150+ Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners Without a Website to Earn $500+ 2022

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners without a Website

My first breakthrough in affiliate marketing was in 2017, which was after several years of trying hard to make my first affiliate earning.

While I never saw the top or best affiliate programs for beginners then, I was contented to earning $10 per affiliate commission of the service I was promoting.

The good news here is that, if you are a newbie or starting, these best affiliate marketing programs for beginners will set you upon the rock to start making decent earnings, more than what I earned.

But before we go straight to the commission programs, a lot has been said about making money with affiliate marketing, and I am not comfortable with the notions.

After struggling for many years for a breakout, I think I am fit to give my 2 cents on it, right?

With my journey all the way, I will be laying the foundations you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to make it work for you.


Kindly use the “Table of Contents” and jump to the main affiliate programs list else, follow along.


You Need an Affiliate Marketing Course to Make Your First $100 Online

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11 150+ Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners without a Website

There is a hearsay myth that you need a core affiliate marketing course to make it in affiliate marketing.

As a beginner, you might be too anxious to buy every idea which is good though, but if you want the whole truth, the thing is, you need a course, and also, you don’t.


Why You Need An Affiliate Marketing Course to Succeed?

The essence of any course is to help you cut the chase on the mistakes you would have made. Personally, I have made many blunders when it came to affiliate marketing.

It went to the point that I forgot to keep track of my affiliate programs. It was awful.

To beat my mistakes in internet marketing, here are the easy rules to guide you.

Rule Number 1. Keep tracks and records of the affiliate programs you’re enrolled in.
Rule Number 2. You’ll be good at promoting fewer affiliate programs.

Why You Don’t Need an Affiliate Marketing Course

If you are on a low budget you might not want to go for an affiliate marketing course. I mean, if you can’t pay for it, there is no way you will enroll in it. 

I don’t know your financial capability, but if you are on a low budget, I have detailed my journey of affiliate marketing for many years now, you can go ahead and see how to start affiliate marketing for free.


You see, the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to spend time to create your own course, products, or service. All you need to do is create a platform and market the programs and get paid or earn 6-7 Figures.

With affiliate marketing, I was able to document my first income report.

For more income reports and real-time case studies, follow them here or subscribe here for free to get them pushed to you. 


Having said the above, kindly use the “Table of Contents” and jump to the main affiliate programs list else, follow along as we lay some foundations for others new to the business of internet marketing.

What do they mean by Internet & Affiliate Marketing?

Internet Marketing is all about creating a market online. Let’s break it down.

What’s a market place? A place people go to buy and sell things.

Now, if you promote or sell a product like Samsung Galaxy 10 to someone using the internet that is a form of internet marketing. That is to say, you’ve created a marketing system using the internet.

On the other way round, let’s say you’re a freelancer – you can write articles or graphic designs. By definition, that’s selling a service, right?


Now, if you sign up on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork and start writing articles and designing for people, that’s also using the internet to market your services/skills. I hope that’s understood.

So, when you hear of internet marketing, know that it’s about using the internet to exchange your services for money – a form of marketing.


Affiliate Marketing without a Website, is it Possible?

Affiliate marketing without a website 2020

Do you think one can make money with affiliate marketing without a website? The answer is yes, but it is not a straight-line thing.

Don’t worry, I will show you how I did it so you too can. And even more, I will give you my course on how I did it so you too can maximize the opportunities in front of you.


But what is Affiliate Marketing, anyway?

Just as was defined here, affiliate marketing is the art of getting commissions for successfully promoting services and products to the right customers and audiences.

For instance, if you promote a product like Samsung Galaxy 10 to the right audience, may be using Facebook, Twitter, or your blog, and one of them ends up buying the mobile phone, that’s affiliate marketing.


And who is an Affiliate?

The person that promotes products or services is called an affiliate.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work In Entirety?

Here are the steps to get started with affiliate marketing.


#1. Sign up as an affiliate

First, you will sign up to promote products. You can use a marketplace like Clickbank (list of banned countries), Expertnaire, Jumia, or sites like them.


#2. Get your Affiliate link

When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a link – URL – which is unique to you only (called affiliate link). Through this link, all your sales will be recorded and tracked. That way you will see your progress and so on.


#3. Payments Threshold

Now most affiliate sites and programs will pay you based on reaching a particular commission threshold (like $5, 50 $100, and so on).

Just to lay it down, a payment threshold is a particular sales benchmark you need to make/reach before being paid your commissions.

For instance, with Expertnaire, you’re supposed to earn N5,000 minimum before you’re being paid.

This varies with different companies. In fact, I’m also working with a company that requires you to make $75 before getting paid.


What are the Types of Affiliate Marketing without a website/blog?


There are basically 2 types of Affiliate Marketing.

1. Affiliate marketing with zero Paid Traffic

This involves using your content marketing influence to make money with affiliate marketing. That is to say, if you have a website, social media platform and etc. where you put out content always, you can leverage on this marketing base and make money online selling other people’s products.


2. Affiliate marketing with Paid Traffic

This involves making use of paid traffic to market affiliate products. This can be via PPC – pay per click like Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing ads, and more.

Also, we have sponsored posts – where an affiliate sponsors a post on popular websites and gets paid when the audiences buy or signs up to the promoted program using his/her affiliate link.


Affiliate marketing with a Website, how does it work?

Affiliate marketing with a Website

This form of affiliate marketing is depending on organic traffic through SEO – Search Engine Optimization

For this type, if you review a product using your WordPress website, and the article is ranked on Google. What it means here is that you’ll be getting free traffic to the article and the recommended affiliate programs.

See one of my ranked review article on Kinsta – using SEO, my website review of the product.

150+ Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners Without a Website to Earn $500+ 2022

Here is an illustration to grab it easily. Let’s say you were promoting a $30 commission affiliate program, and free visits from Google in June was 5,000. And out of the 5,000, 10 bought the reviewed affiliate program, you will get 10 * $30 = $300.

If this continues per month, literally, you would be sure of $300 a month from that one effort of sitting down to review the program.

For this method to work, you will need to start a blog, more on it later.


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Affiliate marketing without a website 2022, how it works?

Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Affiliate marketing without a website is as simple as using content marketing on a platform you have an influence to market affiliate products.

I am sure you’ve heard of social media influencers? These are people that leverage the audiences they’ve built over time and make money via recommending products.


From the first-hand experiment, the first HostGator commission I earned was made possible with affiliate marketing without a website, how?

I made the sale through content marketing on Reddit. To summarize it. Every day I was busy helping folks answer some affiliate marketing and hosting questions.

Based on my extensive answers, for some of them that came in to open a chat with me, I left them with my HostGator affiliate link as a recommended web hosting based on my usage as well, and from there, the first person bought it and I was given a commission. 

But wait, what have you heard about Reddit? A lion’s den to get backlashed? Well, it seems so because I have been downvoted like 2 times, banned to comment on one sub-reddit, and the truth is, the moderators can be crazy as times 🙄 

Even though it seems like a big mountain to climb, do you know what? I have gathered 900+ Karma points from zero which gave me some authority to post in many sub-reddits.


Want to see how I grew my Karma points from 0 to 900+? If yes, then I will treat this in one of the case studies although there are about 6 case studies in front of it.

If you want to get it, hit the notification bell icon on top of this page to get notified (refresh if you can’t find it).


