35 Days with Expertnaira Marketing School to N750K/mo

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Welcome to the Expertnaira Marketing School.

The mission here is to start affiliate marketing with Expertnaira or popularly called Expertnaire to make money in 35 days. Below you will discover how it works.

But first, if you’ve not gone through or fully understood affiliate marketing as a total beginner, I encourage you to check out my full definitions of Expertnaire affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Going on, we will touch on the 72ig program which is a major digital course on Expertnaire that takes your marketing to another level. If you are yet to see why I recommend joining Expertnaire via the 72ig training program, check the full review here when chanced .

With all said and done, let’s kindly define these terms – Expertnaira, Expertnaire marketing, what is Expertnaira, about Expertnaira, and more, before we proceed to the 35 Days with Expertnaira Marketing School to N750K/mo.


Expertnaira is a digital affiliate marketing website where creators of digital products list their products to get more sales and connect with more customers and a network of affiliates who promote these digital products to earn affiliate commissions.


What is Expertnaira all About?

As already defined, Expertnaira is an affiliate platform that has a series of digital products/courses that solve people’s problems, and members called affiliates promote them and make money for themselves.

In essence, Expertnaira is not an investment website, a ponzi scheme, and a fast rich scheme business, so, a word like “I got scammed” should never be associated with it. Nobody is taking your money and promising to pay 50% after 1-3 days/weeks.

Furthermore, if you have doubts or want to see this type of website from an international scene, you can research Clickbank – it was created in the late 90s while Expertnaira was created in 2018.


What is Expertnaira.com

Expertnaira.com is an affiliate marketplace platform website where you can list your product as a product vendor or promote them as an affiliate.


Expertnaira vs Expertnaire   

Many times, you will see people typing or pronouncing Expetnaira instead of Expertnaire. In a real sense, the official brand name of this website is Expertnaire and not Expertnaira.

Before we get started, let’s look at Expertnaire marketing which is the reason why you are on this web page now.


How to make money with Expertnaire marketing

Expertnaire marketing simply means promoting or selling digital products on the Expertnaire website.

But as we already know, marketing is not for everyone, but if you must make it (mostly as a beginner), you need to know how it works hence the recommendation of the 72ig Expertnaire program which settles the matter, and of course, the 35 Days with Expertnaira Marketing School.

With all said and done, let’s jump into the 35 Days to Expertnaira Marketing School to N750K/mo so you fully grab what it is all about.

What is the 35 Days with Expertnaira Marketing School to N750K/mo all about?

This is a 35-day school focusing on how to make money with Expertnaire marketing.

In one word, it dissects the processes of joining Expertnaire, picking a hot selling product, selecting the best marketing system, driving traffic to this product using your preferred marketing system, and finally converting leads to sales.

Leads here means – people, prospects, or traffic.

Before we go on, have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule – The pareto principle? Here is what it means and how it relates to Expertnaire Marketing.

Expertnaira nigeria

The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes.

Other names for this principle are the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity.

With Expertnaire, 20% percent of affiliates make the most money by mastering the marketing side of the business while 80% are frustrated, and some resolve to call Expertnaire scam – out of frustrations of zero results.


So, the 35 Days to Expertnaire Marketing School is created to admit you to the hall of fame of the 20% percent of affiliates who make the most money by promptly mastering the Expertnaire affiliate marketing business.

How 35 Days with Expertnaire Marketing School works

Week 1 – for WhatsApp marketing training

For the first 7 days, you will use this time to go through WhatsApp marketing via the 72ig program so you see how to systemically promote affiliate products using WhatsApp + your smartphone.  

72IG WhatsApp Income Generator

What if you don’t have the 72ig program? Then spend time on Google and YouTube to learn WhatsApp marketing.

Week 2 – for a marketing set up

#1. With your WhatsApp lesson done and dusted, this week, you will get your free landing page and banner ad image designed for your marketing.

what is expertnaira

#2. You will get your Expertnaire account login details this week.

#3. You get to select the preferred digital product you want to promote and make research to gather graceful points (I will tell you what to do and the sources).

#4. You will create your WhatsApp group and give it a topical formation (will show you).

#5. You create your custom personalized marketing links and test them out (I will show you how as it shouldn’t take 2 mins).

Expertnaira sales

#6. Choose presell copies to use (you will get the ones I use and more samples).


#7. Choose pre-WhatsApp converting copies to save client’s contacts. (You will get the one I use and more samples).  

With everything in place, you test run that the setup is okay. I mean, that the Landing page links are pointing to where they ought to.


