How I made N800K/mo from Blogging Business in Nigeria per month

how to start a blogging business in Nigeria

Starting a Blogging Business in Nigeria is cheap and it certainly has helped millions if not thousands of Nigerians out there to earn a living.

Yes, you can start a blogging business with a good web service of less than N50,000, plus take advantage of our free website and blog setup services. More on this later.

While it sounds like a “little twinkle little star how I wonder what you are” children’s rhyme, the big question is, do you have the right information and attitude to start a blogging business in Nigeria or wherever you’re reading this from? Let’s look at it this way.


Having the Right Information Before Starting a Blogging Business

Did I tell you that I’ve failed several times, even though I was lucky to build one successful blog? Yes.

Since I built it based on chances, when I lost it, I wasn’t able to replicate the same success with all 3 next blogs. Why not? Because I never knew how this business worked in toto.

AKA, I never had the right information before creating a thriving blogging business.

If you want to see the struggles, you can check it out here.


The big question is, what has made the difference now?

The difference is, I can start a new blog today, use 1-5 blog posts, and will still make money. Oh yes. I know what I’m talking about and you can guess it, I lost a lot of resources, time, and energy before I could discover this, knew the secrets behind it, implemented it, and saw it worked.

On the homepage of IsuaWealthyPlace, I talked about how some blog posts made money.

More so, one of the niche blogs we will see today has less than 20 blog posts and the last time I published content on the site was March 2021. But as you would guess, it still made me some money in November. More on this as we break it down for you.

Let’s talk about having the right attitude to start a blogging business.


How does having the Right Attitude Affect a Blogging Business?

You know, it’s at times funny when people want to make a full-time income with blogging business yet not willing to give it all they’ve got. Here’s the thing.

If you had one business and that was all you gat in the world, how would you treat it? Serious or lackadaisical?

You see, while I can teach you how to create successful blogging with Affiliate marketing using 1-5 blog posts, the thing is, there is work to do. Smart work + hard work, of course.

Therefore, as we will see the results of my Blogging business income today, don’t think that I did nothing to get all these results.


Here is it for in-depth clarification – highlighting 2 days in this week.

Day 1. I woke up around 12:30 am to work. I worked till 5 am +. Took some rest and started again at 7 am to 3 pm chained. Calculate the time here.

Day 2. I started working around 2:30 am and stopped at about 11 am+ – chained.

Does that make sense to you?

Yeah. That’s where hard work with the right attitude comes in. As in, that this is a business so you need to give it what you have to make it succeed.


Alternatively, if you don’t want to do the dirty work, you can commission people to do it for you. The real sense is, you will invest something. Time or resources, just as in your normal offline business.

Note, I’m not saying that you have to work that long. But you grab the idea behind it.

All in all, the attitude you should have here is that this is a full flesh online business and you’re willing to give it all.

And if you’re working with me via the AMBBPROGRAM, what I’ve done for you already is to cut short the failures and give you the exact step processes that have worked ONLY.

Before we see the income report, let’s understand what blogging business means.


What is Blogging Business?

Blogging Business is starting an online business using a blog site that allows you to work on your terms and independently make decisions about the same.

If put simply, you are in charge of your blogging work. That is to say, you can choose your working hours, place of work, and your entire business schedule.

When blogging business got interesting to me was when I closed work and left for an event at noon: this got me thinking that if I were to work in a company or for someone, that this wouldn’t have been possible.

In all fairness, I don’t condemn and will NEVER look down on anyone working⚒ in a corporate world. Why should I, or is the job even available out there for people?

Of course, you know that this entrepreneurship thing is not for everyone. So, if you are doing great in the corporate world, I celebrate you. But?

It does not still change the fact that blogging is one of the best businesses that gives you time to do anything and spend with whom you want – on your terms.

Truthfully, as it stands. I wouldn’t trade any work below N1,200,000 a month for my Blogging Business.

And yes, even though I don’t make this a month [yet] but the good news is that I have a vision of doing more than this per month going forward with my different blog websites.

In one word. #I love blogging. Call me Blogging Fanatic if you want.


