How To Build Amazon Product Review Sites In 2020: An Ultimate Guide For Creating ClickBank, ShareAsale Affiliate Review Website

Build Amazon Product Review Sites
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Welcome to another epic guide on creating an authority online business. Today we will focus on creating an Amazon, ShareAsale, Jumia or any other marketplace product review website.

To start with, we already created an ultimate guide named “King Solomon’s Guide to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site. But I want to give us more value I didn’t include there. This time, it’s a pure top marketplace Product Review site.

Hmmm, what’s the confidence here for you? Here is it.

We won’t just see how to create a complete Amazon review website, we will use this method to build a Clickbank, ShareAsale, Jumia, Ebay, Esty, and Expertnaire affiliate products review website.

Wait for a second. Let’s do something special, use Google or Bing search engine and search the top marketplaces like Amazon in your country. Below is one for Canada.

Build Amazon Product Review Sites


Top 5 Websites Like Amazon Product Websites In Australia

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  1. Etsy.
  2. CQout.
  3. GraysOnline.
  4. ASOS Marketplace.
  5. BidMate.
  6. Fishpond.

#1. Etsy

Etsy is just like Amazon in Australia.

Who is Etsy most suited for?

Etsy is perfect for vendors who sell handmade or vintage items or crafting supplies and resources. If you have your own unique product to sell, Etsy is for you.


#2. CQout

CQout is an online auction site and marketplace that boasts a range of sellers in over 80 countries.

Who is CQout most suited for?

CQout is an attractive eBay alternative for online retailers who want to avoid the high competition of larger platforms, but still, want to maintain an international audience.


#3. GraysOnline

GraysOnline is the largest industrial and commercial auction site in Australia.’

Who is GraysOnline most suited for?

GraysOnline is designed for sellers who have large industrial equipment, machinery, restaurant equipment, and likewise stock that they need to sell online.


#4. ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace offers the ability to open an online boutique for new and vintage styles for twenty-something fashion lovers.


#5. BidMate.

BidMate is an online auction site like eBay, but is exclusively for Australian buyers and sellers.

Who is BidMade most suited for?

BidMate is made for Australian-based sellers who aren’t happy with eBay’s listing fees and high sales fees.


#6. Fishpond

Fishpond is an Australian-based marketplace you’ll find books, music, beauty products, toys, jewelry, and more.

Who is Fishpond most suited for?

Fishpond is a good option for established online retailers looking for an additional platform on which to list their items.


Ref: Top 5 websites like Amazon in Australia insights was from

You can literally repeat this method in your country.


Top 3 Websites like Amazon Product Sites in Nigeria


Jumia is most popular if not the most successful version of Amazon in Nigeria or Africa. Like Konga, its e-commerce website was established in 2012.

Who is Jumia Store most suited for?

For buyers and sellers of all products.



Konga Serves a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more.

Who is Konga Store most suited for? is one of Nigeria’s largest online mall launched in 2012 and its mission has always been to become the engine of commerce and trade in Africa.


#3. Printivo Store

Printivo is Nigeria’s most popular online print shop.

Who is Printivo Store most suited for?

Printivo Store is an online marketplace is suitable for designers and print providers who want to make money online by selling their prints and designs to customers all across the country.


Ref: Top 3 websites like Amazon in Nigeria insights was from

We are ready but let’s touch on Clickbank Marketplace so we can go ahead to round up everything.

Creating A Successful Clickbank Review Website In Nigeria, USA, Or Any Country

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform.

As a top 100 online retailer with 200 million customers, Clickbank sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. From advice for getting in shape to healthy cooking recipes and dating advice, Clickbank delivers digital lifestyle products to customers in over 190 countries.

Clickbank was founded in 1998 and is privately-held. According to records, the company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

When you think of Clickbank you are thinking of websites like Jvzoo, Warrior Plus, and Expertnaire (Nigerians).

