How to Sell your Website Like a Boss with FeInternational

Sell your Website with FeInternational
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Has it ever crossed your mind, maybe,. you wanted out or sell your website for another project, or you have up to 3 niches sites and you want to sell out one? If yes, then this short epistle will show you the exact steps to do that.

Fortunately, we will be using a reputable company for this. It’s FeInteernational. FeInteernational got listed among the top 5000 INC companies last year. More on this later.

 So get ready as you see the in-and-out of how to sell your website like a boss with Feinternational.

An Overview/Quest To Sell Your Business With Feinternational

Step #1. If you have a Profitable Online Business To Sell (Website or Blog),

Step #2. Wealthy Place will introduce it (your business) to the FeInternational CE0 > Team for evaluation,

Step #3. HE (CEO) or the delegated team will list your business for sale if it’s a good fit for them,

Step #4. You take your profit as a Boss.

About FeInternational

Want to Sell Your Online Business With a Website Broker You Can Trust? Then it is FE International you need.

The team at FE International works extremely hard to exceed expectations at every turn. Over the years, the team has adapted and fine-tuned the marketing and acquisition process to create a proven and efficient model that gets results for buyers and sellers alike.

Sell your bUSINESS ASSET with FeInternational

In 2019 FeInternational made the Inc 5000 ranking of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies. The Inc 5000 is the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

More so, as a leading market-leading M&A advisory team, Feinternational has completed hundreds of millions in SaaS, e-commerce, and content business acquisitions since 2010.

Also, they have been featured in the following places…

Sell your bUSINESS ASSET with FeInternational

Why You Need to Work with the Fe-International Team

#1. Due to the frustrations sellers experience at other flipping websites, and most importantly the high touch nature of brokerage, the best way to sell your business/website with HIGH SELF-ESTEEMED profits is meeting with the FeInternational Team – Thomas Smale.

#2. You (Seller) will have multiple touchpoints with the Team which is the most reliable path to follow to sell your business profitably.

#3. You have a 94.1% Success Rate to sell your website profitably.

#4. Fe-International has more completed acquisitions than any other advisor (750+ and counting).

How To Scale An Amazon Site?

Here’s what Thomas Smale, co-founder of FEInternational, a company that helps people sell tens, if not hundreds of Amazon affiliate sites every year, has to say about scaling an Amazon affiliate niche site:

The main difference between small Amazon affiliate sites (<$5k a month) and larger sites is the level of reinvestment. Small sites tend not to invest in content and link building, larger sites do.

In terms of content, most of the bigger Amazon affiliate sites we sell at FE International have at least 100,000 words of content and have strong link profiles that are not reliant on just one type of link (such as a PBN).

These website owners also recognize the need for high quality content that is unique, has no spelling/grammar errors and is formatted properly. Taking the time to ensure all content is high quality and continuously investing in content and link building are the keys to scaling successfully.

How To Sell A Site That Makes $505-$3030 Monthly

For example, if you have a blog that makes $15,000/month, the blog is worth anything from $450,000 to $540,000.

Let’s do the math on how to sell a blog for $50,000.

Selling a blog for $50,000 is actually a lot more doable than people think it is.

The blog doesn’t need to make $10,000. Not even close to it.

Remember, it’s calculated by 30x to 36x monthly earnings.

So let’s take an average of 33x.

$50,000 / 12 months = $1,515

That means the blog only needs to be earning $1515/month for it be valued at $50,000.

Growing a blog to $50K/month is a different story, but growing a blog to $1515/month is not that difficult.

An Overview of Potential Sales MARGIN

$100,000 / 12 months = $3,030 (Monthly earnings)

$50,000 / 12 months = $1,515 (Monthly earnings)

$25,000 / 12 months = $757 (Monthly earnings)

So, a blog that makes $1,515 monthly can be sold for $50,000, and one that makes $505 can go for $16,000. But at Fe-International it is even more.

