How To Create A Podcast On Podbean like a Pro in 2020

Create A Podcast On Podbean
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You: after listening to Entrepreneurs on Fire, you went to Google and search, “how to start a podcast from scratch”, when you saw the steps it was a bit scary.

Me: I am here to make the journey a plan sailing one with Podbean.

The good news is that at the end of the guide you will not only learn how to create a podcast on Podbean, but you will also go ahead to see “how to get your Podbean’s podcast on Spotify, how to get Podbean podcast on iTunes, how to download podcasts from Podbean and many more.


Everything you need to know about Podcasting as a Beginner

Podcast can be seen as Audio blogging. The art of blogging using audio can be termed podcasting.

Here is a simple way to grab the idea.

  • Youtuber – Video
  • Blogger – Articles/Blog posts
  • Podcaster – Podcasting.


What is Podbean?

Create A Podcast On Podbean

Currently serving over 340,000 Podcasters worldwide, Podbean is a known podcast publishing and monetization service, providing free and premium hosting packages for individuals and businesses.

Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting package.

With Podbean, you can easily manage your podcast.

Truth is, managing your podcast has been made simpler all thanks to an intuitive interface that makes publishing podcasts simple with a few clicks.

How to use Podbean

No need to worry, the steps below will show you how to easily use Podbean even if you’re a total beginner.


How To Create A Podcast On Podbean In 2020

Create A Podcast On Podbean
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Below are the step-by-step guide to setting up your podcast on your Podbean account.

Step 1. Sign up on Podbean

Create A Podcast On Podbean

The very first thing you want to do is sign up on Podbean. You can sign up here if you haven’t or you need a new account.

When done, go on and login to your account.


Step 2. Set up your Podbean Account

You will need to go to your entered email address and click the confirmation button to Confirm your Email.

Create A Podcast On Podbean

While you can skip this part, I recommend you set up your podcast title, logo, and categorize your podcast.

For the logo you can easily use for it.

Now inside your Podbean account, look your left and change the podcast title and category.  

Create A Podcast On Podbean


Step 3. Enter your Podcast Description

Describing your podcast is so important. It’s just like your persona.

Still in your account, go ahead and enter the podcast’s description and other options you find appealing.


Step 4. Save Changes

When satisfied with your selections, go ahead and click “Update Options” to save your changes.

That is it. Your Podbean podcast’s account is well set up.


Step 5. Publish your First Episode

Since Podbean allows you to publish Video or Audio, just select the option you want and get started.

  • Click on “My Podcast” page, and click the “Publish” button.
  • Choose a file to upload for your podcast.
  • Edit the episode title, episode description and upload episode artwork if you wish.
  • Click “Publish” to release the episode (or schedule/save draft).


Step 6. Select a Podcast Site Theme

Here you have many options for themes to use. To select your preferred color, click on “layout”. When done, go ahead and click “Submit” to save your changes.

Start A Podcast On Podbean

Step 7. Submit your Podcast to Directories


Now your podcast is set up, you need to make it seen by submitting it via feeds to directories such as Apple, Google Play, and more.


See here for Top 10 Podcast Directories to Use.


Still, need help to do the above? If yes, then here is a video to guide you through. 

What Podbean Hosting Plan is Best for you?

Podbean has done a great job by giving everyone a chance to both get started with and scale their podcasting business.

Getting the best out of Podbean means you’re in one of these categories: Beginner podcaster or you’re in for real Business – scaling your profits.


Beginner: the Beginner Plan is the perfect plan for those getting started with Podbean with monetization options in mind. The Beginner plan has 2 parts.

#1. Unlimited Audio

#2. Unlimited Plus


#1. Unlimited Audio: this is recommended for new podcasters who want to focus only on audio podcasting.

With it, you get unlimited storage space and unmetered bandwidth to record your episodes.

While it is perfect for newbies, it is, however, devoid of some advanced monetization options like patron program integration, pod ads – the SaaS for podcast advertising, business podcasting, multiple podcast channels, and multiple admins.

Satisfied with the options of Unlimited Audio? If yes, sign up for Unlimited Audio.


#2. Unlimited Plus: this is for podcasters who want to kill 3 birds with one stone. This plan is best for #a. Audio podcasting, #b. Video podcasts and #c. flexible podcast monetization.

While the unlimited Audio lacked the monetization option for PodAds and SaaS for Podcast Advertising, the Unlimited Plus, on the other hand, has them in stock for you.

Do you want this 3-in-1 podcast plan? If yes, Sign up for Unlimited Plus.


We’re done with the beginner Podbean plans. Let’s see the ultimate plan which is the “Podbean’s Unlimited Business Plan”.

I carefully sort for this plan, so, here is what you’ll get from it.

Create A Podcast On Podbean

Podbean’s Unlimited Business Plan: the Podbean’s Unlimited Business Plan is particularly targeted to businesses and organizations that wish to make private, internal podcasts.

This includes companies using podcasts as part of their training and employee development or company messaging

Also, if you wish to provide exclusive members-only content or organizations using podcasts for educational purposes, then this is the best plan for you.

