12 Benefits of Expertnaire in Nigeria Affiliate Platform

Benefits of Expertnaire


As we already know, Expertnaire Nigeria is a digital marketplace where digital products are hosted by course vendors and members called affiliates sign up to promote digital products and make money.

How the marketplace works is that the platform allows course owners and sellers or affiliates to capitalize its connections to help them promote the products while they get paid every Friday for successfully doing that.

In summary, Expertnaire helps both course vendors and affiliates to earn a profit and the vendors get a chance to expand their horizons and find new markets to engage. Due to this, both sides have the chance to learn more about their customers and strategize methods to make the best out of the affiliate business opportunity.


Joining Expertnaire – you can join Expertnaire as an ordinary member with a fee of N10,00 per year. This gives you access to ONLY the Expertnaire affiliate website and the products, while you can also join via a Program called the 72ig at a fee of N60,000. The 72ig route gives you more than membership but full training on how to sell digital products on Expertnaire and make money.


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Top Expertnaire in Nigeria Advantages as a Member and Course Vendor

Expertnaire Advantages as a Member and Course Vendor in Nigeria

Overall, Expertnaire in Nigeria stands in as a great middle man between affiliates and course vendors enhancing both parties to make money via the platform.

On its website pages they describe themselves as only representing creators of the digital programs hosted on the platform.

As a course vendor, when your digital course gets sold by Expertnaire affiliates, you make money. And as an affiliate, you get paid when you successfully promote products on Expertnaire.

Let’s dive in deeper to see expansively on the benefits of Expertnaire Nigerians website.


1. Variety of Digital Products

Affiliates on Expertnaire can access a bunch of products and categories/niches they choose to promote and make money.

The advantage here is, you don’t need to own a digital product to make money.

For instance, if you are into blogging, you can select a product on Expertnaire about blogging and promote to get paid. And if you want Travels and Relocation products, you do the same.


As of the time of writing, Expertnaire has 68 digital products from 12 when I first joined.

To see more products on Expertnaire, check out the popular courses here, and the commission rates of products.


2. Tools and Resources

As an Expertnaire affiliate, you get tools and valuable resources to help you market products and get paid.

For instance, some products there have promotional materials such as High Converting Email Swipes + High Converting Images to use. See an example below.

Tools and Resources on Expertnaire

The biggest one, the 72ig resources.

From this guide, we saw the best 2 ways of joining Expertnaire. Now, if you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program, you will get all these free resources + the main program.

Even more, when you join via our 72ig link, you are getting the Expertnaire 72ig Easy Sales Manual & templates for free + access to our community support.

To see the testimonies of other affiliates, click this link to get swept away.


3. Intuitive Dashboard and Navigations

Expertnaire has provided an intuitive and mobile-friendly platform and dashboard for users to freely navigate without issues. From the dashboard, you see your affiliate stat showing as All-Time Sales, All-Time Earnings, Account Balance, and the Next Payout.

Expertnaire earning proof 6


4. Affiliate Sales Statistics & Reports

As an affiliate, if you are wary of the digital products you have sold, you can easily go to the affiliate sales navigation to your left hand and check out your sales stat. Here, you will find all the products you’ve sold and which have made you the most money.


5. Easy Accessibility of Products

On Expertnaire, you have the search box feature that allows you to easily enter products name or niche and choose the products thereof.

Affiliate Sales Statistics & Reports on Expertnaire

Well, I won’t ignore the fact that this feature is not 100% functional. So, do not get disappointed if you enter a product name or niche and yet get a different result. But all in all, this option is available.

To see how to use Expertnaire like a pro, check out this all-in-one guide or see the video version.


6. The customer support system

Expertnaire has various ways to communicate with Affiliates, but the popular routes are WhatsApp and Email.

You also have an option to communicate with other members via the Telegram community and Twitter handle.


7. Make Money using your Mobile Phone

With Expertnaire you can get started only with your mobile phone and make money. But to do this, you need rapt guidance on it, and which you can get via the 72ig program.

With your phone, you can use the various 72ig and Expertnaire affiliate systems, promote products and make money for yourself.

Expertnaire income


8. Make Legit Money without Harassment

Affiliate marketing is everywhere, and top companies in Nigeria engage in it using different methods. For instance, GTBank used to have an affiliate program. The same with MTN via MTN OPS, Jumia, Konga, and more. What am I trying to say?

