11+ Best Clickbank Alternatives in Nigeria: See My Experiences

Best Clickbank Alternatives in Nigeria
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Updated: Sept 2020

You were excited to learn the basics of Affiliate marketing, or even took a proactive step and bought a credible course that shows you how to build 5/6 figures in Affiliate marketing, and your first test was to go to Clickbank and start banking hard currency. And what?

You smiled because you saw Nigeria on the list of countries on Clickbank “create account”. Good. You enter your details and suddenly meet with big a surprise that Nigeria is not part of the game. Sad.

Already you’re mad because you were ready to launch the advanced marketing strategies you learned.

And now what?  Curse yourself that you’re a Nigerian, or hate a part of Nigerians that make things difficult for legitimate online entrepreneurs?

Well. You don’t need to be any of the above because there is always a way to go about everything. First, let’s talk about how to open a verified Clickbank marketplace account in Nigeria.


How To Open A Verified Account In Nigeria

You can open a verified Clickbank account in Nigeria if only you’re serious and sincere to use it the right way. If yes, then, here is a video guide that shows you how to do it in minutes.


5 Reasons Most Nigerians Love Clickbank 

Nigerians Love Clickbank

Clickbank is not just popular in Nigeria for nothing. Let’s see why it is a rush for Nigerian Digital marketers. 


#1. A great number of Affiliate Products

There is no doubt that an affiliate marketer can easily jump on to Clickbank’s Marketplace and find almost any affiliate products to promote, which is why the platform is so popular amongst Nigerians.


#2. High Commission

Like almost every other marketplace, Clickbank offers her affiliates high Commissions for products sold. 


#3. A Big List of Countries 

Clickbank accepts a vast number of countries on her website unless you’re seen as a Nigerian Prince, parts of Africa, and Asia. 


#4. Earnings in Dollars 

When I compared Expertnaire to Clickbank on YouTube, one of the commenters said, I like to earn dollars.

Really, I must say, that notion of earning in dollars is golden. You’re like, finally a guy that makes dollars from his online business.


By the way, here is a complete list of Clickbank Banned Countries.


#5. Reputation and Experience

Clickbank has always been there for years, and up till now, they’ve paid affiliate commissions in 9 figures which creates that confidence and the balance of getting your earnings anytime.


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#2. How to make money on Clickbank using 2 methods.


Quickly, let me explain some affiliate terms you will bump into as we proceed.

Difference between Publisher & Advertiser in Affiliate Marketing

If you own a website or a blog and would like to earn money by promoting brands, products, and services, you are a Publisher (sometimes referred to as an “affiliate”).

Advertiser in Affiliate Marketing

As a publisher, your work is to engage consumers through a variety of distribution models including websites, social media, search, email, mobile apps, offline marketing, and more. 

On the other way round, the brands you will be promoting are called Advertisers.

Publisher & Advertiser in Affiliate Marketing

That is to say, Advertisers sell products, experiences, and services and reward publishers for driving desired results.


What’s or Who’s a Vendor in Affiliate Marketing?

A vendor is the creator of a product you want to Promote. Let’s say you opt to promote a keto product on Clickbank, the creator of that product is called a vendor. 

Vendor in Affiliate Marketing-clickbank alternatives in nigeria

To learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing terms, see this video. 

Having said all, let’s go on to see the best Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria. 

Please don’t be surprised if I recommend you ditch Clickbank for other marketplaces where you can join thousands of digital marketers who earn the majority of their income outside of Clickbank.

More so, you may find some of these affiliate marketing platforms better than or with good offers as compared to Clickbank.

In no particular listing, let’s see the top 11+ sites similar to Clickbank in Nigeria, and any country banned “officially” on Clickbank affiliate Network.


Meanwhile, if you will like a video version of the top Clickbank alternatives then see below.

Listen Up Now: Truth Is, There Are a Series of True Life Success Stories | Case Studies | Building An Authority Business Online & Beating 9-5 Jobs Lessons Coming Up. Click the notification “Pop up above the page”. Also, click here to Get All Stories.

Top 11+ Clickbank Alternatives in Nigeria

Here are the top websites and marketplaces similar to Clickbank in Nigeria and Africa.

1. Commission Junction (CJ)

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-Commission Junction

Have you ever read that verse in the Holy Bible where it is written that “the rejected stone shall become the Chief cornerstone”? If yes, then that was my story with Commission Junction when my first Clickbank account was banned without apologies.

While not popular in Nigeria like Clickbank, Commission Junction is a top short affiliate network you want to run to if Clickbank doesn’t want to do business with you.

With over 20 years in the business, you earn commissions by partnering with advertisers on the Commission Junction affiliate platform. Here is a better explanation.

