Learnoflix vs Expertnaire: 13 Comparison points for Affiliates

Learnoflix vs Expertnaire

Before we see the comparison of Learnoflix vs Expertnaire, the beauty of starting an online business as an affiliate marketer or in affiliate marketing is promoting solution products and services you do not have to create on your own.

That is to say when a prospect buys a product or service, the supports and every other thing to be figured out goes to the product’s vendor which lifts the stress off your shoulders.

Today, we will be comparing the 2 big affiliate websites in Nigeria which offer side hustlers the opportunities they never had some years back with the likes of Clickbank and others. I am talking about Learnoflix and Expertnaire.

While Expertnaire is majorly for Nigerians and a few West African countries, Learnoflix on the other hand stretches to the international audiences.  

Therefore, in this guide, having used the 2 platforms as a member/affiliate, I will be comparing them side-by-side so you can easily decide the affiliate website to go with. Let’s get started.


Learnoflix vs Expertnaire Summary

The difference between Learnoflix and Expertnaire is that Learnoflix doubles as an online school where students can sign up to learn skills and as an affiliate marketing platform, while Expertnaire is just an affiliate platform.

Learnoflix has lesser digital products and affiliates have the option to get paid in Dollars and can request for payout anytime.  

Whereas Expertnaire is more popular, has top digital products from known vendors, payments are on Fridays and automatic.

Overall, I recommend Expertnaire first since it pays more commission with more products to choose from, however, if you want to earn in dollars as an option then I recommend Learnoflix which also offers an intuitive affiliate dashboard.

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Is Learnoflix the best Expertnaire Alternative?

Yes, Learnoflix is the best alternative and option for affiliates in Nigeria who do not want to work with Expertnaire, and in the same vein, Expertnaire is the best alternative to Learnoflix without the need to change the IP address or use VPN.

I think this is interesting, and I can’t even wait to see the full function-to-function comparison. Let’s check them out.


Expertnaire vs Learnoflix: What’s Best Alternative for Affiliate Marketing?

Expertnaire vs Learnoflix for affiliate marketing


1. Learnoflix and Expertnaire, what are they?

Both Expertnaire and Learnoflix are affiliate websites where affiliates earn a commission to promote digital products. However, Learnoflix offers more as an online school where students can sign up and learn digital skills.

Overall, you can liken Learnoflix to Skillshare or Udemy and Expertnaire to Clickbank.

On Expertnaire, you have 3 ways you can earn money (as a course vendor, via affiliates referral program, and course sales), whereas, on Learnoflix, you have 4 ways (as a course vendor, via affiliates referral program, students referral program, and course sales.

Expertnaire Home

Expertnaire sign in


Learnoflix home

learnoflix website


2. Registration and Sign up Requirements on Learnoflix and Expertnaire

Membership on both platforms is not free. You will have to become a paid member before promoting products on the platforms.

In terms of freedom to open accounts, both affiliate networks have no discrimination when it comes to age. Meaning, you can get started at any age and start making money, as long as you are making sales.

But note, if you go with the option of getting paid in dollars on Learnoflix via PayPal then you will have to be 18 years old to open a PayPal account – according to PayPal.

 ➡ To sign up on Expertnaire you have 2 ways, you can sign up as an ordinary member or as a pro member.

 ➡ To sign up on Learnoflix, you can sign up as an ordinary member or as a pro member.


3. Expertnaire vs Learnoflix Demographics for users

While Expertnaire is majorly an affiliate site for Nigerians and about other 5 African countries, Learnoflix on the other hand accepts international users.

Winner: Learnoflix


4. Learnoflix vs Expertnaire products and courses

Expertnaire offers a large range of digital products, more than 40 as compared to Learnoflix with only 8 as of the time of writing.

While both platforms are still adding new digital products, nonetheless, Expertnaire is the clear winner here.

Also, Expertnaire has more quality products in popular niches with free swipe files for affiliates to easily promote the products.

Winner: Expertnaire


5. Expertnaire vs Learnoflix method of payments

Expertnaire has just one payment option which is in Naira, and they pay affiliates automatically on Fridays, whereas, on Learnoflix, you can choose to receive your payments in Dollars or local currency. And affiliate payments are based on request.

Winner: based on choice.


6. Learnoflix vs Expertnaire Design & Intuitiveness

The Learnoflix website design is not impressive or intuitive enough, but the affiliate dashboard is beginner-friendly. And for Expertnaire, while they have a better design, its affiliate dashboard could be better like Learnoflix.

Also, Expertnaire has all their major pages complete (About Us, Privacy policy, FAQ) as compared to Learnoflix which is lean.

