TOP 120 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners in 2020: Get A Super Affiliate Program That Pays $800 Per Sale

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My first breakthrough in affiliate marketing was in 2017, which was after several years of trying hard to make my first affiliate earnings. While I never saw the top or best affiliate programs for beginners then, I was contented to earning $10 per affiliate commission of the service I was promoting.

The good news here is that, if you are a newbie or starting out, these best affiliate marketing programs for beginners will set you upon the rock to start making decent earnings, more than what I earned. #Not Bad…

But before we go straight to the commission programs, a lot has been said about making money in affiliate programs, and I am not comfortable with the notions.

After struggling for many years, I think I am fit to give my 2 cents on it, right? Let’s see some of the myths and truths about making money in affiliate marketing.  

You Need An Affiliate Marketing Course To Make Your First $100 Online

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There is a popular myth that you need a core affiliate marketing course to make it in affiliate marketing.

As a beginner, you might be too anxious to buy every idea which is good though, but if you want the whole truth, you need a course. Also, you don’t.

Why You Need An Affiliate Marketing Course to Succeed?

The essence of any courses is to help you cut the chase on the mistakes you would have made. Personally, I have made many blunders when it comes to affiliate marketing.

 It went to the point that I forgot to keep track of my affiliate programs. It was awful on the outside though.

Even though it was awful on the outside, in the inside, it was pretty intriguing as I had to withdraw my earnings 5 days ago in one of the affiliate programs I promoted in 2016. (I made a breakthrough in 2017, but earnings started in 2016).

Imagine that I wanted to advise you on this, I could simply create an affiliate marketing course which will show you a step-by-step process to avoid my mistakes so you can go on to start making money right away.

Rule Number 1. Keep tracks and records of the affiliate programs you’re enrolled in.

Rule Number 2. You’ll be good promoting fewer programs.

Why You Don’t An Affiliate Marketing Course?

If you are on a low budget you might not want to go for an affiliate marketing course. I mean, if you can’t pay for it, there is no way you will enroll in it. 

I don’t know your financial capability, but if you are on a low budget, I have detailed my journey of affiliate marketing for many years now, you can go ahead and see how to start affiliate marketing for free.

Here is the Kamasutra guide on affiliate marketing for beginners.

The Beauty of An Affiliate Marketing Course?

No matter how the coin will be turned over, the purpose of any affiliate marketing training program is to equip you so you can apply the insights on any affiliate platform and make profits.

I don’t know if you are following me, if no, here is what I mean. If you enroll in an affiliate marketing training, at the end of the day, you should be able to apply the knowledge gained on any platform offering affiliate programs.   

For instance, if you grab how affiliate marketing works, you can use that insight and build your first Amazon profitable niche site

The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing programs & Referral Program

According to Referral Candy, like referral marketing, affiliate marketing drives new customers to your business through individuals who don’t work for you directly. Somewhat similar… right?

In real sense, they can actually be rather different ways of acquiring new customers.

Below is an infographic that they’ve put together to illustrate their similarities and differences. Enjoy!

Referral vs Affiliate Marketing: What's the difference? [Infographic]
ReferralCandy – Refer-a-friend Program for Ecommerce Stores

How To Have Good Success Promoting Affiliate Programs

Start a blog | Start a Vlog | Run Ads to these programs.

#1. Start your Vlog

You can start a YouTube Channel and recommend Products at the end of the Videos. YouTube is free, so, you can start with that.

Note: You have to put out great contents FIRST before thinking of money.

Here is a guide from Creator Academy on how to start a YouTube Channel and also, how to make money with it from Digital Marketing Skills.

#2. Start your blog

One of the cheapest ways which have worked for me since 2016 in affiliate promotions is via my blog.

My breakthrough came in when I wrote interesting articles showing how to use a platform, product or service. Another way was reviewing a product or service.

For instance, if you’re promoting Get Response email service, on of the best ways you can make money with it is writing a how-to-use guide or reviewing the service.

With this, when readers go through it there is a possibility that if you’ve added value to them, they will sign up – that is it.

What platform do you need? A Blog | YouTube Channel?

For total beginners or those that are having a hard time with their hosting companies, here is an affordable host to get you started , and how to create your FIRST money-making blog in 5 simple steps.

#2. Run Ads to these programs

This involves #1. Signing up for affiliate programs #2. Running ads to promote affiliate products for commissions.

