Expertnaire Affiliate Program Review & Commissions 2021

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program
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Expertnaire Affiliate Referral program used to be a bread and butter for many affiliates, mostly beginners. As time went on, and with Expertnaire getting popular, for no reason or as obvious as it may sound, they discontinued the program from the “Expertnaire affiliate site” – an angry Expertnaire member.


Expertnaire clearly defines a situation that “when Nigerians see other Nigerians making small money from a simple and popular method, they block it, the same thing their government is known for – another enraged “new” member.

From the expressions above, does this mean that Expertnaire has cancelled her affiliate referral program, or is there a silver lining to this?

I mean, what other routes can you make money from the Expertnaire website, alternative affiliate programs, and more? These and more are a few things we will consider in this Expertnaire affiliate program review.


The Affiliate Referral Program

In the month of July 2021, I never received my referral commission, and I was like, with all the marketing and noise I’ve made about this website, no new member joined via my link?

 I was perplexed and at the same time patient. Maybe, no one joined, I said to myself.

Luckily, when I logged in, I saw that my Expertnaire membership fee had expired since July, and so, withdrawals were held.

Because affiliates get paid every Friday automatically, when it was Friday, and I never saw income alert, then I knew that something was wrong.

Expertnaire’s Terms of Service

To confirm this, when I logged into my affiliate dashboard, the place where the referral link used to be was erased/removed. See below.


Before it was closed:



After removal: 

Affiliate marketing tools and Recommendations

Fair enough, I paid the membership fee which lasts for a year.

affiliate marketing with Expertnaire

 And the next day which was a Friday, I got my affiliate earnings sent to my bank account automatically. 


But what happened to the referral program? You’re about to find out.

Because I was disturbed, and being privileged to contact one of the administrators, I wrote him an email around 4:40 am – when I was doing this video – using my verified email account.

By 1.05pm the same day, I got a reply. Here is it.

joining Expertnaire to Promote its Affiliate Program

The response.


The affiliate referral link has now been disabled and is no longer available for referring registrations of new affiliates to the platform.

This means that you can no longer find the link at the top of your dashboard and that you can no longer refer people for affiliate registration.

What, what, what???

what the fuck - Nigerian tupac - charles

I am sure that when the affiliates who used the Affiliate Referral Program to make some income got the message they were like the dude below.

pawpaw meme

And to new affiliates who wanted to join Expertnaire via their membership route of N10,000 a year, they are like the dude below.

motivate me meme

So, las las, Expertnaire don stop de small money route pesin been use get 3-3-thousand when a new affiliate member join. Na so I see am oooo.


Expertnaire Affiliate Referral Program Summary

Expertnaire has discontinued its member-to-member referral program which gave affiliates 30% commission per new member invited to the website. The only paying program is its products affiliate programs – updated August 2021.

In summary, if you were encouraging your contacts and friends to join Expertnaire so you can get N3,000, you might want to stop now, because you won’t be paid!


My Verdict on the Expertnaire Affiliate Referral Program

As a writer and Vlogger, it is frustrating to edit all the content you put out there telling people that the Expertnaire affiliate referral program exists, and now, you will have to DELETE some videos and edit all the blog content – to avoid misinforming the people??

This is not so good from my angle. My dad always said, “If you don’t want to die, then do not faint”.

Meaning, I think, if Expertnaire were not willing to continue paying affiliates via its referral program they simply would have stopped from the onset or simply communicated via email because I never got such (that is if at all others received).


Let’s be frank, here is what others might term this act as…

“Okay, so, we joined hands to make Expertnaire popular, and now that they are starting to gain traction, they stopped the compensation program that affiliate got paid when new members joined the platform via their link while they still collect the membership and renewal fee of N10,000 a year, in FULL”.

It MIGHT BE obvious that some startups do not consider the fact that it is the members that make a startup, and not the solo adverts they run.

And how do I know this?

Word of mouth is more PROFITABLE than promoting a random website on Facebook, Twitter, or any platform because when members promote, their reputation is hanging.

I hope this article gets to Expertnaire…And as a member, I am curious to hear what you have to say about this.

So, as it stands, the only way to make money on Expertnaire is via its affiliate products affiliate program, and I will explain that in a bit.


Expertnaire Meaning

First off, Expertnaire is a digital network website where creators of solution products get more sales and connect with more customers and those in need of the products.

Expertnaire sign in

When Expertnaire began in 2018, it was rooted as the next big thing to Clickbank as far as Nigerians who are banned from using Clickbank were concerned.

But as time went on, there are more competitors coming up, but the big question is, will they displace Expertnaire as the number 1 affiliate website in Nigeria? Maybe time will tell or if they offer something more, who knows. 

To learn more about Expertnaire, check out this complete review.


Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program Review 2021

Let’s start with its commission rate.


Expertnaire Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Expertnaire’s commission rate has always been so good. Here’s how their commission rate looks right now based on product category (Updated August 2021):

Products CategoryCommission Range
Make money online30-50%
Relocation and Travels40-50%
Affiliate marketing40-50%
Real Estate45%
Sports Bet50%

Keep in mind that these can change yearly or sometimes even more than once a year so you should always check for the most up to date rates from the products marketplace.

