13+ Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria to Make ₦340K/Daily

Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Want to give affiliate marketing a try and you are looking for the best affiliate programs in Nigeria? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. 

The thing is while promoting products & services, generating leads, and improving various brand images using accommodating marketing strategies is what defines the life of a digital marketer, the best part that motivates even a novice blogger to earn his/her first $100 online in blogging business is when you get a bite of your efforts promoting the same products and services.

Just so you know, as an affiliate marketer, you are a valuable middleman that, first of all, tests a product/service, review to your audiences, and when they make purchasing decisions of what you recommended, gets a commission for a job well done. 

As a digital marketer for overtime now, I try as much as possible to recommend only a few products and services, and 90% of those are the ones I have tried and used myself.


Why Do I Do This – I Mean, Recommending Products and Services I’ve Tested/Used?

The simple answer is that it is better to tell the story as it is than for your audiences to find out themselves and to be disappointed after all – based on the recommendations as the products/services do not meet their needs as reviewed by you.

A bigger blow to this is your audiences returning the products/services and asking for refunds, which means, you lose both the trust of your audiences and commissions.

But Why Making Money with Affiliate Marketing? 

There are a lot of ways to make money online in Nigeria ranging from eCommerce (also known as dropshipping/mini-importation), freelancing on Fiverr, selling courses, etc. 

But one thing separates affiliate marketing from most of the mentioned businesses. And what’s that?

It’s the fact that affiliate marketing does not require much capital to get started. 

You can pretty much sign up for an affiliate program or network for free, and start promoting products and services, even with your mobile phone. One of such programs is the income business program by Toyin Omotoso or AMAP by Caleb.

The beauty of this is that you don’t need to create any product or offer customer support and related concerns.

To get started you’ll need to sign up for a program; this is where this article comes in today. 

You will get a list of over 11 affiliate programs that pay daily in Nigeria. Plus, things are made super easy for you. How?

Instead of listing everything randomly, you’ll get all of them based on categories.

This should allow you to easily decide which one is best – based on specifics – income, niche, income type (one-time or recurring), payment options etc.

Although I promote just a few products which you can find them in the list of 150+ programs, today, Prosper Noah did a good job to enlist other new programs which you can join as a blogger and affiliate, promote and make money for yourself in Nigeria. 

Let’s get started.


Free Betting Affiliate Programs 

Football is no doubt the most popular sports in Nigeria, hence, the popularity of the betting business.

If you check Alexa Ranking (which is no longer available but recorded on statista.com) Bet9ja is ranked as one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. 

What does this tell you?

A lot of Nigerians spend millions of Naira betting on their favorite teams monthly. 

You can take good advantage of this and send leads/customers to popular betting companies while you earn a commission in return. 

Here are the betting affiliate programs in Nigeria.

1. Bet9ja

Bet9ja is one of the best (if not the best sports bookmaker in Nigeria) where customers can bet on their favorite teams. 

They have an affiliate program that pays up to 8% in commissions. 

To join the bet9ja affiliate program, all you have to do is go to their affiliate registration page and apply. 

When you’re approved, you can start promoting the company using your unique URL.

Affiliate Payment Method

You get paid to your Naira bank account here in Nigeria.


2. 1xbet

Another betting affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission but in dollars is 1Xbet. 

Unlike bet9ja, 1xbet is focused on the global audience, which means it is open to all countries. 

You can promote your affiliate links to every country.

The commission rate goes as high as 40%. 

To join the 1xbet affiliate program, visit the 1xbet affiliate program page and fill out the application form. 

Affiliate Commissions Payment Method

1xbet pays your commission to either Payoneer or your Nigerian bank account. You can also withdraw in more than 200 payment methods available. 

> Click here to open a Payoneer Account


Disclosure: isuawealthyplace.com – does not recommend any of the listed companies, hence, you are encouraged to make an informed decision as it is believed you are 18 🔞 years old – if you want to start Sports Betting.  

Having said that, from the experience of others – based on losses, it is not recommended to jump into this business unless you fully know what you are doing. Therefore, I recommend you learn, test, and execute with the amount of money YOU CAN afford to lose.

How to Start Betting Business Without Losses

Do you know you can learn how to Start a Betting Business without getting your hands burnt? This entails using the backdoor method.

Struggling to Quit Grambling?

In the same vein, do you want to quit Gambling and say no to it, finally? If yes, then check out How to Quit Gambling Addiction Permanently by Olagbaju Damola

Ecommerce Affiliate Programs

3. Shopify 

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for those who sell physical products in online stores. 

