Target Affiliate Program Review & How to Make $3k/Mo as a Beginner

target affiliate program

Searching for an honest Target Affiliate program review where you get to know how it works, the pros and cons, how to make money with it, and the best alternatives to use?

If yes, then you are in the right place because I will go on to show you how to promote Target’s affiliate partner program with a WordPress website to make more than $3,000 per month as a newbie, and lastly a proof that this works.

And just in case you are new to the world of digital marketing, the truth is, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive and recurring income online.

While there are many ways to make money online without paying anything, there is also an easy way you can make money by selling pictures, all from the comfort of your home.


Coming back to the Target partners program, now if you are looking for a program that is similar to Amazon Associates or Walmart affiliate program then the Target program might fit into your niche(s). 

Without further ado, let’s get a deep insight into the affiliate program. But bookmark the 150 affiliate programs you can get on and make money.

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Target Affiliate Program Review: Is It Better than Amazon & Walmart?

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1 Target Affiliate Program Review: Is It Better than Amazon & Walmart? affiliate program

Target Corporation is one the biggest and the third American retail corporation. In the last 6 months, according to SimilarWeb, the site has received more than 190.08M visitors with 96.66% of them coming from the USA and the other 6.44% from other countries.

With such staggering visits, it shows affiliates how popular the retail shop is, and the ease with which visitors will click on the Target affiliate link to buy products simply because it is already known predominately in Tier 1 and other related countries.  

Let’s now see what the affiliate program of Target is all about.


How Does the Target Affiliate Program Work?

Target offers an affiliate program where affiliates have the chance to earn a competitive commission of up to 8% on a huge assortment of products in different categories.

While you can sign up for the Target Affiliate program on their website, they partner with Impact Radius for tracking, reporting, and payment of affiliate partners/marketers.  

When you join the Target affiliate program you earn commission on sales you refer to the shop based on commissions per product and categories with increased bonuses on the side.


Products on Target and Categories to Promote

Target has over 1 million products plus exciting new promotions every week.

1.   Sweet JoJo

You can promote products in the Sweet JoJo category and niche.


2.   Home & Outdoor Living

You have the Home & Outdoor Living category to research products and promote to your audiences. The commission for Tier 1 countries is 6% while others range from 1-8%


3.   Health & Beauty

You can also promote Health & Beauty products. The commission for Tier 1 and other countries is 1%.


4.   Apparel & Accessories

You can as well promote Apparel & Accessories products. The commission for Tier 1 countries is 6% while others range from 1-8%.


5.   Baby Gear & Furniture

You have products in the Baby Gear & Furniture niche. The commission for Tier 1 is 3.5% while others range from 1-5%.

Other categories are mapped the same as others which the commissions for all countries are 5%.


Target Affiliate Program Commissions and Affiliate Fees

While all rates and categories are subject to change, below you will find the Target commission rates on the net sales or net new actions you refer as part of the Target Affiliate Program.

Let’s present it for you in a table for easy disparity.

Monthly Net Orders*Apparel & AccessoriesHome & Outdoor LivingBaby Gear & FurnitureHealth & Beauty

See the excluded commission categories: Grocery, household commodities and essentials, baby care items (diapers, wipes, food, and toiletries), pets, electronics, toys, sporting goods, movies, video games and consoles, Target Pharmacy and OTC, Target Photo, Target Optical, Target Café, prepaid and gift cards, music, books, SweetJOJO, contract mobile.


Affiliates Payment on Target – When do you get paid?

For each sale you make, it is applied to all orders in that category for that month, and the payment is processed using the corresponding commission rate for the order per country tier at the end of each month.

Kindly note that any increase in sales will be recognized as a flat bonus, which will be applied to your affiliate commission account per the standard payout schedule.

As we said before now, Target tracks all your payment processes on Impact Radius.


Pros and Cons with Target Affiliate Program

Target Affiliate Program pros and cons


  • Not all countries are allowed to join as affiliates.
  • The website is not sleek as compared to her competitors which might affect conversion rates?
  • Commissions are not paid for all the items sold. (Optional as you can avoid promoting such items and subcategories).



  • Target offers instant online chat and calls support for customers.
  • There is vast list of products to promote. More than 1 million.
  • There are advanced mechanisms for affiliates to make money sales such as discounts, bonuses, and weekly affiliate guides.
  • Easy traffic conversions with its popularity and as a known brand.
  • It offers up to 7 days cookie period which beats some of its best competitors.


Applying for Target Affiliate Program – Requirements for Affiliates Partners 

To join the Target affiliate program, you must specify how you wish to promote the products.

