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Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria
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What have you heard about starting affiliate marketing? A lot of people have considered if starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria is what works for others in countries like the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia and so on. And the answer is ugly, because it is yes!

I have seen men who came into affiliate marketing because they were brainwashed of how it’s a plug and play business model.

I have also seen men who came on and got lucky in the process, turned “gurus”.

Yet again, I have seen men who came in and were SO unlucky from day 1, so they had to quit and start clicking online surveys till they got a pilled finger.

And again, I have seen men who were badly wounded because they had no lucky breakthrough, yet, they presumed that failure was an experience, because they were willing to take no for an answer, and are now what you might call, “experts”.

Let me ask you this.

Among the guys above, who would you rather learn how to make money online from? I might not know your answer until I see your comments, but look me in the eye as I say this.

Look me because I am serious. I have been ONLINE since 2011, so, you’ve got to look me in the eye as I say this. This is me.

Making Money Online with affiliate marketing is the only business model that does not discriminate your skin color, age, height, or being down to earth.

In fact, your title or tribe notwithstanding. All you need to do in internet marketing is to recommend solutions to those in search of the envisioned or targeted problems.

You might complain that you don’t have a platform (vlog, blog, social media account, etc.) to recommend products.

Now, go to any affiliate program/company and sign up, copy your affiliate link, go to bit.ly, paste it and turn it into a short URL, pick up the phone and call a friend that wanted the targeted solution.

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria
(Bit.ly URL Shortener)

What next?
Call out your transformed Bit.ly link to the friend (that is your affiliate link), if he or she buys, you get the commissions.

Are you okay with that? If yes, now, let’s enter the football court of making money with affiliate marketing. 

Earn Affiliate Marketing Money In 4 Easy Steps

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6 Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing


Choose an affiliate program and start advertising.


Generate a link or a banner and promote it among your friends, on social media or your blog. Yes! It is so simple!


For each person that will purchase from your referral, you will get commission up to AS MUCH dollars you are promised.


You can conveniently withdraw your money to a bank account or any payment processor *(PayPal, Payoneer and more).

Yes, it’s simple. In fact, everyone can make money via the internet! That is how simple it is.

Let me hit the nail on internet marketing…

#1. Study whatever (product and services) it is you are going to promote.

#2. Create a simple lead magnet that aligns with it and will help to move them towards what it is you are promoting.

(Lead Magnet: An appetizer to use as an exchange to collect emails from subscribers -it can be a free eBook, video, podcast, template and, etc.)

#3. Create a squeeze page and give the lead magnet away in exchange for them opting into your mailing list.

Squeeze Page: A page you get the visitors to exchange their email for the lead magnet.

Follow up Emails

With a mailing list, you can follow up and promote additional offers at little cost; which is key if you want to be successful at affiliate marketing.

Well, the above is what you will see on almost every blog on this topic, but the fact is, I am not willing to write what you are used to, I like re-reengineering the process from my experiences. How?

I don’t wish to pamper you about affiliate or internet marketing because it is not as easy as the gurus present it. In fact, if you just came in, welcome to the reality, and it is these:

  1. Affiliate marketing isn’t just a business.
  2. Affiliate marketing isn’t just a form of marketing
  3. Affiliate marketing is a form of monetization.

You can argue the above till tomorrow but I wouldn’t care to reply, why? That is what some affiliate prodigies will tell you.

You know, when a man is under pressure with no results, anger can foul any assertions. Now let’s see what affiliate marketing is all about.


At times, people want to be heard. As in, they want you to listen to their problems, not to contribute.

When someone wants your advice on their weakness, it’s wise to answer from a vulnerable state. For example, you can say, I was in your place/position.

For sure, WE SAY A LOT by listening to other people’s feelings and needs.

The above is called Empathy Marketing.

If you treat affiliate marketing like the above, you will always win like Pat Flynn (an active expert).

A lot of people argue that Pat Flynn knows nothing about Affiliate marketing, that he only makes a bunch out of recommendations. #Pathetic.

These sets of people are the affiliate marketers that use ads to prang their buyers.

They are the ones that pay Copy Writers to play with the emotional being of the buyers to open their wallets forcefully while selling or promoting crab they wouldn’t personally buy.

And to them, by changing angles of copy writing or ads, they know the drill of affiliate marketing. This is called Kangaroo Marketing (they are only after what they can get – not the end users).

Now, before you is the drills and ties of affiliate marketing. Which do you prefer? Hold on, before you answer, be confident to stand your ground when you find out the effects of each of them.

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Varying Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The Showman’s Method

It’s far easier to get someone to fill out a short form than to get them to pull out their credit card and make a purchase.

So why would you want to struggle to try to sell this or that, when you can provide free information that users want/need and get paid well doing it.

To make it work, build an email list, build relationships with those people, and create value in a specific niche they are interested in and expect a fair reward for providing value.

The Hunch’s Man Method

One of the best and fastest way is to send traffic (PPC ads, Solo ads) to a landing page and capture email leads, re-targeting the pixel of those visitors, then convert them into buyers with automated email marketing campaigns and re-targeting ads.

The Reapers Method

1. Choose the Right Affiliates

2. Attract Sales with Coupons, Deals, and Promotions

3. Leverage the Power of Niche Influencers

4. Build a Robust Affiliate Network

5. Leverage Affiliate Promotions from Multiple Sources

6. Optimize Your Product Pages for Conversions – By Shane Barker

When you are promoting affiliate products my best advice is, create your squeeze page to capture the lead. The main goal is to build your list to follow in the future in case they never buy.

Use tracking links to track everything about your offers. You can use a tool like clickmagick to balance the equation…

Learn more about this on “the 5th Sense to Affiliate Marketing with PPC | Facebook Ads | Solo Ads | Bing Ads.

While the above is yet to be published, the good news is that you can receive it for free. Click here to be the first to get it

Why is Affiliate Marketing so Lovely?

You might skip over affiliate marketing because of the realities I will tell you. You will either think it’s too hard, well, it is as interesting as being excited when you receive an alert for your commissions’ payments.

This is it. You can make money with affiliate marketing from anywhere and everything. More on this as we go on.

The Holy Grails Of Internet Marketing

#1. Copy Writing

The reason why you read a product sale’s page of any company or service before you open your wallet or swipe your credit card to make a purchase is made possible by what is known as Copy Writing.

In other words, this is knowing how to sell the product even though it is shit for the end users.

And believe me, your success (if you want to promote JUST ANYTHING) starts here. And how do you become a good Copy Writer? Learning – not one day. It’s a continuous learning process.

What is Copy Writing?

I wanted to study Engineering but hated Mathematics – What did I do? I had to go out to gather 12 mathematics books.

Of course, no told me to do it, yet I knew that the qualification of studying Civil Engineering was hung on it. Same with Copy Writing in making sells online.

If you want to succeed in Internet Marketing you need Copy Writing Skills –start gathering Copy Writing Journals.

In essence,

Copy Writing is the ability to influence people and make them want to take some kind of action that you want.

It’s an art, it’s not easy to master but it’s worth it.

It’s not as simple as putting some ads in front of people and hoping that we can make some sales.

The first step to being good at copy writing is to understand your potential customers.

