How To Make Money on Expertnaire in 7 Days + PDF

How To Make Money on Expertnaire

I woke up around 12:30 am yesterday and never planned on writing on how to make money on Expertnaire Nigeria. ALL I wanted to do was to tell you the Naked truth – the Expertnaire Money Method that pops 😊. That was all.

While I will still tell you the Naked truth about Expertnaire so you can thread with caution, the truth is, you can make money with Expertnaire affiliate marketing online business in the next 7 days or less if you work/walk with me – by implementing all I have to tell you.

Apart from that, I need you to understand that Expertnaire is no scam. In fact, the sales process we will use today will convince you that this is a legitimate online hustle if you’re in Nigeria.

The Naked Truth About Expertnaire Affiliate Online Business

Do you want to see if making money on Expertnaire works? Yes, it does, but sadly, not everyone makes money.

Expertnaire Millionaires WhatsApp & Telegram Community

Affiliate Marketing is not a “jump & make Money online business”, there is a process to it. If you are told half-baked info then you will be left to struggle on your own and end up calling it a scam. Therefore, if you are a NEWBIE & you want an A-Z guidance (to get started to sales), and how the platform works, join the beginners’ exclusive group below.  

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Lazy Disclaimer – before you start reading down, get a cup of popcorn because this is not a 2,000-word article. It is an 8,000+ word blog post that will change your marketing success with Expertnaire forever. When you succeed courtesy of my support, please do not hesitate to send your testimonial as I started this yesterday at about 12:30am to 5am, 7am to 3pm, and now 5am-8:30am the next day before publishing with 60+ lesson images – a good time investment just to see you succeed. 😤

Also, if you want to jump and download it, use the Table of Contents and go to the end of the page.

How to make N460K FAST with Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria with Expertnaire – [As a Beginner]

By the way – I was surprised when 2 people came to me that they preferred Blog posts to video, hence this article on how to make money on Expertnaire online business in 7 days. If you want a video format, leave a comment below and I will do that for you.


Full Tutorial to start making money with Expertnaire Affiliate Online Business

Full Tutorial to start Making Money with Expertnaire


1. Get an Expertnaire Account 

The first step to getting started with Expertnaire is to get an affiliate account.

There are 2 ways you can join Expertnaire, option 1 is joining as an ordinary member which costs N10,000 per year, and option 2 is joining via the 72ig program or premium which costs N60,000.

When you join via the 72ig program, you also get an automatic membership (without paying N10,000 again) and also the complete training on how to sell products on Expertnaire and make money.

If you are not signed up already,click here to sign up + steps.


2. Log in and select a Digital product

When you log in to Expertnaire, you have a series of 70 digital products to select and work with.

To select a product, go to the Product Marketplace.

select a product on Expertnaire Nigeria

If you don’t still know how to use Expertnaire, we made an ultimate guide here for you.


P.S:  if you have access to the 72ig Easy Sales Manual, don’t worry as you will get a video version that works you through how to master the Expertnaire Dashboard as a beginner in 30 minutes. 😎 

3. Create a Landing Page 

As far as you want to take Affiliate marketing seriously, you need a website – for building a landing page. Here is an example of a landing page – linked to a new WhatsApp Class.

You can get a website for landing page using a cheap hosting service here – DomainKing or go with premium service – Namecheap service.


Alternatively, you can use one of the websites I’ve already paid for and set up. [Meaning, no need to host, buy a domain name, and set up a website anymore].

If you want to make use of this, the little charge is N5,000 only for 6 months.


With Landing page Design?

If you want me to design the landing page as well linking to your Marketing platform then no problem. Everything goes for N5,000 only.

Website Hosting + Landing Page Design = N5,000

For our community members – N2,500

Note: this is only available to our support community members. Also, you have different Expertnaire Landing page templates in the 72ig Easy Sales Manual you can copy and use to promote Expertnaire products.

P.S: if you already joined Expertnaire and are not a member of our community and you want me to design your landing page, why not? Contact me here for full setup at N5,000 only using our pre-built website.

If using your website – N2,500 only for Landing page design.

4. Choose a Marketing Platform to promote Expertnaire products

You need a marketing platform such as – WhatsApp group, Telegram group, Facebook group or Email Marketing tool to promote products on Expertnaire.

The essence of any of these platforms is to direct people from your traffic source to properly promote the digital products on Expertnaire.

This is important because if you just copy your affiliate link and spam everywhere, you won’t make money. You need to do it well and correctly.

If using WhatsApp group, Telegram group, or a Facebook group, from the traffic to your landing page, they will click a button like the one below to enter your group.

maketing button


👉 Here is the simple landing page – should you want to see a sample.

👉 You can download a copy I built for promoting the AMBBPROGRAM. From Facebook (traffic source) to WhatsApp group.


button 2 marketing


Using Email Marketing with Expertnaire Marketing

If you want to use Email marketing to promote Expertnaire products, this is covered in the 72ig program.

