QRIM worked so well that I had to create 2 more Quora accounts to replicate the successes, created 2 more blogs to leverage the traffic, and recently, created a new YouTube channel to drive free Traffic views.

Wait. Do you want to create a no over-hype recurring income from Quora? Wait once more. I don’t mean replacing your career job with this method because I am not ready to sell you another bullshit.

How can you create an Online Business on Quora? Simple

Use this strategy to drive traffic from Quora to affiliate programs, your freelance services, your website(s), YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever you want to grow online/offline.

The truth is, everything is stupidly simple with traffic. Let me say that again.

Everything, affiliate marketing, banking, selling and whatever you’re doing now is stupidly simple when you have customers influx – traffic.

Imagine signing up for an affiliate program that pays you $50 per sale (commission). Then using Quora Recurring Income Mastery, you send 5,000 visits to it.

Let’s do the poor mathematics. Out of 5,000 from Quora Mastery, 15 may decide to buy what you promote, right? No? Okay, let’s use 10.

Out of the 5,000 free visits Quora Recurring Income Mastery sends you, 10 decides to buy the products or services, the math is, $50 x 10 = $500 – convert that in your local currency.

How much did you invest? Zero…

Where is the Quora Recurring Income Mastery then?

This affiliate commission continues as far as Quora is alive, and as far as your referral links are alive. Here is the thing. Have you ever seen Quora.com on Google’s first pages? If yes, then here is the common sense.

As far as Search Engines like Google & Bing send Quora the 24/7 traffic, and your answer is live on Quora, you get recurring visits and earnings to whatever you’re promoting.

Do all these sound like a fairy tale? Well, I don’t know what you think but you can knock your head now because you’ll see what I am professing. It worked so well that I created 2 more Quora accounts to show you recurring income.

Here is my Quora Recurring Income Mastery leads of 2019, and compare it today, March 2020.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+
How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Before we go on to tackle the big question, this is part of our Case Studies.

Listen Up Now: Truth Is, There Are a Series of True Life Success Stories | Case Studies on Building Authority Business & Beating 9-5 Jobs Lessons Coming Up. Click the notification “Pop up above the page for publication alerts”. For Africans – click here to Get All Stories. For Non-Africans, click here to get your version

For more Case Studies, go here.

Can we make Money on Quora

When it comes to Quora, the big question is, can we make money on Quora? The answer is yes.

First off, there is the Quora partner program where users sign up and get paid for asking questions.

But more than that, you can promote an offer and make money on the platform which is what I did to make the first $120+ in the account below.  

Can we make money on Quora

Without going too far, watch the video below to see how I made the money on Quora.

How to Make Money on Quora

If you care for the free blueprint on making money on Quora, read on – (As of 2021).

And to download the Blueprint for free, kindly follow the instructions in the video.

Who Can Build an Online Business with Quora Recurring Income Mastery?

Students who want to create a side hustle, stay at home moms, those without laptops (only mobile phones), freelancers who are struggling to get gig orders and more. 

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Why Quora is so unique is, it’s a ready-made platform for everyone. And for the benefits of those who might not know what Quora is. Quora.com is a platform that hundreds of millions of people around the world visit to get answers to their problems.

Gracefully, I am one of them as I found an answer to a health challenge that puzzled me. As of the last time of checking the last stat, Quora commands over 400 million visits every month.

Now, ask yourself this.

Out of the 400 million people, can you grab the attention of 200,000 and make money?

Perhaps your answer is no, then you’re the one this mastery blueprint was made for, because, it is stupidly easy to replicate what you will find in Quora Recurring Income Mastery.

 Making Money the Right Way on Quora Using the Authoritativeness Game

Everything changed the day I grabbed the idea to pull traffic to my blogs and affiliate programs. This was so easy going because by this time, Quora were the ones sending my authoritative answers/content to their readers – traffic to my affiliate promotions and blogs.

If you are a Quora reader you must have seen my die-hard answers sent to your email.

Just 5 days ago, Quora was once again forced to send my answer to thousands of their readers, why? Because they couldn’t resist the authority.

Here is a pre-message they sent me. “Your answers are getting upvotes”.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

And here are thousands of persons sent to my answer on Quora.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

And oh, I was wise to send some of the 7,000+ traffic to:

#1. My new YouTube Channel,

#2. My blog post,

#3. Got 40+ upvotes + a radical number of followers at the end of the day.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Perhaps you’re surprised of the above links. Ordinarily, you do not want to do that else Quora will flag and ban your account without remorse. You need the mastery to leave referral links as seen above.