Before we see how to build a Successful Clickbank Review Website, let’s see the top sites like Clickbank in your country.

As before, what to do for more marketplaces is entering this on Google or Bing search engine; “Sites like Clickbank + Country”.

See a sample for Australia below.

Build Amazon Product Review websites

A Site Like Clickbank In Nigeria – Vs

When it comes to comparing an indigenous website like Clickbank there are just a few of them for Nigerians.

Already we have foreign alternatives like Jvzoo, Warrior Plus and more, but a home-based site like is

Just like Clickbank, at Expertnaire you get paid to promote high paying products. Some products there pay affiliate up to N20,000 if you can jump in and make just one sale.

In essence, 5 sales is equal to N100,000.

For me, I don’t know many times I was found wanting on new digital marketplace platforms, so, what I deemed fit was to do a comprehensive review, top selling products, vendors and commissions you get for promoting digital products on Expertnaire.

Want to make money off a site like Clickbank in Nigeria? If yes, then you can check out or see the comprehensive review here.


How To Sign Up And Select A Product On Clickbank

#1. Go to and sign up. Like a normal sign up form, you will have to provide your data. Enter them as required and move on.   

Build Amazon Product Review websites

#2. Create a nickname and password for your account:

Kindly note that your account nickname is what customers will see during the order process and that it cannot be changed once your account is created (so choose wisely). Choose a nickname that reflects your business name.


Top 6 Clickbank Marketplace Definitions
  • GRAVITY: Listed as Gravity in the stats window, this number is something ClickBank calculates to show how many different affiliates earned a commission by promoting a particular product over the previous 12 weeks. A higher number indicates popularity (what’s “hot”), but it can also indicate that you’ll have more competition promoting that specific product.
  • Commission: The rate (not the amount) earned on the sales for a particular product.
  • Initial sale: The amount of money you (the affiliate) earn each time someone buys a product through your affiliate link.
  • Rebill: Products like memberships or subscriptions where a customer is billed in multiple installments.
  • Hops: When you choose a product to promote, you get a HopLink to place on your website. Each time someone purchases a product through that link, it counts as a hop.
Converting Products on Clickbank Marketplaces

The below is based on experience so, get it for full disclosure. The type of products that sell best on Clickbank? Low Gravity vs High Gravity?

We can take a look through the Cooking, Food, and Wine category. The image below shows two search results, both cookbooks:

Build Amazon Product Review Sites

For every product ClickBank offers, you’ll see the name of the product and a brief description designed to attract affiliates, plus the following data points:

  • Initial $/sale: the amount of money made per product
  • Avg %/sale: the commission rate on the sale of a product
  • Avg Rebill Total: if the product has recurring sales (the first product does not, the second one does)
  • Avg %/rebill: the commission rate on rebill sales
  • Grav: how well the product is doing for affiliates

These statistics can help determine which products are good ones to promote. First, you should consider the amount of money made per sale (Initial $/sale) and the commission rate (Avg %/sale). These numbers are two ways of saying the same thing — the money you make when a product is bought through your hop link.

Another consideration,

Low gravity = product doesn’t convert.

High gravity = product converts well and affiliates are making money promoting it.

It is worthy to note that Low gravity only shows the number of people who are selling it is less. It does not mean the product is not selling.

Now, what if Gravity could be faked? As in, a vendor buying its own products using different accounts. Do you think this can be possible? Hmmm, here is the obvious truth.

EVERY vendor with a gravity above 100 would have to have so many affiliate accounts and spend 100k+ buying their product to get that gravity of 100 or above, right? I Hope I’m not confusing you, please?

Let’s do a calculation.

Even if say 100 gravity is 100% faked, 100k USD calculation is waaayyyy off! Example below:

Product cost = $35 x 100 = $3500 = gravity 100

Affiliate commission = 75% = $2625 (paid back to their affiliate accounts)

Vendor income = 25% = $875 (paid back to their vendor account)

Now even if the team buys from 100 different affiliate, they only lose $2625. Small money for the marketing effect.

