After Blogging with many monetization methods to making multiple 7 figures online, I discovered… 

You Can Use Strategic Blogging Systems With a Few Blog Posts and Readers a Month to Generate 7 Figures a Month, 6 Figures a Week, or a Day on Some Good Days – all Working from Home [Part time or Full-time]:

 The Secret? You need a working method that sticks – not what you’ve ever heard about a blogging business. 

From July 2022 to May 10th, 2023 – as of the time of writing, I’ve done over ₦4.7 million in blogging business profits and a gross total of over $91,000 with Zero Dollars or Naira spent on paid advertising.

blogging business in nigeria to start with 300k

If we go back to 2021 till now, then, we are talking about over $100,000.

blogging business income in nigeria proof now

And if we consider today, Sunday 14th May 2023, I’ve done over ₦1 million in transactions and over ₦53,000 in profits.

I know what you think. Another exaggerated line. But I’m using Johny Drille’s voice to say – believe me, believe me, believe me.

Well, don’t take my word for it, but the thing with me is that I don’t claim to do what I have not. Why?

Because I don’t have an intention to oversell you. If you are in our community, you should know me by now.

But since this might be your first time hearing the name – Isuamfon Offiong, Lemme show you the bank statement proof of the ₦1 million plus done today.

How To Start Blogging Business in Nigeria For Beginners & Make ₦500k/Mo

Hey there,

My name is Isuamfon Offiong, and I’m a full-time Business Blogger. Most people call me coach – but I kinda don’t like the tag.

On the side, I am a B2B, SaaS & Digital Currency Freelance Writer, Niche Blogger, SEO Consultant, and Startup fanatic. 

How To Start Blogging Business in Nigeria For Beginners & Make ₦500k/Mo

A lot of people have been asking me, how do you do it – make money online? See the answer below.

I make money by valuing people over profits – you don’t need to be a psychologist to understand it.

And right now, I want to show you how to succeed in Blogging Business using a few monetization pathways such as Affiliate Marketingdisplay ads using Google AdSenseproviding a service and international partnership deals.

But before I go on to tell you how, I need you to know that thousands of people have started Blogging Businesses in Nigeria and all over the world and failed woefully. Not because they had failure mentality.

No. This has nothing to do with belief systems.

And funny enough, some thought they could use motivation alone to break even. But you know what?

These are the set of persons who call the blogging business dead. Okay, thanks. 😤

Well, I do not blame them. You know why?

Here is it.

Some of them started/blogged using the old pattern because they heard a lifestyle blogger like Linda Ikeja made over a billion Naira via her blog and boom; they launched theirs and failed flat 💀.  

See, I have failed in the blogging business over and many times, and believe me when I say if you want to succeed in blogging online business today, you need the 2020’s method that sticks, in other words, a method that works. 

Here is how it started. 

Blogging Business in Nigeria and Anywhere – How to do it

The topic of this article reads – how to start a blogging business in Nigeria for beginners & make ₦500k/mo, but in just 7 days, I made more than what I proposed – over ₦500,000 with zero budget on paid advertisements using 4 blogging business monetization strategies. See how it went down below.

In the third week of April, 2023, I brought in ₦516,354.8 in blogging business profits. This is just income [excluding any form of expenses or gross total].

Going on, I will show you this week’s earnings – week of this documentation. But for now, let’s see the week 3 of April earnings.

Nigeria blogging calender make money
Sunday, 16th 2023₦10,899
Monday, 17th 2023₦55,456
Tuesday, 18th 2023₦84,928
Wednesday, 19th 2023₦218,820
Thursday, 20th 2023₦24,849
Friday, 21th 2023₦14,817
Saturday, 22th 2023₦103,785
Total for 7 days₦516,354.8

Income Breakdown

  • Affiliate Commissions – ₦202,824
  • Digital Service – ₦311,090
  • Side Hustle – ₦0
  • Google AdSense – $3.39

How I built a 7 Figure Blogging Online Business using the late 2020’s System

I started, my main Digital Marketing blog as a landing page to promote affiliate programs in Nigeria after failing horribly and struggling with blogging business since 2016.

I created the blog in 2019 with zero everything. I mean, no content, zero readers, zero email contacts, and I wasn’t found on the internet. See the registration date below.

isuawealthyplace dOMAIN-Bought

After growing tired of promoting products that paid me once, I needed to do something, as in, find a way to start a credible online business that could pay me over and again – AKA, recurring or passive income, and also doing this without spending a dime in paid advertising.

After days, weeks, and years of doing it the popular way and still failing, I decided that I would take blogging as a business🚀.

In the course of testing things, tweaking, learning, and unlearning 6 or 8 hours a day, and literally trying many different things, by reverse engineering, I discovered that I could get paid even if I didn’t have to put in the work again from scratch after the first time, and without paid traffic, and ultimately stumbling upon a unique method that clicked. AKA – a profitable method 💡🎨.

This single decision helped me create my unique way to success and today, it is easy to look back at how you too could use this strategic method and build a profitable online business despite the popular clique that blogging is dead or an impossible way to make money on the internet.

