How to Make Insane Amount Of Money In 2021 Promoting Clickbank Products On Reddit

Make Money Promoting Clickbank Products On Reddit
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I know a lot of people that like this sort of topic “Promoting Clickbank Products Without a Website with FREE Traffic”. Who are those? I first, when I started.

And note, there is no shame if you are in this category for now, very soon, if you take action with this, I can promise you will go on to build a profitable business online with your website likes affiliate marketing in a Kamasutric route, amazon niche site and more.

By the way, if your country is barred from opening a Clickbank account, I will not just show you how to open it fluently, I will go on to show you dangerous affiliate programs to use and make even more money on Reddit.

Are you ready to make an insane amount of money promoting Clickbank products on Reddit? If yes, let’s kick in.

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How To Have Real Success With Reddit Before Thinking Of Money

Make Money Promoting Clickbank Products On Reddit

First things first. I like offering value to my readers, which is something special. How do I mean? You will get the same value from this article. And how does that connect to having success with Reddit? VALUE.

Before we see the core tricks to promote Clickbank products on Reddit, one of the best things you want to do for real success on Reddit is providing value.

Having success on Reddit is for sure tricky because you have to walk the line of not being perceived as a spammer, but the impact of hitting the front page is amazing.

Amazingly, one guy made over $20,000 revenue in a day once – just for hitting the front page.

Let’s be realistic, you will need a dangerous copywriting skill to make it to the front page. You can start with this copywriting 1-page book. 

Before we move on, it’s worthy to note that;

#1. Some Redditors are more wary bunch individuals, therefore you’ve got to know how to promote an affiliate link.

#2. You need to know how to balance between getting sales from a reddit community and adding value and not being salsey.

#3. How to be transparent about your sales, numbers, business ideas and marketing plan.

How To Finally Outsmart Reddit Moderators And Succeed

If you want to succeed in getting leads from Reddit, you have to give them something for free, with an email opt-in.

Nurture the emails you gather from Reddit for a while WITHOUT talking about eBooks or what else you sell in the back to maximize the number of emails you get and to increase chances of your post getting upvoted.

Thinking of a good eBook to give them for free? See these top 6 in over 180+ tools to succeed online.

Fool with them. Nope

I got kicked out in 2017 when I literally knew how to use the account. To stay safe, you don’t want to fool around with the users since they can downvote your posts – your bad.

Using Reddit Ads to Promote Clickbank Affiliate Products

Make Money Promoting Clickbank Products

The above consideration boils down to the question “How Do Promoters Make Money on Reddit?”

Promoting Clickbank Affiliate Products with Reddit ads is not what you really want to do. Why? The conversion and reach will be low. As of 2017, Reddit changed her ad platform to drastically reduce ROI for advertisers.

For example, new subscribers used to cost $10 now they cost $100 in Reddit ads. To put it bluntly, don’t run Reddit ads. They don’t work.

Where else? Your energy is better spent on Facebook ads or other acquisition strategies.

Although this is a free method, however, if you want to learn how to run a simple Facebook ad from your page promoting affiliate products, subscribe here and be notified.

All in all, the best way to advertise on Reddit is through organic promotion, period – unless you have the budget.

Ready to make real money with Reddit? This is how to do it.

The Art of Making Money Promoting Clickbank Products On Reddit

Make Money Promoting Clickbank Products On Reddit

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, don’t know how to create a website or don’t have a spare buck to buy a domain and hosting, then this strategy may be a good start for you.

The best thing about this method is that it requires zero investment.

Things You Don’t Need with this tutorial:

– Website

– Hosting

– Domain

– Tracker

– Videos

– Articles


– PPC Ads

– Money to Invest

Things You do Need with this Tutorial:
– Reddit Account

– Twitter account

–  Action and following us for more.

Part #1

Step #1. Go to the Clickbank marketplace.

Step #2. Search for ‘Give It Away’.

Step #3. Choose a product that resonates with you from the results.

You know the interesting part? The products you will find under the ‘Give It Away’ search results are free for the buyers.

Part #2.

When once you choose a product, find as many subreddits as you can on the product’s niche. If you are confused, you can simply enter this into search engines – keyword: site or Keyword + Reddit.

If the product has a broad niche, you can try posting in the freebies subreddit section which has thousands of people online 24/7.

Part #3.

Step #1. Create a Twitter account with a catchy name such as Freebie Deals or something.

Step #2. Post a picture of the product and a nice caption with your affiliate URL on Twitter.

Step #3. Use URL Shortening services for your Clickbank product – Bitly or TinyURL.

Step #4. Now copy the tweet link and post it on all the subreddits that you shortlisted and watch the money flow in.

Method 2.

Instead of promoting the affiliate product links directly, what you want to do is, create an opt-in page with a free giveaway and promote the landing page.