Let’s say, Apple and Samsung are advertisers on Commission Junction, after creating your account as a publisher, you earn money by promoting the advertisers’ products there (Apple and Samsung).


Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Application

You will have to apply and wait for individual network approval before you start promoting the programs (products and services) there. 

Payment Methods: 3

As a publisher, you can get paid via Direct Deposits, Check, or Payoneer (a great option for Nigerians and non-US citizens).

Minimum Payment Threshold:  $50 or $100

($50 – Direct Deposit) or US$100 (Check).

Criteria to Sign Up: you need a website!


Important read: here’s how to create a simple website from scratch in 4 steps.


2. ShareASale


ShareASale is one Clickbank alternative you might find difficult to join unless your site racks in a high volume of visits.

With over 20 years in the business, and acquired by Awin in 2017, ShareASale has a mechanical but easy-going interface.

Like CJ, all you need to do is sort for products of advertisers where you will get your affiliate links. 


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Application

You have to apply and comply with the terms of the company before being approved to product affiliate programs. 

Payment Methods: 3

As a publisher, you can get paid via Direct Deposits, Check or Payoneer (great option for Nigerians and non-US citizens).

Minimum Payment Threshold: $50

Criteria to Sign Up: you must have a website!. An official email address is recommended. Like, admin@yoursite.com.


Important Action: Click here to open a free Payoneer Payment Account 


3. Amazon Associates

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-Amazon Associates

Being one of the biggest, if not the biggest affiliate network in the world, Amazon associate is quite popular so, I guess we all know about it.

One of the important factors about it is that conversions are somewhat easy. Why is that? Because of the Brand – known worldwide. Here’s what I mean.

If a customer likes a product reviewed then he/she might not hesitate to click the buy button because Amazon is already known for her quality and trustworthy products.

Nonetheless, the bad side is that the commission is so annoying, and even got worse this April 2020 when some product section commissions were slashed to 4%.


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Application

You will need to apply for an Amazon Associate account where it will be reviewed.  

Payment Methods: 3

You get paid via Checks, Gift Cards, or Bank Transfer.

Minimum Payment Threshold: $100

You must have at least $100 before your check is sent to you.

Criteria to Sign Up: nothing special, although your region and website might be the determinants. 


Important guide: 12,000 words to build a Brutal Amazon Niche Site.


4. Impact Radius 

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-Impact Radius

Founded by the team that formed Commission Junction, Impact Radius is not a regular affiliate network. Instead, what they do is introducing a SaaS technology platform for performance marketing to better grow and manage all revenue generated for their partners.

What it means is that companies give up their affiliate marketing business to be hosted and managed by Impact Radius.

To join Impact Radius you will need to apply via the parents’ companies. 


For instance, Coinbase hosts her affiliate program on Impact Radius. To sign up, you’ll have to go to Coinbase and go to the affiliate section from whence you’ll be redirected to Impact Radius for the application.

The commissions of what you get are determined by the parent companies while your affiliate links, payments, and other structures are duly managed by Impact Radius.


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Application (first from parent’s company-advertisers.)

Payment Methods: 2

You get paid either via Direct Deposit and Check.

Kindly Note: the payment method may vary for others but as a Nigerian, those 2 are the options available.

Minimum Payment Threshold: personal choice. You can Withdraw even N4,000. 

Criteria to Sign Up: you need a website, but open to all regions.


Guide: Here’s how to start a blog with HostGator for affiliate marketing in 5 steps


5. Rakuten Linkshare

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-Rakuten Linkshare

Founded in 1997 and popular for offering Cashbacks, deals, and shopping rewards on the world’s largest selection of products and services, Rakuten partners with some of the world’s brands to serve millions of shoppers.

As a potential publisher, you can get started with it but it will only be via a VPN. Why? Nigerians are not officially allowed to promote products there.

Even more, getting approved is not a day’s job. You have to pray hard or be a big name with an established following and audiences.


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Basic Application.

You have to apply and comply with the terms of the company before being approved to promote affiliate programs.

Payment Methods: 3

You get paid either via Direct Deposit, Check, and PayPal.

Kindly Note: if with PayPal, your PayPal account must be verified first. 

Minimum Payment Threshold: $5.1

Criteria to Sign Up: your country/region must be accepted.


Guide: Get a verified Business PayPal Account in Nigeria & Africa (Premium Guide N5,000)

6. Jvzoo 

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-jvzoo

Jvzoo is a similar site to Clickbank with various digital products to promote. The marketplace has over 800,000 active affiliates that have banked millions of dollars in commissions.