With this unique method, you could use 10-20 articles and bring in over 50,000 blog readers where you can earn money with AdSense, providing a service, or working with various local and international brands.

Would you believe I made 7 Figures with articles not up to 50 in number and without Google AdSense monetization, all with 3 blogging monetization methods? Of course, I don’t expect you believe me, after all, you do not know about them 😎 .


Follow me here as we go in deeper.


I don’t blow my trumpets because I am on a blogging business mission – that is, to build a “Digital Media Company” that incorporates tens of successful blog sites, hence, why I am a niche blogger – a blogger that writes on many subjects. 

Currently, I am managing over 7 blogs and 2 more are about to be launched.

Ye, I told you; I am on a mission.

The thing is, I am a full-time blogger. You know what that means, right? 

If not, here is it…

As a full-time blogger, I’ve got to make money to feed myself, my family, loved ones, and do goodwill to the less privileged ones

I know what you’re thinking now. Here is it. 

This guy gets millions of readers a month to his blogs, hence, making these kinds of monies or what you might call blogging success.  


No, nope, and no. I don’t. 

In fact, none of my blogs has up to 25,000 readers a month – [not as if I can’t do it – but it’s not my science of blogging business]. Follow me here. 

You might think I am crazy, or, you might say I am capping. Not at all.

Lemme show you how it is possible sef.

I can use one blog post and generate 12,000 views a month. That means, if I replicate it with 10 blog posts, I can easily get 100,000 readers a month and I start making Google AdSense money. 

Here is one blog post to see what I mean here. 

how to start a blog for free and make money

This one blog post brings in over 6,000 readers a month, and it has a potential of 13,000 readers a month if I focus on it. But no, I do not like Google AdSense monetization on my blogs.


Because it will disturb you from reading the content you clicked on “on the Google Search Engine”. 

Do you have any doubts? Well, I don’t blame you for it. See below.  

Here are my current AdSense earnings on one of our business blogs – I inserted the AdSense Code Monetization on about 4 or 6 pages only.

how to start a blog and make money

Now, imagine, if I applied the AdSense Monetization codes all over the blog, I would be getting $80-$100+ a month passively.

But the dangling thing about AdSense earnings with me is?

It is not my thing – not my major option of making money with a Blog.

While this is personal, well, here is one of the considerations why I don’t fancy it all that.

It takes one sale or service to make 5-10 times what Google AdSense will give me in 5 months with the same blog traffic. Here is one example below. 

I partnered with a client and got a deal of $500 for doing less than 3 minutes of work.

How Can I make Money Fast from Blogging Business in Nigeria

With AdSense, that would take a very long time.

Your question now. 

If your blogs get low traffic of readers, how come, in less than 7 months, you’ve made over ₦4.7 million in blogging business profits and a gross total of over $91,000 with Zero Dollars or Naira spent on paid advertising budget?

Answer – I blog by re-engineering the process.

Now, there is such a thing called – “Transactional Business Blogging” – which means, I am using my blogs to solve people’s problems and answer their painstaking questions and getting paid for it. 

If you observed my bio, it says – I make money by valuing people above profits. 

Nigeria blogging bio

That is to say, I put people’s needs before asking what they can do for me or what I can get from them.

How I Built Blogging Business in Nigeria with Daily Income


Follow me here. 

Let’s go the way of the Blogging Business case study to see a rundown overview of my blogging journey.


Blog 1- a Digital Service Blog Site                                   

Time of Launch – 7 months ago. 

Google Stats – 800 clicks so far. 

blogging business in africa with high profit

Google Earnings – $0

Gross Total – over $91,000

Profit – over ₦2,300,000

Blog Post – 8

blogging business in nigeria with high profit naira

Objective – Solving a digital problem/providing a digital service.

Blog Traffic – less than 500 a month. 

Blog 2 – a Travel Niche Blog Site

Time of Launch – 3 Years ago. 

Google Stats – 1.7k clicks so far. 

How To Start Blogging Business in Nigeria For Beginners & Make ₦500k/Mo

Google Earnings – $0

Profit – over ₦500,000

Blog Post – 18

Monetization – affiliate marketing [about 5 affiliate products]  

Notion – writing about relocation pathways.

Traffic – less than 2,000 a month. 

Blog 3 – a digital Money Blog

Time of Launch – 3 Years ago. 

Google Stats – over 9k clicks last month

how to start a business in nigeria

Google Earnings – $100+

Profit – over ₦9,000,000

Blog Post – Less than 80

Monetization – Affiliate Marketing 95% | Partnership 2% | AdSense 1% | Freelance 2%

Notion – Business Leads

Traffic – less than 17,000 a month. 

Blog 4, 5, 6, 7 – in development stages…

starting blogging business in nigeria with high profit

Do I hear you saying, Wowww? Well, here’s a better thing to do. Ask me “How did you do it?”

Here is how. 

Apart from the “Smart Rich Scheme Blogging Training Program” which shows you how I do this, I can move to Botswana with just my laptop, with an internet connection, in 7 months, I will replicate the results and still be successful. 

See, blogging is my thing. 

I love blogging such that I can’t exchange it for an oil company’s work – which of course, is a dream of many. 

Call it bragging if you want sha. But, but, hear me out. 

