N400K/Mo with Expertnaire 72ig Affiliate Marketing + Proofs

Expertnaire 72ig affiliate marketing
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Affiliate marketing is an incredible online business that has changed my life because currently, I depend on that to make a living.

I mean, I pay house rent with affiliate marketing income, clothing with affiliate marketing income, utility bills, food, and all sorts of living expenses + extras are all paid for through affiliate marketing.

To say the least, affiliate marketing is such a beautiful business model that has given lots of young people in Nigeria the opportunity to make 6-7 figures weekly and some monthly, with the right information – which you are about to get today with the Expertnaire 72ig affiliate marketing system.  

All the income proofs or testimonies you will see here are made possible by Expertnaire through an income program called 72ig.


But What’s Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

Affiliate marketing is an action-based online business where you promote/recommend the right products to the right people for a commission or percentage. 

By action-based, I mean. You only get paid or make money when you take action to recommend products to those in need of them. 

The unique thing about Affiliate marketing is that you do not need to create these products on your own. You are simply the middleman giving life to those looking for lifelines.


How Affiliate Marketing on Expertnaire Works

On Expertnaire, members otherwise called affiliates get paid to recommend digital products to those in need of them.

Now, let’s use an automobile niche for instance. If physical products were available on Expertnaire, you would do this for instance.

Recommend a Toyota Mechanic to a car owner whose Toyota Corolla just broke down on Third Mainland Bridge, and get paid when the car owner pays the Mechanic after a successful repair session.  

how to be an affiliate marketing with Expertnaire via 72ig
IMG: cfr magazine

But since it is all about recommending digital products online – using your phone, laptop, or any communication-based device.

You get paid when you successfully recommend a digital product from Expertnaire on how to import Tokunbo cars from Cotonou and get paid when someone (a prospect – someone who’s is willing to) a car importer buys the digital guide through your affiliate link.

But the main PAIN point to making this money is GETTING THE SOAP on how to successfully recommend these products to people and make money like crazy.

cut soap in affiliate marketing
IMG: 9jainformed

The thing is, while Expertnaire offers you the digital products to promote, the 72ig program is what UNVEILS the secret to recommend them the PRO way and make money like the soared eagles. I don’t know if this makes sense.  I hope it does.


How to join Expertnaire and make money Fast (mobile phone users included)

72ig program

Whether you only have a Mobile phone or laptop, you can make money with Expertnaire, only if you have the right information. And the first step with the right information is on how you join the affiliate site because they have their Pros and Cons as you will see below.

Normally, there are 2 ways to join Expertnaire and make money. 


Number #1 way. Join as an ordinary member with N10,000 registration per year. 

Joining via this route is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED because you’re paying for the membership fee only.

Meaning, it’s assumed that you’re a beast or pro in affiliate marketing. So, you are totally on your own.

That is, it is assumed that you only needed a membership account to promote products you feel like doing so.

More so, they’re privileges you get deprived of, such as a high commission for certain programs, community support, and the deep strategies to make money with Expertnaire. 


Number #2 Way. Via the 72ig program

This is the BEST AND RECOMMENDED way to join Expertnaire to avoid the many frustrations encountered by many affiliates/members who joined as ordinary members. 

While the cost to join Expertnaire via the 72ig program is N45,000 (as of the time of writing), let’s see why I recommend you join via 72ig and the many benefits other members have gotten already. 


Why Join Expertnaire via the 72ig program? The summary

The Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire’s course called the 72ig program is your secret weapon to finally building a solid online business, become more tactical in promoting digital products, and become a potential millionaire on arrival.

With a simple and well-structured lesson format based on positive psychology to selling any digital products of your choice, you’ll start and end each day with gratitude that you enrolled in this same program 95% of Expertnaire members have. 

The side effects as a 72ig student may include increased happiness when you get alerts of commissions, a better relationship with Toyin and other affiliate members, and finally beating your chest of that financial freedom when you become an Expertnaire millionaire. You’ve been warned. 

Because I’ve warned you, click here to see how to create a credible online business with Toyin 72ig program, even if you don’t have a laptop (avoid distraction now and see the free webinar). 

Listen Up Now: Truth is, there are a Series of True Life Success Stories | Case Studies on Building Authority Business & Beating 9-5 Jobs lessons coming up. Click the notification “Pop up above the page for publication alerts”. And click here to Get All Stories.

