truth Is, There Are a Series of True Life | Practical | Building An Authority Business Online & Beating 9-5 Jobs Lessons Coming Up. Subscribe Here To Get Em All.

My Recurring Earnings From These Platforms

Gracefully, most of the companies I work with offer recurring commissions. Recurring commission means that if a referred user uses the platform you will be paid as far as he or she continues with it.

Just about 2 weeks ago, I withdrew affiliate earnings from the site – it should be noted that these leads were as far back in May 2019, but the earnings continue till today, as in November 2019.

creating a niche website

I did something magical.

When I saw the commissions, I had to publish 3 more articles on the site.

So, the question is, if you feel you can’t replicate this is up to you, and if you feel you can is up to you, but the endpoint is, if you are thinking of failure you might not TAKE the first step.

Still perplexed? If yes do this. Why not put the coin the other way round and ask what if I succeed?

The Journey With The Blog

I still get traffic to the blog and that is not because I am working full time with it, no, I am getting it from Google search engine. The blog is already ranked so you can say the traffic juices are sprouting.

The Journey With The Affiliate Commissions

From the Google traffic juices, I am getting some affiliate sales, also, from another traffic source independent of Google.

As far as my niche industry and the independent source I am promoting my articles are relevant this traffic will continue because it is not just Google. See this link.

Observation: Please note that this is for motivation, and not to show my guruism. And before you call me a guru, just wait as I will show you something interesting.

How To Create A Niche & Take Google Free Traffic

One of the advantages with a niche blog is, after some time you will get free traffic from the Search Engines: Google & Bing – totally free. That is why you must know how to optimize your niche blog from day 1. This is how to do it in parts.

However, if you are starting, you can get traffic independent of Google ranking. What I mean here is, you can start seeing results before Google ranks your articles.

Watch out for “How to get your first 100 Readers on your New Blog”

You Need 50,000 Visits To Be An Authority

An Instagram influencer with more than 1,000,000 followers launched a product and was blatantly disappointed when she discovered her products did not sell as she had expected.

The lesson I derived from her story was that you can have legions of followers who do not care about YOU – but only for what they can get from you.

Same with a niche blog…

Really, I don’t think you need a 50,000 audience to be an authority in a niche. Sure 1,000,000 is super good, but if you can influence the 5,000 readers you have then you can pitch your tent there.

And do not think that more traffic means more sales – unless you love putting ads on your site.

How I Failed– Earnings & Hosting Company

I will tell you something interesting about a new niche blog, but before that, here is how I failed.

I was forced to put AdSense on my Blog when I was being charged $50 a month. It was ridiculous that a website averaging 800 visits some days was being billed $50 a month.

create a niche blogcreate a niche blog

Below is my fight with the company.

Here Is How I Became An Influencer Creating A Niche Website & How You Too Can with Alarming PROOFS

Yeah, AdSense never helped me and the early/little affiliate earnings then never helped me as it was already late, so, after paying $100 for 2 months, I had to give up.

But before that, I ran to the only popular hosting company I knew back then which NameCheap. I asked if my site could be migrated, the answer was NO.

As a piece of advice. I am good with NameCheap as a domain name registrar but never YET as a host. #Don’t try to fail with your blog.


Earnings from AdSense

I hated ads on my blog–most especially as they clutter the site.  I wasn’t trying to be Neil but I like and value the man – Neil Patel.

 Although not successful yet like him, the point is, and he had always advised not to put ads on your blog as the visitors will be impaired.

Well, I couldn’t help but slap AdSense on it. I still have the AdSense earnings in my account since 2017 – before the Blog broke down.

Note: if you would love to put ads on your site, that is fine but you don’t want to blind your visitor’s eyes.

And by recommendation, if you are getting ready for Ads I prefer you use Ezoic with more pay than AdSense. You can Visit Ezoic or Test it out

Selected 5 Successful Niche Blogs On The Internet – How to Copy their Successes

Let’s go on to see the selected 5 niche blogs yon can call “the successfully”. Inspiration was from’s article on 31 Examples of Successful Blogs.