I am nowhere the earnings of the new intakes per month of oil company workers, but mainnnnnnnnn, you can’t take my love away from me. If you do, how then will I fulfill the mission – of creating the ultimate Digital Media Company? 

But before I do that, I want to create the next generation of successful bloggers from whence I’ve been getting lots of thanks you[s] and questions about “how to start a successful blogging business” for a long time now.

new -how to start a blog for beginners
how to start a website business in nigeria
blogging lesson consultation

Since, there was nothing as my blogging experience out there, I said, it is time. It is time to open you to a new paradigm of blogging to success.

Thankfully, I have influenced a lot of people to start their blogging business – with my friends inclusive, because why not? I mean, blogging is so vast for everyone to make money with it.


Now, over to you – if you want to replicate the results and more.  

… and more. 

I am saying … and more… because I have seen someone learn from me, and go on to make astronomical success. 

blogging consultation in nigeria

So, I am not your competition. You should only see me/results as an inspiration. 

Now look…

Look around and within you. What should motivate you to start a blog today? 

Maybe it is for money or passion. Wait a Minute. Passion. Did I hear that well? 

Ok yeah, people say that you need passion to make blogging a success. Well, it is not entirely true. 

Let’s just say you need an interest level of 40% and 60% of your “why of wanting to start a blog” – which we all know – to make money and passive income. 


Blogging is one of the businesses that if you build today with a good strategy – will keep making you money over time without doing more extra work – except to update your blog posts if you want [to keep them relevant]. 

Here is what I mean. 

Do you know the joy that abounds when I get a random email inbox 📬 – of sales or partnership deals?

I am talking about earnings you did nothing again than the previous blog publishing and marketing. See these two. 

1 sale of a $900 product made me $270 in commission.

how start a blog in nigeria for free

In Naira, that is about 194,400 in one blogging business day.


Another time, 1 sale of a ₦50,000 digital product made me ₦25,000 in one blogging day – just 4 days ago actually.

how to start blogging in nigeria

Even a side blogging hustle…

I offered a ₦46k service and make ₦13,000 for less than 45 minutes of work per time. Yea, I made that less than 20 hours ago. 

blogging business in nigeria with daily income
blogging business in nigeria pdf download

Okay, let’s get a relative rundown of the income for the last 6 days via blogging business [across all my niche blog sites] – I am not including today, Sunday, 14th May, 2023 – as of the time of documentation.

Nigeria blogging calender
Monday, 8th 2023₦33,688
Tuesday, 9th 2023₦33,930
Wednesday, 10th 2023₦27,335
Thursday, 11th 2023₦58,035
Friday, 12th 2023₦34,580
Saturday, 13th 2023₦14,630
Total for the 6 days₦205,495.6

Income Breakdown

  • Affiliate Commission – ₦34,360
  • Digital Service – ₦156,268
  • Side Hustle – ₦13,000
  • Google AdSense – $2.58

Well, I never wanted to include Sunday, 14th, 2023 – as of the time of documentation, but gracefully, I have done over ₦1 million plus in transactions and ₦50k+ in profits + ₦2,500 in side hustle [check the bank statement at the beginning].

Here is the ₦2,500 paid 😂

side hustle money

I am practically proving to you what works – not what used to work. This is the 2020’s blogging business profitable method.

Now, you’ve seen me make this possible. It isn’t a magic, okay? You too can make it stick. 

Let’s Check Out YOUR Success Possibilities with  Blogging Business in Nigeria/Anywhere

When you talk of Passive Income, Active Income, Side Hustle, an Online Business for:

  • full-time wives,
  • students, 
  • girls and boys,
  • men,
  • graduates and undergraduates,
  • the jobless – job seekers, then blogging business is the best you could think of, cause, how do I tell you that the blogs I started with less than $100 altogether has made me 6 figures in the last 6 days?

For instance, the freelance service website I launched recently with Hostinger Web Hostinger company was less than $90.

I’m too busy right now to get started, but the exciting thing is, going forward, one gig on the blog site will see me make 3x or 4x that amount I’m used in launching it. Isn’t it wonderful? 

If your response is in the affirmative, then I say, I thought as much 🚀.


Why Blogging Business is the Best Online Business with the most ROI in Nigeria

 See, blogging is one of the best businesses you can start with small money and make awesome big money on the line. 

And did I tell you I spent zero Naira on paid Advertising? Yes, I did. 

With no paid ads, I’ve made 98% of the income on my business blog. 

I have said enough and I can imagine you saying/asking in your mind – how do I replicate this success and make money for myself too?

I would rather you ask – am I willing to start blogging, keep writing using the right strategies, and patience to see the big results? 

Hey, I don’t teach “Fast Rich Schemes stuff”. I don’t do it, so, I don’t teach that. 

Nonetheless, if you want to call my blogging method of using re-engineering the processes – a fast rich scheme – then I would rather say, call it the “Smart Blogging Business Strategy” which means, with one blog post, you can generate 10,000 blog readers – replicate it with 10 to 15 blog posts, apply for Google AdSense monetization, and start making money for yourself. 

