How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria 2022 Like A Business + PDF

how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria 2021

It’s been 2 years since I wrote this guide on starting Affiliate marketing which was 12,000+ words.

Yeah, it’s pretty old and I have learned a lot along the way, so, I am updating it with fewer words so you can learn the in-depth requirements you need to know about affiliate marketing. 


Wait. Should you want to see the first  version, click here to download for free.


Just before we start, kindly note that this guide works for anyone in any part of the world because applying the same internet marketing steps will give you the same results.

Also, kindly note the some links in the post are assumed affiliate links.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

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An affiliate is a person that signs up to promote or market a product/service based on a commission basis.

Marketing – this is the art of successfully promoting or selling the vision of a product or service.  

Affiliate marketing is the process of getting commissions for successfully promoting products and services to the right audiences. 


How to Do Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria using 3 Steps

You first of all sign up as an affiliate, promote the product and get paid when you reach the payment threshold.

Step 1. Sign up as an affiliate.

You will sign up to promote products and services that entices you.  


Step 2. Get an affiliate link. 

When you sign up you’ll be assigned a link that is unique to you. This is the link that will track and record all your sales.

Here is an example of an affiliate link –


Step 3. Get paid when you reach the Payments Threshold

Most affiliate websites will pay only when you reach the payment Threshold.

A threshold is a particular sales number, amount, or volume you need to make/reach before being paid your commissions.

For instance, a Nigerian marketplace like Clickbank, Expertnaire Nigeria, pays you when you reach a minimum threshold of N5,000.


How Does Affiliate Marketing work?

If you promote a product like the Baby MOBILE BABY COT BED from the Jumia affiliate marketplace to the right Audiences, may be using Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. 

affiliate marketing business in nigeria

If at the end of the day, someone amongst the people you promoted the Baby MOBILE BABY COT BED to pay for the product using the link you shared (affiliate link), you will get commissions from Jumia, which pretty much defines the concept of affiliate marketing.

Let’s say Jumia promised to pay you a 50% commission for selling the baby product. Your commission will be 50/100 x 5,400 = N2,700.


How to sign up for affiliate marketing

How to sign up as an affiliate marketer is pretty much simple. All you need to do is identify the type of niche – area- you want to promote a product and search for the products on Google – search Engine. 

For instance, if you want to promote Digital Cameras. All I would do is go to Amazon, Jumia, or related affiliate marketplaces and sign up as an affiliate and start promoting various Digital Camera products. 

Alternatively, go to Google and enter “Digital Cameras + affiliate program” and search for them, one-by-one.

how to do affiliate marketing in nigeria

See the results.


affiliate marketing in nigeria pdf

From the results, I sign up for various programs where I can promote Digital Cameras.

For instance, I can see that has an affiliate program where I will be paid 40% to successfully sell related products to the right audiences.

affiliate marketing in nigeria 2020, 2021

From there, I follow up and sign up as an affiliate.


Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Platforms and Networks in Nigeria to Sign Up as an Affiliate

There a lot of affiliate marketing networks in Nigeria, both old and new.

Therefore, let’s see a few of the Affiliate Marketing programs you can use to make money as an affiliate. 


1. Jumia Affiliate Marketing Platform

clickbank affiliate marketing in nigeria

Jumia is already popular as one of the best marketplaces in Nigeria similar to Amazon. But that is not all.

As an affiliate, you can sign up for Jumia’s affiliate marketplace program called KOL and make money promoting the right products to the right audiences.

Sign up here as an affiliate on Jumia Nigeria


2. Konga Affiliate Marketing Program

Konga is another marketplace like Jumia where you can sign up and promote products and get paid handsomely for doing that.

Sign up here as an affiliate on Konga Nigeria


3. Expertnaire Affiliate Program in Nigeria

Expertnaire is an affiliate website like Clickbank or Jvzoo where you sign up as an affiliate and promote products

As an affiliate, you get N3,000 when you invite another member to the platform.

Again, if you want more on how to earn up to N100,000 per month, check out this review guide about the marketplace.  

To sign up, you will have to pay N10,000.

 Sign up here as an affiliate on Expertnaire 


4. PiggyVest Affiliate Program in Nigeria

PiggyVest is an app and platform which acts as a piggy bank.

You save money for compound interests and other options.

As a user, you get N1,000 per member you invite that upgrades his or her account.