For ONLINE JOBS OPPORTUNITIES and weekend lessons, join our Telegram community and Subscribe to this YouTube channel for lessons on Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and beating 9-5 jobs.

How to Run Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Using 11 Expertnaire 72ig Affiliate Marketing System

How to join Expertnaire

Here are all the strategies and reasons  to join via the 72 income generator program.


1. Become Non-Terrible at Affiliate Marketing and Selling

As widely believed that selling is complex, I can’t doubt to avoid violence from you. Lol. 😈 

Well, this consideration has made Toyin present the 72ig affiliate marketing program in such a sexy-still manner so that you can practically choose and promote the digital products of your choice, and not solely based on the topics you know alone.

The 72ig program saves you time, money, and effort to invest in something else. How?

The REGRETS of other members (which I have heard a few) was joining the affiliate website via the N10,000 a year fee with the hope of figuring out everything on their own. I know how they felt after all.

I mean, it’s frustrating to invest another 2 months into learning how to promote digital products on Expertnaire.

Also, some of them go as far as looking for experts who could help them run ads and set other things up when they would have saved that time and energy once and for all via the 72ig income program training.


2. It’s a Kickass Training designed for you.

People have always asked me if I am Toyin, the 72ig vendor, why? Because of the quality and depth of the guides which I do give out.  

The thing is, you won’t see another program as detailed as the 72ig training as far as affiliate marketing with Expertnaire is concerned in Nigeria.

And while I haven’t personally used the ideas in the training program to sell PHYSICAL products, one of the ladies (students) used the same in her offline business and made over N2,000,000. Why was this possible?

Because #1. there are many areas you can apply the ideas and get the same results, #2. everything needed to make this possible is available on your account dashboard.  


3. You get the 72ig Business Model

I still remember I never had the complete money to pay for the course in 2019. The option available to me was to borrow which I did.

And no, I am not saying you should borrow if you do not have to. But the thing is, yes, I borrowed because #.1. I believed that one day I would be highly successful in internet marketing or making money online as a hustler, and #2. Because I saw the depth of the value offered, the business model in the 72ig program.

Here is the silver line.

Many people see the 72ig course as an avenue where they get premium resources, automatic membership on Expertnaire, join an exclusive community, which are all valid.

But the thing is, this training is a full flesh business model which means using it alone is a full-time income source. The same has created many millionaires in Expertnaire.

As a beginner, this is the same business model you will be getting on a platter of gold.


4. 72ig affiliate marketing strategy with Dynamic Angles of selling

Normally, I wasn’t a student of copywriting. I mean, using different angles to promote a product.

Luckily for me, there are series of free copywriting angles available in the 72ig course I was able to copy and edit and use – which saved my time tremendously in terms of spending 12 hours of thinking of “What” and “How” to tell my prospects I met online to buy the products that they need (I recommend).

You remember that phrase that it is easier to take a horse to the stream but not the same to make her drink, right?

Yeah, this is where copywriting templates come in. Because with Copywriting copies, the horse has no choice but to drink the water as this is the exact strategy that shows her many ways and benefits of why she needs to drink the water. See the image below.

72ig affiliate marketing course	Review
IMG: Lucciagray


Let’s be frank, you might think that you are bad at marketing products online – recommending products to those in need of them, not because you haven’t tried your best from previous experiences, but what if you were given 7+ angles to sell one product? Let’s take a product like rat poison for instance.

Now, while one seller uses a marketing line like “buy this rat poison because it is the best in the market as it’s from china”. Luckily, the seller might run away with 6 sales at N500 at the end of the day, which is N500 X 6 = N3,000.

Also, compare it to another rat poison seller who was given 4 copywriting angles to sell the same product. His marketing angles to sell the product were, this rat poison:

  1. Kills all sorts of rats (rodents included).
  2. Kills fast.
  3. Doesn’t smell.
  4. Dries the rat with the carcass.

With these marketing options, the prospects have seen 4 angles of benefits of buying this rat poison from the 2nd seller. Let’ see them.

#1. It kills all kinds of rats – which saves the buyer money from buying a different rat poison for rodents and bigger rats.

#2. Kills fast – the buyer gets a quick result.

#3. It doesn’t smell after death – the buyer is confident that after the rat dies it won’t just smell but will prevent maggots from entering his or house.

This can even encourage the buyer to pour the poison in his/her living room without the fear of an offensive odor and maggot’s army.