And if you don’t want Google AdSense monetization, you do what I do, and target what I call – transactional keywords or topics which solve people’s problems and you make money off it. 

All these, I have covered in the Blogging Course called – Smart 🧠 Income Blogging Business Program

This lesson shows you how I make a full-time income in the blogging business using majorly partnering with international companies via Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense Earnings. 

Good news? I have updated the course with a new monetization method called – Blogging Business Negotiation Code.  


What is the Blogging Business Negotiation Code all about?  

This is a short one-on-one live lesson in which I will teach you how to negotiate blogging partnership deals and make 3x-5x or more of the amount you deserve. See 2 instances. 

First instance –One partner came to me and demanded my advertising fee, on the normal, the fee should have been $100 or less, but, with the Blogging Negotiation Code, I made 5X of the amount, which was $500 for a 3-minute blogging job. 

blogging business in nigeria to start with 500k

In Naira, that’s about ₦360,000 – a one-day blogging task. 


Second instance – another time, the service fee should have been $90 or so. What did I do?

I used the Blogging Business Negotiation Code and made 3X of it and ended up collecting $300 with long-term benefits as a partner. 

blogging business in nigeria to start with 100k

Below is when I receive the payment.

getting paid in nigeria via blogging

The Blogging Business Negotiation Code, I will teach you over the phone, via Zoom, or WhatsApp [until I make a recording detailing]. It’s a short magical blogging lesson I’ve grabbed which has produced a good ROI.


Ready to enroll and get trained? Or you want to figure it out on your own. 

Big considerations are below. 

  • Get into a Blogging roller-coaster or decide to learn from the mistake of others and use a Smart 🧠 Income Blogging Business method and hit the nail on the head. 
  • Would you rather learn fashion design from an expert or you would want to figure it out on your own? 
  • You can decide to be smart in business like the Igbos, serve to be served – learn, so, you can teach others. 
  • Lastly, you can decide to reinvent your own wheel or use what sticks – AKA, what works.

If you believe that my years of experiences, mentorships, and results are worth paying for – then, welcome to the “Smart Rich Scheme Blogging Training Program”. If not, thanks for reading this far. 

If you are game already into the blogging business, click below to enroll in the training and get started. 

When you enroll in the lesson, you get access to:

  • Me,
  • My experiences,
  • My mentorship,
  • My results,
  • My one-on-session,
  • My Updates,
  • My Successes, 
  • New Income Reports, etc. 

Enough of convincing you 😠. No energy again abeg.

So, lemme drop the screenshots via blogging business to do the talking – cause – I cannot come and kill myself trying to tell you that the “Smart 🧠 Income Blogging Business Training Program” is the first and the last stitch blogging business training program you need to succeed like mad.

Going on to earn over ₦3,300,000 with this one platform with 90% via blogging business is crazy – just saying.

How To Start Blogging Business in Nigeria For Beginners & Make ₦500k/Mo

Here is another.

With only 27 visitors and 12 of them turning to paying customers, I made almost $12,000 in sales, and a commission of over $3,500.00 which is passive. 

blogging business in nigeria with high profit

That is, it is a recurring commission partner program – which means as far as the customers continue using this service, I get paid.

blogging money stat in Nigeria

It is the same program I told you of earning $200 passive in my email some days ago

blogging business income in nigeria

Some commissions are pending – due dates, and you can see how many times I’ve been paid below. 

blogging business income in nigeria show

And for those paid so far…

blogging business income in nigeria showmantics

How to Discover a Profitable Blogging Business Strategies

What you will get from this training program, I can promise you that NO ONE WILL REVEAL TO YOU. (No bragging pls). Do you know why? Because the average human is selfish.

 But for me, I know that power is gained when secrets are shared so, I can’t wait for you to succeed.  

Learning how to build and scale my niche blogs is one of the most important discoveries I ever made after many years of hide and seek with failures.

This discovery has helped me:

➽ Run my blogging business with enthusiasm earning in Dollars – to my PayPal account.

➽ ️Lost taste for a 9-5 job – not as if you will find one in the present Nigeria.

➽ Finally leaving my parents’ house and independent – something that created goosebumps whenever I thought about how I would do everything on my own. 😩

➽ Took my parents out on a date December 2020 (before my dad passed away in May 2021).

➽ Create my own schedule and attend any event at any time of the day, week or month without having to apply for a work leave.

➽ Being able to afford the normal things I want without having to plan for months is total freedom to me.

For instance, in September 2021, I went to Jiji and found a great video editing and gaming editing laptop to buy. After calling the shop and seeing it, I told the seller that I will get it the next day. And that’s exactly what happened – all financed via blogging income – I shared the images with my community.

Just think about it.

What could I have done or happened to me in this economy where getting a job is either based on who you know or learning a trade to start from scratch with your degree at hand – regardless if you had a second class upper or First class?

In summary, my life is completely different now, and here’s the bitter truth: I’m no different than you.

I started my blogging business in 2019, but some years ago, I was struggling and literally motivating myself because no one was there to motivate me. See the mode. 😩


You feel you need extra help like when I started?

I’m only asking because I want to teach you every single detail that I learned so that you can live your life your own way. And most importantly, so you can look back and always thank the day you met me.

