Expertnaire Website: 60 Days to N1M on Expertnaire Affiliate Platform

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Imagine you could make all of your money or your first N1,000,000 on Expertnaire. How good would it be?

You could simply start eating well, less annoyed on a simple provocative word, improve your wardrobe, and whatever your dream is.

But right now, here you are. Probably reading this article with your mobile phone, wishing the above was your life.

You’ve tried all of the courses. You’ve listened to all webinars. And you’ve poured your heart and sweat to making money online.

And while it feels like everybody else can make a living as an affiliate marketer (getting paid to promote Digital products), you’re struggling to get a life going smoothly for you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s a way you can make money using

It doesn’t cost you any money, and you’ll find all the answers for free right here in this article.

All you have to do is scroll down to “the truth about making money with Expertnaire or simply read down as a gentleman.

With this blueprint, you ‘ll see the exact steps to N1,000,000 in 60 days with the Expertnaire Affiliate System.


An Income Platform To Make Money In Nigeria, Expertnaire

To make N1,000,000 in the next 60 days as an affiliate you need a platform that offers you a service or products to work on and make that a reality.

With Expertnaire, you will make that possible. Here is what the platform is all about.


What is Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is the Clickbank of Nigeria.

By definition, Expertnaire is an online marketplace for the sale of high-value digital products.

On Expertnaire, there are 3 parties – The vendor, the affiliate, and the customer.

The vendor refers to the person who owns the product that is been sold.

Affiliates are marketers who recommend the products on the platform to people and when any of the people they refer buys, they get a commission.

Customers are simply those who purchase the products been sold on Expertnaire.

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Make Money on Expertnaire as an Affiliate

Make Money on Expertnaire as an Affiliate

While the Expertnaire marketplace has top and high-quality products (Expertnaire Review) you can promote and make money, how then can you make money on the platform as an affiliate?

First, let’s see the concept and effectiveness of affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is pretty simple and awesome. If you promote a product with a commission of N10,000  to 5 persons, you get  N50,000 reward.  

Your only job is to find people that need the product you want to promote. Let’s go ahead and see how to pick hot selling products on Expertnaire.


How to Pick High Converting Products

Have you ever wondered why some marketing goes wrong?  It is usually because of these 3 things.

(1) Nobody wants the product you’re selling as a Vendor or promoting as an affiliate.

(2) The audience you are targeting is not delivering – poor targeting.

 (3) Your sales message (aka advert) or method of promotion is not professional or converting.

How then can we make this work for us? Let’s see the basic principles and steps you need.

Products to Sale on Expertnaire and Make Money Fast

#1. Understand Why People Open their Wallets and Buy Affiliate Products

Truth is, your buyers might be scrolling their timelines on Facebook and they do not really care about opening their wallets to any ad or promotion that comes their way. You know why?

Because they value their hard-earned money, therefore, to make them open their wallets you need to promote products that solve their problem.

When you do, that is when they’ll buy the products because they believe that it will solve a problem they have.


#2. Build Trust By Knowing The Products

A simple explanation for this is that people buy from those they trust. And that starts by knowing the products you promote.

To be frank, the 2 products I make sales on Expertnaire are the 2 I have bought myself and known the inside and everything about them.

Gracefully, yesterday, I made a sale on the same product with a commission of N20,000. Why?

Because the way I promote the products makes the buyers feel I know their struggles, and I also know what I am talking about. Of course, I do, because I have bought them myself.

So, the best way to promote a product is by building trust first. You can start by stating the customers’ challenges, that you understand and you’re here to proffer the best solution to address their situation.

Think about it. Does that make sense to something like “Join this 5 days online class” on how to make money online from Home? Sounds vague or what is common, right?

So, yes, make sure EVERYTHING you put out online is honest and true.

As we go on you’ll get the recommended products on Expertnaire you can promote and make profitable sales to N1,000,000. 


#3. Give Value before You Pitch

Value trumps everything in internet marketing.  Affiliate marketing is ALL about delivering value.

