Top 15 Best Future Ways To Build Passive Income Online (Best Money Maker For 2020)

Future Ways To Build Passive Income Online
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In know you want the best future ways to build passive income online, and I am super ready to show you the topnotch ones, I mean the top best money makers for 2020 and beyond.

But before that, I will like to start off with this story.

I was moved when I saw this from someone who wanted to create that lifestyle of freedom. Here is what he said.

“I’m not the least bit business minded and wouldn’t even know where to begin starting one, or even just randomly choosing a type of business. I wish I was, and I’d suppose it can be learned, but I haven’t a clue where to begin. I’m sick of working and making money for someone else though, I know that”.

It’s so touching, isn’t it? Wait a minute. Did you see the clip of a guy that quit his job with a humorous or annoying song? It was super hilarious. Let me look for it and give ya.


Without doubts we need that life of freedom, but it is disheartening how employees are treated by some corporations.

While I am not here to pull judgment triggers, mine is to crack the best sustainable ways to make money online – I am a believer if you take action with one you can have good success.

You know,

When I got a notification from Quora to answer the question “What are the best or easiest ways to make $500 to $1,000 per month online” I was like, how do I go about this without sounding as if this is a get rich process?

One of the recommendations I gave was – making full-time income with freelancing which involves solving the problems of potential clients.

Although the answer had a few views, I was upvoted few times which makes sense being that I listed a 25 free ways to make money with $0. At the end of the day, wealth is wealth, and we all need it.

The thing is, a lot has changed, how do I mean?

A newbie can select one-out of 100+ affiliate programs, run a simple Facebook ad to it and make his or her first $500 online, and if you gauge such a method you will agree that this is a sustainable way to make money online in more years to come.

Before we launch in, let’s treat an important consideration you might want to consider on this journey to building a passive income stream.

Your Decision To Be Wealthy In 2020, Do You Really Want It?

Very soon you’ll be equipped with the tools to make money online, but the question is, what will you do if you take action and get rich?

Do you know you can be isolated if you are rich, belonging to the 1%? LOL, BUT YEAH.

According to,

In recent years, members of the 1% have been singled out by protesters seeking to highlight the growing disparity between rich and poor.

In October of 2014, for example, a number of workers staged a protest outside Walmart heiress Alice Walton’s $26m 6,346 sq ft New York condo. The protest, designed to highlight workers’ low wages and part-time schedules, resulted in 26 arrests.

These types of protests can be very stressful for the rich. “It’s really isolating to have a lot of money.

It can be scary – people’s reaction to you,” said Barbara Nusbaum, an expert in money psychology.

Top Ways To Build Passive Income Online

The Balance when you are wealthy,

 There is a fair amount of isolation if you are wealthy. We are all taught not to talk about money. It’s not polite to talk about money. In itself, ironically, it’s harder to talk about having money than it is to talk about not having money.

 It’s much more socially acceptable to say: ‘I am broke. Things are hard.’ You can’t say: ‘I have a ton of money.’ You have to keep a lot of your life private except in small circles.”

As a result, Cockrell points out, the rich tend to hang out with other rich Americans, not out of snobbery, but in order to be around those who understand them and their problems.


All in all, it’s a great spot to be successful, rich, wealthy, and confident of being able to provide for your family, neighbor and those you are moved to.

For now, you figure out how to make money using any of the following ways while we figure out later how to deal with being isolated when you suddenly get addicted to hanging out with the rich – based on your success.

Top Ways To Build Passive Income Online

Having said the above, let’s see some of the most effective passive income methods for the future.

Top 15 Best Future Ways To Earn Money Online In 2020

If you are looking at the best source of passive income then the following will crack the code about it because they are based on real life experiences. Let’s get started.


#1. Build Mobile Android Apps

I know what you will think seeing this – building mobile android apps – that it is a tough or out of reach route to make money online.

But the truth is simply that you are not armed with the right information to run with the vision of creating mobile android apps as a way to make a living online.

