17+ Expertnaire Testimonies showing its Scam or Legit?

Expertnaire Testimonies

Welcome. Today, we want to see some income proofs from the Expertnaire platform, but first, is Expertnaire a scam?

To answer this question, let’s draw our analysis with a similar platform.

If you know Jumia and Konga and how they work, then that’s exactly what Expertnaire is and how it works – but differently.

While Jumia and Konga have both digital and physical products listed/hosted by product owners, on Expertnaire.com, you have digital products listed by course owners or vendors.

Just as Jumia is not an investment website where you’re required to invest N50,000 and get N400,000 in 5 days, so is Expertnaire. It is not an investment website.

Just as Jumia pays its affiliates who sell products from the website, the same way Expertnaire pays affiliates who promote and sell digital products.

Again, while Jumia does not charge affiliates who opt to join her affiliate website program, on Expertnaire, you have 2 ways to join which costs N10,000 as an ordinary member where you access just the products, and as a premium member which costs N50,000 – which it is encompassing.

So, the Expertnaire Testimonies today could have been tiled Jumia Testimonies if only Jumia pays affiliates as much as Expertnaire does. Why am I saying so?

It is because, on Jumia, if you sell a product like a Samsung TV of N50,000, it is possible to get N2,000 or a bit more in commission (6-15%), but on Expertnaire, if you sell a digital product of N50,000 to your friend, contact, or people you don’t know, YOU CAN’T EARN LESS THAN 30%.

Let’s conclude its legitimacy.


Is Expertnaire a scam or legit?

Is Expertnaire Legit? Yes, Expertnaire is legit.

If you’re looking for a digital product to promote as an affiliate, Expertnaire is the best-organized place you should check out. The Expertnaire marketplace is renowned for rewarding affiliate members with high commissions with at least 30% per sale of digital products hence the popularity 

In fact, a product on the affiliate website called F.C.I PLATINUM rewards affiliates with a 50% commission per sale. We are talking about N140,000+ commission for a copy sold at a product cost of ₦240,000+. That is not all.

Another product called Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator pays affiliates 50% commission. That is ₦19,999.5 for each successful sale at a cost of ₦39,999.00. This continues with various digital courses on the platforms

#2. Another reason why Expertnaire is popular hence the question if they are legit or scam is the fact that they pay affiliates on time, and every weekend. How about that? 🤔

#3. Lastly, as a beginner, you can use your mobile phone + WhatsApp and make money without a laptop. That is to say, all you need are WhatsApp + Phone + membership [premium or ordinary]

Talking about “premium or ordinary membership”, here are many reasons people choose their membership wisely – with benefits.

But wait.

Don’t rush.


Here is the ugly truth. 🤯

Do not allow the hype to make you jump in and call it a scam or carry the notion/mindset that everyone makes money. No.

Not everyone makes money on Jumia. The Same with Expertnaire, and that is how it will remain till the right thing is done – implementation + guidance. More on this later.


The results or earning proofs you will see today are from those who took action and got the results.

I will start with my little result. 




Expertnaire Millionaires WhatsApp & Telegram Community

Affiliate Marketing is not a “jump & make Money online business”, there is a process to it. If you are told half-baked info then you will be left to struggle on your own and end up calling it a scam. Therefore, if you are a NEWBIE & you want an A-Z guidance (to get started to sales), and how the platform works, join the beginners’ exclusive group below.  


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Expertnaire Testimonies and Income Results from normal people 2022

Expertnaire Testimonies 6

₦500,000 in commission with 10 followers

Expertnaire Testimonies 10

₦800,000+ in commission in 22 days as a newbie.

Expertnaire Testimonies 9

₦90,000+ in commission received in 7 days

Expertnaire Testimonies 8

₦300,000+ in commission after a few months.

Expertnaire Testimonies 7

₦70,000 in commission in one week.

Expertnaire Testimonies 4

₦10,000 in commission – first sale.

Expertnaire Testimonies 3

₦915,000 in commission in 7 days.

Expertnaire Testimonies 3

₦100,000 in commission in 7 days.

Expertnaire Testimonies 2

₦130,000+ in commission received in 7 days.

