Learnoflix Affiliate Review 2022: How it Works + Pros & Cons

learnoflix affiliate review

Having stumbled upon Learnoflix, signed up, and used it as a member, I thought it wise to write my review of this new affiliate and online course platform. Here’s what you need to know about Learnoflix in 2021.


Welcome to a true and unbiased review of Learnoflix!

In this guide, I’ll talk about the pros and cons, legitimacy, how it works, and all you need to know about Learnoflix limited as an affiliate and online school for students.

Also, I’ll share my thoughts on whether I think Learnoflix is worth your time and energy as an affiliate marketer or not.

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Personal note: I hate the inconsistency of some Nigerian companies. I have seen a few and the Learnoflix is part of the bad deals – maybe not worse. Having started on a good note, all of a sudden, they made changes to a lot of things which resulted in hundreds if not thousands of dead links – making the work hard for affiliates.

Learnoflix Reviews: How Does Learnoflix Work?

To get started, I signed up to Learnoflix some days ago in May 2021 after discovering it during my time reading online. How great it is to read wide.

Because I have worked with a similar platform which has always been a source of income, I mean 6 to 7 figures, I quickly went on to sign up to see how the platform works before some of my audiences come to ask me about some Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria.

Going on, here is my email verification as a member on Learnoflix after I registered.

learnoflix affiliate

Let’s go on to unravel the details about the Learnoflix affiliate review.


What is Learnoflix?

Just so you know, Learnoflix is an affiliate marketing website and online school where students get skills and affiliates marketers sign up to promote products.

learnoflix website

The company was founded in 2020, 19th April 2020 to be precise by entrepreneurs which one of the co-founders is Sam Harvard, and currently, has over 3,500 members worldwide in less than 2 years.


How does Learnoflix work?

Learnoflix provides the opportunity for anyone from anywhere in the world to learn from experts and also earn income.

As a student, the Learnoflix courses are entirely on-demand. You can begin the course whenever you like, and there are no deadlines to complete it.

Also, after you enroll in a course, you can access it by clicking on the course link upon receiving your confirmation email (provided you’re logged into your Learnoflix account).

And as an expert or course vendor, you can list and host, promote, and sell your digital products on Learnoflix. To do that, check out their Ecoach section.


What kind of products are hosted on Learnoflix?

Experts host and sell digital products which all of them are information-based products, courses, webinars, and guides.

These products can be found in various categories as listed on the website which includes Sales & Marketing, Digital Products, Photography & Cinematography, Money, Graphics Designs, and Personal Development.

This simply means that the Learnoflix marketplace is a great site to explore products to promote as an affiliate to students in different niches. Great, right?


Top Learnoflix Courses: Are the products good quality?

Learnoflix Courses AND PRODUCTS

Why am I talking about the products being good quality? Because this determines if the refund rates will be high.

While all products are not the same, nonetheless, on the platform you will see the top and popular products which gives you a head start on which one to promote as an affiliate.

But note, being popular is directly proportional to the demands of people. As in, an online course on “how to make money” will always be popular than “how to start graphic design, right?

Nevertheless, the best way to determine the quality of a product is to go through it yourself. And the good news is that as a member, you will get access to 4 authority courses which gives you a decision basics.  

Here is a list of the products on Learnoflix based on their popularity.


1. Email Persuasion Tactics

Being the most popular course (as of the time of writing), Email Persuasion Tactics by George is a course about Cold Readings and Mind Control to extract cash from stubborn prospect through Advance and Modern ways of casting a spell with your words. Chai…

The online course has 5 (five) modules and a bonus which shows you or students how to convert prospects easily as if you’re James Bond.

Literally, it shows how you can make anyone pay for any product or service without hesitation.

In digital marketing, if you know how to persuade and convert your audiences then you can sell any product on earth, even a picture of a feet


2. WhatsApp Marketing Complete Bundle

The next popular course is the WhatsApp Marketing Complete Bundle by Sam Harvard which shows students or gives you proven strategies Sam used in closing over 850,000 (Naira) within his first 3 days of using WhatsApp.

The course has 6 (six) modules with some use case testimonials to show you that it’s worth your money or promoting as an affiliate.


3. Traffic. Clicks. Conversion

Traffic. Clicks. Conversion by King Charles is another course on Learnoflix that shows students how to explode sales by driving the right traffic to the right audience/people that are willing to buy what you are selling.  

The online course has 5 (five) modules with more than 13 parts, and a 30 days challenge for affiliates to earn up to 88k or more weekly.


4. Ultimate Guide to Anonymous Selling

Another popular course on Learnoflix is the Ultimate Guide to Anonymous Selling by Tee Honey.

Tee made over N800,000 in a 30 days journey selling other people’s digital products, and he understands why Jeff Bezos will keep leading the billionaire’s list for a while.

In this course, which has 15 modules, students/prospects will learn what Anonymous Selling is, how to set it up, and have massive success.


5. MLM Automation System

The MLM Automation System course by Sam Harvard offers one of the highest affiliate commissions on Learnoflix.  

This online course shows students/prospects how to succeed with MLM without ever prospecting again.

It has 4 modules for prospects to learn how creating an automation system with MLM is made simple.


How do affiliates get paid and how often?

On Learnoflix, affiliates have many options to choose how they want to be paid. As an affiliate, you can choose to get paid in dollars via PayPal or local currencies.

To get paid, all you need to do is log into your account, go to “Request Payout”, enter the amount of money you want to withdraw, and request that your funds be paid.

