3 Best Pi Coin Buyers and Exchangers in Nigeria [Legit]

pi coin buyers in Nigeria

Do you know which country has the highest numbers of crypto enthusiasts and the best platforms to buy in Africa?

Although the Nigerian Government is yet to make up its mind on cryptocurrencies, Nigeria has the largest cryptocurrency adoption and economy in Africa.

According to Chainalysis, Nigeria’s crypto economy continues to grow despite market turmoil.

In fact, Nigeria is one of only six countries in the top 50 by size globally whose crypto transaction volume grew year-over-year in the period we studied. Its growth rate of 9.0% places it third among those six.

Going further, in February 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued a circular to deposit money banks (DMBs), non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), and other financial institutions (OFIs) to close accounts of persons or entities involved in cryptocurrency transactions within their systems.

Going forward, on May 15, 2022, the SEC recognized digital assets as securities and issued regulations on the exchange and custody of cryptocurrencies in the country.

And on May 28, 2023, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the 2023 finance bill into law which introduced a 10 per cent taxation of gains on the disposal of digital assets including cryptocurrency. The law was effective as of May 1, 2023.

On the back of massive crypto adoption of crypto, Nigerians were not left out in the warm embrace of the Pi coins as well.

In this guide, I have summarized some of the legitimate and exclusive Pi buyers and Pi coin exchanges in Nigeria.

But just in case you don’t know much about the mobile app mined coins, then you should probably start with that.


What is Pi Cryptocurrency in Nigeria?

Although explained here in detail, Pi coin, listed in the top 3,000 assets on Coinmarketcap and over 40 million Pioneers with a Mainnet supply of 100 billion, the Pi Network is a social cryptocurrency and developer platform that (1) allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining battery or harming the environment.

This mining method fosters the world’s most accessible and ubiquitous app platform where developers can offer users real-life utilities and products in exchange for Pi coins.

The supply distribution will honour the original distribution principle of March 14, 2019, Whitepaper— that is, the Pi community has 80%, and the Pi Core Team has 20% of the total circulating supply of Pi.

This is regardless of how much-circulating supply there is in the Pi Network at any given point in time.

Thus, given a total max supply of 100 billion Pi, the community will eventually receive 80 billion Pi and the Core Team will eventually receive 20 billion Pi. 

#pi coin price in naira

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Now, let’s head over to Nigeria’s best Pi coin exchanges/traders, those buying Pi coins, and also, how to sell Pi coins in Nigeria. 


Pi Worth for Naira Exchange

1 Pi coins equals ₦200 to ₦210 with local Pi Nigerian Naira exchangers, while the worth is ₦260 and close to ₦300/Pi with a Pi merchant like fnfSwap. All are based on the volume of Pi tokens to be sold. That is to say, the more the volume, the more the rate per Pi in Naira.

Disclosure – Rate is subject to change and for negotiations from 2,500+ Pi Coin Tokens

Top 3 Pi Buyers in Nigeria

1. fnfSwap Digital Service

With an official business registration persona, fnfSwap is a digital freelance service website that handles USD freelance funds for Naira – serving digital marketers, even in odd-hour marks.

As a popular merchant with firsthand user comments on Twitter (X), and based on popular demand, they are now one of the best Pi coin buyers in Nigeria with thousands of transactions since its full launch.

The new fnfswap digital

Payment Method

fnfSwap Nigeria pays you Naira (sent to your Nigerian Bank account) when you successfully transfer the Pi coin tokens to them at the volume and rate agreed.  

Transaction Fees

fnfSwap does not charge any transaction fees. You get the Naira value of what you sent in the Pi equivalent.

Other Services

Apart from the Pi token exchange, you can load and sell UBA $ AfriCard funds, Swap Wise Funds (For Naira), Swap Skrill Funds (For Naira), Swap Payoneer and PayPal funds for Naira. Learn more.

Community Member Strength 💪

Over the years, they have grown to a community of over 500 members by invitation.

Of course, over 500 invited members can’t be wrong/scammed to trust them, hence, the popular reviews on X and the TrustPilot community.  

How to get started to Sell Pi with fnfSwap
  • Meet the fnfSwap Team.
  • Get the Pi coin to Naira price/Volume list
  • Initiate transaction/confirmation
  • Get Naira sent to your bank account.
  • Come back and give us a review and refer your friends & family.

Sell Pi Coins for Naira


2. Mhiz

Mhiz is also a Pi Coin buyer in Nigeria. Although does not operate from a website, he is still a legit vendor.

His Pi coin for Naira is flexible and above ₦240/Pi – based on the volume.  

Payment Method

You get paid in Naira.

Website/Community Member Strength 💪

None for now.

Sell Pi with Mhiz


3. Tobi Alabi Exchange

Alabi is another third-party Pi coin buyer in Nigeria. He is also legit. I work with him as well for some USD transactions.

If you feel like trading with him, we mediate for you so you don’t have any fears.

His rate of Pi coin for Naira is above ₦220/Pi – based on the volume.

Payment Method

You get paid in Naira.

Website/Community Member Strength 💪

None for now.

Sell with Alabi


Working with the Best Pi Coin Buyers in Nigeria

First off, we wouldn’t list out people we do not think are genuine, but yet – apart from fnfSwap Digital Services which is pretty much popular, trading with the others is at your conviction.

The thing is, with so many illegal and scamming Pi coin buyers out there with outrageous rates, it is only wise/advisable to do thorough research (DYOR) about the credibility of any local exchanger.

But if you want to avoid any form of uncertainty and trade your Pi coin for Naira and get money in real-time to your bank account, then you want to use fnfSwap Digital Freelance Service.

fnfSwap has done a series of Pi transactions for other Pi Coins traders, so, no fears about it. And with a large client community, it is pretty simple to get started with fnfSwap for Pi for Naira trading. See below.


How To Sell Pi Coin in Nigeria

  • Meet the fnfSwap Team.
  • Get the Pi Coin to Naira Price/Volume list
  • Initiate transaction/confirmation
  • Get Naira sent to your bank account.
  • Come back and give a review/ refer friends & family.

Sell Pi Coins for Naira


Is Pi coin Legit?

We can’t say if the Pi coin is legit/fake now cause it is too early for that. While we reserve our comment on it, we don’t want to think/see it as another “TBC”, the good news is that we wanted to list out the top/verified Pi traders by usage in Nigeria in case you feel like selling your Pi assets out for Naira.


Wrapping Up   👨‍🏫

It is worth noting that crypto investments, whether Pi coins, BTC, or any other one come with some market risks.

Crypto businesses are recommended for people with technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies and high-risk appetites – those who can invest what they can afford to lose.

So, if you have what it takes to play the crypto long game, then the above-listed platforms can serve you the best as far as you asked “How can I sell my Pi coin in Nigeria”.

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Who Created Pi Network?

Pi Network was founded in 2018 by two Stanford University academics, Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan, with a whitepaper and app coming on 14 March the following year.

What is the Value of Pi?

As Pi can’t yet be traded, it currently holds no value, said Susannah Streeter, senior investment, and markets analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. Would you want to bank on this information This is left for you – at your discretion.

What is the Value of Pi in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Black-market value of Pi ranges from ₦200 per Pi to ₦300+ per Pi token.

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