To get started, you need an email service you can send automated emails at once without doing it manually.

The best and popular email marking tool for this is GetResponse. The good thing is that you can get started with GetResponse for free.

#1. Go to and create a free account.

#2. Verify your account.

#3. Get started with it.


P.S – the lessons on it are in the 72ig Easy Sales Manual.

P.S 2 – you can see a short guide on how to use GetResponse here.


Using social media marketing groups with Expertnaire

If you want to use social media groups, set one up and get it ready.

#1. Create a social media group you want to use.


How to create a WhatsApp Group to recommend Expertnaire digital courses
  • Go to the Chats tab in WhatsApp.
  • Tap New Chat > New Group. If you have an existing chat on the Chats tab, tap New Group.
  • Search for or select contacts to add to the group. Then, tap Next.
  • Enter a group name.
  • Tap Create when you’re finished.
How to create a Telegram Group to promote Expertnaire digital products
  • To create a new group or invite people to a group, tap the “New Message” icon, which looks like a pencil in a box, in the upper corner.
  • In the New Message menu, tap on “New Group.” It will then invite you to add Telegram users to the group.
  • Change the group icon.
How to create a Facebook Group to promote digital products Expertnaire
  • Choose your Facebook Group name and privacy setting. To start, click on “Group” under the “CREATE” section at the bottom of the left sidebar on Facebook.
  • Fill out your Facebook Group’s info – basic info.
  • Add or invite friends and promote your Facebook Group.
  • Link it to your Facebook Page – optionally.

#2. Create a profile image – to make it professional.

To do this, if you have a computer, go to Canva > go to Logo > create one > export it and use as your group photo.

See the one I created to promote the AMBBPROGRAM below.

Social Media Group Logo

If you don’t have a computer and you are an Android user, go to Google PlayStore and download Canva editor.

If you are an iOS user, go to Apple Store and download Canva editor for iOS.

Use any of the apps and create the image you see up 👆 there.


#3. Create a group link to your class

On WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group subject. Alternatively, tap and hold the group in the CHATS tab.
  • Tap Invite via link.
  • Choose to Send link via WhatsApp, Copy link, Share link through another app, or QR code.


On Telegram

  • Open the Telegram group where you’re the administrator.
  • Click on the name of the group at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Add member,” and then “Invite to Group via Link.”
  • Select “Copy Link” or “Share Link” depending on how you want to forward the link.


On Facebook group

  • Copy the URL of the Facebook page.

Now, copy the group link of your class as this is what will be used to link the landing page.

Next, place the copied link 🔗 into your landing page button as seen below.


affiliate marketing button link


What have we achieved so far?

  • Your digital product is selected.
  • You’ve built a Landing page.
  • Your marketing option is set.

Next step is traffic generation to the marketing platform we’ve chosen.


5. Traffic Generation and Start Marketing

Don’t allow Traffic generation to scare you. It means, bringing people to the group.

Don’t allow Start Marketing to scare you – it means, holding the group class or send them the automated emails – if you are using email 📧 service.


Again, Traffic here means people. And there are a series of traffic sources you can use to promote Expertnaire products.

In the 72ig program, you are drilled on how to get people from

  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Plus, Email Marketing

Once again, if you want to use Emails, then get started with GetResponse for free.

#1. Go to and create a free account.

#2. Verify your account.

#3. Get started with it.


And from the Easy Sales Manual resource, I’ve listed 3 more FREE Traffic sources.

  • From Facebook groups – the list of the best places.
  • Quora,
  • Twitter Profiles, and another (not mentioned) you will get to see the result below.

I used Facebook some days ago. You will see the picture of adding people to the WhatsApp group at the end of this lesson.

I also used another Free traffic source. See the picture of adding people to the WhatsApp group.

Promote Expertnaire Products


For this free traffic generation source, I still used the simple landing page we showed earlier .


The hack about the best traffic source.

The best method is to choose one and focus. Don’t jump from Instagram to Facebook 2-2 or 4-4 days. Why this?

Because anyone you use is capable of making you N100,000 in 7 days or less after you get started.

Want to use my free traffic sources? I have listed it and how to apply the same steps in the 72ig Easy Sales Manual.

Why won’t I do that when I want you to succeed “sharp sharp”. 🤷‍♂️


Before we go on to the ad, let’s check out the best time to run Facebook ads to promote Expertnaire products.


Is there a best time to promote Digital Products on Facebook?

Against what most people might think, the thing is, there is probably no single best time to post on Facebook. You know why? Because the effect of your post is based on your audience strength. But when it comes to ad campaign, it is based on the right Audience selection and budget.

But is that all? We will find out more.

According to a Buffer study, the best time to post to Facebook is between 1pm – 3pm on during the week and Saturdays. We also found that engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

The best time to post to Facebook is between 1pm – 3pm on during the week and Saturdays.