The big question now is, any chance for you to make money with affiliate marketing without a website?

The answer is yes, like Reddit, I will show you how I did it on Quora and the results. And if you can’t follow it through, the best [which is always your own] is using your website to promote affiliate products.

But if you want to build a profitable affiliate marketing blog, see below.


You can sign up for a 7 day FREE course on how to create a profitable blog.


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How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website Investment


How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website Investment

Want to start affiliate marketing without website investment? Here are the steps.

1.  Find an affiliate program or product

The very first step is to find an affiliate program that is related to your niche.

If you’re in the health niche, you know you want to go with MoreNiche.com, if Pay per clicks, you can use Media.net (more as we go on), if targeting Nigerian audiences, Expertnaire, if household items and related, then Amazon affiliate program and so on.


2.  Build a platform/audience for content marketing

After choosing a program to work with, the next on the list is building a marketing platform and audience wherefore you can leverage and make money.

You can use free platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Instagram, Telegram (join our community), and more (marketing platforms).


3. Start creating content (Building Trust)

Have you ever heard that people buy from those they love? If yes, then you have before you the holy grail of affiliate marketing.

In the book “Power of Habits by Duhigg”, he explained how it was easy for a friend to recommend a job offer to another than to do the same for a total stranger. This is made possible by the power of Social Habits.

While yours might not be social habits but marketing habits, you want to build trust with your audiences as the very first marketing strategy. And the only way out is adding value to them.


4.  Recommend Products

Upon building that trust via adding value, there will come a time to recommend products and services for them where they will sign up via your affiliate links.

Even better, some will ask of the product or service you use to achieve results A or B, and from there you recommend related solutions using your link.

Kindly note that this is from first-hand experience and what has worked for me. Want the best news? Here is it.

Some good people have used my affiliate links to buy products based on the fact that they perceived I’ve been adding value to them.

Again, some have had to open up a chat with me and ask the services I use to achieve result A or B.

P.S: if you’re one of them reading this note, just want to say thank you and God bless for supporting this work.


And just before we go on, kindly note that this article contains some affiliate links, which means we earn a little commission if you end up buying/signing up to programs/services using the links. Thanks for the support – You can learn more on our Earning Disclaimer.

Top 4 Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs

Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs

Here are a few ways to promote income programs and make money online.


1.  Promote Affiliate Programs using your Website

One of the cheapest ways which have worked for me since 2016 in affiliate promotions is via my blog.

My breakthrough came in when I wrote interesting articles showing how to use a platform, product or service. Another way was reviewing a product, or service.

For instance, if you’re promoting GetResponse email service, one of the best ways you can make money with it is by writing a how-to-use guide or reviewing the service.

With this, when readers go through it there is a possibility that if you’ve added value to them, they will sign up – that is it.


How to start a Profitable Affiliate Site for Beginners, the steps

Promote Affiliate Programs using your Website a


Step 1. You pick a product you want to promote.

 For instance, “Baby Car Seats”.  


Step 2. You build a blog around the product.

For instance, if we’re promoting the above – we will build a blog around it. I would call it, EveryDayBabySeater.com


Step 3. We build blog posts around Baby Car seats. 

When I say “build blog posts around Baby Car seats”. I mean writing about Baby seats but targeting the main money keyboard, “The Best Baby Car Seats in 2021”. 

For every blog post, you write, you will be linking out to your “The Best Baby Car Seats in 2021”.

That way, Google will prioritize that page, and it will start ranking on the internet. 

Now if it takes ages and you can’t rank on Phage 1, it means you will need to go out there and create backlinks to the blog post. 

You can learn more about Backlinks at Backlinko.

This is the same method I used to rank “starting a blog post on HostGator” which jumped from nowhere to page 1 on Google.


Step 4. Make your first Sell.

The most exciting time is when you make your first dollars. So, don’t ignore whatever it takes to succeed because when you do, you won’t remember the pains you went through. 

💡 Just do the work now and reap the benefits.


To build your affiliate site, I recommend HostGator.com.

Not just that you will get a FREE domain name to use for your site or the fact that you can get started at $2.75/mo, the thing is, having used HostGator myself, as a beginner, the quality of service HostGator offers is good enough to hold and manage your affiliate blog.

Luckily, you will get up to 60% off on your initial payment for web hosting with HostGator today. See below to claim Asap.

Click here to claim your 60% off discount on HostGator. 

Alternatively, Bluehost is great for beginners – based on usage. Click here to check it out.


A follow-up guide: How to Start a WordPress Blog as a beginner.


2.  Promote Affiliate Programs using YouTube

You can start a YouTube Channel and recommend Products at the end of the Videos. YouTube is free, so, you can start with that.

Note: You have to put out great content FIRST before thinking of money.

Here is a guide from Creator Academy on how to start a YouTube Channel and also, how to make money with it from Digital Marketing Skills.


3. Promote Affiliate Programs using Sponsored Adverts

This involves #1. Signing up for affiliate programs #2. Running ads to promote affiliate products for commissions.

Some of the best ad running platforms so far are; Facebook, Google AdWords, Bing, YouTube, and more.

The good news for you today is that, if you MOVE or CREATE your Blog with HostGator or Bluehost today, you will be given a free $100 bill to run ads to your affiliate programs.


4.  Promote Affiliate Programs using Sponsored Posts

This promotion method involves publishing a promotional article on high traffic websites.

All you need to do is go to the website you want to work with, see their adverts terms and conditions, if favorable, you pitch your content and make payment.

With that, the clicks from the users of that site will be redirected to the affiliate program unless you used a landing page to collect their email addresses.


So far so good. Having touched the basics on how to make affiliate marketing work for you, let’s now go on to see the best affiliate programs for beginners without a website in 2020.

150+ Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners without a Website

Best Affiliate Programs without a Website

The following are affiliate programs in many niches and categories. Go ahead and select those related to your audience and make cool cash.

Let’s start with the software affiliate products.


Top 10 Software Affiliate Programs for BEGINNERS That Require No Websites

Software Affiliate Programs That Require No Website

The following are some of the Software Affiliate Programs you can promote and make money.


1. Jobber Affiliate Program

Jobber is an award-winning software that helps small home service businesses organize their entire operations, from scheduling jobs and managing their crews, to invoicing customers and collecting payments.

As an affiliate, you earn $5 for every Signup!

Here is all Jobber affiliate earning plans for you.

  • 60% for the sale of Core Monthly!
  • 60% for the sale of Connect Monthly!
  • 60% for the sale of Grow Monthly!
  • $50 for the sale of Core Annual!
  • $150 for the sale of Connect Annual!
  • $300 for the sale of Grow Annual!

Check out Jobber Affiliate Program


2. Asana Affiliate program for beginners

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. With it, you can easily manage team projects and lots of tasks.

See the Asana’s Affiliate program here


3. ReferralCandy Affiliate Program

Starting its operations in 2009, ReferralCandy is a software that powers referral marketing programs for online stores of all shapes and sizes.

As an affiliate, you get $20 when you refer a customer. That is to say when someone creates an account from your invite link, you get $20 in cash!

Check out ReferralCandy Software Affiliate Program


4. Zoom Affiliate Program for Beginners

Like me, I guess sure you never saw this coming. That Zoom has an affiliate program. Well, the good news is that you can join and make money on the side.