All in all, the baseline is,

There is no way a vendor can fake gravity, else, CB, the credit card companies, and PayPal would be on their ass in 2 seconds.

Talking of PayPal. (Apart from the worry-free countries) If you want a verified PayPal Account that sends and receives PayPal money, here is how to get it.

Picking a Product top Promote on Clickbank

Having considered the above, go to Marketplace > Select the category you want to – as related to your niche > Once you choose which product to promote, all you need to do is click on the Promote button, and you’ll get this pop-up screen:

Your account nickname should be filled in automatically by the system, however, if not, go ahead and just add it here, and you can also add a tracking ID if you like.

The tracking ID is only visible to you, not to the product vendor.

A tracking ID is a string of characters you can add to the hop link to help you track and compare different sources of traffic.

For instance, if you were going to promote the same product on your blog and on Twitter, you could use different tracking IDs for each platform so that you would know which platform brought in more customers.

For a more advanced guide on using hop links, kindly check out ClickBank’s tutorial.

Now we’ve got our Clickbank affiliate link to promote. The next step is shortening it. We can use a service tool like for this.

As an overview, see what we are trying to, and have established on Clickbank…

#1. Find a Product to Promote

#2. Create a Customized HopLink

#3. Promote the Product

#4. Drive Sales

#5. Earn Commission

#6. Get Paid

Progress report. We are at #2.

I’m am eager to get started but I have to share more info with us. Before we go on to see how to pick a product and start promoting. Let’s talk about ShareAsale.


Lest I forget. Our Disclosure:Please be notified that this article does contain affiliate links. If you purchase a tool through one of our links we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support. More on Privacy Policy.

Creating an Amazon Vs Clickbank vs ShareAsale Affiliate Review Website

Founded in 2000, ShareAsale is an affiliate marketing network based in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. ShareAsale services two customer sets in affiliate marketing: the affiliate, and the merchant.

What makes them stand out is their trust value score. I know Clickbank is super popular but the truth is, so many promoters are vying their trades using other marketplaces, why? Because of some dubious or perceived scams.

As Kumar of said,

Clickbank used to be a leading affiliate marketplace. But with the span of time, it becomes the place of scam products and services. In today’s world, you simply cannot convert the ClickBank products to a sale. Many reputed advertisers like Longtailpro have left the ClickBank marketplace and joined the ShareAsale.

I can’t deny this fact because it’s somewhat tough to be approved by ShareAsale. I haven’t been approved yet on it, maybe when you have credible traffic you will.

Side Note: Again, while I haven’t been approved (as of the time of writing, getting less than 50 traffic a day), I tend to promote less and offer more value for my readers. So, it’s no problem at all – let’s walk with the few we’ve got. 😉 


How To Promote A ShareAsale, Clickbank or Amazon Product Review Sites

This is very important if you want to make money off your efforts. How do I mean? There are 2 ways you can promote your product review websites. Via Adverts or SEO – ranking organically by the search engines.

Let’s see some ways.

#1. Promotion with SEO (Free Traffic, Long term, turned to Passive, Freemium Method)

First things first, for the benefits of those who do not know. Freemium means both paid and free methods. Here we go.

If you want to promote your site with SEO. It means, you will have to do keyword research, and that is as simple (but a bit of time consuming) as entering your product niche keywords into SEO Keyword Research tools.

Talking about Keyword research tools,

There are many keyword tools to use. You can start with the free ones like KeywordShitter, Ubersuggest, and Google Trend.

However, for effectiveness, KwFinder is cheap to start with – you can get a free 5 search per day when you try it out.

 Start a Free Trial with KwFinder/tool


In essence, if you want comprehensive keyword research and analysis, then you need a detailed tool like SEMrush. You can as well start with SEMrush for free. 

Start a Free Trial with SEMrush


To see how to do simple Keyword research please see this article.