People buy stuff to gain pleasure and avoid pain in general. From there you will know what to write and when to send it. Trust me, people (you) hate to be sold but love to buy.

And we buy based on the EMOTION aroused from the sales page.

Some of the great experts you can learn Copy Writing: Rich Jerk | John Morrow | Brian Clark | Waju Abraham | Dan Kennedy | David Ogilvy | John Carlton | Gary Harbert | more.

About Waju,

An affiliate advised a co-affiliate if he does not want to buy any products from Waju, he should STOP reading or better still, not open his emails. :mrgreen:

It sounds funny though. For me, since I decided to unsubscribe from many guru emails newsletters, I positively refused to unsubscribe from his.

Not as if I will buy his stuff though, he is a Forex Giant. But I enjoy reading his Copy Writing skills.

And let me warn and warm you up. If you would read his sales letter, and not ready to buy his stuff, better lock or throw your credit card away.

Rich Jerk

Rich Jerk was a former Clickbank affiliate who made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions and was very successful. Do you know how he won? Through Copy Writing Skill.

The point is, you can eat a hotdog with his sales page. I mean, before you know it, you would have paid for his promotional products.

#2. Failure Acknowledgements

If you don’t want to take affiliate marketing seriously, better get a day job while you do this as PART TIME. That is a sure way not to be frustrated, depressed and under pressure. But if you are willing to put in the work, you will smile to the bank.

How do I know this? I have been the 3.

#3. Precision

This is a simple way or how many people got lucky with hard work in affiliate marketing.

In a simple way, this is an art of creating a platform thereby recommending affiliate products to your audience.
This is how those that came to the industry first or those that put in the work make money in affiliate marketing.

With Precision, you can jump in and succeed. But before that, don’t forget to distinguish Hard Work and Smart Work.

Mr. Nick with Hard Work – promoting a product that pays him a commission of $2 using 10 days (even a year) – frustrations.

Mr. Sam with Smart Work – Promoting a product that pays him $40+ in commission using 10 days with the same effort – rewarded efforts.

As Michael Motley said,

First, remember that your goal here is to attract people. What attracts people? Original content. Original content is king.
Video or text doesn’t make a difference really, you just need to be informative, entertaining, and original. Infographic videos seem to do pretty well.
Do your keyword search, figure out what you want to focus your niche on. Then create content around it. Once you do that, then it’s time to sprinkle in the affiliate links.

In conclusion, if you are learning the sticks on Copy Writing or you find it boring, then your garland is affiliate marketing using the PRECISION METHOD.

Starting Affiliate Marketing With DIRTY Hands | Mindset

I have read a lot of people say, I made money during my first month in Affiliate Marketing. My question was always like, can this be true?

For me, I have tried many times (I mean years and failed). I tried and tried, and just some months ago, I started a new niche blog in affiliate marketing and made a profit the same month.

That was the first time of making in the first month after having a breakthrough in Affiliate Marketing in late 2017.

What does it mean? That Affiliate Marketing is now simple? Hell no! That it is easy? I said, no. That you can be an overnight success? Of course, No. That you can succeed? Yes, with the right approach.

Of course, I am not a guru nor a pro affiliate marketer, I only teach you what has worked for me since my first year -2017- of breaking through in affiliate marketing.

You are free to learn what didn’t work since 2011 of struggles and frustrations– which might be what you are currently doing.

Here is the thing,

Affiliate Marketing is a form of monetization you apply to your business/product; in this case, your website. So without an exceptional product to promote, you are not going to get people to open their wallets. But there is more.

The Dirty Secret Of Affiliate Marketing?

#1. The List

The money is in the list. It has and always will be. Building an email list is just like affiliate marketing, it is far from dead.

Building a list creates a business asset that you can use over and over again to promote affiliate offers.

#2. No List

Provide value to your readers or those you are trying to make money off. You might think that it’s as simple as picking a niche, throwing up some contents, building some links and praying to the google god’s to shower her blessings.

Or, tricking Google by building vague PBNs to your site,

Well, that can work for you but note:

9 days is for the thief, 1 day is the day Google will slap your (VALUELESS) site and your traffic + Earnings will go down the drain…

By all means, you need to know that in affiliate marketing, predominantly your website/blog/business is the product.

Now, let’s say someone trusts your website or is engaging with your mailing list, you can sell them ANYTHING, anything?

And advertisers pay big dollars if you can consistently provide a targeted, engaged audience (both of these combined lead to conversions).

To be honest, that is a quick win. What to do? Get out of that mindset, else, you might make a one-time sale, and that is it FOREVER. When you disappoint your audience or list, I mean, those that trust you, you are GONE! ASAP.

Those that have the most success treat this as a business – the millions come over years, NOT DAYS.

So, you’ve got to figure it out, do you want to provide value and keep rolling in the commissions or want the other way, you make a quick buck the fast way + mediocre way and no more, forever?

I AM GOING TO BE HARD ON YOU. (My Experiences)


Jump off to “Beginners Guide about Affiliate Marketing”, else, if you read the next sub-heading, be prepared to hear strange facts, lies, and realities in internet marketing.

The Ultimate Secret To Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria Or Anywhere

Someone once said that “Affiliate marketing works great if your offers are converting. You simply collect the audience first via emails and send offer later”, really?

Perhaps, the above is true or wrong (if you try out), well, I never said that. Here is my ultimate secret.

Affiliate Marketing is Saturated, Nonsense 👿 

I warned you to jump to the main lessons. If you are here, see this. (Only a few percentages of Wealthy Place’s audience will buy the products we recommend, so I won’t be afraid to tell you anything but the truth – if you are our supporter, thank you in advance – deeply grateful and privileged).

For all the gurus that tell you that affiliate marketing is HARD or Saturated, the truth is that they know TOO MUCH to learn from others.

These are the same set of people that will tell you that you can’t be on Google’s front page in a month, that you can never make money in affiliate marketing in just a month, that this, and that, and all whatnots.

Their WOES?

They are probably trying to compete with a site like WireCutter or PCMag. In short, the big guys for number 1 on Google.

The solution or answer to these sets of gurus is in the Holy Bible

“In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house without first tying him up. Then he can plunder the strong man’s house” source.

To them, they wanted/want to outrank the top ranking websites (for a single or 2 tail keywords) with a $5,000 budget.

What does this mean?

Niche selection + Long Keywords – Victory

“What a child sees standing can never be compared to what his Dad sees sitting” (unless his dad is part of those that occupy the low places of the earth? Not tall. (Not a dwarf as well)

As of the time of writing this article, there are 30s of Long Tail Keywords to rank for in one of my niches.

There is no guarantee (approach), yet, I am talking about a niche wherefore if you start a niche blog and write on them you rank like you are in Disney Land. And by all means, that is not trying to say start an affiliate website.

Today is November 1st, 2019 (as of the time of writing). When I logged into the said niche affiliate account, I discovered that I had made what is called passive income.

What did I do to the niche blog?

After many months of not publishing any contents, I was motivated because of the earnings, so, I had to sit my ass down and write 3 more value but targeted articles (leaving the one you are reading now).

I did this between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:30 am, all promoting affiliate products where necessary and at the end of the articles. (Value first).

