How To Use GetReponse (Best Guide for 2020), Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse, Automation & All You Have to Know

GetReponse Best Guide for 2020
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Email marketing is so important to scale your business. Have you ever heard of the phrase “the money is in the list?” truth is, this is still relevant today, and will always be. What does this mean?

Email automation tools like GetReponse, Aweber, SendX, MailChimp and a lot more will continue to be useful as far as internet marketing is concerned.

Be it as it may, our focus today is on GetReponse. I want to share with us how to use GetReponse from A-Z.

And just to note, we will go ahead to see how to create simple landing page so you can make your first $500 in affiliate marketing.

Quickly, before we see how to create landing page with GetReponse in 1 minute, let’s sign up and verify our account. Here we go.


Getting Started With GetReponse

#1. Go to, sign up, and kick start with your new inspirational account.  

GetReponse Best Guide for 2020

#2. Go to your email account and click the verification link.

#3. Login to your GetReponse account.

GetReponse Best Guide for 2020

How to Know & Use GetReponse Dashboard

Once you login you will be presented with an intuitive dashboard. Here you will find the navigation to create form | Create Newsletter | Create Landing Page | Add Contacts | Create Autoresponder and etc

GetReponse Best Guide for 2020

Quickly, let’s see how to create a list.


How To Create An Email List with GetReponse

A list is your contact store or folder gotten from email opt-ins. With you list you can easily name it to something worth remembering for proper segmentation.

Let’s say you want to create a contact list of your family members, all you need to do is go to list and click list, and name is as “Family and Friends”. That way, all your family and friends that leave their emails with you will be stored there. Same for your business list.

 So, a list is a contact folder that aids segmentation so the right emails are delivered to the intended parties.


How to create an Email on GetReponse

To create a list, hover to the top menu and click “List”.

GetReponse Best Guide for 2020

Click on “Create List”.

GetReponse Best Guide for 2020

Name it and click on “create”.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse

I have successfully created my email list. At this point, I have the choice to store my contacts inside this new list. Hope this is clear? Good. 


How To Create A Landing Page With GetReponse 

A landing page is a page your visitors will land to take action based on what you are promoting.

For instance, if I created an ad about Video Games on Facebook, when Facebook users click on it, they will land on the landing page we are about to create now.

And on this landing page, we can make them take certain actions; maybe, to download a free eBook in exchange for their emails, read a review, optin their emails and whatever “Call to Action” you want to use.

But for this tutorial, we will be creating a simple review page landing page with a call to action using “BUY CTA – Call to Action”.

Please note, this review landing page comes from our top 3 Video Games experiment. You can read it in full here. Let’s create our review landing page.


Step #1. Login to GetReponse, scroll up and click “Landing page” Click on it and start customizing it- working on it.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse

Name it and click on “create”.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse

The good news here is that you can choose a prebuild landing page and work with it.

Step #2. Choose a template, name it, and click on “Next Step”.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse

Step #3. Edit the Page sing the Editor.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse


Our purpose here was to create a “Top 3 Best Video Games Review for under 17 Teenagers”. Let’s say we had gathered our content, all we need to do is copy and paste the video games content.

After reviewing each of the video games, at the end of the page, we will leave a call to action. As in, we will create a button and name on it “Click here to see the game” | Visit the Game | Check out the Game | Buy the Video Games.

Just use whatever you want – a nice call to action for your audience to click on it and check out what you’re promoting.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse


Please note: 1,2 & 3 links are our affiliate links –  linking back to the  products or affiliate programs. When a visitor clicks on it, makes a purchase you take your commissions.

We are done. For the buttons, all you have to do is copy each game’s links and embed in it. 


How To Embed HTML Code Using GetReponse

Copy your affiliate links from your sources or affiliate program website, double click on the buttons inside your GR dashboard, go to the link knob, and paste your links there.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse

Review the content, when satisfied, click on “Save” and to the next step. 

How To Use GetReponse

You’re done with a Landing page.

Now, copy the Landing page URL. This is the link you will share with your audience so they can read your reviews. In fact, this is your promotional arsenal.


How To Create A Sign Up On GetReponse

A sign up form is also a landing page, but here the sole purpose is collecting user’s emails & data.