#4. It dries the rat – the buyer doesn’t think of picking up a stinking and rotten rat carcass since it will be dried up automatically.

At the end of the day, this particular seller with different angles of marketing benefits was able to sell 50 packets of the same rat poison at N500 each even without telling people that it was made in China (no much benefit for the buyers), which amounted to (N500 X 50) = N25,000.

Now, I am sure if the second seller goes to the tops markets like Alaba or Onitsha Market and at the end of the day, sells the rat poison worth N50,000, the first seller will ask for soap. AKA. Cup soap for me. Lol.

This is the same 72ig affiliate marketing strategy you get if you enroll in the 72ig today. That is, dynamic angles to sell to stubborn prospects.   


5. It’s a bargain for you

As far back as 2011, I always wanted to be a successful online entrepreneur, but the problem was where to get all the lessons without the tutor holding some secrets out.

Because I saw what the 72ig course offered in the free webinar, I trusted the process and wasn’t hesitant to pay for the worth of it because anything worth it will never be cheap – see below.

The above paragraph explains the reason a lot of flagship phones like Samsung 20 and iPhone 12 are costly, yet they still get ordered in millions after launch.

The truth is, people are simply paying for the benefits they get, and of course, the hype of using the best android mobile brand or an iPhone.

Coming back to the 72ig affiliate marketing course, for over 10,000 members who joined Expertnaire via the 72ig program, a lot have confessed that the price tag attached to this course is worth it, and some affirming that the value is more than the price. 

But let’s not go there so the vendor (Toyin) might not see this page and want to increase it to N50,000+ before you join because that’s the fair worth of the online marketing program.


6. Hassle-Free Updates

Wouldn’t you love to be updated on the current trends, case studies, and other successful strides the vendor has discovered?

If yes, then that is what you get when you join Expertnaire via the 72ig class. That is, you will clearly get regular updates going forward on results as available on your 72ig affiliate marketing dashboard.

Also, when students record successes using their unique methods these kinds of content are usually given out for free to the 72ig members.

For instance, when Sola discovered how to sell digital products without spending a dime on Facebook adverting, the guide which was sold to non-72ig members was available for FREE and it’s still available for you when you join in.


7. First 5-10 sales 72ig implementation program PDF/Bluprint

Even before I discovered the name, I used the same marketing system to make my first ever second sale on Expertnaire in 2019.

It was after enrolling in the 72ig program that I discovered it was used by another 72ig student who had massive successes than I did, and so, while it was sold for non-72ig students (ordinary members who joined via the 10k membership route), it was included all for free to 72ig members.

The first 5-10 sales strategy is a 72ig implementation program pdf you will get for free. What it does is to get you happy and started by selling your first 5-10 products without spending money on any advertisements or whatsoever.

72igs affiliate marketing account

Purchase link after the marketing lines.

72ig affiliate marketing

But ONLY free for the 72ig students. See below.

72ig affiliate marketing dashboard

Now you are free to continue to use this marketing method because it’s the best way to build a relationship with prospects interested in buying an Expertnaire product you recommend.

In fact, this marketing system converts more prospects to buyers than many others.


Disclosure: I still use this method today. More so, other successful members have used it to make millions in sales.

The first affiliate that won a car in 2020 used it and made over N4, 000,000 – as was confirmed by him in a webinar.

Testimonies – 72ig millionaires

The runner-up used it and made over N2, 000,000+, and yet another, N1,300, 000 more or less– depending on his marketing strides.

72ig affiliate marketing dashboard

So, if you enroll in the 72ig program today, you will get this implementation program pdf, all for free as available on your 72ig affiliate marketing dashboard.


8. 72ig affiliate marketing forum and Community supports

Have you ever been in an engaging WhatsApp group where people get helped, mostly beginners? If yes then you will relate to this easily.

When you join Expertnaire via the 72ig today, you will get premium community supports from other students, forum guides, and of course Toyin – the course vendor and founder of Expertnaire.

More so, you can DM other successful students who will add value to you.

Before a helpful post.

72ig affiliate marketing forum and Community

After the helpful post.

72ig implementation program pdf

And more.

Additionally, you have a dedicated email account personnel that will respond to your queries plus WhatsApp chat.

All of these exclusive supports save you the time and energy of Googling simple questions your co-72ig members have already overcome and had successes.

