A No-Nonsense Guide to “Building A Business Brand Online” In 1440 Minutes: The Brand Strategy That Works In 2020

Building A Business Brand Online
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Supreme has built a business Brand Online so well that they sell $3 t-shirts for $64 and has a line out of the door because it doesn’t really sell shirts; it sells status. If there were no lines, their stuff wouldn’t be worth anything.

You might think that building a business brand online is all about the logo, but the truth is, that is far from it.

Still on Supreme.

The Supremes’ logo is a red box that says Supreme in a basic typeface.

Supreme build that speaks loud

The shirts have no style or craftsmanship. The people who wear them are a tiny group of 17-year-olds who want Supreme because it’s hard to get.

To get a Supreme item, you have to wait in line for hours at one of their few stores. If they sell out, you get nothing.

Supreme changes its product line every week makes less than they can sell, and opens for fewer hours than they should in order to create the line.

Let me ask you. Do you want to build a brand with a strategy that works? If yes, you need to get this straight.

The Successes and strides won’t happen overnight, but if you build one today, it will be another Supreme brand if you have the patience to take it on.

#Supreme opened its doors in April 1994. More as we see MailChimp.

Brand Development: A Need for a Brand Consultant

To build a business brand online you don’t really need a brand consultant. Wait. This is what I mean. 

We know that all entrepreneurs need a support system with other founders, but the truth is, the most important part of building one is to actually build one.

According to INC, one of the great privileges of being a founder (as a brand) is that you get to make key decisions about how and when you work.


Maybe that means you choose an office that reduces your commute time. Or if you’re having a tough day, you decide it’s OK to head home an hour early.

So, before you think of contacting a brand consultant, start your development with the hammer and nails you have in possession. Start building the bricks.

5 Radical Ways To Build A Personal Brand Online

It’s hard to break out from nowhere. But the streamline to creating a long lasting online brand are as follows.

#1. Figure Out What You Are Good At, And What You Want To Do To Make A Living.

You’ve got to be good at what you do. Not just that. You’ve got to love it. Anything out of this is Overhead costs – outsourcing your work while you concentrate on building the brand from the inside.

#2. Find Your Social Platform

This involves finding a platform that fits your interest and industry and start creating the best contents.

You don’t need to overthink this because when you create value, people will willingly share it on social media – you don’t really need a social media account to be successful.

#3. Create Empathy

Trust and beliefs are honed from the basis of empathy. Can your customers’ thank you for seeing things in/from their angle?

“Empathy doesn’t involve feeling sorry for someone. It is our honest answer to the question, “why did they do what they did?”

The useful answer is rarely, “because they’re stupid.” Or even, “because they’re evil.” In fact, most of the time, people with similar information, similar beliefs and similar apparent choices will choose similar actions.

 So if you want to know why someone does what they do, start with what they know, what they believe and where they came from”.

Seth Godin

#4. Get Ready to Turn the Sky Red

In the book “The Coca Cola Way”, we saw how Candler engineered muscling Coca Cola to what it is today, all with the power of investing in publicity. A strategy you can tag – “Coca Cola by Branding”.

Here is what Publicity can do when it comes to building a business brand online.

In 2016, Binance – a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase never existed. Since then, its 1.4 million-transactions-per-second capability has attracted 6 million users, making it the world’s largest crypto-exchange.

 “No decentralized exchange today can handle our volume, and none are as secure as we are,” says its founder.


Since its July initial coin offering, her native token, BNB soared from about 10 cents to $13, which gave it a market capitalization of $1.3 billion.

Here is how they did it.

They created empathy and personal benefits for users. How?

For every referral customers brought into the company, they were handsomely rewarded with 50% commissions.

That is to say, if I referred a customer that invested $1,000 to trade, $500 was mine (And as far as the customer continued with the platform, I was earning as well- as a referrer). 