Sign up here as an affiliate on PiggyVest


5. Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

There are a lot of top web hosting services in Nigeria you can promote and get paid for.

If you have a blog or an audience interested in web hosting you can promote the same and make some money.


6. Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Cryptocurrency in Nigeria is growing rapidly since Bitcoin moved from $0.5 to about $30,000+.

Be it as it may, as crypto enthusiasts you can sign up for various programs and make money as an affiliate.

Some of such programs are BinanceCryptoEarnersLuno,  TradingView, and over 100+ affiliate programs from beginners.


7. Freelance Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

There are a few freelance marketplaces you can promote and make money in Nigeria.

A few of such popular places include Fiverr, Creative-Markets, Design-Hill, and lots more.

For a guide on Fiverr, be sure to check out these Fiverr Gig Examples.


Below are various Amazon Alternatives you can use.


5 Top Ways to Start As an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

How to do affiliate marketing in Nigeria or anywhere is quite unique. 


Because there are so many ways on how to get started with affiliate marketing. 

For instance, “Joe” might want to start affiliate marketing without a website. As in, promoting affiliate products without using a website. 

But “James”, being enlightened on how SEO works might want to build a WordPress Blog and start promoting affiliate products. 

And on the other way round, “Mary” hates or does not know anything about SEO, and so might want to run ads on Facebook or Google to promote affiliate products. 

You see, many ways to kill the bird.

Therefore, here are the 5 ways you can use as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria to promote products and make money. 


Method 1. Start Vlogging

You can start an affiliate marketing business using Vlogging.

Vlogging is all about coming up with Video content to promote affiliate products.  

The simplest platform which I recommend is YouTube.

First, you will take all the steps already talked about and choose a niche and the products you want to promote.

Next is to get started with the products and do a video review of them.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Start small and think of upgrading later on.

For the video tool – use a free screen recorder.

Video Editor – use VSDC.

Screen tool presetting – use Powerpoint.


How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria as a Vlogger/YouTuber 

Step 1. I decide on the Niche and products I want to promote.

Step 2. I sign up as an Affiliate. Let’s say on Jumia.

Step 3. I select the product I want to promote. Let’s say “Baby Bed”.

Step 4. I gather points about the Baby Bed via reviews from real humans.

Step 5. I work on the reviewed points and prepare a slide using PowerPoint.

Step 6. I use my screen Recorder and make the review of the Baby Bed.

Step 7. I upload on YouTube – optimizing it for ranking. See this guide.

Step 8. I promote it on Social Media, friends, WhatsApp world.

Step 9. I persevere and not give up.

Step 10. I make a sale, and finally, take a deep breath and give myself a high 5.


Method 2. Start a Blog

The alternative means to doing this is starting a niche blog.

A niche blog means “a blog that focuses” on the area of concentration – the topics you want to promote.

For instance, if I want to promote Digital Cameras. I will build a niche blog and write everything about Digital Cameras and not anything shoes, crypto, forex, you get the point…


How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria with a Blog/website  

Step 1. I decide on the Niche and products I want to promote.

Step 2. I sign up as an Affiliate. Let’s say on Jumia.

Step 3. I select the product I want to promote. Let’s say “Digital Cameras”.

Step 4. Sign up for hosting and get a domain name. I would like to use something related (it does help, at times).

Step 5. I write on guides about “best Digital Cameras for beginners, Digital Cameras for College students, Digital Cameras for 2021, 2025, Digital Cameras for Pros, how to start out as a Photographers, and general lessons on Digital Cameras.

Step 6. I promote the blog posts for exposure.

Step 7. I use some free social bookmarking sites for backlinks: Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and related web 2 sites.

Step 8. I promote the blog posts till I am ranked on the first page of Google Search Engine.

Step 9. I persevere and not give up.

Step 10. I make a sale, and finally, take a deep breath and give myself a high 5.


Want to start a blog for affiliate marketing? See below to get started.


Also see –  how to start a Blog in Nigeria and bank N350K/mo

How to start a Wordpres Blog in Minutes.


Method 3. Use Pay per Click

If I am Camera Shy or I think that blogging will take time before seeing the results, I can use a short-cut which is going for paid traffic.

Paid traffic – I pay for each click. That is, pay per click.

Some of the popular paid traffic sources are Facebook, YouTube, and Google AdWords.


