Thinkific Vs Teachable vs Learnworlds vs Podia vs LearnDash Comparison: 2020 Best 5 e-learning Platforms Compared

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs Learnworlds vs Podia vs LearnDash

Welcome to a straight-to-the-point review and comparisons of the best 5 online course platforms sites and software.

When we considered the 5 of the best free online course platforms some time ago it was all about the benefits, how to use, features, and some infrastructures they had and had not.

Today we want to consider the found & missing pieces in all of them. So, it is a comparison of the best e-learning platforms; Thinkific Vs Teachable vs Learnworlds vs Podia vs LearnDash.


What is an e-learning Course Platform?

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs Kajabi vs Podia vs LearnDash

e-learning or online course platform can be seen as a digital school that offers educators, trainers, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of experts a complete set of tools to create, advertise, and finally sell courses.

Top popular e-learning platforms are Udemy, EDX, Coursersa, Bitdegree, and more.

Since we are looking at all-inclusive platforms where we are the architects of our courses, the likes of Thinkific, LearnWorlds and LearnDash are what we’re considering today. 

Also, if you want to build a brand around your course, the above platforms offer just that.


Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds vs Podia vs LearnDash Comparisons

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs Learnworlds vs Podia vs LearnDash comparison


1. Thinkific

Best Free Online Course Platforms


Understanding the Strengths of Thinkific

Thinkific is simple yet a modern online school through which course instructors build and sell online courses.

Thinkific offers highly modern facilities for successful course creation and money-making routes.


What we love about Thinkific

#1. It offers a clean interface for both beginners and advanced instructors.

#2. It offers advanced extensions & integrations for a successful course building.

#3. Instructors can easily send course updates and announcements.

#4. Instructors can make recurring income via upselling to students.

The Cons of Thinkific

#1. They have a limited payment integration system – just Stripe and PayPal.

#2. Lack of full customer management. If there’s a payment issue then you need to go to the payment processor, login, and manage the customer’s account there instead.

#3. They do not offer live instant chat.


A tip-in,

LearnWorlds should have been the second-course platform to be reviewed, but Teachable is the next on the list as they offer a similar infrastructure to Thinkific.


2. Teachable

online course software free


Understanding the Strengths of Teachable

Teachable offers a simple platform for instructors to build and sell online courses.

By usage, we’ve found that Teachable is a basic and a bit of advanced platform for building and selling courses.

If you’re a kind that HATES a lot of tools, integrations, and advanced extensions then you might want to go with Teachable.


What We Love About Teachable

#1. It is a simple online school for instructors with few but basic modern infrastructures.

#2. It offers a generic platform for course instructors to easily produce content and make money.

#3. Instructors can easily send course updates and announcements.

#4. Instructors can make recurring income via upselling to students.

#5. Teachable is used by popular digital marketing influencers.

#6. The set up is easy.

#7. It is the go-to online course platform if you don’t want anything complicated. 

#8. Quality webinars on how to get total value off the platform. 


The Cons of Teachable

#1. The appearance of individual courses can’t be changed.

#2. You need additional third-party software to send drip emails

#3. Teachable does no marketing on your behalf, so you’ll plan to drive traffic organically to your course, just as you would to your website/blog.

#4. The collection of leads out-of-the-box using your sales page is not possible.


Trusted by top internet marketing influencers,



3. LearnWorlds

learnworlds logo

Understanding the Strengths of LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a powerful, easy-to-use, and reliable training solution for individuals and enterprises.

It commands a fully customizable, white-label solution to train employees and associates, educate customers, or sell online courses to a wide audience.

As a cloud-based e-learning platform with a clean and intuitive interface, LearnWorlds offers a super flexible platform to host an online school with tons of instructional manuals, integrations, templates that align with your need, accommodating pricing, and an intuitive platform.


What We Love About LearnWorlds

#1. LearnWorlds offers a clean but loaded interface for both beginners and advanced instructors.

#2. LearnWorlds has a highly customizable platform to tweak the way you want.

#3. All the infrastructures on LearnWorlds are scalable and you can have as many administrators as you want as per your plan.

#4. You get a variety of customer supports at your fingertips.

#5. Their pricing plans are fair and accommodating most especially for the new course instructors.

#6. They offer instant chat for instructors.

#7. There are many advanced options you will rarely make use of (a great boost to creating an incredible online school).


The Cons of LearnWorlds

  • You will need to upgrade before using Zapier integration.

I must admit, the only standout CON with LearnWorlds is the need to upgrade to use the Zapier add-on. Apart from that, you are getting a super online school platform as all the facilities you will ever need to succeed with customizable marketing are all inbuilt.

4. Podia

top online course platforms f


Understanding the Strengths of Podia

Podia offers a clear, feminine-like, and clean interface online school for course instructors.