Building A Business Brand Online

Note that this was the year Bitcoin was taking the snowball effect, rising from $4,000+ to $19,000 per coin which saw an epic influx of new FOMO customers.

As of the time of writing, the highest referrer on Binance.com has a commission of about 101 Bitcoins. And 1 Bitcoin = $9,000+.

By calculation,

101 BTC X $9,000+ = $909,000+

So, instead of targeting Facebook and Google advertisements, Binance concentrated rewarding the users who brought a total transformation to the company and today is worth Billions of dollars – just in 2 years

#5. Secure Your Personal Web Domain

Having a personal website that carries your name is the foundation for an online presence, not just in terms of ranking on search engines, but being accessible to all races.

When it has to do with building your brand online, some of the most important web pages are “About me, Service, Contact, Resources or Blog and a Linked Social Media Page”.

Next on the list is using a credible web hosting company that will self-manage your Brand website.

I can’t state this enough on how it’s important to use a credible web hosting company. I lost my online business I Built for 2 years due to a wrong choice of a web hosting company, so, never make such a mistake.

#Choose wisely – see recommendations below.

When it has to do with a dependable web hosting company for a brand, the name is Kinsta.com – a sell-managed web host devoid of headaches.

Unfortunately, this won’t be cheap but it’s 100% worth it as you might have to pay $30 a month to be online.

However, the good news is that you can get 60% off a year for an annual Payment at Kinsta.com.

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How To Build A Business Brand Online In 1440 Minutes: The 2020 Brand Strategy

The concept you are about to learn now is what will marvel you. It is not a common strategy for building an online brand. So this method requires just 3 things from you.

  1. A small bit of start-up capital
  2. An understanding of how to set up and build websites
  3. An idea of what product or service you will be offering

Talking about 1440 minutes. I440 minutes is 24 hours, meaning, if you want to put this to work, you need to set out a day and make it happen.

No more words, let’s jump into building a brand in a day – 1440 minutes.

FIRST HOUR MARK – Brainstorm | Get a Brand Name

Let’s assume this is new to you which means you never thought of a brand name, now is the time to think of what you might name your company. 

An easy way to do this is by spending 15 minutes brainstorming a name. Literally set a timer and write down as many names as you can think of. Aim for ten.

After the timer goes off, cross out all but your favorite three. Google the brand name in quotes to see if it’s taken. Be smart about this.

If you need help settling for a brand name, you can go to a site like Namemesh.com and search for a good brand name. Other places are:

Step #1.

When you would have come up with a name, go to Namecheap.com and search the availability of the name.

Let’s assume my brand name is 450EGIS. I will simply go to Namecheap and type in 450EGIS.COM, if it is availability, it means, I am free to pay for it. Let’s head over to Namecheap.

Building A Business Brand Online

Enter the Name and Click on Search – the circular box. 

Building A Business Brand Online

The cost of the rand domain name for a year is $8.8/yr. Go ahead and Add to cart and pay for the domain name. (It’s important you grab it now before someone else takes it on).

So, we have paid for our Brand domain name – 450egis.com

Step #2. Go to a trusted Web Hosting Company. Here I recommend Kinsta 99%Visit Kinsta.com

Choose a web hosting plan and pay for it.

#a. Go to Kinsta.com/signup

Building A Business Brand Online

#b. Click on “View Plans”

#c. Choose a plan that suits you. If you are going the Coca Cola or Binance way, I recommend you start with the 40,000 visits plan.

>> Paying annually gets you 2 months free – $120 for FREE – to put into initial adverts – Facebook ad or Google AdWords. 

Building A Business Brand Online

#d. Click on “Choose”.

#e. Enter your email and details. Click on “Continue” when done.

Building A Business Brand Online

#g. Enter your Billing Information. Pay with the same card. Then everything processes.

When done, click on “Finish Up”. You’re done. (Alternatively, if you feel nervous you can ask the customer care to help you out. That is all).

#h. You should have a bunch of emails now. Click the link sent to your email which leads you to install WordPress.