Some of the best ad running platforms so far are; Facebook | Google AdWords | Bing

The good news is that, if you MOVE or CREATE your Blog with HostGator today, you will be given $100 – FREE- to run ads to your affiliate programs.

With that, you don’t have to think of where to get your first ad money. #Take all the commissions.

Before we jump right in.

Someone once asked of a good web hosting company that a total beginner, small business or stay at home mom can be happy with. After my search, I came up with 1 you can trust in the world.

I mean, the best for those that want to concentrate all their energy on their business without having to open a chat with the supports 24/7. The pillar web hosting company is Kinsta.

Kinsta web hosting company is not cheap yet, you don’t get the headaches experienced with cheap web hosting companies.

So, if you want to start a blog or small business website and enjoy all the benefits of being super relaxed and safe, I present to you Kinsta.


As earlier said, Kinsta is a super and great WordPress hosting platform that manages the top shots websites in the world.

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Kinsta is known for its effectiveness in giving you a supercharged website speed and premiums benefits. You can host your website and enjoy all the premium benefits with a discount of $60.

Use this dedicated link to get a $60 off your purchase. 

With all said and done, let’s go into the main subject – the top 120 affiliate programs to promote and make money, even as a newbie/blogger.

The 5 Top Web Hosting Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

#1. HostGator is a well know web hosting company that champions up to 8million websites in the world.

If you are looking forward to starting a blog with HostGator, here is an A-Z guide on it.

With the HostGator affiliate program, you can earn up to $50 or more.

Sign up at

#2. Bluehost

Bluehost is a popular hosting company.  As an affiliate, you earn up to $60+. All you need to do is start your blog and start promoting Bluehost. It couldn’t be simpler.

Sign up at

#3. WP Engine

Touted as a competitor to Kinsta, which is not true, the WP Engine affiliate program has one of the highest affiliate payouts.

You earn a $200 minimum commissions for WP Engine sales.

Interested in becoming an affiliate? You can join their program today and earn by referring customers to the WP Engine platform.

Sign up at up

#4. Cloud Ways

The Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program is a program where efforts are rewarded, thanks to their three flexible commission payout models with higher payouts and longer recurring commissions.

With the program, you can earn up to $125 per sale based on the Performance Slabs

Sign up at

#5. SiteGround

It’s easy to recommend SiteGround hosting and earn high commissions thanks to the high quality of our service, which has won the trust of partners and clients alike.

With Siteground, you get $50 per sign up.

Sign up at

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Top 105 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners To Make Money

 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Keyword Tools

#1. SEMrush

With SEMrush, you can sign up and start earning up to 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales!

All you need to do here is start a simple blog, Get access to promo materials, complete and convenient statistics and excellent customer support. Start promoting your link.

Sign up at

#2. KwFinder

The Beginners Keyword Research tool affiliate program called, Mangools SEO affiliate program offers you a whopping 30% LIFETIME commission by promoting Mangools SEO tools used and loved by people all around the world.

Sign up at

#3. Keyword Revealer

This is a similar Beginners Keyword Research tool to KwFinder. With her affiliate program, you earn a 30% recurring commission each month from everyone you refer!

If you haven’t already, signup for the Keyword Revealer Affiliate program so you can begin promoting their amazing software to your friends, family and community.

Sign up at


#4. ThemeForest

The Envato Market is the world’s largest creative market place, selling millions of digital assets every year.

With a 30% affiliate commission, earning money has never been easier!

While Envato Affiliates earn more than $3 million per year, for you, you get 30% commission on any first purchase you refer.

Sign up at

#5. StudioPress

As a blogger, StudioPress can help you transform your hobby into a successful online business with their good looking themes.

Personally, I am a lover of themes so I can look at different themes for 3 hours without getting bored.

Want to join and make money with StudioPress? Up to $200 is up for grasp.

Sign up at

#6. Astra

Grab an opportunity to earn a commission starting from $17 to $210 on every sale! Yeah, that is with Astra.

Sign up at

#7. Atheme

Join Atheme affiliate program and for every sale you generate you can earn up to 50% cut. Sounds nice? Join below.

Sign up at

#8. Themeisle

Refer 20+ Reliable, Popular WordPress Themes and earn 55% commissions on all sales

Sign up at

#9. Mintthemes

Would you like to negotiate how much you will earn for promoting a theme? If yes, then you want to check out Mintthemes.

