The IsuaWealthyPlace Story

At Wealthy Place, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem of making extra-income for students and yet to-be employed Nigerians.

Truth be told, at Wealthy Place, you are SO VALUABLE TO US.

A sure word is that you will make some money to cater for your immediate needs, and if the process is too big for you, we will make sure to give you FREE ACCESS to enroll in our personal class where we take you step by step till you get the value you desire by beating 9-5 job.

Our mission at Wealthy Place is to make the making money for Students and beating 9-5 jobs achievable. Today, we provide actionable steps for the top 15% to successfully make money online. First for Students and then those willing to beat 9-5 jobs or yet to be employed.

Big question is, Will you be among the top 15%?

I know Making Money Online. In fact, I wrote the blog on it.

Wealthy Place was founded by Isuamfon Offiong.

about wealthyplace

 It was firstly called Bizdynamicx, and started as a blog where some of the world’s best value were shared.

Having gone through the years, here we are at Wealthy Place; a Blog dedicated to you – First for Students and then those willing to beat their 9-5 jobs or yet to be employed.

Where Does the Name “Isua-Wealthy-Place” Come From?

It all started as creating a landing page to run my affiliate products promotion, but, as I was more willing to add value to people, I discovered that Value precedes Money and then you have “Isua” – from my Name – Isuamfon & “Wealthy Place” – a place to make extra money, first for Students, and then, those willing to beat their 9-5 jobs or yet to be employed.

My Real Me – MRM

You will be tempted….
I have been vulnerable for being too opened minded and sincere. In fact, if you work with me for a long time as my students, you might be tempted to call me stupid for the value I give for free.

No Bis & don’t just take my words for it.

Below are what some of my students who have worked with me said.

What Others are Saying…

Energetic and Inspiring… He spends his time trying to impact knowledge and give value to others…

Lughas Onyebuchi

I really learned a lot. I’m starting with fiver and I’m certain I’ll make it because of the class


The owner of wealthy place is a very honest person. He has done so well to distinguish himself from other numerous facilitators who organize free class only for the ulterior motive of making pecuniary gains without equipping the audience with the requisite knowledge. His sense of duty, proficiency and calmness, coupled with the fact that he pursues every subject in depth have increased my knowledge tremendously. If you are new and thinking of making income online or you have failed severally in your attempt to make money online, then come to WEALTHY PLACE.


Isuamfon Offiong
Founder at IsuaWealthyPlace