And as a matter of fact, one of my internet marketing mentors’ 6 niche blogs did $34,000 last month. Not with affiliate marketing as the main source, but ADS. He uses Ezoic for high CPCs.

What did he do? Was he trying to build a niche blog on “Laptops or Hotels”? Nope. (Free Google Traffic via Long tail keywords).

So, when a guru tells you that you can never make it in Affiliate Marketing, it’s simply because of his frustrations with it.

These are the sets of gurus that will nod in agreement that there is nothing like passive income – shortly I will blast and prove the why nots…


Why a guru will tell you that make money online niche is saturated is because they wanted to live, renting a room in California with their lifetime earnings of $2,000.

I did a check and saw that the average rent in California went for $1400, now tell me, how will this guru compel a house owner that is willing to give his house to another client who is willing to pay $2,000 per month?

Because the guru was helpless, he concluded that all the rich people are greedy. The same way he called Google a greedy search engine just because he tried to rank a “Difficult word on Google’s front page” but Google said, you are not worthy of this position, kindly go to the 100th page or go to another search engine and rank your ass there.

Because he lacked enough sense to ask and evaluate what he did wrong, he concluded that Make Money Online Niche is saturated.

See, I am currently making money in a competitive niche. But I was clever enough to know that trying to compete with the keywords of the guys on page 1 with a new niche site I launched not up to 50 ago days was trying to use a knife to pierce through the great wall of china.

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria
Image: iexplore

What did I do then?

I went to the road less traveled. What happened then? I was the one Google recognized as a voice there.

(I am currently making money in a competitive niche?)

Disclaimer: not as a boast but to give hope to those that might have read nonsense from the so-called gurus).

See the book “The Road Less Travelled and Beyond-Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety”

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

What is the lesson?

Find your island that is not saturated and dominate. This thing is simple. Go and build your castle where the competition is not stiff.

The question is?

Won’t the new castle be saturated still?


You would have become the one Google trusts as an authority. It will now be the turn for others coming in to compete with you to find their long tail castles and pitch their tent – authority.

Also, NEW solutions are created every day to solve the human man issues in a new way, else, it won’t be nice to start a niche site where there is no demand for a solution product – #No money will be made.

The Big question in your mind now?

You might ask, “Wealthy Place”, but how do I build my castle and takeover or know if there is a demand for a solution Product?

 Answer: through Keyword Researching. Research and find out the solution products to promote to compliment your efforts.

And how do you do Keyword Research?

Using keyword research tools like KwFinder.com./tool – Beginners and | Semrush.com/tool for those that know a little about Keyword Research | Ubersuggest – Free | Answer-the-public – Free and more. 

My Castle: Must It Be A Niche Website?

Of all Sincerity…You don’t have to start a niche site if it is not okay WITH you. You can apply the same method with Instagram | YouTube, etc., only that you don’t control the metrics.

Disclosure: This is no fast way to make money, hope we are okay with that? Good. My results so far?

(Excluding the first), 2 of my niche blogs I started recently, one in September 2019, and the other August 2019, (the latter, even with only 2 articles) are ranked on both Google and Bing Search Engines.

#No PBNs. #Only Approach – experiences.

In fact, I ran into an affiliate marketer that said, his article was ranked #1, on Google after 1 week of starting the niche blog, so, it’s opened to those willing to fail and fall forward.

What does that mean?

I am teaching/sharing what I practice with results, NOT NECESSARILY waiting until 1 year to see if I WILL Fail or not. That is the difference at “Wealthy Place”.

 – We give hope to those that concluded by depression that they can’t make a dime online.

– #I have been there.

The Only Difference between You and Those Achieving The Results 🙄 

Apart from the fact that the top guys have (paying – Virtual Assistants or freelancers) working for them, however, the consideration for you as an individual is “What YOU ARE NOT willing to sacrifice”. For instance, “Time”.

The big difference is in the hours you spend on Netflix or (whatever) as compared to the time these guys spend reading or researching like badasses.

And as a rule of thumb, there are only a few secrets to this process. How? You can gather them from the internet. But it will take you (sacrifice) what it took them – the successful (you can’t jump the process) – that is why you buy promised-success courses online. 

In case you will ask me in the comments section, here is it.

What type of affiliate marketing works for me? Precision. Why?

I am not a pro yet in Copy Writing or Ads so I can’t teach you that with fluency, but I am a pro in sharing my failures since 2011 of buying courses online and now, possibilities.

GMAT Question for Internet Marketers. (My Experience)

 💡 Do I make money every day in affiliate marketing? Hell no. In fact, I am looking forward to that island.

 💡 Do I put in the work? Yes. In fact like a Badass dreaming of a vacation in New Zealand, Holland and Bali.

 💡 Do I believe that there is a reward for good work? Certainly, of course, I believe in God, not karma (a lot of people have gotten what they don’t deserve, so, karma is a radical nonsense).

In all of these, whether you believe you can succeed in affiliate marketing or not is #1. Up to you and #2. Your approach.

The Power Of Showing How To Use A Product/Services in Affiliate Marketing

(Using Keyword Tools for case study – KwFinder/Tool and SEMrush/tool)

I might love to play around with coding. But does that mean that 50% of my audience knows how to play around with it, right? And what is that supposed to mean?

If you recommend a product based on assumption, then you will/might fail in affiliate marketing.

(In the SEO or Grow your Blog niche) For instance, you will be surprised that some of your readers do not know what “Keyword Research” is. If that is the case, why recommend a great keyword tool like SEMrush at first for them, to be found wanting or wasting money? 

No, it shouldn’t be so.

If you are doing that, then this is what to do.

Show them how to use the SEMrush or KwFinder tool, and not just recommend it. If you must recommend, tell them the categories of people the tool is meant for. That is how to show that you care for them.

 – The newbies will appreciate you the most. Because think about it, we all want a solution to our problems, not to be seen as one vulnerable or to be pitied, right? Good.

(If you are on my side on this, scroll down now and comment “we all want a solution to our problems, not to be seen as one vulnerable” – so I can pin you ASAP.

Talking about good Keyword Research Tools,

Wealthy Place does not necessarily recommend products to her audience. Do you want to know what we recommend? Solutions. Why? Because we are proud to give you support on what we recommend.

Now, if you want to build your Castle and dominate– by “Keyword Researching” we recommend you,

Use KwFinder if you know nothing about Keyword Research. I started with KwFinder in 2017, so, I know how I was helped as a beginner.

affiliate marketing

Checkout KwFinder Here or start my free 10 day trial

Use SEMrush for advanced advantage if you know how to do preliminary Keyword Research. That is if you want to rush out your competitors.

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Checkout SEMrush Here or start my free 14 days trial.

Use Ubbersuggest | Answer-the-public | Mozar – if you are on a low budget.

 Truth is, Free Keyword Research Tools won’t really cut the chase (They might for you though).

By all means, if you want absolute results, I think you should invest in your business because of #1. It cuts the chase for you and #2. It gives you time to do the more important things.

For a guide on Using Ubersuggest, look out for “Affiliate Marketing with Amazon” – it’s been published”

Lest I forget? Must you use these tools? The answer is no. That is, if you can manually do everything on your own. How do I mean?