Week 3 – days for free traffic/leads

Before you go into paid ads, you will test-run what we created on Week 2 and get leads to start WhatsApp group and Status marketing.


Week 4 – 7- days for paid traffic

With confidence built in Week 3, you go for paid ads to see the best results. From here, you start scaling the business.

Week 5 – days for sales, conversions, and results.

With sales on Week 4, you continue the same process on Week 5 and build more conversions while WhatsApp group and status marketing are still ongoing to see maximum results.

The results.

First – You get your first email notification from Expertnaire that you’ve made a sale.


Second – you get your first email notification from Expertnaire that you’ve received payment.

receive payment

That is a summary of how 35 Days to Expertnaire Marketing School works.

How to get started and join the 35 Days with Expertnaire Marketing School

Option 1 – Join for Free [through the 72ig program – ₦62,500 ( ₦10,000 discount for you)]

Option 2 – Enroll as a pro-student [if you already signed up on Expertnaire – ₦10,000 or ₦15,000]

Join for Free [through the 72ig program – ₦62,500 (with ₦10k discount for you)]

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years now and here is WHAT YOU NEED and WHAT YOU’RE GETTING working with me (when you sign up on Expertnaire via the 72ig program using our affiliate link on this page).

#1. Get ₦10,000 off the 72ig Program fee – for those who lament that ₦62,500 is too much to invest in the 72ig marketing learning program, you will get 16% discount to support your affiliate marketing business. Why? Cause this has changed my life.

So, instead of ₦62,500, you will only pay ₦52,500 – that is, with ₦10,000 off for you.

Your question now…

Will I refund the ₦10,000 to you? Yes/No. See this.

₦5,000 – will be used to build a Landing product marketing page and Banner ad designs for you – to use in marketing.

₦5,000 – will be refunded to you by me which I encourage you to keep aside for paid ads marketing.

Once again, instead of ₦62,500 for the program, you will get it for ₦52,500.

P.S – kindly note that YOU WILL MAKE THE FULL PAYMENT of ₦62,500 for the 72ig program on the Expertnaire website before we work things out from here.

#2. Free a Landing Page for Marketing & Hosting – as an affiliate, you need a landing page, as this is a signature that you are ready for marketing products, if not, “how do you presell what you are selling to prospects?

Again, you will not only get a landing page or marketing banners, but free web HOSTING FOR 3 MONTHS to carry the landing page, the DESIGN, and SET UP FOR WHATSAPP MARKETING with your smartphone.

Why the 3 months of free hosting? 

Because I believe that in 3 months with Expertnaire marketing you would have made enough money to host your full website which is from 10,000+.

Want to see examples of landing pages – see sample 1see sample 2see sample 3. Want to see marketing banners? See sample 1see sample 2

Again, this is another ₦13,000 (Landing page & design) + ₦3,000 (for banner design) off for you.

#3. Answers to Questions on Expertnaire accounts related issues – many people have come to me lamenting their account-related issues. So as not to waste your time, I simply refer you TO WHO introduced you to Expertnaire cause he/she should be there always when you need him/her.   

When we work together, you get instant attention to solve your account issues.

Again, the pressure is taken off you – this is worth more than money.  

#4. Presell Marketing Content/Templates – as an affiliate, you need marketing copies or templates you can use on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any social media platform to convert people to sales. When we work together, you get these templates I share with our community for free.

And when you are ready to run Facebook ads, you get ad samples to see the ones Facebook approved – this helps you to avoid getting your ads rejected.

What’s in for you? You get what is already working for people to use – worth more than ₦10,000.

#5. Closed QnA and Support Group – doing affiliate marketing alone as a beginner is a disaster. It won’t be long BEFORE YOU call it a scam. Why? Because you can’t probably figure out much alone.

So, when you work with me, you get access to #1. Our general WhatsApp room where free info is shared, #2. Our closed WhatsApp room for exclusive and actionable content, and #3. Our closed Telegram community.

Again, the pressure is taken off you – this is worth more than money.  

Bonus – you get the Marketing Sales Manual for free.

See our Test Marketing Campaigns.

Case Study 1. Used N3K on Facebook ads and after two days made a sale of ₦25,000.

Expertnaira marketing nigeria

The result was seen by members in our General WhatsApp group.


[When you join, ask me for this ad sample so you can see what I did – all for free].


Case Study 2. Paid 9,000 for Twitter ad and after 3 days brought in over 200 prospects for marketing.  The result was also shared in the room. The live account below.