Why Do I recommend Kinsta?

#1. Dependable as you need to concentrate on building your brand

#2. Great for startups.

#3. Great if you don’t need external webmasters to optimize your site for speed and etc.

#4. Big Companies like Neuralab | SkyrocketWP | Intuit moved to Kinsta for a smooth sailing online presence devoid of opening supports of needing anything. 

#5. Supercharged brand website with a Boosting Performance for Everyone up to 200% using the latest software such as PHP 7.3 and more.

Before we head on to the next step, what if you are on a low budget?

Please note, I recommend you build a brand website with Kinsta. However, If you are on a low budget…

When you would have come up with a name, now, I recommend you go with HostGator and check the availability of the domain name…

Why Use HostGator?

You get a FREE DOMAIN NAME while you pay for the host only.

Also, HostGator is the host I have used which is good to start with. Not mentioning the fact that you will get a free $100 for adverts.

Here is a complete guide to setting up your Brand Website with HostGator from A-Z.

We’ve secured our Domain Name and Online Presence – BRAND WEBSITE.

SECOND HOUR MARK – Basic WordPress Setup | Branding

Step #1.

Pick a nice WordPress theme. For this lesson, we will be using Allegiant theme.

Get into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes.

Install and activate a theme called Allegiant. Once you do that, delete the other theme(s). You don’t need them cluttering your database. See Full Theme Image

Note that you can scroll down to see more themes.

My Observation: I think a Pro theme | Paid theme will get your feet set as a brand. So, if you can, go with a pro theme. Another theme I recommend is Astra theme or X- theme. You can check it out at theme.co.

Step #2.

Delete Hello and Dummy Posts.

Go to Posts > All Posts. Delete them all, and empty the trash.

build brand awareness online

Go to Posts > Categories, and delete those as well.

Do the same for Posts > Tags, and delete those as well.

 Now go to Pages > All Pages and delete everything.

Now you’ve got a relatively clean slate except for the home page. Let’s get some of the setups, too.

Here are the current sections: Navigation bar, slider, features, custom tagline, portfolio, what is offered, testimonials, some random logos, a team section, the now-empty blog section, and the footer.

Let’s cut out the custom tagline, portfolio, random logos, and footer garbage.

Go to Clients > Clients and move everything to the trash. Empty that trash out.

Now go to Media > Media Library. See those nine white logo images? Highlight them and trash them.

While you’re in there, delete the six portfolio images that can be found on the home page. See full image

In fact, you can delete all the media items in there except background-forest, slide 1, and slide 2. It’ll look like this when you’re done gutting:

Now go to Portfolio > Portfolio and delete everything, then empty the trash.

Go to Customize > Layout > Homepage and remove the tagline text to get the custom tagline to disappear. Save and publish.

Go to your Widgets and remove the footer widgets that are there (there will be something in all three). Beautiful.

Step #3.

Now it’s time for me to give you some hints.

Slider images on the home page are sized at 1903×801.

Your background image is 1903×1070. You are going to need four team member images that are 315×315, and three testimonial images that are probably around 200×200.

We are also going to grab some blog featured images while we are batching tasks together. Let’s say five of them, all somewhat related, with a planned size of 1500×500.

I love Pixabay, but we will use Pixels this time.

Go to Pexels. This is where we will get our background, slider, and post images. Find something nice for the background.

Name it something relevant when saving. In going with the minimal space approach for the slider images, the following images were grabbed: Static 1 | Static 2.

And then the five post images in typical hipster fashion: Static 1 | Static 2 | Static 3 | Static 4 | Static 5.

So here is a special process for the five post images first: Resize the width to 1500, crop the height to 500, make the color black and white, pop into compressjpeg.com, download the compressed versions, and upload to the Media Library.

Use image compression tools like Compress.io | TinyPing.

Use a Resizing Tool like Picresize | resizeimage.

And use Editing tools like Canva | Pixlr | Placeit: Free product mockups & templates.

