How to Activate UBA Prepaid Card Online & Offline Fast

How to Activate UBA Prepaid Cards

How you activate your Prepaid Card ultimately depends on your card’s provider; which for us, it is the UBA bank.

Luckily, the UBA has made it possible to activate at the ATM point immediately after you get the card from the Bank, and also, you can validate the card activation online.

Most interestingly, the activation process takes less than 2 minutes.

Why is the UBA Prepared Card Popular & for PayPal Transactions?

The UBA Prepaid Card – either Naira or USD remains two of the best-prepaid cards out there in Nigeria for digital entrepreneurs.

Apart from working with PayPal, you can use it to fund your digital ad platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, pay online subscription fees, do online shopping, and so on.

(I personally use the card for Facebook ads and PayPal funds withdrawals).

By the way, I hope you know that it is a standalone card that does not require it to be linked to any bank account, right?

Also, the Prepared Afri Prepaid Cards by UBA are free of charge. That’s not all.

Before we consider how to activate the Prepaid Cards, it’s worth noting that you can link both Naira and USD Prepaid cards to PayPal to enable withdrawal. More on this as we go on. 

What are Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid Cards are bank cards that allow you to spend whatever amount of money is loaded on the card. 

The unique thing with them is that when once your funded balance is used up, you can reload the card again using internet banking, at an ATM, a transfer from another prepaid cardholder, or loading over the counter in the banking hall. 

Is the UBA Prepaid Card different?

No, not at all. It works the same as you spend whatever amount you load it with. 

How to get the UBA Prepaid Card Before Activation

Before the activation process, you need to decide on the Prepared Card variant to request. That is, you can either request the Naira or USD-denominated Visa card. 

To get the card:

#1. Walk into any UBA Branch and request the card (Dollar Prepaid Card).

#2. Fill out the Request Form and provide your bank details.

uba visa prepaid card

Details include your name, BVN, and home address, other requirements are 1 Passport photo, ID card, and Nepa bill.

#3. Get the card issued by the customer support personnel.

The card takes about 30 mins to 1 hour to get it. That’s all.

The UBA Naira vs USD Dollar Prepaid Card

UBA Naira vs USD Dollar Prepaid Cards

Kindly note that the Naira Prepaid Card, while having the ability to be linked to PayPal, when you withdraw from PayPal, your funds enter your Nigerian bank account directly after processing it at the local bank exchange rate of about ₦418-₦420/$.

Processing time can take from 1-2 days or more.

However, if you go for the USD Prepaid Denominated Card, when linked to PayPal and funds are withdrawn, you get a higher and better exchange rate as compared to the former – at over ₦650/$.

You get funded instantly in Naira by fnfSwap.

For the fnfSwap clients, the best UBA Afri Prepaid Card we’ve been using is the USD denominated.

Therefore, when you go to the bank, request the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card.  

how do i activate my uba prepaid card

Having seen what prepaid cards are, let’s now see the 2 best ways and steps to activating your UBA Visa Prepared Card.


UBA Prepaid Card Activation Process for Naira & USD

UBA Prepaid Cards Activation Process

1. Confirm the Name on the Card.

After you receive your Prepaid Card from customer service, be sure to checkmate that your name is spelled correctly on the front of the card. 

Uba dOLLAR prepared CARD


In case your card does not have your name inscribed, you can ignore it and move on to the next step.


2.  Sign the back of the Prepared Card

Now turn the back of your card, check where you have the signature panel, and sign using your Biro pen.

How to Activate UBA Prepaid Card Online & Offline Fast

3. Detach the Card to reveal the Pins

Check the A4 paper attached to your card, and gently detach the card wax to reveal the pins.  

When you do this, you will discover 2 pins. #1. ATM pin and #2. Web Portal Passcode.

Africard Web Code

The ATM pin will be used in step 5 while the Web Portal Passcode is for your card online account activation. 


4. Load Money

Based on the Prepaid Card you got, if the Naira variant, fund the Card over the counter with the preferred amount.

And if the USD Prepaid Card, buy Dollar – hard currency from the BDC/Aboki/Mallam and go to the bank for funding. 

The BEST FUNDING OPTION – check out fnfSwap for USD funding at a cheaper rate. 


5. Change the Pin 

After loading the card, activate it by changing your PIN on any UBA ATM in the country where your card was issued. 

  • At the ATM, select change PIN – immediately after slotting in the card.
  • Enter the ATM Pin on the A4 Paper as default when asked.
  • Enter a new 4 digits pin you prefer.

Note: you are not using this pin online. Just for ATM transactions (like checking the balance and all other miscellaneous).

That’s all on the full UBA prepaid card activation steps.

P.S: I always advice you hang around at the bank and change the Pin at the ATM point before going home.

How to Activate & Validate your UBA Prepaid Card Online

Follow the steps below to activate and validate your UBA Afri Prepaid Card online. 

Step 1. Go to UBA Card Portal at

Step 2. Scroll down and click on the “activate card” button. 

How to Activate UBA Prepaid Cards online

Step 3. Enter the first 6 digits of your Prepaid Card.

How to Activate your UBA Prepaid Card Online

Step 4. Click on “Check” to activate and validate your card. 

If the card is activated already, you will be redirected to the UBA portal card login page below.

uba visa prepaid card portal

The next step now would be to link the card to PayPal if that was the purpose of funding, and if the purpose was to spend it online for Digital ads, subscriptions, and more, then go ahead with it. 

Also: how to link and move funds from PayPal + Rate.



With access to mobile banking, the UBA prepaid card gives the flexibility of loading, withdrawing, and spending funds at your disposal.

You can activate the Naira UBA Prepared card the same way you would activate the Dollar variant — by online validation or at the ATM.

If you end up having any issues with activating the UBA Prepared Debit Cards, kindly reach out to us here on WhatsApp.


Now take advantage of the service below.

#1. Click here to FUND YOUR UBA USD Prepared Card.

#2. Click here to Instantly EXCHANGE PREPAID CARD FUNDS at High Rate



What is the best amount to fund your UBA Prepaid Card for Activation?

From experience, I recommend you fund the card with $10. Why? To avoid cancelled or failed transactions. Here are the reasons.

#1. The bank will take $3.15 for the activation/validation.

#2. PayPal linking is about $2.

The total would be about $6 or more, but I recommend $10 since whatever remains is still yours, and you can add up and withdraw.


Can I Withdraw Immediately from PayPal After Card Activation?

From experience, PayPal bots are very strict, therefore, I recommend you allow the card linking to settle for 24-48 hrs before you move the funds out of PayPal, or else, their annoying bot might flag the process as suspicious.

That it all.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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