See the affiliate program


5.  Voluum Affiliate Program

Voluum Ad Tracker is the leading tracking software for affiliates. The software comes with advanced analytical features and built-in optimization tools, to track customer’s campaigns.

As a Voluum affiliate, you earn 20% Lifetime Commissions for every deal you bring in.

Check out Voluum Software Affiliate Program


6. Microsoft Affiliate Program For Beginners

 Perhaps you are a fan of Microsoft or you have a tech blog, you can join the Microsoft affiliate program and make money on the side.

See the program here


7.  Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall is one of the most powerful and complete Digital Marketing Platform for building sales funnel and lots more.

The Software has an all-in-one solution to skyrocket your business online without the need for a third-party site or integration.

As an affiliate, every time you make a sale in Builderall, you earn a 100% commission on your customer’s first payment.

Check out Builderall Software Affiliate Program


8. Google Workspace Affiliate Program for Beginners

Google Workspace includes apps such as: Gmail, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar. Previously known as G Suite, you may already use free versions of these.

If you can promote these programs you can make money on the side.

See the G-Workspace


9.  Tapfiliate Affiliate Program

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software that manages affiliate programs for clients.

The affiliate marketing software allows you to easily create, track, and manage your own affiliate marketing and referral programs.

As an affiliate promoting the tool you earn 20% recurring commissions (for the first 6 months) of each paying customer you refer.

Check out Tapfiliate Software Affiliate Program


10.  Partner with 1Password Affiliate Program 

You can join 1Password’s community of trusted partners and discover new opportunities for your business by earning money on the side.

See the affiliate program


11. Tagembed Affiliate Program

As a platform, Tagembed social media aggregator tool offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

Therefore, as an affiliate, you can make up to $3,528 for 20 signs up per year, and earn 30% recurring revenue every month.

Check out the affiliate program here.


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10 Top Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to promote as a Beginner or without a website

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to promote without a website

Let’s see a few Web Hosting Best Affiliate Programs you can make money with even without a website.

Just as I said, I made my first HostGator sale on Reddit, so, if you market these services the right way you can make money even with no website of your own.


1. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Rated as my #1 managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is a great hosting platform that manages the top shots websites in the world.

Kinsta is known for its effectiveness in giving you supercharged website speed and premium benefits.

 As a blogger or small business owner, you can host your website and enjoy all the premium benefits with a discount of $60.

➡️ Use this dedicated link to get a $60 off your purchase. 


As an affiliate of Kinsta, you can earn up to $500 per sale depending on the plan the referred customer signs up for. See below to learn more.

Check out Kinsta Web Hosting Affiliate Program


2. DomainRacer Web Hosting Affiliate Program

DomainRacer is another web hosting service where you earn massive commissions as an affiliate and an extensive range of commissions of up to 70% commission with a 13.11% conversion ratio.

As a hosting service, it is considered to load fast with 21x speed, secure and it comes with other advanced features, and most importantly cheap pricing options for users. 

➡️ Click here to check out DomainRacer Affiliate Program


3. HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is a well-known web hosting company that champions up to 8 million websites in the world.

Having used the web hosting service, if you are looking forward to starting a fast loading blog without paying a huge amount then HostGator is perfect for a start.

Also, if you’re moving your website from another web host they will help you for free.

As an affiliate promoting the HostGator affiliate program, you can earn up to $65 or more.

➡️ Check out HostGator Web Hosting Affiliate Program


4. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Owned by the same company as HostGator, Bluehost is a popular hosting company. 

With its hosting plans similar to HostGator, Bluehost is also a recommended web hosting website for beginners or those who are looking forward to moving their website.

While HostGator does move your site for free (migration), with Bluehost, you will have to pay for that service.

As a Bluehost affiliate, you earn up to $60+. See below to learn more about the affiliate program.

➡️ Check out Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate Program


5. Hostnoc $150 on each sale program 

To begin with, Hostnoc is a Canadian-based web hosting provider offering cloud hosting, VPS, VPN, and all packed with numerous features and first-rate cyber security at the best prices.

Apart from cloud hosting, they offer advanced hosting for e-commerce users, Linux-Dedicated Servers, Windows Dedicated Servers, and more.

Talking about its $150 on each sale program, as an affiliate, you get a flat 50% and $150 on every sale via your affiliate link.

➡️ Click here to check out Hostnoc Affiliate program


6. WP Engine Affiliate Program

Touted as a big competitor to Kinsta, WPEngine is a great web hosting company for those with a high traffic sites.

As a beginner, I don’t recommend you start your blog here unless you have the funds to pay for the premium service.

The thing with WPEngine is, it has one of the best paying affiliate programs as affiliates can earn up to $200 per sale of the web hosting plans. 

➡️ Check out WPEngine Web Hosting Affiliate Program


7. CloudWays Affiliate Program

When it comes to managed hosting or hosting your website using a cloud host, Cloudways is my #3.

Even as a premium web hosting service, they make things super cool for business owners as you can host your online business starting from $10.

Going on to her affiliate program, Cloudways offers three flexible commission payout models with recurring commissions.

With the program, you can earn up to $125 per sale based on the Performance Slabs.

➡️ Check out Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program


8. SiteGround Affiliate Program

With a first-hand usage, Siteground is a good web hosting company even though they shocked me when I was there.

With its high renewal fees, this is not so a great web host to start your online business. However, if you can beat the high fees then you have no worries.

As a SiteGround affiliate, you can earn up to $50 per sign up.

➡️ Check out Siteground Web Hosting Affiliate Program


9. Flywheel Affiliate Program

Earning the spot as my #2 web hosting company, Flywheel is a trusted and accommodating web hosting service.

One of their representatives called me some time ago and I can tell you, this is the next best Kinsta alternative if you can’t afford Kinsta premium.  

Also, they offer free migration should you want to move your online business hosting there.


As an affiliate with Flywheel, you earn up to $500 per sale of her web hosting service.

➡️ Check out Flywheel Web Hosting Affiliate Program


10. Hostinger Affiliate Program

Might be new to some of us, Hostinger remains one of the flexible and cheap premium web hosting companies I recommend for online business owners.

With the web hosting service, you can start your blog with less than $1 per month.

While it is cheap at the beginning, I think you want to check out the renewal fees if it’s okay with you. See Hostinger’s hosting plans here.


As an affiliate with Hostinger, you earn up to 60% for successfully promoting the service to your audience.

➡️ Check out Hostinger Web Hosting Affiliate Program


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Top 3 Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Without Website

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Without Website

Standing for Pay Per Click, PPC is an advertising model where advertisers pay commission to the publishers whenever one of their ads is clicked.

Let’s see some of the top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs you can promote and make money online for free.


1.  Media.net Ambassador Program

Media.net is a leading online ad-tech company that develops innovative products for advertisers and publishers.

The Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program offers affiliate an opportunity to make money when they refer users. 

Check out Media.net Pay Per Click Affiliate Program


2.  RevenuHits

Like Media.net, RevenuHits is a self-service Ad Network platform for publishers.

As an affiliate, you get 10% of quality publisher’s earnings who sign up to RevenueHits for an entire year!

Check out RevenuHits Pay Per Click Affiliate Program


3. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is the leading commerce content monetization platform. Its technology automatically monetizes product links in commerce-related content.

As a Skimlinks affiliate, you get 35% commission from any publisher you refer to them in their first year with Skimlinks.