Going further,

With Podbean’s Unlimited Business Plan you get detailed individual listener data, including consumption rates and completion behavior.

Also, you have the freedom to segment content for different groups of listeners. That is not all.

Your monetization is optimized for more profits in that you have multiple podcast channels, multiple admins, and private podcasts with SSO authentication and of course, engagement Intel.

More so, you can manage several groups of listeners, remove pod bean branding, integrate white-label apps, and the ultimate? You get live chat support from the Podbean team.

I recommend Podbean’s Unlimited Business Plan if you want to scale your podcast business and make money off it.

The Plans start at $99/month (annual plan), including 100 private members and 2 additional public podcast channels.

Sign up for Podbean’s Unlimited Business Plan here.

Just as I promised, let me go on to show you how to submit your Podbean’s podcast to different directories.

How to get Podbean Podcast on iTunes (Apple Podcasts)

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Step 1. Set up your account & Publish At Least One Episode 

We’ve already shown how to do those above. Let’s go on to the next step.

Step 2. Get your Podcast RSS feed

To link your podcast to the feed,

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the Feed-in your Podbean dashboard.
  • Check the top, you will see “Your RSS feed” ( This is the information you need for iTunes.


Step 3. Go to Podcasts Connect

Create A Podcast On Podbean


Step 4. Start Sharing your Podcast Episodes

Once you register your podcast with iTunes, you will get an iTunes feed ID which you can input in your Feed/iTunes settings in Podbean.

Your podcast will be automatically updated by iTunes afterward.

What next?

Start driving traffic to your podcast.

Need a video guide on the last step? If yes, then check out below.

How To Get Podbean Podcast On Spotify

free podcast hosting sites

Below are the steps on how to get your podcast on Spotify Podbean.

Submitting to Spotify is quick and easy now that they have opened their directory up to submissions through their portal.

  1. First Go to Spotify for Podcasters and log in to your Spotify account, or create one if you don’t already have one. You can select “Log In” or “Get Started” to proceed.
  2. Click on “Get Started” on the “Add your podcast” page.
  3. Read through the terms and conditions, check the box, enter your legal name or LLC, and select “Continue.”
  4. Enter your RSS feed into the provided box and select “Next.” Also, enter your podcast title, artwork, and description will all appear on the right side of the page.
  5. Check the “Add podcast info” page, select your country, language, category, and hosting provider and press “Next.”
  6. Review your podcasts details and select “Submit.”

Your submission may take as long as 2-4 days to appear on Spotify, but usually, podcasts appear within just a few hours.

You’re done here.


How to Switch Your Podcast to Podbean – as a New User

Create A Podcast On Podbean

I may not know your reasons but I am here to help you switch your podcast to the Podbean platform. Here is how to do it.

Step 1. Sign up on Podbean

You need to get your account ready. Go ahead and sign up if you’re yet to.

Step 2. Import your Podcast

  • From your Podcast Dashboard, go to “Settings”,
  • Click on “Switch to Podbean”.
  • Enter your feed URL and click on the ‘Import’ button to import your podcast to Podbean.

Create A Podcast On Podbean

Just one step and we’re done.


Step 3. Redirect the old feed to Podbean feed
Go ahead and Redirect the old feed to Podbean feed.

How do you do that?

  • Set up a 301 redirect in your old feed.
  • Click on the “Check redirect” button in “Settings”–>Switch to Podbean to check the 301 redirect.

Start A Podcast On Podbean

That is all you need to do. You can now start making your future episodes with Podbean.


How to Download Podbean App

One of the things that make Podbean stand out from the rest is its versatile mobile App.

With the app, you and your audience will easily enjoy your podcasts just the way you like them with auto-update, new episode notifications, customized playlists, and recommendations.

Create A Podcast On Podbean

Here is the link to download the Podbean app.

We are almost done. Let me give you one more guide.


What To Do If Your Podbean Download Failed

Podbean not downloading or thinking of why Podbean download failed? Here are some reasons that your new episode may not automatically download on Podbean.

  1. Auto Download New Episodes is not turned on.

Please turn on Auto-Download New Episodes on the app settings. You may check this FAQ on how to allow the auto download.

  1. Unstable network connection

Auto downloading may fail if your network connection gets interrupted. Please change to another Wi-Fi network or use cellular data to see if the issue still occurs.

  1. Insufficient storage space.

Kindly go to your device settings & storage to check if your device has enough space to store the podcast. If not, clear some storage space.


How To Download On Podbean App

Here is how to download on your Podbean app.

  • Tap three dots in the episode list of each podcast then tap Download
  • Tap three dots on the top right corner in the episode playing page then tap Download
  • Tap three dots on the top right corner in the podcast page then select Batch Manage to select episodes to batch download episodes.


How To Embed My Podbean Podcast On Other Websites

Here is how to embed your Podbean on your website.

Step 1.  From your Podcast Dashboard, go to “Publish”->”Episodes”.

Step 2. Click the “Share and Embed” button on the right side of the podcast that you wish to embed into your blog. This will generate an html embed code for you to copy & paste into your own website.

Step 3. Copy and paste this code to the html of your own sites. (You can customize your settings).

