How To Open a Wise Account in Nigeria, Fund, Verify, Withdraw & Use


What’s the big deal and why should you open a Wise Account in Nigeria? There are a lot of reasons, but the main reason/summary is to get the best exchange rate for your USD to Naira earnings.

Whether you want international business bank accounts (USD, GBP & EUR) for freelancing (working on Upwork or Fiverr), that is an account for freelancers to invoice like a local around the world, receive multiple currencies for free, or you want to become a self-employed international freelancer from Nigeria, chances are you will get paid through PayPal or Payoneer.

If it has to do with PayPal, you’ll want to be aware of the fees and exchange rates charged by different financial institutions. For instance, if you wish to move your funds from PayPal to the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card, PayPal charges $5, and UBA charges about 1.3% again, meaning, your funds are tearing in parts.

If you are like our esteemed clients and me, you would want a service that allows a free transfer of your funds, right? If your answer is yes, then you will love the opportunity to open a USD, Pounds Sterling & Euro bank account on and move your funds ALL FOR FREE from PayPal.

Also, while UBA bank does not encourage Dollar Prepaid Card users to move funds anymore from PayPal (firsthand confirmation at the bank), getting your dollar freelance funds out of the card can be a real issue.

In fact, I spent over 80 hours to figure out ways to do this, yet, no tangible solution than losing even more funds after the charges – unless – you want to use the funds and shop online.

The Good news: Currently, fnfSwap helps her Prepaid Card Clients/Users exchange their funds from the Dollar card swiftly at the best rate/Naira.

Therefore, if you’ve been using the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card to receive funds from PayPal, I would say, place it as a second choice & option while you go for Wise as the first option. Why?

With Wise, you get free funds movement from PayPal, zero user-to-user fees, and ultimately, you get a good USD to Naira exchange rate, more than the UBA Prepaid Card exchange rate.

Having known this, without further ado, let’s swiftly see how to open a wise account in Nigeria and obtain foreign bank accounts to receive your freelance earnings.

And as we advance, I will show you how to fund a Wise account from Nigeria, the Wise Money Transfer process, and even how you can verify it as I did.


But what is Wise?

how to open a wise account in nigeria

Wise (formally known as TransferWise) is a smart payment website or gateway with multi-currency accounts that make international money transfers cheap, fair, and simple for users.

For Nigerians, Wise is a payment option to receive digital and freelance funds from clients abroad and also move funds from PayPal for free, and lastly, get the best exchange rate value spend for your money in Naira.


The Big Question is,

Does Wise Work in Nigeria?

Yes, works in Nigeria, although only FULLY verified Wise account owners can get international bank accounts in USD, GBP, and EUR to receive funds from clients abroad and also move funds from PayPal.

See the video below to see how the platform works

Requirement to Create a Wise Account in Nigeria

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • A government-issued photo ID 

This is for the verification stage. (International Passport as the first choice & Driver’s License as the second choice. NIN slip is usually declined.)

  • A computer or smartphone connected to the internet.
  • A phone number connected to your smartphone (for SMS text messages)
  • The latest version of your browser (I always recommend Chrome or Mozilla).


How To Create a Wise Account in Nigeria

To create international bank accounts, send funds for free & cheap, get the best USD to Naira exchange rates, and join over 10,000,000 users and get started, follow the steps below.

1. Create your Account

Go to from a browser on your computer or phone.

When you click the link above, you’ll land on the same page as shown below.

  • Click or tap on “Get started”.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your email account.

2. Select your account type; Personal or Business

Choose the kind of account would you like to open; Personal or Business. CHOOSE PERSONAL.

“Business Wise Account” is not available to Nigerians for now. So, choose “Personal”.

transferwise account lessons 3 in nigeria

 3. Choose your Country of Primary Residence.

Automatically, you will see Nigeria, if not, use the knob and scroll down to select your country.

Automatically, you will see Nigeria, if not, use the knob and scroll down to select your country.

4. Verify your phone number with a code.

  • A verification code will be sent to the provided phone number. Go ahead and confirm the verification code sent to your phone. Then click on Continue.
transferwise account lessons 5 in nigeria
  • You will get a success message saying; you’re registered on Wise.
transferwise account lessons 6 in nigeria

We are done with the account opening process. You will land on your dashboard. Ignore that for now and let’s go to the next step.