5. The Penny Hoarder

Blog Niche: Finance | Money Management
Lesson: A finance content site that teaches people how to put more money in their pockets.
Story: The Penny Hoarder is a blog around money. Their mission is to teach people various ways to make more money. It started as the personal blog of the founder, Kyle Taylor.
Once the blog took off he started to bring on new writers, and transition into more of a media company.
The most fascinating thing about The Penny Hoarder is the amount of money they make, and how they make it. Last year, they generated close to $40M.
Check Out Site

Action Point. Think about it. Is there any relevant blog like Penny Hoarder in your country? If no, welcome to your niche blog.
And if yes, can you go deep down to targeting just one area? IF yes, then you’ve got a niche if writing about money fascinates you.

#4. Fatherly

Blog Niche: Parenting
Lesson: A parenting blog for fathers.
Story: Fatherly came on in 2015 by Mike Rothman, one of the co-founders of Thrillist. He helped grow Thrillist from zero to $100M before leaving to start Fatherly.
Mikes decided to go the Fatherly route as there were a lot of parenting blogs out there heavily targeted towards moms.
Because he took the road less traveled, he grew the blog into one of the fastest-growing media companies out there growing to $5M in revenue in just two years.

Check Out Site

Action Point. Think about it. Is there any relevant blog like Fatherly in your country? If no, welcome to your niche blog.
And if yes, can you go deep down to targeting just one area? IF yes, then you’ve got a niche if writing about money fascinates you. Or what of targeting under 25 only?

#3. Pinch Of Yum

Blog Niche: Food
Lesson: Story: You learn everything about food and being a food blogger.
Story: I have known Pinch of Yum for a time now. The blog is all about recipe blog. On their website, you will find all sorts of recipes created by Lindsay, the food scientist, and creator of the blog.

Check Out Site

Action Point. Think about it. Is there any relevant blog like Pinch of Yum in your country? If no, welcome to your niche blog.
And if yes, can you go deep down to targeting just one area? Why not a Fish Food Blog. Here you can talk about Fish feeds and more – products to promote are on Amazon.

#2. RMRS

Blog Niche: Men’s Fashion
Lesson: Story: Command Respect & Attract Opportunity with your dressing
Story: Antonio Centeno, founder of Real Men Real Style, for the past 8 years has been working to help men achieve their goals by dressing sharp and putting their best foot forward.

Check Out Site

Action Point. Think about it. Is there any relevant blog like Real Men Real Style in your country? If no, welcome to your niche blog.
And if yes, can you go deep down to targeting just one area?

IF yes, then you’ve got a niche if writing about Men’s fashion fascinates you. Or what of targeting Real Women or Children or father’s Real Style?

Earning Avenues: You can take a short walk to Amazon | Alibaba | Jumia
The ads on this site (my thoughts) is because they average 2,000,000 visits a month.

#1. Nomadic Matt

Blog Niche: Travel Blog
Lesson: Story: A travel blog with strong personal branding.
Story: Nomadic Matt started as a personal blog about his travels. Today, he’s built up a HUGE resource with everything you need to know about travelling.

Check Out Site

Action Point. Think about it. Is there any relevant travelling blog like Nomadic Matt in your country? If no, then you can pitch your tent here

What Do I Mean By Going Deep? Here Is It.

Let’s say you love a food blog like Pinch of Yum, instead of trying to compete with them on a general food niche, you can go down to create your niche island on something like tilapia fish food.

Going with Tilapia fish food niche blog connotes that if people know you as the Tilapia fish food blog, hardly will readers trust New York Times with Tilapia stories than your blog.

Remember, you don’t need 50,000 visits at the beginning to be successful.

Here is What Someone Said about Nomadic Matt.

“I have been a follower of Nomadic Matt, for a few years now. It’s great to see them doing well. I have decided to niche down on my site and it seems to be easier to produce content. When I plan the Blog Calendar for each article, the articles are in the same vertical so that keeps the traffic engaged”


That is exactly what I mean. Niche down | Go deeper the niche | Go for low competitive keywords.

My Quick Research on the Keyword – Tilapia Fish Food

(Note: I never thought of this keyword, inspiration is from the “Pinch of Yum Blog”).