However, other studies uncovered that the best time to post to Facebook is:

  • Thursdays and Fridays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. are the best times to post on Facebook
  • Thursday at 8 p.m.  
  • 1–4 p.m. late into the week and on weekends
  • Off-peak

All of these studies can be helpful to point marketers in the right direction, but for me, running Facebook ad in the early hours and evening from 3pm does it for me.


How to use Facebook Ads to promote products and make money on Expertnaire

How to use Facebook Ads to promote products and make money on Expertnaire

There are many Expertnaire 72ig Affiliate systems you can use but the sales process we will use here is Facebook ad > WhatsApp Group > Marketing (holding the class) > Making Sales.

To see more, check your 72ig program dashboard.


Step 1. Create a Facebook Page 📄

You need a Facebook page to aid you in running ads.


How to Create a Page using a computer.

To create a Page for your business using your desktop computer:

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • At the top of the home page, select Create and choose Page.
  • Name your Page.
  • Add a category to describe your Page.
  • Enter business information, such as the address and contact information.
  • Select Continue.
  • You can add a profile photo to your Page. If you add a photo, select Next. To complete this step later, select Skip.
  • You can add a cover photo to your Page. If you add a photo, select Next. To complete this step later, select Skip.
  • When you have completed the steps, select Next to go to your new Page.

How to Create a Page using your mobile Phone

  • To create a Page for your business using your mobile device:
  • Open your News Feed.
  • Tap the Pages icon.
  • If this tab isn’t available, you can tap the menu icon and select Pages.
  • Tap + Create.
  • Tap Get Started.
  • Add a name and up to three categories to describe your Page and tap Next.
  • You can add an address to your Page to make it easier for people to find your business or tap I don’t want to add an address. Tap Next. To complete this step later, tap Skip.
  • You can add a profile and cover photo to your Page. Tap Done.
Step 2. Publish about 3-5 posts 📚

Just create about 3-5 content on the page to keep it alive.

Optionally – you can even use N1,000 or N2,000 to run page likes for initial engagements.


Step 3. Create an Ad & Business Manager Account

Kindly note that in your Business Manager, you can add ad accounts that you own and get access to ad accounts that other people or businesses own.

In the Ad accounts section of Business settings, you’ll see ad accounts that you own and ad accounts that are owned by others and that you have access to.

Here are the steps to add an ad account in Business Manager:

  • Go to Business settings.
  • Click Accounts from the menu on the left-hand side. Then, click Ad accounts.
  • Click the blue Add drop-down menu.
  • Choose one of the three options: Add an ad account, Request access to an ad account or create a new ad account.
  • If you choose to request access or add an ad account, enter the ad account ID. Learn where to find the account ID.
  • Follow the prompts to select people and access levels.


How to create an Ad Account? Check out your 72ig program or use the free lesson by Facebook.


Step 4. Run Ads to bring people to your marketing platforms.

Basically, we have 3 ways to run Facebook ads but the most effective is the advanced – using Ad Manager. If I am not too tired, I will show you all of them. 🤔


Types of Facebook ad campaigns

  • Run ads from Facebook Page by Boosting – Basic [for beginners to fan themselves knowing they can run ads on Facebook. 😂
  • Run ads from Ad Centre–  Medium [better than post Boosting]
  • Run Ads from Ad Manager – Advanced – Best [100% room for customizations]

Remember we are using Facebook ad > WhatsApp Group > Marketing (holding the class) > Making Sales – affiliate marketing system.


Type 1 – How to Run ads from Facebook Page by Boosting – Basic for total beginners

Step 1. Log in to Facebook and go to your page. See one of my pages below.

Expertnaire Affiliate marketing with Facebook ads


Step 2. Create a post and publish using SALES COPY or Presale Copy.

Note: use the right text or what we call copy as this is what your audiences will see when you boost the page.

If you signed up to Expertnaire with our link, go to the 72ig Easy Sales manual, copy and edit any copy there. It shouldn’t be too long. See the one I used to promote the AMBBPROGRAM below.



Do you want to know how to start a successful blogging online business but have sleepless nights thinking of where to start from, who to coach you, how to select a topic or niche, how to build and design your blog, how to get paid, and finally receiving payments here in Nigeria without issues? If yes, then you’re at the right place and time.

I started my first blog when I was about 21 years. But as you would guess, I failed. But guess what? Read down.

After many trials and errors due to doing it the wrong way for straight 5 years+, I discovered firsthand that if you keep doing the same thing the wrong way, THE SAME RESULTS ARE WHAT YOU WILL GET, aka, the same results are inevitable.

After days, weeks, and years of doing it the popular way and still failing, I decided that I would take blogging as a serious business. I needed to find a solution!

In the course of testing things, tweaking, learning, and unlearning, and literally trying many different things, I discovered and ultimately stumbled upon a unique method that clicked. AKA – a profitable method.

This single decision helped me create my own unique way to success and today, it is easy to look back at how you too could use this same strategic method and build a profitable blogging online business despite the popular clique that Blogging is dead or it is an impossible way to make money on the internet.