Kindly note – the 72ig forum support is ONLY available to 72IG members.


9.  Money-back guarantee

Normally, all products on Expertnaire come a with Money-back guarantee. With the 72ig affiliate marketing course in Nigeria, you get the same.

Meaning, if at the end of the day you go through this program and use different angles to promote products on Expertnaire, get premium supports, use all the business models + the 5-10 sales without ads strategies, and you don’t still make a sale to recover your enrollment fees, then and then you will be refunded easily; a win-win situation for you as far as you followed the steps and terms of making it work for you.


Side note: joining Expertnaire 72ig via this page (using our affiliate link) gives you automatic access to all the supports and technical questions you want to ask, only if you have one.

So before you file for a divorce with Expertnaire via the 72ig affiliate marketing course, be rest assured that our contact link is open to you. I mean.

Reach out so I can see where you got it twisted because there is no way out of 200 million Nigerians you can’t sell even 5 Expertnaire products to them which if you sell a N15,000 commission product you will make N75,000.

Because it has worked for thousands of Expertnaire 72ig students, then you won’t be an exception, this I know – with joined efforts.


10.  Personal Support, Premade and FREE Templates – Demo for beginners

I hate to admit it but the truth is, no matter how a thing can be simple, there will always be these unique beginners who will want all amount of help on some technical things – that is why my contact page is open for you (when you join via this page).   

Therefore, as an affiliate on Expertnaire, after using the 72ig affiliate marketing strategy of 5-10 sales without spending a dime on advertisements, you might need to scale the process – make more sales in case you want to buy a house near Linda Ikeji in Banana Island.

If yes, then this might mean creating a website, building a landing page, thank you page, linking them to promote products on Facebook, YouTube, and other ads sites.

This phrase “promote products on Facebook, YouTube, and other ads sites” means sending traffic or a lot of people to your website page to buy the product(s) you promote on Expertnaire.

With the above you might be thinking, this is it. I am done. It’s complicated. Lol. Nope.

Also, one thing I don’t want to do at his critical time is to give extra 20 FREE eBooks on something that will waste your time and drain you energy. But why?

Because you deserve to get into action and make money, that was the essence in the first place, right?


Now, what if I help you create a unique Expertnaire system, starting from creating your website you will use or show you how to do it, give you free converting landing page templates, and thank you pages to use all for free – if you find them challenging? Sounds right?

Yeah, you will get all of these for free when you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program using our link on this page, and ultimately an OPEN chat support from me in case of incase-sity


11.  Testimonies – 72ig millionaires are being made

Remember I once said that the 72ig program is a business model on its own, right?

Yeah, this same model has given birth to tens if not hundreds of millionaires in the Expertnaire affiliate platforms.

It should be in hundreds because I already know more than 7 72ig millionaires.

Here are a few testimonies of making money on Expertnaire with 72ig. 


From Kenny

While the celebrations are going on, I must pay homage too!

Just yesterday, I crossed a milestone… 1 million in commissions with my Infinix Smartphone & Zero Paid Ads.

From Osagie – for the weekend.

incom proof on Expertnaire a

72ig affiliate marketing strategy

receive payment

(You will see more in the bonuses for your marketing).


How to be an Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire via 72ig

Joining Expertnaire via the 72ig program gives you 50% confidence and a head start to success. And how do I know this?

First are the benefits you get as a 72ig student.

#2. The success stories and testimonies which I can practically tell it for myself as well.

#3. Because ordinary affiliates who joined Expertnaire with N10, 000 membership fee do not have the opportunities as listed on this page.

To see the big picture, I have met a few of them who come to seek mentorship, and even asking what it will take to be successful.

The bizarre-yet-worthy question is, why pay extra fees when all you needed in the first place is all-inclusive in the 72ig package, once and for all?

Once again, a few benefits.

#1. You get an automatic membership for 1 year – the same ordinary members have.

#2. You get the value and strategies to make sales.

#3. You get the 5-10 sales without a dime on ads.

#4. Access to vendor and forum support.

#5. Dynamic angles to make sales, and more.  

#6. You get your FREE templates from me + contact link for any manner of support.

So, whether you are a beginner or savvy digital marketer, the depth of value you get from the 72ig program is worth every cent over 10,000 affiliates have paid for, and so, you will get the same, and more with new stride/success stories updated.


Here is How to get started with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing as a 72ig student.