This way you will collect new email subscribers which will be yours until they click the unsubscribe button.

Here is how it goes. Get Clickbank affiliate links > Create a Landing page (you can use free tools like Google Doc or Ucraft > Shorten the URL > Tweet it and promote.

On the other hand,

Get Clickbank affiliate links > Create a Landing page (you can use free tools like Google Doc or Ucraft > Promote on Reddit > Collect their emails using Get Response > Send them emails for free with GetResponse > Collect the earnings.

Quickly before we move on. If you are sure you will do this and have good success, sign up with GetResponse now and get started for free. You want to make use of this free 30 days premium service, so, take action!

Proof that this works?

It works like charm. As a matter of fact, a free premium Clickbank makeup brush product was tested and it sold like hotcakes.

What Next When You Succeed Making Money On Reddit Via Clickbank Products?

#1. Create A Long Lasting Business

I literally did what I just explained, but with Facebook ads, but we know, after the campaign that is all; no business was created.

Without a website, your income stream cannot be sustained, no hope from nowhere like when I got my first $100 online.

In essence, what you want to do is create a simple WordPress blog in 5 steps, publish high-quality content and promote your articles. This way you will not only drive instant traffic but also build some backlinks, which eventually help you to rank your blog.

 Backlinks, what are those?

Simply, backlinks are links you get when other websites link to yours. For instance, if you share this article now on Facebook or Pinterest, you are simply creating a backlink to your site (wealthy place, until you create yours).

More so, one issue you might have with a lot of affiliate programs is asking for your website, so, as soon as you make money with this method, go ahead and create a reputable website or get it set up for free.

How Can I help you?

I am here to give value rated at 120%. If you are willing to create a WordPress website as we speak and find it daunting, you can make use of our free installation and setup service. Learn more here.

#2. Learn For Free and Build A Profitable Online Business

Perhaps you want to get all the necessary tools with a mastermind group to help and guide you step-by-step, then see Six Figures school to create the freedom you desire.

Other Affiliate Products To Promote On Reddit?

I have consciously refused to open another Clickbank account, why? I don’t want to work with them because  I’m no backdoor guy.

I don’t know your decision with it but be careful so your earnings do not disappear all of a sudden.

Going down, you can try out health trial offers. This can bring a better result I think. More so, here are over 100 affiliate programs to join and make cool money.

How to Open a Clickbank Account for Reddit Promotion

I had to pay about $20 to mess along with Clickbank, yet, I lost the account as it was closed down. Now, if you don’t have access to Clickbank, what you want to do is get a VPN? Nope, I guess we want to spend no dollars.

Make Money On Reddit

Download the browser called “Epic”, install it, launch it, go to the top right and select the US as the proxy area, go ahead and open, and create an account.

Note: if you can’t continue what you started you don’t want to use your normal chrome or browser in subsequent times to access it, else, you might get an interesting email from Clickbank – account terminated.

Clickbank Alternatives To Make Money From Home On Reddit

Some of the top Clickbank Alternatives for Reddit promotions are ShareASale, Rakuten, JvZoo, Warrior Plus and more.

If you are a Nigerian or any Clickbank banned country, you don’t really have to force your way to create a Clickbank account.

You can use the already stated 120 affiliate programs, and if you want more, here is a bucket list of top 2,000+ affiliate programs to promote from home.

For Nigerians, you can find high paying products to promote at N15,000 per commission at Expertnaire. That is about $50 per sale.

It’s a wrap on making money on Reddit promoting Clickbank products, but before I end it in-to-to, let’s see some frequently asked questions about making money on Reddit.

FAQs About Making Money On Reddit

Reddit Money: Does Reddit Pay You?

No, Reddit does not pay for you using the platform rather, the advertisers pay them for having you on their site.

Reddit has a very harsh spam policy and most moderators are very diligent in removing posts that have to do with referrals or affiliate marketing. So, nowhere to get paid, even in a Tuttle style.

How Easy Is Clickbank Marketing?

Like any other marketing walk, Clickbank Marketing is fairly easy if you are willing to follow the due process of offering value to her audience wherefore you can turn to paying customers.

Can I Make Make Money Online Reddit In 2020?

I don’t think Reddit will be out of business in 2020, meaning you can apply the same steps and get the results.

Success Tools

Get Leads and Send them FREE Emails for the first 30 days – Make use of GetResponsGet Responsee Service. Tool to create a Landing PAGE – Start for Free.

Enjoy And Make Some Money With Clickbank + Reddit. 😎 

What other tactics do you know about making some dollars on Reddit?

Hope you found this useful, you don’t have to spend a ton of time with it, just help us share it to Facebook and Pin on Pinterest, then go ahead and take action.

Do it now else you will get DEMOTIVATED.

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