Here is a short epistle on how to go about it.


You can take inspiration and make android apps based on popular copyrighted songs, where you can see the video, lyrics, get mp3, follow on Facebook, etc.

Not just that, you can make more apps like night vision camera, voice changers, adobe flash, easy html5 games and etc.

One of the places you can do this without the knowledge of coding is Buildfire. Buildfire is one of the top App Creators for iOS & Android

With BF, you can build mobile apps in a fraction of the time and cost using BuildFire’s powerful and easy to use app builder.

When done with buildfire you can head over to Admob. With AdMob, earning revenue is easy with in-app ads, actionable insights, and powerful, easy-to-use tools that grow your app business.

At the end of the day, following this make money method, the result below might be typical.

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Top Ways To Build Passive Income Online

Wait a minute…I am scared that this will take time, here is the deal. There is a full tutorial coming on this. If you are interested in this, get it here.


By the way I learned about Buildfire from Neil Patel’s Marketing blog 5 days ago.


I’m sorry, this is not a free or a pampering way to make money online – it is life experiences which successes have already been marked. So, expect more core methods and no B.S or fluff. Let’s go on.

#2. Build a CPA Marketing Gig

I must confess that making money with CPA Marketing is a bit complex but once you have the successful campaign, which is profitable, all you need is to keep on investing money on the ads to generate.

CPA marketing is a side income gig you can easily scale from $100 to $1,000

Based on your experience(s), going into CPA marketing can take you 1-4 month passive model. You can even leverage this by researching once and keep on generating profit for a month.

And yes we know that CPA advertising model at times isn’t easy. You need to have huge investment for testing things out.

All in all, the good news here is that you can smartly make up to $3,900+ in a week if you have a successful campaign in hand.

Just a side talk– Adult niche CPA makes money like crazy, and if you are focusing on this you need a good plan.

For instance, if you were to create an adult blog for CPA, many web hosting companies will ban you immediately as if you smell shit.

However, HostGator, is an example of a web hosting company that allows you to host such a web content.

Want to see a practical guide on making money with CPA? Here is one.

#3. Build A Niche Blog With Affiliate Marketing

Gracefully, I have had a handful of successes with affiliate marketing and it all began with my first blog. Therefore, building a niche website business model is secure compared to CPA Marketing. How do I mean?

The only thing you need here is writing skills. And this does not mean being perfect, because I wasn’t when I started or became a little hatty influencer in less than 60 days.

Here is a generic or popular advice:

If you have writing skills you don’t need to invest anything in this model.

If you aren’t a writer, invest some money on the content, publish 50-100 articles on a super-targeted niche, and wait 6-8 months. This is the average time Google takes to rank your articles.

Wealthy Place’s Generic Method,

As soon as you hit publish on your blog post, go ahead and signal search engines that you are live.

Do not wait for your content to be found after 6-9 months, force your way to ranking ASAP.

Question: Is building an affiliate niche website tactical?

Answer: Yeah, it may when you want to make a quick buck overnight.

To your advantage, here is how to make it in affiliate marketing.

#4. Build an Ad Niche Website

Let’s say you came on with the idea that affiliate marketing is hard. Well, I don’t want to inconvenient you, here is what to do rather. Build an Ad website.

Even if you don’t sell anything through your affiliate links, you can still earn through ads. Here is how to start.

As I was writing an ultimate guide on how to get Google AdSense Approval, I needed to conduct a live tutorial with screenshots, so I had to apply for Google AdSense for this blog.

Do you know what? This site – – got approved in less than 24 hours. That is exactly what you want to do. What? 

Build a blog, apply for Google AdSense, get approved and start making money without much time.

As a beginner, start with AdSense, but when you start commanding 10,000 views a month, move or migrate immediately to Ezoic.

With Ezoic, you will earn 3X you do with AdSense. And let me say that gain. With Ezoic, you will earn 3X you do with AdSense.