Use all of the above to fine-tune your slider images.

Now if you go to your homepage, there are nice orange EDIT buttons everywhere.

Go ahead and replace the images in your team, testimonials, and slider with your new images. See full image

Or save a little time by going through the Team Members, Testimonials and Slides section on your WordPress dashboard.

You can also change the background image through Customize > General Theme Options > Background Image.

Now you can go into your Media Library and delete the last three images from the demo theme.

That’s a wrap for the second hour.

THIRD HOUR MARK – Inside Advanced Branding Processes | Content Development

#1. Filling the Testimonial Section.

There are several text areas of the home page: Slider 1, Slider 2, The “Features” section with three sub-sections, the “offerings” section with three subsections, three testimonials, four team members, and the footer. Also, do not forget the footer.

Start filling that stuff out. I suggest starting with the testimonials and team section. For inspiration, check out this link.

Make the testimonial short and sweet and to the point. We don’t want to clutter the home page with filler, right?

how to build a personal brand online

Wait for a second. How do you get testimonials? From your first customers or users. Here is it.

Getting your first client was the answer I gave on Quora.

One of the best ways is to give out your product or the service for free.

Now, here is what I mean. You might think that your product is a great one, not really until you give it out for free for someone else to test it out.

If it is good, marketing starts with the first person. How?

The first referral starts with the first user. THE first review comes from the first user, your first customer will come from the first user.

So, give it out first and test and see if really it is what you think it is. To me, that is the most effective way ELSE, you might build a product that won’t sell.

When you get or gather your reviews, come back to this section and replace them with the lines from your satisfied customers.

After said and done, below is how your homepage Testimonial section should look like. See full image.

Another testimonial inspiration.

#2. Set up the Features Section

For the features and offerings section, I highly suggest keeping things very short, and utilizing different feature icons as found when you go to edit the individual items. See sample.

how to build a personal brand online

Setting up the Footer
Now go to Appearance > Editor > footer.php and remove the following lines:

<div class=”container”>
<?php do_action(‘cpotheme_footer’); ?>

This removes the attribution from the WordPress theme. Granted, now there’s a gray box with a single white line, but we will take care of that in the last hour when we polish everything up.

At this point, congratulations, you’ve made the home page your own.

In hour four, we are going to add some subpages so prospective customers can see more about you, can check out your terms of service and privacy policy, and can contact you.

FOURTH HOUR MARK – Plugins | Security | Page Set up| More Content Writing

#1. Installing Plugins

Plugins are tools that help you achieve results on your WordPress site if you cannot code. #If you hate programming.

Some of the must-have are:

  • GDPR Cookie Consent.
  • Yoast SEO Premium or RankMath – Freemium
  • Elementor | SiteOrigin (or your visual editor of choice) – Freemium
  • WP Rocket – Not free (for Speed)
  • WPS Hide Login
  • WordFence – Freemium
  • Shortpixel (to optimize images)
  •  Contact Form 7
  • Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Schema Pro – Not Free
  • Easy table of content
  • XML Sitemaps: Sitemap generator that creates XML & HTML variants.
  • Google Authenticator – Free (Extra Security Measures) or (Don’t forget to set 2FA using your WordFence)​

To install them, go to the Plugins > Installed Plugins page and check them all off and activate all of them.

how to build a personal brand online

 Skip and dismiss everything, and you should be on the screen for Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Go ahead and fill the fields out, making sure to change from Off/Coming Soon to On/Displaying.

Freemium; this means it has both Free and Paid Plans.

#2. Security Hacks

#1.  Don’t use the same email address for signing in to your site account with the one publicly displayed as support.

#2. Don’t share your login info with anybody unless your designer | Webmaster.

And if you are hiring someone to design your site, make sure to first of all DisableWPS Hide Login | Wordfence | 2FA. Activate them back when the webmaster is done.