5. Verify your email address

  • Open your email account and click on Verify Email Address in the email you received from This email will be from Wise <>
transferwise account lessons 4 in nigeria
transferwise account
  • Clicking on the “Confirm your email link” will take you back to where you will get a prompt that your email is verified. Click on “Continue”.
transferwise account lessons 6 in nigeria

6. Access your Wise Account Dashboard

When you click on “Continue” after email verification, you will now be logged into the new account.

transferwise account lessons 8 in nigeria

Congratulations. That is how to create a new TransferWise account in Nigeria

Yet to get started? Click here to go to and sign up.

We are done with the account opening process, let’s see how to use the account like a pro.

At this point, if you have any questions, chat with me here.

How to get Debit Card in Nigeria

Look at your top left and you will see “Cards”.

transferwise account lessons 2 in nigeria

Like the UBA Prepaid Card, has an international debit card to spend abroad with the real exchange rate. But as a Nigerian, you can’t use this card because the cards haven’t reached Nigeria yet. In this case, ignore the card section and let’s continue; not as if our purpose with Wise was to get a debit card, right? Yeah.

  • Recipient Section

This is where you’ll see your activity and transactions. As a new user, you won’t see any activity.

  • Manage Section

Next, you will see Manage your account where you will see Balances (Account Details) & Payments (Receiving by email and phone number).

transferwise account lessons 9 in nigeria
  • Account Details Section

This is where you will get your international bank accounts – that is the USD – Dollar, GBP – Pounds Sterling and EUR – Euro.

  • Click on it and enter your details.
transferwise account lessons 10 in nigeria
  • Enter your details and lastly, click on “Continue”.
  • Choose a currency for your account details.
transferwise account lessons 11 in nigeria
  • The majority of us have a USD PayPal. Therefore, use the knob selector USD. And if yours is GBP or EUR, select the same. After the currency selection, click on “Confirm”

transferwise account lessons 12 in nigeria
  • Deposit money and get your account details.

You will need to pay $20 to Verify your identity to get your account details. Without that, you can’t get it.

With this, we are going into funding a Wise account.

Truth is, funding a Wise account is one of the challenges WHY many people from Nigeria do not go on with the account.

But because exists, you don’t need to worry about all the processes as I will guide and provide the funds for the verification process. But before that, let’s check out how to enable your account to receive payments via email and phone number – all for free on Wise.


How to Fund Wise Account in Nigeria

  • Enable contacts to receive Funds via email and Phone number.

The essence of this is to make yourself found on Wise by your funder or sender. To do this, go to settings and click on “Contacts on Wise”.

how to use wise in nigeria

Go ahead and turn the Email and Phone Number buttons on.

wise account nigeria

This is how it will look after turning them on.

how to open a transferwise account

With this, it means, I can easily see you and fund your account.

Next – Please finish your Wise Profile account settings if you did not.

Check your email address inbox for any available link from Wise. When found, click on it and complete your profile info

This step is important, else, when anyone tries to fund your account, the prompt – “You need to complete your account settings” will pop up.

So, do that first before you drop your Wise Email Address & Profile Name for funding.  

  • Provide your email address or Wise name for Funding

For funding, Wise expects you to deposit $20 to activate the account ready for use.

Please note that Wise does not accept any Nigerian-based credit cards for funding anymore.

Therefore, if you want your account funded, meet fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace and they will fund your Wise account for ₦25,000.

The fee is now ₦23,000 only (exchange rate and  transaction fees factored in).

When you make the payment and confirmed, you will be asked to drop your Wise email address, and from there, your account will be processed to be funded.

Time for funding – 10 to 45 mins max.

Fee – ₦25,000 only

>> Click here to make payment for Wise Funding

  • Verify your Identity

At this point, you’ll need to show Wise your ID, and sometimes a copy of a bank statement or utility bill. It’s one of the ways they keep your money safe.

The good thing about the Identity verification is that it usually takes a few minutes. But sometimes it can take up to 3 working days.

By experience, the preferred verification document on Wise is “International Passport. The second choice is “Driver’s License”. NIN slip is completely out of selection.

P.S: I highly recommend you start processing an international passport if you don’t have one. Why? – you need it as a freelancer or digital hustler legitimately working online.

Immediately after your account is funded, you will get an option to select your Identity type.

open wise account in nigeria
  • Take a Photo of yourself

Wise will ask you to take a head photo shot of yourself to verify what the image as on your ID.