How to Determine the Valuation of your WEBSITE- Don’t use Online Valuation Tool

Going over to Google you will see various website valuation tools.

If you take the top four tools on Google for example (CheckWebsitePrice, SitePrice, NetValuator, and Webuka) the resulting valuation for Facebook (helpfully now publicly listed) you will see a valuation range of $1.1 billion up to $6.8 billion. At the time of writing (October 2019), Facebook’s enterprise value is $138 billion.

Let’s keep the major corporations aside, just inputting a handful of five recent transactions completed by FE International into SitePrice’s tool showed errors in the magnitude of 5x to 90x the actual sale price, in every case a significant undervaluation.

Sell your Website with FeInternational

Don’t be mistaken in thinking online valuation tools always undervalue websites for sale. Often they are just as inaccurate in the other direction. These calculators are not able to properly value websites because they simply don’t have enough information to give an accurate valuation.

Because of this, you are never going to get a fair and accurate representation of what your website is actually worth.

In Conclusion? Don’t use them.

At Fe-International, the valuation of your site will be done professionally where you can weigh the factors and options used.

Some Recent Website Sales At Fe-International

#1. $8,000+ Monthly income, $100,000 yearly. Sold for $300,000+

#2. $18,000+ Monthly income, $210,000 yearly. Sold for $690,000+

#3. $6,000+ Monthly income, $76,000 yearly. Sold for $180,000+

#4. $4,000+ Monthly income, $50,000 yearly. Sold for $150,000

The Exact Step Process To Sell Your Web’s With Fe-International

Stage 1. Knowledge Transfer

FeInt’l will seek to learn about your business, that is, the traffic, financials and the overall operations

Stage 2. Valuation.

From the report of step 1, your website will now be analysed to consider some vital variables such as financial Operations, precedent, market insights, and projections. From here a realistic valuation will be forwarded to you.

Stage 3. Sales Preparation.

With a positive valuation, further information regarding your business will be ascertained wherewith detailed marketing data and material will be prepared for qualified buyers.

Stage 4. Marketing

As a seller, you don’t need to do anything or worry about the marketing aspect as everything will be handled by Fe-International.

Here your business/asset will be presented to the right buyers; the Fe-International buyers’ community from where the PERFECT offers will be solicited from interested buyers.

Next is to enter the Negotiation stage. And of course, at this stage, only the right deal for you will be considered.

Stage 5. Due Diligence

The potential buyer will now conduct due diligence on the business-asset to ascertain that he or she is investing his or her money wisely.

At this stage, no need to worry as Fe-International before now would have prepared you in advance to have success. They will enlighten you on the vital buttons to press.

Stage 6. Closing

This is the final documentation step. Here you will have to sign the asset purchase agreement and transfer. 

Step 6B. Transfer funds.

The buyer now transfers funds to the escrow while you (the seller) transfers the asset using the escrow agent provided for by Fe-International.

After the escrow proceedings – inspection process – the deal is now closed.

Stage 7. Post Sale

While the transaction – buying and selling process was done on step 6, just to make a perfect deal Fe-International will ensure sellers give full training and support to the new owner, and at the end of the day both parties – the buyer & seller are happy.

Disclosure: We work directly with FeInternational. That is, if we help you sell your business profitably, we will be paid a little commission, but if not, there is nothing for us. So, the little commission to our end is based on the fact that you are happy with your sell, else, we go home empty. Thank you as we work together.

How to Meet & Sell your Business (Website/Blog) for Higher ROI

All we will work with is your email. We need your email so we schedule a meeting with the FeInternational CEO – Thomas S.

You can either send your NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS to our Gmail account – for direct response, here –


Kindly fill this form – so we can forward it to Fe-International.

Working with the Fe-International CEO

Thomas Smale is a great businessman. He is a regular column writer at

Thomas Smale co-founded FE International in 2010, growing the business with zero funds from scratch to a seven-figure-a-year business. He Specializes in advising and brokering the sale of established websites and online businesses.

