Best Signal App and Signal Private Messenger Review 2021

signal app and signal private messenger review
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Just 3 days ago I received a pop-up on Google News over WhatsApp’s new policy which I didn’t give attention to. After about 1 hour later, the news about WhatsApp’s Data Privacy policy concern was everywhere. There you have it, another giant in the news for the bad or over-exaggerated reasons.

For ages I have been using WhatsApp for marketing and business growth but as it seems, someone might switch to a more secure platform where you are free to share your details without being tracked.

Truth is, I was surprised when I saw Google showing all the places I went to on her APP. I was like, “so, can’t someone have some privacy in this life”?

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Still based on the issue of privacy, while the ministry of electronics and information technology (Meity) is taking a close look at encrypted messaging app WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, the fact remains that the majority of WhatsApp users are having a rethink.

According to, it reads that “sources said the initial feeling in the government is that the recent privacy policy of WhatsApp to share commercial user data with Facebook in a way establishes that it is the owner of the data and hence it can safely not be considered as an intermediary.

In such a scenario it may lose the immunity it has concerning any objectionable content found on its platform at any given point in time.


The Effect of WhatsApp’s New Data Privacy Policy

With February 2021around the corner, you will have to decide not to or accept the terms and service of this new policy by February 8, 2021, or delete your accounts on WhatsApp because as it is, your data might be useful for her benefits.

This change in privacy policy has also sparked an exodus of sorts to apps like Signal App and Telegram, which the former is the tagged the next WhatsApp.

But just before you leave WhatsApp to Signal Private Messenger you want to be sure that you’ve got the correct information about the new policy and not the fake or misinterpreted news.


Communities & Users Reaction to New WhatsApp Data Policy

signal app download

In a blog post by xda-developers, titled “What’s more important to you? Access to WhatsApp or your privacy”, some users had these to say.


I deleted WhatsApp years ago. Telegram is the way – Deiki.

I care about privacy but unfortunately, almost all of my friends don’t, so I have to use WhatsApp. Telegram (Telegram X anyway, I haven’t seen the other for a while) has a much nicer UI compared to the dated look WhatsApp has too – CrimsonTears.

Privacy. No FB, No IG, No WhatsApp. Nothing from Suckerburg – ShiverSC

Privacy is very important… I am shifting to Telegram also recommending my friends for the same…. WhatsApp bye bye….! – malateef


New WhatsApp Policy Reaction on Reddit

In another forum thread on Reddit, users reacted in their own unique way about the WhatsApp sudden update. Let’s see.


This is really bad. Facebook is completely exploiting the dependency that people have on WhatsApp, now that so many people use this app. And FB is totally aware of it. At least where I live, you are kind of expected to have WhatsApp, and otherwise people won’t know how to message you. Of course there is SMS, but that is just not as convenient – Livionned.

I used WhatsApp before Facebook bought it, we switched to signal, and it took 5 minutes. Nobody wants their data to be abused like this – Maibees.

I uninstalled Instagram some weeks ago and Facebook some years ago. I guess it’s time to uninstall WhatsApp too – abunaeko.

Quick question: let say FB has our data then so what? I mean Google has our data too – Crazy-Diver6982.


How Signal Private Messenger, Signal App Became a Success after Elon Musk Magic

Just as digital marketers pay influencers for adverts and promotion, I think the Signal Private Messenger got her magic moment when the current world’s richest man (as of the time of writing) made a tweet on January 7th 2021 for its 42,000,000 followers to switch to Signal. Here is the tweet.

With that one tweet, the download of the Signal app saw exponential growth.

As of the time of writing, the new Private Messenger App in town has garnered 10,000,000+ downloads and 4.5 star reviews on Google Play while on the Apple store, it has 315.8K Ratings with 4.8 star reviews to it.

Let’s now see why you might need to switch to Signal Messenger App in 2021.


What is Signal App and Signal Private Messenger? All You Need to Know

who owns signal app

Initially released in 2014, Signal App is now one of the most popular texts and voice messaging apps after the sudden WhatsApp privacy concerns.

In fact, according to Google Trends, the app received rapt attention in the last 30 days than ever which is shown in the image below.

apk signal private messenger

The Private Messenger is free to use, and you can send messages, make voice calls, and host video chats on both desktop and mobile devices.

2 of the best features that make the app the next WhatsApp is being open source and also its advanced privacy-preserving technology which you can always enable so you can focus on sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter to you.


About Signal Private Messenger   

With a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, Signal App is an open source app in which you can check out the source code at Github.

about signal private messenger

According to Wikipedia, Signal is the successor of the RedPhone encrypted voice calling app and the TextSecure encrypted texting program.

