Does Skrill Work in Nigeria? All About Skrill Nigeria + Account Setup

Does Skrill Work in Nigeria

When it comes to one of the simplest electronic money payment gateways that allow users to make payments and money transfers on the internet, like Wise (Former TransferWise), Skrill is a go-to platform.  

Although it is not as popular as PayPal in Nigeria, but when it has to do with online sports betting, eCommerce business, cryptocurrency, local transactions, and integration with debit cards, Skrill trumps.

For instance, if you are into the e-commerce business, Skrill works with a range of popular eCommerce platforms to help your web stores with online cross-border payments.

Also, as a business owner, adopting Skrill as a payment solution for your business allows you offer up to 100 or more different local payment methods as well as payments in over 40 currencies globally.

And talking about cryptocurrency, Skrill allows the management of crypto assets on its platform.

In today’s short guide, we’ll know all about Skrill Nigeria, and how it can benefit you as an online hustler or in the betting business.


What is Skrill?

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9 How To Open a Skrill Account in Nigeria

Trusted by millions globally and thousands in Nigeria, Skrill offers fast and secure payment solutions which can be integrated quickly and easily.

Skrill has been offering digital payments services as a trusted e-wallet solution to its customers across numerous brands and markets for a long time.

In Nigeria, Skrill is a digital money transfer and payment platform for online bettors, forex traders, crypto enthusiasts, and of course, family and friends who choose to send money to loved ones from Abroad.

Let’s answer the Big Question.


Does Skrill Work in Nigeria?

Yes, Skrill works in Nigeria, as Nigeria is one of the supported countries. This means that as a Nigerian, you can open a Skrill account, fund, verify, link bank cards, transact freely, and move funds from your account to loved ones or swap for Naira.

Having established that Skrill does work in Nigeria, another dangling question is, does it work like PayPal Nigeria where Nigerians can’t transact wholly or you can use all features? Let’s see 🎨.


Is Skrill Available in Nigeria for International Transactions?

Skrill Nigeria

Yes, you can use Skrill for international transactions which allows you to deposit from a card, transfer USD to other users, exchange, withdraw, and buy digital assets on the platform.

No matter what type of account you have, Skrill is free to open and maintain. But for Skrill Business, you must have been registered as a business entity or a sole proprietor.

Just before we talk about Skrill features, let’s see the popular types of Skrill accounts.


Types of Skrill Accounts Available in Nigeria

As already established, the Skrill account is free to open, however, there are requirements for the type you want.

On the normal, there are two (2) types of Skrill accounts; a Personal Account and a Business Account.

The Skrill account popular in Nigeria is the personal which works for lots of Nigerians as far as money transfer and deposit, online shopping, online betting, and investing in cryptocurrencies are the major wants.

However, if you’re a business, merchant, or company, then you can go for the business account which offers advanced transaction features.

And note that you will have to provide your business details for full approval.

In case you are wondering which of the accounts to open, here are the differences.

Personal vs Business Skrill Accounts

Personal SkrillBusiness Skrill
Personal account is for private individual/personal useBest for companies, merchants, and major businesses
Best for online payment or transfer funds between users, and friends and familyIf you need payment versatile option for your customers.
Payments and account management will be in your own names onlyPayments and account management will bear the company
Registered personal details must be in your name.Business details has to bear the company’s. 
-A representative from the company is required to also register to the account.
-Deposits and withdrawals can be made to and from a bank account held under the representative's name or the company name. 
-Requires a fully operational website, provide a detailed description of your business and the intended use for your Skrill account

Let’s see why Skrill is the best if you have an opportunity to use Skrill over PayPal.


Features & Benefits of Skrill Payment Gateway

  • Skrill offers Prepaid Cards for online payments.
  • Offers Rapid Transfer support to over 3,000 banks globally.
  • Skrill hosts Digital Wallets for online payment.
  • Offer Personal and Advanced features for Businesses.
  • Integrates with Neteller for online gaming, Forex trading, social and educational networks, and more.
  • Integrates with advanced/ third-party payment options such as Klarna and Paysafecash.
  • Offers online businesses access to more than 100 local payment options
  • Skrill is full “PCI – Payment Card Industry” compliant with high standards for fraud and risk management.