Check out Skimlinks Pay Per Click Affiliate Program


For more on PPC affiliate programs, check out BloggersPassion.


Top 5 Website Builders Affiliate Programs

Website Builders Affiliate Programs

Website builders are sites that help create professional websites. Most of the top website builders are free to start with, so, let’s see some of them.


1.  Website.com Affiliate Program

Did you know that there is a domain name with website.com? Well, there you have it.

Website.com is a website you can easily launch your website for free – little customization.

As an affiliate with Website.com, you will earn $100 per customer who pays for the premium version of the website.

Check out Website.com Website Builder Affiliate Program


2.  Wix Affiliate Program

Wix is a popular website builder for crafting your brand site in minutes.

As a Wix affiliate marketer, you earn $100 per customer who pays for the premium version of the website.

Check out Wix Website Builder Affiliate Program


3.  Site123 Affiliate Program

Site123 is another simple site builder to build your portfolio website.

As a Site123 affiliate marketer, you earn $180 per customer who pays for the premium version of the website.

Check out Site123 Website Builder Affiliate Program


4.  Gator Affiliate Program

Still managed by HostGator.com, Gator is a website builder for those who want to use a drag and drop builder.

In the same vein, if you promote the Gator website builder, you will earn up to $75.

Check out Gator Website Builder Affiliate Program


5.  Pixpa Partner Program

Pixpa is a Portfolio Websites for Photographers and Creators.

If you are a photographer you can try the site out as you get started for free without a credit card.

Also, if you promote Pixpa to small business photographers, you get up to $150 per premium Client brought in.

Check out Pixpa Portfolio Website Partner Program


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Top 5 Keyword Research Tools Affiliate Programs to promote without a website

Keyword Research Tools Affiliate Programs to promote

Keyword research tools help bloggers on content analyses such as keyword volume, difficulties, backlinks and a lot more.

As an affiliate, you can make money when you promote these tools to the right audiences.

Let’s see some of them.


1. SEMrush Affiliate Program

SEMrush is my favorite keyword research tool. For a guide on it, see how I used it here – video

As a SEMrush affiliate, you earn up to 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales!

Check out SEMrush Keyword Research Affiliate Program


2. KwFinder Affiliate Program

Like SEMrush, KwFinder is a good keyword research tool for beginners and advanced users.

As an affiliate, you get 30% LIFETIME commission by promoting Mangools SEO tools used and loved by people all around the world.

Check out KwFinder Keyword Research Affiliate Program


3. Serpstat Affiliate Program

SerpStat is another powerful keyword analysis tool.

As an affiliate, you earn 30% of every purchase using the referral link.

Check out Serpstat Affiliate Program


4.  LongTailPro Affiliate Program

Still an amazing keyword research tool.

For each referral you bring to LongtailPro, you earn a 30% commission on all sales and recurring transactions of her pro plans.

Check out LongtailPro Affiliate Program


5.  Keyword Revealer Affiliate Program

The Keyword Revealer gives out 3 searches per day for free users.

As an affiliate, you earn up to 30% recurring commission each month from everyone you refer!

Check out Keyword Revealer Affiliate Program


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Top 7+ WordPress Themes Affiliate Programs for Beginners to promote

WordPress Themes Affiliate Programs for Beginners

WordPress themes give your website ecstatic – just as wallpaper does for a mobile phone.

Technically, in WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website.

Below are some of the quality WordPress themes to promote to your audiences and make money.


1. ThemeForest Affiliate Program

The Envato Market is the world’s largest creative market place, selling millions of digital assets every year.

As an affiliate, you earn a 30% affiliate commission on any first purchase you refer.

Check out ThemeForest Affiliate Program


2. StudioPress Affiliate Program

As a blogger, StudioPress can help you transform your hobby into a successful online business with their themes. 

Check out StudioPress Affiliate Program


3. Astra Affiliate Program

With Astra theme, you grab an opportunity to earn a commission starting from $17 to $210 on every sale!

Check out Astra theme Affiliate Program


4. Atheme Affiliate Program

Join the Atheme affiliate program, and for every sale, you earn up to 50% in commission.  

Check out Atheme Affiliate Program


5. Themeisle Affiliate Program

Refer paying customers to ThemeIsle and earn up to 50% commissions on all sales.

Check out Themeisle Affiliate Program

6. Organized Themes Affiliate Program

You can get more than 17% commissions for referring clients to organized themes.

Check out organized themes Affiliate Program


7. Wpzoom Affiliate Program

Everyone who joins WpZoom Affiliate Program via your link earns you 30% in commissions.

Check out wpzoom Affiliate Program


8. Rocket Theme Affiliate Program

By joining Rocket Theme affiliate program, you receive the following:

  • Up to 30% commission on sales!
  • Earn 15% on sales up to $150 per month
  • Earn 20% on sales from $151 to $1500 per month
  • Earn 25% on sales from $1501 to $5000 per month
  • Earn 30% on sales above $5001 per month

Check out Rocket Themes Affiliate Program


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Best 15 WordPress Plugins Affiliate Programs to Promote without a website

WordPress Plugins Affiliate Programs to Promote without a website

WordPress plugins are like mobile android apps that help you customize your mobile phone the way you want.

Technically, WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site.

Below are a number of plugins to promote to WordPress users and make money.


1.  ithemes Affiliate Program

According to her affiliate page, the iThemes Affiliate Programs pays 25% in commission for sales generated through your affiliate links for iThemes products.

Check out iThemes WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


2.  WP Rocket Affiliate Program

Below is the commission structure when you promote WPRocket as an affiliate:

  • Single plan sells for $49 – you earn $9.80
  • Plus plan sells for $99 – you earn $19.80
  • Infinite plan sells for $249 – you earn $49.80

It’s easy and free to join. You only have to apply, promote WP Rocket using your referral link, and then earn a 20% commission on every sale you generate.

Check out WPRocket WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


3. Shortpixel Affiliate Program

ShortPixel is popular for her image compression WordPress plugin.

As an affiliate, you will receive 30% of all new sales (including recurring income) generated through your affiliate link.

Check out ShortPixel WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


4. Smartslider3 Affiliate Program

With Smartslider3, you can make beautiful and powerful sliders, carousels, and blocks. Designing sliders is finally fun!

Earn a 30% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate links and themes.

Check out Smartslider3 WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


4. Elementor Affiliate Program

Build mouth-dropping pages or Landing Pages.

As an affiliate, it’s 50% per sale for your efforts.

Check out Elementor WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


5. DIVi Affiliate Program

Earn Money by promoting your favorite themes! When you join DIVi affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and text links that you can place on your website.

Check out DIVi WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


6.  Get JetElements Affiliate Program

Get 30% commission for any user’s first purchase and 10% commission on further purchases with TemplateMonster affiliate program.

Check out TemplateMonster WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


7.  Jetpack Affiliate Program

Secure and monitor your website. As an affiliate, you earn 20% of all the revenues your referral generates.

Check out JetPack WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


8.  Ninja Forms Affiliate Program

Ninja Forms is the ultimate FREE form creation solution for WordPress.

It’s really easy. You will get a 20% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

Check out Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


9.  AffiliateWP Affiliate Program

Refer customers to AffiliateWP and earn a 20% commission on each successful sale.

