UBA Prepaid Card Limit (Local & International Limits)

Uba prepaid card limit

Have you been wondering about the UBA Prepaid Dollar spending limit? If yes, search no more because I’ve got the answer. 

One is exciting and the other is not. But all in all, you will discover the best UBA Prepaid Cards to use without the worry of limitations.

Before now, customers could spend up to $100 (₦50,000) on web transactions using their naira cards but that limit had been cut by GTb, Zenith Bank PLC, United Bank for Africa (UBA), and others to $20 as per emails sent to customers. 

This was per the new directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria. But does this card limit affect the Prepaid Cards since they are standalone cards? Let’s find out.

Kindly note this review is for the UBA Africards and not the normal debit or Dollar cards from Domicaillary Accounts

How I Discovered the UBA Afri-Prepaid Cards Spend Limits

Without issues, I knew the monthly card limit of the UBA Prepaid Dollar denominated Card, but for the Naira denominated, I wasn’t exactly sure of it. 

Based on the CBN guidelines, I understood that customers could spend only $20 a month, but there I was, funding my Facebook account with ₦50,000 all at once. 

At this point, I was confused, so, I had to contact one of the UBA HOPs to confirm why I could spend ₦50k yet the limit was $20 per card. See our chat below.

uba prepaid card spending limit

Follow up below.

Uba prepaid card dollar limit

It was from our conversation that he disclosed that the UBA Prepaid Naira Card could do more than $20 a month with conditions attached – which was?

It was that, yes, you could spend more than $20 with the UBA Prepaid Naira Card a month but ONLY on Nigerian or Naira platforms. Oh, I see. 

It was there I understood why I was able to fund my Facebook ad account with over $20 at once – because it is a Naira-denominated Ads account. Therefore, to answer the questions of both UBA Prepaid Naira and Dollar Card limits, see below.


How much can I Spend on a UBA Prepaid Card Per Month on International Platforms?

Uba prepaid card international limit

You can spend a maximum of $10,000 per month on international platforms with the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card while you have a limit of $20 a month on international platforms for the UBA Prepaid Naira Card. 

Note that you can do up to ₦400,000 from the Naira variant Prepaid Card on Nigerian or local platforms. 

In Summary, what is the UBA Prepaid Card Dollar Limit Per Customer?

The UBA Prepaid Dollar Card International spend limit is $10,000 a month per cardholder, however, from first hand usage, the daily limit is $1,500 while the Quaterly limit is $10,000.


What Happens when you Exceed the $10,000 UBA Dollar Africard Quarterly Transaction Limit?

When you exceed the $10,000 transaction limit, you won’t be able to receive more funds. And if you try, you will get the prompt that “Load amount of 157.00 would exceed the quarterly limit of 10000.00”. See below.

UBA Dollar Africard Quarterly Transaction Limit


What Happens when you Exceed the $1,500 UBA Dollar Africard Daily Transaction Limit?

When you exceed the $1,500 transaction limit, you won’t be able to receive more funds. And if you try, you will get the prompt that “C2C transfer from [the amount of $] would exceed the 24-hour limit of 1500.00.” See below.

$1,500 UBA Dollar Africard Daily Transaction Limit


Can I Increase the Spend Limit for the UBA USD Prepaid Card?

No, you can’t. However, if your business requires more spending per month, then you can apply to UBA to increase the threshold limit for your card account. 


What’s the Limit of Transfers for the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card?

There’s no limit you can transfer per day, but there’s a limit per time and transaction. That is, you can only transfer a maximum of $300 per time from one card to another card account. 

Let’s say you wanted to do a transfer of $500 to fnfSwap for exchange, you can’t do this at once. What to do instead is to transfer in batches. 

The first batch will be $300, and the second batch $200 making it a total of $500. The same rule applies even if you wanted to transfer $1,000. 


Are there any Limits to withdrawing funds from the UBA USD Prepaid Card?

There are no limits to withdrawing your funds. You can do any amount of choice.


How can I Transfer Funds from the UBA Prepaid USD Card?

You can simply do this using the UBA Prepaid Card account Portal at gtpsecurecard.com/login. 

Step 1. Set up an account or log in if you’re already registered.

Step 2. Look to your top right and go to “Card to Card transfers”.

Step 3. Enter the client’s (client ID, last name, and amount or just the client ID and amount). Click on continue when done. 

Step 4. Receive a transfer code from UBA to confirm the transaction. 

That’s all. 

Here is a complete guide on withdrawal from Prepaid Card to Bank

UBA Prepaid Card Limit (Local & International Limits)

How do I withdraw funds from My UBA Prepaid Dollar Card?

While the local bank rate is ₦428/$, you can to your advantage exchange the funds with fnfSwap for more by moving the funds to them from your card balance by using the gtpsecurecard card portal. 


How do I get a UBA Prepaid Card?

  • Locate and walk into any UBA branch close to you. 
  • Request the UBA Prepaid Dollar denominated Card.
  • Fill out the form with your details (passport photo, ID card, and Nepa Bill)
  • Wait for 30mims to 1 hr. to get the card.
  • Fund the card and activate it.
  • Link it to PayPal and withdraw funds.
  • Swap the funds with fnfSwap. 


How do I Check My UBA Prepaid Card Balance?

  • To check your UBA Prepaid Card balance, log into your gtpsecuredcard account
  • Enter your Customer ID and Passcode.
  • You’ll find your UBA Prepaid Card balance in the top margin dashboard of your main account page on the website.

Here is a full guide to checking your Prepaid Card Balance

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