Expertnaire Testimonies 2 b

₦8,000+ in commission received in 7 days – humble beginning.

Expertnaire Nigeria Testimonies 3

₦25,000+ in commission received in 7 days.

Expertnaire income

Weekly hustle with mobile phones.

Expertnaire income 3

₦1,000,000 in commission.

Expertnaire earning proof 9

₦2,000,000+ in commission.

Expertnaire earning proof 8

₦5,000,000+ in commission.

Expertnaire earning proof 4

₦340,000+ in commission received in one week.

Expertnaire earning proof 2

₦380,000+ in commission in 7 days.

Expertnaire earning proof 1

₦60,000+ in commission in 7 days.

One of my blissful experience this year was when I decided to renew my subscription with @expertnaire .

I joined Expertnaire last year April but didn’t make use of it. Actually, got my subscription money back because I sold 5 products worth 5k. The affiliate commission was 80%.

The name of the course was How to turn yourself to a live breathing cash machine by @toyinomotoso So I got like 20k back. So, it was really a good deal for me. This year my subscription expired. I was contemplating whether to renew or not because I wasn’t using it.

I finally renewed, so pass forward to ending June I decided to buy the 72 IG course to just get a view of how I can promote it, I bought the course with my link and I am happy I made that decision. I started implementing July and guess what I am almost at a million naira.

Now my Joy isn’t at the money, not like I am not interested in the money but my Joy is the person I became, the people I met, the experience in the journey, thanks to @toyinomotoso for this platform. I am in 877,000 as of now. Come and check in 2-3 months’ time. Image

Affiliate marketing is just sweet, started with little capital, didn’t have a product but making good money, this is my side hustle, but it’s giving me good cash.

If you Use it as your main stream of income and be serious you will make millions – Twitter

The secret to succeeding on Expertnaire?

The majority of the results you’ve seen here are via the program called 72ig implementation & the 72ig WhatsApp training.

Now, apart from the fact that signing via this program gives you an automatic membership on Expertnaire, with the program, you get educated on how to implement all the results you’ve seen above.

So, it is not a magic pill but a process.

The thing is, having made over 100 sales, I pretty much know a lot of secrets about making it thick on this platform and how I have helped other new members hence providing these 10 72ig complementary resources I have used and shared with my Expertnaire community members so you too can succeed fast.



What I recommend is, #1. after you enroll in this program using our link, #2. go through it, #3. then when done, #4. we go ahead and implement the 72ig lesson systems. #5. From there, you get results.

If you want to work with me to succeed, my contact is open here, and you will soon see the steps on how to register on Expertnaire via the 72ig program, however, before that, let’s see why you want to register on Expertnaire via the 72ig program.


Joining Expertnaire as an Ordinary Member vs via the 72ig Program – #10 Factors involved

#1. Joining Expertnaire as an ordinary member gives you access to ONLY the Expertnaire affiliate website and the products while joining Expertnaire via the 72ig Program gives you more than membership but full training on how to sell products and make money.

#2. As a 72ig student, you get trained via the 72IG Implementation Program on how to sell products online using a combination of email marketing and PPC traffic. A lesson that takes your digital marketing skills to a new level while as an ordinary member you do not.

#3. As a 72ig student, you get the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator program – the complete step-by-step training on how to use your phone and make money using WhatsApp. But as an OM – ordinary member, you do not get it.

#4. Get educated on how to scale your online business with Affiliate marketing using simple techniques as a 72ig student while as an OM you get nothing.

#5. When you join via the 72ig program, you get lots of training resources both for the 72ig WhatsApp and Implementations training.

#6. You get exclusive weekly live lessons and classes, when necessary, should you have questions or issues that need to be addressed.

#7. When you join as a 72ig program, you get access to the Exclusive 72ig Facebook community but as an ordinary member, you do not.

#8. The course vendor of the 72ig is Toyin Omotoso, who also doubles as the CEO of Expertnaire

#9. As a bonus, you get 50% commission per sale of the same 72ig product while as an ordinary member you get 30% commission. 🙄 

Let’s now see how to sign up.