From here, your account will be approved and you get your USD account details. Simple.

transferwise account in nigeria

How To Verify Wise Account in Nigeria Summary

To verify your TransferWise account, you will have to, first of all, submit your ID like International Passport or Driver’s License, and when approved, you fund the account with $20 only, and your Wise account will be fully verified.

That is all.

Want to fund your account? Click here to get started.

How to Add Wise USD Account Details to PayPal

How To Open a Wise Account in Nigeria, Fund, Verify, Withdraw & Use
  • Log into your Wise accounts

The login code will be sent to your phone, just copy and enter them to log into your account.

transferwise account lessons 12 in nigeria
  • Go to your USD Balance
open a transferwise account in nigeria
  • Select USD and your account number will display.

    (Let the selection be “Inside USD”) – see below.

open a wise account in
  • Log into your PayPal account

Go to “Pay & Get Paid. Then select Banks & Cards.


transferwise account lessons in nigeria
  • Link new Bank

Click on Add a New Bank Account

how to open wise account in nigeria

Copy your details and add as provided on

transferwise account lessons 13 in nigeria

When done, select Personal or Business. And lastly, click on “Agree and Link Bank”.

  • Confirm PayPal Deposits

Now, two small deposits will be sent to your Wise account where you will come back to enter them on PayPal to confirm your account.

See the deposit amount sample below on my Wise account.

Verify Wise account step 2

Kindly note that it might take up to 2 days or 48 hours before you receive these deposits on your Wise. So, don’t worry if you don’t see them immediately or after 24 hours.

  • Enter the EXACT Deposits on PayPal

Now, copy the figures on your Wise account and enter them in the spaces provided in your PayPal account. See below.

How To Open a Wise Account in Nigeria, Fund, Verify, Withdraw & Use

[Those are the 2 small deposits on Wise.]

Verify TransferWise account step 3
  • Status Confirmation

Account status will turn to “Confirmed”.

Verify TransferWise account step 1

You will see a circled green tick.

Verify TransferWise account step 2
  • PayPal Confirmation via email

Immediately after you do this, your Wise to PayPal will be confirmed and PayPal will send you the prompt via your email. You will get “Your PayPal account is Verified and your sending limits were removed”.

wise account in nigeria

That is how to link and add Wise USD Account Details to PayPal.

From here we can move funds from PayPal to WISE- all for free.


How to Withdraw & Move Funds from PayPal to Wise

PayPal FUNDS to Wise

Just as you move your funds from PayPal to UBA Prepaid Dollar Card, the same thing applies. But instead of selecting Card, you will select Bank – that is the Wise Bank Account we just added.

To move funds to Wise:

  • Click on Transfer Funds
  • Select Bank
  • Confirm the amount and click Continue.

That is all.

How To Withdraw from Wise to Nigeria Bank Account

Withdraw & Exchange your Wise Funds to Naira Bank Account

To withdraw & exchange your Wise funds to Naira Bank Account is simple.

That is, just as I moved the funds to fund your account, you will move the funds to fnfSwap and get Naira at a good rate.

Follow the steps below to do that.

  • Go to the USD account section on Wise.
  • Click on the “SEND” button.
opening wise account in nigeria
  • Enter the amount you want to send or exchange. When done, click on Continue.
how to open a transferwise account in nigeria
  • Enter the fnfSwap Wise Email Address.

Enter our email address in the space provided.

P.S – we will give you an email address to enter.

wise recipient
  • Review details of your transfer to the recipient.
how to open a transferwise account in nigeria for freelancers

As you can see, it is all FREE on Wise transfers.

Finally, click on “confirm and Send” and fnfSwap will receive the funds.

use wise nigeria
  • Get Funded instantly in Naira  with money sent to your Naira account.

As per fnfSwap culture, you will get Naira funded instantly at a high rate of ₦690/$ – as of the time of writing.

That is all.

Get started.

The Top Benefits of Wise Account

  • You get high Dollar to Naira exchange rates.
  • Low fees to move money, and zero fees if you are transferring to another Wise user. 
  • There is high security and account validation on Wise. 
  • You get multiple international currency accounts all for free. 
  • You can send funds using an email address, or phone number of from your contact.

International Currencies Supported on TransferWise

You can add money to your Wise account in 21 currencies which include: AUD, BGN, BRL, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, JPY, MYR*, NOK, NZD, PLN, RON, SEK, SGD, TRY and USD.

