Hi there. I’m Isuamfon Offiong, an “Ultimate Guide Writer” in the Internet Marketing & Niche Blogger.

My Story

I get paid because I value “people over profits”. I dream of a vacation in Bali & Seychelles with my spouse.

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How it started (A Summary)

I still remember how I struggled to make money online in 2018 and shaded tears. 

Because I’m not sure if you want to read the long story, I will rather summarize how I turned things around. 

I spent time learning how to create a profitable online business. 

And when I discovered that I could actually do what I love “adding value to people through blogging”. I knew that this was my thing. 

I wouldn’t also want to share income reports here since it’s intimidating to beginners. 

However, to get a glimpse of what I do online. I enjoy and create affiliate niche websites majoring in SEO where I answer my audiences’ questions and get rewarded for it. 


Why Affiliate Niche Sites? 

Because there is room for everyone to succeed. How do I know this? 

There are thousands of affiliate products on Amazon, Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Clickbank, Jumia, Konga, ShareASale, DigiStore24, JvZoo, and lots more. 

All you need to do is pick 1 or 2 products, create valuable free content around it for your audiences while you recommend the paid product for those in need of it & them respectively.

Also, you don’t need 5,000 blog visits per month to make affiliate sales. Why?

Provided you add value & answer the questions of your 2,000 audiences, if every month 20 persons buy a $32 affiliate product, you make $32 x 20 = $640 per month. 

This is enough to prove that you can actually make money from blogging. From there you scale it to whatsoever income (amount) you can envision per month.


How simple is it to create a niche blog site?

It’s simple. But it is not for LAZY or Quick Rich Scheme sets of people.

If you want to work with me hand-in-hand, you’ve got to put in the HARD WORK for the reward.

For a guide on starting a WordPress Blog in Minutes, see here for a full guide.


About niche projects at hand: I am on the number #3 blog. 


Here at IsuaWealthyPlace, I share the journey and case studies. 

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