Truth is, you might hear that these platforms are no more effective to promote products and services.  

The truth is, you heard it from the wrong source. Maybe, the person hasn’t had success yet with them.

Be it as it may, here are the steps to affiliate marketing with PPCs.


Step 1. I decide on the Niche and products I want to promote.

Step 2. I sign up as an Affiliate. Let’s say, on Expertnaire to promote Digital Products.

Step 3. I select the product I want to promote. Let’s say “How to start Mini Importation”.

Step 4. I learn how to use Facebook ads – if that is what I want to use. Or go for YouTube or Google ads. Any that interests me.

By recommendation, you can start with a Facebook ad since you can test with an amount as small as N2,000 to run ads and see how far it will go.

Now that I know how Facebook ads works and the product to promote.

Step 5. I pick the product and build a Facebook ad campaign and promote it.

Step 7. Wait for the results of the promotion.

Step 8. Fail or succeed. If no sales, I check what was wrong and try again.

If a few sales, I increase the budget and scale it for more sales.

Step 9. I scale it up for more sales.


Side Note – the good thing with paid traffic is that you can see results very fast because you are taking the products to the right audiences.

So, if done well, it is a major source of revenue. A lot of people are doing it, so, I know of that.


P.S – if you are going this route, I recommend you, first of all, learn how to run Facebook ads or Instagram.

If this interests you, then I recommend you go through this masterclass that shows you how to make N200K+ per month promoting affiliate products – majoring in Facebook Ads and Instagram ads.

Alternatively, spend time online and learn how to run effective Facebook ads.

Check out the master class here


Method 4. Use Social Media

Another way you can start an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria is by using Social Media platforms to promote the affiliate products.

Basically, using this method is more proficient with digital products from platforms such as Expertnaire, Gumroads, Jvzoo, and the likes.

Alternatively, if you are promoting stuff like sneakers, clothes, jewelry and the likes, social media works as well.

Here is how you can make this work.


Step 1. Choose the social media platform you want to use. Twitter seems the best for this. Why?

I may be wrong, but the thing is, all the people I have seen are making it big via Twitter.

Step 2. Select the product.

Step 3. Build your audiences by engaging in viral tweets.

Step 4. Use the Trending hashtags for your tweets.

affiliate marketing using Twitter

Step 5. Subtly promote the products under new tweets from people that have large following Basically, you will see trending retweets around 7.30 am – 9 am.

From 10 am, most of the tweets would have been saturated with thousands of retweets and likes.

For instance, this tweet is from an influencer with a large following of 698.3K Followers. I saw the tweet after 35 seconds of posting it.

affiliate marketing in nigeria without a website 2021 a

Step 6. Pay for influencers to tweet the products you are promoting – an alternative method for effectiveness.  

Step 7. Wait for the sales to roll in.  


How do you feel right now? Are you still with me? 😂

Take a deep breath and let’s continue.

Affiliate marketing is not a Ponzi scheme, but worth it if you don’t give up even before the end of this article.


Method 5. Use Sponsored Posts

Another way you can start an affiliate marketing business is by sponsoring posts on popular websites and blogs. 

While this method can be effective, a little bit, the bad side is that it is costly since you will be paying for the sponsored posts. 

If this interests you, then here are the steps.   


Step 1. Select the product you want to promote and get your link. 

Step 2. Select the website you want to promote the products. This use to work effectively on Success Digest. 

You can use PunchNg, Vanguard, Nairaland, and other top sites in Nigeria. 

start an affiliate marketing business

Step 3. Pay for the sponsored post space and wait for the first sale. 


How to Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria and Make Insane Money  

Do you really want to know how to make money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria? 

Well, there is no secret to it. It is just something a lot of us might not want to take action on.  

The secret to getting rich with affiliate marketing is generating a lot of TRAFFIC to the products. 

The big question is, how can I generate this traffic? 

The best ways are 2.

  1. Website traffic – organic from Google.
  2. Paid traffic – using PPCs. 


Method 1. How to Get Rich with affiliate marketing using your Blog

get rich with affiliate marketing using your Blog

The only way I use and what thousands of other successful affiliate marketers use is by creating a website and driving traffic to the product via organic traffic from Google.

Organic traffic here is the one you do not pay for. AKA, free traffic.

One drawback with this method is the competition and how long it will take to drive the traffic to your blog website.