Sign up at

#10. Organized Themes

You can get more than 17% commissions for referring clients to organizedthemes.

Sign up at

#11. Wpzoom

Everyone can join our Affiliate Program! Earn 30% from Sales Generated Through Your Affiliate Links!

Sign up at

#12. Rocket Theme

Earn 15% on sales up to $150 per month with Rocket Themes.

Sign up as an affiliate

#13. Theme Awesome

With a 60 day cooky, you can start making money with theme-awesome. You get a 35% commission on each sale.

Sign up as an affiliate

To enjoy all the above affiliate programs without missing even 1%, the best way is to start a simple Blog and start getting the gems thereof.

WordPress Plugins

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#14. WP Rocket Affiliate Program

Below is the commission structure:

  • Single plan sells for $49 – you earn $9.80
  • Plus plan sells for $99 – you earn $19.80
  • Infinite plan sells for $249 – you earn $49.80

It’s easy and free to join. You only have to apply, promote WP Rocket using your referral link, and then earn a 20% commission on every sale you generate.

Sign up as an affiliate

#15. Shortpixel

Join the 50/50 AFFILIATE PROGRAM and get your feet wet.

Thye’re looking for affiliates, big and small, to recommend their image optimization service and WordPress plugin. Ready to promote?

Sign up as an affiliate

#16. Smartslider3

With Smartslider3, you can make beautiful and powerful sliders, carousels and blocks. Designing sliders is finally fun!

Earn a 30% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate links and themes.

Refer new users to Smartslider3 website and you’ll receive 30% of every purchase they made over their website. Simply paste a link, banner or an image on your site or in your themes!

Sign up as an affiliate

#17. Elementor

Build mouth dropping pages or Landing Pages.

As an affiliate it’s 50% per sale for your efforts.

Yes, your efforts are valuable to Elementor. As a partner, you deserve no less than half of the income per sale.

Sign up as an affiliate

#18. DIVi

Earn Money by promoting your favorite themes! When you join DIVi affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and text links that you can place on your website.

Sign up as an affiliate

#19. Get JetElements

Get 30% commission for any user’s first purchase and 10% commission on further purchases with TemplateMonster affiliate program.

Sign up as an affiliate

#20. Jetpack

Secure and monitor your website.

Earn income referring products of JetPack

Sign up as an affiliate

#21. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is the ultimate FREE form creation solution for WordPress.

TOP Affiliate Programs For Beginners

It’s really easy. You will get a 20% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

Sign up as an affiliate

#22. AffiliateWP

Start your affiliate program for your products. I mean, let others make promote your products.

Refer customers to AffiliateWP and earn 20% commission on each successful sale. Enjoy uncapped, unlimited commissions!

Sign up as an affiliate

#23.  Thrive Architect

35% Commission per Purchase and 25% recurring commission is all yours when you promote Thrive Architect.

Sign up as an affiliate

#24. BackupBuddy

Secure your site.

The Affiliate Programs pays 25% in commission for sales generated through your affiliate links.

Sign up as an affiliate

#25. Gravity Forms

Interested in becoming a Gravity Forms Affiliate and earning up to $51.20 per sale?

Are you ready to partner with the makers of the most complete and used WordPress forms solution?

#26. OptinMonster

Get subscribers easily.

Interested in making money with OptinMonster?

It’s really easy as OM will pay you a 20% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

Sign up as an affiliate

#27. WP Migrate DB Pro

Migrate your website easily with one click.

Earn 20% on every sale you generate. Plus earn 10% every sale generated by affiliates you refer!

Sign up as an affiliate

#28. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro was designed to provide a complete membership management system that gave site administrators a clean, simple way to restrict content to paid subscribers and collect payments from paying customers.

Refer customers and earn cash. Use and love Restrict Content Pro? Become an affiliate and earn 20% commission on each successful sale you refer!

Sign up as an affiliate

Best Video Tools Affiliate Programs For Beginners

TOP Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#29. Splasheo

Splasheo will help you get seen at scale and make a massive impact on the world, using the amazing power of social video.

Earn 20% Recurring Commission On Every Sale You Make.

Sign up as an affiliate

#30. Placeit

The internet’s largest repository of visual templates, the platform caters to those designing t-shirts, banners, book covers and, of course, many different kinds of videos.

Get a 15% off one time transactions.