Leveraging your Authority on Quora to make More Money

Using Quora Recurring Income Mastery, I have mastered the platform to the stage Quora sends my profile to their audiences for followership, and (partially) immune to referral links embedment – links I leave in my content.

 In a few weeks I doubled my followership; from 246 to 449+

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Here is the interesting part. This is the Quora account I’m not sure I’ve written up to 15 new content in 2020, yet, I doubled my followership and authority.

More so, when get the secret of Quora Mastery, they keep top questions for you to answer. Let me repeat that. When you discover the secret of Quora Mastery, they keep top questions for you to give your views.

Do you want to become an authority and make money on Quora? If yes, then Quora Money Mastery is for you. Just before I show why you need Quora Recurring Income Mastery, quickly, here is my recent Impact Radius earnings.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

For some of us that do not know Impact Radius. Impact Radius is an affiliate network where top companies manage their affiliate programs. Below is my earnings on the platform – I joined not long ago.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

(Note: It was my choice to choose Naira as my currency definition else, it would have been in Dollars).  

Guess what? Quora is my number #2 traffic source to it.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

What is more interesting? All my results are current – March 2020 earnings. In one word, you can say that, I am sharing the results of what is working, and not was used to work – 5 years ago. This is live…

Do you imagine the stage where you get sales for the work you had put in a long time ago? That is what you’re seeing above AKA, Recurring Income.

Here’s the most interesting. (I had to update the page for total transparency). quora income now

Just as I was designing this page, I got paid for another affiliate program product my new Quora Mastery account is hacked to. 😎 

Seeing is believing, right? See the screenshot below. 1st April, 2020.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Quora Recurring Income Mastery

Who’s Quora Recurring Income Mastery specifically Designed For?

• Bloggers
• Youtubers
• Affiliate Marketers
• Online Marketers
• Hustlers
• eCommerce Sellers
• Freelancers
• Email Marketers
• Educators/Instructors
• Stay at home moms/wives searching for a side income
• Those in search of a sure legitimate online business.
• All would-be netpreneurs.

What is QRIM?

To summarize the already long article,

QRIM is a Copy and Paste Proven Method to Making Money on Quora it’s a copy to build a six-figure business to anyone tenacious. (If not tenacious, you fall back to 5-figures).

See, I am tempted to use the word “copy and paste”.

As much as I never intended to use that word, the truth is, I have poured out my heart to make sure this is the LAST “Make Money Online Course” you’ll ever buy in your live time as far as you make sense of it. In fact, I had to include 30 days of money back guarantee in case I played pranks on you.

I made QRIM a copy and paste blueprint to favor students who might not have all the time in the world, stay at home moms/wives who do not want them to miss their Telemundo series and everyone else who has struggled online.

I have been in your shoe, so, I know what it means to want a breakthrough.

But the question is, how is QRIM a copy and paste blueprint?

Here is what is covered in QRIM.

Model 1

Understanding Quora.com and its untapped opportunities to make money.


Model 2

How to get Banned or Moderated on Quora without remorse.


Model 3

How to Build an Online Business with Quora; Copy my Methods & Scale from there

You’ll learn how to build an authority profile on Quora – the very first thing you need to do. Just copy my pro profile, edit your name and paste – don’t copy my name, please. 🙂

More so, you get to see:

#a. my EXPERT selling technique. #b. How to give upvotes worthy answers, #c. where to get strategic answers for Quora, and #d. The referral links ratio you need without been banned by Quora. 🙁 

Additionally, you’ll how I systematically use my referral links so as to drive insane traffic to your affiliate programs, YouTube channel, freelance service, or whatever you’re promoting, and more.


Model 4

#a. How to get your questions unbanned on Quora.com

Here you get the secret to make Quora apologize to you using my method (if that will make you happy).

#b. How to find high traffic, low competition niche questions on Quora.

#c. How to grab 2 days old post with 10k Views and 1 answer.


Module 5

How to determine the total views on All Quora Questions: helps you answer worthy questions only.


Model 6

Building freelance Page to get Gig orders on Quora.


Model 7

How to sell your service(s) and make money on Quora.com.


Module 8

How to Make Money Using Educational Niche on Quora.


Module 9

How to Run a Campaign on Quora – Take over Quora Ads like a Pro.


Module 10

Top 10 $500-$4,000 Affiliate Programs to complement Quora.

These programs pay thousands of commission in whatever niche/area you’re working on Quora.

Plus, you get 100+ hot niches to make money off.


Module 11

1500$ a Month Passive with QUORA Partner Program + How to get Accepted.


Module 12

Reminders & Top Tips to make sense of Quora.

The baseline is,

I have literally shown everything you need to succeed in making money with Quora.

