7+ Red Flags to Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank from a Banned Country

Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank
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Thinking of how to start affiliate marketing with Clickbank or how to become an affiliate marketer with Clickbank? Is that your question? Well, I’ve got news for you. Not a bad one but a strategy that will help you succeed.

The thing is, Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank is pretty easy if you’re not from any of the 60 Clickbank Banned Countries.

But if you are, then you need all the precautionary steps that will make sure your digital marketing with Clickbank does not turn to a nightmare.

Without wasting much time, today I will show you up to 7+ things you need to keep at the back of your mind before you consider working with Clickbank as an affiliate.

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Top 7+ Red Flags Before you Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank today

1.  Wrong Account Details

The very first thing that will get you in trouble on Clickbank is using the wrong information. The case is worse if your region is among the 60 Clickbank Banned Countries which means, you will get disclosed when they ask for ID verification. Bad.

So, before you get started, make sure you use the appropriate account information. And as a hack, be sure to use the same Payee name as on your Payoneer Account.


2.  Different Browsers

The issue of getting in trouble with different browsers is when you try to hide your IP address.

By recommendation, avoid using Epic Browser to get a Clickbank verified account.

Good, it might work for you, but what if you forgot and logged in using another like Chrome (don’t use it)? No questions, you will get your account banned – from experiences.


3.  Unsophisticated Browser

To spice up your Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank, you want to use a top browser for this. I recommend you use a browser that does not monitor your logs or store your information.

By recommendation, I will gladly point you to the Brave browser. Here is one of the reasons I recommend the Brave Browser.

The Brave browser fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure.

brave browser for clickbank account

Alternatively, Firefox is good, but make sure you get a new one or get your cache cleared. To do that,

Open your Firefox > Go to Settings > Go to Privacy and Security > Go down to Cookies and Site Data > Click on Clear Data > Restart your device.

Unsophisticated Browser for clickbank

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4.  Logging in With Local IP address

If you’re from a restricted country on Clickbank then you don’t want to access the platform using your local IP address.

To always check your IP Address, use the site called Whatismyipaddress.com

And also, one way to change your IP address is by using a VPN. Here is how I used BulletVPN to open a Clickbank account.


5.  Stop your VPN before Logging Out

You don’t want to make the mistake of stopping your VPN before you log out of your Clickbank account. Why is this?

If you stop the VPN then your IP Address will return to default, and as you would guess, your local region will be detected which is invariably a timing bomb waiting for an explosion.

So, always make sure you STOP the VPN before logging out of your Clickbank account.


6.  Messy Email Address

Again, to scale your growth with Clickbank marketing, you want to get a new email account which will only serve the purpose of Clickbanking.


7.  Spam Promotional Methods

One of the 21 Clickbank Terms of Service, Questions & Answers was how to promote Clickbank affiliate links the right way.

The truth is, all programs and platforms will frown at an illegal way of marketing.

One such way is sending your links to someone, a group, or an email list that you got against the will of the party or parties. 

So, yes, if Clickbank finds out about spammy promotion then your affiliate marketing with the company might go bad.


8.  Unethical Promotion

Almost similar to the above, this is yet another bad way to promote affiliate products Clickbank.

You don’t want to jump to blogs and sites to leave your links unrelated to the subject matter with the hope that the links get clicked.

Yes, you might get a few sales, yet, if you’re caught then you’ll lose all your hard work.


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9.  Going for High Gravity Products

Unless you’re a pro affiliate marketer with a good budget, then, going for high gravity products on Clickbank is a bad idea.

The thing is, if a product has a high gravity then it shows that a lot of people are scrambling to promote it on their blog or with ads which means a big-time competition for you as a beginner.

However, if you’re a pro with affiliate marketing then you’re good with it.


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How to Start affiliate marketing with Clickbank

First, you need to sign up, verify your account, select low gravity products, use any of the methods shown here on how to make money with Clickbank.

But first, check out the beginners guide to start Affiliate Marketing from Anywhere in the world.

A Final Note on Clickbank Marketing

While there are many Red Flags when it comes to Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank, the thing is, use the best approach which includes choosing low gravity products, good browsers that do not store your data, no spamming everywhere with your links, and more as discussed.

Do you wish to promote affiliate programs without a website? If yes, then here is how to Use GetReponse for Landing Pages to promote affiliate products without a website.

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