Funny enough, Yesterday, I had a phone call with an affiliate from Learnoflix, and when I brought up the design topic he said that as far as he cashes out that the design wasn’t important. Lol.

Well, if you are in that category then the site design might not be a problem, but for me, I love a site to be intuitive both on the inside and outside.  

Winner: Expertnaire


7. Learnoflix vs Expertnaire Customer Support channels

Learnoflix offers customer supports via WhatsApp, Telegram, Phone call, Email, and Ticket while Expertnaire offers WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email support + Facebook support for pro members.

Winner: both


8. Learnoflix vs Expertnaire Communities

Both Learnoflix and Expertnaire offer a wide range of communities for affiliates. However, while Expertnaire offers just the Telegram community for ordinary members, for pro members, they have exclusive support on the Facebook group plus advanced resources.  

On Learnoflix, when you register as an affiliate, you are added to both the Telegram and Facebook groups and other advanced resources.


9. Expertnaire vs Learnoflix Affiliates Account Creation

When you sign up on Expertnaire your account will be created manually which means you will wait a bit to access your affiliate dashboard before you can start promoting products.

On Learnoflix, your affiliate account is automatic, meaning, when you upgrade to a paid member you can go ahead and promote products at a go.

Winner: Learnoflix


10. Expertnaire vs Learnoflix Referral Program

Expertnaire offers a 30% commission in its affiliate referral program when you refer new affiliates to join the platform while Learnoflix does not state out yet.


11. Expertnaire vs Learnoflix Affiliates Training Program

For anyone that wants to make money online or new affiliates who do not know how to promote affiliate programs, both platforms have affiliate training programs.  

On Expertnaire, it is called the “72ig implementation program”, and on Learnoflix, it is called the “7 Figure Affiliate Program.

While both lessons are aimed at equipping people to make 7 figures via affiliate marketing, the 72ig training program is more robust with many platforms marketing and with lots of resources plus free swipe files/templates.

Winner: 72ig implementation program


12. Expertnaire vs Learnoflix Affiliate Training Program Commission

Since both platforms offer advanced lessons for new affiliates (hot selling digital products), the commissions you get for promoting the products vary.

On Expertnaire you get 50% commission while on Learnoflix you get 40% commission.

Winner: Expertnaire


13. Who owns Learnoflix and Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is owned by Toyin Omotoso while Learnoflix is co-founded by Sam Harvard.


14. Learnoflix vs Expertnaire Comparison table Summary

DemographicsNigerian & West AfricaInternationalLearnoflix
Method of PaymentsLocal currencyPayPal & local currencyLearnoflix
Affiliate paymentsAutomatic/WeeklyOn Request
Products and Courses40+8Expertnaire
Design & IntuitivenessExcellentVery GoodExpertnaire
Customer SupportMultipleMultipleBoth
Affiliates AccountManualAutomaticLearnoflix
Affiliate Referral commission30%
Affiliates Training Program72ig program7 fig program
Affiliate training program commission50%40%Expertnaire
Best Way To JoinVia 72ig programVia 7 fig program
Join As a MemberClick hereClick here
Join As Pro a MemberClick hereClick here

Closing up on Expertnaire and Learnoflix

Both Expertnaire and Learnoflix are a blessing to Nigerians who hated frequently got banned on Clickbank.

With these platforms available for Nigerians on a platter of gold, then they can be termed blessed.

While both platforms have made affiliates millionaires and 7 figure earners, succeeding on either of the platforms means you need to take action and go out there and promote the products to your audiences using various marketing strategies as taught in the “affiliate training programs on both platforms”.

Yes, Learnoflix offers more earning opportunities and payment in dollars as an option. But Expertnaire has more products to promote and a popular affiliate training program for those seeking to make money online.   

All in all, you can join both platforms as I have if you want, but I will advice (based on experience) to focus on one because if you start working on either of the affiliate sites you will surely make money.

And if you are new to affiliate marketing, you are still covered because both platforms offer you robust affiliate training programs for new members.

 ➡ Get started with Expertnaire or join via the 72ig implementation training program (the best way to join Expertnaire).

 ➡ Get started with Learnoflix or Join via the 7 Figure affiliate training program (best way to join Learnoflix).


Getting started with Expertnaire or Learnoflix marketing

As an affiliate, you will need what we call a landing page to promote the digital products on either of the platforms. Now, a landing page is that page where a digital product is revealed so a prospect will know what he or she intends to buy.

For the “72ig program” this is the landing page.

For the “7 figure program”, this is the landing page.


Have any questions? Leave them in the comment section below and I will attend to you.

Success and God bless thy efforts…

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