Income report via Blogging Business in Nigeria

This is the income report for November 2021. Here is the breakdown and the sources of the income I generated via Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing Business Blogging Earnings

  • Finance niche – ₦192,500
  • Travels niche – ₦18,799.20
  • Internet Marketing niche – ₦180,000
  • SaaS Niche – ₦426,910 (excluding withdrawal charges)

Other Blogging Earnings

AdSense $0.80


Okay, thanks to AdSense for making me $0.80.

I would have made more on AdSense if I placed the ads on all my blog sites but I still hate it though.

See one of the blogs traffic clicks for November 2021 below. 

about blogging business

So, let’s just say, I’ve lost roughly $50 or a bit more via Google AdSense earning.


Brand Mention – $0.

I declined to mention a client for a fee even though they asked for my rate. Instead, I wanted to use their product to see if it is worth it and they japa. So, I lost a few dollars here.


SaaS Niche Earning

For the SaaS niche, I earned $747 for one affiliate sale at a blow. I was about to enter the church for prayers when I got an email below.

blogging business in Nigeria


PS: For some of us who might be doubting the whole thing, well, lying is not my stuff, besides, you can see the screenshots in our community here.

Apart from the above, I still made a little more which added up.


Total Blogging Business Earning for month November – ₦818,209.2


Withdrawal charges – ₦14,750


Total – ₦803,459.2 [Estimated]


Traffic Investment – Zero Dollars 💵 on Investment – using the AMBBPROGRAM FREE Traffic formula.


Total traffic – the traffic or what we call visitors to these niche blogs is not up to 20,000 per month yet high-end 6 figures were made in total.

That tells you something, right? Only the right strategy is what you need.


The 3 Methods for month November Blogging income

  • Content Writing and Marketing – 85%
  • Video marketing and optimization – 5%
  • WhatsApp Marketing – 10%

How I Used My Blogging Income 

Month November 2021 was one month I paid a lot of service fee charges. Most of my domain names and hosting services expired.  

  • I paid for 4 domain name renewals.
  • I paid for 2 web hosting renewals.
  • I bought 2 more domains in December – for new Businesses
  • I’m about to register with Corporate Affairs Commissions – inquiry is still on.
  • I am hiring a Barrister to draft a Contract and Disclaimer Terms for my new side business at
  • I already spent some money on legal consultations. 🤯
  • N165,000 – for deep freezer and Stabilizer.


Update: $35 has just been spent now on a New Premium Theme for the next business blog.

blogging business ideas IN NIGERIA

That’s about 19,250 for a WordPress theme.

This cements the fact that when you treat blogging like a business, you invest into it.


The balance from the 50% has been for upkeep, family, mobile data, Netflix, and other miscellaneous.


Talking about MrWealthyPlace.

This is a side project where I help family and friends to exchange PayPal money to Naira in less than or 45 Minutes.

The essence of this is to offer a genuine and excellent PayPal withdrawal to Nigerians in 45 minutes Max having been scammed by a lot of these guys on Nairaland. 😤

While I am waiting for the legal ⚖ aspects of the business to be 100% processed, I’ve served 4 persons so far with 100% review – even though they had initial doubts. Of course, it is normal for a total stranger, mostly if they had a similar experience of being scammed on faceless online platforms.

About my service?

Would you have expected any less from me? Of course, no. I even got one referral from a happy client who also gave 100% customer satisfaction review.

So, if you have PayPal money or funds in your Dollar Card Dominated credit card, as my family and friend, I will exchange 💱 it in 45 mins at – aboveLocal Bank Rates – immediately when confirmed from the other end.

➡️ Check out MrWealthyPlace – not launched yet.


➡️ Use fnfSwap by Isuawealthyplace for PayPal and Dollar Card Funds Exchange


Instant PayPal & Dollar Funds Withdrawal

Should you want to swap your PayPal or Dollar card dominated funds to Naira, you can sell to me. Click here to go to the page.


Going back to the blogging business, a lot of naïve and doubting Thomases will ask, if you make ₦800,000+ a month, why still want to teach us how to start a profitable blogging business?