All in all, this method might mean you invest in the first phase, after that you are good to go as ranking on Search Engines gives you free traffic.


Method #2. Promotion with Ads (Paid Traffic, Short term, No Passive Income, Premium Method)

Here what we will do is to use ads to promote our product review websites.

There are many places to do this. Some of the popular places are Facebook (Facebook ad), Google (Google AdWords), Taboola ads, Propeller ads, MediaVine ads, Ads, Banner ads on other websites.

Let me say this. Perhaps you are wondering how this works. Here is it. I guess you know about Google Absence, right? Good.

The ads shown on Google AdSense are ads from people like you – who do not want to use or wait for SEO ranking – for immediate results. (As in the first method).  

Below is an ad from a startup called Famous – it’s actually a Google Ad.

Build clickbank Product Review websites

Truth is, maybe, they are in a competitive niche, and they’ve figured it out that outranking some top page 1-5 websites on Search Engine will take forever, so, they jump right in to use ads.

As for us, that is what we want to do if you don’t want to wait for organic search engine ranking.


All in all. Invest initially in SEO and reap the benefits LONG TERM, or do not invest in it, but use ads – SHORT TERM, or invest in both and reap a bountiful harvests (SHORT & LONG TERMS)

– The last works like this.

(After keyword research, publishing of review articles. Instead of waiting to be ranked naturally – organically – you go ahead to use Ads while you wait for SEO ranking).

It is important you decide which you want to go with so you do not get discouraged in the journey. 

Shortly let’s see different types of ads so you grab what I am saying.

Upcoming article:

How To Receive Payment On Amazon & Clickbank A Non-US Citizen (Welcome Nigga)

Want it? Get it here ASAP.

Types of Online Advertising Samples

#1. MediaVine Ad sample

Build clickbank Product Review websites

#2. Ads from Google AdSense

Build Product Review websites

#3. AdWords Ad from Google

Build Product Review websites

You can search more for Propellers, Ezoic, Outbrain and more.

For explanation, see more on “8 Types of Online Advertising You Need to Know – by”.

How to Pick a Product for your Amazon vs Clickbank vs ShareAsale Product Review Site

Please, it’s important you replace any marketplace you wish to use here. Let’s say it’s Jvzoo, Expertnaire, and etc., just follow the steps we are going to use here and you are good.

The marketplace I will be using is And what I will do here is promoting Sneakers.

Note, before now, it is assumed I would have done my research on the niche – Sneakers (as discussed above).

Step #1. I will go to > to Shoes Section > Select the sneakers I want to promote.

Step #2. I will do individual research on each sneaker. One of the things that will help me here is using users’ comments. 

Step #3. I will document all my reports ready to write a typical Review article.


How To Get Reviews – Cons & Pros – For Your Product Review Sites

The best review you can give is if you use the product yourself. With that, you can confidently tell the Pros and Cons about it. Nevertheless, let’s see how.

Each of the products on the marketplaces has customer’s reviews. Be it Jumia or Amazon or any other. Leverage on that. Use the customer’s reviews as a guiding point for your reviews.

Ordinarnally, this wouldn’t have been necessary but you want your audience to trust your recommendations – to buy from you always.

Another place is TrustPilot. For some obvious reasons, I don’t know why the reviews on this website are always positive -4 star +. Well, I can’t say but you can find back up reviews from users to use and spice up your product review posts.

How to quickly get it. Enter this into google. “Product Name +”


How to Write Amazon, Jumia, ClickBank Product Review Articles

Quickly, it’s important you focus on “Top Best – Keywords – in – the year, like, Top affordable Keyword – for kids – in –2019.

For example, let’s assume I want to create my marketplace product review site on Shoes, in a Sub niche such as Sneakers. I will go on to list my review articles in the following formats.

#1. Top 5 Best Sneakers for Kids under 5 years in 2020

#2. Top 5 Best Sneakers for Men under 50 years in 2020

#3. Top 5 Affordable Sneakers for new Couples in 2020

#4. The Top 5 Must-have Handsome Men in 2020

#5. Top 30 Choice Sneakers for Couples during winter.