It has everything you need to set up a successful online store. 

They have an affiliate program that pays a $150 fixed bounty commission.

Affiliate Payment Method

Shopify’s affiliate program pays your commission to PayPal. 


4. PipiAds 

PiPiAds is another high-paying affiliate program in the dropshipping/eCommerce niche. 

It is a tool that helps dropshippers and advertisers spy on their competitors’ TikTok Ads and find winning products. You can try pipiads for free and study exactly how it works before promoting. 

It pays a 20% recurring commission and you can earn up to $52 per sale for life. 

One amazing thing about this one is that you can bring 1 customer and earn from him/her for as long as they are subscribed. 

No doubt, one of the best recurring commissions affiliate programs out there. 

The Payment Method

You’ll get paid once every month to PayPal and the withdrawal threshold is $50. 

Free Referral Programs in Nigeria

These programs pay you some little commissions for promoting them, but they are the easiest kinds to promote. 


7. Naira4all

Naira4all is a platform that offers Nigerians multiple ways to earn money online such as;

– selling eBooks

– paid survey websites that accept Nigerians

– watch ads and earn money 

– data reselling, etc.

They pay ₦1,500 commission per customer you refer that pays ₦3,000 to join the platform. And you get paid every month to your Nigerian bank account when you reached a threshold of ₦4,500. 

To join this program, you will have to become a member yourself.  

This gives you automatic affiliate access. 


8. Owodaily

Not sure if you’ve heard of Owodaily but it’s been trending for more than 2-3 years now. 

Owodaily is a digital job platform where people can make money by completing simple tasks. 

Tasks like: 

  • sharing posts on social media
  • subscribing to a YouTube channel
  • Signing up to a website and much more. 

Their membership fee costs ₦5,000 and they have an affiliate program that pays ₦2,500. 

All you have to do is promote it and when people join the platform you get paid ₦2,500 affiliate commission.

You get paid every Friday straight to your bank account here in Nigeria. 

The Payment threshold is ₦5,000. 

Online Marketplace Affiliate Programs

We buy a lot of things online in Nigeria from mobile phones to fashion, etc.

The only downside with marketplace affiliate programs is that the commission is very low but it is very easy to promote.  

Curious to know which online marketplace offers an affiliate program in Nigeria?

Let’s see. 


9. Jumia

Jumia is the leading online marketplace where you can order almost anything and has it delivered to your doorstep. 

They have an affiliate program that pays up to 8% commissions. 

So, if you have an audience that is interested in shopping, simply recommend Jumia through your affiliate link. 

When they shop successfully you earn a commission. 

They pay your commissions to your bank account. 


10. Konga

Konga is the second largest online shopping site in Nigeria, very similar to Jumia. 

They also have an affiliate program that pays up to 30% commission. 

Signup, get your affiliate links, and start promoting. 

You get paid your commissions straight to your bank account and the withdrawal threshold is ₦10,000.

Travel Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Travel is a very expensive niche and what does this mean for you? 

High ticket affiliate commissions. 

Here are the two affiliate programs in the travel niche here in Nigeria. 


11. TravelStart

With Travelstart, people can make flight bookings to get to their destination easily. 

TravelStart has an affiliate program where you can earn up to N400,000+ monthly commissions. 

Signup as their affiliate for free and you can run adverts or create content on your blog to send them customers. 


12. Wakanow

Wakanow prides itself as the No. 1 travel company in Africa. 

Their affiliate program pays 0.5% of the transaction amount each time your customer completes a booking. 

So, if you have an audience in the travel niche here in Nigeria, this is a perfect fit to make affiliate commissions. 

Bonus Affiliate Programs that Pay Daily in Nigeria

13. The Canada Express Entry Masterclass

The Canada Express Entry Masterclass is a Comprehensive Guide that teaches Nigerians how to Relocate to Canada as a Permanent Resident Skilled Worker Without Having to Study. Some of the lessons include:

  • How to easily INCREASE your IELTS Scores
  • How to properly complete your Profile and eAPR
  • How to select your proper NOC
  • What to do if you can’t get a reference letter
  • How to avoid police certificate disaster
  • How to properly list a spouse as non-accompanying
  • What a job offer is and how to get one
  • What to do if you don’t have sufficient funds

As an affiliate who wishes to promote this program and make money, you get ₦30,000 per sale of this digital product.

However, to qualify, you need to join the affiliate marketplace called Expertnaire Nigeria.