Click Below to build a site for Adsense income

5. Flip Websites and Earn 30X

Without playing prangs with words this is a very hacky way to make money online in the future.

Let’s say you built the blog, grew it to make $500 monthly, you can still sell your website for $12,000 on Flippa or FEinternational (we work with Fe International in case you want a quick sell).


Have you seen that selling a blog earning $500 for $12,000 is a big deal? I mean, one of the securest models (passive model) that almost protects you from all sides and give you profit even in the worst-case scenario.

(You can ask me more on this. Please contact us if you want to get 30X off your blog – by flipping)


#6. Write EBook(s)

This one was actually really easy for me as the books I was writing was for Dungeons and Dragons and I was a big fan of the game, so already knew everything in and out.

I wrote 8 books, each of which was only a few pages long (taking about a day each) and between them I have earned $2,747.80, since the start of this year, they have earned $366.56, said Giant.

For me, even before I created my first blog I published my first Kindle book on Amazon.

One of the cult statements is that competition or niches are saturated. Okay, when we say a niche is saturated, what do we really mean?

Let me ask you. Do you enjoy any of my writings on this blog? If yes, then know that I wouldn’t have started it in the first place because I know the top niche websites on it already.

But I had a game plan…

I had to figure out how I wanted to stand out, and it started with my website design. After that, I launched the blog with 2 articles that were both up to 25,000 words – 2 blog posts I mean.

You can do the same if you want to build a brand in 1440 minutes.

So, saturation is like a procrastination game, why? Because we can’t confidently say that a few number of eBooks from other authors will serve the growing millions of digital book readers.

For me, I disagree with this. I would rather make research, try it and fail – that is after running with the vision for 360 days+ without progress.


If you want to learn how to write a kindle or eBook learn from the best and you will succeed.

To learn how to make money writing eBooks check out, and to make it with Kindle, see

And do not be alarmed because I never made a sale in the first year – I barely knew what I was doing though – this was in the year 2015.

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#7. Become a Software Automation Consultant

You can make money online building a gig in Software automation consultancy for Small businesses.

For the benefits of those who do not know, Automation Consultants helps improve business performances through digital transformation, automation and DevOps.

Going further this may involve bringing major change projects to fruition – navigating the pitfalls and complications of these projects without running afoul of them.


Here is what you need to do to function here. “Select a niche market and call/knock on their doors”

Nooooo. Do not wait for them. You get to talk to them, find the most time/money consuming problem or bottleneck they have.

 If a pattern emerges, design a solution and sell them BEFORE building it.

As a last resort – if the going gets tough, partner with a software developer to do it if you don’t happen to be in the field.

And if you want to make it professional. Build as simple website and list your portfolio. For me this makes sense. If you are going with this, see below.


Free domain for your sample or portfolio website: you can have a free domain all to yourself if you decide to build your site today.

Get it when you host your portfolio site with HostGator.



If you are expecting a high traffic or likes using premium stuff, go with

With Kinsta you can build your consultant website for free – that is 3 months free if you pay for a yearly hosting package. Check out Premium Kinsta here.



hmmm 😕 ,

Behold the other routes to make just 1 decision that can change your financial life positively. 

Other Conventional Future Ways To Build Passive Income Online

#8. Become A Third-Party Website Host – As A Pro Reseller

One of the guys I know – Bryce -makes up to $700/month doing this. He said,

I make $700/month in passive income by hosting other people’s websites. It’s incredibly passive, and I’m surprised more people don’t discuss it.

How can you go about this?

Essentially, you will need to rent a server for ~$25/month, and then throw as many websites on there as you can. From there, you charge the clients each about $15-$50 (depending on the traffic/size).

Bryce continued,

With just one client, I cover my server rental, and then everything else above and beyond that is money in my pocket.

Where to start?

For this gig, I recommend as they have a sustainable room for people who want to be the next Bryce.