Well, maybe we should put it this way. Why not ask the telecommunication network providers like MTN and Glo, with the billions of Naira made monthly, why they still invest in marketing? To make more or lose? 🚦

Others are waiting to see how it works on WhatsApp.  


Therefore, if you are asking how you could learn from me, the opportunity will be opened to get enrolled. But before that, let’s see more about the blogging business.


P.S – should you be asking where I get my Blog themes, you can check out mythemeshop

Alright, let’s continue.


7 Steps to Start a Blogging Business in Nigeria with Great Ideas


  • Niching
  • Research
  • Income Type
  • Passion
  • Domain
  • Hosting Service
  • Blogging Tools


1. Select a Niche

The first thing you want to do before you start a blogging business is to select a niche or what we call an area of focus or specialization.

What do you want to write about? Is it cars, football, relationships, or Business?

To give you a head start, let’s list out more niches you can work with.


Top Blogging Business Plans and Ideas in Nigeria & anywhere

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Political News
  • Celebrity gossips,
  • Branding,
  • Blogging,
  • Travels,
  • Crypto
  • Personal Finance
  • Food Blog
  • Music Blog
  • Gaming Blog
  • Tech
  • Men’s Blog
  • Banking
  • Movies
  • Romance
  • Business planning, etc.

To be frank, this is where your blogging business starts: selecting your niche. But that’s not all.

Under these topics, do you want to write general content or niche down – focus on specific areas?

General topics – if you go with general topics, failure is inevitable as a new blog owner/blogger. But if willing to do the avoidable marketing hard work, then you will succeed going forward.


Niche Topics – this is your easy bankable blogging model if you go with it.

Let me explain it.


Instead of writing on Football which is a general topic, why not focus on English Premier League only or English players profile and biography, or even the clubs’ sides news only.

Another example.

Instead of writing on Relationships, why not focus on Boy-Boy relationships (lol), under 30 relationships, Nigerian Men or Women Relationships?


Instead of writing on Travels as a general topic, why not focus on top states in Nigeria, top places in west Africa, best food locations in Africa?


Lastly, instead of writing on Forex as a general topic, why not write on Forex Arbitrage only, top forex investment websites, how to invest in Forex from your country, how to trade Forex topics for beginners, and etc.


The essence of Niching down is:

#1. To avoid competing with authority websites you can never outrank on the internet unless you are ready to suffer for 600 days in Marketing.

#2. To create an authority niche for yourself, that is, serving an exclusive number of people that will always come to you for help.

Normally, you would think that to serve a small number of people is a disadvantage. But guess what? You’ve got it all wrong.

Serving a small audience helps you know your fans & those who want what you want and offer.

Most importantly, the quality of traffic and visitors you will get will be top-notch – because they want a specific result.

Think about it. Among these 2 Auto Mechanical Engineers, who will you go to for repairs if you had a Toyota Camry car?


Engineer A – repairs all cars.

Engineer B – repairs only Toyota Camry cars.


The same thing with a doctor.

If someone needs brain surgery, who would you refer the patient to?


#1. Doctor A – treats all kinds of cases

#2. Doctor B – a brain surgeon


Like I said, when you niche down, you solve the best problem and people will know you for that. See the result of one of my blogs with less than 20 articles.

1 blog post has – 60+ comments.

HOW TO START blogging business ideas


The same thing goes with the AMBBProgram. How?

I can’t teach you how to build a successful celebrity or News website. I’m not in for it.

But if you want to build a blog where you make money with Affiliate marketing, then I’m the right guy to see you through.

All in all, as a beginner, if you ask me, which should I go first. You know what I will answer you, right? Of course, the second option.

And if otherwise, that is, going with the first option, you better have a team and be ready to spend a lot of money or time and energy on marketing before seeing results – in a long run.

But if you’re a solo blogger & you want to focus on general blogging topics then get ready to say that blogging is dead or no one can make money with blogging.


2. Conduct a Research

In blogging, there is what is known as evergreen content.

Evergreen content are articles that have long-term value & relevance. Meaning, writing it once brings relevance in a long run.