In the same vein, let’s see the pros and cons.


  • Difficult to change account currency denomination after default selection. That is, if you chose NGN when opening, it is difficult to change to USD. [Don’t make the mistake].
  • There is a daily limit for Level 1 and 2 accounts.
  • Card funding fees can be better.

Note – It is difficult or you have zero chance to get the account back if wrongdoing is observed [so go legit and careful].


  • Skrill Supports major Credit and debit cards integration and transactions
  • Gives online businesses access to more than 40 currencies.
  • Skrill will fight you if you use its account for fraud – loss of funds and account termination is guaranteed.
  • Gives Loyalties points – free bounties based on frequent account usage.
  • Works for Nigerians – how can I forget?
  • Easy to use and send funds to other users.
  • Offer different transaction methods for businesses – more than 100 payment options.
  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets management are enabled.
  • Multi-lingual customer care should you have issues.
  • Possible to exchange USD to NGN directly using the CBN rate.


How Skrill Nigeria Works in 5 Steps

  • Open an Account
  • Deposit funds
  • Verify
  • Make Payments
  • Withdraw Funds.

To begin with, people have asked, can I open a Skrill account in Nigeria?

As already stated, Skrill does work in Nigeria, so, you can open and operate a fully functional Skrill account. But you have to keep your business clean. As in, only legit businesses are encouraged, or else you will be booted out.

Before we see how to create a functional Skrill account in Nigeria, let’s check out the requirements. 


The Requirement to Create a Skrill Account in Nigeria

First off, if you want to transact in USD (that is, a USD Skrill account), remember to select USD as the currency variation and not NGN, else, it will be difficult to change it afterward. Please take note of that.

About the requirements, you know, like PayPal or Wise, creating an account is not the issue, the main issue is possessing the necessary documents for your account verification process.

Below is an inclusive list of things to note before creating a Skrill account as a Nigerian.

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a government-issued photo ID.
  • Functional Email Account.
  • A computer or smartphone connected to the internet.
  • A phone number connected to your smartphone (for SMS text messages).
  • Initial USD deposit for complete account usage.

P.S – ID is for the verification stage. (International Passport as the first choice, Driver’s License, and National ID as the second choice).


How To Open a Skrill Account in Nigeria

To create a Skrill account and verify successfully, you need a valid email address, phone number, Government-issued identity card (Int’l Passport, National ID, Driver’s license), and at least $10 in Funding.

Step 1. Visit the Skrill Website

  • Go to from a browser on your computer or phone. When you enter the web address above, you’ll land on the same page as shown below.

How To Open a Skrill Account in Nigeria

  • Click or tap on “Open a Skrill Account”.
  • Enter your details accordingly.
  • Select the currency variation you want – NGN or USD

How To Open a Skrill Account in Nigeria

  • Click on Register – hit this button when you would have entered all your details as required.


Step 2. Verify your Email Address

Go to the email address used during the account opening process. Click on the link from Skrill to verify the account-linked email address.

Verify Skrill Email Address


Step 3. Complete your Registration

Upon verifying your email, you will be prompted to complete your registration by providing your address, phone number, and date of birth.

This will help Skrill store your data securely in compliance with its Privacy Notice.

Complete skrill Registration


Proof of Address Documents Approved by Skrill

Just to help you, here are the types of docs accepted for submission.

  • Utility bill (for heating, electricity, water, cable, landline telephone, sewer, gas, etc.)
  • Transaction Statement of Account- this can be from any financial institution in Nigeria. This includes – bank, credit or debit card, mortgage, insurance, and investments statements.
  • A signed and stamped letter from your financial institution confirming your account with them, your residential address, and your full name.
  • Pension Document
  • Any government correspondence, including tax documents, and court documents.
  • School Enrollment Letter
  • Court Document
  • Your valid identity document if it contains the address registered in your Skrill account.
  • Lease/Tenant Contract.