For instance, if you want to get “Long tail keywords for Keto”, without using any tool you can presume the keywords such as:

Keto diet | Keto diet for men | Keto diet for college students | Keto diet for men under 50, and etc.

If that sounds nice, then there is no need to use the tools.

The next challenge,

You will need to ascertain and weigh the number of searches each of the keywords above has per month – this is your only chance to knowing if you are trying to compete in a niche whereby you WILL NEVER rank for – so that the prophecy of the gurus of “niche saturation” will be fulfilled in you. Oh no…

So, Research Tools helps you get your unique keywords and build authority around it. AKA – your castle for domination.

Spending Vs Investing

– lookout for this on “Starting a Niche Site”, so you get to know how each of them will affect you and your business.

Understanding The Meaning Of Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

What Is the Meaning of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you try to earn money by placing an affiliate link on your website, social media account, etc. and have people purchase a product through your link.

That is to say, you sign up at company X, you get your promotional link from Company X, you send it over to a friend or audience, the friend or audience like the product, buy, and you get the commission for being the middlemen – the promoter of the product.

Who is An Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person or business who promotes a product or service offered by other businesses, and you become an affiliate when you promote an affiliate product.

An example would be Amazon book sales, where you promote a specific book on your website and try to get people to purchase the book through your affiliate link.

If you do this successfully, while Amazon, in turn, will be happy to pay you just 10% for promoting the products and services they are selling. Jumia Nigeria also pays you 13%.


How conversion works.

If you get someone to sign up through your affiliate link, you are then rewarded by the company for promoting their product.

This simple process is what is known as a conversion. A conversion is when a person completes a specific action designated by the affiliate program.

It may be when someone enters their email address on a company’s website, when they make a purchase, fill out a form, or some other action through your affiliate link.

(We will talk more about conversion as we go on).

Over 2,000+ Bucket LIST Of The World’s Best Affiliate Programs

An Affiliate Manager

Were you a boarder in high school? If yes, you should know what was termed as “School Fathers”. In case you don’t.

An affiliate manager is like a guiding personnel attached to help you in your affiliate marketing till you start making tons of millions. Ahhha.

In a short line, you can say, your best support for a particular affiliate company.

We have more terms I am excluding like Landing page, upsell, etc., –they’re not my focus here. Why?

There are a thousand words of experiences you will read in this article, so, I will recommend you check out moreniche.com for more affiliate terms. Check out 30 Affiliate Marketing Terms.

Stepping into Affiliate Marketing Business

Where Can I share my Link as an Affiliate?

ASAP, you can share your affiliate links with your audience in many different ways, such as:

By adding an affiliate link to your blog articles, email blast, social media, Vlog, Podcasts and more.

What To Do When You’re Bounced As An Affiliate

The above means that there are affiliate companies that will have to scan, weigh or judge you using their metrics whether you are fit to promote their products.

DON’T worry, they do that because of the flocks of affiliates begging to promote their products. If you get rejected, take solace with the ones you can join. What do I mean?

There are other affiliate companies THAT WILL BEG to pay you $50 or $100 in commissions, so, don’t beg any company to promote their product

For instance, have you considered why ClickFunnels (Landing page Builder) or Selz (Tool for building an eCommerce store) is popular? Because they are damm effective?

One of the places you will be bounced like you smell weed is MaxBounty.com. Of course, you can see why they will bounce you – from their name. 😛

Again, one of the best ways to win being accepted is your approach: Do you have a website? How do you wish to promote the company? If you ask me, get a Blog or YouTube channel to start with.

#YouTube channel? I heard you have a handful of loyal 500 subscribers that have refused to hit the unsubscribe button; your hope givers.

Talking about Clickfunnels.

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Let’s admit it. It is overhyped and costly. Is that all? Far from it.

Clickfunnels, as a landing page, converts visitors to buyers.  Although it is pricy, that does not plead the fact that you won’t fall in love with the money-making tool.

Why is that?

I have used the tool so I can tell you what is in for a total beginner. That is from someone that has used many tools to create converting pages.

If you know how to play the game – Tetris, then Clickfunnels is just like that. Fix and Play and convert visitors to customers.

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Let me warn you. Your Clickfunnels Dashboard can be overwhelming because there are just too many success tools. You can try out if you doubt.

But trust me, you don’t need the Full Suite Plan to make it, worth – $297 per month. With the Startup Plan – $97 per month, you can save yourself the time of building a landing page from ground zero.

You can check out Clickfunnels here or Start my Free 14 days Trial.

But hey,

I know how it goes if you are on a low budget. If that is you then a tool like Ucraft can craft you a nice landing page in minutes without having to build a website for landing pages.

affiliate marketing for beginners
You can check out Ucraft here or Start my Free Trial.

Ecommerce Store…

Yeah, I talked about Selz as my preferred Ecommerce builder. Well, I don’t prefer it because it is clean and intuitive for beginners or stay at home moms to build a profitable eCommerce store.

The truth is, you have many selling points to converts visitors to customers. For instance, Selz offers you a tool to integrate a limited time offer for your promotional products.

And of course, you know the value of that as an affiliate marketing; a great way to offer products to your customers first hand at a lower price.

 Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

While we are not talking about building an ecommerce store, yet, if you want to go into that niche and takeover then, I do think you need an ecommerce platform that works great for digital products and that is Selz.

To use Selz,

All you need to do is choose a plan which unlocks all features. You won’t be charged until your free trial ends in 14 days

Check out Selz here or Try Selz free for 14 days, no credit card required

Back to our marketing lessons.

Why You Won’t Get Accepted by Affiliate Companies?

Affiliate marketing isn’t a matter of just posting an affiliate link wherever you can. Why would any site allow it, most especially if they are paying a PREMIUM SATISFIED hosting fee with a company like Kinsta.com?

Give them reasons and they will.

For example, before you apply for consideration, take some time to understand the principles of affiliate marketing else your vulnerability will be shown on how you approach them.

At one instance, I have been knocked off on WarriorPlus.com and at the other tine, ASAPly accepted.

Nonetheless, I paid the affiliate company that knocked me off back, how? I never promoted their product using my expertise.

But now, I get fair responses which are not bad. I can’t remember the last time I got rejected but I call it fair so you don’t presume that a certain guru is talking. I have been rejected many times, so, I can’t hide that fact, maybe your story now.

Here is the one I applied for while I was writing this article,

INTERNETmarketing for beginners
No B.S | No Hacks No Guruing around. I teach what works. So, be hopeful.

You can’t afford to miss this – More Screenshots and jealous proofs on “How to SUCCEED starting a Niche Website”

What To Do When You’re Accepted As An Affiliate

Really? You’ve been accepted? Okay, take a position for a selfie.

On a serious note, what to do?

A general online search to find a method that resonates with you and the products will help you identify a market, and how you’d then get yourself and your products in front of it. (This does not really apply to Affiliate Marketing with Precision – it applies to the Jvzoo, Clickbank and etc. guys/promoters/affiliates).

How To Know You’re Not An Affiliate Marketer | Make it with Zero Dollars

For those that are not building a niche website or the methods recommended at Wealthy Place, one of the frankest ways to know that you are not ready for this journey is to go around spamming links in forums, FB groups and comment sections thinking that people will just click on them when they see them.