An example of evergreen content is – how to start a business as a lady.


A non-evergreen content is an article that loses relevance and value in a short time. For instance, News (football, celebrity, politics).

With this type of content, you have to keep updating your blog with new content else you will lose visitors and traffic.

Like I said, if you want to create such a blog, unfortunately, I can’t teach you.


Talking about research. Now, having selected a niche, you want to research related topics you can cover on your blog.

The good news is that there are tools you can use to do this all for free. Some of them include Google Planner, SemRush, AnswerthePublic, and more.


Step 1. Choose a topic. Let’s take “Medical Doctor”

Step 2. Enter this term into Google Planner

Step 3. Extract the results to your device.

blogging business ideas

With this extraction, you would have had up to 50-100+ blog topics to cover on your blog.


3. Choose your Income Options

At this point, you need to decide how you want to earn money with your blog.


Top 7 Ways to Make Money with Blogging Business in Nigeria


#1. AdSense

You can make money using AdSense Advertising on your blog as you can see on this page.

This is what you will see mostly on the majority of websites in Nigeria. Like LindaIkeji and BellaNaija. But I hate it though on my blogs. Maybe I shall reconsider it.


#2. Native ads – Banners.

You can also make money by placing partners banners on your blog.

This is what you will mostly see on Nairaland. See one below as well.

blogging business AD


#3. Make money via brand mentions

This method of making money with your blogging business is placing or mentioning company products and services in your articles for a fee. See an example below.

what is blogging business in nIGERIA


#4. Make money with Sponsored Post.

You get paid when an individual or company sponsors a post on your blog. See an example at LindaIkeji’s page here.


#5. Make money with Affiliate Marketing.

This is getting paid when you successfully make sales by recommending solution products and services to your people.

[Image – product sales]


 Bookmark these two:

➡️ See a full guide on Affiliate marketing

➡️ How to use Facebook ads with Affiliate Marketing

#6. Make money by selling links

As time goes on and you’re an authority in your niche, other blogs will contact you to ask for a link to their blog with your pricing options.


#7. Freelance

You can make money when you write for other blogs or when someone contacts you to write an article.

I did one some time ago for $60 this year – check it out on the AMBBPROGRAM page.


Let’s continue as we see other blogging business ideas to have in place.


4. Give Passion Boost

Most people believe that you need passion before you can succeed with blogging. Well, that’s 100% true for others but for me, it is 20% true.

“I don’t JUST blog because of passion”. Yes, you need a bit of it, maybe at 20% to give you the right attitude to forge ahead.

Apart from that, when I see a profitable program like the one below. I immediately start a blog on the topic and work towards making money.

affiliate marketing industry in nigeria

Let me shock you.


Yesterday I paid for 2 new domain names and 1 hosting.


Last 2 weeks I paid for 2 domains in one day.

blogging business plan IN nIGERIA


That’s to say. 4 new businesses.


Is it passion that will make me write this article you’re reading now since around 1 am and now is 04:00 I am still typing? 💁‍♂️

All in all, I think you need a bit of passion when starting out with the belief that if you don’t see immediate results, you will going forward.


5. Register a Domain Name

A domain name is your brand blogging business name.,,, and are all domain names, so, before you start a blog, you need to come up with one. If you need ideas use this free name generator.  


How to get a FREE Domain name for your blog business?

Answer: You will get one along with the hosting service.


7. Get a Hosting Service.

A hosting service is like Oxygen that keeps us going. As in, this is what keeps a domain active on the internet.

Meaning, if you buy just a domain name, you cannot start your blogging business.

Here is how your blog will be without a hosting service to give it life.

what is blogging business

But the good news is that the hosting company we recommend gives you a free domain name when you order a hosting service.


To get a FREE domain name,


Option #1. Go with Bluehost Hosting Service

I’ve used and tested it myself.


Best Web Hosting Providers


➡️ Click here to start a website with Bluehost + free domain


Option #2. Go with HostGator Hosting Service

I’ve also used and tested HostGator as well. Great for new sites.