#3. Setting up the Pages; Contact Page | Service | Resources | Privacy Policy

Contact Page

Now go to Contact > Contact Forms and you should see the following short code as well:

For the Contact page, paste in your third shortcode ([contact-form-7 id=”6901” title=”Contact form 1”]) and then above the shortcode put in text similar to the following, filling in the blanks as you go:

[BRAND] is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality [SERVICE SUMMARY] services available. While operating local [SERVICE] out of the [LOCATION] area, we also have a dedicated branch focused on offering our [SERVICE SUMMARY] services to a broader, online-focused audience.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our process, would like to get in touch with us for a potential project, or just have a question, comment, or concern for our team, we urge you to fill out the contact form below. [BRAND] will respond to your inquiry in 24 hours or less. Thanks!

If you have better copy, go for it.

Again, put in some clever Meta information by editing the snippet in the Yoast or Rank Math section immediately below the text box:

#1. Service Page

The Services page is actually going to have a listing of services offered by your brand.

Feel free to fill the other pages. You can take inspiration from your competitors or google. Just google, how to write a Privacy Policy and other pages.

Of course, for this project, this is the page that will drive rankings more than any other.

#2. About Page

For the About Page, aim for over 300 words with this. We are going to be doing a lot of writing this hour. Here is a good place to look for inspiration.

Again, get inspiration from the above link and come up with your contents. As a personalized brand, I recommend you write your “About Us” on your own.

how to build a personal brand online

If you think it might sound bad, run it through Grammarly and Hemingway and see what those tools say.

Once that is published, you should have six solid pages of content. Time to put a completed menu up on your header, now.

Go to Appearance > Menus. In the Select a menu to edit dropdown, select Main. Select all pages and add them. I put them in this order: About, Services, Contact, Resources, TOS, Privacy.

how to build a personal brand online

Then check off Display Location as Main Menu. Save and check out your home page to see how it looks:

build your brand online

That’s acceptable. Check and make sure all the pages go to the right place. They should by default, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

 All good? Good. Go back to Menus. We are going to make a placeholder social menu while we are here.

Select Top as the menu name. On the left, go to the dropdown for Custom Links. Add links for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Set the link URL’s as “#” for now. Set as the Top menu and save, then check out how that looks. Not bad:

build your brand online

We can make changes to that in the last hour if we feel like it when we polish things up. Now let’s do some more writing.

Find yourself one article on a Brand Blog. Just sit down and muscle out a short blog post and publish. HANG ON. I am no lover of short posts, but hey, we are trying to build a brand in 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you can always come back to write a detailed post or alternatively, outsource to freelancers

Brand Logo

Now you can build a brand logo in 5 minutes if you want. Wait. I mean, a great logo. How? Here is it.

We are going to use Canva.com for this. Go here – Logo and make a new logo. Click on Logo and start creating your brand logo. When down, download to your computer and upload it to your brand website.

Well, for other pro logo branding creation tools, see below.


Uploading your Logo to your Website

When you have your logo on how you like it, click download. Boom, logo. Don’t quit out of it yet.

Go back to your logo, Go to Layout > Resize, and make it square. Then mess with the text until it’s not tiny if yours got small. Share, and download.

Now go and rename your files. Before we close out the hour, let’s pop your header logo into the site to see how it looks.

Go to Customize, then General Theme Options > Site Identity. Set a title and tagline (because that’s what shows in your browser tab).

Then upload your new logo. Don’t like what you see? Then you’re probably like me. There’s an option to have a text title.

Do that. There’s plenty of time to get things how you want them. We can focus on the overall branding graphics wise on the social media pages and Google stuff. Which we will start right now!

SIXTH HOUR MARK – Building Your Brand As A REAL Brand

#1. Secure your Brand Name

Go to knowem.com and pop in your company name, as short as possible, to see what username combinations are available. You can also just try to search for the URL.

Check combinations and see what’s up. Now you’re going to register some social media sites. Just a few. We don’t have all day here. The hours are almost over.

build your brand online

You can pay the money and secure your brand name.

