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Our services are designed to keep you ahead of the ranting competition. As well as being up to date on all the latest trends that will offer the business growth you deserve. It’s time for you to take the bull by the horn if you want a different but positive results.

Walking/Working with Wealthy Place for Free WordPress Installation


If you want to build a website that makes money then you must know who you give your WordPress Installation service to because one of my sites got badly infected. Is this in any way to scare you? Nope!
I lost my WordPress blog which I would have celebrated 4 years by now, which is not what I want for you. Never!


I found none to help me when I started. I had to struggle and figure out everything (for many years) on my own. But the sweet spot for you? I am not ready to leave you hanging if this is your first time trying to make your very first $100 online.

It’s my happiness to see you beat 9-5 jobs using an online platform – blog, therefore, Isuamfon (Wealthy Place) will set up your blog for you to get started, all for FREE. Yes, you heard me right. For free.

The big dog point is, gracefully, we will still be here in 2020 to give you maximum support for your success.

Why Trust Our Free WordPress Blog Installation Service?

Because you’ve got our support after the site installation process, and secondly, we work with the best hosting companies to make sure your WordPress blog is not just properly set up but makes you money as a side hustle.

Thirdly, we do a total installation set up for you. I don’t just mean, installing WordPress, plugins, and themes, we go on to create a child theme, set up Google and Bing Search Consoles, clean up revision messes, and etc. – you will find out soon. Therefore, in this light of this truth, welcome to Wealthy Place’s free WordPress setup service.

Free WordPress Blog Installation

Wealthy Place’s WordPress Installation Hosting Partners

As someone who lost his business online due to a bad hosting company, I don’t want the same for you, therefore, I have carefully partnered with the best and affordable hosting companies to host and manage your WordPress website.

While there are tens of them, our top choices at Wealthy Place are HostGator and Kinsta. The amazing part is that you get reasonable discounts to get your WordPress website up and running.

With – (The Best – You get $60 off for the first year.  

With (Affordable– you get up to 70% off if you sign up today.

Why We Offer The Best Free WordPress Setup Service

The short answer is this; because we offer you “long term support”. We ain’t ready to do a bad job and leave you hanging.

We profess 120% VALUE and that is exactly what you will get from Wealthy Place’s Free WordPress Installation Service.

Terms Of Our Free WordPress Setup

Just like we appreciate our readers who use our affiliate links to purchase recommended solution products and services, we want to thank you as well, as using our affiliate links to sign up with our hosting partners – which you get delightful discounts as well QUALIFIES YOU FOR OUR FREE WEBSITE SETUP


There is no doubt about it because we offer the best free WordPress setup in the world.

What you will get done and dusted...

Free WordPress Blog Installation
See below...

Search Console

(No need to access your account). So, I will set up Google Search Console Setup – to be found on Google Search Engine

Bing S. Console

(No need to access your account). So, I will set up Bing Search Console Setup – to be found on Bing Search Engine.

Type 2 Sitemaps

I will set up your type 2 Sitemaps – without this, your blog can’t be found by visitors.

Site Permalinks

I will set up your Site Permalinks to avoid 404 errors.

Child Theme

I'll create a “Child Theme” so your blog doesn't FORMAT in view of updates.

Back Ups

I'll set up your website to be backed up weekly or monthly so you don’t ever lose your work.

Widget sidebars

I will set up basic WordPress Widget sidebars for you.

Admin URL X

I will format your admin URL so no one can access your website.

Clean Up Revisions

I'll clean up all revisions that may cloak or mess up your website against speed.

Our Top Must-Have WordPress Plugins

 💡 RankMath Editor– Freemium – for SEO Articles

 💡 WPS Hide Login – to ban intruders

 💡 WordFence – Freemium – for site protection

 💡 Akismet for anti-spam purposes

 💡 XML Sitemaps: Sitemap generator that creates XML & HTML variants.

 💡 Easy table of content – Table of contents

 💡 Updraftplus – for back up

 💡 WP Super Cache: for speed optimization.

 💡 ​Share this: share buttons.

Bonus: WordPress Editor Setup

WordPress Theme Selection

You can select the theme you want, however, if you’ve got no choice, we will use a simple but-SEO friendly theme as ASTRA to build your site (theme is subject to change as we may go for a better option). Or, you can choose a theme while we set it up.

Time Frame for Site Installation & Configuration

We will set up your WordPress site in less than 50 minutes, however, we will take some time out to configure the add-ons to make your site ready and Search Engine Friendly.

In a nutshell, we will over-deliver your WordPress project site in 72 hours – done and dusted. 

Ready to build the best and long lasting WordPress website? Let’s do it for you while you relax in your pajamas.

Make money online without paying anything

How to get started

To get started, please go ahead and purchase your hosting plans with either HostGator or Kinsta

When done, notify us here for confirmation while we set out the tools to build your site from ground zero to 100%. 😎 

Feel free to connect our immediate response knob if you have any questions please. Thanks for doing business with Wealthy Place. #Gracefully Appreciated. – Sign up here on Kinsta – you get $60 off for the first year.  [First Choice]

HostGator – Sign up here on HostGator – you get up to 70% off + free domain name if you sign up today. [Second Choice]

Our Partnership Pride

As with all aspects of my business-side lifestyle, I pride myself on an excellent 120% value-customer service and transparency.

I won’t leave my valuable clients in the dark, and I won’t sugarcoat anything to try and save face.

For a proper turnaround delivery, I try to ensure you are always up to speed and provide the best value I do for my audience.

All you’ve got to do is Contact Us.

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