In the same vein, let’s see the document requirements.

Requirements for Document Approval on Skrill

  • The document has been issued within the past 90 days;
  • The document must be clear and readable and includes all 4 corners and 4 edges of the page;
  • The document contains your full name, current residential address, issue date, and the issuer’s name and logo/insignia;
  • The document is in .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png, or .pdf format;

After providing the above and being approved, the next step is to add money to your account and you are ready to go.

Requirements for Document Approval on Skrill


What did I use for the document submission?

I used my bank statement.

All you need to do is log in to your Internet banking platform and download the statement of account, and send it over to Skrill.


Step 4. Deposit Money into the Account

Now, like with the UBA AfriCard issuance, having created and verified your Skrill email address, the next step of action is to fund or deposit funds into the account for full activation.  

Basically, there are 3 popular ways to fund your Skrill Account.

Option 1 is to use USD Bank Wire

Option 2 is to add funds directly from your bank account

Option 3 is to choose a local payment method.

But, but, I mean, you are from Nigeria so the above won’t work out.

As a Nigerian, the ONLY way to fund your Skrill account is to use either a Credit or Debit card. Don’t worry, will tell you what I used. Smile 😂

But first, here are the deposit steps on Skrill.

  • Sign into your account
  • Click on ‘DEPOSIT’ on the left side navigation
  • Select a deposit method of your choice [Credit or Debit card].
  • Fill out your details and set your country and wallet currency.


How to Fund a New Skrill Account in Nigeria

This method outlines how to add a bank card to Skrill and then deposit funds using the same. The Bank Card to use for this is the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card.

  • Get the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card

Popularly called UBA AFRI Dollar Card. This is one of the best Prepaid Cards in Nigeria with accommodating/manageable monthly and quarterly transaction limits. But that is not our concern though.

If you want to learn more about the Prepaid Card, you can check it out here.

Now, the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card is free for everyone – whether you are a UBA customer or not.

To get the AfriCard, all you need to do is go to any UBA branch and request the card.  

The requirements to get the card at the bank includes BVN, 1 Passport, ID Card (NIN is okay), and a utility Bill (Water or Nepa).

P.S – Isuamfon Offiong did a complete short complete Video guide here/activation for usage

  • Fund and Activate the Card

While there are many ways to fund the AfriCard, the best way nonetheless, to fund it online and cheaper is by using a service site called

After getting it from the bank, fund it with fnfSwap, then proceed to activate the card by changing the default pin, add it to your Skrill and move funds.

Amount to fund the AfriCard – I recommend $10-$20 – since the activation fee for UBA is $3.15.

Check out fnfSwap here

  • Move Funds to the Account

After funding your card, go ahead and log into your Skrill account, go to the left margin and click “Deposit”, then hit on “Deposit Now”.

Move Funds to the Account on skrill

Go ahead and enter your card details, confirm the transaction and your Skrill will be funded – and fully activated for use.

confirm the transaction on skrill

With your account verified, you are good to start using your Skrill for the purpose you opened it. #I wish you success.


Step 5. Withdraw Funds for Naira

I know you would have won and successfully made money to your Skrill account.

Withdraw Funds to Bank on Skrill

The next step of action is to withdraw the funds to your Naira Bank Account.

This is the interesting part…


How to Withdraw Funds to Nigerian Bank Account with Skrill [Best Option with Fewer Fees]

Before the new banking policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria which made lots of Naira Cards stop working on USD platforms, digital entrepreneurs could withdraw USD funds easily from Skrill but with this policy, it’s a pain in the ah-as-ss to go about this. Nonetheless, there is good news.

As in, no need to worry as I have outlined 3 methods to easily withdraw your Skrill USD to Nigerian Bank Account – option #3 – is the best withdrawal method with low fees and instant Naira payment to your bank account in 1-15 minutes. Let’s go ⏰.