The good thing about it is that creating it won’t take up to 2 minutes. Let’s see how then.

To create a sign up on GetReponse,

 Go to Quick Actions or Menu and click on “Forms”. You can choose a plain form and build from scratch, however, I like the premade templates already so all I will do is choose one and tweak it to my taste.

If confused just click on all Templates and make a choice. Again, you are at liberty to choose the size you want.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse

I have selected “New Robotics template”. Let me edit it for my taste.

Create a Free Landing Page with GetReponse

After tweaking to your test, now go to “Settings” at top right.

How To Use GetReponse for beginners

Here you will be asked to choose the list you want your mail subscribers to be listed or entered (have you seen why creating a list first is so important?). Let’s go on.


Confirmed opt-in

If you want a double opt-in – that is to say, if you want to prevent spammy subscribers, you can select double opt-in, such that after they must have finished entering their emails they will have to confirm once more by logging into their email account to click a confirmation link sent from GetReponse.

If you want this option, just tick on Double Opt-in.


Choose thank-you page

This is a simple page you show your email subscribers; thanking them for entering their email address.

Question: What do you do with a thank you page (apart from thanking your audience?)?
Answer: You link the main page objective to them after the salutation.

Maybe it was a review post, you will say’ thank you for opting in, please see the guide here, or video here, or masterclass link (whatever you had in mind to promote).

Here is a sample page from wealthy place – I created this from our website.


How To Use GetReponse for beginners

Please note that you can also create a thank you page from GetReponse. To do that go to Landing page > go to Thank you page. Done.

So, if you want to send your subscribers to this “Thank you” page after they leave their emails, copy the link, wealthy place’s – 

(Take note of this. Copy it while we go on)


Already Subscribed URL

This option questions your intent after someone subscribes to your email list. Do you want them to stay on the same page or not? If not enter a URL there – a website link.

Note: this option is irrelevant if you use a thank you page. Why? Because the subscribers will be redirected automatically to your product or promotion page, ASAP.


Recaptcha on the Second Step

You can use this if you sense BOTS action. It acts as a protective tool to block bots from signing up to your email list.

After said and done, if you do not wish to use any of the options above, just leave the form the way it is.

But I will suggest you use a thank you page option. If you are not promoting any product, just link back to your blog or website. Let’s do it.

How To Use GetReponse for beginners

(Remember the Thank you page link we copied? Enter it under “Choose thank-you page” as you’ve seen above)

That is it. Click on “Save” to save your settings. Look at the top right and click on “Publish”.

When done you will get 3 results.

How To Use GetReponse for beginners

If you use the 3rd option reading “GetReponse will host my form – you are simply hosting your form with GR. No need in case you are confused.

The point is, select the 3rd option, and copy the link. This is the link you will paste onto “Call to Action” Buttons. Those red buttons.

So when users click on it, they will be redirected to your form. Below is my new form they will be redirected to when the click on the button.

This type of link –

How To Use GetReponse for beginners

And of course, you can adjust the size to anything you want.


We are done with creating a sign up form –landing page on GetReponse. Lets’ see further how to integrate this form to a website.

Wait. If you plan to use this on a website you have to create one.


How To Integrate GetReponse With a Landing Page

Now this option is important if you used your website or another tool for a landing page. For instance, if you used Ucraft, Clickfunnels, and etc, what you want to do now is integrating your sign up form to the landing page.

I’ll be logging into my website for a live guide. In case you do not have a website, here are the links to:

 #1. Ucraft – a free landing page to start with. Visit Ucraft here

#2. A super simple landing page to start with as well – visit Click funnels for free trials.

*(Why should you use these other ones? They are made specifically for this purpose – landing pages – not like GR which just had the option to).


Logging in to the landing page now. I will use a simple landing page so you can clearly understand it.

I have edited the page to make it simple. Now I will go back to GetReponse and copy the form code we built and paste here – that is the integration process.

How do you integrate it into a landing page? Drag a “HTML” tag widget and place on the landing page editor.

How To Use GetReponse for beginners

Let’s head back to GR.