Even as a freelancer, expert or instructor, I have shown you how to make money on Quora without sweating about the little stuff. 

* Become an Authority 

When you become an authority via QRIM you’re given privileges to leave your referral links – why? They trust you to recommend helpful resources to their audience, which in turn, you get affiliate commissions or drive insane traffic to your blog or whatever you want to grow online.

Just on Thursday, 26th March 2020, I was given the option to join the leagues of Admins – administrators on Quora.com.

Think about it. On a 400,000,000 audience website, I am conferred with the honor to become one of the Quora Administrators.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

That is not all. 

I was also conferred with the choice to create my own community – known as “Space”. Meaning, I can create a community I control on Quora. Don’t just take my words for it. Here is it from them – Quora.

“- You can invite anybody who follows you to follow your space, and anybody who follows you or your space to be a contributor. A day or so after you get your first posts up, we’ll start showing your space to many people”.

Can you guess what will happen to my blogs, new YouTube channel + affiliate programs I am promoting in this niche?

One more…above the page I told us my recent authority answer was featured by Quora to 7,000 of her readers. I was wrong and correct.

Correct: that was the old statistics

Wrong: I never checked the update. Here is the update.

The content was featured to more than 100,000 people on Quora.

Quora answers

That is not all, I moved from 299 followers to 452 followers in a Money Niche.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Just close your eyes and imagine what over 13,000 visits would have meant for your affiliate program promotion or AdSense blog…

Kindly note: this views continues. Haven’t checked back. 😉 

* Make $1,000+ Passive Income with Quora Partner Program

This is another rare opportunity to join in and make money on Quora. Quora Partner Program is not popular because it is not an easy-peasy business to join. One thing you need to know here is, people get paid daily/monthly to ask all the questions you see on Quora.com.

QPP is a simple online business of getting paid to ask just questions. Yes, get paid to ask questions on Quora.

Disclosure: someone does not just jump in and join the QPP, you have to be invited by Quora. While this is another side hustle on Quora, joining the program is not for the faint-hearted.

But believe me, “Quora Partner Program” is an online business you can give to your wife if you want her to create a second stream of income from home.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

With this in view, I’ve revealed the 5 hacks to use and join the “Quora Partner Program”.


More so, you will seehow to ask popular questions that make you money, where to get the questions, how to get paid and how to even “force yourself and join the QPP” if that is what you want”.

What others are saying about “Quora Recurring Income Mastery

This is the best insight I have gotten on how to generate income from Quora. The step by step guide with the practical experience outlined on the different ways to make steady income on Quora is very easy to understand and apply. A very big thanks to 'Quora recurring income mastery' for making me revive my inactive Quora account and start making money from it within few weeks
Emmanuel Daniel.
This material is loaded with comprehensive ways to earn especially at this trial time of epidemic. You really tried and make your points straight and cleared.
Balogun Mubarak.
Wow, this is just too loaded. In the last couple of months, I have bought and read materials but this Quora mastery blueprint is indeed loaded Isuamfon poured out his heart and ensured he went the extra mile to dish out nothing but the best in this blueprint. He explicitly explained in details all necessary details needed to take a profitable action as per making money on Quora. He was also patient enough to write in a language that everyone can understand and that can prompt you to take action immediately. For anyone starting out in affiliate marketing or looking for ways to make money online, this is indeed the best material to get started and it's crystal clear that one cannot read this and remain the same. Thanks "Isuamfon" for this powerful and loaded material
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Get It Today! Click the “I Want Quora Recurring Income Mastery” Button – (N20,000)

Here’s more. Learn how to:
• Build relevant backlinks from QRIM.
• Get popular content ideas to rank your BUSINESS on Google.

6 Super Packed Bonuses: X6

Bonus #1: Get A Verified PayPal Account That Sends & Receives Money

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Since many top affiliate programs you’ll make money off will require your PayPal account address, I care too much to let your affiliate payments withheld.

Because some countries are not allowed to officially use PayPal unless you add a twist, “Quora Recurring Income Mastery” comes with how to open a verified PayPal account that receives and sends money from your account.

More so, I have detailed how to withdraw and exchange the money in your local currency.

Bonus #2. Build a Blog + Get AdSense Approval in 24 hours

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Currently, I have more than 3 blogs with affiliate marketing as my #1 making money strategy. Now that is just for me (I love to focus on Affiliate Marketing).

However, just to show my students how possible, I went ahead to apply for Google AdSense and got approval under 24 hours.

So, apart from showing you “how to build a blog from scratch” – in case you want to start one and make money or complement it with Quora traffic, I will show you how to apply for Google AdSense and get approval as I did under 24 hours.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+
How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

With this, you will learn how to build a blog on your own, drive traffic via Quora Mastery, make money via affiliate commissions or get paid by Google – AdSense Money.