Sign up as an affiliate

#31. Wirecast

Stream like the pros. Wirecast live video streaming production. Capture | Produce | Stream.

Become a Telestream Affiliate Partner AND EARN 15% or more in COMMISSION

Becoming an affiliate is an easy way to partner with Telestream and make money while you’re at it.

Sign up as an affiliate

#32. Animoto

Animoto makes it easy to create professional videos on the web on the go.

Join Animoto’s affiliate program and earn commissions by promoting the video product on your site.

Sign up as an affiliate

Podcasting Affiliate Programs For Beginners

 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#33. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout has helped over 100,000 people start their podcasts. It is the easiest way to host, promote, and track your podcast.

Earn $25 for every paid referral or a 20% recurring lifetime commissions by partnering with Buzzsprout.

Sign up as an affiliate

#34. Podbean.

Podbean Podcast is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting.

Refer advertisers to PodAds and you’ll get 10% of all sales for the 1st six months.

Sign up as an affiliate

#35. Transistor

The podcast’s publishing platform with simple features.

Transistor stores your MP3 files, generates your RSS feed, hosts your podcast’s website, and distributes your show to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more!

You can earn a 25% commission every month for every podcast customer you refer to Transistor.

Sign up as an affiliate

 💡 Get this: Podbean vs Buzzsprout Vs Blubrry, A Detailed Comparison Review in 2020

Best Email Marketing Software Affiliate Programs for New Website Owners

#36. Sendinblue

Email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and more, all-in-one platform to help you grow your business through building stronger customer relationships.

Promote Sendinblue and earn 5€ for every Account Created, and 100€ for every New Paying Customer.

Sign up as an affiliate

#37. SendX

An Affordable Email Marketing Software trusted by over 3000+ companies.

Earn 30% monthly commission when you refer paid customers to SendX. It’s recurring.

Sign up as an affiliate

#38. GetResponse

The Freemium marketing machine that helps you grow your audience, promote services, and sell products with marketing software that does the job for you.

Join GetResponse Affiliate Program and Get Paid like a boss. It’s a 33% recurring monthly commission.

Sign up as an affiliate

#39. Aweber

Aweber is a Powerful-Simple Small Business Email Marketing Solutions

With it, you can build your lists, send emails and connect with your audience faster than ever before.

You will receive a 30% customer referral payments on their account!

Sign up as an affiliate

#40 Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a Powerful email marketing made easy.

Earn $5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial and $105 when your referrals pay for a new account.

Sign up as an affiliate

Content Platforms for Affiliate Marketers

 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#41. Content Snare

Create “requests” with all the pieces of information you need from the client. Use our built-in templates or create your own.

It’s pretty simple. After you’re accepted, you get a special link. Whenever someone signs up for a paid plan with your link, you get 20% of their subscription cost. If you recommend Content Snare to a few agencies, it can be a nice side income!

Sign up as an affiliate

#42. Udemy

Learn on your schedule

Study any topic, anytime. Choose from thousands of expert-led courses now.

Promote a product that is always useful, that people always want, and that will never go out of style: thousands of online courses in hundreds of categories!

The more you promote, the more money you will earn! Earn money for valid purchases through your affiliate tracking links and banners.

Sign up as an affiliate

#43. BitDegree

Experience the fun of learning: solve daily quests, finish a 7 days’ streak to earn cool rewards, and watch your skill set mounting up! Ready?

Earn up to 50 % in commissions.

Sign up as an affiliate

#44. Skillshare

Thousands of classes to fuel your creativity and career. Unlimited Access to More Than 26,000 Classes.

Learn From Anywhere

Take classes on the go with the Skillshare app—stream them on the plane, the subway or wherever you learn best.

Earn $10 for every new customer you refer to Skillshare

Sign up as an affiliate

#45. Coursera

From courses to degrees

100% online learning from the world’s best universities and companies.

Earn up to 45% Commission on 1,000+ courses and Specializations

Sign up as an affiliate

#46. Pluralsight.

Build IT skills

Transition to the cloud, embrace modern server infrastructure and prepare for certification exams. Start with Role IQ or Skill IQ.

Earn up to 50% Monthly subscription as an affiliate.

Sign up as an affiliate

#47.  edX

Access 2500+ Online Courses from 140 Top Institutions. Start Today!

Help to change lives by improving access to quality education. Share edX courses and earn a competitive commission.