How To Use GetReponse for beginners

Use Option A

Copy the code and paste inside the HTML code box. Once you do that below is what you will get.

How To Use GetReponse for beginners


Anyone that enters his or her email on this page, their data will be stored inside your email list – Wealthy Place tutorial on GetReponse email list, to be specific.


Observation: if you do not want the heading or any writing on the Sign Up Form, just erase them off from Get response sign up page editor, republish, and refresh the page and you will get exactly what you want.



Now if at any point you get error on your website – while trying to SAVE THE FORM – designing your form – using any page builder. The cause is 90% a guarantee from plugin incompatibility.

What to do is, uninstall or disable Wordfence Plugin or any security plugin. When done, try to save it again and you will have success.

 P.S. Remember to reinstall or re-enable the plugin.


We are not yet through. If you are overwhelmed already, just bookmark this page so you can come back to read it later, because I am about to show you how to send newsletters – emails to your subscribers + automating it to send on its own.


How To Send A Single Newsletter Using GetReponse 


Login to GetReponse,

#1. Click on Menu and go to “Create Newsletter”. When you do you will be given options to

#a. Use a Drag and drop email editor, and,

#b. use a HTML type of email editor. Choose “Drag & Drop” unless you are a student of coding. 

#2. Edit the “Newsletters Settings”


Linked list: this specifies the email list you want to send your email newsletter to.

Message name: Message name will appear in the list of your messages. It will not be seen by your subscribers.

Subject: This is the subject line of your email. For instance, I can name mine, “A total guide on Getting AdSense approval”

Additionally you can use an emoji if you want – I have used one for this tutorial.

From: this is an email address your readers can reply to. As in, if someone clicks on reply and send you a note, it is this email you will receive it. And of course, you can change the email to any email address you want to use – for feedbacks.

How To Use GetReponse for beginners

When done click on “Next”.

#3. Choose the template you want to use. Again GetReponse has done a great job to offer numerous options.

Well, for me, I like to use a plain text editor. For that reason I will click on “Plain Text” at the bottom left.

#4. Write the email you want to send to your list. OR if you had written it, copy and paste. Next click “Next Step”. Go ahead and send the email to your list.


How To Send An Individual Email To Anyone Using GetReponse

Now what if you want to send an individual email to one person on your list? How can you go about this? Simple.

#1. Go to your list

#2. Select the email you want to send the email to.

#3. Follow through as before and send him or her an email.

Now the final Phase. Let’s see how to send the email known as series or automation.


How To Send Out Automation Email Series Using GetReponse

Automation here means that, you can command GetReponse email tool to send emails to your subscribers automatically.

With this option you do not need to go back and forth to send the emails – one after the other each day. No. All you need to do is write your email series (maybe you want it to send out for 7 days – then write 7 days email series).

Copy and paste them. They will self-send to your email list(s) while you sleep in your pajamas.

Ready to shoot?

#1. Click on Menu and go to Automation.

#2. Click on Start Flow.

Wait for a minute, there is a video tutorial that will help you with the visuals. Yeah, it is. Please watch this video below to see how to do it ASAP.

Note: you can build your automation from scratch if you want, or use the templates e tools. Kindly see the video for more.


Final Note On Using GetReponse As A Beginner

It’s a wrap here for the best guide on GetReponse for beginners.

We’ve come to the end of using GetReponse tool from the beginning to how far we went. And thank God, the things covered are the essential things you want to know in any email tool, be it MailChimp, SendX, and more.

So far we have seen how to create a list using GetReponse, how to build a landing page, integrating to our form, creating a thank you page, integrating our form to our website, sending emails to our list, sending an individual email, and lastly creating an automation email or series.

I would be happy if this wholesome GetReponse guide for 2020 can help a beginner who just came in to build an authority online business.

That is all I have to say.

 Want to test out other landing pages for Free? Why not? Here is our link to:

Clickfunnel/tool & Ucraft/tool

And thanks for using our affiliate links to check out these tools. We appreciate ya, thanks.

Over to you,

What do you make of these, did it help you to starting out to build an authority online business? If yes, know that this is the Mission of Wealthy Place. Alright. Let me have your views in the comment section. 

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