I know you won’t like this. But the truth is, not all the articles on this blog bring in the needed traffic.

While that is the case, the question for you is, will you be patient to get the first 100 readers to your affiliate blog site?

If the answer is no, then use method 2 – paid traffic.

And if you are willing to be patient till you see success then follow me here.

I will build a new blog now for you to see what to do.


My new blog is called “”.

To bring in traffic, I will be writing articles that link to affiliate programs wherefore if the visitors click on the link and make a payment, I will get some commissions.  


Step 1. Hosting and Domain name – I can get hosting at Hostinger for $0.099 or go with Hostgator hosting where I will get a Free Domain Name.

Step 2. I will install WordPress and ready to write my first blog post.

Step 3. I will conduct Keyword research.

I will conduct keyword research using Google search engine for this. You can as well use a free tool like or

But for effectiveness what I did was to pay for SEMrush and used 1 month and extract all my keywords.

jumia affiliate marketing in nigeria

Keywords I would write on – for example.

  • How to become a photographer in “country”. In the USA, UK, Canada and so on.
  • Top Digital Cameras for beginners
  • Digital cameras for beginners reviews
  • Digital cameras for beginners in the UK
  • Digital camera for beginners under 200
  • Digital SLR cameras for beginners
  • Affordable digital cameras for beginners.
  • What is a good cheap digital camera?

affiliate marketing in Nigeria keyword research

As you can see above, there are lots of long-tail keywords to writing on.

When you get these keywords, use the tools above and enter each of them and get more keywords and form your blog articles.

One thing I have to tell you is, as a new website, don’t target short keywords such as “Top Digital Cameras”.


You won’t rank for them in the next 3 years unless you have money to invest in backlinks.

What to rather do is to go for long-tail keywords like this one “best digital camera for beginners with wifi” – this is simpler to rank for.

In fact, if I was to start a Digital Camera blog, that will be one of my articles.


Step 4. When you write these articles, recommend your audiences to “try out the Digital Camera” you promote on the page.

See an example from “

affiliate marketing networks in nigeria

CTA – Call to Action.


Step 5. Promote these articles till they are ranked on Google. 

And how do you know when it is ranked.

Let’s say you wrote on “best digital camera for beginners with wifi”.

If your website shows up in the first 10 articles when you check on Google then you have achieved the aim. 

affiliate marketing platforms in nigeria

By the way, you can see that the first 5 articles ranked are not targeting the keyword in question, so, you can rank for this keyword if you start a blog on Digital Cameras.

Other ways to promote this article is to write guest articles on other blogs. That is the fastest way.

Alternatively, buy backlinks to the articles, and promote on Facebook, and other Social media sites.

Step 6. Make your first sale.

The thing most people do not know is that it takes just 1 article to change your financial story at the beginning.

I can tell you that it is through 1 article that N250,000+ was generated in 2020.

Like I do point out, at times it is not how many blog posts you have BUT how good the ones you already have are.


Over to you.

Do you think you can follow this path? If yes, then you can get to work.

Click here to get a hosting at $0.99 or go with Bluehost or Hostgator service where you will be given free domain name.


Method 2. How to make money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria using PPC

make money through affiliate marketing in Nigeria using PPC

Should you find the first instance super stressful, I recommend you go for paid traffic.

That is, go to Facebook and open a page, use your credit card and fund your ad account to promote products.

Because I have done this myself, I won’t go on to repeat myself because it is all the same formula.

If you want to do it on your own, spend some time online and learn how to run effective Facebook ads and make money.

But the basic steps are:

Step 1. Choose a product

Step 2. Create a Facebook page.

Step 3. Create a landing page.

Step 4. Create an Email list – to collect visitors’ emails

Step 5. Launch the campaign on Facebook.

Step 6. Follow up with your audiences by reminding them about the products via email.

Step 7. You wait for the first sale.

That is how this works for every pro affiliate marketer.


On the other hand, if you want to cut the long walk and use a lesson that shows you from A-Z, I recommend you check out the 72ig program or see how I reviewed it in case you have doubts about it.

The end goal of all these is so you can make money.


All in all, anyone that interests you, use the same and make money as an affiliate marketer.

From method 1 – 5, they are things I have tried except a few.

So, it’s over to you to make a switch and do it now – take action.