Sign up as an affiliate

#48. Alison

Free online courses from the world’s leading experts. Join 13 million learners today.

Refer your friends to Alison and earn FREE Digital Certificates and Digital Diplomas. Refer as many people as you want to – the more you refer, the more you could earn!

Sign up as an affiliate

Here’s the Ultimate Guide to start and make insane money with Online Courses

Affiliate Marketing Program Websites FOR Freelancers

 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#49. Fiverr

Find The Perfect Freelance Services For Your Business

Invite Friends & Both Get Up To $100. Also, Get up to $150 when your traffic converts.

Sign up as an affiliate

#50. 99 Designs

 Get a custom design you’ll love with our global creative platform. 99designs is the best place to find and hire talented designers to grow your business.

Begin your journey earning $35 commission for every new customer you refer to.

Sign up as an affiliate

#51. Design Hill

Find The Perfect Services For Your Business.

Earn Up To $45 Per Customer. Join Designhill’s Affiliate Program and receive a 30% commission on every sale.

Sign up as an affiliate

#52.  CodeAble

Hire the best WordPress freelancers. Vetted by us, perfect for you.

Join CodeAble and Earn.

Sign up as an affiliate

#53. Youteam

Hire better teams.

Earn 10% of the value of projects you refer to YouTeam*

Sign up as an affiliate

Affiliate Programs For Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Bloggers

#54. Cryptohopper

The best automated crypto trading bot

Earn a minimum of $1,90 a month for each user who signs up for an Explorer Hopper, $4,90 for each Adventure Hopper referral and $9,90 for each Hero!

Sign up as an affiliate

#55. LiveTrader
Trade 24/7 without having to constantly monitor the markets. Harness powerful algorithms to get your edge and trade automatically.

Receive a 30% recurring commission for every user you refer. Every month.

Sign up as an affiliate

#56. Binance

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Since early 2018, Binance is considered as the biggest cryptocurrency.

Binance used 1 year to grow as a beat through their referral program. As of the time of writing, the highest earner has pocketed more than $900,000, yes, you heard me right, $90k.

Now is your time to earn 40% or 20%. You earn 20% if you are just an affiliate, and 40% if you hold BNB coin.

Ready to earn money passively? Then Binance presents you that opportunity.

Sign up as an affiliate

#57. Coinbase

Coinbase is the easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Coinbase is a digital currency exchange headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin with fiat currencies in approximately 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

As an affiliate, you can start earning free cryptocurrencies for free.

Sign up as an affiliate

#58. Legder Nano

Keep your crypto assets safe Ledger Nano X.

Join Ledger’s affiliate program – the best way to earn Bitcoin (BTC) Get a 10% commission on each sale!

Sign up as an affiliate

#59. Trezor

The safe place for your coins.

You will earn 12% – 15% referral commission for each sale.

Sign up as an affiliate

#60. eTORo

Join millions who’ve already discovered smarter investing by automatically copying the leading traders in our community, or get copied yourself to earn a second income.

Join eToro partners and profit from the fastest growing and most energetic social trading platform.

Sign up as an affiliate

#61. Coinswitch

Crypto Trading Simplified. Trade 300+ coins without creating an account on any exchange.

Refer your friends and earn $5 when they complete a transaction for a minimum of $100.

Sign up as an affiliate

#62. CoinDrect

Buy and sell cryptocurrency at the best price, with no hidden fees.

Earn 20% commission for life on any customer you refer.

Sign up as an affiliate

#63. Changelly

Your simple access to crypto.

Fast and secure way to purchase or exchange 150+ cryptocurrencies.

Get 50% of Changelly revenue share!

Sign up as an affiliate

#64. CEX.IO

CEX.IO is a place for everyone who wants to simply buy and sell Bitcoins. Deposit funds using your Visa/MasterCard or bank transfer.
Instant buy/sell of Bitcoins at fair price is guaranteed. Nothing extra. Join over 3,000,000 customers from all over the world satisfied with our services.

Invite users to CEX.IO and earn 30% of the fee on their exchange transactions!

 Sign up as an affiliate

#65. BitMEX

BitMEX is a P2P crypto-products trading platform.

Users who have signed up with a valid affiliate link will receive a 10% fee discount for 6 months.

Sign up as an affiliate

#66. Cryptohwwallet

Buy Cryptocurrency Products.

