fnfSwap by Isuawealthyplace

fnfSwap by Isuawealthyplace

Swap PayPal & Dollar Funds for Naira – funds Swap for Friends & Family  only.

How to Swap PayPal Funds for Naira

How to get started.

#1. Submit Funds Transfer Entry

#2. Wait for Funds Transfer Validation

#3. Get paid in ₦ in less than 45 Mins

You get paid based on what is received by us PLUS $5 withdrawal fee by PayPal in less than 45 Minutes.

That is, PayPal charges a fee when doing any financial transaction, therefore, we will make payment accordingly after the charge and $5 transfer deduction from PayPal. You can learn more about it here.

Exchange Rate – 506/$

How to Swap PayPal Funds for Naira

Real-time Payments

Yes. You can link a Nigerian Card to PayPal. The best and recommended is the UBA Afri Dominated Card. All you need to do is get the card from your preferred Nigerian bank, fund it with a little amount and link it for the verification process.


Yes. You can withdraw PayPal money from your PayPal account without linking any card. All you need to do is transfer to the receiver for Naira.

To convert your PayPal funds to Naira, you’ll need to first move your desired funds from your PayPal balance to the receiver or your PayPal card. From there, you’ll either be paid by the funds’ receiver or via your dollar-dominated card.  

The best card is the UBA Afri dollar-dominated card, the next best is the Afri Naira equivalent and lastly the First Bank’s gold card.

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