I have been there, so, I know a little (still learning) of what I used to do.

Forget about the consideration that Wealthy Place gets a commission if you sign up for our recommendations. Here is the point.

If you can’t sell your unused item and invest in affiliate marketing like paying for a custom website, then there are tons of free tools to use and get started –


You can be lucky – cause there is luck in this business.

How To Start With Zero Investment

You can use Google Doc as a landing page, use MailChimp for email marketing *(careful, else they will smash your head), go to https://www.10khits.com/ and open new web browsers tabs to drive FREE traffic to your affiliate promotions. That is it. Start on a Zero Budget.

Method 2.

You really want to be successful investing zero dollars, right? See how.

#1. Sign up for an affiliate product promotion.

#2. Know WHO your target audiences are,

#3.  Know where they hang out,

#4. Provide enough VALUE to them to be seen as someone they can trust with product recommendations.

That is the FREE way to do affiliate marketing.

For ClickBank, Jvzoo and the likes affiliates…

Do You Want To Be Successful Promoting RANDOM Affiliate Products (Using Ads)?

You do need to learn “Marketing” because there is a psychology behind getting people to give you their hard earned money.

A good affiliate marketing course will teach you all of them and much more.

You don’t want to or have no money to buy the course? Good? Search Google till the 10th page on the topic you want to learn from. Do the same on Bing, Quora and more.

The Proper Long Cut.

If you want to succeed do this. Invest (money or time and learn first). Why? THERE IS NOTHING LIKE SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. Maybe, in a free town.


What about Affiliate Marketing With A Niche Blog? The Precision Method.

Create a platform and provide Value.


No matter how bad it is, one or more of your loyal readers | believers will be the ones to buy from you.

And if you are not promoting a product, they will be the ones to consciously click on a Google AdSense Ad 5 times because they love what you are doing.

Wait a minute. I am not a guru so I am not afraid to tell you the truth. Here is it.

Let’s say, “Wealthy Place” doesn’t have the financial capacity to sponsor this platform, do you think we would make money off it [to pay monthly hosting fees, pay for premium tools (for your reading convenience], and keep it alive). If YOU – the ONE READER don’t purchase our recommended products?

If yes, then a guru will tell you HE or SHE can make it WITH or WITHOUT your purchase. However, it is far from the truth at “Wealthy Place”. We believe a business should be profitable to sponsor self – if it is offering value.

The bitter truth,

I spend days to write a blog post NOT because I love it lengthy, BUT so that you don’t need to “Type the Keyword” again into Google to search for more clarifications.

And if that resonates well with you, it’s you that will buy and appreciate our efforts by purchasing what we recommend.

Believe me, I know how valuable this is to us. I am not an expert yet like Pat Flynn or Neil Patel to take commissions from TALKS, so I know.

That was how I had to return to a YouTube Vlogger, played her Video again. Why? Just to get her affiliate link. Was I crazy not to enter the product name on Google and made the purchase? Nope. But why?

I remembered I got value from her – I became that ONE loyal fan that bought her recommendation. Was I disappointed? No, in fact, still using the product at the time of writing

Why Does Wealthy Place Provide Support For Our Recommendations?

(This goes with every product we recommend– using HostGator and Kinsta as a case study)

There are products that are premium from head to the ass, and there are ones that will AT TIMES need supports.

Now, at Wealthy Place, we recommend HostGator as an affordable hosting for beginners or those on a low budget, but Kinsta for those well able to enjoy Premium services.

Now, we offer personal supports after product purchases, (not because we don’t want to run to Bali for a vacation), but, in case you have a challenge with it, perhaps you messed around with anything.

If you are going with Kinsta, they have a Plan B [which you can also pay for with HostGator (their Kinsta type plan), if you are willing] to always keep your site alive while they communicate with you to fix it.

I hope you are following me? Great and thank you for your supports. #Appreciate.

By the way,

#Zero issues with HostGator since my usage.

#Zero contact for support with customer care.

Some of us might be asking, where then do I Host my Niche Website to have good success?


Affordability | Reliability | Moderately Beginners | At times, 1-2 minutes delay if you need online support – Go with HostGator.com.

Premium | Reliable | Stay at Home Moms | Back up Plan | Instant Pickup if you need online supportGo with Kinsta.com

By the way,

I learned the insights of giving support for the products I recommend to my readers/Audience from Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com

Now you see why you can’t see a garbage recommendation on this site.

Why Many Affiliates Lose Money Or Create Self-Imposed Headaches

We are always in a rush. I know what I mean.

If you want to avoid losing money or creating headaches for yourself as an affiliate, this is what to do.

#1. You are required to act in a legal and ethical way when engaging in affiliate marketing. AKA, don’t claim to be what you are not in place of the vendor.

#2. Before you join, you must confirm the following:

 * I agree to the Terms and Conditions

* I confirm I’ve read and understood the Network Policies

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Understanding Conversion In Affiliate Marketing

What is website conversion?

Every single website has a purpose. Some examples include:

• Selling a product or service (ecommerce / m‐commerce)

• Delivering information (brochure / content site)

• Facilitating communication (social network / community site)

If you operate a website, you too will have the desired outcome you would like your visitors to achieve.

This investment will be time or money. Remember, there is nothing like – something for nothing.

You’ve probably already discovered that there are techniques to drive traffic to your website such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) as well as other website promotion techniques.

But what happens once the traffic starts building and visitors are arriving at your website? Are you ensuring that they are taking your desired actions?

It’s one thing getting traffic to your website, but if no one likes what they see, your business isn’t going to get anywhere.

Traffic + Conversion = Success

You cannot run a successful business without both traffic and conversion. You may have the best converting website in the world, but if nobody visits it, you’re doomed to fail.

Conversion Optimisation is the process of maximizing the percentage of website visitors who complete your desired action.

This percentage is known as your conversion rate. If you’re not doing so already, you should be tracking your conversion rates.

How can you calculate your website’s conversion?

Conversion rates are shown as either a percentage or ratio, but they both mean the same thing. Let’s imagine you run an ecommerce store selling sunglasses. At the moment you are getting 100 visitors per day. From these visitors, you are generating 3 orders.

You could show this as 3 sales / 100 visitors, or better still, 1/33.

However, I recommend you use the conversion percentage.

To calculate your conversion percentage, you do the following:

(Sales ÷ Traffic) × 100

In our example, this would be (3 ÷ 100) × 100 = 3%

Note: If you are using excel, you can simply do 3 ÷ 100 and make the cell a percentage. Excel will do the × 100 for you.

Read more under You Need 10,000 To Make $1000” – as we go on.

Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Whatever I say here about passive income, note that I am not saying as a guru. This is it.

 Many people believe that there is nothing as Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing. That is not true.

If a struggling internet marketer wants to show off his/her egocentricity about this subject, I will blatantly say “they are SO wrong without an excuse”

But if he/she “suggests” that there is nothing like Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing I would say, yes, it’s 50/50.

3 weeks ago, I withdrew commissions from the affiliate marketing project I worked on from my other niche. And I am talking about a niche project wherefore the last effort was May 2019. Since May till the time of commissions, I DID ZERO WORK – 3 weeks ago.