You can make N7,000,000 in one month on Expertnaire and receive the same to your bank account and no one will lock your bank account in suspicion of fraud. Why? Because the affiliate website is fully acknowledged registered as a trademark of 7Star Systems Nig. Ltd.

So, no harassment from any government agency. Plus, this is not an investment website where you invest N50,000 and get N900,000 in 4 days.


9. Get paid Weekly

While a lot of people would have loved to be paid at the end of the month, on Expertnaire, you get paid every Friday or Saturday morning (in my case).

Meaning, you can’t fail to receive an alert as far as you’ve made at least N5,000.

Expertnaire friday payment

Expertnaire Testimonies 10


10. You make money with your Personalized Affiliate link

On Expertnaire, you get paid when you use your personalized affiliate link to buy products. That is to say, let’s say you find an amazing digital product like the Auto Book, if you use your affiliate link and purchase it, you will get paid the exact commission.


11. No harassment of Account ban due to IP Changes

Unlike PayPal Nigeria or Clickbank where a lot of countries are banned such that they need to use a back door to operate these websites – to change IP addresses to fit what that need, with Expertnaire, there is nothing of such. I mean, no need to change your IP Addresses.

With this, you save money as you don’t need to spend on VPNS or Static IP – due to the fear of getting your account banned and losing the money you made.  


12. Popular with High-end Affiliated Commissions

One of the reasons why Expertnaire Nigeria Affiliate site is popular is because they treat or better say, pay affiliates awesome commissions for marketing digital products.

full 72ig program review

For instance, a product like the F.C.I PLATINUM pays affiliates 50% commission, that is N140,000+ for each sale at a cost of ₦240,000+.

Another product called the Real Estate Monopoly Marketing pays affiliates 40%. That is, N11,250 for each successful sale at a cost of ₦25,000.00.  Now you see why Expertnaire is super popular such that a lot of people are asking if it is a scam invest platform or Ponzi.


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The bad news with Expertnaire, a scam?

See, not everyone will make money with Expertnaire. That’s the ugly truth. And it is a scam? Certainly not!!!

The First case – The thing is, while there are over 20,000 members on Expertnaire, not all of them make money, and the case is more difficult for those who joined Expertnaire as ordinary affiliates.

The second case – those who get abandoned by those who led them to join Expertnaire.

The truth is, it’s disheartening when a new affiliate says, I signed up with “affiliate A” but he or she is busy or does not have time for me, and now they want me [that has time] to help them.

While I am 100% willing to help, but thinking about the fact that those that encouraged them to join left hanging after getting the affiliate commission is hurting – just put yourself in my shoes and judge this matter.

So, if you are a beginner, you might need some steps I have already taken so you too can succeed. The essence is to ease your work so you do not go on the internet and say that Expertnaire is a scam. Expertnaire nor the 72ig is a scam. THEY ARE ALL LEGIT.

In fact, Expertnaire is a prayer answered to lots of Nigerians (digital marketers), most especially me. And what of the 72ig program? It has already blessed lots of Nigerians. 

P.S: does this mean you can’t make it on Expertnaire without the 72ig program or my resources? No, please. If you’ve been in the Affiliate business for years now then no problem, join in and you know already what to do. However, if you want your value-packed resources, then you need the 72ig program working with me.

When you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program using our Link, what I do for you is to first welcome you in, secondly, give you this million-dollar resource, to ease your efforts (templates), and three (3), give you access to our support group should you get stuck at any point. See the email you will get from me below – a sample I sent to one of us yesterday.

Learn About the 72ig Marketing Systems


Lest I forget the third case – they lazy kind of people waiting to call the platform Scam. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based kind of marketing, meaning, you only get paid when you do something – implementation.

That is, it on the benefits of Expertnaire Nigeria. 


If you have any questions, let me know below the comment section and if you need further help, click here to communicate.


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Affiliate Marketing is not a “jump & make Money online business”, there is a process to it. If you are told half-baked info then you will be left to struggle on your own and end up calling it a scam. Therefore, if you are a NEWBIE & you want an A-Z guidance (to get started to sales), and how the platform works, join the beginners’ exclusive group below.  


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