Check out AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


10. Thrive Architect Affiliate Program

35% Commission per Purchase and 25% recurring commission is all yours when you promote Thrive Architect.

Check out Thrive Architect WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


11. BackupBuddy Affiliate Program

Secure your site with BackupBuddy.

As an affiliate, you get up to 25% in commission for sales generated through your affiliate links.

Check out BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


12. Gravity Forms Affiliate Program

Gravity Forms is one of the easiest to create advanced forms for your WordPress-Powered Website.

As an affiliate, you get paid 20% commission for every new Gravity Forms customer you convert.

Check out Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


13. OptinMonster Affiliate Program

OptinMonster helps you get subscribers the easy way – not cheap for beginners.

As an affiliate you get a 20% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

Check out OptinMonster WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


14. WP Migrate DB Pro Affiliate Program

With WP Migrate DB Pro you can easily migrate your website easily with one click.

Earn 20% on every sale you generate. Plus earn 10% on every sale generated by affiliates you refer!

Check out WP Migrate DB Pro WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program   


15. Restrict Content Pro Affiliate Program

Restrict Content Pro was designed to provide a complete membership management system that gave site administrators a clean, simple way to restrict content to paid subscribers and collect payments from paying customers.

Refer customers and earn 20% commission on each successful sale you refer!

Check out Restrict Content Pro WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program


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Top 5 Best Video Tools Affiliate Programs for Beginners

WordPress Plugins Affiliate Programs to Promote without a website

The following video affiliate programs will earn you decent commissions if only you have the right audience to market them to.

Let’s start with the first.


1.  Splasheo Affiliate Program

Splasheo will help you get seen at scale and make a massive impact on the world, using the amazing power of social video.

As an affiliate, you earn 20% recurring commission on every sale you make.

Check out Splasheo Affiliate Program


2.  Placeit Affiliate Program

Placeit is tagged as the internet’s largest repository of visual templates, the platform caters to those designing t-shirts, banners, book covers, and of course, many different kinds of videos.

As an affiliate you get:

  • $20 per monthly subscriber referred.
  • $50 per annual subscriber referred.
  • 50% of one time transactions.

Check out Placeit Affiliate Program


3.  Wirecast Affiliate Program

Stream like the pro with Wirecast.

As an affiliate, you get 15% or more in commission.

Check out Wirecast Affiliate Program


4. Animoto Affiliate Program

Animoto makes it easy to create professional videos on the web on the go.

Join Animoto’s affiliate program and earn commissions by promoting the video product on your site.

Check out Animoto Affiliate Program


5. Biteable Affiliate Program

It’s not a bad thing if you make better videos than your competitors with Biteable.

 Check out Biteable Affiliate Program


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Top 5 Podcasting Affiliate Programs for Beginners to promote without websites

Podcasting Affiliate Programs for Beginners to promote without websites

Podcasting is the art of using your voice to blog. As in, instead of writing, you are talking.

To see how to start a podcast business, see this best free podcast hosting services for beginners.

Going forward, below are top podcast hosting services to promote for income.


1.  Buzzsprout Affiliate Program

Buzzsprout has helped over 100,000 people start their podcasts. It is the easiest way to host, promote, and track your podcast.

Earn $25 for every paid referral or a 20% recurring lifetime commissions by partnering with Buzzsprout.

Check out Buzzsprout Podcast Affiliate Program


2.  Podbean Affiliate Program

Podbean Podcast is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting.

Refer advertisers to PodAds and you’ll get 10% of all sales for the 1st six months. Plus they’ll get up to $100 credit to use for podcast advertising.

Check out Podbean Podcast Affiliate Program


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3.  Blubrry affiliate Program

If a new customer purchases the $20 hosting plan through your link, then you earn $20, plus a potential annual bonus.

Top rewards in this promotion could reach $92 per new account, plus go toward the affiliate’s annual bonus.

Check out Blubrry Podcast Affiliate Program


4.  Transistor Affiliate Program

The podcast’s publishing platform with simple features.

Transistor stores your MP3 files, generates your RSS feed, hosts your podcast’s website, and distributes your show to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more!

As an affiliate, you earn 25% commission every month for every podcast customer you refer to Transistor.

Check out Transistor Podcast Affiliate Program


5.  Castos Affiliate Program

Like Podbean, never run out of storage or bandwidth as a podcaster with Castos.

Bring in new customers to Castos and get a 25% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

Check out Castos Podcast Affiliate Program


Get a detailed comparison:  Podbean vs Buzzsprout Vs Blubrry, A Detailed Comparison Review in 2020


5 Email Marketing Software Affiliate Programs for New Website Owners

Email Marketing Software Affiliate Programs for New Website Owners

There are no doubts about it. Email marketing is the real deal.

In fact, for ten years in a row, email generates the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI and gives marketers the broadest reach of all the channels available to them. Despite the plethora of tools available to marketers, email marketing is simply the best bet for business growth.

With such a sporadic growth, before you are opportunities to make money from a fraction of millions of digital marketers who use email services for marketing.

Here are a few email service income programs to make money with.


1.  EmailOctopus Affiliate Program

EmailOctopus is my favorite email service for those just starting.

As an affiliate, you get a 30% recurring commission on referrals.

Check out EmailOctopus Affiliate Program


2.  Sendinblue Affiliate Program

Email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and more, all-in-one platform to help you grow your business through building stronger customer relationships.

Promote Sendinblue and earn 5€ for every Account Created, and 100€ for every New Paying Customer.

Check out Sendinblue Email Affiliate Program


3.  GetResponse Affiliate Program

The Freemium marketing machine that helps you grow your audience, promote services and sell products with marketing software that does the job for you.

Join the GetResponse Affiliate Program and Get Paid like a boss. It’s a 33% recurring monthly commission.

Check out GetResponse Email Affiliate Program


Guide – how to use GetReponse: create a free landing page with automation


4. Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber is a powerful-simple small business email marketing solutions.

You will receive a 30% customer referral payments on their account!

Check out Aweber Email Affiliate Program


5. Constant Contact Affiliate Program

Constant Contact is a Powerful email marketing made easy.

Earn $5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial and $105 when your referrals pay for a new account.

Check out Constant Contact Email Affiliate Program


6. Moosend’s Affiliate Program

Moosend is an email marketing and marketing automation platform with a short learning curve. Its Drag-and-drop email editor can help users create responsive emails easily. At the same time, its marketing automation and top-notch tools, like the easy-to-use landing page builder and the subscription forms, can boost lead generation.

Earn 30% recurring commission for life and additional affiliate commissions when your contacts upgrade their plan by signing up for Moosend’s affiliate program.

Check out Moosend’s Affiliate Program


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7+ Content Platforms for Affiliate Marketers to promote and make Money

Content Platforms for Affiliate Marketers to promote

Below are some content and online course websites to promote and get paid.

1.  Udemy Affiliate Program

Promote a product that is always useful, that people always want, and that will never go out of style: thousands of online courses in hundreds of categories!

The more you promote, the more money you will earn! Earn money for valid purchases through your affiliate tracking links and banners.

Check out Udemy Affiliate Program


2.  Content Snare Affiliate Program

As an affiliate with Content Snare, whenever someone signs up for a paid plan with your link, you get 20% of their subscription cost.

Check out Content Snare Affiliate Program


3. BitDegree Affiliate Program

Experience the fun of learning at BitDegree.