In case you are asking if that is not a passive income, then I will say, Of course, it is.

Before you get me all wrong, see below.

The 3 Ultimate Truths About Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

There won’t be a reality such as passive income in internet marketing if the following conditions are satisfied.

#1. The affiliate product/company pays you a one-time fee – not recurring.

#2. If the affiliate company is out of business.

#3. Your referrals are not using the platform | product | service anymore.

Exception of these 3 factors, passive income rules and exists, period.

By the way, On Wed 30th October, 2019, I was contacted by the said affiliate company representative because of my positive efforts – as a leading affiliate.

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

(I am offered a personal cheat chat with the company’s representative – so, I refuse to teach you stories, it’s what is working. It’s about a 10 year fruitless journey/experience.)

Before you consider me as a guru, please, I rarely know what that means. All I do is providing total value to solve people’s problems and I am rewarded for doing that.

Considering Passive Income,

I learn every day, but that does not mean I WILL create room for a frustrated guru to brainwash me with their frustrating tactics. If a concept does not work out for them, it means there is a missing piece. 

So, passive income exists in making money online unless the 3 aforementioned factors are not satisfied (I mean unless there are more factors).

Affiliate Marketing Online Courses

There are not just good affiliate marketing courses in Nigeria, there are also great IM courses you can find from the USA, Canada and the UK. The point is, where are they coming from?

I can bet that everything you will read on this platform is based on my frustrations of trying to make it for so many years. I have bought many affiliate or internet marketing courses and I can count them, but if you want, you can avoid all those and take action to win – I share breakthrough experiences.

Why You Fail With Many Making Online Courses

This is not unique to everyone but I can say the reason you are not successful yet even though you’ve bought many IM online courses is that you have not put in the work or time it requires- FULLY.

Believe me, no matter how crabby a course is, the initiator must have learned something that prompted you to read his sales page such that you had to open your wallet, right?

If you belong to the group that expects 10X reward from 1X work, I would plead you turn it the other way round. How?


Have a mindset that it will take you 10X effort to make 1X. If you condition your mind for this, you will be surprised about success at 6X effort level, and if no, you won’t be surprised because you MUST win at last. #Experience | #Grant Cardone 10X

The Hard Work In Affiliate Marketing Success

Outsource or Put in the work

One of the best ways of affiliate marking is starting a niche website/blog or vlog.

For a blog, you can create a niche project and start writing content with SEO optimization. If you do it well, you will succeed because there is a reward for every good work.

If you do it the right way, you get results almost readily, but if the wrong way, you get the result later. The end in mind is that you will get the result.

You don’t believe me? Well, I won’t be surprised.

My case…

I started a niche blog last year. I made ZERO Money from month1 to 6.

Because there was always a reward for good work, I made my first commission in the seventh month.

Here is the reward if I was still struggling? ADSENSE.

 Yes, Google AdSense is your fair reward if Affiliate Marketing does not work immediately for you.

At another time, I started a niche blog, made money the same month. Why was that? Approach!

The approach might be in your Blog post | email marketing | Promotional ad | Investing and more.

Talking about emails, I can’t tell you enough the number of gurus emails I had to unsubscribe from. Why? They were a bunch of salesy crabs. Perhaps, it’s time to do the same.


Why You Won’t Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

You might ask, but why won’t I make money in Affiliate Marketing? This is it.

I knew about Clickbank since 2011, how much have I made? $0. Can’t I open a Clickbank account? Why not?

I knew about Clicksense since 2014 or earlier. How much did I make? Virtual Money.

I Knew about PaidAdverts since 2015, how much money did I make? Un-withdrawable money.

I know that many Nigerians or Africans are making money off these sites. That is not the point, the point is, what platform was I actually taking on FULLY? Zero.

Check out this word – fugitive.

If you will fail in building a profitable business online, being an affiliate fugitive will be your number #1 enemy.

But if you want to FOCUS | FOCUS | FOCUS | FOCUS – you will win.

If you decide to build a niche blog and make money with it, DO JUST THAT. If Vlog, do that. If Insta Blog, do just that also.

But if you want to run from one online surveys to affiliate marketing, and the likes, I can guarantee that your failure is performing frog jumps inside a hot bowel. #Failure.

Why You Will Ever Be A Near Success In Internet Marketing

Before I could have a tangible breakthrough in affiliate marketing, this is what I did – a non- hackable action. Unsubscribing from many good | bad | ugly internet or money-making emails and blogs.



If you will succeed in making money online niche, go to your email now, DELETE and UNSUBSCRIBE from all make money online newsletters you’ve been getting. If you haven’t broken through with them, then why not part ways with them, ASAP?

Hey, you know the great guys to learn from, right? I had to allow the best only.

Some of the best worth your time are:

Neil Patel | Backlinko | Moz Blog | ShoutmeLoud | Kinsta Blog | Ahrefs Blog, and more you have.

Wealthy Place’s Home Coming

If you think you are getting value already at Wealthy Place, here is our Link to Hack your Growth | Successfully Build A Profitable Online Business | Beat 9-5 Jobs

Don’t subscribe if you want to keep struggling online.

#No Hacks #No Bullshit – You get the Exodus only. 😎 

Why Do I Qualify To Teach You How to beat 9-5 Jobs?

While I will teach many Wealthy Place beating 9-5 job strategies, one of the things you will learn here is starting a niche blog and working on it. If you start now, you will reap the harvest later on, and progressively if we walk together.

No need to judge my abilities as a non-guru, why? This is what has worked for me.

Why Do I Qualify To Teach You Affiliate Marketing? Because of my FAILURES and what works.  

Do you want to succeed? Below is where it starts.



The 7th Myths | Lies | Hidden Truths | Realities in Affiliate Marketing

Before we go on to SEO affiliate terms, let me touch the parts – you might not see in any other blog. #Comment if they are true.

Myth #1.
Instant Money Is Not Possible?

There is a resounding believe that you can’t make money overnight in affiliate marketing or online.

 Again, this must be muscled by frustrated internet marketers. Here is the Truth.

If you let your money work for you, you can make money overnight in affiliate marketing. Here is how it works.

Let Money Work For You – Outsourcing The Ugly Tasks

1. Choose the Right Affiliate Network | 2. Research and Select the Right Affiliate Products | 3. Get More Traffic to your landing page | Convert traffic to subscribers | Get Sales

As far as you will let your money work for you, you don’t have to do any of those tasks if you don’t want to. How?

Let your money work for you – outsource everything from email marketing to Facebook or Google ad running, while you wait for the results.

Question is?

Will you pay the freelancers for setup?

Of course, yes.

Will you make money?

What’s the essence, if not?

The disadvantage?

You created no business. You only made fast bucks.

 I hear you…you say, it can never work!

Well, you don’t have to believe me, but it works. Maybe not for everyone but my years of frustrations of testing many things have made me seen that it works.

Myth #2.
Passion for Niche Selection

That you have to choose affiliate products you have passion for, right? Wrong.

 If you consider that as the truth, take it with a pinch of salt because one of my niche blogs I started last month, I have been getting emails for consultations for a niche I never dreamed of or knew little about.

The advantage?

It has made me broke horizons to read constantly. Am I reading because of the love or passion I have about the niche? Nope. But why?