Give me just 5 minutes and I will show you how to start a profitable Blogging Business without being savvy or even if you hate writing content.

Before we close, let’s talk about ways to make money.


Ways to make money with Blogging Business

There are so many ways to make money with blogging. Below are some of the ways.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Ads – like Google AdSense
  • Sponsorship deals with local and international partners
  • Sponsored content on your blog
  • Providing a service
  • Freelancing
  • Paid-Link Insertions
  • Selling an Online Course

You can choose any of them and monetize your blog after putting out content. Let me briefly explain all of them.


1. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a performance (action based) type of digital or internet marketing.

It is the process, an art/act of using a medium like the internet to recommend solution products, services, tools, and businesses to those in need of them.

Let’s say, for instance, a nursing mother takes her phone and searches for the best diapers for under 2 babies.

My job as a blogger is to provide the answer to her question by recommending the best Diapers available in the market.

By doing that, she gets the solutions she wanted – buying the diapers.

And because I was the one that provided the answers to her, the Diapers company she purchased the product from will give me a little commission for doing that.

Well, do not allow the word “little commission” to make it look like a pushover. Why?

Because there are millions of under 2 babies wearing diapers, and if I can be the person to answer this question to over 2 million mothers with $1 commission per diaper purchased then I would have made $2,000,000 already just by promoting under 2 baby Diapers.

Definition 2.

Affiliate marketing is recommending solution products and services to those in need of them to address their problems/challenges.

For instance, if on my WhatsApp Status, I see that you always respond to my WhatsApp posts on eCommerce marketing.

As an affiliate with a company like Jumia, if I see this for 2 days, I will be curious to come to your DM and ask your interest in it, and if you affirm that you are 100% interested, then I’ve got you as a prospect.

From there, I’ll introduce you to the eCommerce business and give you a link to check out the full Ecommerce Blueprint on Jumia.

At the end of the day, if you purchase the eBook on Jumia using the link I gave to you on WhatsApp*(called an affiliate link), I will be paid a commission by Jumia.

The above business model; which gives you a solution/answer on E-commerce business, and I working as a middleman to connect you with the solution provider is known as Affiliate Marketing. But for us, we are doing it using your Blog site.


2. Display Ads – like Google AdSense

This is placing display ad codes on your blog to make money. An example of a display ad company to work with is Google AdSense. We have other ones like Ezoic, MediaVine, and more.

Start a Blog in Nigeria-Google adsense

Check out a guide on how to apply and get approved for AdSense in the training program.


3. Sponsorship deals with local and international partners

This is when both local and international partners contact you to direct your blog readers to their products or services for a fee – based on a specific time.


4. Sponsored Content on your Blog

This is when a private company offers to publish content on your blog for a fee.


5. Providing a Service

This is when you provide a service on your blog. It can be a digital or physical service. Examples of digital services include Selling Printables, selling digital currencies, writing CVs, Consultations, writing scholarship recommendation letters, etc.


6. Freelancing

As a form of service, it involves providing a freelance service for clients – in or out of your blog.


7. Paid-Link Insertions

This is when an individual or company contacts you to insert their link to one of your ranking blog posts for a specific fee.


8. Selling an Online Course

This is all about selling your expertise after a sustained period of success.

There are more, but 3 from the list were enough to make my Blogging business massive.

Thing is,

I work with Fortune 500 Companies, Unicorn Startups, and independent companies and partners to generate Leads/Clients as a Digital Performance Marketer through Blogging or content marketing.

Although the experience is over 5 years, nonetheless, in the last 2 years doing it differently – using a unique method that works, I have generated 7 figure commissions from doing all of these using various niche sites with a few Publications.

international blogging brands

The good news?

You will also get a list of these international brands to work with.

Going on.

➡️ In July 2020, an Australian Magazine contacted me to become a paid writer taking the role of a Senior Writer.

international blogging business brands in nigeria

➡️ Since 2019 I’ve trained hundreds of people on exclusive platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram and tens of thousands more have gone through my affiliate marketing materials.

Blogging Earnings with Isuamfon Offiong

➡️ In August 2020, over 3 companies and course instructors combined contacted me to work with them as a special performance marketer.

➡️ A few months in 2021, stamping my Authority on Affiliate Marketing on REDDIT FORUM – a company asked me to manage their Affiliate Marketing Networks on platforms such as Commission Junction, ShareASale and others. 🚀

➡️ I am a top writer on the Quora website, and I have over 400,000+ answer views and 400+ followers views in one of my niches.

Let’s stop here for now as you would have seen more in the video lesson.

Why the Smart 🧠 Income Blogging Business Program was created with Nigerians in Mind

Yes, I know that a few of us are not from Nigeria, but for the rest of us, I mean you from Nigeria, I know that you love Ponzi investment schemes like MMM, Racksterli, and the likes, right? Fast money…

That is why if the same scammy investment schemes reemerge today you will invest in it and call it investment risk.

But why Nigerians in particular?

Because an average Nigerian loves shortcut, and they are impatient.

Therefore, with the “Smart 🧠 Income Blogging Business Program”, you will see the other side of the coin on how to use a few blog posts and generate money fast.