How To Register on Expertnaire via the 72ig ProgramThe 72ig-Expertnaire SIGN UP

Step 1. Click this link to go to Expetnaire website


join Expertnaire via 72ig(1)


Scroll down and click on the video button at the center and listen to the intro.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 2


Also, should you need more info about it read through the page.

Again, if you want to go straight to the registration, scroll down and click on the “Register button below”.

Expertnaire Registration stepsClick the 👉BUTTON 👈 above to register.


Step 3. Make Payment and Checkout.

Upon clicking the button above, you will land on the payment page below.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 1

  1. Enter Your Details (Correctly):
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  1. Choose Payment Method: I recommend PAYSTACK (Naira) – for instant payment confirmation.

expertnaire affiliate sign up 4


Step 4. Get Payment Confirmation verification and Receipt

As far as you followed the steps above correctly, your payment will be confirmed as shown below.

expertnaire registration 2


Here is the payment receipt you will receive as well.

expertnaire registration 3


Step 5. Get Access to the 72ig Training program

From the above steps, you will get the product Order confirmation, and from there you get “the purchase access link” as shown below.

expertnaire registration FEE

From the instruction, you will have express access to both the 72ig Implementation program and the 72ig WhatsApp program.

Promote Expertnaire Products with whatsapp

72ig account dashboard


Step 6. Get the 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales Manual

The 72ig Expertnaire Easy Sales Manual is an all-in-one packaged resource including live classes, short video training, templates, and sales copies for you to use and scale your success on Expertnaire to make way more money.

expertnaire registration 1

Also, it gives you free access to our community where you get exclusive support where/when you need one. 🤷‍♂️

➡️ Click here to check out the Easy Sales Manual


That’s it.


Further Lessons on Expertnaire

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The good news for you? – Join our 30-day N10k FOR-NOTHING challenge

While joining Expertnaire as a premium member is N60,000, the thing is, if you register today, choose a method amongst the ones I will give you, take action, and make sales in your first 30 days, you will get N10,000 FREE for nothing. Yes, this is the reward for working with me.  

A few of what I’ve prepared to ease your work?

  • Get the sales process you need amongst others – paid for by others.
  • Get a free landing page designed by me – so you can swing into action ASAP.
  • Get a free LIVE WhatsApp class templates – that made N500k in 7 days.
  • Get to use one of my prebuilt websites – no need to buy a domain and hosting again.
  • Get the FREE traffic source I used for Expertnaire Marketing.
  • Get Added to our support group – for additional support/questions where needed.
  • Overall, hijack my sales process.


Want to work with me? Why You Should Register with our 72ig Link 🤔

Let me be honest with you, a lot of people have joined Expertnaire both as an ordinary affiliate and through the 72ig program, but yet, many come to me to help them out.

You see, as a beginner, you might need that support group or person to be there for you in case this affiliate marketing thing with Expertnaire sounds like Chinese to you. That is where using our 72ig Link comes in.

When you join Expertnaire via the 72ig program using our Link, what I do for you is to first welcome you in, secondly, give you this million-dollar Resources, to ease your efforts (templates), and three (3), give you access to our support group should you get stuck at any point. See the email you will get from me below.

Here is the truth.

It’s disheartening to me when a new affiliate says, I signed up with “affiliate A” but he or she is busy or does not have time for me, and now they want me [that has time] to help them.

While I am 100% willing to help, but thinking about the fact that those that encouraged them to join left them hanging after getting the affiliate commission is hurting – just put yourself in my shoes and judge this matter.

So, if you are a beginner, you might need some steps I have already taken so you too can succeed fast. The essence is to ease your work so you do not go on the internet and say that Expertnaire is a scam. Expertnaire nor the 72ig is a scam. THEY ARE ALL LEGIT.

In fact, Expertnaire is a prayer answered to lots of Nigerians (digital marketers), most especially me. And what of the 72ig program? It has already blessed lots of Nigerians. 

P.S: does this mean you can’t make it on Expertnaire without the 72ig program? No, please. If you’ve been in the Affiliate business for years now then no problem, join in and you know already what to do. However, if you want your value-packed implementation steps and resources, then you need the 72ig program working with me.

That is it on Expertnaire testimonies and income results.

If you have any questions, let me know below the comment section and if you need further help, click here to communicate.


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