As an affiliate, you will earn up to 50% in commissions.

Check out BitDegree Affiliate Program


4. Skillshare Affiliate Program

Learn from anywhere with Skillshare.

As an affiliate, you earn $10 for every new customer you refer to Skillshare.

Check out Skillshare Affiliate Program


5.  Coursera Affiliate Program

Promote Coursera courses and earn up to 45% Commission on 1,000+ courses and Specializations

Check out Coursera Affiliate Program


6.  Pluralsight Affiliate Program

Build IT skills at Pluralsight.

Earn up to 50% monthly subscription as an affiliate of Pluralsight.

Check out Pluralsight Affiliate Program


7.  edX Affiliate Program

Share edX courses and earn a competitive commission as a digital marketer.

Check out Edx Affiliate Program


8.  Blockgeek Affiliate Program

Earn up to 25% Commission on 100s of Courses and Specializations as a Blockgeek affiliate.

Check out Blockgeek Affiliate Program


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Top 5 Freelance Affiliate Programs that Pay Daily for Websites owners

Freelance Affiliate Programs Websites owners

Freelance websites are sites you go to get your boring or time constraint jobs done.

Let’s see some of them with good affiliate offers for website owners to promote and make extra cash. 


1.  Fiverr Affiliate Program

Find the perfect freelance services for your business.

Invite friends & get up to $100 in Fiverr’s referral program. Also, as an affiliate, get up to $150 when your traffic converts (order premium products).

Check out Fiverr Affiliate Program | Referral program


Guide on Fiverr: 50+ Easy Fiverr Freelance Jobs Examples to Start Today!  


2.  99 Designs Affiliate Program

99designs is the best place to find and hire talented designers to grow your business.

Begin your journey earning $35 commission for every new customer you refer to 99 Designs.

Check out 99 Designs Affiliate Program


3.  Design Hill Affiliate Program

Find The Perfect Services For Your Business.

Earn Up To $45 Per Customer. Join Designhill’s Affiliate Program and receive a 30% commission on every sale.

Check out Design Hill Affiliate Program


4. CodeAble Affiliate Program

Join CodeAble income program and earn.

Check out CodeAble Affiliate Program


5. YouTeam Affiliate Program

Hire better teams at YouTeam.

Earn 10% of the value of projects you refer to YouTeam.

Check out YouTeam Affiliate Program


6. Truelancer

Earn money even when you’re not online with Truelancer.com.

As an affiliate, you get 100% earnings for 3 months when your referred user spends on Truelancer.

Check out Truelancer affiliate program

10+ Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Affiliate Programs to promote without a website

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Affiliate Programs to promote without a website

Cryptocurrency is now a big industry. If you can break in then you can make money as an affiliate.

Below are some of the affiliate programs in the crypto niche you can join and make money as an affiliate.


1.  Cryptohopper Affiliate Program

The best-automated crypto trading bot remains CryptoHopper.

As an affiliate, you get $190 a month for each user who signs up for the premium tool.

Check out Cryptohopper Affiliate Program


2.  Binance Affiliate Program

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Since early 2018, Binance is considered as the biggest cryptocurrency.

As an affiliate, you can earn 40% or 20%. You earn 20% if you are just an affiliate, and 40% if you hold BNB coin.

Check out Binance Affiliate Program


3.  Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase is the easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

You earn $10 for her referral program, and as an affiliate, you earn 50% of the referred customers’ fees for the first 3 months

Check out Coinbase Affiliate Program


4.  Legder Nano Affiliate Program

Keep your crypto assets safe with Ledger Nano.

Join Ledger’s affiliate program and get 10% commission on each sale!

Check out Ledger Affiliate Program


5. Trezor Affiliate Program

The safe place for your coins.

You will earn 12% – 15% referral commission for each sale.

Sign up as an affiliate


6. eTORo Affiliate Program

Join eToro partners and profit from the fastest growing and most energetic social trading platform.

Check out eToro Affiliate Program


7. CoinDirect Affiliate Program

Buy and sell cryptocurrency at the best price, with no hidden fees.

As an affiliate, earn a 20% commission for life on any customer you refer.

Check out CoinDirect Affiliate Program


8. Changelly Affiliate Program

Fast and secure way to purchase or exchange 150+ cryptocurrencies.

Get 50% of Changelly revenue share!

Check out Changelly Affiliate Program


9.  CEX.IO Affiliate Program

CEX.IO is a place for everyone who wants to simply buy and sell Bitcoins.

Invite users to CEX.IO and earn 30% of the fee on their exchange transactions!

Check out CEX.IO Affiliate Program


10. BitMEX Affiliate Program

BitMEX is a P2P crypto-products trading platform.

Users who have signed up with a valid affiliate link will receive a 10% fee discount for 6 months.

Check out BitMEX Affiliate Program


11. Cryptohwwallet

Buy Cryptocurrency Products.

Sign up and start earning.


For more on crypto, see guide To make $500 Daily In Crypto – video


Top 7 CFD Websites to Make Money as a New Affiliate Marketer

CFD Websites to Make Money as a New Affiliate Marketer

A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a derivative trade. This means that traders can follow the price movement of an asset, instead of the asset itself when trading contracts.

When a trader opens a CFD position on an asset, the trader is agreeing to exchange the price differential between the open & close position of the contract.

 There are many benefits available to traders with CFDs. These include trading assets in rising or falling markets, no stamp duty on profits, and 24/7 access to financial markets.

Without going further, below are some CFD affiliate programs to make money with.


1. SimpleFx Affiliate Program

Earn up to 25% of the revenue share from every referred trader to SimpleFX.

Sign up as an affiliate


2. Fxtm Affiliate Program

Trade FX, cryptocurrencies, gold, oil, indices, and stocks with tight spreads, fast execution, and cash rebates*

As an affiliate, you don’t have to know forex or meet clients in person. All you need to have is a high-traffic blog, website, and/or a big number of social media followers.

Sign up as an affiliate


3. AvaTrade Affiliate Program

AvaTrade offers a large variety of CFD instruments – Trade commodities, indices, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs.

Join in as over $250,000,000 already paid in commissions

Sign up as an affiliate


4. Markets Affiliate Program

Trade Stocks, Indices, Forex, Commodities & Cryptocurrencies on one of the best Forex Trading Platforms.

Join in and make money.

Sign up as an affiliate

5. Easy Markets Affiliate Program

Trade CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares & Cryptos.

EasyMarkets offers its partners up to 25% lead to active client conversion rate, multiple levels of engagement, and earning programs to create a partner experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Sign up as an affiliate


6. Iq Option Affiliate Program

IQ Option is one of the world’s leading online trading platforms. Seize your chance to trade a wide variety of instruments, using top-notch instruments and analysis tools.

You receive half of the broker’s profit for all your traders. This means that all profits for users add up to one total amount, and you get 50% of it.

Sign up as an affiliate


6 Top Affiliate Marketplaces and Websites To Promote and Earn Money

Affiliate Marketplaces and Websites To Promote and Earn Money


Let’s start with Alibaba.

1. Alibaba Affiliate Program

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology.

Monetize your traffic with Alibaba.com and Start Earning Today!

Sign up as an affiliate


2. Bestself Affiliate Program

Think Bigger And Achieve More. Productivity tools to help you achieve your goals.