By the way, if you are working with foreign companies, make sure to create a PayPal account to receive your commissions.

When you do, instead of withdrawing and exchanging your affiliate PayPal commissions at N360/$ or less, you can exchange as high as N400/$.


We are done. But before that…


FAQs about making money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Ques – how do I start an affiliate marketing business?

Ans – identify the niche you want to promote products, search for the program that offers such programs, sign up as an affiliate, define the method you want to use to promote the products and get started with it by driving traffic to it, and get paid when you make sales.


Quest – How Lucrative is an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria?

Ans – affiliate marketing business is a gold mine to those who are patient to put in the work now and make reap the harvest later. Via affiliate marketing business, many have made N1, 000,000, N3, 000,000 a year, N800, 000 a year, and so on. So, it is highly lucrative. 


Ques – Does this method work for Clickbank affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

Ans – yes it does. While we have outlined how to make money with Clickbank in Nigeria, the whole truth is, affiliate marketing is the same old story. The methods are all the same, the only point of thought is whether the affiliate is willing to take action and get started ASAP.


Ques – how much money do you need to start affiliate marketing?

Ans – you can start affiliate marketing for free if you’re using a vlog. But with a website, you might need to pay as little as $0.99/mo for hosting and about $8 for a domain name.

Also, joining some marketplaces are free unless a marketplace like Expertnaire where you pay N10k to join other affiliates.


Ques – what do I need to start affiliate marketing?

Ans – all you need to start affiliate marketing is 1. A product to promote. 2. A platform to use for the promotion, and 3. Traffic to the affiliate product.


Ques – Can I get a free affiliate marketing guide in Nigeria PDF?

Ans – Yes, you can download a free guide on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria like a Business.


Key Terms in Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

Terms in Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner


  • Keyword Research​ – Keyword research is the practice of checking the search volume of particular keywords and analyzing the websites already ranking for those keywords.

This is done in order to see how much effort it would take for your website to be on the first page for those keywords. Seems simple enough, right?


Tools for Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research
  • MozBar – With this browser add-on, you can do custom searches by a search engine, view on-page metrics, export the SERP data to a CSV, and much more.
  • SEOMinion – Another browser add-on that assists with the analysis of On-Page SEO and several other factors.
  • SEOQuake – A useful browser add-on that attaches a bar with multiple metrics for websites you’re either viewing or are listed in a Google/Bing search.
  • AHrefsBar – Great for keyword research. Country specific, detailed search results and competition analysis with individual site metrics view similar to SEOQuake.
  • SEMrush – another great keyword research to overtake your competitors. All you have to do is rush them over with SEMrush. 
  • UbberSuggest – a free keyword research tool with a clean interface.
  • Keywords Everywhere – Search volume, related keywords, and metrics analyzer. Free keyword tool, very easy to use.
  • Longtail Keyword –A long-tail keyword is a keyword that aims to capture search traffic from a specific, often 3+ word search query. Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences.
  • LSI: LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are conceptually related terms that search engines use to deeply understand the content on a webpage.


Examples of LSI are:

Main Keyword – affiliate marketing in Nigeria

LSIs – affiliate marketing opportunities in Nigeria 

Affiliate marketing products in Nigeria       

Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria      

Affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria

  • Backlinks​ – these are links placed within an area of another website as a hyperlink to your website. The purpose of this is to simulate a “buzz” inside of the search engines about your website. For your website, you want a diverse link portfolio. That means that your website should have links from multiple sources.


Backlinks should also be tiered. What that means is:

A 1st tier backlink (tier 1) points directly to your website with a hyperlink and should be from a high metrics domain. (Facebook/Twitter/Other Web 2.0s/Strong Guest Blog with high metric).

A 2nd tier backlink (tier 2) points to your tier 1 backlink.

  • Types of backlinks:

Web 2.0.

Blog comments.

Social bookmarks.

Contextual backlinks.

Editorial backlinks.

Guest posts.

Guest post bio links.

Webinar backlinks.

Forum profile links


  • Web 2.0 Link sources:



  • Social Bookmarks Link Sources:


There you have it. The complete blueprint on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria like a Business.


See: how to start Affiliate Marketing with


Over to you.

If you have any questions, I will be willing to answer them in the comment section of this article.

Refs: Graphics: | Jaden Smith | Sendizo | Make Money Online


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