Even though I hate ads on my blogs, here is my little AdSense Money account. 😎 

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Bonus #3. Top $1,000-$4,000 + a list of over 2,000 Affiliate Programs to Make Money on Quora

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Here, you will discover $1,000+ per sale affiliate programs. I mean, if you make 1 sell, you get $1,000 as income – (just do the calculation in your local currency).

Apart from the fact that you’ll get the $1,000-$4,000 per sale affiliate programs, I will also give you a list of over 2,000 affiliate programs to join without restrictions from any country.

(Once more, do the calculation – you get $1,000-$4,000 per sale in your local currency if you’re not an American).

Bonus #4. Harvest Content Ideas for your Blog, Website & YouTube Channel

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

 Due to the success of my first account on Quora, I had to create 2 more on other money niches. Since I replicated the successes as well, I figured out that I was wasting the traffic I had on Quora, so I had to create 2 more websites on money niches to complement the traffic – it’s insane.

The 3rd blog – 14 articles (excluding pages).

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

The 2nd blog – 28 articles (excluding pages)

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Excitedly, the 2nd blog harvests content ideas from Quora.

Apart from the fact that you will see how to NEVER lack what to publish on your blog again, these types of content will help you rank on Google’s first page, and even getting you snippets from Google.

I don’t mean to over-hype that because everything is in QMM. Here is the 2nd blog I made sense of Quora Mastery on Google, and the shares.

Ranked #1 + Google snippet.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Blog shares,

To be frank, I don’t remember sharing the blog page URL up to 10 times, yet, I got massive 150+ shares.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

In one line, Quora Recurring Income Mastery is the over-value real deal money blueprint because I have used this method to drive so much traffic to my blog.


In fact, here is one of the Medium Blog I wanted to test out before starting my personal blog – which I did.


(Screenshot – the month was not over).  

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

See some of the reads…

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

(The 4,000 views, for instance, comes from my customized Quora hack – readers go there to click and come to my blog). Now, imagine, out of 4,000 affiliate clicks, how many would have made you the sales?

And just to utilize my free traffic from Quora, I started a new blog in January 2020 in this niche. Although, most of the traffic goes to the first links, the left over traffic is what comes to the new blog, here is one of the blog’s articles published in February, 2020 – last month.

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

All I’m trying to say is, as far as you apply Quora Recurring Income Mastery, just be restful and see the sales, conversions, and visitors flood your own blog, websites, YouTube channel(s) or whatever you’re working on online.

Bonus #5. Run Quora Ad Campaign like a Pro in 24 Hours

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

A lot of people run to Facebook ads when there is even a less costly ad by Quora.

With the Quora Recurring Income Mastery, you get how to run Quora Ad Campaign for your product and services online.

Alternatively, you can become a freelancer with it. Run Quora Ad Campaign for startups & small businesses and get paid.

Bonus #6. 100+ Hot Niches to Make Money on Quora

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

I carefully took out time to list out over 100 hot niches for you to make money on Quora.


While it’s not advisable to go for the 100+, you can select the top 3 you want and make money with them. I have used 3 so far, which I’m okay with that. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Quora Recurring Income Mastery

Do I need a laptop to make money with Quora Recurring Income Mastery?

Answer: No, you don’t. Your mobile Phone is enough.


Can someone with no affiliate marketing skills make use of QRIM?

Answer: Yes, everything is detailed – a list of top free affiliate programs to use.


Do I need to start a blog/website for QRIM to work for me?

Answer: No. The Quora platform is enough. Creating a blog is your choice. Maybe you want to go long term or complement the traffic you’ll get from Quora.


Is QRIM a video course?

Answer: No. It’s a digital E-book Blueprint.


Do I get support for Quora Recurring Income Mastery?

Answer: Sure. The details are highlighted in the blueprint.


Can a Civil Servant or anyone seeking extra income do this?

Answer: Yes.


Is Quora Money Mastery” a hack to replace your day job?

Answer: No. Quora Money Mastery does not promise fart, so, it’s not a blueprint to replace your day time job. 


Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Answer: Yes. 


No-fault 100% No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

Quora Recurring Income Mastery worked so well that I created 2 more niche accounts on Quora, applied the mastery to 3 of my blogs, affiliate commission, and my new YouTube Channel.

So, you are fully protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If Quora Recurring Income Mastery does not proffer the strategies as stated here, then we will gladly refund you in 30 days. No questions asked!

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How To Make Money On Quora as a beginner in 2021, $120+

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