Don’t worry as very soon you will see how to use your blog and promote Target products and make money.

Let’s see the requirements before you become a Target partner.


Top 7 Target affiliate Program Requirements

Here is the list of affiliate marketing requirements with the Target commission program.

  • Name – you have to give your correct names (first and last name).
  • Email – you will enter the email address you wish to use with the affiliate account.
  • Username & Password – you will have to choose a simple username and a strong password.
  • Country & Company info – you will need to enter your country and other company information.
  • Partner Type – you need to select how you want to promote Target products – coupon, content marketing, ads, offline, emails, and more.
  • Property Type – you need to specify either website, mobile or social. The website works best since you will open one.
  • Sign up – with everything looking good already, all you need to do is click on Sign up to get started for your account to be processed.


How to Sign up on Target Affiliate Program & Login

To sign up, go to When there, enter your email address and other information to get signed up, and finally, wait for the approval period.

Also, to log into partner’s account, use the affiliate login page link sent to your email address and access your affiliate dashboard.


Let’s now dive into how you can make money with the affiliate program as a partner.


Why is it so hard to get started with Target Affiliate Program?

A few of the reasons it might be hard to get started with the Target affiliate program include: the affiliate having no experience of how affiliate marketing works, doesn’t know the marketing strategies to use, not accepted to the program because he or she does not meet the requirements, and lastly if the demographics are banned for affiliate partners or certain countries.

Talking about demographics, if you are from Nigeria and some African countries, you won’t be allowed to sign up to Target as an affiliate marketer, just like Clickbank.

Getting accepted on Target Affiliate Program, to get accepted as a partner, you have to tell the Target team how you wish to promote the products.

For instance, do you want to promote using a forum, your social media handles, coupon sites, running adverts, or creating a WordPress site to promote products?

If the latter, which is using your blog as a marketing strategy to promote affiliate products on Target, later on, we will see how to create a WordPress blog.


How to Make Money with Target as an Affiliate Marketer – 4 ways

Target Affiliate Program make money

Here are the working methods.


1. Promote products using your WordPress blog

First off, when we talk about (marketing strategy) like using a blog to promote an affiliate product, it means you either want to review products listed on Target, compare them, or teach and show your audiences how to do something “subject” and recommending products that can help them do that “listed on Target” wherefore, when they click your affiliate link and buy the products you will make money.

For instance, let’s say you want to review a product in the “Outdoor Living” category called Ozark 4pc Patio Seating Set – Safavieh.

how do I sign up for the affiliate program for target

This product goes for $377.99 – $609.99 with a commission of 5% for Tier 1 countries and up to 8% for others.

As an affiliate, if you review this product on your blog, and one of your audiences clicks on it to buy, you will make between $17 to $40+ per sale.

Now, if out of 10,000 visitors that came to your blog, 23 people clicked and bought the Ozark 4pc within 7 days, you will earn $460-$920 in commissions.

And if the conversions are more, then you earn more.


2. Use Advanced Marketing Strategies

Often, the Target team provides affiliates with regular discounts and tools needed to be successful. For you, what you need to do is make use of these tools for more sales. Here is how.

Since there are discount links for affiliates, you want to create a page on your blog, you can call it “discount page” where you will instruct your visitors to use the page for discounted products – which further increases your sales margin.

Again, there is a plugin recommended you will see as we go on, use the FREE pop-up plugin to give more discount to users.


3. Promise free shipping

Basically, Targets gives products in the wedding, baby, and college registries what is called the Target REDcard where your visitors get 5% off.

As an affiliate, you want to take advantage and inform your audiences that they will get free items shipping when they use your link – as promised by Target.

Also, you can use the popular gift card discount marketing strategy to make more sales.


4. Write and promote your content

Before your blog starts getting automatic traffic from Google and other search engines, in the beginning, when once you write and publish content promoting Target products on your blog, go out there and promote it.

Use your social media handles and related forums to promote the article.

And lastly, add the best value to your audience with your content.

For instance, if you are teaching them how to design the best outdoor terrace facility, then provide them with the best information and later on leave a link to the product on Target that promotes the same for your commission.

The thing with valuable content is, if you give your best, you will make more sales upfront because others sites will reference your article automatically.

Need a valuable ultimate guide writer for your content? You can work with me here.


How many Target Buyers do you need on your blog to make $3,000 per month?

The good thing with the Target affiliate program is that even if visitors/readers clicked on your affiliate link and didn’t make a purchase immediately, but within 7 days of returning to the site and making a purchase, the sales will still be mapped to you.