And yes, I have made 7 figures doing the same thing promoting just 2 affiliate products.

Here is one of the product commissions I received in my PayPal account.


It wasn’t a one time something. See more via PayPal.

blogging income earnings in Nigeria

How To Start A Blogging Business in Nigeria For Beginners & Make ₦500k/Mo

The unique thing about my blogging strategy is that many Businesses, both international and local are waiting for you to work with them and make money. 

The “Smart 🧠 Income Blogging Business Program” is only a viable pathway to put you in the right positioning to start and become profitable without guesswork or frustrations as I experienced.  

More so, last week I created a new blog.

Although I have over 100 article topics to write already, I told my community members the essence of the blog, which is selling my digital product to my audiences.

Let me guess, your question is, how can one person manage 4 blogs or more?

Well, there is something known as Auto-blogging which I use to write bankable content that generates commissions.

And this is by no means using tools to spin nonsense articles. No.

I auto-blog content which means I can write 3,000 or 5,000+ words in 1 hour without blinking my eye [no tool, no AI].

Wait a minute, because I see you crossing your fingers already. No, open it because I will tell you the truth. 😂

As I said, I am not a self-acclaimed guru who goes to the internet and read content and bundle and sell as a course, I am far from that person.


For the Training Program, I sat down and created it from A-Z without extracting any ideas from the internet.

I simply teach what I have done and what has worked for me which you will get to see more results.

That is why this program is not the regular program that tells you stories, it is an exclusive lesson for a particular set of people who are ready to start a profitable online business this year.

Because a lot of people requested that I document this, I said why not. ✔️

With this audacity, I have made the trainings so short such that – it comprises of 3 lessons – with just 5 videos but with over 150 pages if it were to be turned into a book.

I am saying all these because you can lock me in a room today and in 2 days’ time, I will come up with the same lesson without any knowledge from nowhere; that’s the power of knowing a concept in-and-out 🎨✏️📃.

Register Now For:

₦35,000 Only 

[Price goes up pretty fast to ₦49,000]

The “Smart Rich Scheme Blogging Business Training Program” Course Format

The program lesson is 100% video practical 📹, and 100% eBook document 📖 so you get to select the format you want to use and access the program.

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Watch me LIVE as I generate 90,000 bankable blog visitors using just 7-12 articles for monetization.

I know you would see me do it live. But the question is, do you believe that you can use a few content and make money with AdSense? The answer is yes.

And that will be made possible through KEYWORD HARVESTING.

2. Transactional Blogging Business content

I did tell you that blogging to me is business, right? Yeah. That is because I target transactional content.

Wouldn’t you like to see how to use 5-10 blog content and make money fast? I guess you will.

If yes, then you will discover A NEW 5/10 BLOG BANKABLE TRANSACTIONAL CONTENT I found while making this course.

Apart from that, you will see how to also use the 5-10 or 5-15+ blogging strategy and make money fast.

This strategy is so good that I now build short content niche blogs. Here is my SaaS niche site with 2 blog posts yet it gets organic visits. See below.

3. K1-K3 Optimizations

When you search a particular term on Google, there are degrees of websites that show up for such a query, now how about watching over my shoulder as I show you how to get your blog content to be seen and ranked on the internet so you can make money going forward?

This and more are what you will learn when we take on K1-K3.

4. Auto-Blogging Optimization

Lots of my community members ask and wonder how I write 4,000, 5,000, or more words easily, and how I manage over 4 blogs with long-form content. Let me break it down for you.


For instance, I have a transactional blog content which is over 6,000 words that I didn’t have to start from scratch and write.


But why Auto-blogging?

I created the Auto-blogging strategy for beginners who do not know how to write bankable content, for those who do not know about SEO, and for those who want to write lots of content on their niche sites.


So, with this strategy, you will see how I duplicate content in niches without starting from scratch or thinking of what to write plus the structures used.

You know what?


With AUTO BLOGGING ALONE, you can use it and make side money by freelancing – writing articles for clients.

For instance, I used the Auto-blogging method to make quick money.

What I did was to use it and write about 3,000+ word article for a company and got paid $65 very fast.

How To Start Blogging Business in Nigeria For Beginners & Make ₦500k/Mo

How it was going.

affiliate marketing course blog

$65 may not be much but I think it’s about N30,000+ in Naira. Here is the money below.

affiliate marketing course content

With this method as well, when you need quick money, you can write articles and make money as a side hustle or even create an account on Fiverr or Upwork and start offering freelance service– as an extra income generator.

All in all, the majority of things you learn from each section is a money funnel.

[This lesson alone is worth $50 or N23,000]

5. Image Search Engine Optimizations

Many blogs that are not ranked on the first-page use images to get people to come to their websites.

Even though you will practically see how to generate organic traffic, how about getting extra free traffic from images even if your content is not on the first page yet? Yes, it’s possible.

Let me be your anchor as you will also see how I generate image traffic to my blogs.

6. Evergreen Content Hack

Now, a lot of people, mostly those who want to write more blog posts complain of content blocks. As in, not knowing what next to write on.

With the Everlasting Content Hack, you will discover how I generate hundreds of topics to write on.

