Here’s How to Earn Your First $100 Online

A Perfect 7-Day-in-1 Mini-Course For Doubting Thomases & “Impossible” Dudes

make your first $100

I won’t tell you to stop wasting your time going to work every day, no, that may seem absurd to those who don’t get it – beating 9-5 jobs. Instead, what I will do is to tell you how to make your first $100 online as that will be your toughest test.

I don’t care too much about you going on to make your first $1,000+ because you can scale that side-by-side as far as you made the first $100 a reality,

You see, trying to build a business online and beating 9-5 jobs are arguably two of the most critical parts of a profitable online venture and they can be the most difficult parts of the business.

Avoiding the saturated niche or finding a resonating niche, researching, and integrating the best tools into your online business and finally making it a profitable venture are things every web-preneur/newbies struggles with.

In order to cut the chase and have success straight away, we’ve rounded up some of the top strategies – WHAT WORKS -into this 7 Day mini-course so precious time is never wasted searching for the right ground to pitch your profitable tent.


What You’ll Find in This Mini-Course:

 💡 My Earnings Proof: It’s always easier said than done but far be it that I should preach the gospel of your first $100 online and I have nothing to show for it. No way!

Inside this course, you will see my first $100+ and how you too can make it happen. Come to think of it, I am a normal guy like you, so, you can make it, even more than I did.

 💡 Newbies Possibilities: you will get the confidence to make your first $100. I am talking about those with #a) little to no technical knowledge (me when I started) #b) No coding or SEO knowledge (me when I started) and #c) No experience with running a website before (me when I started).

These things are not out of your reach if you are properly guided + taking massive action.

 💡 Live Session to Dominate: I am one of those that will not fill a blog or a course with “vague” or “what to do steps”. Mine is to show you “How to do it”. Therefore, putting my legs in the shoes of the beginners, I have carefully done a live session on how to choose your niche island and pitch your tent for profits.

 💡 How To Outrank & Take The Spot: It still amazes me that many find it difficult to do little things. That is by the way. From the live session, you will get practical tips on how to outrank those that were before you and take charge – for profits.

 💡 Income Sources: I was like you so I know the pains when I started. Bought a series of online courses with incomplete steps. No, you won’t. You won’t find that at Wealthy Place.

Apart from the fact that you will see the live session tutorial & how to dominate. Now, what about where to make the money? So, this is not just a “how-to course”, you get “where to make it” as well. Luckily, the exact page links are embedded so you can jump in with just one click.

 💡 How to build your $100 Platform: After said and done, you will get the 5 minutes process to building the RIGHT platform that will make the first $100 a reality.

 💡 Native Broadcasting: you will get the native way (a secret way only a few know) on how to get your first suitors. I am talking about re-engineering the process even before your rank on Google or Bing Search Engine, so, no need to wait to be ranked, you get the drills upon setting up your platform.

 💡 The FAQs about this Process: I have figured out that most questions and answers are summarized in the FAQs session, therefore if you are the type that likes the “YES & NO” answers then you will get all straight to the point questions answered.


Who this course is NOT FOR: YOU!

If you won’t take corresponding action after the course then there is no need to enroll as this will be your NEXT one of the NON- PROFITING online courses – No need to trick your mind with more failures.

Therefore, if you won’t take action and proof this process wrong “just because I am not charging you $99 for it”, then no need, kindly save the time for Netflix or flipping through your Facebook Wall. 😥 

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