#2. Email Account

Start a new Gmail account. accounts/SignUp will get you there probably. Make the name your business name.

If you can get your brand name that will be fine. Example, brandname@gmail.com (Get another FREE brand email from your hosting company – something like admin@brandname.com – you can do this later).

Once you create your account, you’ll be in your main My Account section. Go to Personal Info and Privacy > Your personal info.

Verify your phone number if you have the capacity to do so. Then click About Me, and you’ll be to aboutme.google.com. Wonderful.

Add your square logo as the profile image, and the background image from your site as the header image.

#3. My Business Set-Up

Here is where it gets important. Go here: google.com/business/. Click Start Now. Then fill in your business information.

build brand awareness online

Phone Number

 If you don’t have a local phone number of where you are, go here: https://voice.google.co.

Connect your phone to it. The more legit, the more legitimate your brand will appear right off the bat.

build a brand strategy

Enter your category and website URL, and let ‘er rip. Once you progress, you’ll see why it’s important to have a real address.

Your listing won’t go “live” on Google Local unless you verify you are at the address via postcard. Don’t have the capacity to do this yet? No big deal, click Verify Later.

It will take you to your business page now. Pop the logo and such in there. Add in as much information as you can. Then go to business.google.com to check out your little listing card

This is Beautiful, right? Good.

#4. Cleaning Up Your Gmail Account

Take a few seconds to go to your Gmail account and clean it up by deleting the two default messages, changing the display density to Compact, and in Configure Inbox, unchecking Promotions and Social.

That’s all personal preference though, and totally up to you. Takes ten seconds and looks cleaner in my opinion.

#5. Connecting To Other Google Services 

Now let’s connect some other Google services to your site to gather some important metrics and verify some important other things as well.

Sign up for Google Analytics with your current business account you just made: Google Analytics Link.

build a brand strategy

#a. Enter your account name and click “Next”.

#b. What do you want to measure? Select “Web”. Select “App & Web” If you’ve got an app. You can always come back to change it later.  Click on “Next”.

#c. Enter your website name website URL, select Category – use anything.  Click on ‘Create”

#d. Accept the terms and conditions and click “I Agree”.

You will see a “success note”. Congratulations. Stage one is done…

Step 2.
To link your Website to Google properly, you need to copy the “Tracking Code” and paste it on your website. Don’t worry I’ve got you, it’s simple.

Now (inside your website dashboard)

#a.  Go to plugins once more and click on “Add new”

#b. Install a Plugin called “Insert Headers and Footers”.

#c. Open the “Insert Headers and Footers” Plugin. (You can also find it from Settings > Insert Headers and Footers).

build a brand strategy

#d. Scroll down and click “Save”.

On your Google Analytics Box, you will see this.

No data received in past 48 hours. Learn more

You don’t need to worry about that since we just linked our tracking code. Allow it to integrate properly (Google bots will work on it).

By the way, why is this important?
It’s a solid way to gather information on who visits your site.

Feel free to go to your Analytics page again and send some test traffic to make sure it goes to the right place and everything is ship-shape. Good? Good.

#6. Connecting Your Site To Google Webmaster Tools – Verifying the Ownership of your Brand Website

#a. Go to Webmaster Tools now (Sign up if it’s your first time).

#b. Sign in and click enter your URL. When done click on “Continue”

branding and marketing

To verify fast, go to the Alternate Methods tab, and choose HTML Tag. Take that Meta tag, and paste it right below your Analytics code, before the </head>. Hit Verify, and you should get some congratulations.

(Paste it as above – inside – the plugin we talked about). 

branding and marketing
A No-Nonsense Guide to "Building A Business Brand Online" In 1440 Minutes: The Brand Strategy That Works In 2020

Go back to your Google Webmaster Account and click Verify. If successful you will get the image below,

branding and marketing

To see the report, click on “Go to Property”. But since you are a new brand, nothing will show up. That is it.