As it is, I generated over 300 pieces of blog content I could write on my digital marketing blog for the next 3 years without scratching my head on what next.

Even more, in the last transactional niche blog I created a few days ago, I generated over 200 blog content topics – I shared it with my community members.

Although I may end up writing 5 or 15, since most of them are transactional, I already have over 200+ topics just in case I change my mind. See it as I shared.

affiliate marketing beginners course

But how could this be possible? This is where the Evergreen Content Hack comes in which you will learn in detail.

7. Versatile Link Building Methods

In the blogging business, content is King, and link building, or what we know in a simple term as marketing is the Queen. This marketing concept is what gets you lots of money.

And because I have done it with short transactional posts, I will also show you the method I used to get my content to make money.

Again, I will show you what I do to make money without the link building as well.

With this simple strategy and how I go about it, you can use it and build any blog of your choice and receive PayPal money – become profitable.

8. Start and Earn with Zero Money on Advertising

Do you generate all this income with free traffic is the question I get mostly asked. And the answer is yes.

Because I have generated 7 figures with this blogging business without spending a dime on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or Google adverts, I will also show you how to solve people’s problems and get paid.

The big question is, does organic traffic (free traffic from a search engine like Google) converts?

The answer is yes, why?

Because when people search for a term on the internet, they are ready to take action and get a related solution.

For you as a business blogger, all you need to do is position yourself and give them the answer they need and you will get what you want -🤑

9. Get noticed with your Blogging Business and Brand

Here, you won’t just learn how to get your blogging business seen on the internet, you will also see how to position your brand to make money.

More than that, you will discover how to maintain your visibility on the internet and make money with this online business.

10. Get the high paying Programs with International brands

As I shared with us before now that the same energy needed to make $10 equaled $70.

As someone who wants you to succeed fast, I have already listed and linked high ticket programs that can get you from $100, $200 $500, and even $1,000.

international affiliate programs inn Nigeria

The big question. Why don’t I keep these programs to myself?

Answer – because there is room for everyone – you, the next student, and I to make money.

Ultimately, because I did it then I want you to do the same and experience the success and profits I have received.

Imagine making $500 from one product in a day or one weekend, wouldn’t that make real sense? Of course, it will.

With the Smart Rich Business Blogging Program, I don’t want you to ever search for other ways to make money on the internet *(unless you are reinvesting in other industries from your blogging income). 

11. Get A list of Conversational Power words 

Listen to me. Have you ever heard that people buy from those they like, know and trust?

I was wowed and at the same time blushed when one of our awesome community members typed “thanks for being approachable” – in an online chat we had recently.

affiliate marketing course australia

Don’t blame me that I blushed though, the thing is, what if I give you conversational power words to use in your blogging business that will convert sales fast by conferring to your audiences that you are talking directly to them?

This is exactly what you will get for free.

See a few examples of Conversational Power words to use throughout your content.  

🗣️Sounds great, right?, Back to the bases,

🗣️To the rescue, at the middle of the ocean,

🗣️Moving forward, hoping you get the point,

🗣️See the truth, follow me here, before you fall for it, etc.

I compiled all of these Conversational Power words in my NYSC service year in 2017 – so, the blogging business experiences you are getting on a platter of gold didn’t start today.

You, see?😉

12. Freemium business Blogging Tools

My blogging business is made possible with Zero paid tools. Let me ask you.

How about you see how to start a blogging business without having to worry about spending extra money on paid tools because you will get all these for free? Exciting? You should because you will get it all for free.

13. Join the Bloggers Mentorship Community

Join our mentorship community to get other values, answers and queries answered if there are any.

On top of that, you are getting my premium support. #NoRoomForFailure.

While I don’t want to go on so we do not end up with 10,000 words, all these define why the “Smart Rich Scheme Blogging Business Training Program” Course is the real deal.

Why This is the Current Smart Work Blogging Courses For Beginners

1. You don’t need to waste money on Paid Advertising.

Unlike spending money on paid adverts which at times you might get angry, frustrated, or depressed when your Facebook or Google ads account is banned.

With the “Smart Rich Scheme Blogging Business Training Program”, you don’t only avoid spending extra money, escaping the frustrations, you make good money because your type of traffic is from real people searching for the solutions or answers you’ve already provided.




2. You don’t have to Hard Sell

The method of trying to over convince or pressurize prospects to take action is known as hard selling. This single act pisses people off.

With the training, you save your time, pride, and rejections which might lead to depression.

3. Make Recurring/Passive Income

Unlike paid advertising where your sale stops or people stop seeing what you promote immediately your invested money is used up/finishes, with the “Smart Rich Scheme Blogging Business Training Program”, you do not need to worry about that.

As in, from the training, your content will continue to make you money as far as what you will learn in Lesson 2 & 3 is concerned.

Meaning, you can be at the gym, cooking in the kitchen, on a date, and still receive email alerts of recurring money you didn’t use paid ads to promote – just as the once below.

Chained earnings. See the date. 📆


The thing is, I am tempted to overhype or say that the AMBProgram strategy is a set-it and leave-it type of online business.