1. Withdraw Using a Credit or Debit Card

The first option to withdraw from Skrill for Naira is by using a Credit or debit card that works on the platform. And as I stated earlier, the best card for this is the UBA Dollar AfriCard which is free.

And in case your Skrill account was in Naira denomination, then you go for the UBA Naira Prepaid Card, link it to the account, and move funds into it.

If you are going with the Card Withdrawal method, here are the fee and time of funds delivery.

  • Withdrawal Card Fee – 5% or more
  • Time of getting the Funds in your card – Up to 1 business day.
  • Verdict – first off, kindly note that using this method means you won’t get your funds the same day. So, if you would go with this method then I recommend you use the Afri Dollar Card since you get a better rate of USD/NGN conversion than the Naira card.

What do I mean?

With the Naira Prepaid card, you will get an exchange rate of about ₦460/$ or thereabout. But with the USD, you get up to ₦670/$.


  • Swap USD for Naira

When you move the USD from Skrill to your AfriCard, get Naira at a high exchange rate sent to your bank account instantly using fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace Publishers.

➽➽ Check out fnfSwap USD > ₦/$ Swap

Read down to see the best withdrawal method.


2. Withdraw Using Bank Account

Another method is to try the Bank method. If you have a Dom account with GTB, Fidelity, Polaris, or Zenith, then you can try this method – [If this still works on Skrill].

If you are going with the Bank Withdrawal method, here are the fee and time of funds delivery.

  • Bank Account Fee – $6.07 or more
  • Time of getting the Funds in your card – 2-7 business days or more.
  • Verdict – if you want to pay $6.07 or more for withdrawal and wait from 2 to 7 days, then you can try out the bank account method.


The best withdrawal method is below 💡🎨.


3. Withdraw Using Skrill to Skrill Instant Transfer [BEST OPTION]

Skrill to Skrill Nigeria

The best method to withdraw your USD funds from Skrill is to use the Skrill-to-Skrill account method.

This method involves sending Skrill funds using the email address as an account number (just as on PayPal) to a recipient.

With fnfSwap Skrill USD Funds Swap by IsuaWealthyPlace, you get the Naira equivalent of the funds sent to them in 1-15 mins max.


The benefits of the Skrill to Skill method include:

#1. Withdrawal is instant – you don’t have to wait for 1, 2, or 7 days as with the other methods.

#2. Minimal fees – you are charged only 1.45% of the total amount instead of 7% or more.

#3. Get Naira instantly – you get your Naira funds in real-time to use easily.

#4. Email Address – withdrawal is done using the Skrill email address of the recipient.


Here’s How to Withdraw Skrill USD Funds Using Skrill-to-Skrill Method

Step 1. Get the latest Naira/USD exchange rate for the Skrill Funds swap by fnfSwap.

From here, you will be issued the Skrill Email Address to use for funds transfer from your account.

➽➽ Connect fnfSwap for Latest Skrill Rate/Email


Step 2. Login to your Skrill and go to “Transfer”.

skrill to skrill


Withdraw Skrill USD Funds Using Skrill-to-Skrill


Step 3. Enter fnfSwap’s email address in the space provided.

Enter fnfSwap skrill email address

P.S – fnfSwap will give you its Skrill Email Address to use


Step 4. Enter the amount you want to send to them. Click on “continue” when done.

Enter the amount of skrill


Step 5. Confirm the transaction and send.

Confirm the transaction from skrill


Step 6. Get paid to your Naira bank account.

As soon as the Skrill USD Fund drops, fnfSwap will pay you Asap – in 1-15 mins max 🚀.

Does Skrill Work in Nigeria? All About Skrill Nigeria + Account Setup


So, you can see, it is very easy to use the Skrill-to-Skrill method, and also, get your funds instantly and with lesser fees of 1.45% only as compared to the former methods.

Ready to swap your Skrill Fund for Naira? If yes, get started below.

Click here to swap with fnfSwap | Click here to ask questions about Skrill swap


How Long Does It Take to Withdraw from Skrill to Bank Account?