By the way, why is this important?
It’s a solid way to track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for more webmaster resources.

Setting up your Sitemap

A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. It allows webmasters to include additional information about each URL: when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other URLs in the site.

#a. To set it up. Go to your Yoast Plugin > Go to General > Click on the Question Mark > Click on See my XML Sitemap. Copy it out.

branding and marketing

#b. Go to your “Webmasters Account” and click “Sitmaps” yon the left hand side.

#c.  Where you see “Add a new sitemap”, paste the sitemap you copied. If done correctly you will get a success output.

branding and marketing

#7. Other Preliminary Settings
Now if you go back here: aboutme.google.com. There should be something called “Story”.

Hit the pencil and paste in your About page information. Save, and then make it public by clicking on the lock. This may seem jumbled, but it will work itself out.

creating a brand

You can add more brand info by clicking on the “+” sign.


Now go here: youtube.com/create. Create your channel. Then click Customize Channel and add in your cover art as your header.

Add the About page content as the channel description. Then add a link to your home page. Fantastic.

There’s plenty more we can do with this, but the hour is up and there are only two left, and we have plenty still to do. Save your stuff. Let’s move on.

SEVENTH HOUR MARK –Social Media Platforms

This is pretty simple. Just go to Facebook/Page and Twitter and Instagram and create accounts. Go to Canva.com and get FREE banners for them.

Now let’s link our Social Media Accounts to our websites

Great, now we have three links!

Remember that placeholder menu (on our brand website) we made on the website?

Let’s go back to that through Appearance > Menus and edit the placeholder URL’s to point to the actual URL’s of the social media pages.

Then save, go back to your home page, and make sure everything checks out.

In the future, you can add YouTube to that if you’d like, but we are going for minimal for the process of BUILDING A BRAND IN A DAY… which we are almost coming to a close on.

Start following and unfollowing people. You can use tools like “Follow for follow – chrome users”.

Start automating your posts. Use tools like: Hootsuite | Jarvee | Buffer.

Alright, now to go Hootsuite and sign up for the free plan here: hootsuite.com

Once signed up, add your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. When you have the three added, you should get a screen that looks similar to this:

For Inspirations on posts to use and build your audience, you can download this truckload of ready-made files for FREE.

EIGHTH HOUR MARK – Business and Growth Tools

Now, let me share with you some of the tools that can skyrocket your brand without having to spend extra sums of money.


If you will need to issue out an invoice for your online business, you can use a tool like | Invoice to me: | Free Invoice Generator | Slimvoice. Those are Free Invoice Generators to save your money for publicity.

Legal Documents

Would you be in need of legal documents? If yes, then you can use tools such as Kiss & Docracy to save costs.

Finding Content Ideas for your Brand Blog

Portent: Content idea generator | Google Trends: A new way of displaying trending searches | Buzzsumo: Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.

Website Analyzers

Open Site Explorer: A comprehensive tool for link analysis | SEMrush – a comprehensive tool to outrank competitors | Ahrefs

SEO Tools

 SERPs Rank Checker: Free keyword rank & SERP checker. | OpenLinkProfiler: The freshest backlinks, for free. | Keywordtool.io: Free alternative to Google Keyword Planner.

kWFinder – Find long tail keywords for your brand articles with low SEO difficulty | Keyword Revealer – Find hundreds of long tail keyword ideas in seconds with this amazing keyword research tool.

Free Email Management

Contact form 7: Famous WordPress plugin to collect email addresses | Mailchimp: Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free.

ManyContactsBar: Free contact form sits on top of your website | Hello Bar: Get more email subscribers.

Free Social Media + Community Management

The following tools will help you scale your business reach.

WriteRack: The best way to tweetstorm. | Spruce: Make Twitter ready images in seconds.

Click To Tweet: Get more shares on your content | MyTweetLinks: Increases Twitter traffic.