Learn more [Free Webinar] how to make ₦750k or more a month selling digital products in Nigeria.

14. Crypto Success Blueprint

The crypto Success Blueprint is a lesson on how to trade the crypto market the right way and make money from it.

As an affiliate, you will make 50% of the ₦45,500.00 your audiences pay to get this digital course.

Like the Canada Express Entry Masterclass, to promote the Crypto Success Blueprint, you need to be an Expertnaire affiliate.

Guide how to register on Expertnaire Nigeria the right way.

We hope our list of top affiliate programs to promote in Nigeria and make money has helped you. But even more, see below to discover some marketing secrets.


What You Need for a Success in Affiliate Marketing Business

If you want to really make money through affiliate marketing as a Nigerian, you have to do it the proper way. As a beginner, I recommend you decide the marketing method you want to use.

You can use paid advertising to promote products and services and make money fast, or you use the organic traffic method via blogging business.

To learn the first, I recommend a marketing training program like the 72ig or AMAP.

And to promote products using blogging, I recommend the AMBBProgram.


The Wrong Way to Do Affiliate Marketing 

One thing most people do is apply to affiliate programs and when they get approved what follows next is spamming.

They see Facebook ads and spam their affiliate links in the comment section, or they go to a Facebook group and drop their links everywhere.

At the end of the day, they come out to complain affiliate marketing does not work or that they are not getting traffic.

Simply put, NO solid system. 


How To Do Affiliate Marketing Business the Right Way

What do successful affiliate marketers do differently from you?

1. Build an Email List Through Paid Advertising or Organic Traffic

The best way to make money promoting products as an affiliate is to a targeted audience. 

You need a list of people who are interested in what you’re going to be promoting. And to do this, you should build an email list.

Email marketing is what pro affiliate marketers use to bank thousands of dollars monthly.  So, one of your best bets will be to build an email list. 

To build an email list, you can start for free with GetResponse Tool.

2. Create a Blog 

Another powerful way to make affiliate commissions is through a blog

When you have a blog about a particular niche you can promote products and earn commissions. 

To see what affiliate programs are available in your niche, head to google and type “Niche + affiliate programs” 

e.g. If you are in the eCommerce niche, it will be “eCommerce + affiliate programs”

You’ll end up finding hundreds of products that have affiliate programs. 

Then find keywords that you can create articles around to promote these products.

3. Answer questions on Quora and recommend affiliate offers.

You can also use a question-and-answer platform such as Quora.com 

The only downside is that you may not be allowed to post affiliate links directly in your answers, but you can build a list of targeted audiences from there. 

Just look out for questions that pop up related to your niche, and craft nice detailed answers. 

4. Create a YouTube Channel

We are definitely not leaving this one out.

YouTube is what most affiliate marketers are using these days. 

You can review tools in your niche and earn commissions. 

You can also post helpful videos and recommend products that will help your audience.

YouTube, unlike a new blog, already has authority. Plus, it is the second largest search engine after Google. 

There is a lot of traffic there and if you create helpful videos, you’re going to make money with affiliate marketing there. 

FAQS on the Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Here are some frequently asked questions by other readers looking to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria. I’ve answered everything in full detail for you. 

Which Affiliate Program Pays the Most in Nigeria?

There are a lot of affiliate programs that pay very well in Nigeria and they include Bet9ja and 1xbet, 72ig, etc.

How Can I Become an Affiliate in Nigeria?

Becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria is simple using the following easy steps. 

  • Choose a niche 
  • Find affiliate programs in that niche
  • Apply to become an affiliate 
  • Drive targeted traffic to your affiliate links via Blogging, YouTube, and Email List.

What is the Highest Paying Affiliate Program?

Web Hosting services, eCommerce, and Travel affiliate programs have proven to be the top-paying niches in affiliate marketing. You can apply to promote most products in these niches and earn high commissions.

Does Amazon Associates Accept Nigeria?

Yes, amazon associates accept Nigeria however you may need to use a third-party app such as Dingtone to get a USA number. It is what you need to get a verification code as the Nigerian number doesn’t get accepted easily.

Final Thoughts 

As said earlier on, there are probably thousands of affiliate programs out there. However, I’ve listed only the best ones that are available to Nigerians.

So, if you want the best affiliate programs in Nigeria you are in luck.  Go through the list carefully, choose one you think is good, and run with it. 

Don’t promote too many products at once. 


So, what do you think of this list? Do you have more suggestions or questions? Let me know in your comments. 


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