The Skrill-to-Skrill or instant transfer withdrawal is instant with a 1.45% fee only, for Debit or Credit Cards, it can take up to 24 hours with a 7.5% fee or more, and for banks, it typically takes 2-7 or more days with a fee of $6.07 or more

The best method remains Skrill-to-Skrill transfer [instant and lesser fees].  

Skrill To Skrill Withdrawal Transactions done by fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace Publishers

Below is a relative list of funds swapped by fnfSwap.

Skrill To Skrill Withdrawal Transactions done by fnfSwap site
[~ $400+ processed]
Skrill Withdrawal Transactions by fnfSwap
[~ $510+ processed]
Skrill Withdrawal Transactions done by fnfSwap
[~ $1100+ processed]
Skrill To Withdrawal Transactions done
[~ $200+ processed]

Ready to instantly swap your Skrill Account Funds for Naira in 1-15 mins, get paid instantly, and with lesser fees? If yes, get started below.


➽➽ Click here to swap with fnfSwap | Click here to ask questions about Skrill swap 

Should you want to log in now and commence, see below.

How to Login to Skrill and Transact

Step 1. Go to

login to skrill

Step 2. Click on Sign in.

Step 3. Enter your email address and password to log in.

Step 4. Proceed to transact.

Lastly, let’s see the Skrill account limitation for your new account.


Skrill Accounts Levels and Transaction Limits

The Skrill account transaction limits are in levels.

Skrill Accounts Levels and Transaction Limits

  • Level 1 or Skriller

As a new account with level 1 or known as “Skriller”, you can transact from $0 to $999.99.

How do you get to the “Skriller” level?

This level is automatic as soon as you sign up and pass the initial account verification.


  • Limit level 2 or True Skriller

With level 2, you can do $1,000 to $2,999.9 a day.

How do you get to the “True Skriller” level?

You’ll need to submit your ID and/or verify your bank account to increase your limit*. If you choose to verify your bank account, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next level.

Here is one for my personal account.

Skrill Accounts Levels

  • Limit level 3 or VIP Skriller

With level 3, you can do $3,000 a day to unlimited.

How do you get to the “VIP Skriller” level?

You’ll be asked to verify your bank account to reach this level.


In case you are asking, where can I see my limits?

You can check your current limit and the remaining amount by going to Settings > Limit and Verification.

When you’re close to exhausting your current limit, you’ll see a banner in your account within the Dashboard, prompting you to complete the additional verification so you can continue with your payments.

Note – don’t worry about this until you get to this point. Go ahead and transact without any worries.


Wrapping up 

You see when it comes to sending money abroad and funding betting and gambling accounts, Skrill has been the go-to place for these services for a long time, and also doubling as a day-to-day virtual Wallet for Money Transfers & Online Payments for personal and business owners 

It’s okay to say that Skrill is very easy to use, their account management service is rated good, and they are always available to assist you at any time of day. 

So, if your online business requires using Skrill both as a payment option to send or receive money abroad, then go ahead and use it. 

And as a Nigerian, it is a good thing that Skrill is available to all Nigerians, unlike PayPal where you have to use the back door.  


Ready to instantly swap your Skrill Account Funds for Naira in 1-15 mins, get paid instantly, and with lesser fees? If yes, get started below.

➽➽ Click here to swap with fnfSwap | Click here to ask questions about Skrill swap 


It might happen at times that the Skrill-to-Skrill transfer option is not available in your account. If that is the case, please contact the support team and they will sort it out for you. I once experienced this – it was sorted out. See below.  

Skrill-to-Skrill transfer option is not available in your account

Make sure to attach images and if possible, a screen recording of your account and send it to them to easily help you.

Yes, it is. For context, the Skrill payment system has Two Factor Authentication integrated which provides an additional layer of security and is available to all Skrill customers to help keep their money safe. They have also enabled Strong Customer Authentication – this detects IP and device logins and locks account that is dormant for more than 10 minutes.