Since Expertnaire offers such a huge range of products, there’s a wide range of affiliate commissions. You’ll get attractive rates from 30-80%.


Side note: when you join Expertnaire, focus on products/topics that you enjoy and can easily recommend to your circle and audiences. If you don’t care about those topics, those new rates are motivation killers for any member to promote and make money in any niche.


Ease of use

Expertnaire has a super easy-to-use affiliate platform. You can get any of the links you need by searching for the product on Expertnaire and using the product codes. I showed you how to get links using this tutorial, but here’s how you do it.

When you log into your Expertnaire account, look your left and go to “Product Marketplace”.

Type or search the product you want to promote and click “View Affiliate Links” to copy your link”.

get started with Expertnaire Affiliate Program

That’s it.


What about Expertnaire’s Terms of Service?

This is where Expertnaire loses or tightens some points on ease of use. Their terms of service are as clear as mud and about as pleasant to roll in, even as a beginner.

Remember that even though Expertnaire can be unclear at first, they want you to promote their products in the best way possible.

So here are some of the most common violations and unique things you should know:

  • Buyer benefits and guarantee As a buyer on Expertnaire, you will enjoy the ease of use and convenience of Expertnaire’s high-quality product marketplace, plus the Expertnaire 30-Day purchases money-back guarantee.


  • Don’t promote your affiliate link on social media – it is irrational to just copy your affiliate link and share on social media. If it continues, the affiliate platform will be banned on social media like the one below.


  • Don’t promote your affiliate link or mention Expertnaire using Aweber email marketing tool – you don’t want to do the above because AWeber will close your account. If you would want to promote or mention “Expertnaire”, “Expertnaire products”, then I recommend a versatile email marketing tool to use which is GetResponse.

💡 Get started for free with GetResponse 


See also:  How to use GetResponse.


  • Sharing shorten links outside of Expertnaire is fine – yes, instead of promoting your naked affiliate links, you want to use marketing tools like TinyURL or to shorten them.


  • Explicit Products – As a creator, Expertnaire does not allow, and you agree not to, submit any product(s) or content that are pornographic or offensive in nature, or which pertain to pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing (mlm) or any illegal activity, or which contains any illegal material including but not limited to material that violates another’s copyrights or trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, right of publicity, privacy or other rights, including moral rights or rights of attribution.

The above are the most common violations, but there are quite a few you can read from her terms page.


Expertnaire Support

Expertnaire’s support can be easily reachable, but at times you will have to wait on the cue if there are more affiliates to be attended to.

Support for affiliates/members will let you send an email and WhatsApp them during certain hours. I’ve used all her support channels. And I think email support is preferable.

Going forward, when the time comes to a technical issue, they will inform members on time.


Pros and Cons of Expertnaire Affiliate Program

The cons:

  • No instant Support: There is a need for more hands-on customer support.
  • Automatic Withdrawal: I think offering affiliates the chance to request payment, and not paying automatically is something of interest.

Why? Some affiliates wish they could save their earnings on Expertnaire till the end of the year, but yet, they’ll FORCEFULLY pay you on Fridays…lol.

  • Many ways to join as a member – Expertnaire offers 2 ways to join the affiliate website. As an ordinary member with N10k or via the 72ig program which gives you an automatic membership.

You get deprived of so many internet marketing privileges if you join as an ordinary member as compared to joining via the 72ig program. 


Not a con – but a choice.

Earnings in Naira – if you fancy making money in dollars, then Expertnaire might not be for you. 



  • Multiple support channels.
  • High-paying commission products.
  • Considerable back money guarantee for buyers.
  • Featured products in many niches.
  • Periodical awards – affiliates get amazing rewards for reaching a particular sales milestone.


Who is Expertnaire Affiliate Program Best For?

Expertnaire Affiliate Program is pretty handy to have around, but let’s take a look and see who it favors best (and who it doesn’t work well for).


Info Product Niches/Marketers

Expertnaire is a great option for info product niches, marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, and Advertisers. 

When you consider Expertnaire, you’re best looking at something like Clickbank or running an ad network like Adsense or Ezoic.


Social Media

Expertnaire isn’t a great choice for niches with a big emphasis on social media. You are NOT allowed to place Expertnaire links on your social media pages, but there is something you can do to be accepted.

That is, you want to cloak your affiliate links before sharing them on social media.


Native Recommendations

Unlike an earning platform like AdSense where you will get banned, on Expertnaire, you can ask your audience to buy through your link and support your business.


Before joining Expertnaire to Promote its Affiliate Program

I get this question and LINES a lot.

“I joined Expertnaire from another person via the 72ig program, and now he or she does not want to respond or assist me, can you BE MY MENTOR”.

This is always awkward.

The most annoying is having to mentor/introduce someone to Expertnaire, and at the end of the day when he or she finally joins, it is done via another person’s affiliate link.

It’s painful that monkey de work while bamboo de chop. 

If you think say na joke, see the note I been write to Expertnaire.