Well, while it is worth the hype, IT IS PARTLY TRUE that it is a set-it and leave-it type of online business, the part that is 100% true is that you can make recurring income with 1 or 2 programs over and over again.

However, IT CAN TURN TO A SET-IT AND LEAVE-IT TYPE OF AN ONLINE BUSINESS that generates money consistently as far as you follow the strategy in Lesson 3.

I am not tired of showing you more earnings via blogging business. As in, we can do this all day. Well, a few more.

I better stop here before you become scared. What I just shared are a few of the possibilities with Blogging Business 💡🎨

In conclusion, here’s an overview of what you’ll learn.

1. Keyword Harvesting [Value: ₦20,000]
2. Transactional Blogging Business content [Value: ₦22,000]
3. K1-K3 Optimizations [Value: ₦12,000]
4. Auto-Blogging Optimization [Value: ₦32,000]
5. Blogging Business Negotiation Code [Value: ₦17,000]
6. Everlasting Content Hack [Priceless]
7. Versatile Link Building Methods – [Value: ₦20,000]
8. Start and Earn with Zero Money on Advertising – [Value: ₦12,000]
9. Get noticed with your Blogging Business and Brand [Value: ₦22,000]
10. Get the high-paying International Programs [Value: ₦11,000]
11. Get A list of Conversational Power words [Value: ₦7,000]
12. Image Search Engine Optimizations [Value: ₦10,000]
13. Freemium business Blogging Tools [Value: ₦9,500]
14. Join the Mentorship Community [Priceless]


➽ Quora Traffic/Monetization Blueprint

➽ Free Email Marketing Tool

➽ High Ticket Affiliate Programs/Networks

➽ Lasting PayPal Account Recommendations to receive blogging income in Dollars.


How To Start a Blogging Business in Nigeria for A Newbie

For those asking for an overview of how to start a blog fast, we already detailed the steps here, but for the sake of the first-timers, these are the steps.

1. Find a Blogging Niche/Industry

The first step is the choose a topic or subject you want to focus on and write content around.

2. Choose a blogging platform

There are many blogging platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Medium, Blogger, Ghost, etc. But the best and the one widely used is the blogging platform, the same I am using for this blog and all my business blogs.

No further action is required from you here as the hosting company we will use takes care of that.

3. Pick A Domain Name & Get Hosting for Your Blog

You have to choose what you want to call your blog. This is known as the brand name of your blog. After that, you need to get what is known as web hosting. This is what holds and makes your blog seen on the internet

The good news? You will get a free domain name for your blog when you get web hosting with this company called – Hostinger.

 ➽ Click here to get a free domain name and web hosting for your new blog.

4. Launch Your Blog and Drive Traffic To It

Having gotten a free domain name and web hosting, the next step is the launch your blog, start writing content, and drive content to your site.

If you are enrolled in the Smart Business Blogging training, then you will have no issues with this part.

5. Monetize your blog using many methods

We already talked of the many ways to make money, just choose one and start monetizing your blog.

Yes, it is. The program was just updated to a new name tag.

The “Smart Rich Scheme Blogging Business Training Program” – is a full flesh Blogging Business Program that helps you start a profitable blogging online business earning with Affiliate Marketing or with Advertising networks like Google AdSense, Ezioc, and more.

If you’re willing to learn and take action, then Yes.  I am more than willing to teach you.

Even if you have little to no knowledge in marketing, sales, website design or otherwise, there’s nothing that will stop you from making money online as I am here to back you up.

If you already know a little/a lot about SEO but can’t make money or scale it, the Smart 🧠 Income Blogging Business Program Program will deliver the right structures you need to finally take action and become profitable.

Yes, the only thing you will be required to pay for is a domain name and hosting service which is what everyone needs to create a website.

Yes, it will where and when necessary, and also, you will get all follow-up updates free of charge.

While I would like to give you some bragging rights about this blogging business program and how it differs from our competitors, the truth remains that I don’t know if there is anyone that has ever shared the SIBB Program type of lessons because most will keep it to themselves.

While I can’t also start buying the gurus courses and explore all of them, my concern is creating a community of successful high-income earners who are willing to make a difference using Blogging Business as a main source of income since I have seen what works and does not.

That said, what I think stands the SIBB Program apart is:

➡️ What works is what is documented. Meaning, I tested it and saw that it worked for me in different niches, and now will be yours on a platter of gold.

➡️ The SIBB Program lesson is practical and over the shoulder – you just watch me do things step-by-step using my blog, computer, and more – LIVE.

➡️ It shows you a smart way to make money – the SIBB Program has the other side of the coin which is the smart work part.

➡️ The SIBBProgram is after your result – unlike most programs where the course vendor thinks about only what he or she can get out of a program, I place a big emphasis on your success and support after enrollment.

➡️ Every resource you need to succeed and scale is provided – if you don’t succeed then the SIBB Program is as good as nothing. That is why it comes with all the top-notch resources you need to make this your final bus top and successful online business.

It is 100% video lesson and 100% eBook. The best method of access depends on you.

No, we don’t want people to abuse the privilege of this program, hence, the course is as described above. Therefore, purchasing it means you understand and agree to the above terms.

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