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isuamfon offiong



 💡 Make Money with Zero Traffic needed.

 💡 Make Money with Zero clients needed.

 💡 Make Money with Zero digital marketing skills.

 💡 Make Money with community support.

Join OTHERS and be the first to make it before millions of Nigeria.

isuamfon offiong


 💡 Make Money with Zero Traffic needed.

 💡 Make Money with Zero clients needed.

 💡 Make Money with Zero Dig. Marketing skills.

 💡 Make Money with community support.

Join OTHERS and be the first to make it before millions of Nigeria in 2021.

isuamfon offiong


Are you a blogger, digital marketer/entrepreneur, freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, or one who receives PayPal funds abroad from relatives or doing core online business such as Dropshipping, E-commerce, and selling on eBay and, etc.?

If the answer is yes, chances are that you have a PayPal account which you transact with – sending and receiving funds for all the above purposes.

But if you do not have one. Truth is, you need a fully legitimate PayPal account that can both send and receive funds.

By legitimate, I mean, you need an ONLY-valid documents PayPal account, else, if you try to play smart with them you will only lose at the end of the day (blocked access).

For instance, 2 weeks ago, one of the community members chatted me up that his PayPal account was limited based on a certain transaction he did. Here are the screenshots.

The limited account – a note from PayPal.


Cleared after a relevant recommendation on what to do.


For this type and all sorts of limitations, I carefully took the time to list out what you need to do to avoid any form of limitations, be it 21 days or 180 funds hold.


That said, now it is one thing to transact with PayPal funds and another to happily withdraw your finds directly at a high rate to your Nigerian Bank account.

And by high rate, I don’t mean N320/$-N380/$ (and N390 if you are lucky), but rather withdrawing your PayPal funds as high as N450+/$ to your bank account.

You see, when I first received PayPal funds of about $420 from abroad for a friend in 2020, I searched various ways to withdraw it for high but to no avail.


After much search, the best I could get was at N320/$. Did I have a choice? No.

While I wasn’t a beggar, turns out I didn’t have a choice here other than to lose a bulk of the fund to the local exchanger. Just imagine the losses below.

$429 X N320 = N137,280

(A transaction that wasn’t even instant – took more than 24 hours and my blood was hot because of trust issues with the local exchanger).

Compare that to reselling your funds on your own, comfortably at N450+/$ instantly?


Let’s keep it at N460/$ for now.   

$429 X N460 = N197,340

Differences, loses, and gains – N197,340 – N137,280 =N60,060

Difference – N60,060

My losses – N60,060

Local Exchanger’s gain – N60,060

“Monkey de work and Bamboo they chop”.


The big question is, why lose such an enormous amount of your funds when you can withdraw it instantly and at a super excellent rate?

Going forward, after all the frustrations of losing a bulk of my PayPal funds to those (local exchangers, banks, or third-parties that NEVER contributed to my earnings), I discovered a no-brainer method, a very simple, and legitimate way to withdraw my PayPal funds at N450+/$.

And the good news is that you can even withdraw as high as N480/$ (based on the current exchange rate).

Because this was working for me, I had to show it to some of my community members which you can see here.


So, your salvation today is that after you get this blueprint on how to withdraw your funds for high rate, you will never look back to any local exchanger, pay relatives abroad to withdraw it for you via Western Union, or even getting a slice of the pie at N320-380 from the bank. Sad.

Here are some of the transactions I have been carrying out since 2020 – using the N450+/$ PayPal Reselling method.


#1. I resold $75 and kept some balance.

Money received the same day.


#2. Exchanged about $150+.


#3. Exchanged about $110+.

PayPal Reselling Business

#4. I sold this one using the black market rate. 


P.S- I have excluded the reselling image for discretion. You will find everything in the main course and how I went about it.

And of course, I do not want to keep us bored with the screenshots.

Just as some of my community members know, the principle with my online business is, if it’s not 120% valuable, and I can’t show you how I did it, then I will never put it out for anyone else – because making money online is providing these 5 letter words “V-A-L-U-E.

In fact, I wouldn’t give support to what is not valuable. I mean, why allow email or chat communications on something I haven’t done myself. Lol.  


So the good news for you is that I have put together 2 super Blueprints you can finish in one sitting, about 30-45 minutes so you can swing into action ASAP.

The first is the “Basic Reselling” and the second “Premium Reselling”.


The “Basic Reselling” – shows you how to ONLY withdraw your PayPal funds at N450+/$ to your bank account (Video and PDF).


The “Premium Reselling” – shows you how to withdraw at N450+/$ + how to start reselling PayPal funds in Nigeria and make money on the side.

That is, shows a few places – where to buy and sell for high to others or resell using the method in the blueprint for personal pocketing.

For instance, “Adam invests $500 to buy PayPal Funds at N360-N400 max” and resells at N460/$ or N480/$. Here is the side income.

Option 1. Reselling Instantly

Buys PayPal Funds – N380 X $500 = N190,000

Resell – N460 X $500 = N230,000

Side income = N230,000 -N190,000 = N40,000


Option 2. Reselling OTC – Black Market Rate

Buys PayPal Funds – N380 X $500 = N190,000

Resell at N480 X $500 = N240,000

Side income = N240,000 -N190,000 = N50,000.

About the “Premium Reselling”, here is what one of the community members said.

Thank you ooo. Honestly, my heart is now at rest!

And I’m learning so much too. This your course ehn… it’s really giving me faith in making money online – Ruth Fawe

See the resources for each package.

“Basic Reselling”

“Premium Reselling”

The best approach to create a verified and transact-able PayPal account.


Link your Nigerian card to your PayPal and make it work, always and flawlessly.


How to strategically add a Nigeria bank account for withdrawal of your PayPal funds.


How to send PayPal funds correctly with a business account without shipping address issue.


The correct documents to present when you’re required by PayPal if limited or reached transaction milestone.

How to Avoid 21 days or 180 days of PayPal funds Hold.✔️

How to deal with PayPal if you are a core business person – dropshipping, selling on eBay, and e-commerce.


Resell your PayPal funds as high as N480/$ and keep 100% profits.

N450+/$ Reselling Blueprint✔️
󠀠󠀠─How to start reselling PayPal funds as a side income.
Few places to source for PayPal funds
EmailSupport Room on Telegram

Bonus 1: Why you need to delete that your “working and active” PayPal account.

Bonus 2: Best alternative to PayPal, get free N2,000 to know about it and get started.✔️





Ready to take advantage and fully exchange and withdraw your PayPal funds comfortably – at a high rate, instantly, and without getting reaped off by third-parties?

If yes, get any of the Reselling packages that best fits your online business needs and get started as others.

The 3 steps again.

Step 1.

Receive or Buy PayPal LOW to your PayPal account.

Step 2.

Transfer it to the preferred PREPARED card for the online business.

Step 3.

Resell it and withdraw to your Nigerian Naira Bank account.


Q. Do I need a customer to buy from me?
A. No. You can stay at home and transact everything as I did.


Q. Can I resell PayPal Funds at the Black Market rate?
A. Yes. For this, you are told how to do it in real-time.


Q. What happens if I don’t have a verified PayPal account?
A. No problem. The course comes with a PayPal blueprint.


B. Does the CBN policy of $100 from Banks affect the business?
A. No. Because we are not arbitraging or funding N > $.


Q. Is there a form of support in case I need help?
A. Yes. There is a link you will get for support.

* Your success is my high heavens.

* Contact me anytime you need me and get 120% customer support.

Yours in Digital Marketing, Isuamfon Offiong (an Affiliate Blogger Fantastic).

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