After you request the payout, the funds will be processed and sent to your account. See the image below.


That is all.


The Cons: what’s so bad about Learnoflix?

  1. The Design is not intuitive enough: personally, I feel that the design of the site could be better with more pages and sections added and active.
  2. They have few courses for now: as a new platform, they have a few courses for students/prospects to sign up and get trained.
  3. The “About us page” is incomplete: one of the most important pages on a website is missing, the “About page”. This page is important because with it we know what the platform is all about.


The Pros: What’s so good about Learnoflix?

  1. Multiple Angles to convert audiences: the platform has made one thing very fascinating, and that is converting prospects to become paid members using different marketing strategies. For instance, if you want to promote the platform to other affiliates, you have 4 angles to close the deal.

how does learnoflix work

  1. Advanced Affiliate Dashboard: another thing I like about the platform is the advanced affiliate dashboard for affiliates. Yes, I know I don’t quite agree with the overall design of the site, but I have to give it up to them as far as affiliate dashboard intuitiveness is concerned.
  2. Multiple support channels for users: Learnoflix offers a lot of routes to communicate with their support. You can contact the support via phone, opening ticket, WhatsApp, and email.
  3. Lots of lessons and Live classes: apart from the fact that members have access to the main affiliate course with 4 modules that shows them how to send traffic to other people’s products, sell affiliate products without showing your face, and ultimate organic sales, they offer free zoom sessions for members on regular bases.
  4. Affiliates get paid in dollars or local currencies: how about deciding how you want to get paid, sounds nice, right? Yeah.

On Learnoflix, you can decide how you want to get paid, either in dollars or local currency.

learnoflix sign in

To select your currency type, all you need to do is go to “Payout Details” and select the payout method you want.

  1. Support Communities: immediately you join Learnoflix, you will have access to their Telegram and Facebook group communities so you can learn more along with other affiliates.
  2. Open to international users: Learnoflix is open to international users from all over the world.


On the flip side, one feature I didn’t want to categorize as either con or pro is the membership module used on the website. How? It is not free to join, and here is what I mean.

It might be a con for you which means you can forgo the platform, but for those who want to go ahead and make money as other affiliates, they can sign up nonetheless and start promoting the products on the marketplace.


Learnoflix Registration: how to sign up

Learnoflix sign up is simple. All you will need to provide include your username, email account, name, and password.

To sign up on Learnoflix as a student where you get trained in an area of choice, click here to register, and as an affiliate who wants to promote online courses and earn passive income.

Below is how your sign up page will look like; referred by “Isuawealthyplace”.

learnoflix sign up page

Go ahead and enter your details. When done, click on “Agree to Terms & Conditions”, and finally, click on “sign up”.

learnoflix limited

When you sign up on Learnoflix, you will receive a confirmation in your email. From there, you go ahead and pay the membership fee which is $23 only. That is N10,350.

And when you make the “upgrade” as a paid member, you will receive an email confirmation confirming your payment.

is learnoflix legit

Lastly, you will get a membership verification that you are ready to get started.

learnoflix affiliate login

With the payment confirmation email, to get started, click on “My Account” to log into your Learnoflix account. See below.

what is learnoflix

Kindly note: you can’t access any online course or promote products as an affiliate without first becoming a paid member by paying the $23 or N10,350.


Learnoflix sign in and Learnoflix affiliate login

To sign in as both a student and affiliate, go to learnoflix and enter your email and password to access your account.

learnoflix sign in


Top ways to make money on Learnoflix

There are 4 ways you can make money on Learnoflix.

1. As a course vendor: you can list an online course on the platform as an expert and make money.

2. Via Student Referral program: you will also make money when you refer students who want to learn any of the skills listed on Learnoflix.

3. Via Affiliate Referral program: you will make money when you refer other affiliates who want to promote the online courses to others/audiences.

4. Via Course sales: you will also make money when you sell the digital products to others and your audiences.


Learnoflix video review

Below is a video of the Learnoflix platform assessment to learn more visually.

Wrapping up on Learnoflix

Don’t let anyone lie to you that you can’t make money online and survive in a country like Nigeria, or perhaps yours is worse than Nigeria. Why? Because with Affiliate marketing, you can earn passive income and as far as you can go with it.

And gone are the days you had to hide your IP address to promote products on some affiliate websites, with an online school/course platform and affiliate website like Learnoflix which has recorded over 3,500 members in less than 2 years, you can sign up today and start promoting affiliate products to those in need of them.

And the best news is that the platform shows you how to promote digital products as a beginner and if you take action, you can Travel the World as other affiliates via promoting the products you never created. 

Lastly, with the Learnoflix community where you can learn along with others, I am so sure that you will succeed.



1. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is recommending solution products, programs, and services to those in need of them.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create your own product, cost effective to start, even with a mobile phone, create passive income, get experienced and of course, create a money flow for yourself.


2. Who is a Learnoflix affiliate?

A Learnoflix affiliate is a person that signs up as a member who wishes to promote digital products, refer students, and other affiliates to the platform and make money.


3. Is Learnoflix legit or a scam?

The Learnoflix affiliate platform looks legit and not scam. However, recently I saw one affiliate complaining of not being paid.


4. Who owns Learnoflix?

Learnoflix is co-founded by Sam Harvard who is a digital entrepreneur.


5. Where is Learnoflix limited based?

Learnoflix limited is based in Abuja, Nigeria.



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