Smale has been interviewed on podcasts, blogs and also spoken at a number of industry events on online businesses, exit strategy, and selling businesses.

Why it’s exciting to work with him is that you get to converse with him. I love the fact that working with you as the seller gets exciting in case I need to draw his attention to your business.

For you, Wealthy Place wants to connect you directly with the CO-CEO Thomas for a maximum sell out.

There are many ways you can be contacted if you work with us directly.  For our first meeting with him, it was on

Sell your Website with FeInternational

I am stating these extras so you know we are bent to helping you sell your business with your head high – PROFITABLY. 

Here Is How Rohit Palit of Techtage.Com Flipped His Sites with Fe-international

In his words…

Personally, I’ve used FE International and I’m a big fan of them. All of their staff that I’ve dealt with, have been extremely friendly and helpful to me, and that includes the co-owner!

In fact, I’d emailed him directly somehow instead of emailing their support department while trying to sell a site with them for the first time.

Still, I had got a reply from him within minutes, and he’d set me up pretty quickly with other staff of his from there onwards.

There are also some advantages of FE International that made me more inclined towards them, and one of the major ones is that they don’t ask you to give them direct viewing access of your Amazon associates account.

 Screenshots and live screen sharing with potential buyers is enough to prove your earnings, unlike in case of Empire Flippers.

 What this means is that they don’t get to see all your other tracking IDs (and hence websites) in the same Amazon associates account, while verifying the income of the one you’re selling.​

I’ve heard good things about both from other fellow niche site builders, so I guess you can’t really go wrong with either of them.​

What other Sellers have to say about FE-International

“I would recommend FE International to anyone with a site to sell.”

Justin Deanville – Managing Director, Receptional.

They valued the business at roughly 50% higher than my expectation and got an offer within literally hours.”

Patrick McKenzie – Kalzumeus Software LLC

By far, the most outstanding website brokers I have ever used. If you’re looking for a broker, FE International is the only right choice.

Alan Kong – Founder RocKong Ventures LLC

I got more than I could’ve ever dreamed for my sale. Go with them and don’t look back.

Tim Seidler – Get Niche Quick

Why Should You Consider Us – Wealthy Place – The Middle Man Between You & – Fe-International?

#1. For Value:

You might choose to use Fe-international directly, but hey, what’s the use of this article if it wasn’t to ADD value to you? We took the time out to make it detailed & helpful so you can proceed from here.  

#2. Priority from Fe-international.

Working with us means, you get extra Green light and attention as work with the CEO/Team directly.

#3. For a Thank-you Note.

Ultimately, the only way we get a little commission when your business is sold satisfactorily is (you) working through us. That is, all we need to do is, forward your contact to Thomas/Team, from there a deal is broken, ASAP.

Here is how we make the little commission – an email from Thomas to us.

Sell your bUSINESS ASSET with FeInternational

“Due to the high touch nature of brokerage, the best way to refer people to us is with a personal introduction (ideally to me) via email. New clients often have multiple touchpoints with us so that’s the most reliable way to track and ensure you get credited!”

All in all. Thanks for choosing to work with us after all.

To get started, kindly communicate her–, thanks.

Final Note on Selling your Website using Fe-International

The most exciting part of a blog or website is long-term financial gain.

As Andrej will consider it, Blogs are like real estate on the internet. A tiny blog could be compared to a cottage in a small village.

A huge blog is like a multimillion-dollar house in a populated city like San Francisco. And major publications like Forbes would probably look something more like a giant castle.

And like real estate, you’re able to sell the blogs for a big payout at the end.

So, if you ever want to sell your blog and make 30-36X more, kindly get started with Fe-International.

We recommend you work WITH and THROUGH us for priority and more ROI.

Thank you

#Wealthy Place.

I will be happy to answer your questions if you have any.

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