As an affiliate, you will earn 15% for paying customers.

Sign up as an affiliate


3. Jet Affiliate Program

Jet.com lets you order low-price stuff from popular retailers, including cleaning products, appliances, and even cosmetics.

You can earn up to $500 in credit if you refer a friend.

Sign up as an affiliate


4. Overstock Affiliate Program

Overstock sells a massive assortment of both new items and surplus goods, as well as handmade crafts from artisans around the world.

As an affiliate, you earn up to 6% commission on all products.

Sign up as an affiliate


5. Amazon Affiliate Program

The World’s leading shop.

With the new commission structure for major niche, you earn 4% as an affiliate.

Sign up as an affiliate


6. Target Affiliate Program

Target Corporation is one the biggest and the third American retail corporation. In the last 6 months, according to SimilarWeb, the site has received more than 190.08M visitors with 96.66% of them coming from the USA and the other 6.44% from other countries.

Target offers an affiliate program where affiliates have the chance to earn a competitive commission of up to 8% on a huge assortment of products in different categories.

To sign up, go to affiliates.target.com


Top 6 Payment Processors Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Affiliate Marketplaces and Websites To Promote and Earn Money

Payment processors are websites that help you transact in the international scene most especially if your country is restricted in some programs.

As an affiliate, below are some of the top-paying Payment Processors Affiliate Programs you can promote and make money.


1. Payoneer

Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform empowers businesses, online sellers and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

As an affiliate, you earn $25 for a paying customer.  

Sign up as an affiliate


2. Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of internet businesses.

As an affiliate, they offer you 1% of the annual profit from the minimum monthly number of your referrals.

Sign up as an affiliate


3. Skrill

 Make fast and secure payments and international money transfers. From betting and trading to shopping and gaming, Skrill makes managing your money simple.

Promote Skrill, connect with potential digital wallet holders, and earn a lifetime revenue share.

Sign up as an affiliate


4. Square

Square helps millions of sellers run their business from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions. Get paid faster with Square.

Get $20 per new activation, plus a $10 bonus when an activation starts taking payments within 30 days as a Square affiliate.

Sign up as an affiliate


5. Advanced Cash

Make up to 20% from the commission Advanced Cash payment system charges your referred users.

The good news as an affiliate is that payments are made instantly without any delays.

Sign up as an affiliate


6. PingPong

Start receiving International Payments in your local account with PingPong!

As an affiliate of PingPong, you earn up to $300 for each new participant!

Check out PingPong’s affiliate program


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Affiliate Marketing Networks to promote as a Beginner

Affiliate Marketing Networks to promote as a Beginner

First off, Affiliate Marketing Networks are websites where affiliates sign up to promote products (mostly digital) and services and get paid.

One of the popular Affiliate Marketing Networks is Clickbank.

First time of hearing Clickbank? If yes, then here is how to make Maloney with it.

Let’s go on to see some affiliate networks you can promote and earn income.


1. Max Bounty

Access a global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action you deem essential to evolving your brand.

As a Max Bounty affiliate, you get a $1,000 bonus or more in the first three months.

Sign up as an affiliate


2. ShareAsale

One of the leading affiliate networks with 19 years still counting.

Shareasale Referral Program is giving $150 for each merchant signed through your link and also giving $1 for affiliate signed with your referral link.

Sign up as an affiliate


3. Commission Junction

Without doubts, Commission Junction Affiliate Network is considered to be the 3rd biggest affiliate platform online.

CJ processes an incredible $15 billion in annual sales through its platform, with $1.8 billion paid out annually to its affiliates.

Sign up as an affiliate


4. Expertnaire

Expertnaire affiliate network is the Clickbank of Africa for Nigerian digital marketers.

If you’re a Nigerian you don’t have to cry foul on Clickbank, get started with Expertnaire, and see how to make it work for you. See the following guides.

#1. Expertnaire Review and everything you need to know | Learn more about Expertnaire and how to make money.

#2. The one course training program to make your first N100K on Expertnaire.


5. JvZoo

Founded in 2011 and has since rocketed to near the top as one of the most popular affiliate programs out there.

Her expansive network gives partners the tools and solutions they need to run successful and profitable online businesses.

Sign up as an affiliate


6. Clickbank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing program, founded in 1998 and is privately-held. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

As an affiliate, you can cruise up to 75% in commission.

Sign up as an affiliate


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How to make money with Clickbank


7. Peerfly

Peerfly is a CPA network with a comprehensive list of both digital and physical products.

You can join one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks in the world and watch your profits soar as you have over 2,302 offers to choose from

Sign up as an affiliate


8. WarriorPlus

One of the Best-in-class sales automation, affiliate network, and education for digital business owners and online marketers.

They’ve established a thriving and dynamic community where great minds share great products for greater success.

Sign up as an affiliate


9. DMSAffiliates

DMSAffiliates is a leading affiliate network. Why?

They have the highest paying offers in the entire world. With payouts up to $800 per conversion.

Sign up as an affiliate


10. Mylead

MyLead is one of the biggest affiliate networks with publishers has earning over USD 140,000 in commissions.

Sign up as an affiliate


For other sites like the above marketplaces, see the video below.

Also, if you’re a Nigerian, see sites like Clickbank here.


Top 5 Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Promote and Make Cool Money

Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Promote and Make Cool Money

Below are a few travel income programs.

1. Trip Advisor

Save your favorite travel ideas and see them on a map | Get price alerts and deals so you can travel your way | Ask questions and get answers from travelers like you – all at Trip Advisor

As an affiliate, you get 50% commissions for paying clients.

Sign up as an affiliate


2. Booking.com

Booking.com is a popular name in the travel industry.

As an affiliate, you earn up to 40 % of the commission on bookings made through your site or earn 50€ for each property that you refer to Booking.com

Sign up as an affiliate


3. Agoda

Overseeing millions of properties, Agoda is a one-stop place for Hotels, Resorts, and Hostels & MORE.

As an affiliate of Agoda, each $200 booking gets you a commission rate of 5%. Meaning, you earn $10 in commissions.

Sign up as an affiliate


4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a leading travel search site providing instant online comparisons for flights, car hire, and hotels.

The Skyscanner affiliate programme works on a 50% revenue share model, meaning they pay publishers half of the revenue that Skyscanner makes per booking from the users you send to them.

Sign up as an affiliate


5. Appi Travels

Share profits from a $7.8 trillion market if only you take action today!

As an affiliate with Appi travels you can earn up to $200.

Sign up as an affiliate


For other travel affiliate programs check out ShoutMeLoud.


Car Rental Affiliate Program


1. Discovercars

Discovercars is a car rental comparison website.

They offer affiliate partners a share of her revenue through the placement of an affiliate link or a booking widget on their website.

Learn more as an affiliate


Popular 5 Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs for Newbies

Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs for Newbies

See a few health niche programs to promote and make money.

1. Body Building

The World’s Largest Online Fitness Store—and a Lot More

 Ready to make money earning with the best?

Learn more as an affiliate


2. Fitbit

Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight, and more.

Make money and improve lives by directing visitors to Fitbit products from your site or blog.

Sign up as an affiliate


3. Weight Watchers

Eat real food. Live your life. Lose weight.

If you can help others eat real food then you can get paid for it when you join the Weight Watchers affiliate program.