Step 1. Click the right LINK to join Expertnaire via 72ig.

When you click the step 1 link, you’ll see a page like this:

Who is Expertnaire Affiliate Program Best For

Step 2. Click the video button and watch the webinar. After you watch the video and are ready to get started, click on “Register”.

You’ll see a page like this:

Pros of Expertnaire Affiliate Program

Step 3. Enter your name, valid email, phone, and then select “PayStack” and make payment by clicking “checkout” to proceed.  

P.S – use a valid email address as this is the same you will get all your resources, communication, and strategies.


Step 4. Check your email for a welcome note after successful payment.

make money with expertnaire


Step 5. Log in and get all your benefits.


Step 6. Having gotten your benefits and strategies to make sales right away, select a product you want to promote and share the affiliate link to make sales.

You’ll get this same mail-notification when you make your first sale – the same every affiliate gets.

Expertnaire Meaning

Step 7. Receive your affiliate commission

You will get your money straight to your bank account. You’ll get this same email.

receive payment

Receive you money and save or make yourself happy. 😀 😉 


Let’s talk about other things.


The 72ig Affiliate Marketing Account and Dashboard

With your payment confirmed,

Step 1. You will be sent a link to the email account you used during payment to log in to your 72ig affiliate marketing account and Dashboard.

Here is how your 72ig account dashboard looks like.

72ig account dashboard

Step 2. You will be given a link to join the Exclusive 72ig affiliate marketing forum.

Step 3. Another link to join the general Expertnaire Telegram room.

Step 4. Other resources from the course vendor – Toyin.


 💡 Get started now – click here to the page and get started today.


Bonus Resources – on request

#1. All my landing pages you can copy for free.

#2. Tens of Expertnaire millionaires to use as a case study to make sales – contact to request them – if necessary for you.


POPULAR QUESTION & Worries, I can’t run ads nor do I have the money for it. 

People ask me, when I join Expertnaire via the 72ig program, will I start running ads right away before I make money since I might not have the funds to run ads.

Truth is, even if you will be shown how to successfully run ads, I never started with ads.

If you are like me, start with the 2-5 sales Blueprint and make sales first and take a deep breath that YES, this is working and not a Ponzi scheme. From there, you reinvest the money in ads.

Please, note, Ads running is for scaling the business, I mean, attracting more eyes (traffic) to the Expertnaire products you are promoting.

So, when you get started, you don’t need to worry about Ads or money for ads yet. Use the 2-5 blueprint and make at least N100K from there you invest in ads.

Alternatively, continue with the strategies and make up to or more than N500,000. Still doubting? 😕 

Don’t think about it because Kenny or Sola have made N1Mil with this same winning strategy + their Mobile phones. Myself, I have closed lots of sales with the same route.

So, if it has worked for me and others, I don’t see why SAPA shouldn’t let you go. You have to beat SAPA (being broke) by all means. 💪

Wrapping up on how to run affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Running a successful affiliate marketing business in Nigeria needs the right business model and sales dynamics.

The thing is, I can’t think it enough because this is what the 72ig program offers.

The other way round is to spend months, time, and energy on Google and YouTube trying to figure out on your own.

But if you are like over 10,000 72ig students on Expertnaire, the majority of Expertnaire members, you can get the soap cut for you on how to be a successful affiliate millionaire member.

I know you might be thinking, me, a millionaire? Well, accepting to be a millionaire is more of a mind thing.

Nonetheless, the best news is that both those who saw it coming and those who didn’t all made it out to the millionaire status on Expertnaire, all possible with the 72ig program.

And no, the 72ig program is not a magic pill.

If you are unwilling to get started, work, get support if-and-when you need one to become successful then it is not for you. Lazy folks have no chance with the program.

Just as I said, the 72ig Expertnaire course is a business model on its own which means the course alone has given lots of members a full-time income.

So, if you are willing to use different angles to become successful on Expertnaire then you can get started right away and before you know it you would have been running a successful affiliate marketing business. Such is life though.


Ready to get started?

Step 1. Click here to check the 72ig Expertnaire Free Webinar.


Step 2. Click here to contact me for your FREE templates and support (when you need them) – use WhatsApp for readily responses. 


Step 3. Click here to contact me 


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Yours truly.

Ref: 7 and 8 figures. More on Expertnaire – Expertnaire Affiliate Program | How to Use Expertnaire

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