How many Landing Pages on LearnWorlds Can You Create? See it + Samples

how many landing pages on LearnWorlds

As we already know, in LearnWorlds, you can create website and landing pages for your online course platform.

Withn it, you can customize page content and settings, sections, layouts, and also optimize the pages for search engines ranking or to be found on the internet which you will see in this guide on how to go about it.

With the freedom to make money as a course creator, the question is, how many landing pages on LearnWorlds can you create? This and more are what we will be unraveling in this guide.


But what is Learnworlds?

Learnworldsis an online content hosting platform for creators who want to both monetize and manage their content exclusively.

what is Learnworlds

As a creator, Learnworlds allows you to create subscription-based membership sites for your audiences, although you can give out some sections for free if you want to. With this ability to create exclusive content for a particular set of people, you earn money from your students/audiences actively and passively.

Lastly, you can make recurring income by upselling to students and also manage your online school using a customized mobile app that is available to all creators.

Next question.


Is LearnWorlds just for solo online creators?

The answer is no. Unlike Podia which fits in best for solo online entrepreneurs, with LearnWorlds, the advanced course building facilities offered fits in for both solo creators and agencies. 

Many more course-building infrastructure with LearnWorlds include multi versatile integration systems, advanced analytics and reporting, multiple payment gateways, and a highly customizable creator page and site builder to design your online school to industry’s standard.


Understanding the different types of Landing Page Templates to Create on LearnWorlds  

While you can choose to create any custom pages for your online business, nonetheless, the top and popular landing pages on LearnWorlds include:

  • System Pages – this includes the Home, After Login, Payment, Courses, Cookie Policy, Privacy, Terms & Conditions, Thank you page.
  • Product pages – This includes Course, Bundle, and Subscription pages.
  • Affiliates pages
  • Blog Home Page – if at all you have enabled the Blog feature.

To fully understand the number of landing and website pages you can create on LearnWorlds, this is determined by your pricing plan subscriptions. Kindly refer to the table below for summarized info. 

How many Landing Pages on Learnworlds Summary Table?

Pricing plans and OptionsStarter planPro TrainerLearning Center
High Volume
Landing pages Up to 3 pages
(Home page, Course catalog, After login page).
Unlimited Landing PagesUnlimited Landing Pages
Editable Themes & Page TemplatesYesYesPremium Templates

How to Create Pages on LearnWorlds

Step 1. Sign up and sign in

The first step is to sign up and sign in to your LearnWorlds account. Click here to sign up on LearnWorlds – free for 30 days.

Upon clicking the link above, you will land on the page as shown below. Go ahead and select “Get Started Free”.

sign up on LearnWorlds

Now enter your account details and give a name to your online school.

learnworlds pros and cons sign up

Finally, confirm your account sign up via your email.

Use Facebook Groups with LearnWorlds


Step 2. Go to Site Builder 

Go to Site Builder → Edit School Site. With the default or selected home page appearing, click on the + New page at the top of the page.

How Many Landing Pages on Learnworlds Can You Create


Step 3. Add the page details

On the window that appears, add your custom page details. As a sample, you can add the following details about the new page you are creating:

  • The name of the new page.
  • The name of the URL of the new page (slug).
  • Whether or not you want the page to be added in a new page group or assign an existing group.
  • Whether or not you want the new page to be published upon creation.’

Optimize your LearnWorlds Pages for Search Engines


Step 4. Publish Page

With everything okay, click on create to publish your page. To see how it looks like, see the Pages Manager under “All Pages” and under the Page Group, it belongs to.

How to unpublish your LearnWorlds Pages

That’s it.


How to unpublish your LearnWorlds Pages

Now, what if you want to un-publish your already created LearnWorlds Pages? Here is what to do.

To start with, you have two options for unpublishing your page. You can either do it from the Page Properties or the Pages Manager.


Option 1. Unpublishing your page from Page Properties

To do this, navigate to Page Properties on the selected page, and then scroll down and change the Status of the Page from Public to Draft, or vice-versa.

Create Pages on LearnWorlds


Option 2. Unpublishing your page with Pages Manager

First, you have to go to Site Builder and → Edit School Site.

Next. Find the page you want to publish/un-publish by navigating to the Pages Manager. Hover over the Status setting and click to change the status of the page, either from published to draft or vice-versa.

As with Page Properties, click OK on the change status message.


How to Optimize your LearnWorlds Pages for Search Engines

Now, should you want your page content to be found on the internet, you will have to optimize it following the recommendations below.