Sign up as an affiliate


4. Life Fitness

Become a part of the Life Fitness Affiliate Network and earn an 8% commission on every sale.

Sign up as an affiliate


5. My Protein

A leading sports nutrition brand, delivering a range of quality products including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods, snack alternatives, and performance clothing.

Earn $10 instantly per friend you refer to.

Sign up as an affiliate


TOP 2 Best Cosmetics & Beauty Affiliate Programs


1. Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty is the destination for those looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s a problem-solving treatment or a yet unheard-of oil, they pride themselves on her transparency

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 10% commission on net sales, excluding shipping, and returns.

Sign up as an affiliate


2. Luxy Hair

Whether you’ve struggled to grow your hair past a certain point or want to look and feel incredible for a special occasion, Luxy Hair believes everyone deserves to have the hair of their dreams.

It’s free to participate and you will make $10 on every full set sold.

Sign up as an affiliate


Best Electronics Affiliate Programs for New Tech Bloggers to Promote


1. Gear Best

Get the best and quality products delivered at your doorstep..

As a GearBest affiliate, you get up to 50% Commission.

Sign up as an affiliate


2. MicroSoft

Get a wealth of top Microsoft products.

Ready to partner with a big company, join the Microsoft Affiliate Program and earn up to 10% commission on Office, Surface, Xbox, Cs, and more.

Sign up as an affiliate


Other Affiliate Programs that don’t require a website

affiliate programs that don't require a website

You can use one of the content strategies we’ve talked about and promote the following affiliate programs as it doesn’t really matter if you have a website or not.


1. Themify Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

Themify themes and plugins have been helping 96,841+ customers make beautifully responsive WordPress sites, faster and easier than ever.

Join Themify affiliate program and earn a 40% commission on any sale generated through your affiliate link.

Sign up as an affiliate


2. Thirsty Affiliates

Cloak Affiliate Links For Free In WordPress.

A generous commission of 30%, prompt monthly payment via PayPal, and no minimum payout threshold.

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3. Teslathemes

Create and sell beautiful, modern WordPress themes with clean design, powerful features, and premium support.

Sign up to become an affiliate and make 25% on each sale that you refer to Teslathemes.

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4. DreamHost

Tagged “Web Hosting with Purpose”, DreamHost is one of the best in the web hosting industry.

As an affiliate you can join the DreamHost Affiliate Program and earn up to $200 per referral!

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5. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite offers unlimited sites, keywords, and backlinks to track, and a wealth of features you won’t find anywhere else, many of which are available in the free version.

As an affiliate, you get an average of $197 per sale in affiliate commission.

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7+ Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners to promote with little competition 

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

For sure, there are no stated or best affiliate programs for beginners. However, the point here is to promote affiliate programs and products where the competition is relatively low.

Below are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners.


1.  Timer Doctor

Time doctor is a productivity tool. The aim of the software is to help businesses dramatically improve team productivity.

Being a time doctor affiliate is simple. You earn a 30% recurring commission for paying customers.  

Check out Time Doctor Affiliate Program


2. Spocket

Spocket is the leading dropshipping marketplace for US and EU suppliers offering top-quality products shipped fast with branded invoicing.

As a Spockek affiliate, you earn 20% recurring commission on all paid subscriptions forever.

Check out Spocket Affiliate Program


3. Cognism

Cognism is a unique and an all in one prospecting platform (global data, engagement & compliance), to rapidly create sales and marketing pipeline.

As an affiliate, you will get 15% of sales for the first year.

Check out Cognism Affiliate Program


4. Sellfy

Sellfy is an E-commerce platform for creating your online store to sell your goods. It is used by more than 300,000 creators all over the world.

As a Sellfy affiliate, you earn 25% of all sales made for the first 12 month period.

Check out Sellfy Affiliate Program


5. Powr

POWR is the web’s leading app library to help SMBs collect information, engage visitors, boost conversions, & skyrocket their revenue.

As a POWR partner, you earn 30% recurring commissions.

Check out POWR Affiliate Program


7. ZenCast

ZenCast is a powerful podcast solution that allows you to host, publish, distribute, and track your podcasts.

Check out ZenCast Affiliate Program


8. Zyro

Zryo is a website builder and a simple way to get your brand or business online.

Although they contacted me some time ago, the thing is, I am yet to find out how much they pay affiliates.

Check out Zryo Affiliate Program


9. Wiziq

Wiziq is an easy-to-use Virtual Classroom and LMS Software to manage your online business.

Check out Wiziq Referral Partner Program


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Frequently Asked Questions about Affiliate Marketing programs

1. What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing programs & Referral Program?

According to Referral Candy, like referral marketing, affiliate marketing drives new customers to your business through individuals who don’t work for you directly. Somewhat similar… right?

Below is an infographic that they’ve put together to illustrate their similarities and differences. Enjoy!

Referral vs Affiliate Marketing: What's the difference? [Infographic]
ReferralCandy – Refer-a-friend Program for Ecommerce Stores

2. What is the Best Way to Promote Affiliate Programs Online?

Without a single doubt, the best way to market affiliate programs is by creating a platform that you own, and that is a blog. With it, you’re in total control of what you do, how, and when you do it.


Here is how to create an Amazon niche site


The next best route is starting a YouTube Channel. Although you don’t have the control you do like with your blog, YouTube is still a nice platform to use and promote affiliate programs online.


3. How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing without Website Investment?

It was 2016 when I opened an account on Quora and started writing content in one of my niches – Cryptocurrency then.

Based on the quality, energy, and time I gave it, I am on over 400,000 answer views on Quora, 400+ followers and over 140,000+ organic answers recommended to Quora Audiences and a Space (community) as one of the Quora admins.

I had since replicated that with 2 more niches (internet marketing and Relocation) with more than 30,000 answers each + spaces as one of the Quora admins and some followers. Haven’t checked the recent stats.

All I did was adding value and recommending related solutions where and when appropriate.

Just so to make this work for you, you want to recommend affiliate products and services where and when you think it will solve the audience’s problem.

D-O-N-T SPAM the platform else get banned! 

That was it.


Here is the result of using Quora to promote affiliate programs online without owning my own website.



I “8-2” (Bayern Munich vas Barcelona – 😆 ) say this, but the truth is, Quora audience is a long road to making money with affiliate marketing – you’ve got to put in the hard work (day in and night) else, you’re dancing to the wrong music.

Final Notes on the Best Affiliate Programs without a Website

As a new affiliate marketer or a new blogger or an instructor, there are a wellspring of affiliate programs and products to promote and make money.

However, I like looking at high affiliate programs. How do I mean?

It takes the same efforts to promote both low and high affiliates programs, so, when you choose, go for the ones that will reward your efforts handsomely.

And if you want to earn affiliate commissions for a lifetime, that is as far as your referral uses the affiliate product, look at the recurring affiliate programs.


If you’re thinking of the health niche, then you want to go with MoreNiche.

If electronics, then Gearbest or Amazon, and if you’re a Nigerian, you want to make money with Expertnaire as a digital marketer.


Ready to start making money with affiliate marketing, here is the first step.

The very first step is to create your money-making site, AKA affiliate site, I recommend you get started with HostGator for 60.50% off, or Bluehost here.


All right. That is it.

What are your thoughts about the top 140+ best affiliate marketing programs for beginners?

Are they good programs you think should be on the list? If yes, why not, let me know below.

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