5 Inspiring Freelance Success Stories You Should Consider

freelance success stories

Making money online has many odds which most of the time play against “those” who are not persistent enough.

And yes, there are many routes to earn some money online because some have used affiliate marketing to make money, created many side hustles for free, and of course, started blogs that makes good money.

In today’s case study, “Judy Smith” talks about top freelancers who have not only made money from freelancing, but their stories will be an inspiration source to draw from, which if you are motivated enough, you can also tell your freelancing story in a few months to come.

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Freelancing is trending today, especially during the lockdown. People search for additional income or even full-time self-employment.

Indeed, it’s much easier to get a side job while working at home than at the office. Over 40 million Americans were self-employed in 2019.

The lock-down forces this trend. So, experts predict the US freelancers’ total number to reach 90 million in 2028.

How easy is it to quit a job and become a freelancer?

Today, you can get familiar with five freelance success stories proving that you can become a successful and, most importantly, sought-after freelancer.


Motivating Success Stories of 5 Freelancers and their Success Secrets

successful freelance examples

Here are the 5 successful freelance examples you want to take inspiration from.


1. Katie Isaacson, an Independent Researcher, and Blogger

Katie Isaacson is a successful gaming blogger, writer, and independent researcher. She has been in the IT industry for years. However, she got through a long journey to eventually find her life-changing passion.

Graduated with a psychology degree from the Free University of Berlin, Katie applied for temporary positions here and there.

As she recalls, certain life circumstances forced her to move to Australia. There, she could release her natural striving to help others, working as a volunteer in charitable organizations.

Later, she moved to the UK and tried her hand at writing. As a beginner, she took cosmetics and relationship gigs, pitched to digital magazines and marketing agencies.

As Katie recalls, those years were quite challenging for her. She helped the homeless and all those in need.

However, Katie didn’t feel true satisfaction from what she was doing. So, she became a writer, rushing into the unknown over and over again. Plus, Katie understood that success would come with a reputation.

She had to earn one. Persistence and writing passion brought her to the IT industry.

She established an educational and informational blog under the Katie Wager pen name.

Today, she shares her traveler experience from the gambling perspective. Katie Isaacson educates people on gambling as a recreational activity.

Apart from the gaming industry, she gives people useful insights into the current cryptocurrency market.


2. David Nuff, an Artist, and Web Developer

Who says web development and art don’t combine? David Nuff, a gifted artist, and freelance web developer, debunked such a myth.

In childhood, David traveled a lot, but not how everyone expects it to be. His father worked in a multinational company, and his family had to move once in a few years.

At that time, David realized that practically everything was achievable. He was learning computer science, but his soul leaned toward arts. Nonetheless, he managed to combine both.

David made a great start in web design. He applied for the Montreal biking project.

In 2008, he finished the bike system, a chain of easily accessible solar-powered bike rent stations.

David developed the software and managed to make bicycles easy to track. At that time, it was a technical and conceptual breakthrough.

Later, David worked for multinational corporations like Google and Nestlé.

Aside from his web development activities, David travels across Canada with art exhibitions. What’s the lesson?

Don’t limit yourself to either science or arts. You can develop both skills.


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3. Hilary Umeoka, a Writer

Hilary Umeoka is a person who made it against all odds.

Would you ever imagine an unknown Nigerian priest to be a top freelancer and founder of an international charitable movement? Hilary did it.

Today, he’s a Nigerian multi-millionaire, living a proactive life and always giving others a helping hand.

How did he earn his fortune? According to Hilary, determination and knowledge open up unimaginable opportunities.

He has always been striving for success. Hilary graduated with the greatest honors and was titled the best student of the year at his seminary.

After that, Hilary studied at Blessed Iwene Tansi Seminary to become a priest. Later, he decided to change his life path and stepped towards the IT industry.

Being a well-educated person with perfect English, Hilary started his writing career at an international freelance platform.

In 2005, he released a best-selling book about the emerging world of the Internet.

As a freelancer, Hilary has written thousands of articles and Wiki pages for thousands of clients.

As Hilary made a name for himself, he gathered a dedicated writer team. He delegates some of his projects to other writers, helping them withstand the competition and build a portfolio.


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4. Eftakher Alam, a Web Designer

Eftakher Alam’s story illustrates a never-give-up approach to life. Today, Eftakher is a Behance contributor and successful blogger. How did he start?

 It took several years for Eftakher to apply for the first high-paying web design project.

Living in Bangladesh, Eftakher’s family struggled a lot. Over 30% of the Bangladeshi people live in extreme poverty.

 His father’s business went bankrupt. After that, Eftakher’s life became a nightmare. The family had to sell their house to feed the children.

At that time, Eftakher’s mother collected the last money she got from selling the house and purchased him a personal computer.

As the blogger recalls, he couldn’t even let himself dream about such a wonderful gift. That was more than inspiring.

He felt an urge to thank his mother for giving him opportunities that come with the Internet. Since Eftakher was fond of painting in his early childhood, he decided to worm his way into web design.

However, he couldn’t afford graphic design software to practice. Still, he couldn’t give up. Eftakher used to stay next to the local web development studio window for hours.

He was watching people creating visuals in Adobe Illustrator. Plus, he searched for free tutorials on the web. Thus, a self-taught web designer with zero experience attempted to get some gigs on a freelance site. In the beginning, he couldn’t get any job.

Months later, Eftakher accepted a project and got scammed. Only in 2014, he applied for the first freelance web designer job at $420 per month. After earning substantial experience, he managed to receive well-paid freelance projects consistently.


5. Alex (@AT09), a Trader

Each freelancer dreams of making tons of money every day. Many self-employed people try speculating on financial instruments. Still, trading is a risky activity as 90% of beginners fail.

Nonetheless, with enough dedication and a bit of luck, you can make bread and butter working only a few hours a day. Alex (@AT09), a successful young trader, turned a dream into his lifestyle.

Early on, Alex sold coffee at Starbucks. As most guys like him, he would have been doing this job for years to get a promotion and pay the bills. But Alex was different.

After returning home exhausted, he spent countless sleepless nights researching the stock market. Eventually, he created a brokerage account and started investing the collected money in stocks.

He wasted several accounts and lost substantial money before deciding on a working strategy that led to consistent wins.

Today, he shares his knowledge with the trading community and helps others achieve the ultimate life satisfaction through a freelancer lifestyle.


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The Bottom Line on these freelance success stories 

What lessons can you get from these stories?

They are quite simple: always follow your dreams and work hard to make them come true. There is nothing extraordinary in becoming successful.

The people mentioned above started freelance businesses with zero experience and minimal skills.

Their desperate thirst for a better life and unwavering determination combined with hard work make an ultimate success formula.

Thus, if you dream of freelancing, don’t hesitate to offer your skills on the web. Make the first step towards freedom right now.


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Article Author Judy Smith on Facebook. Being in love with communications and human relations I found myself in Journalism. Another passion of mine is crypto world and I believe in crypto future. So I have spent the past 8 years studying as much as I can and sharing my own experiences with people. I am writing now about new trends – how crypto keeps changing the world, businesses and our future.

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