Podia is your best fit if you are looking for a dynamic platform for course building, membership, and digital downloads.


What We Love About Podia

#1. It offers an intuitive interfaced platform for both beginners and advanced courser instructors.

#2. Offers course instructors the capacity to sell product bundles – for more money.

#3. Course instructors are allowed to collect leads pre-launch as well as sell one-off digital products or membership sites.

#4. They offer super-intelligent integrations for course building.

#5. They will migrate your course from another platform to theirs, all for FREE –on paid plans.

#6. You can even send unlimited emails if you want. Also, go ahead and add an unlimited number of courses if you want.

#7. There are no transaction fees. 

#8. Flexible video hosting is all yours. 

#9. You can host an unlimited students in your school. Pretty exciting. 💪

Of all the 5 Online Course Platforms, Podia offers the freest add-ons. Like, no transaction fees, video hosting, unlimited students in your school, and more.

If you are looking for an online course platform for the above 9 goals and more, then there is no need to pay more and use another online course software, just go with Podia.


The Cons of Podia

  • Need for more integrations.

More integrations would make it a super-flexible tool for those that love customizing their projects. 

Based on usage, and without being biased, if you are considering Teachable, then you might want to try out Podia first, as a perfect tool between the 2.


5. LearnDash

Best Free Online Course Platforms


Understanding the Strengths of LearnDash

Like all the above, LearnDash is a course online school where instructors build and sell courses inline. But unlike others, LearnDash makes it possible for you to sell your course from your own website. How is this possible?

LearnDash integrates with your WordPress blog/website to make sure all your projects are built from your WordPress website, just as you publish regular content.


What We Love About LearnDash

#1. Using LearnDash is as simple as regular usage of your blog. Publish content or turn them to a paid course using LearnDash.

#2. It offers an advanced reporting add-on for your courses.

#3. All your learning management system data are on your dashboard.

#4. You can see the real-time activity as users take your courses –like, total time spent on course.

#5. It allows you to host Unlimited Courses.

#6. Unlimited users are also made possible.

#7. It offers one of the most beautiful educational extensions to the course creator. Extensions such as quiz results, Certificates & Badges, Course Forums, assessments, scores, and etc.


The concept with LearnDash is,

For those who do not want to host their courses using a standalone online school, then LearnDash might be the perfect online course software you need.


The Con(s) of LearnDash

  • Cost

The costing price of LearnDash is the only viable con here, else, it offers what other competing tools offer and more of their inbuilt extensions.

But note…

While it seems a bit pricy, we need to understand that payment is for a whole 1 year. So, by monthly subscription, its popular plan will amount to $15/month – cheaper than the rest of the online course platforms.



Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds vs Podia vs LearnDash feature-by-feature Comparisons

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs Kajabi vs Podia vs LearnDash

Because we’ve talked much about the top digital selling platforms out there, and choosing one can be overwhelming. Now we want to make it as easy as possible for you to pick the best platform suitable for your project & program.

 Here are a couple of handy feature-by-feature comparisons to help you compare Thinkific, Teachable, LearnWorlds , Podia, and LearnDash.

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds vs Podia vs LearnDash Feature comparisons today

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds vs Podia vs LearnDash pricing

Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds vs Podia vs LearnDash pricing

1. Teachable 

online course software free

Basic – $39 USD/mo.

If billed annually + (Save 20%)

Basic – $39/mo

Professional – $79/mo

Business – $339/mo


2. LearnWorlds

learnworlds logo

Save $600 when paid annually

Starter – $29/mo

Shaker – $99/mo

Learning Center – $299


3. Podia

top online course platforms f

Save $78 when paid annually

Mover – $39/mo

Shaker – $79/mo


4. LearnDash

Best Free Online Course Platforms

Basic – $199

Save $40 on annual payment

Basic – $159/Year

Plus Package – $189/Year

Pro Package – $329/Year


Conclusion on Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds vs Podia vs LearnDash Usage Comparisons

I hope this total review based on usage brought you to a decision point.

Just as we have seen, all the best online course platforms have their Alphas and need-for-more features and benefits, which allows us to go for what fits our best interests.

If you want to start creating and selling online courses using a simple platform, I recommend you get started with Teachable. 

As for a platform with good customer support and with advanced infrastructures to craft a perfect online school, then I recommend you go with LearnWorlds.

You might want to host or sell online courses from your own website if that is the case, then the best online course builder for this is LearnDash.

And if you want a platform for Course, Digital download, and Membership + instant customer support, you need Podia.

That’s it about the Thinkific Vs Teachable vs LearnWorlds vs Podia vs LearnDash total review. 

Have a great day.


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