Yes, it is, but comes with relative transaction fees. However, as a business, with Skrill, higher fees may apply depending on your account status and the nature of your business for receiving money.

Sure, it does, that is why you could deposit, transfer, and withdraw your USD funds for Naira.

The Skrill bank exchange rate in Nigeria is ₦460/$, with local exchangers it can go up to ₦500-610/$, but with fnfSwap, the best exchange rate is at more than ₦680.

Talk to fnfSwap for the latest Naira/USD exchange rate.

They are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC).

  • Registered as a business entity or a sole proprietor.
  • Proof of Physical Address
  • Certificate Of Registration with CAC
  • Means of identification
  • An Active business website with Privacy Notice, Terms of Service, Delivery information, and Contact details.
  • Active products or services offered on your website
  • Yes, Nigerians are allowed to fully use Skrill services to deposit and withdraw funds for both business and individual account transactions.

  • Level 1 – you can do $0 to $999.99 a day.
  • Level 2 – you can do $1,000 to $2,999.99 a day.
  • Level 3 – you can do 3,000 USD to unlimited a day.

Yes, you can. With or without a bank account linked, use the Skrill-to-Skrill method and get your transaction done and dusted using a service like fnfSwap to send you Naira in 1-15 mins max.

Visa, Mastercard, and other Nigerian bank cards work (by testing), but the best is the UBA Dollar AfriCard.

PayPal is used mostly and popular than Skrill in Nigeria. When it comes to transaction fees, both are relatively low and high based on the methods of withdrawal, Overall, Skrill is better since it gives Nigerians better account usage capacity.

The Skrill Debit/Credit Card issuance to Nigerians is not yet active. So, no, you can’t get one. Nonetheless, you don’t need one since there are flexible bank cards in Nigeria.

While other countries can make use of bank accounts by wire transfer, however, as a Nigerian, the option available is to use either with your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit – the best is the UBA Naira or USD Prepaid card.

You have up to 3 ways to do that. You can choose to use the Card method, Bank, Neteller, or the best which is the Skrill-to-Skrill method.

Yes, sure you can. But to do that, you have to verify your email address, account, and be on at least the Level 1 threshold.

You can receive money from other Skrill users via your Skrill email address. Remember, like on PayPal, the email account attached to your Skrill acts as an account number.

No, there is no card support for the Verve Card. The best is the UBA AfriCard.

No, there is no card support for the Verve Card. The best is the UBA AfriCard.

Yes, you can if the Mastercard worked when you funded your Skrill, if not, then you will have to go for supported Visa cards – with UBA AfriCard being one of them.

The requirements include your international passport, National ID card or driver’s license, proof of address issued in the past three months, and bank/card statements.

If you want to close your account, make sure you, first of all, withdraw the funds therein – use fnfSwap – when done, if you are using the Skrill App, go to Profile > Personal details > Close Account. And if on the web browser, go to Settings > Account Settings > Account Status > hit on Close Account.

The word “trapped “is not relative. What we mean here is that, if for instance, you can’t move your Skrill funds using all available methods, then you can use the funds and make online purchases than lying dormant in the account. Nonetheless, you can talk to fnfSwap if you have issues with Skrill.

The bank account must be in the United States Dollar (USD) denomination. They include GTB, Fidelity, Polaris, and Zenith bank.

You can carry out Skrill transactions using over 20 local currencies which include:  AED (United Arab Emirates dirham), AUD (Australian Dollar), BGN (Bulgarian Lev), BHD (Bahraini Dinar), BRL (Brazilian Real), CAD (Canadian Dollar), CHF (Swiss franc), CLP (Chilean Peso), COP (Colombian Peso), CRC (Costa Rican Colon), CZK (Czech koruna), DKK (Danish krone), EUR (Euro), GBP (Pound sterling), HKD (Hong Kong dollar), HUF (Hungarian forint), ILS (New Israeli Sheriel), INR (Indian rupee), and more.

It means Skrill transactions and money operations in Nigeria.

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