Free Customer Service & Surveys

You might use the following tools to know the “Responses & Reactions” of your customers.

Typeform: Free beautiful online survey & form builder | Tally: Create polls in no time.

Free Survey Creator: Create a survey. Get user feedback for free.

Free Stock Photography

Use the following for your brand images

Stock Up: Best free stock photo websites in one place | Pexels: Best free photos in one place.

All the Free Stock: Free stock images, icons, and videos. | Unsplash: Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.

Organize & Collaborate

The following tools will help your brand and team make positive growth.

Trello: Keeps track of everything. | Evernote: The workspace for your life’s work.

Dropbox: Free space up to 2GB. | Yanado: Tasks management inside Gmail.

Wetransfer: Free transfer up to 2GB. | Drp.io: Free, fast, private and easy image and file hosting.

NINTH HOUR MARK – A Recap | Final Notes

We’ve come a long way, but because we end it all, let’s do a recap of all we’ve learned on building a business brand online.

  • Website setup on the newly purchased domain.

Best Host for a BrandKinsta.com | Affordable Host + Free Domain nameHostgator.com

  • Complete website development, with a teardown of demo and buildup of custom information
  • Content development of all pages, and single blog post writing and publishing
  • Integration of site into Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Setup on Google My Business, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Integration with Hootsuite for social media automation+
  • Business Tools and Miscellaneous

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to building up a solid brand!

14 Ethical Ways to Build a Credible Online Business Brand

  1. Rebuild again with a better theme, or unlock advanced features with the paid version of the current theme. I recommend you check out Astra or X-theme by theme.co
  2. Get a custom logo set up, along with banner graphics for all social networks
  3. Write (or have written) and schedule out several blog posts, publishing once or twice per week.
  4. Run your site through Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom Tools to see what you can do to speed it up.
  5. Grab better plugins (for example the WP Rocket for speed optimization of your website).
  6. Start a direct mailing campaign for yourself, targeting specific areas or businesses.
  7. Build up some popups that are not annoying for things such as email opt-in for newsletters, etc.
  8. Get some realistic testimonials, and start doing some work for free to build a legitimate portfolio.
  9. Further, integrate Hootsuite by scheduling out posts for news in your niche.
  10. Start serious follow/unfollow or automated processes for your social media accounts to build a targeted following.
  11. Get an address and verify it in Google Local through the postcard method. This is important as it shows your online brand as legitimate in Google.
  12. Get your site and brand listed on the big business directory sites in your area. These are good for potential clients, good for links back to your site, and good for links in the SERP’s to help you dominate your brand name.
  13. Get your schema game proper fixed:
  14. Add in an FAQ page to your site.
  15. Start initial promotion – Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Use the $120 😉 you will save on Kinsta.com (paying a yearly plan host)


😎 $100 you will get from HostGator.com

Final Notes: Building An Online Business Brand That will LAST

Perhaps you are already overwhelmed and you are like, how in the world can I do this? Well, here is a short story for you.

According to the report “BLACK RHINOS” by Sumo, MailChimp is probably doing better than you ever realized. Their website track alone clocks in at a global rank of #979 out of the world’s more than one billion websites.

But that’s not all they’re known for. In 2016, they also made more than $400,000,000 in revenue with just 550 employees (that’s $727K per employee).

Added nearly four million new users (increasing their total user base 30% from 12 million to

16 million in a single year).

Had over 246 billion emails sent using their platform. Yeah, they’re a pretty big deal.

Despite this impressive growth, MailChimp didn’t skyrocket to success overnight (they’ve been around since 2001).

The concept here is, just start. If you build a brand of value, you will see a Supreme kind of want – lining up to buy a $3 t-shirt for $16.

#Build to Last.

We would like to hear your thoughts on building an online brand.

Ref: Sherb. Images – Canva.com | Author’s Image Compression: Compressor.io & TinyPNG. Keyword Tools : KWFnder & Keyword Revealer. Image Store: Imgur.com

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