While there are a lot of good digital products to promote, on the other hand, there are also whacky products which mean, you need to be careful of the products you promote to your audiences.


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Basic Application.

The vendor may decline from allowing you to promote his/her product(s)

Payment Methods: 4

You get paid either via Check, PayPal, JvzooPay, and Manual process.

Minimum Payment Threshold: $50

Criteria to Sign Up: nothing special, just your data


7. Warrior Plus

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-warriorplus

Like Jvzoo and Clickbank, WarriorPlus is an affiliate platform where you promote Digital products and get paid. 

One standout benefit of WarriorPlus is that you get the top-performing or hot selling product each day which means, you can jump in and compete with others to sell similar programs.

Again, like Jvzoo, you’ll have to be approved to promote any product of a vendor. And if I should add, there are complaints about the quality of some products on the site. 


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Basic Application.  

The vendor may decline from allowing you to promote his/her product(s).

Payment Methods: 2

The 2 notable payment methods are Stripe and PayPal. 

Note that your payment may be held from 7 to 20 days. 

Minimum Payment Threshold: $15

Criteria to Sign Up: nothing special, just your data.


More read: Prosper Noah has a comprehensive guide on making money with WarriorPlus


8. MoreNiche

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-moreniche

MoreNiche is without doubts the Amazon Associate of the Health Niche.

If you ever want to earn big money promoting high-performing health, beauty, and fitness offers then your garland can be at MoreNiche.

I like the fact that any affiliate can sign up for free and get payments bi-weekly for successfully promoting the products on the platform. 


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Unlimited access to products.

Payment Methods: 5+ 

There are many ways to receive payments on MoreNiche. You get paid via Payoneer, Stripe, Bitcoin, International Wire, and more.

Minimum Payment Threshold: $100

Criteria to Sign Up: You need a website.


Guide: How To Make Your First $500 in Affiliate Marketing Using A Simple Facebook Ad Campaign


9. DigiStore24

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-digistore24

DigiStore24 is the exact affiliate site or representation of the Clickbank marketplace.

With affiliate commissions up to 70%, all you need to do is sign up as an affiliate, get your affiliate links, and start promoting the products.

While DigiStore24 is open to anyone, as a Nigerian, you’re not allowed to join in officially. Why?

The Nigerian Government scared them with a huge taxation payment structure (according to the company).

The only route possible to join in and make up to 70% commissions is using a VPN. You can see a video guide to using a VPN here


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Unlimited access to products.

Payment Methods: 4+

The notable payment options are PayPal and Direct Deposit.

Minimum Payment Threshold: €50

Criteria to Sign Up: nothing special, just your data.


10. Expertnaire

Established in 2018, by Toyin Omotosho, and known as the Clickbank of Nigeria, Expertnaire is an affiliate network for and by a Nigerian where digital marketers – publishers sign up and promote high-quality Digital products from various vendors.

One of the standout benefits of Expertnaire is vetting products from potential vendors before they are listed on the affiliate platform.

With Expertnaire (video), affiliates do not need to look out to Clickbank because all they need and more are offered in the platform. 

For instance, on Expertnaire, affiliates are added to a community of thousands of others where they rob minds to make sense of affiliate marketing.

Additionally, affiliates earn from 30-70+% commissions.

Notwithstanding, with over 40 programs to promote, the turn-off is that the digital product capacity is not yet as large as others on this list.

Nevertheless, you can always check out the top 13+ best-selling Expertnaire Products.


Method of Membership: N10,000 per year.

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: Unlimited access to digital products. 

Payment Methods: Naira

Get payments every Friday – 7 days a week and 4 times a month.

Minimum Payment Threshold: N5,000

Criteria to Sign Up: nothing special, just your data.


Follow-up Guide

How to use Expertnaire Perfectly as a beginner.


11. Jumia Partner Program

The Jumia Partner or Affiliate Program is a similar program like that of Amazon Associate. 

With the Jumia Partner program, you can earn up to 13% of products sold via your links. 

Promoting Jumia products won’t be much of a hassle because they already have a reputation like the Amazon of Nigeria, if not Africa.


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: unlimited access to product links.

Payment Methods: Naira

Payments are enabled weekly.

Minimum Payment Threshold: Seems N5,000 (not clearly stated):

Criteria to Sign Up: nothing special, just your data.


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12. Yuboss 

Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria-Yuboss, Konga Affiliate Program

Yuboss is the affiliate program of the Konga marketplace. 

As an affiliate, you earn up to 9% commissions for products promoted.

Like Amazon Associate, the Yuboss tends to be a profitable one as Konga is already known as a brand with reputable products. 


Method of Membership: Free

Affiliate Products Promotion Method: unlimited access to product links.