That’s a great one as compared to Amazon that seemingly lasts for 24 hours (based on T&c).

So, how many blog visitors and product price commission do you need on your blog to make $3,000 per month with the Target Affiliate program? Let’s see.

Generally, according to, Geckoboard, eCommerce conversion rates are lower coming in between 1.84% and 3.71% – while the average conversion rate across industries ranges between 2.35% and 5.31%.

Let’s use 3% since Target is a top website and the 7-day cookie will help with the conversions.

Blog visits: 7,000

Product commission – 5% like Ozark 4pc at roughly $19 per sale, and more for other countries.

3% conversions: 13,000 x 3% = 290 conversions.

Commissions = 290 conversions x $19 = $3,990 per 30 days reviewing Ozark 4pc outdoor items.

So, you need roughly 7,000 blog visitors to make $3,990 a month with Target affiliate marketing.


Because, I promote products with my niche blogs, see one below.


Proof that you can use your blog and promote Target products and make money

target affiliate program commission

Just as we’ve discussed here, this is the same thing I am doing with Impact Radius.

I hate showing screenshots but because this works, here is a screenshot showing how I promote another affiliate program also managed on Impact Radius as Target.


The Cost and How to Promote Target Affiliate Programs with a WordPress Blog

While we’ve seen the potential of making $3,000+ a month with the Target affiliate program, on average, the blog setup should be lesser than $300 to get you running. Let’s see what you need.

The cost of setting a WordPress Blog with Bluehost is less than $3/month. With it, you also get a Free Domain name to host your new Target promotion site.

So, all you will need to spend money on is a “Web hosting service” – which keeps your website online. 


Step 1. Get a Web hosting service.

 Click here to host and build your site for $2.95/mo with Bluehost.


best web hosting company in nigeria


Why should you use Bluehost Hosting for your site? – Based on usage

My little experience with it.

  1. The customer care representative responds within 5 minutes if there is a lot of queue, and faster if not. When I contacted them, they gave me timely answers as was due.
  2. It is recommended for beginners and small sites to get started.
  3. You get free domain name which goes for $8-$15 if you were to buy it independently.
  4. Enough Disk space to manage media files – 50 GB for its lowest plan which is enough for your site at the beginning. 
  5. Your site will be fast to qualify for Search Engine Optimization.

See the speed of a new site I build on Bluehost few months ago without content yet.

how to use the target affiliate program


 ➡ Click here to check out Bluehost hosting.


Step 2. Make Payment

Make payment and get your web hosting account details sent to your email account.

This is how your Bluehost Dashboard will look like.

how to use target affiliate program in WordPress


Step 3. Install WordPress.

Installing WordPress is simple. Just click on the “Install” button on your dashboard or click the link sent to your email address. When you do, here is how the new WordPress site will look like.

why is it so hard to get started with target affiliate program


Step 4. Install WordPress Theme

Immediately you install WordPress on your blog, the next thing to do is install a theme. A WordPress theme gives an aesthetic to your blog just like wallpapers on a mobile phone. 


Top 3 Themes you can use for your Affiliate WordPress site

At this point, you don’t want to focus on themes because what you actually need is writing your first content reviewing products on Target to make money.

Nevertheless, the top 3 recommended themes for beginners are:

  • Astra Themesimple, responsive, some advanced customizations, and fast.
  • Ocean WPsimple, responsive, and fast.
  • Colormagsimple and responsive magazine WordPress theme.

And just before you start writing, here are the basic WordPress plugins you want to install and have on your site – they are all FREE.


Step 5. Install WordPress Plugins

Here are the recommended WordPress plugins you need to use for your site.

  • TinyMce – this is an editor that is rich in shortcodes and wording facilities.
  • Elementora simple website page builder to easily build your blog pages.
  • Akismetthis will help you fight spam and bad comment links.
  • Yoast or RankMath this will help optimize your content for Search Engine. Both of them are good, but I prefer RankMath.
  • Wordfence this is a plugin that will help protect your site from hackers and harm. You can also use it to block certain IP addresses/visits from certain countries.
  • OptiMonkthis is the best and free WordPress plugin that will help turn visitors to customers by displaying coupons and discount popups.


Step 6. Write your first post

With your blog set up, the next step of action is to write your first content on the blog.

Your first content doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can write a post welcoming all your blog visitors to the review site.

One thing I love about blogging is that there is nothing so formal about it. How do I mean?

You can express yourself the way you want to your audiences which builds the trust.