Where there is an affiliate product with good commissions, PASSION for promotion comes out from everywhere and nowhere.

Imagine starting a niche blog to promote Tooth Paste products that pays me $100 per sale. Would I really say that I have a passion for Tooth Pastes, what? 🙄 

Myth #3.
You Need 10,000 To Make $1,000

As ridiculous as it might be, you may think you need as much as 10,000 audiences to make your first $1,000 in affiliate marketing or online. This is it is far from the truth.

Now if you have 10 dedicated readers or fans out of a 1000 audience, you can make your first $1,000 if you promote an affiliate product that pays a commission of $100.

Again, if 20 are your supporters, you can make your first $1,000 promoting a commission product of $50. What does this mean?

It means that you don’t need tens of thousands of readers to make your first $1,000 in affiliate marketing.

When confused, go back to conversion and see how it works…

Myth #4.
High Ticket Products -50/50

In your affiliate product promotion journey, you will need to apply the 5th sense. How?

When selecting an affiliate product to promote, consider going for the high tickets or priced products. Why is that?

 In one of my niche blogs, I successfully sold 3 affiliate products and made $140, and yet, another had up to 35 sales, yet not up to $140. The difference? Commission difference.  

The point is, it takes the same effort to promote an IPhone or Nokia 310. For instance, you might run ads using the same amount of money, the same efforts, but the result will be different.

 Therefore, when choosing an affiliate product to promote, start with the high paying or profitable ones because it takes the same efforts and time to promote both. 

BUT – promote a great product else you will go out of business. By the way, I am still promoting the latter because it is a good product and I already made money with it.

Guide To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Myth #5.
5% Conversion for Sales Is Too HIGH

Should you promote a product and get a 5% conversion, know that you are somewhat better than millions of affiliate marketers that can’t convert 2% of their subscribers or audience.

I know it sounds like a parable. Here is it. Convincing your audience or email subscribers to buy from you at a 5% conversion rate is incredible. Joke apart, you need to be given a Noble Prize for Internet Marketing Top Shots.

“1/1000 of your visitors will subscribe to your newsletter. 30% of those people will open your newsletter. 1-10% of your subscribers will click a link in your newsletter. 1% of those people clicking will buy your product with a good landing page”.

FatMoo. C

Want more than 5% conversion?

How can you achieve this? By going all out to help them understand the product they are paying or buying.

Myth #6.
Affiliate Marketing is Value

Do you think we are offering you value at Wealthy Place, and will you consider buying our recommended products? That is the same question you should consider WHEN OR BEFORE you start bombarding your email lists or audience with shit promotions.


The people you want to sell or promote to want better lives. For instance, our post on starting affiliate marketing with Amazon took me 5 days to write, almost 8 hours to edit the images before publishing them.

What of this blog post? 12,000+ words.

As at the time of writing, I have been drafting this post for over 4 days. Do you think I wouldn’t have opted to fill the blog with posts of 1,500 or less?

Don’t get me wrong.

I am not saying that blog posts of 1,500s are less valuable. At Wealthy Place, if it is not valuable, then I can’t hit publish.

While a lot of the things you will read here are my failures and experiences, by disclosure, I don’t want to write a post such that at the end of the day you get to YouTube to find out further what I was trying to confer to you.

If I can’t solve your problem reading this article, how then can I make the money I Profess (on this blog)?

When you start your niche blog or affiliate marketing, have the same mind and you will see wallets being opened to you.

Myth #7.
You Will Make Money Everyday

For the fact that a lot of us might not expect to make money every day in this business is a great thing. But if a few newbies are having the thoughts of $100/day then the bad news is here – it does not work that way.

I get that many people say there is no quick rich scheme in IM, maybe they meant, you can’t make money every day in affiliate marketing. If yes, then the answer is, of course, a resounding yes and no. 

It’s possible to make money every day but you won’t see such high hopes at Wealthy Place– Maybe, get a large email list –persons using the recurring products you recommended.

Affiliate Marketing Sites in Nigeria

If you want to consider the number of Affiliate Marketing Sites in Nigeria, the answer is, they are few. Nevertheless, some of the popular ones are: Expertnaire.com | Jumia.com | Konga.com

 Expertnaire.com (you find products that pay you a commission up to NGN 12,000 to promote.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Starting an Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria was a myth until we saw an article that will completely help you get started in a minute. If you want to make money on Amazon in Nigeria here is King Solomon’s guide to it.

Affiliate Marketing Training In Nigeria

I have drilled you and most of the fundamentals you need to know about affiliate marketing, however, if you want a further program that will give you a full-time support while practicing affiliate marketing then one of the best is 72 Income Hour Generator.

72 Income Hour Generator was reviewed on our blog. What this program does is to teach you how to make money from home using Facebook ads model. You can watch the Free Video | Our Review.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Do you really want to start messing around with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria? One, Clickbank does not accept Nigerians, so why would you want to make money there?

Look, there are thousands of affiliate programs you can make good money, some even offer to pay as much as $400 per sale, so why kill yourself because of Clickbank?

As a rule of thumb, I wouldn’t advice you go with Clickbank. Why? Making money using the backdoor always has consequences, they may lock up your money after working hard to make money.

Before you think I am discouraging you from starting internet marketing with Clickbank, here is what to do.

How to Open a Clickbank Account in Nigeria (or any disapproved country)

#1. Go ahead and download a browser called Epic

#2. Set the proxy to USD

#3. Use a site like Fake Name Generator or namefake.com and get a human persona,

#4. Enter the details derived there and open your Clickbank account, ASAP

#5. What are you waiting for? Start making money. 😎 

A big disclaimer: Wealthy Place will never give support(s) to such issues. My Bad I guess. Also, this is for informational purposes only.

For a list of Top Enticing& Paying Affiliate ProgramsGet them here (full article coming up).

Jumia Affiliate Marketing

48 hours after joining Jumia’s Affiliate Program, I was already prepared to quit my fulltime job .

Ahmad Yasser said.

How true is this?

I can’t tell because everything is possible with making money with affiliate marketing.

With the Jumia Affiliate Program, you can start earning big with a commission up to 13% (pays more than Amazon.com).

All you need to do is register for free and get approved the next day | Advertise using their wide range of tools | Earn a commission up to 13%, on all orders a customer makes within 7 days.

For every Nigerian that does not know how to figure out making money with Amazon, then Jumia affiliate program offers you that possibility. Amazon.com is like Jumia.com.

The Difference Between Jumia and Amazon Affiliate Programs?

With Amazon.com, you are required to make a sale within 3 months, else, you are out! But with Jumia, you can choose to be lazy. The results is that you won’t earn from any of them.

How do you re-engineer and win on Amazon?

How to Make your first 2 sales as a Nerd on Amazon before the 3 months kick out process

Give a friend $20 and tell him/her to join a forum you are a member. Send over your Amazon product affiliate links for him/her to buy 2 products.

It can be products of $10 each. With that, you get your first sales before they kick you out.

Immediately you are settled, go ahead and push for more sales. Use the King Solomon’s guide to smash Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Disclaimer: this also is for informational purpose.

BIG QUESTION. DO YOU WANT TO beat 9-5 Jobs? See below..