The thing is, if you want to BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BLOG today, you need to use the 2020’s formula.

If I may ask, what’s the foundation to building a successful blog today? The number #1 secret is to value people above profits, and #2. dominating your world using transactional queries people are interested in.

Going forward to 2019, having seen what works and doesn’t, when I started a new blog, it was from scratch – with zero everything. I mean, no content, zero readers, zero email contacts, and I wasn’t found on the internet. And right now? The story had since changed.


Today, I build different blogs based on topic interests which you will see, and I work with various startups and companies who pay me commissions to promote their businesses using my blogs. A win-win for us. That is, I get paid and they get paid via business promotion.

The good news is that today, you too will have the opportunity to JOIN A LIVE ONLINE WhatsApp class where you see how all of these are possible using various case studies.


You will discover:

➡️ How to become a successful Blogger from nothing right here in Nigeria.

➡️ How to target transactional Blogging Business content for recurring income.

➡️ How to use a concept known as Auto-blogging to GENERATE THOUSANDS OF BLOG CONTENT WITHIN FEW HOURS.

➡️ How to apply the Smart Work + Hard Work for RESULTS

➡️ How to get your blog approved and paid by Google AdSense advertising network.

➡️ How to receive payments in dollars using PayPal account directly to your Nigerian bank account + how I make withdrawals.

➡️ How to get noticed with your Blogging Business and Brand – for partnership with other businesses all around the world.

➡️ Real Case Studies of successful blogs built using this method.

➡️And lots more.


N/B: you need to have a LAPTOP OR DESKTOP COMPUTER to start a profitable and itch-free blogging business. You also need a Domain name and Hosting Service – which are affordable.

All in all, you need to have AT LEAST N35,000 to invest in your blogging business, if not, don’t join the class or waste your time.

Ready now?

Click the blue link to join others in the WhatsApp Class ➡️➡️


The good news?

#1. The blogging business lesson has just 3 parts. Meaning, you can finish it in 1 day and start implementing it to get results.

#2. You get added to my support group so you and others can ask me anything and anytime.

#3. You get over 100 blogging tools that have helped me make 7 figures with the blogging business.

#4. Watch me Live as I generate 90,000 blog visitors using just 3 articles for monetization.


The thing is, while others are looking for jobs (that is rarely available), a lot of Nigerians are making a living legitimately on the internet through the blogging business.


The big question is, will you take your shoot today? If yes, Click the blue link to join others in the free online workshop class ➡️➡️


See you inside,

Isuamfon Offiong


Here is another one I used for a Relocation Digital Product.


How to Relocate to Canada in 2022 without IELTS or Agent if you’re 18-49 of Age

Do you still want that Canadian dream of relocating from Nigeria but having sleepless nights because of the IELTS test or travel agent fees? If yes, then you’re at the right place and time.

I don’t know what you’ve faced so far in Nigeria but as someone said, relocating to Canada from Nigeria was one of the best investments I made in 2021 for my life, my spouse, and I know my unborn children will ever be grateful to be born into a working country/system 🤷‍♂️

Funny enough, those telling us to stay and build the country are busy investing and building mansions in another man’s land. Why? Because themselves want a sane place.

Just look at Nigerian and Indian immigrants excelling in the tech industry abroad and compare it to the lives here in Nigeria. Many tech startups are packing up due to government policy. 😤

Or do you think the new Twitter CEO, Parag Agarwal would have become Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer if he was in India? The same goes for other successful Indian immigrants such as Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Arvind Krishna of IBM, and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe, and more.

Excelling all over the world from Nigeria include Kaycee Madu, Canada Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Alberta, actor John Boyega, Pearlena Igbokwe, chair of Universal Studio Group; space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, and more.

The secret sauce is, if you can’t make it to the heights of these great people, the future of your unborn children or siblings is in your hands – if given a thriving system to grow.

To say the least, you can successfully relocate to Canada as a Nigerian without IELTS if you’re between 18-49 and without wasting money on crooked travel agencies because the process is not rocket science. But the big question today is, how serious are you?

If you’re in doubt of the vast majority of Nigerians Japa-ing from Nigeria, now according to Immigration-ca, as of 12th November 2021, Nigeria has jumped above the Filipinos at 9,500 to become the third-highest number of new immigrants to Canada: only exceeded by China and India at first and second place respectively. 

That is to say, so far in 2021, Nigerians make up 4.3% of the total permanent resident arrivals compared to 3.4% in 2020 and 3.7% in 2019. This statistic will jump to 8.4% in 2022 because we all know the situation in the country, most especially if FUEL ⛽ subsidy is removed next year – inflation WILL TRIPPLE. 

If you will be among the 8.4% in 2022, this is no time to wait and WISH. Those who ONLY WISH, get nothing. You need to desire and take action NOW!

If you want to move to Canada in 2022, one of the easily admit-able routes remains the Study Visa pathway – with zero IELTS or agents’ fees worries and if you’re from 18-49 of age.