See the Keyword research results.

Search Volume – 390

how to start a niche webiste

Ranking Difficulty – 37

What type of blog post can you write? A lot.  

How will you make money? – they have products for this niche or slap Ads if that is what you want.

Let me create a 5 list of article topics from this keyword.

#1. Top 10 Tilapia Fish Food In 2019.

#2. The Best Tilapia Food Feeds In 2019

#3. How To Make Tilapia Food In 20 Minutes

#4. Everything you need to know about Tilapia Fish

#5. AquaNourish Omnivorous Aquaponic Fish Feed – Stage 4 20lb vs Stage 1 5lb

How To Outrank The Top Ranking Pages

From the analysis,

how to start a niche webiste

First things first, you might not outrank Amazon because Google Trusts it. However, you can if Google is looking forward to seeing an upcoming website with a better article on the keyword. How do I mean?

The second website following amazon is poorly structured. In fact, the post is horrible which creates a vacuum for you to jump in and take over.

How to do it.

#1. Write an SEO optimized article on the keyword – Tilapia Fish Food

#2. Make your post detailed and longer than their 2,530.

#3. Include SEO optimized Images (if you want to break the bank on it, include infographics)

#4. Pin and Re-pin the articles on Pinterest. That is all for the first stage. #5. Get some backlinks from web 2 – | | – just link the review post to the web 2 sites.

How to conduct your keyword Analysis – just as I have done…

Use Keyword Revealer tool or KwFinder Research Tool

That is all about basic keyword research. I ranked my sites even before knowing the above, therefore it can pretty work for you.

Want super gigged or detailed analysis, then you are talking about rushing out your competitors like Amazon and others out of the ranking.

make keyword research with semrush

For this, SEMrush is the factor to use and see the best approach to take. You can try out SEMrush here for free.

become an influencer with niche website
(Me enjoying Top Page FREE Traffic from Google)
wealthyplace recurrin income
2019 FREE Traffic to my Niche Blog Affiiate Project

My Hard-Learned Lessons In Building An Authority Niche Site

(Never USE A Vague Hosting Company | Back Up Your Work Yourself)


#1. Vague Host

When I first launched my blog it was a passion project so I never gave it a thought to research on the best hosting companies to use. A great lesson I learned the hard way.


#2. Personal Backup

Yes, I lost Google rankings and the hard work of more than 1 year.

No need to point fingers at the hosting company for not backing up my work as I would not have relied on paying them to back up my work rather I should done it myself.

To you…


If you will ever want to build a successful authority online business like a blog or brand, back up your site yourself– you can use many WordPress plugins for that.

 The process is not hard as you can use free tools like Updraftplus | BackUp WordPress | BackWpup. To make things simpler for you, download your backups every 2 weeks or 1 month.

And #2. Never use a vague hosting company.

Talking about hosting companies,

You can do your research on that but I have had success with a few; HostGator | Siteground | Domain king.

However, our first recommendation at Wealthy Place when you think of affordability and capacity is HostGator.

If I were using HostGator then, their $5.95/month would have been sufficient instead of being billed $50/month, and today, I would have been online- celebrating 4 years with my first blog with thousands of audience comments  – what replaced earnings for me.

create a niche blogcreate a niche blog

Can you imagine that a $6+ monthly hosting plan with HostGator would have kept my site till today? We are talking about a plan for approximately 100,000 visits.

#Regrets hurts… 😥 


Our Top Hosting Companies To Create A Blog Online?

With more researches and testing going on, the following are our recommended hosting companies. At any point you need supports upon using them you can always contact Wealthy Place.


#1. –Best managed host for beginners | Stay at home moms and those willing to use premium features. (It’s a plug and play host with no troubled waters).

 You can save $120 with if you sign up today.


#2. HostGator.combased on usage, we recommend HostGator as our affordable hosting company if you are starting.

You get 60.5% off with HostGator when you use our dedicated Coupon Code – WealthyPlace2020 if you are signing up today, and of course, you get a free domain name.


#3. DomainKing.comThis is a recommended host for our Nigerian brothers who can’t afford either Kinsta or HostGator -yet.