Alternatively, you can use for this. I love it with them, but Flywheel is cheaper though – with $5 off.

Check out |

#9. Sell Designs

What you want to do here is uploading designs you’ve made – graphics, arts or vectors and all kinds of designs – to a stock site like Shutterstock etc. so that other people can buy them to use in their own design.

Now let’s assume you are terrible with designs, and you are considering people who primarily work with pencil or pen? Yeah, you can do this as well. How?

Go ahead and scan images (selected ones) you can sell them in sets of visuals e.g.: sketchy bicycles, sketchy cameras, sketchy chairs etc.

 If your drawings are scanned clean enough, you won’t have to do any heavy Photoshop work. There’s a big market for it.

Wait a minute. Do you think this method still works? Of course, this is make money method of the future so it works. In fact, here is what Giovanni had to say.

I’ve been uploading designs to some print-on-demand websites. I earn 200$ -300$


Want to make money as a designer? Why not. You can jump at and start making money like a 16 year old dude.

And if you are good with vectors, see these sites to make more money.

You can make up to $150 – $500 with the image below.

(Can you do similar or better? If yes, click the button below to learn more)

Best Future Ways To Build Passive Income Online

#10. Start an Amazon, Clickbank, ShareAsale or Jumia Review Site

“AdSense and amazon affiliate on my blog. I crossed $500 this past month for AdSense and about $70 for Amazon Associate. I haven’t posted anything since November and a few months before that. Occasionally I would upgrade the world and respond to questions left on FB comments, said Harry V”.

You know you do not have to focus on Amazon to make money, right? You can replicate the action on other big marketplaces and still generate a decent income online. Here is how it goes.

Select a product from any of the marketplaces, write a review on it/them, promote and start making money.

I know it sounds too simple. But here is the ultimate guide to help you out.

#11. Make Money with Gumroad Store

I hope you know about Gumroad? If not, here is it.

Gumroad is an online platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers.

What can you possibly sell here and make money? Many stuff, but our recommendation is making animation loops.

Since we are considering Animation Loops, the investment will be a beast-type of a computer to render them, then the only investment is time, and the electricity bill.

Or, you might be able to use cloud computing providers like AWS to render your stuff without you having to invest in physical equipment.

Making Animation Loops is a good enough profit to go home with. To get a clue, see how to Loop an Animation in After Effects CS5 –

#12. Build a Cryptocurrency Niche Blog

There is a full post coming on this but you can get a feel of it.
You can make up to $12,000 a year if you build a “how to buy cryptocurrency blog”. How?

There are over 100 cryptocurrencies, and new investors are searching for how to buy those coins. For instance, a coin like Nexo has a market capitalization of 50 million+. That is a big market.

(You can get other coins on

 And without doubt, many investors are searching many blogs on how to buy “Nexo coin”. What can you do?

#1. Build a crypto blog,

#2. Write on Nexo (intro – get info from their website),

#3. Show them how to buy it,

#4. Get commissions when they purchase the coin.  

Here is what to do. Tell them to get their Bitcoin from, after that, they transfer to, from there they buy Nexo Coin.

And when they do all of these, what happens then? You get paid. 😆 

Now as far as these guys keep using Binance you get paid daily or as they use it.

If you want to start, do a simple analysis to see how many people are searching for Nexo Coin, use SEMrush for this.

Getting started, here is a glue.

Get a free domain name for your crypto blog on HostGator, host it for $2.75 only a month,

Sign up on and (all free), start making money.

Just as an eye opener,

As at the time of checking, Nexo Coin had a 30 monthly search, and a difficulty of 30+ (low to rank organically by Google).

Future Ways To Build Passive Income Online

You have more beneficial reasons to use  SEMrush to see how many people are looking out for other crypto coins.

You can start SEMrush for free – free trial. Visit

#13. Try Drop Shipping

The current myths about drop shipping is that #1. It seems like a scam now more than anything & #2. All niches are saturated.