The good news is that today you will have the opportunity to JOIN A LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP where you see how this is possible.

Also, you will see:

➡️ How to become a Permanent Resident in Canada.

➡️ How to finance your immigration process if your bank account is Red then refund when in Canada.

➡️ How to apply for a work permit and your spouse/family.

➡️ How to apply The AMBB formula of Smart Work + Hard Work for RESULTS

➡️ Real Case Studies of Successful Applicants using this method.

 ➡️And lots more.


⚠️N/B: the knowledge to start your Canadian immigration process will cost you a little money excluding*** International Passport, Visa fees, and other miscellaneous fees during documentation, so, you need to have at least N386,000 before you click the link below to the free online workshop on the Canadian Relocation.

The goods news?

No matter the processes involved in your relocation dream, the TRUE HAPPINESS is that, when once you’ve boarded the flight from Nigeria, it is over! ✈️ 😊

You will beat your chest and appreciate that the process was worth it. So, this might be your last chance to take action.

Ready now?

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Month after Month, another family on their way 🚀 🚀. Don’t sleep on your #japa dream but don’t be desperate. Keep working on it on the side.

A lot of 2022 applications are ongoing. The question is, will you take your shoot now? If yes, 👉Click the blue link to join others in the free online workshop class ➡️ ➡️ Landing page link>>

#Good Luck.

The last sample –  shared this one as a tip in the Telegram and Whatsapp room.


If you’re willing to study in Canada, you can actually do so without writing IELTS.

Most Nigerians don’t know this but it’s absolutely possible to study in Canada without IELTS. This is no cap because I know someone who did it.

He’s in Canada as we speak.

You see, If you must japa, japa with fully funded scholarships

Except you’re in the dangote family o

It’s not easy without any form of scholarship.


Someone is still thinking “how do I go about it?”

This is the process for US scholarships explained here >> your affiliate or Landing page link. (Best is affiliate link).

 Why the best is LANDING PAGE? Because when a prospects opts in, he or she saves your contacts or join your WhatsApp class.

AFTER JOINING, you start the class. You talk about the topic – based on what you’ve learned about japaing without IELTS.


Before you end the class, you say something like this.

My friend, Michael Apata is studying for his PhD in Manitoba, Canada and he didn’t write IELTS to get there. You too can do it. He has a program where he teaches people like you how to follow the same steps he followed without writing IELTS

*Click here to see this short webinar* >>> your affiliate link.

He watches, orders the product, you make money. If not instant, in 2-5 days he orders and you make money with your constant reminder via your status or WhatsApp group.


The above is just a short template..

You can use my own copy of BEING ANGRY with Nigeria due to light issue.


Kindly note: you have a lot of FREE templates/angles like the above to use. See the 72ig Easy Sales Manual.




Step 3. Include your landing page link 🔗 – as seen above.


Step 4. Click on Boast

boost button on Facebook


Under “Goal” – change to what you want.

Facebook ad targeting Goal


Under “Button” – change to what you want.

button fb ad


Under Special ad category – ignore and move on.

how to do facebook ads in nigeria


Under Messaging apps” – choose your best option.

run facebook ads to promote Expertnaire products


Under Welcome message” – edit to suit you.

run facebook ads to promote Expertnaire digital courses


Under Audience” – click on create new or choose options shown.  

Options shown

  • You can run the ad to people who liked your page
  • You can run the ad to people who liked your page and their friends.
  • You can run the ad to a custom audience – the best option to select the category of people you want to engage with your ad.

Facebook audience

P.S – you can create new audience for what you are promoting. For instance, since it was about a blogging course, we will click on “Create New”.

  • Create audience – Select the location, age, gender and interests of people you want to reach with your ad.
  • Audience Name – give it a name
  • Gender – select what you want.
  • Age – select a particular age range.
  • N/b: Selecting an audience under 18 will limit your targeting options to location, age and gender.
  • Locations – Select where you want the ad to be shown to.

run facebook ads to promote Expertnaire


Detailed targeting – Define your audience by including demographics, interests and behaviors.

It is always recommended to test 1, 2 or 3 audiences per time to see which will convert best.


Since I am promoting a blogging course, I have been provided with suggestions as shown below.

facebook ads in nigeria on phone72ig


If you want to start from scratch, enter a general term and use other suggestion options. See below.

Facebook ad run detailed targeting in Nigeria


You can click on “Browse” to get more related terms and categories.

Expertnaire Affiliate marketing with ads


Check Audience definition

After your selection, you will get a result like – Your audience is defined. And the Audience Estimation.

best time to run facebook ads in nigeria for affiliate marketing


Save Audience

You can save the Audience should you want to use it again.


Under “Duration” – select the days you want your ad to run.  