  • AUD from any bank account in Australia
  • CAD from any bank account in Canada
  • EUR from any bank account in the world that’s denominated in EUR
  • GBP from any bank account in the UK, or by SWIFT
  • NZD from any bank account in New Zealand
  • MYR from any bank account in Malaysia (only available for personal accounts
  • PLN from any bank account in Poland (we’ve had to stop users from getting PLN account details for now while we make improvements; if you have them already, you can keep using them as normal)
  • SGD from any bank account in Singapore
  • USD from any bank account in the US, or by SWIFT from certain countries
  • RON from any bank account in Romania (only available if you’re a resident in the EEA, Switzerland, the US, Canada, Australia, or Japan)
  • HUF from any bank account in Hungary
  • TRY from any bank account in Turkey.


To fund your Wise account, contact a merchant or loved one that has Wise funds up to $20, give the person your email address, and pay the local currency equivalent, when the payment is confirmed, your account will be funded.

fnfSwap helps her clients fund Wise accounts. Click here to fund your Wise.

The best way to set up a Wise account to receive money is to verify your account via email address, complete the profile verification, fund, and provide your ID for approval. When approved, you are ready to transact on Wise without issues.

Wise account verification takes from 30 minutes to 24 hours after submission and acknowledgment by the Wise team.

To move funds to a Wise account, all you need to do is send the funds from another Wise account via email address. And if you are moving funds outside of Wise, then you need to use the US, UK or the Euro generated accounts to send funds to a Wise account.

When once your account is verified, you will get an email notification from Wise, the virtual accounts generated with their account numbers, and then, you will be asked to click and view the account details thereof.

No, Wise does not require a Bank account for it to work in Nigeria. With your email address, funding, and verification, you are good to go.

Bartercard was the only card that worked for TransferWise funding, but that was disabled some time ago. Currently, there is not a notable card that works, except trying cards that are not issued in Nigeria.

Like we said, for now, Wise Card is not available to Nigerians. Therefore, you cannot get it. Nonetheless, you can drop your email on the waiting list for notification when available in Nigeria.

Yes, the WISE App work in Nigeria, and anywhere else in the world.  

No, you cannot send Naira anymore to a Wise account as it was disabled after the 2021 CBN Policy.

You can use your Wise email Address or Bank Accounts to receive money into the account. All you need to do is copy the email address or Bank Account to the sender or the source of the incoming funds.

No, you can’t. Dollar funds can only go into a Dollar account. The only way is to get the UBA Naira Prepaid Card and link to PayPal, move the funds in Dollars and it will be automatically converted to Naira.          

Yes, Wise is available in Nigeria. However, you will need to verify your account with your ID and initial funding before you can fully use it.

Yes, it is. As a freelancer, Wise gives you the top 3 popular international accounts for free – USD, EUR and GBP.

You can easily see your Wise Account by going to the Account section. Alternatively, if you are using a PC, check your middle left and you will find the Virtual bank accounts.

You can easily see your IBAN under the Virtual Bank account details.

First off, you need to know that Wise is not a Bank account, so, it is not advisable to keep a lot of money there. I would advise you to keep at most $50-$150 on your Wise account.

The answer is yes. You can withdraw from Wise to your Bank account, sell to an exchanger, or send to family and friends.

You can add money to Wise using your Credit Card if you are outside Nigeria. You can also have another user transfer funds to you, and lastly, you can receive money via your Virtual Wise Bank accounts.

No, NIN is not accepted, exception of International Passport and Drivers License.

It takes 30 minutes – 1 hour if you are using an international passport and can take 1-3 days with other documents.

No, you don’t. Wise is open and available to all Nigerian IP addresses no matter your location.

First off, you can get your account statement on Wise. To download the document, go to the balance:

  • Select More → Statements
  • Choose the type of statement you’d like
  • Choose PDF or CSV format. Only CSV statements can be uploaded to your accounting software
  • Click on Download
  • You may need to enter your Wise password to confirm the download.

There are many reasons for the Wise deactivation of accounts. One of them is transferring money or funding an account that was banned but re-activated on Wise. Others include receiving suspicious funds or other factors against their Terms and Conditions.

Yes, it can be used. I am using it, our clients are, and you can as well. All you need to do is to open your account here on Wise, select account type –  personal (as Business is not available to Nigerians), and finally, verify it and start using it.      

Yes, Wise is safe. However, we recommend you do not keep more than $150 in your Wise account, and if possible, withdraw your funds after some hours or days of arrival to your TransferWise account.

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