Sign up and start earning.

Sign up as an affiliate

#67. Bitay

Trade Bitcoin & Digital Currency. Exchange number 1 in Europe.

Earn 20% from the commission that BitBay charges on each transaction

Sign up as an affiliate

Top 7 CFD Websites to make Money as a New Affiliate Marketer | Forex

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a derivative trade. This means that traders can follow the price movement of an asset, instead of the asset itself when trading contracts.

When a trader opens a CFD position on an asset, the trader is agreeing to exchange the price differential between the open position & close position of the contract.

 There are many benefits available to traders with CFDs. These include trading assets in rising or falling markets, no stamp duty on profits, and 24/7 access to financial markets.

The CFD is a financial instrument that parallels the movement of the underlying asset.

#68. SimpleFx

CFD Trading Made Easy

Earn up to 25% of the revenue share from every referred trader.

Sign up as an affiliate

#69. Fxtm

Trade FX, cryptocurrencies, gold, oil, indices and stocks with tight spreads, fast execution and cash rebates*

As an affiliate, you don’t have to know forex or meet clients in person. All you need to have is a high-traffic blog, website and/or a big number of social media followers.

You will be provided with a complete set of marketing tools to promote FXTM, and once your referred clients start trading, you will receive your commission.

Sign up as an affiliate

#70. AvaTrade

Large variety of CFD instruments – Trade commodities, indices, ETFs, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs.

Join in as over $250,000,000 already paid in commissions

Sign up as an affiliate

#71. Markets

Trade Stocks, Indices, Forex, Commodities & Cryptocurrencies on one of the best Forex Trading Platforms.

Join in and make money.

Sign up as an affiliate

#72. Easy Markets

Trade CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares & Cryptos.

EasyMarkets offers its partners up to 25% lead to active client conversion rate, multiple levels of engagement and earning programs to create a partner experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Sign up as an affiliate

#73. Iq Option

IQ Option is one of the world’s leading online trading platforms. Seize your chance to trade a wide variety of instruments, using top-notch instruments and analysis tools.

You receive half of the broker’s profit for all your traders. This means that all profits for users add up to one total amount, and you get 50% of it.

Sign up as an affiliate

Top Shops & Marketplaces Affiliate Marketing Websites To Earn Money

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#74. Alibaba

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology.

Monetize your traffic with and Start Earning Today!

Sign up as an affiliate

#75. Bestself

Think Bigger And Achieve More. Productivity tools to help you achieve your goals.

15% cut will be yours as an affiliate.

Sign up as an affiliate

#76. Jet lets you order low-price stuff from popular retailers, including cleaning products, appliances, and even cosmetics.

You can earn up to $500 in credit if you refer a friend.

Sign up as an affiliate

#77. Overstock

Overstock sells a massive assortment of both new items and surplus goods, as well as handmade crafts from artisans around the world.

Earn up to 6% commission on all products.

Sign up as an affiliate

#78. Amazon

The Worlds leading shop.

Get up to 10% in advertising fees

Earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised.

Sign up as an affiliate

Top 6 Payment Processors Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#79. Payoneer

Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform empowers businesses, online sellers and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

Earn $25 per referral.

Sign up as an affiliate

#80. Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of internet businesses.

Perfect Money calls your attention to our partner program. We offer you to get 1% of the annual profit from the minimum monthly number of your referrals.

Sign up as an affiliate

#81. Skrill

 Make fast and secure payments and international money transfers. From betting and trading to shopping and gaming, Skrill makes managing your money simple.

Promote Skrill, connect with potential digital wallet holders and earn a lifetime revenue share.

Sign up as an affiliate

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#82. Square

Square helps millions of sellers run their business-from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions. Get paid faster with Square.

$20 per new activation, plus a $10 bonus when an activation starts taking payments within 30 days.

Sign up as an affiliate

#83. Dwolla

Move Money in 3 Easy Endpoints

Dwolla offers a secure, scalable and reliable way for your business to move money. Our white-label API is developer-friendly and easily integrates with your application.

For each company, you refer that signs a contract to utilize Dwolla’s ACH payment API through, we’ll offer your business a $1,000 credit toward your service fees. Your friend and new Dwolla customer will receive a $500 discount on its integration fee.

Sign up as an affiliate

#84. Adv Cash

E-wallets, cards, mass payouts, receiving payments Freelancers, webmasters, and online. Businesses

Make up to 20% from the commission our payment system charges your referred users. Payments are made instantly without any delays.