Under “Total Budget” – select the amount per day you want to use.   

facebook ads in nigeria on phone for Expertnaire


Payment – you will be prompted to add money to your ad account. You can use any Nigerian credit card of your choice or use the PayU option to add funds to your account. 

how to run facebook ads in nigeria as a beginner

Publish Ad – go up again to verify that your selections are correct. If positive without errors, go ahead and click on “Boost Post Now”.

how to run facebook ads in nigeria on phone for 72ig


– Ad Processing and Review

Allow Facebook to review the ad.

When approved, it will automatically start running and people will start seeing your online business.


If your ad is approved you will get the result below.

facebook ad approval and review


That is how to run a Facebook ad campaign using Page Boost.


Personal Comments about Page Post Boosting: This is not a professional way to run a Facebook ad. It is suitable for beginners and if you want Facebook page likes and comments – to build engagements with a new page.

The second route is recommendable if you want to see better results. That is, running Ad from your page using the “Ad Center”.

Listen Up Now: Truth is, there is a Series of True-Life Success Stories | Case Studies on Building Authority Business & Beating 9-5 Jobs lessons coming up. Click the notification “Pop up above the page for publication alerts”. And For ONLINE JOBS OPPORTUNITIES and weekend lessons, join our Telegram community.

2. How to Run ads using “Ad Center” – [Normal or Medium Method]

With the Ad Center campaign, you can publish a post and use it automictically for ad or do the same from the Ad center. Choose whichever method to use and get on with it.

#1. Go to your Facebook page

#2. Scroll down and you will see “Ad Center”

Facebook ad centre in Nigeria


#3. Click on “Create Ad”

Facebook ad run detailed Ad Centre in Nigeria


#4. Choose ad type

You can select what you want but the best option is “Create New Ad”.

Facebook ad campaign ad set in Nigeria


#5. Select “Goal” – change to what you want.

Click on “Change” and you will see that we have a lot of options.

Facebook ad targeting in Nigeria


For me, I will go with “Get more website visitors”. When done, click on “Save” to continue.


#6. Select Ad creative

Under “Ad creative” – you can use a post you already published by selecting “Use a Post”. Else, copy and paste the one you want to use inside the description space.

Facebook ad creative targeting in Nigeria


#7. Automatic enhancements – tick it if you want.

If you select it, it means your ad creative can automatically adjust for each person viewing your ad. This may include adjusting image brightness and contrast, showing your original aspect ratio if we think that it’s likely to perform better and more. Not all adjustments are available to preview.


#8. Media – Select multiple images or videos to create a carousel.

expertnaire affiliate online business


Go ahead and choose an image or video property you want to use


#9. Headline – this is the title of your ad

ad center 6


Let me tell you how “Headline” using Ad Center Facebook campaign works.


If you use “Ad Centre” to run ads, you can only enter 25 ad title characters.

But what do you observe below?

expertnaire 72ig affiliate online business


It is more than 25 characters, right? That is, 38 characters.

Now, if I should want to edit the headline to something else – more than 25 characters, you will see that I won’t be able to do that because ONLY 25 headline character length is allowed.

ad center 8


The big question is, how was the former above possible at 38 characters?

Answer – it is because the landing page name bore the same title. As in, “Online Marketing with Isuamfon Offiong”.

So, if you want this also (to avoid being limited to 25 characters), name your “Landing page” to what you want to use as Headline on Facebook ad.  

The good news is that this is only applicable with Ad Centre. When we go to running ads with Ad Manager, you will see that you can use any TITLE character length you want.

Lastly, if you want the Facebook ad TITLE to depict your landing pages, make sure to erase the “automated Headline” and insert your landing link under “Website link” to automatically reflect it. See below.

Facebook ad Headline


Let’s go on.


#10. Button Label 🔖 – choose any of choice. But I like to use “Learn more”

Facebook ad button targeting in Nigeria


#11. Website URL link 🔗 enter your landing page link here.

Just copy and paste the landing page I created for you – if you worked with me.

Facebook ad website link in Nigeria


#12. Special ad category – ignore this.

ad center 11


#13. Audience – repeat the same process we did in part 1.

  • Create audience – Select the location, age, gender and interests of people you want to reach with your ad.
  • Audience Name – give it a name
  • Gender – select what you want.
  • Age – select a particular age range.
  • N/b: Selecting an audience under 18 will limit your targeting options to location, age and gender.
  • Locations – Select where you want the ad to be shown.

Facebook ad audience targeting in Nigeria


Check Audience definition

After your selection, you will get a result like – Your audience is defined. And the Audience Estimation.

Under “Duration” – select the days you want your ad to run.  

Under “Total Budget” – select the amount per day you want to use.   

Payment – you will be prompted to add money to your ad account. You can use any card of your choice or use the PayU option to add funds to your account. 


14. Ad Processing

Crosscheck everything, and when correct, finally, click on “Promote Now” to publish the ad.

ad center 13


Allow Facebook to review the ad.

When approved, it will automatically start running and people will start seeing your online business.

That is how to run a Facebook ad using the Ad Centre property.


