Current Skrill Exchange Rate in Nigeria @ over ₦1,000

Current Skrill Exchange Rate in Nigeria

Apart from being a popular virtual wallet for money transfers & online payments for personal and business owners and used by millions all over the world, when it comes to Skrill Nigeria, the question most people ask is, “Does Skrill Work in Nigeria” or “Is Nigeria part of Skrill supported Countries?”.

If that is your question, then the answers to the above is yes, and yes. What do I mean? Here is it.

Nigeria is supported on Skrill, unlike PayPal where digital marketers have to use the back door to open and operate a fully functional account.

And although Skrill is not as popular as PayPal, the best news is that it is safer to use than PayPal as far as you’re a Nigerian.

Therefore, if you are doing online jobs like freelancing, web design, blogging, betting, crypto investments, etc., and you have a payout to use Skrill, then I recommend using it firsthand.

More so, if you have a friend and family abroad who is willing to send funds regularly via Skrill, then you are in luck because it doesn’t pose the challenge of exchanging Skrill USD for Naira.

With fnfSwap services, you can swap your Skrill Currency and get Naira in less than 15 minutes after confirmation.

But before we see the Skrill Dollar rate to Naira, let’s answer the question of how long it will take to receive your Skrill Money to your Nigerian Bank account.   


How Long Does It Take to Withdraw from Skrill to Bank Account in Nigeria?

The Skrill-to-Skrill or instant transfer withdrawal is instant therefore you will get Naira funds paid into your Nigerian Bank account in 15 minutes after confirmation like other overly satisfied fnfSwap clients served.


What is the Skrill Dollar Rate to Naira?

First off, kindly note that the USD/NGN exchange rates is always fluctuating, therefore the current Skrill exchange rate will be disclosed at the point of the transaction – else, it means, this page has to be updated according to the market trend every hours/day.


On the normal, the Skrill Exchange Rate USD to Naira using local exchangers is from ₦500/$- ₦610/$, and the best exchange rate goes for over ₦1,000/$ with a freelance finance website like fnfSwap.


How Much is $100 in Skrill to Naira?

$100 Skrill in Naira with third party local exchangers hover around to ₦50,000 and ₦61,000, however, it is over ₦100,000 with fnfSwap freelance finance.


How Much is $200 Skrill to Naira?

$200 Skrill in Naira with third party local exchangers hover around ₦100,000 and ₦121,000, however, it is over ₦200,000 with fnfSwap freelance finance.


How Much is $500 Skrill USD to Naira?

$500 Skrill in Naira with third party local exchangers hover around ₦250,000 and ₦305,000, however, it is over ₦500,000 with fnfSwap freelance finance.


How Much is the $1,000 Skrill to Naira Rate?

$1,000 Skrill in Naira with third party local exchangers hover around ₦500,000 and ₦610,000, however, it is over ₦1,000,000 with fnfSwap Nigeria.


Always remember the USD/NGN exchange rates is always fluctuating, therefore the current Skrill exchange rate will be disclosed at the point of the transaction – which would possibly be more than what is stated here.

Going on, before we see how to get the Skrill funds to your Nigerian Bank, let’s see the best withdrawal method.


How To Exchange and Send Money from Skrill to Naira Bank Account

To send and exchange Skrill to Naira fast, the best method is sending from one account to the other. Therefore, the Skrill exchange rate USD to Naira by transferring the funds using the Skrill-to-Skrill transfer withdrawal method is ₦1,000/$ and more – based on the current fluctuating nature of the Nigerian financial exchange market. 

Therefore, since you’ll get a better rate, instant withdrawal, and the lowest fees via the Skrill-to-Skrill transfer withdrawal method, that is the method we want to make use of today


How to Exchange Skrill Money in a few Clicks with fnfSwap Freelance Finance

Say goodbye to over complicated currency exchanges, and let fnfSwap freelance finance swap your Skrill USD for Naira in real time with proper customer relations and transaction confidence.

Check out the steps below.


Step 1. Get the latest Naira/USD exchange rate for the Skrill Funds swap by fnfSwap.

From here, you will be issued the Skrill Email Address to use for funds transfer from your account.

➽➽ Connect fnfSwap for Latest Skrill Rate/Email


Step 2. Login to your Skrill and go to “Transfer”.

skrill to skrill

>> 🡣

Withdraw Skrill USD Funds Using Skrill-to-Skrill


Step 3. Enter fnfSwap’s email address in the space provided.

Enter fnfSwap skrill email address

P.S – fnfSwap will give you its Skrill Email Address to use.


Step 4. Enter the amount you want to send to them. Click on “continue” when done.

Enter the USD Amount

Step 5. Confirm the transaction and send.

Confirm the transaction from skrill


Step 6. Get paid to your Naira bank account.

As soon as the Skrill USD Fund drops, fnfSwap will pay you Asap – in 1-15 mins max 🚀.

received skrill for nAIRA

Does fnfSwap Charge You for Swapping Skrill for Naira?