Payment Methods: Naira

Payments are enabled every 2nd Friday of the month.

Minimum Payment Threshold: (not clearly stated):

Criteria to Sign Up: nothing special, just your data.


So far so good those are the top 12 Clickbank alternatives you can join in and promote Digital products and get paid in Nigeria.

Other top sites like Clickbank in Nigeria include GumRoads, Salesblotter, NeverBlue, and more.

My Recommended Affiliate Sites For Nigerian Digital Marketers (Personal Experience)

Affiliate Sites For Nigerian Digital Marketers

Based on personal experiences, the top 2 sites I’ve worked with without apologies are Impact Radius and Expertnaire.

By apologies, I mean, having worked as a successful affiliate.

So, which site do I recommend you join?

Without being biased, I would say, go through all the sites and sign up as an affiliate on the one(s) that cuts your attention.

However, my best recommendations station on Impact Radius and Expertnaire. 

As for Impact Radius, there is no notable list of programs to promote as advertisers only manage their affiliate program there. Meaning?

You’ll need to join Impact Radius via individual advertisers/vendors websites.


However, for Expertnaire, you have a list of top-selling products and more than enough to get you started.

Also, you don’t need a VPN, third-party payment gateway, or wait for a month to get payments or reach $50+ Threshold before being enabled to withdraw your commissions. 

Still on it, with N5,000 as minimum earnings, you get your payment wired to your bank every 7 days and 4 times a week.


And lastly, there are many supports routes for affiliates; Phone, Email, WhatsApp plus a general affiliate manager, and of course, a community where affiliates share ideas to scale their success.

If you feel like Expertnaire is the best Clickbank Platform for you then see the full Expertnaire Review & How to Cross 300k.


How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

I won’t tell you stories because this article is already long. What I will do is tell you what works for me and how you too can do it. 

The 2 ways I promote affiliate programs are #1. Via niche blogs and #2. PPC – Facebook.


#1. Affiliate Marketing blog (Long term)

To cut the matter short, I have a niche blog that has 15 articles that makes money via affiliate marketing. 

Apart from the 15, one of the articles is ranked #1 with Google snippet.

Note: this was not an overnight success story. However, the good news is that the site started making money 6 months after launch.  

If you want to learn how to launch a blog and promote Affiliate Products then take this Free 7 Days to a Profitable Blog Launch. The course is packed with experiences and failures of over 3 years. 


#2. PPC (Short Term but most profitable)

Pay per Click – PPC, involves promoting affiliate programs and products via Ads. The one I use mainly is Facebook ads.

Why is this a short term?

Because your commission finishes where your advert money or budget stops. 

However, the good news is that you can overtake the first earning option 10X if you do it right – know how to go about it.


Here is what works for me.

If you’re interested then you want to get tutored on how to run profitable PPC campaigns, marketing strides, and advanced email angles that will make you money fast. 

Apart from enrolling in this actionable training program myself, this is not a common or floppy course you get online or you’re hyped to buy.

For me, this is the best course in affiliate marketing I have and was proud to pay for. 

You don’t even have to enroll in it. To show you the value you’ll get for your money (enrollment fees), see the inside view (below) of the project and everything you need to know about it.

Here’s the unboxing of the training program tagged: an advanced guide to promoting Expertnaire/Affiliate Products & Making Money Fast.

With the unboxing, you’ll see what’s in the program and ascertain if it’s worth it or not. 


Also, if you want, then get an overview of the income training program here.

New 72IG Implementation Training Program

The thing is, with either of the methods you can use and promote affiliate programs effectively. Or find what might also work for you.


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In conclusion on Clickbank Alternatives for Vendors

I am so sure that the affiliate platform you join has 14.3% effects while you – the publisher and methods used in promoting the offers has 86.7%.

So, apart from the limiting factors placed on Nigerians on some of the Clickbank alternative affiliate platforms, you have the biggest role to making money as your marketing prowess and proficiency will be questioned (play an important role).


All in all, the above sites are just some of the few affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank you can jump in and make money as a digital marketer.

When you’re in doubt, note that affiliate marketing is the sole of a business. How do I mean?

Amazon, Clickbank, Expertnaire, Impact Radius, and others are what they are today because affiliate & internet marketing played a pivotal role.

affiliate marketing meaning

That is all guys.

Happy Affiliating and Have a blessed day. #Tweetwithme

Kindly share the article if you deem it shareable. Thanks. 


P.S: I’m out for your success. Ask me anything or reach out to me at any time using the comment section below. 

Ref: 3 Custom Images inspiration: CJ | Canva.com – Graphics. Other images: Parent websites.

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