Affiliate marketing with Expertnaire nigeria

And the response?

How To Become An Expertnaire Affiliate



Another among others is this brother I guided since 4th August 2021, but later made a mistake or so to join without using my link.


How it (the mentorship) began.

Expertnaire Affiliate Referral program

How it was going.

Expertnaire Frequently Asked Questions

How it ended.

The Affiliate Referral Program

Chai, in premium tears… 🙄 .


Disclosure: if you got introduced to Expertnaire by someone else then use the person’s link to join.


Here is what I mean. Today, someone contacted me to inquire about the 72ig program.

Normally, it would have been easy to bypass the first affiliate and get this brother to use my affiliate link to join Expertnaire but I am like “you’re a better human than that, right?” Here was the conversation.

Expertnaire Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Further responses.

Expertnaire Support


How To Become An Expertnaire Affiliate

To join Expertnaire, as an ordinary member, you pay N10,000 per year, but as a premium member, you pay N45,000 (including your membership fee which is N10,000). 

That’s N35,000 for all the summarized benefits here.

And N10,000 for the membership. Summing to N45,000.    

Here are the steps you need to join Expertnaire.


Step 1. Click the right LINK to join Expertnaire via 72ig.

When you click the step 1 link, you’ll see a page like this:

Who is Expertnaire Affiliate Program Best For

Step 2. Click the video button and watch the webinar. After you watch the video and are ready to get started, click on “Register”.

You’ll see a page like this:

Pros of Expertnaire Affiliate Program

Step 3. Enter your name, valid email, phone, and then select “PayStack” and make payment by clicking “checkout” to proceed.  

P.S – use a valid email address as this is the same you will get all your resources, communication, and strategies.


Step 4. Check your email for a welcome note after successful payment.

make money with expertnaire


Step 5. Log in and get all your benefits.


Step 6. Having gotten your benefits and strategies to make sales right away, select a product you want to promote and share the affiliate link to make sales.

You’ll get this same mail-notification when you make your first sale – the same every affiliate gets.

Expertnaire Meaning

Step 7. Receive your affiliate commission

You will get your money straight to your bank account. You’ll get this same email.

receive payment

Receive you money and save or make yourself happy.


Expertnaire has been a game changer for me, since 2020.

For you, when you receive your earnings, save it with an app like PiggyVest or buy yourself something to remember.

For me, here are a few Expertnaire has contributed:

  • I bought my current android phone from Expertnaire earning.
  • I took my parent out on a date last December 2020.
  • I bought this sporting/exercise bicycle 3 days ago from Expertnaire earning.

72ig program by Expertnaire

I am sharing part of what this platform has done for me. I believe that you will be the next in line.

But always save part of your income because I learned that “what you save aside will save you during the rainy days”.


My Human Nature; I’m sorry if the screenshots above seem like bragging. At times, I ponder on how to tell someone I make money doing what I love without sounding bragging. If you know how I can express this properly, kindly tell me in the comment section. Thanks. 😐 


Just before I close for today, let’s see some of the questions you might ask at the back of your mind.


Frequently Asked Questions  

With some experience, here are a few of the great questions I think most new affiliates ask.


How do I know when I make sales?

You don’t have to worry about this as all sales via your affiliate links are tracked by a code known as cookies. So, as far as your prospects clicked your affiliate link to the product, sales will be duly recorded. 


How Do I make sure that a new member uses my link?

Always ask your prospects if he or she had already clicked on any affiliate link anywhere. If yes, then tell him or her to clear his/her device cookies before making a purchase, else, you will lose the sales to another affiliate.  


Does Expertnaire Make Any Changes To Your Revenue?

Yes, a bit. There is a hundred naira (N100) charged for bank transfers. For instance, if you earn N8,500, you will get N8,400. This is constant irrespective of your earnings.


Do I Have to pay the N10,000 per year in membership?

Yes, you after 1 year.

Also, you DO NOT NEED to pay another N45,000 for the 72ig program. It’s a one-time enrollment program. 


What’s the advantage of joining Expertnaire via the 72ig program?

When you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program, you get all the benefits summarized here, free 1-year membership (no need to pay N10,000) to join, premium support from the 72ig program, my open support/strategies, and more.


Can I make 6 Figures with Expertnaire?

Yes, you can make 6 figures as time goes on, ONLY if you are ready to start now!


Final note on Affiliate marketing with Expertnaire

When it comes to Affiliate marketing with Expertnaire, it all starts by joining her affiliate program site, selecting a product you love to promote or of choice, getting the strategies, and getting paid to add value to people.

Luckily, you have someone who is willing to give you the necessary support to succeed – having done it myself.

What more can you ask for? Nothing, right? Yeah.


Here is how to get started with Expertnaire Affiliate Program today.


Step 1. Watch this FREE webinar and join Expertnaire via the 72ig program

Step 2. Get your sales strategies.

Step 3. Reach out to me for my strategies and resources.

Step 4. Get started. That’s all.


 ➡ Click here to contact me for all supports.



Ref: What is Six Figures | 72ig Free Resources.

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