The beta versions of RedPhone and TextSecure were first launched in May 2010 by Whisper Systems, a startup company co-founded by security researcher Moxie Marlinspike and roboticist Stuart Anderson.

With the open-hand to converse with your loved ones or business partners with no one to look on your shoulders, you can support the project here via donation.


Pros and Cons with Signal Private Messenger      

Here are the side-by-side benefits and what you don’t get if you decide to use it.


Pros with Signal Private Messenger App

Here are the top features of signal private messenger.

  1. It is Open Source

Did you know that software being Open source refers to computer code that is distributed under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to freely access, modify, and distribute the software for any purpose?

Yeah, that is what you get with the Signal app.

download signal private messenger

With the private messenger app being open source, it means there is no form of discrimination against you, persons or groups, any fields of endeavor, the license is not specific to a particular product nor must it restrict other software and more.

All the benefits and access of the software as open source can be found on her Github page.


  1. Signal App is Free

Just as when you would want to start a weblog on WordPress CMS which is open source and free to use, signal private messenger is also a free app open for everyone to use at convenience.  


  1. Total Security without Data Bridge

Since the Signal app does not sell advert placements to advertisers, conduct market research, or carry out any form of affiliate marketing, the need for creepy tracking is impossible. So, your data is well kept and managed.


  1. Create Disappearing Messages

Can you imagine having the option to create messages that are neither stored on the App or by the company?

features of signal private messenger

Yes, that is what you get with the Signal app as they’ve integrated a modern facility that helps you create ghost messages. 😆


  1. Group Calls (Who still needs Zoom App for this?)

Unbelievable, but it is what it is. With the App you can communicate using Group Calls.

about signal private messenger


  1. Create Group and Invite Friends.

Just as on WhatsApp, when you open the app and click your top right-hand corner, you will discover the option to create a new group for your business, invite friends with your personal invite link, and get things set up, and more.


  1. Beginners Friendly and Clean

Overall, I think Signal App is way more intuitive if you want to compare it to its popular competitor.

how to use signal private messenger

When you launch the app you will be opened to a clean dashboard which you can clearly navigate at ease.


  1. Stickers/Emojis like on WhatsApp

signal private messenger

Just as you have it on WhatsApp, Signal App has tons of messaging stickers to use should you want to express or communicate using emoji/stickers.


  1. Compatible with all devices

Another good point with Signal App is being able to use it on any device you have.

Currently, the Signal Private Messenger software has versions for PC, Macs, and Linux, Android, and iPhone & iPad users.


Cons with signal private messenger

  1. Not Popular as WhatsApp

While they just came to more popularity after the WhatsApp saga, the drawback with Signal App is that a lot of people are not yet on it.

So, if you want to have the best time with private messaging, you will have to invite your family and circles to download the app before you can open chats with them.

Focal point: if you think that you prefer your privacy to be secret, then you can easily download the app and get on with it.  


  1. Limited Group Chats

As of the time of writing, you could only contain about 150 persons on the secure messaging app.


Signal App Download for PC, Macs, and Linux, Android and iPhone & IPad

Signal App Download for PC, Macs, and Linux, Android and iPhone & IPad

If you are an Android user, you can download the Signal App at the Playstore using this link, for iPhone & iPad, use this link.

For Windows, use this link, Linus – use this, Mac users can download it here, and lastly, get it for apkpure signal private messenger.


A Final note on using signal private messenger

Built with the state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption to enable your total privacy, the open-source powered messaging app is the next big thing come February 8, 2021, when you will have to decide not to or accept the terms and service of WhatsApp’s new policy.

Also, with it as an open source app, everyone’s is respected.


All in all, I think using this app as a personal messaging app is okay since your privacy is guaranteed and if you need something for business with a larger capacity you can always go for Telegram.

There you have it, Signal private messenger app review.


We have more to say when we compare it to WhatsApp. Look out for it.

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Frequently asked questions about the Signal Private Messenger App

Q. is Signal Private Messenger free?

A. Yes. The Signal App is free for everyone and all device owners.


Q. How do you use private Messenger Signal?

A. As WhatsApp. Just as your WhatsApp, you use the Signal App like that. That is why it is tagged the next WhatsApp.


Q. How to delete Signal Private Messenger account

A. To delete signal private messenger account, go to the app, click on Settings, to advanced, and finally click on “Delete account”.


Q. How safe is the Signal Private Messenger?

A. The Signal App is secure using modern encryption facilities to secure your messages. Also, you have the option to use the “Disappearing Messages option” where your information is not stored even on your phone.


Q. Who created and owns signal private messenger?

A. Signal App was created by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton who are the backbone of the Signal Technology Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2018.


That is for now. Get the video lesson on how-to-use Signal App for your pleasure.

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