 I have had a nice experience with the hosting company. The next niche site I want to talk about is hosted there. Visit Domain King

We will round it up soon, but here there is one interesting journey I will share with us. 


How I Became An Influencer With A Niche I Knew 0% Insight

become an influencer with niche website

I started another niche blog in September 2019. What’s up with it?

I have just 20 articles on the blog. That is not the interesting part. The interesting part is that I have grown to become a consultant in the niche. Hahahaha. How?

As at the time of writing, I received a phone call asking for guidance on what to do in the industry I created the Blog on.


How did I do it?

#1. I Read More than my Audience Which Qualifies Me to Answer Their Questions

You can call me an overnight consultant in a niche I never knew nothing about. In fact I never anticipated such a niche, but here I am negotiating prices of digital products and consulting as an expert. 😎

Let me shock you…As of the time of writing, tonight I have a class with them – as I created a new Facebook Group for them – students. Does that ring a bell as a guru or a need to have 50,000 visits? #Nope.


#2. I Write As If I’m Writing to Solve a Problem

While I like to attack a blog topic such that when you finish reading the post you don’t go to Google to find more about it, I did the same with the new niche blog.

I wrote valuable posts. At times, after pushing the articles I run a $5 Facebook ad to it, not for leads but to promote it to be seen.

The results? Series of emails and phones for consultation (more emails than calls though).

Below are some of my recent “thank you” screenshots.

create a niche blog


create a niche blog 2020


The Homepage Of The Niche Blog

There is one of the articles I shared how I got 50+ social shares on the new niche blog homepage. Yeah, as at the time of writing, the total social share was 90.

create a niche blog 2020


 How came about the 90 shares?

I don’t think I have shared the homepage up to 5 times. From whence then?

From the audience, I am seeking to help. 90 Social shares on a new blog – September 2019. #Gracefully Interesting.


The baseline is,

I am relating what is relevant today and not stories of how I created a niche website and succeeded with it after 2 years. It’s just September 2019.

The Question you might want to ask is, but every niche or topic is saturated…



#1. No one will write like you!

Truth is, I wanted to start a Digital Marketing Blog ever since but felt I wasn’t qualified so I backed down. And who told me I wasn’t qualified? A negative mind.

Here is the thing.

If everyone were to act based on feelings, then nothing would be achieved.
The endpoint is, no one will write or narrate a story the same way you would.


#2. Saturation: You Are Not Trying To Compete With The Big Brands

Well, I have learned a lot over the 4 years, truth is, there are BIG Blogs that I will never outrank with a new niche blog if I were to write on the same topic.

While there are lots of big sites, the key is being careful enough to go for low competitive terms.   


The key here is not to jump in and make a quick buck that may not last, you want to provide value for your audiences.

 How To Make 30x Of Your Niche Blog

A lot of people ascribe passion to succeeding with blogging. Whether this is true or not, for me, passion is just 10% of the journey.

Does it mean that if I see a $100 commission affiliate product that will help my audience in an Agricultural niche, will I put off to start a blog there – just because I have not farmed before? I think no.

See, when there are more reasons to do something you don’t need motivation because you can be demotivated ASAP.  

How Do I Plan To Make 30X From The Other Niche Website?


Essentially, building a profitable blog is an asset. How do I mean?

Blogging has two edges; it brings both short-term financial gain and long-term financial gain.

The short-term financial gain is that you get to keep whatever money the blog generates while you’re running it.

That is to say, all the recurring earnings all goes into your pocket excluding expenses you may have.

And what of the long-term financial gain?

The long-term financial gain is the exit at the end.

I may sell it off if the monthly earnings are consistent. For instance, I may slap ads on it, and with decent earnings I can sell it 30x more.


Your Blog May Sell For 30x+ Its Monthly Earnings

So even a small blog that makes $1000/month actually has a valuation of $35,000 to $40,000 if it were to be sold.

The ability to exit the blog with a sale of this magnitude is what makes blogging as profitable as a long-term financial strategy.

When we talk of the right strategy, we are looking at using the right tools for Evaluation | Sales | Operations and Marketing. Don’t worry, you will see how this works soon.