Step 1. Edit school site.

Go to Site Builder and toEdit School Site.                


Step 2. Select preferred page 📃

Select the page you wish from the dropdown menu or locate it on your Page Manager.

Page Samples to use with your Learnworlds


Step 3. Edit the Page SEO

With your page selected, go ahead and Edit the SEO title of the page, choose the image you wish to be shown when the page is shared, and add the SEO description of the page.

learnworlds number of Landing Pages

Next. Add Keywords for SEO and finally, view the SEO live preview. 

Optionally, you may want to exclude the page from the SEO sitemap.

landing page sample on learnworlds

Live session – click here to watch this gif for an overview of the steps.


Kindly note: it is recommended to use images that are at least 1280 x 720 pixels for the best display on high-resolution devices and also, your images can be up to 8MB in size.

For images, check out and

Having seen how many landing pages on LearnWorlds, how about some samples for inspiration, ready? Let’s see a few below.


Landing Pages Samples to use with your Learnworlds Online School 🚸


1. Codeacademy page sample

Codeacademy’s landing page clearly shows a sleek and thoughtful techy design that can only increase conversions. From the top margin to the bottom, a prospect knows what to expect from the platform.

Codeacademy Landing Page sample for LearnwORLDS


2. Steve J. Larsen’s ‘One Funnel Away’ page sample

I like Steve J. Larsen’s ‘One Funnel Away’ landing page because he lets people know what the course’s resources offer at first sight and with a great incentive for those who want to learn more about sales funnels.

sleek design landing page sample on learnworlds


3. Startup Institute page

The Startup Institute landing page goes straight to the point by summarizing the top offers anyone landing on the page will get when they sign up.

Landing Pages Samples to use with your Learnworlds


4. DotDigital landing page sample

I like the dotdigital landing page because it creates curiosity for customers to check out the top success stories with the service tool, use cases, and how the platform works – all on the top page navigation.

types of Landing Page Templates to Create on LearnWorlds


5. AirBnB Landing Page

The AirBnB hosting journey page also creates curiosity which can fit for a perfect landing page for new prospects who are overthinkers.

AirBnB Landing Page sample for LearnwORLDS


6. LearnWorlds Landing page

Let’s not ignore the fact that even though we are talking about LearnWorlds here, the truth is, LearnWorlds depicts a great and converting landing page for a typical online course platform. 

Landing on the page, you get a definition of what you will get which is “Create and sell online courses from your website – the best online course platform for creating, selling, and promoting your online courses. Start monetizing your skills, experiences, and your audience.

learnworlds sample landing page

Just behind it, you get an introductory video about the platform, and down below the screen is displayed the top sites they have been featured which builds credibility and authenticity, and of course, an offer to start for free, plus a sticky free webinar class which all ends in customer acquisition/conversions.


That’s simply amazing.


A final note on LearnWorlds and the number of Landing Pages

Having defined how many landing pages on LearnWorlds you get on their pricing plans, the next question is, which of the plans is best for you to build an incredible online business and make recurring income? 

I would say if you are a Newbie course creator and you don’t care about having just about 3 landing pages for your online school, and low-end facilities then you can go with the “Starter pricing plan”, but if you want to take your online business to the maximum height then the best fit is from the PRO TRAINER plan, and above.

The good thing is, you can start absolutely free with the PRO TRAINER or Learning Centre Plan for 30 days and see the magnificent options it offers your online business.  

Some of the options include no transaction fees (as available in the Starter plan), unlimited pages (against 3 pages on the Starter plan), free courses to convert prospects (not available on the Starter plan), 24/7 customer support (as against 24/5 on the Starter plan), and more.  

Other advanced options on the higher plans – the PRO TRAINER or Learning Centre Pricing Plans include advanced analytics, payment gateways, Bulk User Actions is enabled which helps you to import, enroll, unenroll, tag, suspend, or delete your users by file upload, Interactive Video is enabled, Auto-Transcripts & Subtitles for your Videos, and Zoom & Webex Multiple Accounts, plus Dedicated Customer Success Manager are all enabled and of course, 24/7 Premium Support

Overall, LearnWorlds offers advanced facilities that suit both solo creators and agencies/institutions.

⮞⮞ Click here to start your 30-days free trial with LearnWorlds 


Ready to build your landing page with LearnWorlds?

Whether you’re using a landing page template or building one from scratch, with LearnWorlds site builder, you can customize it to whatever you want. And remember to test your landing pages to improve their effectiveness before finally launching fully.

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