Part #2.

Key Terms in Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the practice of checking the search volume of particular keywords and analyzing the websites already ranking for those keywords.

This is done in order to see how much effort it would take for your website to be on the first page for those keywords. Seems simple enough, right?

Tools for Keyword Research

MozBar – With this browser add-on, you can do custom searches by a search engine, view on-page metrics, export the SERP data to a CSV, and much more.

SEOMinion – Another browser add-on that assists with the analysis of On-Page SEO and several other factors.

KwFinder – A practical Keyword research tool for beginners. I started with KwFinder in 2017. Free Trial Here.

SEOQuake – A useful browser add-on that attaches a bar with multiple metrics for websites you’re either viewing or are listed in a Google/Bing search.

AHrefsBar – Great for keyword research. Country specific, detailed search results and competition analysis with individual site metrics view similar to SEOQuake.

SEMrush – another great keyword research to overtake your competitors. All you have to do is rush them over with SEMrush. 😉 You can check it out.

UbberSuggest – a free keyword research tool with a clean interface.

Keywords Everywhere – Search volume, related keywords, and metrics analyzer. Free keyword tool, very easy to use.

Longtail Keyword

A long-tail keyword is a keyword that aims to capture search traffic from a specific, often 3+ word search query. Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences.


 LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are conceptually related terms that search engines use to deeply understand the content on a webpage.

Examples of LSI are:

Main Keyword – affiliate marketing in Nigeria

LSIs – affiliate marketing opportunities in Nigeria 

Affiliate marketing products in Nigeria       

Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria      

Affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria


A backlink is a link placed within an area of another website as a hyperlink to your website. The purpose of this is to simulate a “buzz” inside of the search engines about your website. For your website, you want a diverse link portfolio. That means that your website should have links from multiple sources.

Backlinks should also be tiered. What that means is:

A 1st tier backlink (tier 1) points directly to your website with a hyperlink and should be from a high metrics domain. (Facebook/Twitter/Other Web 2.0s/Strong Guest Blog with high metric).

A 2nd tier backlink (tier 2) points to your tier 1 backlink.

Types of backlinks:

Web 2.0.

Blog comments.

Social bookmarks.

Contextual backlinks.

Editorial backlinks.

Guest posts.

Guest post bio links.

Webinar backlinks.

Forum profile links

Web 2.0 Link sources:











Social Bookmarks Link Sources:













Backlink checkers (check to see if a backlink is indexed):

Ahrefs (Free to use)

Small SEO tools (Free to use)

Moz (10 free link queries per month after signing up).



Majestic SEO

SEO SpyGlass

What Is Anchor Text?

What is anchor text? Anchor text is the highlighted text inside of a hyperlink. See below.​

– This is my anchor

Expired Domains & 301 Redirects

An Expired Domain

An expired domain is a domain that has expired beyond the original 1-year domain registration (or however long it’s registered for) but is still within the grace period to allow you to renew the domain. These domains can be bid on.

A Deleted Domain Name

This is a domain name that has expired & went beyond the grace period to renew, and is now able to be registered again.

Dropped Domain Name

A dropped domain name is a domain that has expired, has gone beyond the grace period, and has been dropped by the registrar.

You can acquire these through a domain backorder. Godaddy Namecheap and other domain name providers provide this service.

Auctioned Domain Name

An auctioned domain name is a domain name that the seller believes has value and has put up for an auction.

301 Redirects

A 301 redirect is directing a user who types in a URL to another URL of your choosing. The idea behind this is to point domains with high metrics to another domain in order to receive some “juice”.

Affiliate Marketing with SEO- Level 3

What is Grey Hat SEO?

Grey Hat SEO is a combination of White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO. Paying a service provider to write your articles is essentially grey hat.

SERPs: Search Engine Results Pages.

Example: “I’m number one in the SERPs for this keyword”.

Ranking: Your website’s position within one or more pages for a keyword.

Example: “My website is ranking on page 2 for this keyword”.

Keyword Stuffing: Adding your keyword into an article an unnatural amount of times to appear in the searches for that keyword.

Example Keyword: Build a chair

“This how you build a chair. I will now teach you how to build a chair. When you learn how to build a chair, you will then have a built chair “.

The above is called keyword stuffing.

Link Juice: The value of authority passed on from one website to another through a hyperlink.

PBN: A private blog network, which is a collection of websites that all point to each other pass on the authority to a money website.

Affiliate Marketing and MailChimp

We all like free stuff, right? But before you jump onto any free tool, go through their Terms and Conditions if they accept your affiliate promotional project, else, you might waste time and energy doing the right thing with the wrong tool.

For me, I once spent 8 hours designing 2 dope landing pages on MailChimp. Before you know it, I was banned, as in, the landing pages were unusable.

What does it mean?

MailChimp is not for internet marketers. That is why Email Tools such as Aweber and GetResponse are competing in the high seas. In other words, they are the best for internet or affiliate marketing.

Using MailChimp?

Only use it after reading their TOC – or perhaps your contents is not about make money online/sort of a thing.

What Do You Do When Once You Learn The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing?

It’s just a matter of creating compelling, high-value content.

How Much Do I Need To Connect With My Audience?

Lots. The more someone trusts you and feels they have a genuine relationship with you and that you offer them value, the more likely it is they will act on your advice/buy your products/check out your recommendations.

How Do you Make Money Like A Badass In Affiliate Marketing?

By providing value to your audiences & recommending solutions to them.

Is Promoting products online profitable?

Yes, it is. People make $50,000/month providing value.

Is Promoting Affiliate Products Online Scalable

Yes, it is.

Where Do Affiliate Marketers Spend Their Time?

This can vary depending on who is leading who. Most Affiliate Marketers are on Forums, Telegram and Facebook groups.

What Is My Hope In Making Money Online?

Wealthy Place has Weekend Classes for beginners, so, you can join others and learn every Friday.

What Is the Qualification for Joining in “Wealthy Place’s 40 days School”

You have started a project online – A niche Site.

Final Notes

I never knew this article will be so a big deal. That is not important though. What is more important was answering the question of being profitable with affiliate marketing?

How do you succeed?

Using PPC?

Know Copy Writing | Build your List | Show your list how to use it | Value

Using Precision?

Start a niche Website | Give valued content to build trust.

Our Recommendations

We only recommend solution “tools and services” to solve the pressing needs of our audience. On top of that, we support you in case you are challenged along the way, which our confidence is almost 98% that you will experience no such thing.

Build your Profitable Niche Site – Hosting companies

Build with an affordable Host- HostGator.com/service

Build with a premium Host Kinsta.com/service

Winning with Keyword Niche Domination

Beginners + basic Keyword Research Analytics – KwFinder.com/Tool

For advanced + normal users – SEMrush.com/Tool

Write with Authority 

All Users – Grammarly.com

All Users – Hemingwayapp

Image Compression

All Users – Canva.com/

All Users – Compressor.io/

Over to you?

#1. Do you think you will make more commission as an affiliate with Empathy?

#2. Do you think “as a beginner” you should not be seen as vulnerable just because you lack internet marketing skills?

#3. What is your most striking affiliate marketing strategies?

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Behind the scene: 4 days journey | 12,000+ words.

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