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Top Deals & Discounts for growth

So we went out in search of the top deals and digital marketing gears that will skyrocket your success.

Below are some of the Top Deals & Discounts we use or recommend and have sorted out which we believe will help kick butt your growth as an online entrepreneur.

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We are proud affiliates for some of the premium tools below. We recommend them to online entrepreneurs like you because they are super helpful and useful, not just because of the small commissions we receive if you choose to pay for them.

You are always free to test out the platforms before spending your money. And of course, no need to get any of the tools unless you feel they will help you achieve your goals as an online entrepreneur.

In view of this, we give help to our audiences who purchase solution recommendations via our affiliate links.

We deem it important to support you in every way we can, therefore, kindly contact us if you think we will be of help/clarification.

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The most effective tools of a highly successful online entrepreneur  

Discounts & Deals



#1 for Website Hosting for Beginners

HostGator is our go-to hosting platform for all beginners. By usage/experience, it offers the best deal and performance for new online entrepreneurs.

HostGator allows you to host multiple domains under one account, manage a flock of visits without breakdown, phone support, and a free domain brand name which saves costs and super convenient.

We went out to negotiate an exclusive discount deal for you: hosting for only $2.75/month – 70% fee off if you get it today!


#1 for Managed Hosting for Brands & Small Businesses

Kinsta is our unapologetic managed hosting platform for Brands, Small Businesses, and the non-techies who want to invest the most 100% energy in their online business.

Kinsta is a managed hosting that takes 98% care of your website management with an over-the-top speed at 200%.

You get the best customer support, a site your customers’ love, no downtime even when you use up your resource nor in time of viral surges.

Recommended by Google Cloud, Trustpilot, Buffer & top brands, you will get $60 off if you host your site today!



#1 Podcast Hosting for Beginners

Buzzsprout is the most recommended platform for a beginner to launch and grow his/her podcasting show.

Used by over 100,000 podcasters, Buzzsprout offers a clean user interface, Chapter markers to retain your audiences ready-made partnerships with sponsors, and 90 Days of Unlimited Access to Podcasting Tools & Guides.

Try Buzzsprout for free.


Best place for Versatile and Pro Podcasters

Podbean is an all-inclusive podcasting platform that offers some of the best podcasting infrastructures in the industry.

Used by over 300,000 online entrepreneurs, Podbean offers a professional interface, Live Streaming Enhancement function, 24/7 chat support, multiple monetization routes, and the most popular podcast app in the industry plus a hosting platform for both video and audio.



The most respected INBUILT online course platform

Kajabi offers a sophisticated course creation tool for instructors to not just create a successful course but to make recurring income.  

What makes Kajabi special is their NO THIRD-PARTY integrations. That is to say, all the facilities to make you a highly successful course builder are in one place.

With Kajabi, you get strategic course marketing tools, infrastructures to pre-record webinars and even lock course content, live customer support, zero transaction fees, and of course, the capacity to create an intuitive membership online school.

Rem: all success tools you need are in one place. Get started with Kajabi for free.

Best Free Online Course Platforms


The Best online platform to sell courses from your website

LearnDash offers you the freehand to sell courses from your own website without an external host.

Used by top leaders and institutions, with LearnDash you get advanced reporting add-on, learning management system data in one fold, see the real-time activity as users take your courses –like, total time spent on course, and the most daring beautiful educational extensions such as quiz results, certificates & badges, course forums, assessments, scores, etc.

Get started with LearnDash for free.


Discounts & Deals


My #1 tool and resource for images and customization

Canva is my go-to place for blog post images. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily create, recreate, tweak and design graphics the way you want.

Discounts & Deals


Image Compression tool

TinyPng is my recommended tool to use and make your own website faster with the best image compression capacity. They have a WordPress plugin as well in case you wanna check it out.

Discounts & Deals

Image Compression tool #2 is my next powerful online tool for drastically reducing the size of my images and photos whilst maintaining high quality.

You can test and make use of today, free forever, for now.



The simple effective SEO tool for new bloggers and entrepreneurs

By usage, I can say KwFinder offers one of the simplest Keyword research interfaces which makes it super simple for new bloggers and entrepreneurs to outsmart their competitions and maximally see the vacuum to easily RANK FOR low competitive keywords before gunning for the bigger ones.

The best thing is it free to try out and see all the competitive edges you get as a user.


The best SEO tool to rush out your competitions and take over

Opening SEMrush is a resource full of possibilities to carefully analyze your ranking possibility, related SEO lines, competitors’ strengths & weaknesses, and rank for even ignored-but-significant related keywords.

Getting started with SEMrush, you get Domain analytics to query your competitions, keyword analytics, Topic Research, SEO writing template with its assistant, report and the most important, and MSI-Marketing Strength Insights to win in all aspects.

Without hassle, you can try out SEMrush for free today.



#1 for Building Email Lists

GetReponse is that comprehensive marketing software tool you need to build your email list and scale profits by automating money-making email blast for your audiences.

Getting started with GetReponse you get the infrastructure for integrated email marketing, autoresponders, landing pages, advanced analytics, A/B testing, automated email blast, 24/7 and many more facilities.

If you want to scale your online business then today is your day as you can try out GetReponse free.

Discounts & Deals


Free Email Tool for Entrepreneurs on low Budget

After being backstabbed more than ones or twice some time ago on MailChimp, EmailOctopus is the baller for online entrepreneurs on low budgets who do not have the resources yet to get a premium scalable email tool like GetReponse.  

With EmailOctopus, you get the basic email templates to send emails to your audiences plus an automation function.


Discounts & Deals

IWP Free Setup

Free WordPress Site Set up

Finding it difficult to set up your WordPress site? If yes, why not hand it over to us let’s help you do it for FREE.

We’ve done this for over 4 years now so we can pretty much help you out.


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