Expertnaira marketing
what is expertnaira nigeria
Expertnaira marketing
what is expertnaira nigeria

Case study 3 and more are shared in the 35 Days to Expertnaire Marketing SchoolWHICH you automatically qualify for when you get the 72ig program using our affiliate link on this page.

Read this carefully. 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

I can’t count the number of people that come to me SAYING that the person who referred them to Expertnaire is too busy or whatever to help or attend to them. And now they want the less-busy “Isua” to help them.

[If we make sense out of it, the affiliate was NOT too busy to take commissions when you were persuaded to join, but TOO BUSY to attend to your pressing needs? That’s so unfortunate.

Kindly note that giving you 100% attention will ONLY be based on the RELATIONSHIP we have, that is, registering on Expertnaire via our affiliate link.

Having seen your benefits above, let me guide you on the registration process.

P.S: even if you don’t want to work with me directly, use the steps below to accurately sign up on Expertnaire via the 72ig program.   

If you are already a member of Expertnaire, jump to the next option to joining our mentorship program.

Step 1. Click this link to the Expertnaire Website.

join Expertnaire via 72ig(1)

Scroll down and click on the video button at the center and listen to the intro.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 2


Step 2. Scroll down and click on the “Register button below”.

72ig new price

Click the 👉BUTTON 👈 above to register. Click and proceed.


Step 3. Check the Ref – reference number that it’s the same as this [ ref = 6391425889 ]

If they are the same, then it is valid – go ahead with the payment.

See the image below – the blue tick – that the ref number matches this one – ref = 6391425889

72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program B

P.S – If the ref number does not match, click here so I guide you properly.


Step 4. Make payment/checkout.

  1. Enter Your Details (Correctly):
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  1. Choose Payment Method: I recommend PAYSTACK (Naira) – for instant payment confirmation.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 4


Step 5. Get Payment Confirmation verification and Receipt

As far as you followed the steps above correctly, your payment will be confirmed as shown below.

expertnaire registration 2

Here is the payment receipt you will receive as well.

expertnaire registration 3


Step 6. Get Access to the 72ig Training program

From the above steps, you will get the product Order confirmation, and from there you get “the purchase access link” as shown below.

expertnaire registration FEE

From the instruction, you will have access to both the 72ig Implementation program and the 72ig WhatsApp program.

Promote Expertnaire Products with whatsapp

72ig account dashboard


Congratulations. Get started.


Next, connect with me here so I send you exclusive resources, add you to mentoring closed group, and templates to scale this business. 

Between, check your email inbox for the welcome message.

Reminder, when you register on Expertnaire via the 72ig program as outlined above, you automatically have access to our premium – 35 Days to Expertnaire Marketing School.

Welcome 🤝🫂

Option 2 – Enroll as a pro-student [if you already signed up on Expertnaire – ₦10,000 + ₦5,000]


₦10,000 only – to access our exclusive class and resources

(Please, don’t expect me to spend 100% of my time and give you value for nothing) – put yourself in the shoe. If you need value, you pay to get it. 


₦5,000 only – for landing page and 1 ad Banner Design.

You will get a freely designed landing page from me and a banner for your marketing.

The landing page website hosting lasts for 3 months – which I believe you should make enough money to build yours.

Alternatively, you can build your website – about N10K for the landing page and pay me N3k to design for you.

If you want a good landing page website hosting service, you can use DomainKing, Namecheap, and the best, Fastcomet – if you will send lots of people to the page.

With this, you will access all the benefits as the 72ig program students – both free traffic source, resources + templates, and paid traffic recommendations.


To get started, Pay for Mentorship + Landing page & Banner ₦15,000 only.


To get started, Pay for Mentorship only – ₦10,000 only.

 ➡ Click here to chat me up – if you have any worries/questions.

The benefits and what others are saying cause I’ve been sharing 120% value in our general WhatsApp room.

To be frank people like you are rare, most people hide their updates and even if you eventually pay to get it, you wouldn't be attended to like the way you just did... God bless and replenish you boss... You are now my mentor, hoping to be like you someday.
- Dynasty
Hello Isua. You are a trusted person. I have been following you for weeks now. You have the mind to help people and that's the kind of people I love working with. Sometimes the things we go through in the world wants to prove to us that there is nothing good in the world but people like you keep disproving that fact. You offer value on a consistent daily basis. I am drawn to you for this one thing as that's my goal in life. Helping others to succeed.
- Ibe O.

Officially known as Expertnaire Nigeria, this is an affiliate website where people called affiliates join to promote products listed by product vendors and course owners.

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