Here is how your first post will look like with the free “Astra” WordPress theme – without customization. 

what is the affiliate program on target


Get started todayclick here to start a blog with Bluehost at $2.95/mo + a free domain name.


So, that is basically how to make money with Target promoting different affiliate products as listed on the retail website.


Before we wrap up, let’s see a few affiliate Alternative sites to Target.


Top 3 Alternatives to Target Affiliate Program

Alternatives to Target Affiliate Program

  • Amazon Affiliate – Amazon is the best and popular alternative site to Target.
  • Walmart – Walmart comes in after Amazon as the next alternative site to Target in the USA and top-tier countries.
  • Alibaba – Alibaba is the next Amazon for the global audiences and not just in the USA and top-tier countries. So, yeah, working with Alibaba is an option to Target’s partner program.
  • Jumia – Jumia is basically for Africans who might want to recommend both Target and its products to their audiences.


Should you be thinking of some comparison, here are a few.


Target vs Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is more popular as compared to Target worldwide which helps convert audiences from non-US countries, while Target is predominantly known in the USA.

Also, while Amazon gives a 24-hour active cookie to track all sales to you, Target gives a 7-day period which is pretty high.

Both Amazon and Target list millions of products, so, affiliates have varieties and can choose the products they want to promote.  

Lastly, Amazon has a better interface as compared to Target.


Target vs Kmart Affiliate program

Both Target and Kmart are retail shops with lots of products. However, while Targets has a 7-day active cookie, Kmart offers a cookie duration of 5 days.

Also, Kmart has the sleekest website as compared to Target. 


Target vs Walmart Affiliate Program

Like Amazon, Walmart is much popular, even outside of the USA than Target which will also aid the conversion rates.

Again, while Walmart gives a 3-day active cookie, Target is up there with 7 days to track all sales to you within that period.

Like Amazon, both of the retail websites list millions of products, but Walmart has a better interface.


Wrapping up now.


Read also – How To Build Amazon Product Review Sites.


Target Affiliate Program Review Summary

There are so many great benefits including; 5-8% commissions on popular categories, bonuses for increased numbers of sales per month and you’ll get and a 7-day cookie, which is more than what other shop sites offer affiliates.

Target has millions of products for affiliates to promote plus instant chat support and advanced marketing strategies for affiliates.

So, yes, with over 190 million visitors in the last 6 months alone, Target is a great Amazon and Walmart alternatives for bloggers to promote and make money on the side.


To get started, build a blog where you share content to promote varieties of products using free traffic.

To get on, click here to build with Bluehost at less than $ or grab a lesser cost with DreamHost here at $2.59/mo.

Step 2. Sign up on Target as an affiliate and choose the products you want to promote to your audiences.

Step 3. Add value to your audience through your content and then start promoting the products with your affiliate links in the content.

That’s it.



How do I sign up for the Target Affiliate Program?

All you need to do is go to and sign up with your personal information.


How Do I use the Target Affiliate program?

After being accepted to the affiliate program, decide on the marketing strategies and platforms you wish to use for the promotion and get started.

You can use your social media account (if they accept you to work with that), but the best platform which can give you passive income in the long run if you continue to control the traffic is using your WordPress blog to recommend the products to your audiences.


Can I promote Target’s affiliate program on Instagram?

Yes, you can, if only they accept you to their partner program with the option to use Instagram as your main marketing platform and strategy.


Here is make money on target using Instagram

Step 1. Sign up on Target’s affiliate program.
Step 2. Sign up on Instagram and grow your audiences.
Step 3. Start promoting products on Target.
Step 4. Leave your affiliate link in your bio. You can use link tree to insert many Target products affiliate links.
Step 5. Grow your audiences and make more money.


How long does application for the Target affiliate program take?

As soon as your information is scrutinized by the affiliate team and approved, you will be accepted to the affiliate partnership, so it can take 1 or more days.


Do you need a website for the Target affiliate program?

While it is optional, the big answer is yes, owning a website is one of the best ways to promote the products on Target.


Does Target offer Electronics in an Affiliate program?

Yes, there are several electronic products you can join and promote on Target and make money.


How can I join Target Affiliate Program if my Demographics is banned?

If you are really pained about it, you can make use of a good VPN or a free browser called “Epic’. Google and download and use.


Getting started with Target affiliate program

To get started with the target affiliate program, sign up as a partner, get approved, start a WordPress blog to promote the products, write content and make sales.


To start, click here to build a blog at $2.9/mo on Bluehost.


Over to you.

Let me know what you think about the Target affiliate program for partners to make money on the side.

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