Start A Podcast On Podbean

That is all.


Want to create a website from scratch? Here is how in 5 minutes.

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Podbean Review 2020

Here are my core reasons I love Podbean.

1. Podcast Publishing on the Go

Podbean has done a great job to make sure you can sign up today and start your podcast easy-peasy.

Managing your podcast has been made simpler all thanks to an intuitive interface that makes publishing podcasts simple with a few clicks.

Apart from an intuitive podcasting platform, you get on hands-on Unlimited Hosting.

With Podbean, there are no limits on downloads, episodes or recording time. All you get is a Flat-rate, affordable plan for worry-free podcasting.

Before we go further, it is worthy to note that hosting your podcast with Podbean comes with a Professional Podcast Website.

The Podbean platform includes a free podcast website with your account. All you need to make it work is choose from a variety of professional themes that you can customize to fit your needs.

In the same vein, if you feel like taking total control of your website, you can as well integrate your own branded domain for your podcast. Isn’t that cool? It is, right? 


2. Live Streaming Enhancement

Podcasting with Podbean blots out the need to search for additional tools/platforms to go on Livestream.

With its provision of innovative podcasting services as an industry leader for more than ten years, you can easily expand your podcast with audio live shows and engage your audience in new ways.

free podcast hosting sites

Here is how many pro podcasters have taken advantage of this.

With the Live Streaming Enhancement, some of them invite other top remote co-hosts or guests to call in from anywhere in the world using the live stream in the free Podbean app.

And of course, this does not go without making good money off it. How?

The podcast powerhouse has made a gracious move for revenue opportunities as podcasters can sell virtual tickets for their live stream and receive virtual gifts from listeners/audiences.

The awesome discovery is that your Virtual gifts can be converted to US dollars for cash out. Cool right?


Want to test the enterprise podcasting Podbean provides for businesses with custom communications solutions? Click here to start for free.


3. Monetization Made Possible

I once observed that EOS makes up to $50,000+ alone in sponsorship.

For you that just launched in, you do not need to worry about how to profit from your hard work because that has already been addressed for over 10 years by Podbean.

For you, all you need to do is choose the monetization methods that best fit your podcast while Podbean provides everything you need to make your pocket big. Smiles.

free podcast hosting sites

Want to know how this works?

All you need to do is list your podcast in the Podbean advertising marketplace for free to get matched with potential advertisers.

Already prepared for you is the PodAds SaaS for sophisticated ads management with dynamic insertion capability. So, all that is to it is to run ads like a pro and maximize revenue for your hard work.

Another way to make an insane amount of money is by going premium. Here is it.

You can as well get paid for podcast content using subscriptions or single-episode sales. This integration is already prepared directly into your Podbean dashboard.

The bottom line is, you can focus on your content while Podbean handles payment, technical, and support needs.


To enjoy all these daunting benefits, I recommend podcasters that want a highly successful podcasting business test out PodBean’s $29/month Unlimited Plus Plan.


4. Making Sense of Super Podbean’s Podcast App

Although you can easily convert your podcast to an app using a simple tool like Buildfire, with the popular Podbean app, commanding over a million active users, the tool already provides tools and opportunities to take your podcast further.

What are some of the things you can do with the Podbean app?

With the tool, you can record, edit and publish podcast episodes right from your phone.

This is made possible due to the powerful app recording features include background music, sound effects and post-production tools.


5. Podbean’s Distribution & Promotion

Podcasting is useless if you cannot get your voice heard. Therefore, Podbean had already made provision with tools to get your podcast in front of potential listeners and help you grow your audience.

start a podcast

Some of the possibilities include,

  • All Destination Podcast Distribution: Easily get your podcast on all the places people listen, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and podcast apps.
  • Embeddable Players: Professional-looking, customizable players to embed your podcast on your websites and blogs. Single-episode and multitrack players in different sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • Social Media Auto Sharing: Podbean can automatically post your new podcast episodes to social networks once you connect them with your Podbean account. Podbean also creates audiograms (videos) for use on Facebook, YouTube and more.
  • Email Integration

Collect email addresses and automatically share your new episodes to your subscribers via Podbean’s Mailchimp integration.


Also: Podbean vs Buzzsprout Vs Blubrry


How To Grow Your Podcast From Scratch as a Beginner

Here are some hacks to grow your podcast from day 1.

Step 1. Be Passionate
One of the meaty success hacks you want is being passionate before you jump into podcasting. Why?

Like Youtubing, it can be draining at times, so, it must be something you want to do.


Step 2. Promote It

The key to blogging or podcasting is having a media presence.

If you have a great follower on social media, then that is great. Leverage your first audience on that.


Step 3. Invite Popular Guest

Another hack to your podcast growth is inviting popular guests to your podcast.

With this, you’ll win the hearts of some of the influencer’s audience who will immediately stick to your podcast.

That is it, we’re done.


Final Note on Starting a Podcast on Podbean

I aimed to show you not only how to use Podbean, but how to set it up, upload your episodes and download it from directories and of course, scale it.

I hope this helped you out.

Will like to hear your views on creating a podcast with Podbean host & tool.

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