Sign up as an affiliate

Affiliate Marketing Networks that Pay Affiliate Marketers

#85. Max Bounty

Access a global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action you deem essential to evolving your brand.

$1,000 bonus for affiliates who earn $1,000 or more in the first three months.

Sign up as an affiliate

#86. ShareAsale

One of the leading affiliate networks with 19 years still counting.

Shareasale Referral Program is giving $150 for each merchant signed through your link and also giving $1 for affiliate signed with your referral link.

Sign up as an affiliate

#87. CJ

Without doubts, Commission Junction Affiliate Network is considered to be the biggest affiliate platform online.

CJ processes an incredible $15 billion in annual sales through its platform, with $1.8 billion paid out annually to its affiliates.

Sign up as an affiliate

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#88. Trade Double

A leading international digital marketing company

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#89. JvZoo

Founded in 2011 and has since rocketed to near the top as one of the most popular affiliate programs out there.

JvZoo was named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2016 and 2017, JVZoo is a SaaS (Software As A Service) that facilitates and automates online sales, marketing, and delivery.

Her expansive network gives partners the tools and solutions they need to run successful and profitable online businesses.

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#90. Rakuten

Voted as the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for eight straight years. By performance, they have crossed more than 110 million orders worldwide.

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#91. ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing program, founded in 1998 and is privately-held. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

As an affiliate, you can cruise up to 75% in commission.

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#92. Peerfly

Peerfly is a CPA network with a comprehensive list of both digital and physical products.

Peerfly stands out from its competitors because it offers a second-tier affiliate program that will earn you five percent of everything your second-tier affiliates sell in their first year.

You can join one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the world and watch your profits soar! Start Earning Today! They currently have 2,302 offers to choose from!

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#93. WarriorPlus

One of the Best-in-class sales automation, affiliate network, and education for digital business owners and online marketers.

Since 2006, WarriorPlus has brought together the leaders in online digital product creation and marketing.

They’ve established a thriving and dynamic community where great minds share great products for greater success.

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#94. DMSAffiliates

DMSAffiliates is a leading affiliate network. They have the highest paying offers in the entire world. With payouts up to $800 per conversion.

Ready to start earning as a Pro?

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#95. Mylead

MyLead is one of the biggest affiliate networks with publishers has earning over USD 140 000.

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Top 4 Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Promote and Make Cool Money

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#96. Trip Advisor

Save your favorite travel ideas and see them on a map | Get price alerts and deals so you can travel your way | Ask questions and get answers from travelers like you – all at Trip Advisor

You get a cut up to 50% commissions when you joining the TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program. The Company enables you to partner with the world’s largest and most trusted travel community.

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#97. is a popular name in the travel industry.

With our Affiliate Program you have two ways to earn: Bringing in bookings and referring properties. Signing up is free and your account is confirmed instantly.

Their affiliate partner program is open for anyone with a blog/website, an app, or a travel agency.

Earn up to 40 % of the commission on bookings made through your site or Earn 50 € for each property that you refer to

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#98. Agoda

Overseeing millions of properties, Agoda is a one stop place for Hotels, Resorts, And Hostels & MORE.

As an affiliate of Agoda, each $200 booking gets you a commission rate of 5%. Meaning, you earn $10 in commissions.

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#99. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a leading travel search site providing instant online comparisons for flights, car hire and hotels.

The Skyscanner affiliate programme works on a 50% revenue share model, meaning they pay publishers half of the revenue that Skyscanner makes per booking from the users you send to them.

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#100. Appi Travels.

Share profits from a $7.8 trillion market if only you take action today!

You can earn up to $200 as an affiliate.

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Car Rental Affiliate Program

101. Discovercars

Discovercars is a car rental comparison website. They offer affiliate partners a share of her revenue through the placement of an affiliate link or a booking widget on their website.

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Popular 5 Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs for Newbies

#102. Body Building

The World’s Largest Online Fitness Store—and a Lot More

 Ready to make money earning with the best?

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#103. Fitbit

Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more.

Make money and improve lives by directing visitors to Fitbit products from your site or blog.

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#104. Weight Watchers

Eat real food. Live your life. Lose weight.

Earn money the easy way – join the Weight Affiliate program! Our program is FREE to join and easy to set up.