#1. Are you looking to scam people away with your store, no, right? If no, then it is not scammy.

#2. Can we beat our heart that just a few stores serving millions of people online is all we need?

Have you ever wondered, even with a legit site like Amazon people are still making money like crazy in drop shipping – building their stores? Here is what M. Love, said about his D.S store. 

“I have a drop shipping site doing 2k sales a month. The site has been up for around 2 Years. I connected all my products and synced them to eBay. So I get double sales. I don’t have to do anything really except write blog posts, advertise and ship out products”.

The point is, more and more people will come online and start a new drop shipping store while others will complain that is saturated. Nope. There’s got to be a way to build a better drop shipping store than Mr.C OR Amazon store.

For me, I don’t know what you are currently working on but I recommend you check out


A Tip Beat.

Just like drop shipping, you can as well create an online shop and make crazy sells. Instead of Oberlo handling the deal you can make use of Selz – ecommerce shop- which has worked positively for a thousand of customers already.


#14. Passive Income with Promote Tools

Do you know you can make money in a recurring route is you promote quality tools that require money sub? Don’t get it? Here is it.

People – internet & digital marketers – pay for tools every single month that will ring them success. The trend is, if the tools are productive from their end they will continue with it.

Now for you…

Let’s say you promoting a tool that helps people build sales funnels or landing pages.

An example is Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels pay her affiliate moderately high. And by calculation, if the tool is $100, you can go home with a 40% commission, which is about $40.

Let’s say you can bring in 10 people to this tool, that’s 400$ recurring income for you every single month.


Why should you consider this beginners make money gig?

These kind of software tools (Clickfunnls & the likes) pay you monthly recurring revenue since they’re subscription based services (think Netflix).


How to get started.

#1. Sign up with the program as an affiliateor user if you want to test it out.

#2. Start promoting it. You can use this tutorial for a simple Facebook ad campaign.


How to scale this to $4,000

Truth is, most people are trying to make fast money by promoting a single product, but the big fish is promoting other tools like it.

Maybe, you can create epic REVIEW content on top 10 tools like Clickfunnels for internet marketers. Here is an example article (for your first 5 posts ideas).

#15…Try It & Fail

Here is our last make money online route, with this method you do not have to be like Mr. Rabb who slept and woke up in an empty class.

There is no failure in trying. If you try this gig and fail it means you took a step. And what’s the make money route about? Offer to be a part-time writer, designer and related gig for a website.

Here is what to do.

Look for any big company with a decent website but no blog section. Tell them you want them to create a blog section which will be used as a content marketing channel to grow the outreach of the company.

If you get a No, move on to another, and if yes, start a part-time work there and make money for yourself. And how am I sure this works?

Look at startups like Ahrefs | SEMrush | Kinsta, and more, they all have a blog section that drives tons of traffic, not just to the website but converting customers as well.

For you, you can use this as an end in mind – convincing the companies you meet that they can have the same results as the aforementioned startups – with the right strategy, and of course, it starts with content marketing.

Ready to hit the “Get Started Button?” Do the same as a Web Designer, and every related freelancing gig.

Check out – go ahead and inquire if they need a freelancer.

Remember, there is no shame or failure in trying. So go out and try.

Final Notes On Generating Income For The Future

Personally, I am glad I was gracefully able to share over 15 future ways to make money online – passive sources this year and beyond.

Now you know you can start earning money with affiliate marketing even as a newbie, selling designs, becoming a third party hosting agent or company for clients, selling physical or digital products using your store, and as well as building ad website to generate income via Google AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, and other ad agencies, and don’t forget the CPA marketing method.

In all of this, how to stay above the fold is providing 120% value for your customers and clients.

 The baseline is that if you do not know how to figure it out from day 1 you can learn it, master it, and go on to making money in a passive way online.

The question is, will you take action for the above discussed future ways to make money online?

There are many ways to make money or generate passive income online:


Over to you

Which future passive income method will you choose in 2020?

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