How to Start a Blog with Kinsta in 2021

Start a Blog with Kinsta
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Want to know how to Start a Blog with Kinsta in 2021? If yes, then you’re in the right place 😀 .

You know,

There is so much buzz everywhere on learning how to start a blog? That is great. However, the greatest news is that the web hosting platform you use commands about 80% success rate of your online business.

Luckily, we are hosting with one of the best 3 in the world managed web hosting services– starting a WordPress blog with Kinsta. 

This tutorial will teach you how to start a blog with Kinsta from A-Z.

I am confident that these steps should have you up and running with your own blog in about 10-23 minutes from the time you pay up the hosting fee.


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How to Start a Blog with Kinsta in 6 Easy Steps

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1. Choose Your Hosting Plan on Kinsta

Go to Kinsta’s main page (the link opens in a new window so you can follow along), and click on the green button “View Plans” button.

Start a Blog with Kinsta

This will take you to a page where their various hosting packages are shown (see image below).

Start a Blog with Kinsta

To get started you have a choice between the “Starter”, “Pro”, or “Business 1” plan. If you’re just starting as an individual, you can either choose the “Starter” or “PRO” plan.

The difference between the two is that the “Starter” plan only allows you to have 1 WordPress installation, and gives you limits on other options such as your website visitors’ capacity at 10,000, 10 Multisite support, and email accounts.

The “Pro” plan allows you to manage up to 20,000 visits, Multisite support, 20GB storage capacity, and other foundational benefits. Also, you get 2 free premium migrations.

For this tutorial, I am choosing the “PRO” plan. However, if you only ever plan on having 1 website or as a beginner, go with the “Starter” plan (it’s cheaper too!). Hit “CHOOSE” on the plan of your choice to move on.

Start a Blog with Kinsta


2. Create your hosting account on Kinsta

Fill in your details and click on continue.

Start a Blog with Kinsta


3. Enter your Billing information

Go ahead and register your Country, State, City, ZIP code, and your Credit card details. And lastly, enter your cardholder name and Card details.

Start a Blog with Kinsta

When done, click on “Finish Up”.


Want to pay yearly? If you pay yearly you will save up to $120. Here is how.

Look at your top right-hand side and click on “Pay Yearly”

Start a Blog with Kinsta 2020

Like before, use the same information you entered and click on “Finish Up”


4. Set up your Website

Go to your email address used and click the link sent from the Kinsta team. The link will take you to your new dashboard called “mykINSTA Dashboard”.

Start a Blog with Kinsta


5. Add your Domain Name on Kinsta

Now you’ve logged in to your dashboard, go to “Sites”, click on the “add site button” to add your domain name.

 Now, if you already purchased a domain name, the steps is as simple as ABC.

On your top left, click on “Sites”. Add the domain name, e.g and click “Add”.

Start a Blog with Kinsta

We are almost done.


6. Install and Configure WordPress

Lastly, you need to install WordPress on your site.

Go ahead and log in to your Kinsta account.

Because WordPress is so popular, this process has gotten a lot simpler with Kinta. Kinsta allows you to install WordPress with a click of a button.

On your top left, click on “sites”. Click on “Install WordPress”. Allow it to run the installation and you’re done. Below is how the feel of your new blog.

Start a Blog with Kinsta


How to Install WordPress Theme on your Website

Inside your myKinsta dashboard, click on “Sites”, go to WP plugins, select the plugin you want to install and hit “Install. Activate it and start making use of it.

Start a Blog with Kinsta

We are done.

That is how to start a blog on Kinsta, easy-peasy.


How to add a new domain name on Kinsta – using Namecheap

Start a Blog with Kinsta-buy domain name

Now, if you do not have a domain name to use, you can get it at Godaddy or Namecheap.

Godaddy manages up to 14 million+ domains while Namecheap 10 million+.

I have been a Namecheap customer for domain names so you can use as well. Here is what to do.


Go to

#1. Enter your preferred domain name and click on search.

Start a Blog with Kinsta

#2. Make payment for the domain name.

 If the domain name is available, go ahead and make payment for it.

Start a Blog with Kinsta-buy domain name

#3. Get your domain name from Namecheap.

Start a Blog with Kinsta-adding a domain name

You’re done. Let’s go to myKinsta and add your new domain name.

Go back to #5 and add your domiain succesffuly… That is all

Also note: Kinsta has got one of the best customer services in hosting, so, they will instantly help you in case you find a need to chat them up.

Other than that,

Congratulations! You have now successfully purchased your own domain, hosting package, and are up and running a smooth WordPress blog on Kinsta web hosting service.


Well done as all you need to do is focus on your business. Why? Everything about managing your site is taken care of by Kinsta. #Well done.


If this post was helpful, please share it with your friends so they too can learn how to create a blog using Kinsta web hosting!

Thank you for reading. I Wish you blissful days with Kinsta. And do not forget to contact us if you need any hand in help. We are here for your unapologetic success.

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