Increase your revenue by connecting your visitors to Weight Watchers, a brand with over 50 years’ experience developing safe, easy-to-follow weight loss plan.

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#105. Life Fitness

See how Life Fitness can provide solutions for your space in three easy steps.

Become a part of the Life Fitness Affiliate Network and earn an 8% commission on every sale.

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#106. My Protein

A leading sports nutrition brand, delivering a range of quality products including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods, snack alternatives, and performance clothing.

Earn $10 instantly per friend you refer to.

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My TOP 2 Best Cosmetics & Beauty Affiliate Programs

NEW Affiliate Programs For Beginners

#107. Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty is the destination for those looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s a problem-solving treatment or a yet unheard-of oil, they pride themselves on her transparency

If you are ready to work with a transparent company, you can earn up to Up to 10% commission on net sales, excluding shipping, and returns.

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#108. Luxy Hair

Whether you’ve struggled to grow your hair past a certain point or want to look and feel incredible for a special occasion, Luxy Hair believes everyone deserves to have the hair of their dreams.

It’s free to participate and you will make $10 on every full set sold.

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Best Electronics Affiliate Programs for New Tech Bloggers to Promote

#109. Gear Best

Get the best and quality products delivered at your doorstep.

Choose from over 110,000 HOT Products to advertise to your customers.

UNLIMITED Earning Potential. Up to 50% Commission and Free Excelsior review products provided for all associates.

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#110. Micro Soft

Get a wealth of top Micro Soft products.

Ready to partner with a big company, join the Microsoft Affiliate Program and earn up to 10% commission on Office, Surface, Xbox, Cs and more.

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Other 10 Income Affiliate Programs To Promote And Make Money For Beginners

#1. Themify Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

Themify themes and plugins have been helping 96,841+ customers make beautifully responsive WordPress sites, faster and easier than ever.

Join Themify affiliate program and earn a 40% commission on any sale generated through your affiliate link.

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#2. Thirsty Affiliates

Cloak Affiliate Links For Free In WordPress.

A generous commission of 30%, prompt monthly payment via PayPal and no minimum payout threshold.

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#3. Teslathemes

Create and sell beautiful, modern WordPress themes with clean design, powerful features andpremium support.

Sign up to become an affiliate and make 25% on each sale that you refer through your site.

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#4. Market Places

Refersion is designed to help you quickly create and launch your own promotion network

Join Refersion Marketplace to see offers from other great merchants. There are new merchants joining every day!

#5. Dream Host

The tagged “Web Hosting with Purpose” is one of the best in the industry.

As an affiliate you can join the DreamHost Affiliate Program to get cash quickly. Earn up to $200 per referral!

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#6. Long Tail Pro

Increase Your Site’s Traffic The Long Tail Way.

For each sale that you make, you will receive 30% of the sales price and future recurring revenue from our monthly and annual plans.

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#7. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy works with every eCommerce store, through app integrations or email connect.

When your friends create an account from your invite link, you get $15 in cash!

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#8. Ninja Outreach

The smartest influencer marketing & analysis platform.

Create effective influencer marketing campaigns by filtering through millions of influencers insights to find the one that captures your target audience’s attention.

Earn 20% monthly recurring commissions for each customer you refer!
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#9. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite offers unlimited sites, keywords, and backlinks to track, and a wealth of features you won’t find anywhere else, many of which are available in the free version.

Average $197 per sale in affiliate commission 33%.

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#10. Click Funnels

Quickly Create Beautiful Sales Funnels. That Convert Your Visitors Into Leads And Then Customers…

Join The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and make massive money.

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Final Notes On The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

As a new affiliate marketer or a new blogger, there is a wellspring of affiliate programs and products to promote and make money.

However, I like looking at high affiliate programs. How do I mean?

It takes the same efforts to promote both low and high affiliates programs, so, when you choose, go for the ones that will reward your efforts handsomely.

And if you want to earn affiliate commissions for a lifetime, that is as far as your referral uses the affiliate product, look at the recurring affiliate programs.

Ready to start making money with affiliate marketing, here is the first step.

The very first step is to create your money-making site, AKA affiliate site, I recommend you get started with HostGator for 60.50% off, or just $2.75/month.

Here is a beginner’s guide to creating your money-making site with HostGator.

All right. That is it.

What are your thoughts about the top 120 best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? | Drop a question if you’ve got one.

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