Since you’re not yet an established household name, but one of the thousands of other affiliates promoting the same products. In this case, you want to do everything out there to stand out.

Here are the easy ways to give value to your audiences.

  • A free but top-notch content compiled and given as an eBook on the subject matter – their pain area as related to the affiliate products.
  • A High quality, meaty, content that educates and isn’t available anywhere or scarce online. It can be a checklist where you can find ideas on
  • Better customer interaction and relationship building than everyone else. Such as replying to all emails, interacting on Facebook, chatting on Skype,
  • Free WhatsApp lessons to your audience etc.

With this, you would have won the hearts of your audiences and selling will be bliss or easier.

Based on this, a prospect once had to email me to thank me for the educating emails I sent. What did I do?

Some days, I promote the affiliate product, and the other days I send them free short free lessons based on the subject matter – just to win their hearts.

Yours can be something simpler. Here is the game. Putting yourself in your audiences’, just take a moment and think about a value that can make you open your wallet to buy something online. 

I might not be a multi-millionaire yet on Expertnaire, but I am gracefully grateful I get some commissions every week.


Top 3 Hot-Selling Products on Expertnaire to Make Money Fast

Select And Promote Top Products On Expertnaire

#1. The 72 Implementation Program 

The New 72IG Implementation Training Program

The 72 Implementation Program is a hot-selling training program on NOT just how to make money online but how to sell affiliate products on Expertnaire with many resources to back up your success.

The vendor of the course is the CEO of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso.


The Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire’s course called the 72ig program is your secret weapon to finally building a solid online business, become more tactical in promoting digital products, and become a potential millionaire on arrival.

With a simple and well-structured lesson format based on positive psychology to selling any digital products of your choice, you’ll start and end each day with gratitude that you enrolled in this same program 95% of Expertnaire members have. 

The side effects as a 72ig student may include increased happiness when you get alerts of commissions, a better relationship with Toyin and other affiliate members, and finally beating your chest of that financial freedom when you become an Expertnaire millionaire. You’ve been warned. 

Because I’ve warned you, click here to see how to create a credible online business with Toyin 72ig program, even if you don’t have a laptop (avoid distraction now and see the free webinar). 


Why you should promote this product?

#a. As an affiliate, you get a 50% commission of N20,000 per sale of this product if ONLY you are enrolled in it. It can be more than that if the course goes on to be sold at N50,000.

If only you are enrolled in it?

Just as I said earlier, if you know a program well, you will be able to promote it with confidence and make sales fast (relatively).

So, if you want to get a 50% share in commission, then you’ll need to join Expertnaire by purchasing this program.

And don’t worry, apart from getting a free one year on Expertnaire which ordinary members pay N10,000 for, you will get a ton of free resources, supports, and lessons to make money fast on the platform (what ordinary members do not get).

Also, there are more than 50 resources attached to this program as a student. You can see a few of the benefits which others do not get as ordinary members.

And lastly, I did a video tutorial where I unboxed it to see more resources just to aid the growth of any new affiliate that joins the 72IG implementation program.


What happens if you join Expertnaire as an Ordinary member? You will get only a 30% commission for promoting this program.

 Should I say that I lost a lot of money as I never wanted to pay for the program, why?

Because I have had a little success as an affiliate marketer for some years now. But the problem?

I was losing a lot of commissions for all my efforts in successfully promoting the same program at 30% commission only.


Over to you.

If you’ve been a digital marketer and you can promote any affiliate products easily then the big deal is not just in your proficiency, but knowing the products well, and also getting a full reward for your efforts.

Let me guess.

50% commission of the training program is a good fit for any affiliate, right? That is why you need to take advantage of your efforts & commissions to earn all as you can.

Let’s now go over and see how to make N1Mil from promoting this training course.


As of today, here is how N1,000,000 is possible.

5 sales of the 72 IG implementation program is 100,000

50 sales of the 72 Implementation Program lands you N1,00,000.