➡️ Click here to see Ad set 2 summaries


#15. Check the approval process.

If your ad is approved you will get the result below.

facebook ad approval and review


Personal comments – if you are a beginner and you don’t want to use the Ad Manager method, please go with Ad Centre – although the “Ad Manager Method is the best”.

3. How to Run ads using “Ad Manager” – Advanced – the best result

Ads Manager is the Facebook property where running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network is made possible. It’s an all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing when and where they’ll run, and tracking how well your campaigns are performing.

With it, you can:

  • Create brand new ads.
  • Choose your audience
  • Set up and manage your ad budgets.
  • Run ads across multiple apps.
  • Adjust your Ad campaigns.
  • Improve performance with dynamic creative.
  • Test which ads perform best.
  • Get real-time insights, and more.

Step 1. Go to Ad Manager

Open your Ad Manager and Click on “Create”.

ad manager ad in nIGeria


Step 2. Choose a campaign objective

You have the option to use an existing campaign if you had before now run an ad, else, click on “Create New Campaign”.

Select consideration – I will go with Traffic.

Click on ‘Continue” when done.

Facebook ad new campaign targeting in Nigeria


Step 3. Choose a campaign Name

Rename it to what you want – for easy identification.

I will rename as “Blog Test”

ad manager 3 in Nigeria


Leave everything else and click on Continue at the bottom right-hand corner.


Step 4. Ad set name

Rename it to what you want – for easy identification.

Before that, click to deselect “template”. See below.

ad manager 4 inn Nigeria


Go ahead and give it an “Ad set name”.  

I will name it “Blog Test 2”.

ad manager 5 in Nigeria


Step 5. Select Traffic delivery destination.

That is, choose where you want to drive traffic. Since I will use my website I will select website – Landing Page.

Also, if you want to use WhatsApp directly, select the same or any other option that suits your needs. 

Facebook ad traffic targeting in Nigeria


Under – “Dynamic creative” – ignore it. (Only use this if you want to test different ad variations).


Step 6. Select Budget & schedule

Under – Budget 

Your ad set budget is the daily or lifetime amount that you want to spend on this ad set.

A daily budget is an average that you’ll spend every day. A lifetime budget is a maximum that you’ll spend during the lifetime of your ad set.

Choose what suits your capacity – ad balance/budget.

Under – Schedule

You can choose to run your ads continuously starting today or only during a specific date range.

When using a lifetime campaign budget
Ad set schedules affect the distribution of a lifetime campaign budget. Days with more opportunities receive more of the budget, so the amount spent per day will fluctuate.

– Set an end date – when your ad will stop running based on your ad budget.

Facebook ad budget targeting in Nigeria


Step 7. Select Audience

Repeat the same process for Audience selection as in parts 1 and 2.

Since I already ran an ad, I will select an existing one to continue – under Saved Audience.

Facebook ad set targeting in Nigeria


I am using “Blogging”.

Let’s continue.


Step 8. Select Placements

Placement is where and showing centers and networks you want your ad to be shown.  We have 2 options here.

  1. Automatic placements (recommended)

Use automatic placements to maximize your budget and help show your ads to more people. Facebook’s delivery system will allocate your ad set’s budget across multiple placements based on where they’re likely to perform best.

  1. Manual placements

Manually choose the places to show your ad. The more placements you select, the more opportunities you’ll have to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.


I recommend you choose “Manual Placements” – so you can select the places you want your ad to be shown.

Under – Manual Placements – we have platforms & Placement points.

Platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
  • Messenger

Placement points include:

  • Facebook Newsfeed
  • Stories and Reels
  • In-stream
  • Facebook Search
  • Messages
  • In-article
  • Apps and sites, and more.

Personal note: I recommend you deselect all of them and allow just “Facebook Newsfeed”. This is because that is where most people spend time.

My final result?

Platform – Facebook

Placement – Newsfeed

ad manager 8 targeting in Nigeria


Under – “Optimization and delivery” – ignore and click on “Next” at the bottom right-hand corner.



Step 9.  Set up “Ad name”

Edit the Ad name to anything you want. I will name it “Blog Test 3”.


Step 10.  Select Identity

Go ahead and select the Facebook page you want to work with. If you have just 1 page, it will be selected automatically

run facebook ads in nigeria using Ad manager


Step 10.  Select Ad setup 🥫

#a. Under “Create Ad” – you can select:

  • Create Ad – create Ad from scratch
  • Use Existing Post – use a Facebook page post you already published.
  • Use Creative Hub Mockup – with Creative Hub, you can preview an ad for Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger without limit. Create a mockup of your ad ideas, share it with your teammates.

how to start run facebook ads in nigeria using Ad manager


#b. Format

Here, you choose how you’d like to structure your ad. That is:

  • Single image or video
  • Carousel
  • Collection

I will choose “Create Ad & Single image” and go on.