Hostgator dashboard


➡️ Click here to check out HostGator + free domain


Option 3. Go with Hostinger

I haven’t used Hostinger yet, but I recommend it since it offers cloud hosting that makes your blog super-fast. Plus, you can pay with crypto.

Hostginger Web Hosting Price in Nigeria


➡️ Click here to check out Hostinger + free domain


To your Advantage: I will set up your blog FOR FREE after you order from any of the above hosting companies + give you my PREMIUM 100 BLOGGING BUSINESS TOOLS.


💬 Click here to contact me after you place an order.


No free domain name hosting services.


Option 4. Go with Namecheap

I had some bad times with Namecheap when I first got started but it’s stable now but the support is not top-notch in terms of figuring out technical issues.

➡️ Check out Namecheap here


As you’ve observed, I don’t recommend Nigerian web hosting options because I’ve used all the top ones you probably know and the experience has been from bad to worse.

One of my sites even got infected at a point using one of the web hosting services.

I always recommend, if you’re using a Nigerian web host, back up the site and know that you won’t get immediate or 24/7 instant support when the need arises.

Here is what happened last week with one of the sites hosted by a Nigerian hosting company.

My site went down – due to an old version theme I used. 😤


Because I needed an immediate response, I checked their site, the instant chat support was not available, I had to email them. I didn’t get a human response until daybreak – this is while my site was down. Tears…

I searched the internet and found nothing helpful. My only hope was to go to Nairaland. YES, I went there to seek help in the middle of the night. See my post here at 3:35am.



I was shocked the next day to see that the post made the front page. Wowww. Unbelievable.

I got several responses afterward, but luckily, the problem was sorted out by the hosting company at about 11 am – since it was on a Sunday.

I even discovered yesterday that some experts emailed to help

how do i start blogging business IN NIGERIA

This will take us to our last part of blogging business planning. But first, if you can’t go with the above recommendations, and you want to use a Nigerian company, the only one I recommend is DomainKing.

➡️ Click here to check DomainKing


Note: always back up your blog because anything can happen.

Deciding on Blogging Tools

As a Nigerian, I know we too dey like free things. 😤 Yes, that’s the bitter truth.

But in all these, avoid using a Null theme else you might lose your blogging business due to an infected theme.

Instead of using a Null theme, I recommend free ones available in the public domain at

And if you’re going with the free options, do well to always update your theme.

If using a Free theme – check your admin dashboard for notifications.

If using paid themes – check your theme company’s dashboard.


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➡️ How to start a Cheap Blog with HostGator

Listen Up Now: Truth is, there is a Series of True-Life Success Stories | Case Studies on Building Authority Business & Beating 9-5 Jobs lessons coming up. Click the notification “Pop up above the page for publication alerts”. And For ONLINE JOBS OPPORTUNITIES and weekend lessons, join our Telegram community. | See the AMBBPROGRAM

A Final note about blogging business

That is all about it if you consider starting a Blogging Business.

As a recommendation, if you want to know how I do all these, it is not farfetched. I have provided a detailed and 5-part video lesson you can get, learn about and take action in 1 day.

And when ready to get started, I will set up your blogging business all for free.


As you already know, I am a lover of personal growth. How?

I want you to grow because the way the economy is going, next year might not be funny, and it will be a great thing to earn in dollars and withdraw using incredible exchange rates to suffice the high cost of living in Nigeria.


If you are working with me via the AMBBProgram, here are some of your benefits:

  • You get the short-detailed lesson itself.
  • You get the tools I use to achieve all the results seen.
  • You get added to a community support group in case you hit any roadblock.
  • You get your blog set up when ready.
  • You get to see how to use 1-5 blog posts to make money.
  • You get a free PayPal guide to receive your blogging business income.

If you want all these for a small fee, get enrolled in the AMBBProgram today and get started.


Alternatively, if you think that a little investment is too much for you to get the CORRECT structure of what I do, go to Google or YouTube and learn.

The best piece of advice is, just get started and build a workable online business, but make sure to start using the right ideas, else, if it is Blogging, it will tire you. As in, failure is inevitable.


Once again, click here to check out the AMBProgram, and here to contact me.

Lots of love.




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