With 25 sales of this income program, you still make N500,000.

Let’s just say our goal of N1Mil is not attained. The big point is not just in reaching 50 sales. 10-15 sales is a great step that cements the fact that making money in 6 figures is possible with Affiliate marketing, and on Expertnaire.

By the way, how much can we fetch from 15 sales of the income program?


As a student (with 50% commission)

15 sales of 72 Implementation Program X N20,000 = N300,000


As a non-student (with 30% commission)

15 sales of 72 Implementation Program X N12,000 = N180,000.


Since this loss as an ordinary member will be way too much, I recommend you join as a student of the implementation program (if you can) where you get a 50% commission. Else, here is what you lose with 15 sales, N120,000

You will lose N120,000, your efforts not fully rewarded.


Note, with just 3 sales of this same program you cover your enrollment fee, right? Yeah.

Here is how to get started.


Join The 72 IG Implementation Program (50%)


#2. The 10X Ecommerce

We wouldn’t deny the fact that the e-commerce industry is booming because one can easily stay put and import products, sell and make 5X profits.

To show you how expansive it is, according to the, the current e-Commerce spending in Nigeria is estimated at $12 billion and is projected to reach $75 billion in revenues per annum by 2025.


“The future of e-commerce in Nigeria is still very bright despite the challenges recently noticed in the industry.

With such potentials to 5X or 10x profits, how then do you make money here?

All you need to do is promote the e-commerce products to those eager to start 5Xing or 10xing their income via the importation business.

On Expertnaire, 1 out of the 2 hot selling e-commerce programs is the 10X Ecommerce Blueprint.

expertnaire review Affiliate Marketing plaform

The program is sort of easy to promote as you can highlight the top benefits for your audiences. Some of them include:

  • 20 Evergreen Hot Selling Products
  • You will get the contacts of my China Agents and Logistic companies you can pay in Naira
  • You will get 10 more sites to source your products even 10x cheaper
  • You will get a step by step guide to finding hot selling products.
  • how to spy on your competitors on Facebook, and more than 15 plus strategies to make sales


#2. Canada Relocation Blueprint

There is a lot of buzz about relocating from Nigeria to other countries, which as you may guess, Canada, Australia, and the USA are the top places most Nigerians gun for.

In fact, according to, 17 million Nigerians live abroad while the report also showed that about 36,000 Nigeria immigrants arrived in Europe by sea.

While other countries look promising, Canada is still the most preferred by Nigerians. And guess what?

On Expertnaire, there are over 5 affiliate products on Relocation, and up to 3 for Canada alone.

There is one called “Canada Visa Guide in 3-6 Months”, but the most selling product is the “Canada blueprint by Victor Jegede”.

expertnaire review Affiliate Marketing plaform

Even though others pay more commissions, this particular program is hot for Nigerians seeking relocation as a permanent residence in Canada.

The commission is not much, just N8,500, but the conversion will help you a lot.

How can we reach N1,000,000 commissions with this product?

N8,500 x 1176 sales of this product  = ~N1,000,000

The truth about making money with Expertnaire is that nothing is too special about the platform except that many excited affiliates have jumped and made zero Naira. Here is what I mean.

Expertnaire is just like Clickbank, Jvzoo, and its other alternatives. Now there are tens of thousands of affiliates on Clickbank. But the question is, are they all making money? The truth is no, right?

Why? Because they don’t know the basics of making money on the platform. They are what you might describe as a bunch of excited or wannabe digital marketers.

This struggle was why a program like Clickbank University was created for Clickbank affiliates which is the 72 Implementation Program version for Expertnaire affiliates.

Before you also get super excited to join Expertnaire. I want you to think deeply and decide what you want.

Between, there are 2 paths to making money with Expertnaire.

Path A — GAIN (get trained)

Path B — PAIN (go solo)

Do you want to learn how to make money off the platform fast using a model you can reuse anytime and not based on luck? If yes, then you will want to go with the GAIN route — joining via the 72IG program.