With this, you would have come up with the first 5 articles to fill your product review blog.

Let’s go on to see how to write a typical Amazon product review article.

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The Ultimate Guide Sample To WRITING Blog Posts For Reviews Website


H1: Best [Product] of 2017? Complete Reviews With Comparison

H2: Top X [Product] Comparison Chart
(Table) as many rows as products you’re reviewing, try and make it so it pops at the bottom of the fold, hence keep your intro short and sweet.

You can add more Feature columns if the width of your theme allows and the product’s complexity calls for it.

Build Product Review Sites

Table of Contents goes here.

H2: [Product] Reviews

H3: 1. [Product Name]

(make sure to write the actual product name and not whatever rubbish appears on the Amazon Product listing).

Brief intro paragraph, why you’ve picked it, tier it belongs to, subclass it belongs to, etc. (Example, “this is a high-end automatic watch from the luxurious brand Zodiac”) which is a great way to then link to your “automatic watches” tier 2 page from this “best watches” tier 1 page.

Build Product Review Sites


H4: Product Highlights

Section where you cover the main features and characteristics that make this product an interesting choice.


H4: The Good/What I like – Pros

Section where you cover specific parts where this product is better than other choices in the same price range, where the manufacturer did a really good job, special features you wished other choices had, etc.


H4: The Bad/What I don’t like – The Cons

Section where you cover the downsides or otherwise poor features and specs of the product

Here you can add a video review/product spotlight from YouTube that’s of good quality for extra information and longer visitor dwell time.

Build Product Review  webSites


H3: 2. [Product Name]

—Same structure as previous product —

 (Repeat with as many products you’ve picked for review)


H2: Buyer’s Guide

Intro paragraph where you explain the importance of understanding what to look for in a good [Product]


H3: Key Feature n1

Explain this feature/spec/function/component so that the reader knows exactly what it does and how it matters, etc.


H3: Key Feature n2

… (As many as needed)

The buyer’s guide is a great spot to place your authority links quoting highly authoritative, niche-specific sources

(no, Wikipedia isn’t a good source) to help readers dig deeper into a certain topic if they so wish and improve your on-page SEO at the same time.


H2: [Product] FAQs

  • H3: Question 1
  • H3: Question 2
  • H3: Question 3
  • H3: Question 4
  • H3: Question 5


H2: Conclusion/Wrapping up/Final Verdict

Here you close the article with a final recommendation with [Product nX] as the best [product] because A, B, and C. You may alternatively give a second recommendation for a much cheaper option for those who are on a budget.


Ref: How to write amazon review article insights from – humanproofdesigns.

Now that you are done…Let’s see how to create a simple WordPress product review website.

How To Create A Simple Amazon, Clickbank, ShareAsale WordPress Product Review Site

One of the best things that have happened in this era is creating a website with few a clicks. Gone are the days it was all about being a teachie before you could create a Website. But that has changed now.

With that confidence in place let’s see how to build a simple marketplace products review website

What you need.
#1. A hosting and #2. Domain name.

You can get a free domain name for your site today – while you pay for the hosting fee at $2.75 only.

Our recommended hosting company at Wealthy place are: Kinsta (Best but not cheap), HostGator (Cheap and better for a start), Domain King (Cheap and better for a start – Nigerians).

If you are going with Kinsta, you won’t get a free domain though, but a superlative service is what you will get – Excellent – 5 stars.

Kindly Visit

If you are going with HostGator, which I recommend you start here, you will get a FREE 1year domain name.

Kindly Visit

Having used HostGator – great tool, I went on to write a cheat-chat guide that will help you set up your site in 5 steps, if not 5 minutes. Here is the Ultimate guide to it.

Lastly, Domain King – for Nigerians. Wealthy’s Place recommended host by usage among others is Domain King.