No, not at all. There is ZERO Skrill transaction charges or fee using its service. Check out fnfSwap

See recent Skrill USD Exchanges in Nigeria Transactions

With fnfSwap, you do not just get the HIGHEST exchange rate in the country 😉, but customer support is a priority, plus getting paid in less than 15 minus after funds transfer confirmation. That is why lots of their customers have given them over 4.6/5 reviews on Trust Pilot plus onsite more signatures.

Below are a few Skrill exchange to Naira transactions carried out.

Exchange Skrill USD for Naira at the best rate to Bank.

Skrill To Skrill Withdrawal Transactions done by fnfSwap site

Skrill Withdrawal Transactions done by fnfSwap

Skrill Withdrawal Transactions by fnfSwap

What’s the best way to transfer money from Skrill to Nigeria’s bank Account?

Just as you’ve seen how to transfer money from Skrill to a Nigeria bank account, the best option is the Skrill-to-Skrill transfer method.

With this method:

  • You get instant funds transfer
  • You pay less fees of 1.45% only as compared to 7.5% or more with others.
  • You use an email address to move funds which is easy.

Therefore, at fnfSwap, we recommend using the Skrill-to-Skrill method.

All you need to do is move the funds to us and get the maximum market Skrill exchange rate of USD to Naira to your Bank account.

Join freelancers and friends all over Nigeria using fnfSwap to swap their Skrill Money for Naira at over ₦900/$.

Final Note on Skrill Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate

For most of us that depend on Skrill payment via any foreign online business that opts to pay us via Skrill, the best thing is to open and verify our account, receive money, and use any of your preferred methods stated above to exchange Skrill to naira, right here in Nigeria.

That’s all on Skrill exchange to Naira.

Let’s check out some FAQs.

  1. What’s Skrill Exchange Rate?

    Skrill Exchange Rate is the local bank or parallel market exchange value of the Skrill Money to the local currency is trading at/for.

  2. Is Skrill Free?

    Yes, Skrill is free to use in Nigeria, but there are accompanying fees for moving funds – transacting. 

  3. What’s Skrill Exchange Rate USD To Naira?

    When you use Skrill in Nigeria for international transactions, the exchange rate will be charged between 1.4%-7.5% percent from Card, Bank, and Account holder’s transfers.

  4. How is the Skrill exchange rate Determined?

    The Skrill exchange rate is calculated based on local bank trading rates, 3rd party financial institutions, and based on parallel market conditions. The exchange rate that Skrill then provides you also includes a processing fee above the base rate.

    The exchange rate provided by Skrill may vary for each currency and does not change for small or large amounts.

    For instance, if you send Skrill Money to your Nigerian card, you will be charged up to 7.5%, and it is different if you were to send funds to a bank or other Skrill users.

  5. How long does it take to Send Money to a Bank through Skrill in Nigeria?

    When you send money from Skrill to a Nigerian bank it takes 2-7 days or more to be processed, and a few days more for your local bank to exchange it for Naira. With Card, it might take up to 24 hours, and with Skrill to Skrill, it is instant.

  6. Does Skrill Have Fees?

    Yes, it is. Card fees are 7.5% or more, Skrill to Skrill transfers are 1.45%, and bank transfers are up to $6 or more per transaction.

  7. Can I receive Funds with Skrill in Nigeria?

    Yes, you can, as Skrill is fully functional in Nigeria for both individuals and businesses.

  8. How to Use Skrill in Nigeria

    ➸ First, use a valid or a new email address to open a Skrill account.
    ➸ Confirm the email address, and use a strong password.
    ➸ For first-degree verification, link your Skrill account to an approved debit/credit card.
    ➸ For second-degree verification, provide your documents and other KYCs.
    ➸ Withdraw your Skrill funds to your Nigeria bank account, or credit card, or use fnfSwap’s service for the best Skrill rate to Naira.

  9. Can I make my Skrill Account Valid and Active for use in Nigeria?

    Yes, you can. To make your Skrill account valid, you will, first of all, confirm your email address, add and link credit/debit cards, and KYCs, then fund it, and you are set.

  10. Can I link Nigeria Cards to Skrill?

    Yes. You can link a Nigerian Card to PayPal. The best and recommended is the UBA AFRI Dollar Dominated Card if you want USD transactions, and the Naira prepaid card if you want Naira transactions. 

  11. Can I withdraw Skrill Money without linking with a Nigerian Card?

    No, you can. Because you will need to link a card to fund the account for activation since Nigerians can fund the account via Bank Transfer. So, it is funding via card before the withdrawal of any kind.

  12. How do I convert my Skrill funds to Naira? 💱

    To convert your Skrill funds to Naira, you’ll need to first move your desired funds from your Skrill balance to the receiver or your PayPal card. From there, you’ll either be paid by the funds’ receiver or via your dollar-dominated card. Please, make use of the fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace for this purpose.

  13. What is the best card to link to Skrill to Enable withdrawal in Nigeria?

    The best card is the UBA Afri dollar-dominated card for USD accounts and the Naira prepaid for Naira Skrill accounts. The next best is the Afri Naira equivalent and lastly, you can try the First Bank’s gold card if it will work out.

  14. Is Skrill available in all parts of Nigeria?

    Yes, it is. You can use Skrill in any part of the country, be it in Akwa-Ibom, Kwara, Ondo, etc.

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