But how possible? You will see how I will play the game-analysis on another article coming up.

Coming Up

How to Sell and Make 30x off your New Blog 😎 

How To See the Profitability of Your Niche

It can be a bit of a long process if you want to earn solely via affiliate commissions, but if you are looking at placing ads on your site, then it’s already a short cut.

First of all, go to Amazon | Jumia | ShareAsale | Commission Junction | Expertnaire – Nigerians only* |Impact Radius and more to see if there are products you can promote and make sells.

Another route. Go to Google and enter “niche + affiliate programs”.

create a niche blog 2020

create a niche blog 2020

If the answer is still yes, then you are welcome to see the next step.


How To Do Your Keyword & Niche Research?

For both of the blogs I started in August and September 2019, I had my Keyword selections done before I started writing.

Like this blog, there are series of blog posts coming up which are yet unpublished.

The good thing about this is that I don’t lack articles to write based on the fact that I had done my research before now.

I strongly think it’s what you want to do. You can use a Keyword Tool like KwFinder or Keyword Revealer to search out low competitive terms and use a tool like SEMrush to do a wholesome analysis.


The good news is that you can use these tools for free – on a free trial. 

➡ Use SEMrush for Keyword Analysis on Free Trial


Ready To Start?

Let’s make one thing clear. If you are led by feelings of being qualified or not then you WILL not get anything done.

No one knows if you will grow to be an influencer in any niche you wish to start with. #I don’t, so do you.

A thousand miles begins with just 1 step, and if you are ever thinking of failure, fail fast so you can couple it in a book and sell for the upcoming nerds. 🙄 

Ready To Start Your Authority Niche Blog? See how.


Where to Host Your Influencer Niche Website?


If you are financially placed then I recommend you start with

I recommend Kinsta to those that are total beginners and know nothing about the technical aspect of blogging.

If that is you then you can save yourself of all prevailing technical headaches when you start with Kinsta.

Additionally, you save $120 if you are paying for a year today with Kinsta.

Build your Niche Site with 



When I switched over to HostGator, while I had more than enough space to manage my visits, my aim was a safe island from my woes with other hosting companies. 

It turns out that HostGator is cheap and well able to contain your niche site. So, if you are looking at a successful but affordable hosting company to use, then I recommend HostGator.

Build your Niche Site with HostGator OR How to start a 5 Minute Influencer Website with HostGator


How to Write As an Expert

I am sorry to tell you that perfectionism is a bastard at times. As a beginner, you will never be perfect. You will get better with your writing every day. Here is my story.

I was getting good comments on how I was a gifted writer. Know what? I wasn’t sure – perfectionism daunting – at times I would have to go through my blog posts again to see if I was really good, and funny enough, at times I would see typographical errors. 

With typographical mistakes yet these readers were supporting and encouraging me?

That is the power of offering value in your writing and looking beyond perfectionism. The truth?

Many of your readers will not look at your flaws but where to applause you, so, count it all joy that you won’t be an expert with a few blog posts. 


That does not mean you should not proof-read and structure your articles.

Luckily, you have great tools to help you out. – Grammarly and Hemingwayapp are great tools to start with.


How I Write My Blog Posts…

Part 1

#1. Pick a topic from my Spread sheet 

#2. Pick the sub-topic – with LSI keywords – related keywords

#3. Write about each sub-topic.


Part 2

#1. Type on MS Word Editor

#2. Correct the typographical errors after typing (convert it to PDF for mobile proofreading)

#3. Paste in onto Grammarly | Hemingwayapp at times. (For corrections)

#4.  Paste-on my WordPress Editor

#5. Add links | Images | Videos (if any)

#6. Publish. 


#2b helps me a lot. I have found out that when I proofread my articles using mobile phones I quickly note down typographical errors than on PC.

I will be writing on how I write my SEO Articles. I mean, the method I had used since 2017 till now.


Secret revealed:

This is not part of my writing topics and I DONT KNOW IF I would rank “immediately” for it – until analysis, but I think you might be helped as a beginner, so, it will be published soon.

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Final Notes on Becoming an Influencer with a Niche Project

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