Can you do it on your own without being trained? If yes, then go ahead and join the platform as an ordinary member.

Just as I wouldn’t want to say it but I have to. Some affiliates on Expertnaire got excited and joined but are yet to make a dime.

Like the other day, I bumped into a chat an affiliate made. His pain was that he was yet to make money on the platform.

Note, while a few might be complaining of making zero sales, someone who underwent the training program, finished his course, implemented what he or she was taught and would have made his or her first 5 sales even without using ads.

It’s also worthy to note that when you join Expertnaire via the Implementation Program you will be handed an add-on guide to making your first 5 sales even before thinking of using the main route like Facebook ads to make sales.

Just before you decide. I would say, if you can’t join Expertnaire via the 72ig program, then don’t even join for now as an ordinary member. (Save the funds for the training program).

What should you do? I’ve got a solution for you.


Try out Clickbank as a free member and see if you can make money.

When you join Clickbank as an affiliate and make your first $100 then I can say you will scale your progress with Expertnaire, why?

Because you have an edge as the target is the Nigerian market which every affiliate would have known the challenges.


Don’t join Expertnaire yet, here’s why

Why on earth do I recommend you join Clickbank for free instead of Expertnaire?

Let’s be frank. I might be a bad reviewer for telling you the truth, however, you can also see a straightforward Expertnaire review.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m doing this for us. When you join and make money you might come back to thank you.

I want you to succeed as soon as you join Expertnaire because when you don’t make any sales you will or might be the one to discourage others from joining. AKA, badmouthing the platform just because you couldn’t make money.

These are the same people that will jump to earn peanuts from free apps. #Sad.

Going on, you will see some bonuses or resources I’m giving out to help you. I am not giving them as a bait to join via my link BUT to simply help you. Why is that? Some persons have joined the 72 IG implementation Program via my link, and guess what?

They never ask for the bonuses. Maybe they are busy with the main training program.

And most importantly, what sense does it make to give out over 15 Digital marketing resources to someone who wouldn’t make use of them? Not wise, right?

What I am giving out is what I use for my digital marketing as well.

All in all, Sorry if this is a brutal review but I must open the truth to you because out of 1 affiliate complaining of not making money on Expertnaire, millions of Naira as being paid to hundreds of other affiliates every Friday.

The big question.

Which path do you wanna take? GAIN OR PAIN…

GAIN — get trained and use the knowledge forever. It’s yours.

For instance, you can use the knowledge and promote other affiliates programs and make $100+ for a single product as I did a few days ago. See the sample below.

(No bragging — I’m super grateful because before now I had struggled for many years — not 1, 2, or 3 years. I mean many years.

Want all the GAINS?

Get trained as a true Digital Marketer who can sell any affiliate product in the World.

Get started with Expertnaire Today

sign in to Expertnaire affiliate account

How do you want to go about this is up to you but I would recommend the best route for you which is what I have done as well.

If you know nothing about internet marketing, email marketing, Facebook ads campaigning, want to make 50% commissions for the sale of the 72 IG program, then, I recommend you join Expertnaire via the 72 Implementation Program and get rewarded in full for your efforts.

More to it.

As you would guess, people love to be sold but they don’t love to buy. It means you need to learn the art of turning non-interesting buyers with the art of marketing. All these you get trained when you enroll in the 72 income program. 

In conclusion

There is no doubt that Expertnaire provides a premium online marketplace for hosting, advertisement, marketing, and sales for high-quality digital products.

While there are alternatives places to use, it turns out that Expertnaire is super profitable to and for Nigerians which I am part of the circle.

As an ordinary member, you pay N10,000 per year to join Expertnaire.

But with 72IG Implementation Program, you get trained, a free membership that covers what ordinary members pay, and other internet marketing resources that you can have a glance at them in the video below.


Need any help? I am an email away to aid you. And don’t worry, you can always ask me anything (stupid questions?), nothing is stupid about internet marketing anyways.

#Have a blessed day.

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