Here you get free if you sign up for a 1 year host. However, please, note, it is not a free dot com like HostGator. It is dot com dot ng.

Kindly Visit

Having used Domain King as well – great tool, I also went on to write a detailed guide that will help you set up your site in 5 steps. Here is the Ultimate guide to it.


How To Install WordPress, Themes And Plugins On Your Amazon Review Websites

All the guides above will show you how to install WordPress, themes and plugins. Therefore, let’s quickly see a recommended WordPress theme that will fit into what we want to do.

The WP theme we will be working with is Astra. (Not affiliated to Astra but it’s pretty great).

Astra WordPress theme is sleek, fast and highly customizable for a product review blog. The thing best is that you can use the free version for s start. If you want you can buy the premium when start making money.

One more plugin I recommend you install is Table Press. It will help you create a table as was shown above. However, if you don’t want to use it, you can use site builders such as Elementor, SiteOrigin, Oxygen and more.

And do not forget Schema. This plugin helps you generate the “stars” you see on review articles. Learn more about this from on 10 Best Schema Markup Plugins.



Is Still Worthy To Build A Clickbank, Amazon, Shareable Or Any Marketplace Product Review Site?


Let’s hear from others…

 I am promoting CB product with reviews and they do convert, you need to find unique products like hidden gems. – Nut. N

In my opinion promoting Clickbank products with review site is the best way to promote.

If you do the work once – you will earn while you sleep.

First, write a long and useful review – then write supporting articles to that review.

EXAMPLE: if your review is “Backpain coach review” Then your supporting article might be “how to cure backpain” “backpain fixing tutorials” etc…

This is how millionaire affiliate marketers leverage their business by building niche sites – Haseen S.

I have success with Clickbank product sites. Works well, just gotta do proper research – Frap.


Final Verdict on Building an Amazon or Clickbank Affiliate Product Review Website

With the above, you are done with this. What you want to do now is promoting your articles. You can go on to run a simple Facebook page ad to kick-start your journey.

Also, we would have gone on to set up your Google Analytics and Webmaster account, but I do not want you to be overwhelmed.

More so, it is not important as far as you are building the site at hand. When you have 5-10 articles you can set them up.

As always, we did a good job on it. Read more on how to build a brand in 1440 minutes (Note: not important now until you would have set up your 1-10 articles).

That is all to set up an amazon product review site, Clickbank product review site, ShareAsale product review site or even Jumia and more marketplaces review website.

Set up WordPress blog

A Summary of Building A Clickbank Or Amazon Affiliate Review Site

#1. Register on a marketplace of your choice,

#2. Do initial keyword research so you know what to target – perhaps sneakers baby pants, and so on.

Use a free tool like KwFinder or SEMrush to do your research Ubersuggest is another free tool.

#3. Get the reviews from the marketplaces + trustpilot and other online sources.

#4. Create a simple blog for your reviews – Get a free domain name for free when you pay a hosting fee of $2.75 only from HostGator. Learn More.

#5. Create a review articles on ‘Top 10 or 5 Best products in the year”. After like 5 articles on this you can set up other ad-on options like Google Analytics and Webmasters

#6. Start promoting and ranking on Google Search Engine.

You can also go into ads, but it takes a lot of trial and error and could be very costly. So, SEO is always recommended while you get instant results using ads.

To enlarge your horizon you can also build a social media account. Produce good content and continue with the promotion process until you get your first sale.

Hitherto, you can try out a simple Facebook ad for $10 or $20 to grow your Facebook page or reach more audiences with your post. From here you can get the initial fans.

And never never forget to grab the visitors’ email & names – coming from Facebook. Use a free trial tool like GetReponse for this. Learn more about GR

Over to you.

I am always here to take your questions. Drop one if you have in the comment section because at Wealthy Place, ours is to show you how to build an authority online business that will finally beat 9-5 jobs, and without doubt, this guide is your stepping stone to launching out. 

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