#c. Full-screen mobile experience – ignore this unless you know what you’re doing. See full selections below.

facebook ads in nigeria using Ad manager


Step 11.  Set up Ad creative

With Ad creative, you can select the media, text and destination for your ad. You can also customize your media and text for each placement.


#a. Media

– select an image for your ad from your device.


#b. Primary text

– This is where you tell people what your ad is all about – this is the main content copy of your ad.

If you have the Easy Sales Manual, you have many copy templates to use. Just copy and paste and move on.

#c. Headline

enter the headline of your ad.

Unlike ads from Page Boost and Ad Centre, with Ad Managers ad campaign, you can enter any length of Headline you want.


#d. Description
ignore if you want.


#e. Destination

– select the website URL – this is where you enter your landing page link. Just copy and paste.

Ad Manager Ad name 4


#f. Display link

ignore if you want.


#g. Call Extension

How call extensions work – When people visit your ad and land on your website. Your number is shown at the bottom of the screen. They can tap it to call you directly from there.

ignore if you want.


#h. Call to action
Choose a preferred call to action. I prefer “Learn More”.


#i. Language

You can ignore or select just “English”.


#j. Tracking

If you want to track your ad stat/report, you can add Facebook Pixel to your site.


🛑 About Pixel:

Facebook allows you to run quite extensive campaigns without requiring the Facebook pixel. But if you install the Facebook pixel, the platform can continue to track data from those users’ behaviors and give you a better overall view of their journey to converting, or identify the reason why they didn’t.

So, if you are using my pre-built website for the landing page, you won’t be able to use this function. 

If you so desire, then you need your website which you can get cheap hosting here on DomainKing – the one I use for my landing pages. 


 Check out DomainKing here 


And if you want something a bit corporate, go with Namecheap. 

 Check out Namecheap here. 

When you get the domain and hosting, you can contact me to set it up for you.

Set up + landing page design for ad – N5,000.

👉 Click here to talk to me on WhatsApp


Step 12.  Preview your Ad page and Publish

Go ahead and view your preview – this is how your audiences will see it.

Ad Manager Ad name 6


If okay, click on Publish at the bottom right-hand corner.

Ad Manager Ad name 7


Step 13. Get the Review result

If your ad is approved you will get the result “your ad for -page name- is scheduled or running.


That’s it with Facebook ad to promote Expertnaire products.

Just choose one method and do it. Preferably, use the Ad Centre or the best, Ad Manager.

Roughly, this shouldn’t take you up to 15 minutes to run your ad.


➡️ Click here to see Ad 3 summaries


Below is the ad I used N1500 per day to see how it will go.

Facebook ad campaign stat


Here is the result of the ad campaign. 😊People are being added to the WhatsApp business Class I created. 

The most frequently asked question.

Can I do or run Facebook ads with my mobile phone?

The answer is yes. Go ahead and download Facebook Ads Manager for Android  | download for iOS.

As you can see below, this is what I use to manage my ads on Facebook.

Weekly 72ig Lessons for members


Now, the next action when they are added to your WhatsApp group is to sell the products you are promoting.


6. Promote the Digital product & make Sales

Now, I don’t know which of the products you selected to promote on Expertnaire, but if the 72ig program or a relocation program, you have a full WhatsApp class on them.

  • The 72ig class template made N500K in 7 days.

Go to the 72ig Easy Sales Manual and copy and paste the template till the class is over. The secrets to using them are there.


7. Make Sales and Receive Payments

Having followed the steps above, if you promoted the 72ig program and 200 persons joined your group, out of the 200, 5 or more people will order the product and from there you will make money.

When you do, you will get an email alert that you’ve successfully made a sell order. See below.

 How Does Expertnaire Work for Affiliates


Receive Payment on Friday

On Friday, you will receive your money – commissions sent automatically to your bank account.

How to Become a Product Vendor on Expertnaire Affiliate Website


That is how to start and run an online business with Expertnaire affiliate marketing

The good thing is that everything learned here works with other programs and platforms and not just Expertnaire, that was why I promoted my Blogging Business Course


How I built a 7-Figure Online Business from Scratch – Copy my strategy

🛑 Listen now: Do you #1. want to earn in dollars and withdraw with high exchange rate to Naira #2. want to generate both Active & Passive income #3. want to make money with affiliate marketing working with personal and international brands with 100% FREE Traffic?

If yes,➡️ click here to check out the AMBBProgram + how I made ₦400K in one day.


Wrapping up Expertnaire affiliate online business model.

Making Money with Expertnaire has come to stay but not everyone will testify – make money. The bitter side is, those who invite you won’t tell you that there is a process like the one you’ve seen.

I got too many questions about how long it will take to make money, hence this method.

Now, you see that if you join today via the 72ig program, go through the program itself, get the Easy Sales resources of templates, select a product you want to promote, I design a landing page for you, and you get started, you can make money in 7 days or less.

But again, doing all these ALONE can be overwhelming, that is why I provide premium support to you if you’re part of our support group community.


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